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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 14, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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is designed to get unhoused people with serious mental health issues into both treatment and housing a proponents of the bill. say the services it will provide or long overdue but opponents believe it is forcing treatment on people will this help build a better bay area. here's abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes. that was the moment governor gavin newsom signed care court into law wednesday morning, the press conference held out of san jose nonprofit mental health services facility and here we are took us decades and decades to get here the care court program would start with someone like a family member first responder or doctor filing a petition to the court if the court finds a person needs services, they would get a court ordered mental health care plan for up to a year with the possibility to expand it that care also includes housing care court is specifically focused on people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders or what the law calls other psychotic disorders every county in
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california will be responsible for implementation of the program. we will start with seven counties. we will start with counties large and small tuolumne county, orange county. we have riverside. that's join us glenn county, san francisco, san diego and stanislaus though the bill passed with large bipartisan support. not everyone is cheering. it critics have said it denies a person's right to have a say in their personal health care the aclu of southern california tweeted after the governor's press conference saying in part that this outdated and coercive model of placing disabled folks in courtrooms will cause trauma and harm to california's invulnerable situations and will reinforce institutional racism. newsom says that opponents points of view have not led to solutions they're point of view is expressed by what you see on the streets of sidewalks all throughout this state their point of view was expressed in the halls of the legislature and they were overwhelmingly rejected because in a progressive legislature, they
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said enough we're going to move in a different direction the first seven counties involved in the program are slated to have it up and running by october of 2023 everyone else by october of 2024 in the south bay zack fuentes. abc 7 news. if you know someone struggling with mental health issues substance issues or housing insecurity. you can help start by going to abc 7 news com slash take action the bay area experienced its strongest earthquake in three years last night the 4.4 magnitude quake around 6:30 pm was centered near santa rosa abc 7 news reporter suzanne fon checked in with people there. store owner reshma-charnia says the earthquake that jolted santa rosa sent bottles flying off her shelves that included a top-shelf bottle of liquor with 1600 dollars. i have never seen something like this in my life. yeah. this was the first time. yeah, the 4.4 magnitude quake really did some damage at campus market liquor on mendocino avenue scientists. say tuesday's quake and the 3.9 aftershock that followed a
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minute later is a wake-up call for us to practice or prepare for the big one in the future. they offer these three important tips number one, make sure you know how to stop drop and hold on. so spend some time getting ready for that register for the shakeout. learn what to do when you feel shaking practice it because it's really important number two. have a disaster supply kit ready to go number three download the shake alert earthquake early warning system phone app. it's a tool available to everyone in california, oregon and washington that warns you that a quake is coming the warning you receive depends on a number of factors including how far you are from the epicenter of the earthquake. robert de groot is a scientist with usgs and a shake alert coordinator. some people had 10 seconds of warning before shaking arrived at their location and then so people reported. they had no seconds at all. the shaking arrived just as the alert was arriving loosen ungevin got the alert on her phone. she says it's a good thing the alert did help me sort of
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register and and process what was happening. we asked authorities what people are supposed to do with the information that an earthquake is perhaps just five or ten seconds away. they say the warnings give people time to take action. so help help supplement compliment with their already doing when they feel shaking from an earthquake that has dropped cover and hold on. they say thelertte a qanta rosa. have earthquakes a day in california. we we live in earthquake country and and that's the reality of it. and i think it's not a matter of if an earthquake is going to happen. it's it's just when in santa rosa suzanne fawn abc 7 news and we have lots of resources to help you prepare for a natural disaster including a video on what to pack in your earthquake kit visit slash prepare norcal and athletic trainer at vallejo high school is recovering one day after being shot on campus while trying to break up a fight cell phone video capture the moment the shots rang out after classes let out yesterday afternoon other videos shows a large fight
