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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. police staffing in san francisco is projected to hit an all-time low tonight. the abc 7 news i-team is analyzing the numbers to showone a better idea of whereumrs paia officers are being assigned and where they are not abc 7 news item reporter stephanie. sierra is here with the details steph yes and dan police staffing in san francisco is already at an all-time low, but the numbers on paper don't reflect the reality on the streets this evening. we're breaking down the data to show you the evolution and which specific neighborhoods are now having to pay the price.
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we're not listening from drug deals to car break-ins. anger on the streets. there's a lot to police in san francisco. the problem we don't have enough officers, but we already knew that the new reality. the problem is worse than we thought we've become so broke. we got to pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and you know get back into the game tracy mcrae is the president of the san francisco police officers association for months. the department has reported. they've been more than 500 officers short, but in three months come december 31st. 300 people could walk out the door that's on top of cops were short just right now if that happens the current shortage would jump to more than 800 officers to be fully staffed. san francisco should have more than 2,100 officers. here's the evolution in 2020 there were 1911 current sworn officers in september of 2021
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that dropped to 1830 in april of 2022 that dropped again to 1723 and today that number sits at a new low 1651 full duty sworn officers. that's that's a fail a fail in more ways than one because the reality of boots on the ground is smaller than we think even though we currently have around 1600 full duty sworn officers chief bill scott told abc 7 news last month on average. there are only around 300 officers working patrol city-wide each each day. it definitely is a strain to keep with the calls for service. we can't have numbers like this documents obtained by theneeamhs within the call volume across all sfpd's 10 district stations from late june to late august. for example, 109 officers were assigned to the tenderloin during these months more than any other district. whereas the park district a significantly larger area only
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had 47 officers. we think criminals are gonna head but the triage of officers is leaving other areas at higher risk abc 7's data analysis found during these months southern central northern and the mission district each had a higher percentage of life-threatening emergency calls than the tenderloin, but were assigned fewer officers. now another example of the disparity is in the richmond district this document shows from late june to late august 53 officers were assigned to respond to more than 3,300 life-threatening calls in the richmond mainly residential neighborhood, but from midnight to 6 am the chief confirmed there are often down to only two squad cars heavily impacting response times for the i-team stephanie sierra abc 7 news. all right, stephanie. thank you san francisco police found themselves the victims of catalytic converter thieves earlier this week. the discovery was made around one o'clock monday afternoon outside of a department's
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special operations bureau at 17th and the harrow streets in the potrero hill neighborhood in total two marked police trucks and two marked police vans had their catalytic converter stolen so far no arrests in the east bay. the antioch police department is trying to lure more officers to the department with hefty bonuses. the department had already offered a $10,000 hiring bonus, but just last night the city council approved increasing that to $30,000 in addition to staffing shortages being faced by many police agencies 15% of the antioch police force is on leave because of an fbi investigation into police misconduct. students at vallejo high school were back in class today following yesterday's shooting outside the school that injured a football athletic trainer abc 7 news reporter ryan curry spoke with parents and students about what happened. this is the moment when shots were fired outside vallejo high school tuesday students frantically ran another video shows a large fight taking place
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moments before the shooting when i first heard i was like, oh my god. thank god. i wasn't there when to happen william gonzalez perez didn't see the shooting but everyone is talking about it at school. he says he is stunned. i was surprised though, you know, like, oh my god that really happened and my school, you know in vallejo like that's something that wasn't really expecting as my freshman year. this is vallejo high school now just one day removed from that shooting incident. the school says they've placed additional security and staff members around the campus to help keep those staff members and students safe case anything were to happen again. it was pretty shocking very shocking and i hope it doesn't happen. again rose chandler has a grandchild at vallejo high school. she remembers the moment. she heard about what happened call and got a hold of my grandson on the phone and skip saying we're in lockdown so they don't sound good. so then the teacher got on and told my son that it was locked down and they had the students in the library the school
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employee who intervened and was shot is joseph pastrana a beloved trainer at the high school. he is recovering from non-life threatening injuries. the school district believes his bravery may have saved a student's life somebody. took a bullet for our students and was doing his job and unfortunately something bad happened while he was at work. the school district says administrators will be having discussions with police and city leaders about ways to make vallejo safer. how do we move the city forward? because unfortunately we're having this problem not just here at the high school, but we're having everywhere in this community. and how do we as a community come together? so things like this don't happen in vallejo ryan curry abc 7 news oakland police are investigating a shooting that injured four people happen in east oakland just after 10:30 last night on 90 second avenue near peach street. that's not far from the oakland zoo police. tell us people in two cars. we're in a shootout when the cars crashed into each other then slammed into several other
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parked cars according to our media partners at the bay area news group story bullets from that shootout injured a husband and wife as they slept inside their home. they had nothing to do with the violence the other two people who are believed to have been one of the cars that crashed all four people are recovering in the hospital. no one has been arrested the oakland police chiefs request for continued use of license plate readers to fight crime has been rejected for now the city council's public safety committee voted to send the request back to the city's privacy advisory commission before considering the idea again automated readers are currently deployed on 21 oakland police vehicles chief lauren armstrong told the committee automated license plate readers are effective in oakland, even though some scientific studies indicate readers in general are ineffective. der mena the master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse during that horrible deadly fire in 2016 could end up back in jail a search of his ukiah home last month turned up a bullet a
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machete and bows and arrows prosecutors say he's breaking the law because felons aren't allowed to have ammunition el mendez lawyer tells abc 7 news. the bullet was likely put out by alma's wife as part of some kind of alter display, but she doesn't remember where it came from a hearingill be hd friday to determine whether elena violated the terms of his probation a bill that aims to provide court ordered care for unhoused people with severe mental illness is now law in california today governor newsome sign the so called care court legislation in the law at a nonprofit mental health facility in san jose. the law allows a family member first responder or doctor to petition the court in order to provide someone with a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia housing and mental health services. the program will last a minimum of one year and expanded every county in the state of california will be responsible. for implementing this program. we will start with seven counties. we will start with counties large and small.
