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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 16, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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overtaking the homes on quigley street. it started around two pm and at one point we saw people who live here, try to douse their property with their own hoses. firefighters were also blocking off nearby streets trying to protect other structures, including a chevron gas station on 35th avenue. again. this fire is impacting traffic on both sides of 5 80. you'll want to avoid the area if you can live in the newsroom. karina nova, abc seven news thank you. let's get to abc seven news reporter on sir hassan, who was live near the scene as we continue our team coverage. answer. what's the latest? very good afternoon. some good news. firefighters seem to have gotten control of this fire. as corinna mentioned this is quickly street about four homes were burned on this street. no reports of any injury. but as corinna reported , one firefighter was taken to the hospital treated for heat related injuries. you can see the fire got dangerously close to this chevron gas station. which had a lot of local residents concerned. this is
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video from earlier the fire broke out around two p.m. firefighters seem to have gotten control of the fire around three p.m. this is the corner of delaware and 35th avenue here in oakland laurel district. the fire also started several spot fires along 5 80. we're told that three lanes of westbound traffic on 5 80. are closed as fire crews worked to stop the spread. now the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we have been told that about 7500 residents are currently without power in the area. some of the residents we spoke to say there was a homeless encampment nearby. this area has seen a similar fire two years ago. that was really bad, you know? i was scared of house being burned out. you know, the in law unit. it's our backhaus. kind of a man came. it literally burned down. it's i mean, the back of it is burned completely . the walls gone, and i saw them spraying water through the whole thing. again four homes
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destroyed no reports of any injuries except for the one firefighter taken to the hospital. we will continue to keep you updated throughout the rest of the evening. reporting live answer. hassan abc, seven years answer. thank you, and just to reiterate more than 7600 , pg and e customers are currently without power in that area. here's a look at the map. the area in red is where the power outage is currently taking place. south bay family, neighborhood and elementary school are grieving the loss of an eight year old boy. he was hit by a car and killed this morning in san jose. while on his way to school, abc seven news reporter zack puentes has been following the story all day . he has more now from neighbors and police. a child's backpack sat near this c processed the tragic scene, according to the bell schedule at castleman elementary classes started at 8 20 that eight year old boy third grader at the school was about to get there with his babysitter. instead police say at 803, he was hit in this crosswalk two blocks away,
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devastating a family and changing lives throughout this community, mama before year old son i feel for the mom and the family so it's just very tragically and satin jose police say this black 2022 mercedes was traveling southbound on castleman avenue, hitting the eight year old boy and his 44 year old babysitter. both subjects were transported to the hospital, where the boy was pronounced deceased. the female in the accident is suffering from serious but non life threatening injuries. female drivers stayed on the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. drugs and alcohol are not believed to be involved, police say the speech read them in the neighborhood is 25 mph, and at this point in the investigation, the driver was driving between 25 to 30 miles an hour. still neighbor bianco rosso says the area gets hectic around the time classes are set to start at the nearby elementary school. there should be more speed bumps around schools, you know more more like crosswalk, people. um maybe more cops. because people really
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don't care. this is san jose's 26 pedestrian fatality this year alone, but the police departments traffic unit that was once staffed with 40 officers currently has 14 believe staffing is very much contributory to the increase in traffic accidents that we've seen in the collisions that we've seen, the department says . all officers are focused on traffic safety between calls force mint is our key tool to make sure that we can change the way people drive on the roadway. and you better believe that's going to be happening today, though police didn't say if any other children witnessed the accident. the elementary schools district superintendent said in a statement that they would be providing support to witnesses and making counselors available in the south basic fuentes, abc seven news so sad. alright now we get to storm watch the bay area preparing for rain in the month of september unusual and it could bring flooding to some areas, abc seven news reporter cornell bernard beginning our team coverage regarding the weather live in santa rosa cornell. hey larry. like you