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moments before the shooting according to police joseph pastrana stepped in to break things up and was shot suffering a non-life threatening injury district official safe astronas bravery may have saved a student's life somebody took a bullet for our students and was doing his job and unfortunately something bad happened while he was at work classes were held today with additional guards and staff members on campus in case anything were to happen counselors were also brought in to help the kids so far. there's no word of any arrests in this incident. nothing in san francisco is projected at an old-time low documents obtained by the abc 7 news i-team shed light on the reality of the crisis and why the worst is yet to come in fact my team reporter stephanie. sierra is crunching the numbers for you and she is here with the latest step. yes, dad police staffing in san francisco is already at time low, but the numbers on paper don't reflect the reality on the
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streets tonight. we're breaking down the data to show you the evolution and which neighborhoods are suffering because of it. without this from drug deals to car break-ins. anger on the streets. there's a lot to police in san francisco the problem. we don't have enough. but we already knew that the new reality the problem is worse than we thought we've become so broke. we got to pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and you know get back into the game tracy mcrae is the president of the san francisco police officers association for months. the department has reported. they've been more than 500 officers short, but in three months come december 31st. 300 people could walk out the door that's on top of cops. we're short just right now if that happens the current shortage would jump to more than 800 officers to be fully staffed. san francisco should have more than 2,100 officers. here's the evolution in 2020
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there were 1911 current sworn officers in september of 2021 that dropped to 1830 in april of 2022 that dropped again to 1723 and today that number sits at a new low 1651 full duty sworn officers. that's that's a fail a fail in more ways than one because the reality of boots on the ground is smaller than we think even though we currently have around 1600 full duty sworn officers chief bill scott told abc 7 news last month on average. there are only around 300 officers working patrol city wide each day. it definitely is a strange to keep up with the calls for service. we can't have numbers like this documents obtained by the abc 7 news. i team show huge disparities within the call volume across all sfpd's 10 district stations from late june to late august. for example. hundred and nine officers were assigned to the tenderloin during these months more than
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any other district. whereas the park district a significantly larger area only had 47 officers where you think criminals are going to head but the triage of officers is leaving other areas at higher risk abc 7's data analysis found during these mutts southern central northern and the mission district each had a higher percentage of life-threatening emergency calls than the tenderloin, but were assigned fewer officers. now another example of the disparity is in the richmond district from late june to late august 53 officers were assigned to respond to more than 3,300 life-threatening calls in the richmond mainly residential neighborhood, but from midnight to 6 am the chief confirmed their often down to only two squad cars, which of course dan is heavily impacting response times. oh absolutely can understand why there's such a shortage there step. thank you a small victory for cal fire crews battling california's largest wildfire the mosquito fire. they have saved the community of
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forest hill in placer county flames spread quickly after the fire jumped the middle fork of the american river even though firefighters saved homes containment actually fell back today to 20% the mosquito fire has been burning for more than a week tearing through nearly 60,000 acres in placer and el dorado counties. our wildfire risk will drop dramatically soon. yeah, that's encouraging abc 7 news meteorologist. sandy. patel is here sandy. you actually have a chance at least of some rain in the forecast. absolutely dan, and amen. it's beneficial rain if it pans out right now, it's looking like a pretty good likelihood starting this weekend. so saturday, it's just a slight chance 20% at night sunday and monday is where we're looking at 80 to 85% with the lingering possibility on tuesday level one storm impact scale making a rare appearance in the middle of summer sunday monday. you're looking at a chance of rain showers gusty southerly winds and a slight chance of thunder going into monday. i'll be back to show you the timeline and potential rainfall right sandy. thanks very much the weather
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feels more like fall, but how about airfare 7 on your science? michael? finney says the summer travel hassle is finally easing up. michael has some advice for those looking ahead. plus. i wanted to be with my parents. as a nine year old boy. he left el salvador to join his parents in san rafael tonight, see how he's turned his experience into a story to help others.