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critics including the aclu say the law denies a person's right to have a say in their personal health care pilot programs will begin in october of next year in seven counties including san francisco. the rest will be up and running by october of 2024. the state attorney general is suing amazon accusing the company of violating the california's antitrust laws by stifling competition a lawsuit was filed today in san francisco superior court attorney general rob bonto's office says amazon is engaging in practices that push sellers to keep their prices higher on other sites the suit claims merchants that do not comply with the policy could have their products stripped from prominent listings on amazon and face suspensions or terminations of their account. after the break preparing for the possible nationwide rail workers should strike and already transit agencies here in the bay area are warning commuters that some routes could be canceled abc 7 news at 5 will be right back.
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(gasping) ♪♪ try to avoid a nationwide rail worker strike on friday, but still plans are being made just in case as abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains, even though no local agencies are involved in the union talks bay area commuters could still feel the impact. overnight thursday into friday railway across the bay area and beyond will go from this to this
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around 60,000 union rail workers are set to strike fighting for better salaries benefits and time off impacts to bay area. transit riders will be felt immediately once the strike starts on friday. ace train will suspend all service until an agreement is reached suspension of service really puts people in a pretty difficult place trying to find alternative transportation to get to and from work. they already take the a service because they don't want to be stuck in traffic like on their way to the office. so this is certainly has a very real human impact despite not being involved in negotiations companies like ace caltrain and amtrak operate on freight railroads and cannot safely operate if there's no agreement a service could be suspended as soon as thursday with the latest morning and evening train suspended to ensure no trains are on the corridor by the agreement deadline service along the capital corridor will be entirely suspended beginning friday certain long distance and track interruptions will be like trains connecting sacrament. in san francisco and caltrain says riders from gilroy to san
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jose will need alternate travel plans while the tamien to sf route remains. unaffected riders already making alternate plans if their commute is impacted by the strike. i mean my constituency plan is i'm going to ride my bike all the way from san jose to hollister every day that they're on strike if that's if the train's not functioning, but hopefully it doesn't come to that but it's not just riders there could be significant freight in goods movement impacts as well. supply chain issues can be crippling giving the struggles. the nation is already feeling from inflation 30% of all goods transported or on freight rail and the railroad trade group has already said trucks cannot keep up with the demand expect more delays and raise in cost as to talk indices going to charge more because with higher demand higher prices and that's going to affect the inflation too. the bargaining units have until 901 pm thursday 12:01 eastern to reach an agreement, but if not the struggles we'll begin in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. bart riders are returning to the trains as many head back to the
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office. now the transit agency is reporting that yesterday's ridership was the second highest since march of 2020 bart says more than 170,000 people took bart, which is 40% of budget projections for a september weekday the highest ridership day during the pandemic is still the warriors championship parade understandably that was back in june and don't forget bart is celebrating 50 years of service coming up next at 5:30. we're streaming our latest abc 7 special bart 50 years. it looks at the past present and future of bart. still ahead celebrating hispanic heritage month and the incredible stories of the people who make up the community here in the bay area next. we'll hear from a local author who writes about his journey at nine years old from wartorn el el salvador to marin county.