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said, here we are mid september and believe it or not this sandbag station here in santa rosa just open for business ahead of the weekend storm. you know a lot of folks today we'res are being delivered to the ritter center would san rafael, which provides meals and medical care to hundreds of families in need? rain is on the way we're concerned at the back of the pantry might be flooded, manager jorge garcia says ahead of the weekend storm. a new sump pump has been installed. even this huge generator is standing by in case the power fails. it seems like you guys are doing everything you can ahead of the storm here. correct yes, we are. we're trying to be prepared. more prepared than last time. she was less of it was very epic, and it was very damaging to us in our services. during last october's heavy rains, the center had two ft of floodwater inside its food pantry, forcing them to close for several weeks . umbrella. nice. ambarella
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pulled out and then i raincoat jacket patrick terrasson, or getting free rain gear to help them. stay dry. is that going to help? oh yeah, i have some pants. i have some like rain pants. but that will be good that will complete the ensemble in santa rosa. this sandbag station is now open and ready. lisa warren was here hoping to keep the rain away from her house because i just had a lot of demolition in my backyard and it's kind of sloping towards my house. so i'm putting these up back there. that's all just opened today. based on the preparation, so, uh for the national weather service. they expected 1 to 2 inches of rain for the storm event. the center rosa fire department is ready for the september storm with a close eye on burn scar areas from the glass fire in 2020, localized flooding some nuisance flooding or ponding, um, and then her eyes will again be on the burn starts to see how it
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reacts to the smell of rain. now the fire department says the rain will not be enough to get us out of fire season, but it will definitely ease fire. danger temporarily make no mistake, everybody we talked to today. happy to see the rain. we certainly love to see it this weekend live in santa rosa, cornell, bernard, abc seventies cornell. thank you. let's turn now to abc seven news meteorologist sending a patel with a look at the timeline of the storm, and exactly what we could be expecting. sandy larry, we're going to be seeing a good soaking come sunday morning. i do want to show you our storm impact scale. it is a one sunday , monday and tuesday. you're going to see the most widespread rain sunday morning, abc. exclusive storm impact scale ranks are storms from 1 to 51 is light five is severe. this is the one sunday through tuesday. elto tf aska. it'y in season,s
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really going to bring us some pretty good rain, especially come sunday morning, so sad. today night. it is starting to move in late into the far northern end of our viewing area, but we'll have to wait until early sunday. when you start to see the widespread rain five o'clock in the morning. going into eight a.m. we will see some pockets of moderate, even brief heavy rain. this continues as we go into one o'clock in the afternoon, and by the time we had into three p.m. it is still in the form of scattered showers. i'll be back to let you know exactly how much rain we will get. and how long this storm is sticking around larry sandia. we'll see you in a few minutes with the seven day forecast. thank you. you can track the rain where you are with live doppler seven anytime on the abc seven bay area streaming app. today's state attorney general rob bonta and five district attorneys announced an $8 million settlement with safeway for environmental violations at 71 gas stations across california. they are branded as safeway and
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vons fuel stations. california has strong regulations in place to prevent oil and gas from seeping into the ground and contaminating our drinking water. for a reason, because the reality is accidents happen today settlement helps that just that the state's investigation found safeway failed to install , implement and operate various spill prevention and safety measures dating back to march. 2015 today's settlement includes injunctive terms to improve operational safety and compliance with state laws. to avoid potential contamination to soil and groundwater. state leaders say transit agency employees are dealing with a lot of stress in their jobs and that is leading to mental health issues. a new state law will allow agencies to create wellness centers to help people cope, abc seven news reporter dustin dorsey explains how a san jose based center will be the standard by which other locations are created. in the darkness. there is light. you
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just need to know where to look for vita employees and their families. after the tragic mass shooting last year, the 5 to 6 wellness center has been that source of light people in desperate places and they have resources now that that weren't available before, and i know it's safe. they've saved lives. the wellness center operated by santa clara county is dedicated to providing resources for anyone impacted by the shooting from counseling to stress management training and more all in an effort to break down the stigma of mental health and help people cope now, thanks to a new bill just signed into law in california, the 5 to 6 center will be the subject of a year long study to learn what's working in order to create other centers. i think that it's going to be the creativity and ingenuity of people around the state about how to turn those things into broader solutions for preventing workplace violence and to dealing with the stress and anxieties on everybody's jobs bill authored by south bay state senator dave