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lower. longer. month begins tomorrow marking the independence of several latin american nations night, we kick off the month with the story of javier zamora who at the age of nine left the war-tornation of el salvador by himself to join his parents in the canal district. of san rafael. here's abc 7 news reporter land melendez with his story. my parents grew up. during the civil war. it was the 1980s early nineties and things were so dangerous in el salvador that fearing for his life. javier zamora's father was forced to leave the country. samora was only a year old and then the war ended but economically speaking things that didn't change and there was still a lot of violence and when
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my mom tried to find a job she would be sexually harassed his mother ended up also leaving when samora was five. he was left in the care of his grandparents. she promised to come back. but the situation as we like to call it in this level or just kept getting worse at what point. did you begin having that conversation that you were going to leave el salvador? you know, i've always wanted to leave. i wanted to be with my parents that meant traveling alone at the age of nine with a coyote and others from el salvador to the us-mexico border. it took them nine weeks. he writes about it in his new book solito the word solo in spanish means alone. what does the word solito in spanish mean? well literally means little alone alone with only his backpack too embarrassed. he seldom shared his traumatic
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experience with others until now it wasn't until i began to write this book. that i began to take that backpack off he read from his book about escaping on a boat towards oaxaca, mexico. they ride the wind like bullets like skinny balloons more and more we're gonna make it i whisper. it's a good sign chino says zamora made it to san rafael. he? graduated was a fellow, he wants his readers to know that thanks to the people who crossed the border with him. he was really never alone now. if you see them as full human beings, maybe you have more empathy. and maybe that empathy could lead to change. real political change in this country in san rafael leanne melendez ab c's abc news is honoring hispanic and latin
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american heritage month tonight with soul of a nation mi gente groundbreakers and changemakers it airs at 10 pm. you can watch it again streaming on hulu starting tomorrow. san francisco's bayview hunters point neighborhood will be home to the city's newest park the recreation and parks department broke ground today on the future india basin waterfront park construction begins. an 18-month environmental cleanup of the land shore and water india basin waterfront park will be located near hunters point boulevard and haas street. that's named suggests. the park is right along the water. it will include two new piers of floating dock and historic marine rails. it is amazing to be here literally in one of the most beautiful blade bays on the planet and to know that this shoreline is continuing to be restored and made more accessible to this neighborhood is one of those things that i think is a dream we never dared to imagine i think many of us, construction will include the rehabilitation of the historic
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ship rights cottage of san francisco landmark. there will also be a food pavilion and a few years from now housing. well work is underway right now on 15 ocean-themed murals going up in emeryville. the project is called seawols and international mural festival designed to raise awareness about marine environmental issues and artist georgie. nakima hopes that her work will do exactly that. public art is something that everyone can enjoy. there's not any barriers that you might feel with a museum or a gallery. it's just something i you know if you're taking a walk you can be a of the conversation. artists like georgie will work on sites throughout emeryville for the next three days. the festival also includes a film screening and panel discussion on friday and a beach cleanup as part of california coastal cleanup day, which is on saturday. well, our beach weather has essentially gone away. it has changed dramatically since a few days ago sandy. yeah, it's more like wetter weather for about beach weather
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from that heat wave from last week. denonama. we're going to have to hang on to those sweaters and then bring out the umbrellas this weekend. well, there's a possibility of some rain. let's talk about what it looks like right now from our kgo roof camera, and you can see clouds on multiple levels. we have rolling across the bay tonight. we also have a nice breeze blowing just a beautiful view as we look along the embarcadero here tonight. let's check out what it looks like from the live doppler 7 perspective. well right now just clouds along the coast and around the bay, but this is going to look different if this computer models verify and bring in the rain like it's looking like for the weekend right now. it is breezy on shore winds right now 25, fairfield 23, rio vista, and you can see choppy waters in santa cruz at this hour as we look towards the lighthouse san francisco 66 oakland 69 low to mid 70s from palo alto to san jose 63 in half moon bay a lovely view from our san jose cameras. the sun is shining tonight. and temperatures are pretty much
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in the comfort zone petaluma is a little cool breezy 64-70 in santa rosa low 70s for napa conquered livermore sfo camera showing you the clouds pretty much advancing that marine layer fog and high clouds overnight tonight breezy and below average all week and prospects for rain looking better this weekend through monday. here's a look at what's going to happen in the next. few hours going into tomorrow morning. we'll see some fog and low clouds and higher clouds as well. and then as we go throughout the day we're going to start to notice those clouds break up. it'll be a brighter thursday temperatures will respond. they'll come up a couple of degrees from today's highs. by the way. today's highs were in the mid 60s to the upper 70s. so definitely feeling like the seasons are changing 40s around lakeport 50s for most other areas antioch starting off at 60 degrees. watch out for the fog visibility. we'll be low breezy coast side 60s there inland areas in the 70s and 80s. it's going to be a mild thursday for you and as we check out what's ahead for the weekend saturday night a system comes in? it's going to play tag with the
