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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 13, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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city's biggest problems. the mayor says the latest poll results will not discourage her from pushing forward. front and center in the san francisco chronicle today. a headline that reads is breed out-of-favor? clinical poll shows ir at city dysfunction. less than a quarter san franciscans believe mayor breed has done in excellent or good job at improving the city. 42% say she has done a fair job. 45% say she has done a poor or very poor job. we asked mayor breed what the results mean to her and her efforts to turn the city around. the sample cisco chronicle hold more than 650 people down in late july as part of the sf next project should >> this is a survey of a small constituency of small san francisco -- of san franciscans and i think their sentence in some instances are consistent with what i think most people are feeling. i am personally feeling myself. what i say is i am also equally
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frustrated as to our ability to move forward to get things done, being able to hire people in a tamely minor -- a timely manner. >> the mayor says her strong leadership made a difference and a cleaning up the tenderloin. phil matier says the poll is a detailed snapshot shared what >> does this poll say for the work she has left to do? >> says she has one of the toughest jobs i have seen for a mayor in san francisco. the pandemic did not change things as much as it accelerated them. existing problems grew all the more worse. on top of things such as homelessness, transit, the high cost of living and the open drug dealing she also has the high cost of a downtown -- an empty downtown. going forward she may not have the luxury of the money her predecessors had to solve a lot of these inherent problems. >> the mayor says the survey offers her helpful information.
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she is not surprised by the results. >> there are a lot of challenges with our city. a lot of dysfunction. a lot of bureaucratic layers that make it so difficult to do the kinds of things people want to see here. >> she said she is working hard to get things done. are you abc 7 insider phil matier says the poll indicates one third of the people surveyed are not happy with mayor breed but it also shows two thirds of people are in favor with. what she isoing the mayor says the information is important to have but she is keeping her eye on the goal to turn the city of san francisco around. >> san francisco is changing course when it comes to requesting a juvenile offender be charged as an adult. today district attorney brooke jenkins announced she is abetting the policy of we calling d.a. chase aberdeen to never charge an adult. she is forming a committee
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whether to recommend the 16 or 17 will be tried as an adult. >> we cannot allow families of victims. we cannot allow victims themselves to remain without justice or accountability in very serious and egregious cases. >> jenkins says the review will collaborate with all parties involved including members of the victims and offenders families. it is important to note in california da's can only request that a juvenile be charged as an adult. the final decision is made by a judge. >> the antioch police chief and two city council members are calling for changes to the department's use of force policy. that is coming as eight officers around while being investigated by a grand jury for possible misconduct. ryan curry has the story. >> police chief steven ford and
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councilmembers monica wilson into misha torres walker are calling for changes within the antioch police department. >> caneiteention to trac and monitor use of force, implementation of a system to monitor cell phone use. >> this comes as eight members of the police department are on leave while the fbi, district attorney and grand jury investigate them for possible misconduct. our media partners reveal some instances being reviewed. >> we saw in the recent east bay times article that talked about various abuses that may have been caused by the antioch police department. to me that is unacceptable. >> the police chief and councilmembers want the entire city council to start talking about these reforms as soon as possible. they want to look at the entire use of force from the police department especially how they deploy their canines. >> we will conduct a top-down assessment of our canine policy. this serves great utility for the organization. we will take a closer look at how we deploy our canines with
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emphasis on mitigating unnecessary harm and liability. >> the article says attorney michael raines is representing one of the officers under investigation. we reached out to him and are waiting for a reply. the contra costa district attorneys office was not free for interviews but they continue to investigate a potential broad range of offenses. the police chief was also not wanting to comment to >> i'm not going to speak about anything regarding the investigation. as i mentioned out of respect for the due process, we owe them that. >> two homes were damaged by a huge fire in antioch overnight. some say they also heard a loud bang slow and peered the fire started on midnight near silverado drive. investigators believe the fire may have started between the two homes and the gusty wind blew the embers around. neighbors also say they grabbed hoses and jumped into action when they sell the intensity of
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the flames. no one was hurt. >> in the south bay due to the severity of the drought, water restrictions were tightened today in santa clara county. the board of directors voted to expand limitations on the watering of ornamental lawns to include schools, businesses and industrial properties. in april the enacted the ban on homeowners pay what officials say people have been doing their part more needs to be done should >> we have identified outdoor air geisha and is one of the key targets we are looking at as part of this drought. many people are saving inside a lot of the low hanging fruit available is the outside ornamental irrigation. that is one of the things we believe we should be limiting as a result of this drought. >> ornamental lawns can only be water twice a week. no watering is allowed between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. governor newsom says the battle to address climate change could