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cortese gives state transit agencies the opportunity to create their own wellness centers to help prevent the next tragedy. part of that will come from peer referrals and red flag reporting two things, senator cortez, he says, could have helped with the vita shooting. he hopes wellness centers can be a statewide reality we need to create at the state level as a next step. is a grant program so that every transit agency and every county in the state you know whether it's stanislaw. or you know, merced or wherever it is, has the resources available to stand up these programs in san jose dustin dorsey, abc seven news new covid 19 booster shots are now available, and the white house says you should consider getting one before halloween. the new vaccine from pfizer and moderna target both the original strain in the highly contagious b, a four nba five crown variants. white house covid coordinator dr she's jaw says people should receive the new boosters before the holidays and colder winter months this afternoon on our program getting
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answers. abc seven news special correspondent dr alan patel had this advice for those considering getting the vaccine obviously have to be mindful of when your last shot or boost roy's or if you previously recovered from covid 19 and make sure that you are eligible as well. and i will just add that this timing of getting a shot before october the flu shot that's another one that you should ideally get before halloween. now, if you've recently had covid experts suggest you wait at least three months before getting the updated shot. governor newsom slamming republican governors who have sent asylum seekers out of their states. the governor's comments today he's calling for a criminal investigation. for 100 years, shriner's children's has committed itself to being pioneers in pediatric medicine join host kristen bell, celebrating a century of the most amazing care anywhere. don't miss miracles, magic and milestones. i was on my way to work and boom. i got rear ended
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throughout our entire shriner's children's network. thank you for your part and transforming kids lives and congratulations on 100 years of delivering the most amazing care anywhere. closed captioning is sponsored by mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy a mattress. house speaker nancy pelosi and members of the u. s congressional delegation headed to armenia, where fighting erupted this week with neighboring azerbaijan. pelosi's currently in berlin at a meeting with leaders from g seven countries, the speaker told reporters that she'll make the journey tomorrow along with representative jackie speier, who is armenian descent. pelosi declined to give further details about the trip or who they will meet their reports say as many as 200 people have been killed in the fighting in the two ex soviet countries that broke out on tuesday. now to the latest developments over immigration governor newsom and president biden slamming republican governors, accusing them of
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playing politics with human beings. this comes as authorities in massachusetts transferred a group of asylum seekers to a military base will be offered shelter there. florida governor rhonda santis flew them to martha's vineyard earlier this week at a reported cost of $615,000 to florida taxpayers. the governors of texas and arizona have taken similar actions claiming there sending a message to the biden administration about what they call is a broken immigration system. governor newsom talked more today about this subject calling on the department of justice to investigate texas and florida and what they're doing. abc seven news reporter suzanne von has the story. those migrants are used as ponds. to humiliate and dehumanize governor gavin newsom, today's outraged about the dozens of undocumented immigrants move from texas and florida to other states. on thursday, florida governor rhonda santis transported 50 migrants, including several children to
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martha's vineyard in massachusetts. no one knew they were coming. abc news now has learned from public records that governor de santis paid an aviation company $615,000 as part of the relocation program. in a statement. governor desantis says sanctuary states are better equipped to help with illegal migrants. governor newsom today sounding off what rhonda santos is doing is a disgrace. it's almost monstrous . and i say that not lightly. i say that quite thoughtfully. he's got kids. i have kids. you saw those young girls with backpacks? no older than his children, my children being used as political pawns. governor newsom has sent a letter to the department of justice, demanding a criminal investigation to see if kidnapping and racketeering laws were broken. governor de santis fired back saying this, the governor of california sent a letter to the department of justice, saying you need to prosecute texas and florida governors and all i can say is,