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coast best chance will be a few showers in the north bay saturday night as we go into sunday. it's a better opportunity as it gets closer and starts to move southward going into monday. that's our best window of seeing rain but lingering chance continuing into early tuesday now rainfall projections, it seems so exciting that we're see this much rain in the middle of one of our dryer months. this is the european model. i mean it's showing many areas between eight tents to over an inch of rain through monday night. gfs is showing actually up to two inches of rain in the north bay about 4/10 to three quarters of an inch for most other areas. it's still so many days out that the rainfall projections tend to be really high and then as we get closer they really back pedal so stay tuned accuweather 74 forecast minor warming tomorrow brighter skies going into friday a late night chance of some showers saturday, but level one system is mainly sunday monday with gusty winds best opportunity for rain.
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maybe isolated thunder on monday and then as we head into tuesday, wednesday it warms back up. all right. thank you sandia. the british public has a chance to pay their respects in person to queen elizabeth. they'll need to be patient. the line is s if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time. more time to remember. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have a cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation; severe stomach pain, nausea or vomiting; dizziness;
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i had experienced being in shelters at a young age. having nothing. prostituting. we don't choose this life. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors are trying to break the cycle. prop 27 will help provide more funding for places like this and help people get off the streets. it feels good to have a place to call home. support prop 27.
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it feels good to have a place to call home. attorney general is suing amazon accusing the company of violating california's antitrust laws by stifling competition attorney general rob bontes office says amazon is engaging in practices that push sellers to keep their prices higher on other sites the suit claims merchants who do not comply with the policy could have their products stripped from prominent listings on amazon and face suspensions or terminations of their accounts. amazon as stifled its competition for years. not by successfully competing but by blocking competition on price as a result, california
6:25 pm
families paid more and now amazon must pay the price amazon responded today saying quote the california attorney general has exactly backward sellers set their own prices for the products. they offer in our store amazon takes pride in the fact that we offer low prices across the broadest selection and like any store. we reserve the right not to highlight offers to customers that are not priced competitively. tonight mourners are filing past the coffin of queen elizabeth the second who is now lying in state until monday a horse. drawn carriage carried. the queen's casket draped in the royals standard and topped with the imperial crown king charles the third and members of the royal family follow the procession from buckingham palace to westminster hall. we're a short service took place thousands line the route many weighted hours just to catch a brief glimpse. he has been the main stay in the constant in my life. i'm now 75 and i just thought
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should mark our passing. officials say mourners waiting to pay their respects should be prepared to wait up to 30 hours for their return. the line is already two miles long and organizers are prepared for it to stretch up to 10 miles. the queens funeral is monday. the deadline is looming to avoid a rail strike, which could impact the entire country some effects are obvious, but you might be surprised at what else could change plus this connection is? highly anticipated by the whole entire region as the bay area's biggest transit agency celebrates 50 years. we look at what it will take to fully connect the south base st
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. larry: just one day remains to reach a deal and avoid a rail strike that could cripple passenger service, supply chains, jobs and more all across the country. railroads carry 40% of the
6:30 pm
nation's long-haul shipments. a railroad strike stops those goods literally in their tracks. ama: the deadline for a deal is 12:01 a.m. friday but cancellations could start as early as tomorrow. dustin dorsey shows you what could be the impact in the bay area. dustin: overnight thursday into friday, railways across the bay area and beyond will go from this to this. around 60,000 union real workers are set to strike, fighting for better salaries and time off. impacts to riders will be felt immediately. friday, ace train will suspend all service until an agreement is reached. >> it puts people in a difficult place trying to find alternative transportations. they already take the ace service because they don't want to be stuck in traffic on their way to the office. this has a real human impact. dustin: despite not being involved in negotiations, companies like caltrain and
6:31 pm
amtrak operate on freight railroads and cannot safely operate if there is no agreement. ace surface could be suspended as the nose thursday with the latest morning and evening trains suspended. service along the capital corridor will be entirely suspended beginning friday. certain long-distance amtrak interruptions will be felt like trains connecting sacramento and san francisco. caltrans say riders from gilroy to san jose need alternate travel plans. riders already making alternate plans if their commute is impacted by the strike. >> my contingency plan is ride my bike from san jose to hollister every day if the train is not functioning. hopefully it does not come to that. dustin: it is not just riders. there could be significant freight and goods movement impacts. supply chain issues could be crippling given the struggles the nation is already feeling from inflation. 30% of all goods transported are on freight rail. a group has already said trucks cannot came up with demand. -- keep up with demand.
