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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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light rain. there are parts of the bay like the north bay where it could be a little bit stronger, but that 1 is sunday and monday, the possibility of gusty winds, and thunderstorms with downpours. that would be most likely sunday and into monday. here's the thing we are grappling with. september is our third driest month. it's like a preseason storm. the models are saying heavy rain, but there is no tropical connection that would lead us to believe that rain could be up around two or three inches. if you have watched our coverage, everywhere else in the country is flooding, so what is normal? models are having a hard time of dealing with the juiciness of the atmosphere. we will try to map it out for you and give you our best
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educated guess coming up. larry: we will take preseason storms, regular season storms, posies and storms after the last few years of drought. let's get to reporter ryan curry live in pittsburgh, now getting ready for rain. kristen: what are they doing to prepare? ryan: good afternoon to you both. this hillside burned back in june and engulfed this neighborhood inflames, thanks to something that happened at a nearby landfill. you can see from these hills how close it got to these homes, but with these upcoming rains, residents are worried that the dirt will turn to mud. dan remembers the day in june all too well, when he woke up in the middle of the night to a fire burning feet from his house. >> my neighbor came by, knocked
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on the door. you could see what was going on. ryan: video from the morning shows bright flames getting very cl residents were forced to evacuate for several hours. now a new threat within coming rain, mudslides. >> there is a big trench to catch anything like that. ryan: although the burn scar is feet from his house, he thinks he should be fine. >> when we first moved here, it was already set up. ryan: the fire protection district is aware of the threat. >> we've had several hundred-plus-acre fires already the season, and some smaller ones, as well, that have the potential to have left these cars that could result in mudslides. ryan: they don't expect mudslides like what southern california saw earlier this week. they suggest residents should be
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ready with an evacuation kit. >> if you feel unsafe, don't wait. evacuate. if life or property is in danger, call 911, but do it from a safe location. ryan: that trench in his backyard runs through the hillside and through the backyard of many homes, so hopefully it will stay intact and won't have any other issues. if something were to happen, mill pointer told me he does have his evacuation kit ready so he can leave in case anything happens. ryan curry, abc7news. kristen: in the north bay, wine industry groups are joining forces to help to prevent dangerous wildfires, which devastated the region in 2020. groups are stepping up to implement fire detection cameras. reporter cornell barnard has the story about why some are going
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to extreme measures. >> the fire came through. we've got too much blood, fire, sweat and tears. cornell: he remembers the day his beloved family vineyard was almost destroyed by the glass fire in 2020, but a few firefighters stopped the blaze feet from his winery steps. >> they worked so hard to save the winery, cutting down trees. cornell: the economic impact of several wildfires cost the wine industry dearly, an estimated $2 billion in losses. >> that is our livelihood in the napa valley. cornell: the napa valley vineyard association says after a wildfire protection ordinance failed to protect last spring, this group is stepping up to implement these cameras. the cameras are mounted on hilltops capable of detecting a
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fire within seconds of starting. >> there are three of them. it covers about half of the area of the county, and they are able to instantly detect when a fire happens. so far, seven confirmed fires have been detected this summer. the price tag, not cheap, about $33,000 per month. >> we have to do this, but we do think it is something local governments should be doing. cornell: supervisor alfredo pedrosa says napa valley has made investments in fire prevention but cannot fund the technology this year. >> we are doing the best we can with the resources we have. everyone needs to do a little bit more, and this is an opportunity to work with the private sector. >> it's worth a try. the problem is that the fire season is worse than what it was in 2020. cornell: for now, they are
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relying on old-school techniques. >> it is all about us being alert. i'm looking 360 degrees. do i see smoke somewhere? cornell: cornell barnard, abc7news. larry: it has been two months since san francisco got a new district attorney vowing to clean up the city. >> we have to start addressing violent and repeat offenders first, so that we are addressing those who continually commit crime in san francisco. larry: we are looking into brooke jenkins' promised to hold criminals accountable, so what has changed? stephanie sierra sat down with the da to answer that question. stephanie: over the last two months, we've seen a shift in bruce jenkins -- brooke jenkin'' office. she has fired 15 people from the previous office and has made a handful of new hires, a team
