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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 14, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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>> wow. >> the trailer already racking up more than 12 million views on youtube since its release on friday. disney, the parent company of abc news, initially came under fire by some for casting a black actress and singer, halle bailey, in the classic role. >> what, baby? >> she's brown like me. >> yeah, she's brown like you. >> i'm so excited. >> the movie hits theaters in may 2023. and that's "nightline." you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. than
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions.
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this is abc7 news. >> glass, shattering on the kitchen floor. she is screaming in the bathroom. stuff is falling on her. >> damage done in the north bay. minor reports of shaking and crashing. a jolt. the earthquake was felt much further away. i am ama daetz. dan: i am dan ashley. another was in santa rosa, only lasting a few seconds. that was enough to rattle nerves and knocked things off shelves. broken bottles at a liquor store, toys knocked off shelves. cracks in the building. signs of an earthquake. the 4.4 happened with that aftershock minutes leader that measured at 3.9. >>'s fault line is the northward
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--this faultlines is the northward continuation of another. there is continuity between these false across the bay. dan: this is not the first time this fall has shaken the area. they have an history -- a history of it. >> there was any repair. it had significant damaging. dan: the north bay has become more synonymous with wildfires and prarse.thquake shoul>> no ot wildfires. we prepared for earthquakes. we try to be prepared for both. our community has been focused more on wildfires. dan: as if it can be a prelude
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to something bigger, there is this answer. >> in 1868, there was 897 -- 9.7 earthquake. it is expected at some point. dan: people reported getting alerts on an app. so far, no breaks but there have been broken water pipes. ama: let's get to our meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: let me show you the earthquake. 6:39, a magnitude 4.4. a minute later, there was another earthquake. this was an aftershock. if you look at all the reports, the largest of the series was or .4.
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taking a look here, the strongest jolt was around north bay near the epicenter. there were reports towards napa and east bay into san francisco. this was on the rodgers creek faults. an extension of the hayward fault. when you take a look at earthquakes, it is considered a light earthquake. noticeable shaking certainly was reported by many of the followers. dan: thank you. we sent out an alert as soon as the first calls came into the newsroom. you can get alerts like this one through the news app. find it on your phone's apple store. ama: you details after eight vallejo high school staff member was shot. it happened outside of vallejo high school. sometime around four bank this afternoon.
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our abc7 news reporter is here. tim: they responded to calls around 3:45 on tuesday. >> there was an altercation involving students in the street. after school, it had been let out. tim: they were fighting with young males who were not part of the high school. a teacher intervened but shots were fired back into the crowd, hitting a staff member. a local athletic coach's beloved in the community. >> the fact that he was here, he potentially saved a child's life. tim: he is in the hospital recovering. lego pd says their investigation is still ongoing. school officials tell us school
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safety remains the top safety. >> we had a quick police response. security on campus tomorrow. tim: classes on one state will be on an abbreviated schedule. dan: in the south bay, a focus on how the san jose police department deals with complaints from the community. in abc seven news reporter amanda del castillo has more. amanda: 144 pages detailing how this police department is dealing with allegations against its officers. they pointed to 333 complaints, up 24% from 2020. 1000 allegations.
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more filed last year than any years prior. there were 122 allegations of biased policing. they were found to be on sustained, confirmed by the ipa. others are far from convinced. >> i have a far time -- a hard time believing it, these numbers do not make sense. amanda: policy recommendations focused on guidance and training on a number of topics. >> lester, there were cases were believed -- last year there were cases where we believed it was happening on the field. when the department look at it, they did not feel the had the -- that addresses this. amanda: internal investigations are often based on allegations
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directly from the department. >> they are more likely to be subjected. amanda: internal affairs say the department monitors their own data. the present those findings in front of counsel. this was over a span of five years until 2015. she emphasized a point made back in may on the same subject of the internal investigation. >> no law enforcement agency should investigate itself. we need outside eyes, independent people looking at these complaints so they can be objectively investigated and reviewed. amanda: when asked about what proactive measures they are taking, lease chief is developing an early warning
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system, dependent on data. >> arrests, complaints, things of that nature. they will be identified at the officer level. amanda: in san jose, amanda del castillo, abc7 news. ama: councilmembers are calling for changes to the use of force policy. this is as officers are being investigated for possible misconduct. reporter revealed that one incident involved in officers use of his police dog. >> we will conduct a top down investigation. we will take a closer look at how to deploy our canines. ama: the chief and two city council members are calling for early --nd implementatn of a
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monitor cell phone use period they want the entire system to identify these as soon as possible. dan: a care proposal in effect tomorrow. according to the government officer -- governor's office, the new program was approved by the senate last month. it will move and in some cases force homeless people with mental illness into care. opponents say it different -- it infringes on people's rights. ama: two wildfires in placer county. the dutch fire this afternoon just west of the mosquito fire which has been burning for a week. crews got control a few hours ago. the 80 has reopened and evacuees