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help california and the u.s. dominate the next global industry. >> this is not about electric power. this is about economic power, economic dominance. you went public private partnership? look at what we are doing in with the end valley -- in lithium valley in the solvency. -- the sultan see. electricity is the architecture for decarbonization. this above and beyond anything we have done is the most significant and will be the most notable in terms of impacting a national -- >> the comments at the sixth annual cascadia corridor conference, to explore economic strategies to benefit the whole region. >> the stock market had its worst day in more than two years today after consumer prices rose unexpectedly in august. it happened on the same day
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president biden was celebrating the inflation reduction act. the san jose mayor was there. dustin dorsey spoke with economists and professors who explain how the measure could affect the bay area and the country. >> president joe biden celebrated the inflation reduction act he signed in august. the measure child by the president as one of the most consequential pieces of legislation in american history. in attendance, the san jose mayor. >> it is great to see this over the goal line. moriccardo alssa help meet some climate change polls the city has select reduce utility bills and making electricity more affordable. it could also see san jose that a more heat waves to become less reliant on outside energy companies. >> we know pg&e has challenges
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with its infrastructure so we want to invest in alternatives for local storage and generation. this bill will provide dollars to help local communities like san jose do that. >> the celebration comes at a present time in which inflation remains high. the stock market suffered its biggest fall in two years as grocery, rent and car prices rise. california state university east bay economics assistant professor says the act may help but not in the short term s. >> in the long run this could have lead to inflation reductions. these efforts that allow us to produce goods for lower prices and supply goes up, that creates a reduction in price level. >> the professor expects the overall impact to inflation to be modest. >> today republican senator lindsey graham announced he
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plans to introduce legislation that would ban most abortions nationwide starting at 15 weeks of pregnancy. >> i think we should have a law at the federal level that would say after 15 weeks no abortion on demand except in cases of rape, incest to save the life of the mother. that should be where america is at. >> the bill comes to less than three months after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade and two months out from the midterm elections where abortion is expected to be a pivotal issue. legislation has little chance of passing with democrats controlling both the house and the senate but democrats say the legislation proves republicans are out of step with most americans. >> going in the opposite direction, california has cleansed a website connecting people living here and out of state with information about abortions. in her newsom says as republican states try to prevent people from accessing information or
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crossing state lines for care, people are welcome in california. the website, includes information on providers, legal rights, financial assistance and more. the head of the office of data and innovation was on abc7news at 3:00 getting answers and told us visitors have absolute privacy and there will be no trackable digital tracks. spanish language is available now with more linkages being added. >> a lot more to come on this busy tuesday. queen elizabeth's casket has been brought to london. 50 years of bart. the general manager discusses the future. turning off the eiffel tower. the effort to conserve energy in paris. >> we have been conserving energy especially today. i had to take a trip outside to feel the fall flavor. it gets cooler tomorrow. i will let you know how long this lasts and the rain is this lasts and the rain is looking more impressive
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>> today the hearse carrying queen elizabeth's coffin arrived in london at buckingham palace. mena pineda from our sister station in new york is in london with the story. >> under a steady rain, the glass hearse carrying the queen
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made its way through the streets of london. >> a really impressive woman and just like she is an inspiration to loads of people across the world. >> 12-year-old mary set up her camp in the early afternoon. you think it was important for your daughter to see? >> definitely. . she has been a good part of our life for a long time. >> the royal family has gathered ginsalactoie these three friends are the first in line. they're asking people to start queuing on this the side of the river thames. it will cross bridge and file into westminster hall where the weight is expected to be at least 36 hours. the queen will lie in state for five days. earlier today she was praised in northern ireland where king charles was greeted warmly. >> queen elizabeth was not a distant observer in the progress
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of relationships between these islands. >> i take up my new duties resolved to seek the welfare of all the inhabitants of northern ireland. >> princess anne accompanied her mother to london after scotland. bid farewell to elizabeth, queen of scots. greeters viewing her coffins arrival home to london did not mind waiting for hours. >> even with her death she had a long life. she did well as a monarch. i think we can all agree on that. getting to 96. that is not bad. >> not bad. like you at home, elon musk may not want to buy twitter anymore but company shareholders one tim two. they voted in favor of musk's $44 billion takeover deal. the vote came days after musk sent a third letter to twitter seeking to terminate the agreement. the latestequest centered on a purported 7.75 million dollars
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severance payment the company made to its former head of security. twitter says the latest effort is invalid and wrongful. the case between musk and twitter is scheduled to go to trial next month. today, twitter's former security chief turned whistleblower testified on capitol hill. he told the jen -- the senate judiciary committee of the that twitter is plagued by weak cyber defenses. he also testified security vulnerabilities at the social media company put privacy at risk. >> it is not far-fetched to say that an employee inside the company could take over the accounts of all the senators in this room. >> he testified he rate concerns to company executives but they failed to act. he was fired earlier this year. twitter pushed back on his appearance claiming he painted a false narrative of the company.