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that is rolling out stricter penalties for drug users, dealers and juveniles. she believes these changes will be both fair and effective at keeping one of her main promises, holding repeat and chronic offenders accountable, but will we see it reflected in the data? >> the city has a lot of work that needs to be done. people have felt unheard of the last two and a half years, so i want to make sure that they have access to me. stephanie: tonight we break down the new policies and fact-check the policies -- promises made. the question is, how soon will these policies reflect in changes on the streets? i will have your answer coming up at 6:00. kristen: a step forward in the city of oakland's efforts to return land to indigenous stewardship. last night, the city parks and recreation advisory commission passed a plan to give the
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lashawn ohlone people to use five acres of land. mayor libby schaaf explained on midday live. mayor schaaf: this will be a chance to revitalize this area, conserve the native plants, but most importantly, really educate people on the culture. they want to put a round house, which is their ceremonial structure. it is going to be fantastic. kristen: mayor schaaf to unveil the plan last week and it will be taken up by the city council in september. larry: president biden is hailing the tentative agreement that averted a nationwide rail strike, which could have hurt the american economy. mr. biden celebrated the deal.
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larry: people are waiting for hours to pay their respects to the queen in london. at one point, the primary line was expected to be five miles long. people are willing to wait, saying this is part of history. great britain's longest-serving monarch will lie in state until her funeral monday. kristen: jim dolan is in london with the mourners. jim: these are the carriage gates at westminster hall where the queen lies in state. it is an ancient and enormous building. a feisty parliament gathers here and argues here. they appear to have put that aside for a few days to mourn as one nation. the beefeater's, as they are known, showing up for work today. they soon took their place beside the queen in the ancient and cavernous westminster hall. it is a tradition steeped in 800
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years of service and history, each step rehearsed and repeated. not everyone who shares a love of the queen knows their royal protocol so well. >> we were talking, do we curtsy? do we bow? i didn't know what to do. we looked at each other and just about it. it is just that overwhelming feeling that you cannot explain. >> grief, reverence, all of those things. you can't explain it. it was just a very unique feeling. i am very pleased that i went and did this and said goodbye. jim: karen knew just how it would be. >> i came with my parents to see the late queen mother when she laid in state.
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jim: that is karen at the top of the stairs when she entered the hall, and when she arrived beside the casket with the crown and royal scepter so close that you could almost touch them, she bobbed a proper curtsy and prayed and grieved with the royal family. >> it is somebody who has passed, somebody who has been the head of our country. it's change. it is a very special moment. there is a spiritual dimension to it, as well. it is a moment you can never forget in your life. jim: king charles after yesterday's procession took today away from the public eye but dispatched members across the kingdom. prince william and princess catherine went to sandberg to view a growing memorial at the norwich gates. the line get inside westminster
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hall is eight and a half hours long. it is shorter if you start overnight, and if you are a member of parliament, there is no line at all. they get in in front of everybody else and get to bring four guests. jim dolan, abc7news. kristen: stream more of queen elizabeth stories at any time on the bay area abc 7 tv app, including a documentary looking back at the queen's one and only visit to the bay area in 1983. larry: the biden administration along with top health officials say progress is being made in the effort to control the monkeypox outbreak. the monkeypox response team held a briefing on the administration's efforts to combat the disease, including testing, treatment, and community outreach. >> we are opening applications for our second equity intervention pilot. health departments will use
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local experience and connection to the community to identify hyper local strategies to improve vaccine access to communities of color, including those represented by this outbreak. larry: dr. rochelle walensky reported a decline in new cases here and abroad. she credited education efforts as well as vaccination for at risk individuals. gpc are therapeutics held a ribbon-cutting for a new facility in redwood city. it's employees recently worked out of a small space in san carlos. the biopharmaceutical company works on drugs for blood cancers like multiple myeloma. kristen: we cannot wait to talk about the rain. this is significant. mike: it really is. there could be some records. i am excited about what the
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potential this storm has for the firefighters battling a lot of our fires, including the mosquito fire, 65,000 acres and only 20% contained. this could put a dent into that fight. the exploratorium looked pretty clean out there. a little bit of haze, a little bit of moisture as the ocean temperature is well warmer than it should be this time of year. rounds of wet weather. find you are weather gear. your umbrellas, i'm sure they are stashed in the back of the closet or may be the trunk. we are trending drier and warmer once we get past tuesday. temperatures are well below average with 70's inland. ocean temperature, 60 degrees right now. emeryville, it's a little breezy out there.w mid 60's at 7:00.