6:32 pm
>> expect more delays. truck agencies will charge more. higher prices. that will affect inflation. dustin: the bargaining units have until 12:01 eastern to reach an agreement thursday. dustin dorsey, abc7 news. larry: tesla is facing a class-action lawsuit, accused of misleading the public over its autopilot and self-driving technology. the lawsuit was filed in federal court in san francisco. it alleges that tesla has deceptively marketed the technology as either fully functional or nearly fully functional. >> it is a very dangerous situation on our roads. people are listening to tesla that it is safe and the allegation is it is not safe. larry: the national highway traffic safety administration says from july of 2021 to may of this year, there were 273 crashes involving tesla vehicles using autopilot. we reached out to tesla for a
6:33 pm
response, but the company has not yet commented. ama: bart is celebrating 50 years of service. all this week, abc7 news is looking at the past, present and future of the transit system. today we look at bart's future, much of it centered around its expansion into the south bay. abc7 news reporter zach fuentes spoke with officials, who expane that can connect the entire bay area. >> i remember you had to catch the one bus in fremont to get r remembering this time that one of the newest bart stations in the bay area and the first one open and san jose. this one opened up in the summer of 2020 as part of the bart silicon valley extension phase one, adding 10 miles. while bart operates and maintains the stations as part of the extension, it is t who ownsa -- vta who owns the infrastructure. vta's general manager and ceo
6:34 pm
oversaw the extension in its earlier days. now that phase i is done, the tension is now on phase ii, which would add four stations. >> this connection is highly anticipated by the entire region. it will be that last piece that fills the gap to have a connection to ring around the bay. bart will connect to caltrain. that will allow people to come from the east bay into silicon valley. zach: the project aims to serve 46,000 regular trips in 2025 and limit congestion. construction of previous bart stations, for those who remember, we are told this new phase will be a lot less disruptive. >> the new technology that will bring bart to san jose is with a single bore tunneling versus a two twin bore tunnel.