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>> the most successful american play in broadway history will begin a run in san francisco tonight. well before to kill a mockingbird was a stage play, it was a classic an some, controversial piece of literature. it is on some school districts lists of banned books. today, the cast of the stage show and aaron so can joined >> -- those conversations, is it a white savior story, is it too rough on the south in the 1930's? they should not be happening at school board meetings. there should be happening in classrooms. why -- these are fantastic conversations. >> to kill a mockingbird will be on stage at the golden gate theater through october 9. >> let's turn our attention to this lovely cool weather we are enjoying. >> i had some of the marine layer. so welcome should >> i am so happy to hear that. here is a first.
4:19 pm
social media was 100% positive about today's weather. i was like, yeah. happy to hear about that. if you like today, you're going to love the next couple of days. you can see the wall of marine layer clouds making the march back to the east. they are going to cover all of us tonight. the breezes will continue every afternoon as we head through the weekend. the chance of showers look to be improving sunday. one model bumped off a little bit. another one came through and upped the amount of rain and the chances that happens to be the one i tend to lead toward as we get deeper into the forecast. once we get those high-resolution models, we will get a better handle so you can make your plans accordingly. it is our first one of the fall season after the chance of rain sunday so a lot to look forward to starting sunday and into early next week. until then, enjoy the wonderful
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weather up to 12 degrees cooler this time compared to yesterday. places like livermore, 72. 68 in san ramon. you don't see an 80 anywhere on this map. reminiscent of fall like temperatures paid here is the stout to stiff seat around the next couple of days. fastest from now through 9:00. if you're heading out, you may want to grab a jacket to ward off the wind because you are going to want to get outside. we can actually see unobstructed we all the way through the valley and the south bay. temperatures quickly falling into the 60's. middle to upper -- middle to upper 60's. on our way, temperatures will bottom out to around 50 in santa rosa and 62 in fremont and antioch. no more than we had this morning which was not much.
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tomorrow, clean air. mostly sunny conditions. 72 to 74 in the south bay. mid to upper 60's along the coast. 69 in downtown san francisco. for the north bay, mid to upper 70's. through the east bay, 71 in berkeley. inland, 75 to 78 degrees. we are moving ahead to saturday evening. you can see a well-defined cold front coming down. if it stays on the proper course by sunday morning, we are looking at rain. we are looking at healthy rain by the time we get to sunday evening and it starts to taper. that is something to keep an eye on. 60's, 70's. a few 80's inland. tuesday with the offshore wind event, gets hot and dry . >> big delays for drivers in the north bay. >> repairs are underway to fix a
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road work. abc7news was in marin county when crews started to repair a section of lucas valley road. they are fixing the pavement and installing a training wall to prevent future slides to could take up to six weeks and there will be lane closures. >> if you love music, mayor island might be the perfect spot this weekend. saturday, a series of great performers will take the stage at the second annual mayor island dock of billy music festival. among the performers, carl denson's tiny universe. he just came off a tour of europe playing saxophone with the rolling stones.