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59-61 by 10:00. temperatures tomorrow morning, 48 in santa rosa. 61 in antioch. there could be fog near the coast and in our north bay valleys as high-pressure will try to take over temporarily. look at that green, clean air, every microclimate. if we are 80, it is mainly around morgan hill and gilroy. low to mid 60's along the coast, 69 in downtown san francisco, 70 four in sausalito. everybody else is in the 80's through the north bay. another wonderful afternoon, 72-75 degrees. 79 in san ramon.
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two areas of low pressure don't look very impressive now, but they will join forces and increase in intensity and strength and bring moisture with them potentially. the gfs model looks more like a storm down from the north of alaska. you get the rain shadow in the south bay and in our inland east bay neighborhoods. the european model, which is usually the better model, is way over doing the rain because of that lack of tropical connection. as far as everything else, there might be minor flooding on the roads. we've got one for sunday, one for monday. if you hear the clap of thunder, go inside. it is going to be breezy during this time, too.
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kristen: hispanic heritage month began today, and tomorrow is mexican independence day, and celebrations are taking place all over the bay area. larry: reporter gloria rodriguez has a preview. ♪ gloria: hundreds celebrating mexican independence day with food, music and culture in downtown san jose last year. today, san francisco will commemorate mexico's freedom from spain in 1810. >> entertainment and the mariachis and other dancers, it will be a grand occasion. gloria: richard rivera is
4:24 pm
involved in the event put on by the city and county of san francisco and community partners. >> it is important because of the mexican history of this state, the population of our state. gloria: the cry, a big part of mexican independence day festivities. >> the cry for independence in the evenings, the consulate general will give the grito at the same time. it will be done into mexico city and all over the world. gloria: mayor london breed is expected to be there for the cry. san jose city hall is observing el grito at 4:00 p.m. the office of the consulate of
4:25 pm
mexico in san francisco tells me they will be lighting up city hall in the colors of the mexican flag, and that is happening tomorrow night. kristen: guess what? tomorrow san francisco city hall will be lit in the colors of the mexico flag. larry: bart ridership is on the rise. what does the future hold for the agency? kristen: the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness, no enforcement oversight
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>> building a better bay area, moving it, finding solutions, this is abc7news. larry: another new high for bart. bart ridership was at the second highest level yesterday since the start of the pandemic. the transit agency says more than 180,000 hopped on trains yesterday. kristen: bart is celebrating 50 years of service this week. abc7news is taking a look at the past, present and future of the bay area's biggest transit system. today, we look ahead to bart's future. larry: a lot has changed over the first 50 years, which means a lot will change in the next 50, as our society embraces remote work, autonomous vehicles.