6:35 pm
the single bore is being used all over the world. we will build that at san jose, which allows the whole structure to be integral. zach: vta has a contractor for the tunnel building and are working to get other contracts locked down. construction is set for 2024. the goal is for systems to be up and running by 2030. >> i truly believe that transportation affects our quality of life. it is the part of the fabric of the community. the idea that we can put this large investment into the system and connect it to our other services, to have it be such a vital part of our lives, is important to me. zach: zach fuentes, abc7 news. ama: you can stream the entire bart 50 year special on the abc7 bay area streaming tv app. it is available on demand in the new and popular section. check out other historical bart videos on demand. >> air travel was a mess for
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larry: it has been a tumultuous summer for travel as americans broke free of covid restraints and took to the skies. will flying get easier this fall? 7 on your side's michael finney is in the newsroom. michael: millions of travelers this summer had to deal with flight delays and cancellations on top of high prices. now airfares are falling. that is good. travel is smoother. that is good. but will the good times last? >> i have flown a lot of times in my life. i never had an experience like that. michael: christina just left a peaceful yoga retreat in the countryside of portugal. she was filled with a sense of calm and serenity. until -- she tried to fly home. >> i don't really know what
6:40 pm
caused such a horrible thing. michael: she was instantly immersed in air travel chaos that began when her flight out of lisbon was delayed three hours, then sat on the tarmac in toronto for two hours, causing her to miss her connecting flight home to sonoma. air canada locked its gate and ticket agents went home. christina slept in an airport windowsill. >> i used some of my technique to stay calm during the whole deal on the flight home. i did not want to lose all that good mojo. she was one of millions of passengers who pay high airfares only to face rampant flight delays and cancellations during the peak days of summer travel. as it happens, the toronto airport had the worst global on-time record this summer, with 51% of flights delayed. >> things got quite bad at the beginning of the summer. it was not just your imagination. more than one in four flights were delayed and 3% of flights
6:41 pm
nationwide were canceled. that is significantly higher than the historical averages. i think it underscores what a difficult time it was for many folks traveling. michael: scott of scott's cheap travel says airlines are scribbling to ramp up after the pandemic lull. airfares are also dropping. prices have spiked by 37% over summer, now down by 40% or more. >> the general rule of thumb is flights taken after labor day tend to be about 50% cheaper than flights taken before labor day. michael: those prices won't last. he says holiday airfares will shoot right back up to summertime rates. >> if you wait to book those holiday winter flights until november, chances are fares will not be cheap, they will be very expensive. michael: so where do we stand today? airlines have dropped more than
6:42 pm
50,000 flights this fall, so the system won't be stretched quite so thin. however, it can also mean it could be harder for you to find the flight that you need. one tip, travel overseas at thanksgiving is usually a bargain while domestic flights during that time are really, really expensive. dan: good idea. while you are here, i want to pass this along. governor newsom signed legislation today inspired by a series of 7 on your side reports that michael did about the unregulated dog training industry. the first law ever to regulate dog trainers requires them to disclose any criminal convictions or civil judgments related to their business. that could potentially include a case like this one in bakersfield. a 22-year-old is charged with 14 counts of felony cruelty to animals. authorities say they found nearly a dozen dead dogs on the dog trainer's properties. her preliminary hearing is set for october 7.
6:43 pm
she has pled not guilty. this is one of nearly a half dozen cases highlighted by 7 on your side in the last several years. ama: remember last week's heatwave? i blocked it out. by next week we are looking at possible rain. sandhya shows you how fast things are changing in the seven day forecast, next. don't forget disney plus specials continue through the month. new subscribers to the surface can get their first month for $1.99 monday. new releases are coming this month. disney is
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xiidra. not today, dry eye. ama: let's be honest, dinnertime can be a drag. that is why a feeding specialist helped create a cookbook to make life easier for families. the cookbook helps families with balance and nutrition while also focusing on enjoyment and ease. i chatted with feeding littles co-founder about what makes this
6:47 pm
cookbook different. >> the cookbook is made for so many different people in mind. that is why there is 100 recipes. if something does not work for you, you can try the next one. we hope people find a lot of things that they enjoy. if they have allergies, if they have picky eaters, if they are feeding a baby, if they have a picky adult at home. >> i have not been cooking because i'm just like -- >> it's hard. >> i don't have it in me right now. >> we have a section for you. it is called "i can't even." >> i saw that. that is my favorite part. because i can't even. >> i think at allows people to give themselves permission to get any food on the table. i think we get so hard on ourselves and pressure ourselves to make something elaborate, or we are like i can't do it at all. there is definitely an in between. ama: great suggestions like "just use microwave rice instead." the cookbook is available now.