4:26 pm
he is delighted to perform in the bay area where he lived for a time as a kid. >> we have been having a blast. every show has been really fun. we are starting to rehearse again and create new things. we are in a good spot so people will have a good time. >> for more information, go to dock of bay >> bart is lookie pa and future of the transi. >> witral
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>>g better bay area, moving forward, ndg solutions, this is abc 7 bart ig a look at the past, as an future at the bay areas just transit system should today we talked to the man at the center of bart's past, present and future. insider phil matier is here with more. >> running bart has never been an easy task. problems with safety. problems with the trains. problems with growth. for a while we had problems with
4:30 pm
crammed cars because so many people were taking into san francisco to work but all that changed with covid. even as we come out now, part ridership is still way down. in addition to the older problems of safety and getting the trains on time now they face and even daunting question. that is what is the future of bart? where is it going to go? we sat down and walked around with bob powers and asked some pretty tough questions about a rail line. the only what is its future but where is it going to go if people are not going into san francisco to work? >> we are in the housing business. we are an economic engine in the bay area. we are helping with some of the social challenges happening right now. s primary rg.a as now it is evolving into going and and circling the entire bay area. it is quite a growth. >> it is a growth.
4:31 pm
it is ringing the bay. ringing the bay has been a goal for a long time and that is right around the corner. it is just really grown up and become as the bay area has grown up so has bart. > the next step is how into the central valley? >> we will see about that. the core of the next up is to continue our development and all the stations. we are going to talk about this at this station and improve our service. >> the question of service is a lot of what bart comes down to because people now have options more than ever before. a lot of the infrastructure we have seen here is not exactly what we call modern. it is not falling apart but are we keeping it up? >> yes, we are keeping it up. it is functional. there are three decisions i make on a daily basis. it is improving service. amar missed trains. cleanliness of the system.
4:32 pm
it is getting a presence in the system. ambassadors, crisis intervention, sworn officers on the stations -- on the trains come in the stations. > one of the things said about bart is there is no other system like it. it is so unique that your cars as difficult because the track sizes is different than any other mass transit. how much of a curse has that been? >> i don't know about a purse but it has been challenging. it has been hard to get spare parts. the cars we are retiring right now, we are bringing them out of service, using those spare parts to keep the fleet running. right now half the fleet in the system you see out there is new cars. as new cars come on board, it is a game changer. >> another game changer is the definition of bart. you started out as a commuter line transit agency. now you are ringing the bay. most recently you guys have gotten into the housing and development business.
4:33 pm
right over here we have an apartment building built on bart land on what used to be a bart parking lot. they are kind of controversial but they seem to be going up at all your stations. >> and we are going to continue. it is a major push in the bay area and u.s. wide is development at transit stations. we are leading that. there is no agency and if the u.s. more progressive on development around the stations. market rate housing right now and the next piece is affordable housing. >> there was a time and people would say live next to a bart station and you commute into the city and your job and you're living and you don't have a car. now people don't have to live near the city. don't have to commute to the city. do you think people in the future want to live in something -- i have to be honest with you as plain looking as ugly and that? >> i will take exception at the ugly part that i do. when we are building these things people are willing to lease them. they want to live there.
4:34 pm
from a supply demand there is no shortage of ma live at developms around the bart station. >> one of the challenges bart has faced in recent years is the definition of its destinations. is it taking people to work or is it creating offices for people to go to? that was one of the debates paid we have enough housing. maybe we should have places like this be a destination. >> i think it is both. the agelong discussion is what kind of a system is? is it urban? is it suburban? my answer to that is we are a hybrid and that is the best place to be. we can pivot. we can be very flexible. we can serve the bay area. >> it was a year or so ago this parking lot would have been packed. it would have been packed with people because it was an alternative to a freeway that was all backed up. now that freeway is running
4:35 pm
smoothly and it is taking a poll -- a toll on ridership should that takes a toll on your money because you are dependent on these writers paying the bills. can bart survive without going to the taxpayers and saying we need a special tax? >> our fiscal cliff and our nee meare we gottaly of regionally right to the ballot saying mortal money -- more toll money? >> i do. how broad that tax is, how many counties, that is for the elected officials with input from me and other general managers. i think something, kind of original measure is going to be needed. >> in 1965 you launched the great trans-baytown a. it was quite an event then. it is still there.