4:29 pm
can bart survive another 50 years? stephanie sierra tries to answer the question. stephanie: bart has long been the backbone of our regional economy. for 50 years, people have relied on it to travel to and from work , the airport, recreation and to shop, but today, the trains sit empty compared to what it once was. how empty? this bargraph will give you an idea. it shows ridership from 6:00 a.m. until midnight during july. more than 133,000 people rode bart on the average weekday, only 32% of what it was pre-covid. with the shift in demand, it begs the question, will bart survive 50 years from now? we brought this question to an expert with insight into every transit authority across the bay area. andrew is the deputy executive director director for the
4:30 pm
metropolitan transportation commission. >> if i were to envision bart 25 and 50 years from now, i think it is a safe bet that bart will pretty much be the same institution it is in 25 years to what it is today. stephanie: he points to significant long-term investments. the transit system is about to get an entirely new fleet of trains. >> we have about 700 vehicles either on their way or in service, and over the next 10 years, another several hundred to 1000 will be here. stephanie: the replacements cost $1 million, so the incoming trains will equal a $1 billion investment over the next decade. > we aren't going to waste that investment. stephanie: while bart is here to stay, it's future will look different. there are plans for a more seamless experience that adapts to new innovations like smart cars and autonomous vehicles, making it easier for riders to
4:31 pm
get to their destination. >> that involves may be one transport account that allows you to take advantage of more efficient rideshare technologies, automated vehicle technologies. stephanie: what will that experience look like? in 50 years, will rideshare companies and autonomous vehicles like robo taxis be the new normal? >> in 50 years, we will see robo taxis everywhere. stephanie: mark is the chief innovation officer for amazon's self-driving vehicle company based in foster city, offering mobility as a service. unlike ubar, it is a carriage style car. there are no traditional driving controls. >> you are going to have your own cocoon where you get to sit there and enjoy your ride with optimal air conditioning and whatever music you want. stephanie: it will soon be
4:32 pm
launching this robo taxi service that will allow customers to request a ride. >> there are discussions about when you've got a big bus in the middle of the night, trying to help shift workers get to and from their job, and we have had chats wi sf to put in a robo ta. stephanie: these innovations are aimed at enhancing accessibility to other forms of mass transit plan for the future. >> we've got a big extension to san jose under construction. we are working aggressively with folks on high-speed rail investments to get the train into downtown san francisco with a multibillion-dollar tunnel. work is underway to invest in long-standing train systems moving people from the valley. stephanie: long-term goal is to find ways to avoid people using cars by incentivizing other options like trains and buses. this will reduce congestion on
4:33 pm
our roadways, a problem that is getting worse. >> congestion on highways has already surpassed pre-pandemic levels. stephanie: emily is vice president of public policy at the bay area council, which conducted a survey of 200 employers over the past year to identify future commute trends. >> employees tend to only be commuting to offices 2-3 days per week, and those days tend to be tuesday through thursday. stephanie: 19% of companies will have employees permanently work remotely, and 36% of employers plan to reduce office space in the bay area because of that. kristen: most people associate traveling in their minds with commuting and getting stuck in traffic on their way to work or way home, but less than 30% of trips are taken to and from work. that is even lower now that so many people are working from home. stephanie: of course, transit
4:34 pm
systems are struggling to recover. stephanie: where does that leave bart's future? will the future compete with the past? >> i do think we have to be mindful that it will not be what it was before. stephanie: new innovations will offer convenient alternatives and may take dominance over bart. >> within 5-10 years, it could be commonplace where you take your app out and are taking a bus, and then you are getting in a car for another part of your trip. stephanie: the only competition is the price. the average ticket fair on bart is $3.78. for a car, the pricing will be in the ballpark of uber or lift. for some consumers, the convenience may be worth the price. the question is, will we need our in the same way? >> if they are going to survive, they need to become transit
4:35 pm
agencies that cater to the majority of trips that people take, which are to the supermarket, to see their friends. stephanie: will the transit authority's one billion-dollar investment be worth it? >> i think the pandemic and change in environment makes this differently. stephanie: the company is in talks with transportation authorities across the bay area, including sf mta, about offering services that would complement public transit, something we could see a few years into the future. stephanie sierra, abc7news. larry: you can stream the entire bart 50 year special right now on the bay area streaming tv app, available on demand in the new and popular section. kristen: we do have some breaking news out of castro valley. multiple people have been hurt after a car plowed into a trader joe's on redwood road. this is a live picture from sky 7.