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salonpas, it's good medicine. tomorrow marking the independence of several latin american nations including mexico on the 16th and tonight we kick off the month with the story of javier zamora who at the age of nine left the war-tornation of el salvador by himself to join his parents in the canal district of san rafael. here's abc 7 news reporter liam melendez. my parents grew up. during the civil war. it was the 1980s early nineties and things were so dangerous in el salvador that fearing for his life. javier zamora's father was forced to leave the country. samora was only a year old and then the war ended but
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economically speaking things didn't change and there was still a a when my mom tried to find a job she would be sexually harassed his mother ended up also leaving when samora was five. he was left in the care of his grandparents. she promised to come back. but the situation as we like to call it in this level or just kept getting worse at what point. did you begin having that conversation that you were going to leave el salvador? know i've always wanted to leave but i wanted to be with my parents that meant traveling alone at the age of nine with a coyote and others from el salvador to the us-mexico border. it took them nine weeks. he rides about it in his new book solito the word solo in spanish means alone. what does the word solito in spanish mean? well literally means little alone alone with only his
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backpack too embarrassed. he seldom shared his traumatic experience with others until now it wasn't until i began to write this book. that i began to take that backpack off he read from his book about escaping on a boat towards oaxaca mexico and encountering flying fish a symbol of hope they ride the wind like bullets, like skinny balloons more and more. we're gonna make it. i whisper it's a good sign chino says zamora made it to san rafael. he graduated from uc berkeley and was a fellow at stanford. harvard he calls himself an outlier. he wants his readers to know that thanks to the people who crossed the border with him. he was really never alone now. if you see them as full human beings, maybe you have more empathy. and maybe that empathy could lead to change. real political change in this country in san rafael leanne
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melendez abc 7 news and abc news is honoring hispanic and latin american heritage month tonight with sullivanation mi gente groundbreakers and change makers it all starts tonight at 10:00 then you can watch it again streaming on hulu starting tomorrow. make sure you check that out. all right. well check this out another gorgeous day around here. yeah, although i wasn't sure what to make of it is like the sun would score make up your mind is what you telling mother nature, right? yeah, dan, and i'm a temperature is below average. the wind has been coming in coming off the ocean and that's what brought about the cooler air, but then at times like mama said the sun came out and you're wondering if you really need to take off that sweatshirt or put it back on. hey, let's tell you something exciting. all right. i know it's summer we have rain chances in the forecast. it's a level one system right now. best possibility of rain is going to be sunday monday. although we do have slight chances on saturday and on
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tuesday as well right now. we do have the onshore breezes napa gusting to 28 miles an hour 26 all the way out towards the livermore area. so if you're feeling that refreshing air, you know exactly why plus we have carl around check out the golden gate bridge. it's sucked in with the fog tonight drive carefully if you're stepping out and don't forget that sweater or jacket 66 in the city 71 in oakland. it is in the mid 70s santa clara san jose half moon bay 64 degrees and beautiful view of the clouds rolling in over transamerica pyramid san francisco's financial district santa rosa, you're at 72 degrees petaluma 68 in the mid-70s around napa fairfield these temperatures running below average conquered livermore 73 degrees low clouds and fog along the coastline will advance once again later on tonight a lovely view from downtown emeryville oakland. excuse me from our emeryville 'egh n. efinitely breh o toght breezy and below average all week and the prospects for
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rain looking better for this weekend through monday. so overnight you see the fog in the low clouds tomorrow morning. we start out with the gray skies. we see those higher clouds as well and it's going to be really the high cloud sun fog kind of a tag teaming effort there. so for your thursday, not a whole lot of change just minor bump up in those numbers temperatures first thing in the morning and the upper 40s to the lows 60s. it's definitely feeling like the seasons are going to change. we're eight. away from fall. it's already feeling like it. so inland areas will be on the mild side with temperatures in the 70s and 80s coast side. you're in the 60s and breezy. i do want to show you what's ahead for the upcoming weekend saturday night's light chance of a few showers in the north bay, but it's really sunday that the system gets closer. we have a possibility of widespread rain here in the bay area monday that continues and then really going into tuesday. we'll keep a slight possibility in european model wants to bring in some good rainfall totals. i mean most areas over three quarters of an inch to over an inch. the gfs model is actually going
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with about a fourth four tenths of an inch to two inches of rain. i mean for this time of year seems crazy, but stay tuned accuweather 7-day forecast minor warming for your thursday brighter skies expected friday and then a late night chance saturday of some showers, but it's really one on sunday monday windy slight possibility of thunder on monday as well. it would be isolated and those rain totals. don't get too excited. usually this far out computer models want to really rev things up and then they back off so dan and alma stay tuned. all right. we'll see. thanks and we'
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the bay area monday night the star and is entourage of 80 went to san rafael puerto rican restaurant soul food. one of the managers told us the group ordered almost everything on the menu bad bunny greeted staff and look took pictures. i wanted to you know go up to up to him and tell him you know, i'm one of his biggest fans, but since i was at work, i was like, alright, i gotta hold it down be professional. it's like having the oprah, you know coming visit us here. so it was a great feeling to know that a puerto rican artist came to a our puerto rican restaurant and ride puerto rican people to come and enjoy our food. that's so cool tickets are still available for bad bunny show at the coliseum on third party websites like stubhub and if you take a look sky 7 was over the coliseum. i'm a check out these lines. gosh, that's incredible. show yeah, definitely. all right world news tonight with david muir is next. i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley for sandia patel all of us here. we appreciate your time.
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our next newscast is in half an hour. we'll see you at 6:00, but connect 24/7 at abc 7
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people off the streets and into there's only one choice. yes on 27. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. bracing for a potential nationwide rail strike. what this could mean for the prices you pay for so many things. also tonight, the remarkable images coming in from london. the queen leaving buckingham palace for the last time. now the british public tonight paying its respects to their longest reigning monarch. thousands now waiting in line. lines expected to be miles long, for a chance to say good-bye to the queen. her casket draped in the royal standard. the imperial state crown resting atop. king charles iii and his sons, pinces william and harry, escorting the queen to westminster. and the images of the brothers side-by-side, reminding the world of the images following their late mother, princess diana, 25 years ago. tonight here, the new images of


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