4:36 pm
what kind of shape is it in? >> the tunnel is in excellent shape. we are finishing up a major renovation and maintenance project we have been doing on nights and weekends kind of behind the scenes and we accelerated it during covid. that tunnel is good for another 50 or 70 years. >> we have anybody stations on the drawing board? >> is part of lent 21 and link 21 is this effort. what is the future of public transit in the bay area? that is link 21. it is not just looking at another crossing but where else do we need public transit and where can we break through some bottlenecks? >> when you say lick 21, you're talking about rather than the nine bay area counties, expanding the concept to 21. all the way from sacramento to monterey. >> that is correct. >> you a-- seeing hookups? >> where people want to come to,
4:37 pm
where they want to go to, where are the constrictions? where do we want to blow through and make a better connection? ? we are looking for those opportunities. and also -- >> another bay crossing? that is seriously on the table? >> that is being looked at right now for sure. what is also there is these in phil stations. people ask me where my ba good place for infill stations. could be south of lake merritt in oakland and san antonio neighborhood area. a couple other neighborhood locations. that is part of link 21. >> this link 21, parts extension to san jose has not even been completed yet. how we going to get to monterey? >> monterey is going to come to us. let me explain how and what is going on. there are other railway projects at work.
4:38 pm
we have trains that go up to sacramento. how can you hook them in? have high-speed rail weight -- making its way up said the central valley. sunday that may go up from gilmore up into san jose. and stockton, how do you get that in? we are talking about bringing that in as well. what they are talking about is taking existing or planned lines and trying to hook them together but there is still the big question, one, are the people still going to be writing it? and two, where are we going to get the money? for that, stay tuned. >> they are not riding in great numbers now. great conversation with the bart general manager. you can stream our bart 50 years special on the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. it is available on demand in the new and popular section. you can check out other historical art videos on demand. >> forget quiet quitting.
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>> it is time for the four at 4:00. you may have heard of quiet quitting where you do just enough to keep a job you are not entirely satisfied with. financial independence retire early. employees are encouraged to work harder to earn as much money as possible before retiring with an investment nest egg. you would need about two and half million dollars in her portfolio to eventually have $100,000 per year to live off of during retirement. who might the end to this idea? i know investment bankers who kind of did that. they go hard working 16 hours a day and retire at 35, 40 would you do it? >> if i was smart enough and young enough.
4:43 pm
to invent something that someone would buy which is the heart of silicon valley. or if you work on commission, you could possibly do that. if i work any harder at my job, i don't get paid anymore. i'm trying to think of those jobs where you could is what i am saying. >> you're not planning on retiring early. >> i like you guys. >> i guess if you have a bunch of tech stock, you are in that position already. for a lot of people, retiring in traditional sense. i don't know how long that is going to exist. you may retire from your main career but i think a lot of people are still going to have to work raised on life expectancy, how much things cost now. it is not really retirement anymore. >> it is hard to pull off to the pandemic has changed a lot of people's thinking. they are reassessing their lives and their work lives.
4:44 pm
holiday shoppers may not be buying as many gifts this year. consulting firm deloitte expects retail sales in november, december and january to increase four to six sent. during the same time last year's increased 16%. retail analysts believe consumers will be more frugal and practical possibly cutting back on gifting to non-family members. this does not apply to you and that lovely gift you are shopping for now. >> for all of you. >> certainly where the economy is right now and the stock market, people are antsy. >> right now people are talking about how expensive it is just to buy the groceries. i will say i am not usually one who buys stuff this early but i found something i thought would the hq stocking stuffer -- would be a cute stocking stuffer. i thought i will get that now. we usually do for the little kids in the family is pretty much all we did.
4:45 pm
we don't even do the gift exchange anymore. >> a little more creative. maybe spend a little more time finding deals this year than in years past i don't really do the gift buying in my family. i have not talked to my wife about it so i am not sure where we are headed but i imagine it is probably a reduction. >> buying quality gifts for those you care about most. not a lot of junk. sometimes we grab things at the last minute. by something somebody actually cares about to >> what we have started doing is pick one cousin, one relative to buy for instead of everybody. with the war in ukraine causing an energy crisis in europe, paris is taking action. to a foot tower lights will be turned off more than an hour earlier at night. usually it is illuminated until 1:00 a.m. but now the lights will be turned off at 11:45 p.m. a 4% duction in power consumption.