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can return home. the mosquito fire has spread and is prompting new evacuations. thousands of homes are threatened. the mosquito fire has burned more than 50,000 acres and is why 5% contained. you can get an idea here in the bay area from these fires by using our wild fire tracker. you can find it right on our website. >> i hope to never have to be in a position where we have to make that decision. dan: a change in criminal justice, the move that may have some teenage suspects now charged as adults. ama: a coyote creeping through a neighborhood. the siding lining up message boards. boards. dan: starb
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dan: lack of water and food supply could be driving coyotes into the streets. they noticed a coyote in the neighborhood yesterday. we can see this coyote crossing a car's path, searching for something. as of now, no reports of that coyote hurting anyone or causing any problems. people are paying close attention. ama: a shooting the entered a
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13-year-old student last month was not intentional. a student has been charged in the race. investigators have determined it was an accidental discharge. the child who was charged is now out of the hospital. dan: juveniles who commit crimes in san francisco could now become charged as adults. today, they announced they are abandoning the policy to never charge a juvenile as an adult. effective immediately, they are forming a juvenile review team which will consider whether to recommend if a 16-year-old or 17-year-old may try as an adult. >> we cannot allow families of victims and victims themselves to remain without justice. or accountability in very serious and egregious cases. dan: they will collaborate with
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all parties involved including members of the victims and offenders families. in california, da's can only request that a teenager be tried as an adult. ama: a final farewell to queen elizabeth. she will lie in state for four days at westminster hall. we are looking live now. a procession will take her to the public viewing. they expect more than 750,000 mourners to wait in long lines, many up to 30 hours. flashbulbs lighting the way of the hearst. it was greeted with a royal salute. mourners were not deterred by the rain. >> she had been there for a while. ama: this is a look at the headline londoners are waking up
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to. welcome home, ma'am. the doors of westminster hall are not expected to open to the public until tomorrow evening. dan: a life look from sfo. if you are thinking about your holiday travel plans, experts say you should expect to pay more for airfare. travel booking says prices over thanksgiving and christmas are expected to reach their highest point since 2017. the average flight is expected to cost about $350, 22% higher than 2019. christmas flights could cost 31% higher than pandemic prices -- than pre-pandemic prices to fly. starbucks will be shoveling out some serious cash in an effort to boost morale. they will spend over $400
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million to make their stores more efficient. it includes a new workstation with new technology. it will have employers move less and cut down on the time making drinks. ama: all eyes on wall street in the morning after inflation remains high. it is also trickling down to gross -- grocery shopping. splurge items like pinenuts and jalapeno potato chips can have spirited debates. consumer price index for august was up on the year-to-year. dan: in town, it is nice. ama: very refreshing. sandhya: you safe on your air conditioning because you have free ac. all good. temperatures came down.
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they were 4-7 degrees below average. remember that heatwave last week? or maybe you forgot about it. tonight, it is gray sky. below average temperatures summer. nine degrees cooler than your average peers san jose with the same temperature for more, cindy 33 should be. four degrees below coming in at 71 tomorrow. another one is coming in. we saw a drop-off off in temperatures. we will continue to experience cooler than average conditions. we do have some higher clouds around. temperatures near the 50's and 60's. 59 degrees. some have been thanked that it
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is muggy. you can now enjoy the full or air. 29 miles an hour tonight. here is the view from our rooftop camera. good air quality the 40's. if you take a look at the smoke, you will notice that all that smoke is moving northeastward, away from the bay area. air quality is the worst round that region. truckee, lake tahoe, unhealthy. same thing with reno. if the source of the air quality. we will see that the smoke will remain concentrated in that region, right on through the next couple of days. we may see a little bit of haze. no air quality advisories. right now, little bit of fog. olageures. we do have a chance of showers
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on sunday. tomorrow morning, we start off with fog. this continues for much of the morning. nor morning numbers will range from upper 40's to upper 50's. a few low 60's around the bay shoreline. upper 70's, really mild. a mixture of sun and high clouds. this looks like an early-season front coming through on sunday. this is bringing in what whether and possibly lingering on monday. the later model is now going wet as well. below average come all week long. we are talking about a slight chance for showers on sunday and maybe on monday. temperatures soar into the 90's on tuesday.
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dan: the most successful broadway play is beginning its run here. well before to kill a mockingbird was a successful play, it was a piece of literature. today, the cast of the stage show along with the writer aaron sorkin is at the main library where 100 copies of the book are donated. it will run at the golden gate theater through october 9. ama: the a's in texas. chris: coming up, the a's and ra
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altercation, a player got sent down. they said the decision was performance-based but added that good teammate for haber part of performance. a giants fan, showcasing his dance moves. 1-0 giants. swanson taking it to the left. major-league debut in attendance. got himself in a jam. that's the ground ball to first. defense helping out. eventually escaping the inning without allowing a run. giants down 4-1. it is a rocket in but the giants lose.
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texas, 430 feet to left. the song went back and forth. bottom of the ninth, rangers walk off with an 8-7 win over oakland. the 49ers have added a running back to the practice god. most recently cut by houston in training cap, his best season was in 2019 with over 1000 yards and eight rushing scores. aaron judge continues this run for the homerun record. tonight in the 7-6 over boston. game two of the wnba finals. the game is all vegas. chelsea plum, a scoop to the
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ama: disney plus day specials continued thought the month. these subscribers can get their first month for a dollar 99 -- four one dollar nine nine cents. thanks for joining us tonight. dan: we appreciate your time. jimmy kimmel is plus the nba hands down one of its harshest punishments in league history.
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