6:48 pm
i don't know about you, i could use all the help i can get. she also had a good tip about school lunches. we will dive into that next week. dan: that is great information. i don't know how you do it. it is amazing with your little one. same with sandhya. ama: it gets old. sandhya: it is a lot of work. when you have to put food on the table for so many people. those are good tips. let's look at live doppler 7. we have some clouds along the coastline and some fog. hopefully radar will be tracking rain as early as sunday. mild weather tomorrow afternoon. 80's inland. 60's coast side. brighter for your thursday. enter friday, your will notice temperatures in the low 80's. no heat here. saturday is cooler. going into sunday, southerly winds. it is looking definitely like much cooler weather as we are expecting the possibility of rain. good air quality through the weekend. here is your accuweather
6:49 pm
seven-day forecast. low 80's. below average for our warmest spots the next few days. late night shower chance saturday. sunday and monday, a possibility of rain. isolated thunder cannot be ruled out. tuesday and wednesday we warm it up. ama: we know larry always misses the warmth. is there a storm brewing in sports? larry: always. if there isn't one we will make it up. will trey lance have to play in another's storm on sunday -- another storm on sunday? and i will tell you this, question her forecast at your own risk. the niners
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
>> now abc7 sports with larry beil. larry: after losing the season opener in a virtual monsoon,
6:53 pm
trey lance may have to try to defeat mother nature again sunday when the seahawks come to town. it is supposed to rain on sunday. that is not going to be the deluge we saw last week when lance completed just 13-28 for 164 yards, had the overthrow on what have -- on what would have been an early touchdown pass. the conditions were absurd. part of the preparation for the seahawks has to include dealing with the elements. >> not using the weather as an excuse, but in that situation, catch and throw are some of the hardest throat. -- hardest throws. you don't know what the ball is going to feel like. find a dry spot. for sure we will throw wet balls later in the week. not something we are a whole lot where he about. larry: there was no finding a dry spot in chicago. giants in spoiler mode. they will not make the playoffs.
6:54 pm
ruining somebody else's plans, next best thing. braves were battling the mets for first place in the nl east. roll tape. [cheering] >> hammered into left centerfield and nobody is there. larry: jd davis crust went to the gap. giants take a 2-1 lead. grissom to center off carlos rodon. mike yastrzemski the diving catch. five scoreless. won his 13rth -- 13th game. austin winds win -- wynns winning. that made it 4-1. duvall struck out the side. he throws an easy 100 miles an hour. giants win.
6:55 pm
nba commissioner adam silver tried to explain the leak's discipline of -- league's discipline of the sun's owner. he was fined $10 million after an investigation revealed racist and sexist behavior that spanned two decades. many players feel sarver should be forced to sell his team, just like don arts sterling was with the clippers. lebron james tweeting, our league got this wrong. the players association made similar comments, but it does not appear the nba will impose any other sanctions. are you ready for the new look sharks? they are releasing new uniform looks in a matter of minutes, less than five minutes actually. 7:00 p.m. they sent us some close-ups of the jerseys to whet our appetite. what have we got here? apparently in anticipation of the new unis, some stores already put the new gear on shelves for sale.
6:56 pm
that is an easier way to figure out what they look like in total. they have some cool colors and designs. i have seen glimpses here and there. it is likely to rain, but san dhya is now saying 90%. [laughter] we just don't know how much. it could be this much rain. it won't be chicago style. dan: no. that we can be pretty certain of. ama: coming up tonight on abc7 starting at 8:00 p.m., it's the connors. see what is new this fall on the abc fall preview. that is followed at 9:00 by abbott elementary. at 10:00, soul of the nation. that is followed by abc7 news at 11:00. that is it for this edition of abc7 news. thank you for joining us. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and see you again for abc7 news at 11:00.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" [cheers and applause] let's meet today's contestants-- a retired lawyer from houston, texas... a inic an attorney fromsor fro arlington, virginia... whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. [cheers and applause] welcome to you at home, and to our studio audience!
7:00 pm
it was another big win yesterday for luigi de guzman who managed to regain the lead in final jeopardy! after a very competitive game from all three players. i'd imagine you're thinking about another big payday today, sir, but, winston and harriet will have something to say about that. good luck, you three. let's take a look at what the categories will be in the jeopardy! round. ♪♪♪ then... that's nice. and finally... ...each correct response beginning with c-o-n. luigi, where do we start? historic words for $200, please. - winston. - what is "house"? - right. - words for $400. - luigi. - what is "die"? - yes. - words for $600. - luigi. - what are knees?


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