4:36 pm
you can see the fire and emergency vehicles, and you can see the vehicles at the scene. it happened around 3:45. the man drove his car about 50 feet into the store. they don't believe it was actually intentional. we are going to give you video from a short time ago when crews pulled the car out of the store. at this point, we don't know how many people were hurt or the extent of their injuries, but we saw several people being taken out of the store on stretchers. hopefully no serious injuries. larry: coming up, speeding up at starbucks. a fruity twist on
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4:40 pm
o ssshurida a no oneneth they were co governoron desantis said it is part of florida's relocation program to transport undocumented immigrants to sanctuary destinations like california. clearly, a political stunt. who has some thoughts on that? >> you know what? i think about the fact that the u.s. is a country of immigrants, and there are better ways to deal with the immigration issues we have right now. people are coming to this country because they need help. there have to be pathways that lead to that help that immigrants are looking for. i don't know if sending immigrants to sanctuary cities is a solution appeared florida is so close to cuba. florida should have better opportunities for immigrants to have a better life. larry: clearly the governors in texas and florida are using people as political ponds,
4:41 pm
trying to move them around their chessboard to make a statement, and it is cruel. people thought they were going to get jobs, relocated. that is what they were told apparently, and that is not the case. some of the people in martha's vineyard have really welcomed them and provided food and shelter and all the things you should get. kristen: actually a sanctuary. larry: it is unfortunate that this is what we have devolved into. latin artist bad bunny was a hit at the oakland coliseum. take a look at the crowd. sky 7 shows a huge turnout. video shows crowds and chaos inside -- i don't see too much chaos, but certainly crowds as fans waited to see the singer. some fans tweeted, bad bunny took the stage an hour and half later than expected, which puts him up there with every musical act in the past 50 years.
4:42 pm
nobody shows up on time. are you a bad bunny fan? >> i know some of the songs, but i am not what you would call a fan. this is what i would say. people would wait multiple hours -- one hour, two hours is nothing for bad bunny fans. people will also pay a ton of money just for those tickets, and they were very hard to get. those people in line, i'm sure, were not upset, and looking forward to the concert. larry: super popular, bad bunny. within a specific -- >> i like his commercials. larry: older folks may not know about how popular bad bunny is. kristen: don't talk about me that way. [laughter] starbucks is rolling out a plan to speed up service. it includes new machines to help her reese's cup the time it takes to make some drinks, cut that time in half. starbucks says it will offer
4:43 pm
incentives for nonunion employees, which includes student loan support, savings accounts, and more sick time, all of those things welcome. mike: except for the union employees. they are probably not happy about that. i think it is great. i don't go there very often, and when i do, i don't mind waiting. i know there are people who go there and want to see it move faster. if it helps those folks, i am for it. larry: i'm encouraged by the fact that they will get better benefits and get something out of it. that is important for everybody. instead of coffee, how does a nice beverage made from pineapples or mangoes sound? healthy and fresh is the concept behind zero, a bay area brand that specializes in boebert t -- boba tea. it sounds like a perfect
4:44 pm
opportunity on a tasty thursday to enjoy some of this. kristen: i am just too busy drinking and enjoying this to talk, but talk is what we will do. joining us is the founder, toby. welcome. >> hello, everybody. great to meet you. kristen: this is delicious, by the way, but tell us what is the concept behind zero and? >> zero and is a new concept tea shop in the bay. we have three locations. we are also opening about a dozen stores by the end of this year or the next. some people call us a healthy boba tea shop. we think boba is an exciting topping, but we specialize fruity tea.
4:45 pm
we want to develop delicious healthy desserts and drinks i want my family and kids to be able to drink every day. kristen: i feel like i am drinking fresh fruit, and is that tofu at the bottom? >> it is actually coconut pudding. it's coconut. people love it. kristen: i think you are the same toby son who cofounded lion bikes, right? >> i am the one. kristen:kristen: how did you get into tea from electric bikes? >> first of all, i am a foodie. i love tea. i love coffee. i love boba. before the pandemic, i fell in love with all of those great casual food and beverages. there are a few things we can do potentially different. we are using more real stuff instead of just vc rep. -- just the syrup.
4:46 pm
to echo what someone just mentioned, waiting in line -- can we use technology to allow people to see the weight line when they order? can we develop a better digital loyalty program, which we have used to allow people to order and keep track of their transportation easily? larry: luz is a big fan of. tell us about your experience. luz: i'm the one who vouch for you guys. i was walking in hayes valley. i was like, what is this place? i walked in and was like, i have -- there are things i can drink, things that are dairy free. >> thank you.