4:46 pm
anyone crying over this? i think it is a smart thing to do. >> we have to do what we have to do. >> and it makes a statement which is nice. >> i think you and i have been talking about what italy may have to go through. their lack of heating oil this winter. rationing. it is hitting europe a lot harder than it is hitting us right now. it is going to hit them even worse during the winter. >> dependence on russian natural gas. >> the city of light can turn off the eiffel tower a little earlier. the creator of abc's abbott elementary won her first emmy last night. critics believe jimmy kimmel took attention away from her. kimmel and will arnett presented the award for outstanding writing for comedy series and did a bit where kimmel pretended to be drunk and was lying on the stage. . he stayed there throughout her
4:47 pm
it did not boer mu and that kimmel was an early supporter of her and you t this last night. me the greatest sin in comedy is not being funny and i'm not sure that was that funny. >> it is ok if you want to do your bit then when it is somebody else's turn, i would say let them have their time. that is my personal opinion. >> i don't know if you sell it, but was it a distraction? it was this great moment. tto me it was a bit of a distraction. >> i think he has been up for 13 times and he has never won but to pull focus from someone else especially in their first win ever and a person of color and if you want to go all the way down that road, you can go down that rabbit hole with the that i'm sure that was not what he was doing. the optics of that. >> i'm sure he did not think about it as being a distraction or he would not have done it.
4:48 pm
>> i think a lot of people were calling out a certain kind of privilege with that with what he did. >> a swing and a miss. >> with him and arnett's writers, they could have come up with something better. >> i wonder if they all consulted. i wonder if they approved the skits and if anyone voiced the possibility this could distract from the winners moment in the spotlight. >> lay positive side i'm going to start watching that show should >> people love it. no such thing as bad publicity. >> that is ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. timeor ache d bu! ov-counter en in your eye might be to blame. those'll propass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.
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>> so lovely to be outside today. a little breezy but awfully cool and comfortable. >> definitely not going to complain having to turn on the ac. >> saving the environment we have that all week as temperatures will remain below average up until monday or tuesday. went to grab a jacket if you are heading out this season. 61 and breezy dropping down to ma' temperatures, we are ruing from 69 in san francisco.we may warm degree or. saturday, increasing clouds. chance of showers sunday. possibly our first full offshore wind event and high fire event tuesday. >> it was a big night for abc's
4:52 pm
abbott elementary at the emmy awards. >> one winter passionate song and
4:53 pm
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>> at 8:00, the bachelorette. stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. abbott elementary took home three emmy awards last night including outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series. the acceptance speech brought the room to its feet. george pennacchio has more. >> ♪ i am an endangered species ♪ ♪ >> ralph took the stage and sang diane reeves endangered species a cappella as only s that song for years because i think of
4:56 pm
myself as an artist, as a woman, especially as a woman of color. i am an endangered species but i don't sing any victim song. i am a woman. i am an artist. i know where my voice belongs. >> ralph said when she heard her name called and the cheers from her colleagues, she was overcome with a flood of emotion. >> i am the little five euro girl that watched tv on sunday night when tinkerbell came up and went around the steeple putting stars around everywhere and i remember saying i am going to hollywood. i'm going to be an actress. i am going to drive a mustang. pedroia continued after the ceremony in a celebration hosted. by disney and abc she was still marveling at the fact a new
4:57 pm
series could garner such love and support from her peers. >> that we could break out the that people could see us and enjoy our i cannotwhat happens wednesday, september 21. 9:00. i want to see how the people come out for their new favorite tv show, abbott elementary. i am your new favorite teacher, miss barbara howard. we have lessons to teach. >> abbott elementary's second series premiere september 21st right here on abc 7. abc news is streaming 24/7. get the bay area streaming tv app and join us wherever you are -- whenever you want, wherever you are. abc7news at 5:00 is coming up next.
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ask your doctor if leqvio is right for you. lower. longer. leqvio. news and that breaking news is in this sierra foothills. where a second wildfire has broken out in placer county the dutch fire as it's being called is burning along interstate 80 and dutch flat and that's forced the freeway to close in the westbound direction. there are some homes in the area and cal fire says people have been ordered to evacuate so far this fire has burned about 25 acres in placer county. the fire is west of the mosquito fire which started last tuesday a week ago now near forest hill the mosquito fire has burned nearly 50,000 acres. it is threatening thousands of homes and another round of evacuations was ordered today and el dorado county for the stumpy meadows area. the mosquito fire is 18%


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