4:47 pm
it's been an honor making some drinks for you, and i'm glad that you like the coconut mango piña colada. luz: talk to us about this. you also have some baked goods, as well. >> we also have the hand-crafted desserts. it is kind of a similar concept, but it's beautiful, healthy desserts. we have the mini bundt cake that you guys are eating. this is an ube croissant. we have ube filling in the croissant. we wanted to add a little more innovation to any product you are eating or drinking every day to give you extra flavor, extra excitement. i want you to buy something in our store that you've never seen
4:48 pm
before, but it is also coming out of the product you are familiar with, like mango. the cocoa mango, we use real mango in it to make a perfect smoothie. larry: thank you so much. i don't know if i should thank you luz. if we have a christmas party, could you cater it? this is fantastic. toby, thank you. >> i would love to support you guys, and we do get that a lot. we can't wait to serve more people with our products. kristen: toby son, thank you so much. larry: we will be right back.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters,
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♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪ larry: nasa experts say you're one step closer -- say we are one step closer to learning if we can one day put humans on mars. nasa provided new images of many rock samples. collecting the samples is a keyt step for scientists in studying the evolution of mars, and here is what comes next. >> we can bring these rocks to earth and query them in the most sophisticated laboratories we have so we can get at answering some of the biggest questions we have. larry: nasa says the rock samples are thought to be the
4:52 pm
best opportunity to determine if we can put life on mars. kristen: are you ready for some football? the 49ers are taking on the seahawks this weekend. larry: the crowd will be in for a treat on the field and off. he will take a closer look new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go. i believe prop 27 is the right thing to do. i had experienced being in shelters at a young age. having nothing. prostituting. i had experienced being in on choose this age. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors
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larry: 8:00, "press your luck," followed by "generation gap." then stay with us for abc7news at 11:00. 49ers fans will be returning to levi's for their home opener against the seahawks sunday as reporter dustin dorsey shows us, red and gold aficionados are in for a tasty surprise. the 49ers are looking to get back to their winning ways, and off the field, the team's chefs think they have already cooked
4:56 pm
up a victory. fans will be in for quite a treat with the 2022 stadia menu. >> what happens on the field, we can't control that, but we put a lot of energy into what we do from a food and beverage standpoint. we want to create partnerships. we want to come up with creative ways to serve food. check. from crazy good doughnuts to fine dining, walking tacos, across the concourse, even this is better than a normal stadium burger, right? >> absolutely. a normal stadium burger will not give you the signature barbecue sauce. i think football fans will enjoy this menu. it is no fuss, straight in your face goodness.
4:57 pm
>> fans can also enjoy a 49ers psycho doughnut for a superduper burger born in san francisco, a taste of home while fans cheer on the home team. >> being from the bay area, you are proud to be from the bay area. to work for a company that was born here and raised here is a good feeling. i am a huge niners fan, so to be part of it is great. dustin: food for football fans. i've got to say i think the faithful will enjoy what is going on off and on the field. dustin dorsey, abc7news. larry: dustin chowing down. hopefully trey lance and company will do so against the seahawks. abc7news is streaming 24/7. get the app and join us whenever you want, wherever you are. that will do it for this edition
4:58 pm
of abc7news at 4:00. i am larry beil. abc7news at 5:00 is coming up next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
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5:00 pm
news and that breaking news is in castro valley where a car plowed into the trader joe's on redwood road injuring several people sky 7 arrived at the scene shortly after the accident happened 3:45 this afternoon an hour and 15 minutes ago authorities. say a man drove the car about 50 feet into the store. they don't believe it was intentional alameda county fire tweeted these photos showing the car well into the store at the checkout area where people wait obviously to pay for their groceries. so there were people in that area. crews managed to pull the car out of the store about 35 minutes ago, and they had to use saws to widen the doorway to get the thing out at this point. we don't know exactly how many people were hurt or the extent of their injuries, but we did see people and you can see them here being taken out on
5:01 pm
stretchers. we will stay on this obviously. good evening.


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