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i think his hair gel is interfering with his brain. function on thursday, texas governor greg abbott sent two busses of migrants device president kamala harris residence in washington, d. c abc seven news asked governor newsom of migrants could be coming to california border state. or majority minority, state or state where 27% of our populations foreign born, the governor went on to say that the golden state is equipped to help migrants enter the country legally as they await their court proceedings. they opened up a migrant facility with state money. not just in san diego, but imperial and in riverside county. they've invested hundreds of millions of dollars. to compassionately take care of people that are coming here seeking asylum in this state, testing them, vaccinating them inappropriately supporting. their transition. he says california will be ready and willing to help the right way. that's what we do. that's who we are, and that would be the approach we take if they decide
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to play that stunt here in the state of california in san francisco, suzanne fawn, abc seven news governor newsom travel to vallejo today to sign six of some 40 bills recently passed by the legislature. that he says will usher in a new era of world leading climate action . the governor says the bills will create four million new jobs. reduce oil use in the state by 91% and accelerate the transition to clean energy. according to news um the package complements of $54 billion investment in climate action already included. in this year's budget on the subject of climate more specifically, this weekend's weather. sandia is here and we would been waiting months for rain, and it looks like we're at least gonna get a couple of days of it. we are indeed larry and kristen. let's take a look at our storm impact scale abc seven's exclusive storm impact scale we rank these from 1 to 51 is a lightstorm. five is severe. the incoming one is a one as you look here, it's
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an early season storm that is going to drop down from the gulf of alaska park itself, just off our coast line for a few days, and that's why we are looking at wet weather that is going to stretch from really sunday through tuesday ahead of it, though we have seen a bump up in temperatures, nine degrees warmer in novato 12 degrees warmer in livermore compared to 24 hours ago. live view from our sutro tower camera. you can see blue skies right now. just beautiful. view of san francisco . it is 64 in the city, 70 in oakland in the upper seventies from palo alto to san jose, currently 63 degrees in half moon bay, the sea lions or basking in the sun from our pier 39 camera. you can see just a lovely day out there. santa rosa 80 degrees in the seventies from petaluma to napa, 85 fairfield, 82 conquered and just below that in livermore, little hazy from our east bay hills camera, so we are seeing a little bit of smoke from the fires burning around the sierra foothills, so increasing clouds and winds tomorrow stormov i early
4:21 pm
sundayis tuesday. so it's anne on next exclusive abc seven storm impacw ep. we in a while, so that's gog to drop all the oils and you will have to take it easy on the roads. winds will initially gust ahead of the storm, tamar aro 25 to 35 miles an hour coming off the ocean as we head into sunday , the wind switches direction out of the south. 38 to 44 miles an hour. so picking up sunday afternoon not only the gusty winds, but we're going to get the rain. so let's time it out for you saturday night it starts knocking on the door in the north bay, but it's really late at night. so if you have plans saturday is your better outdoor day sunday morning, you start to see the widespread rain at five a.m. eight a. m. it's still pretty widespread, with some pockets of moderate to brief heavy rain one o'clock in the afternoon. when the niners are playing, there will be some wet weather around, so this is not
4:22 pm
going to comply. wheatley move out of the picture. scattered showers will continue into monday and even lingering into tuesday. rainfall totals will look like this. 18 hundreds in san jose. these are the high resolution models that are coming in over an inch in santa rosa. but you get up towards cloverdale and clear lake and they're looking at higher rain totals. morning numbers will be in the upper forties to the upper fifties, a mix of fog and reakg i t lghesrmtixties coa se the coast. cceaer sevayca at gusty tomorrow lateghchance in . for sunday monday tuesday windy during this time period with a slight chance of thunderstorms. certainly below average just a few morning showers tuesday before we dry out, and we go to a warmer pattern by the way thursday, autumn arrives and the warmth comes with it. appropriately so kristen and larry will be right back after the break. star wars
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abc news live all day all night . abc news live on hulu. 12 years and going strong. hayward unified school district hosted its annual million father's march today, officials invited all fathers and father figures across the district to drive or walk their children to school once well, even had a red carpet for kids as they headed into the classroom. this year's theme is real dad read. so later on today, we'll have actual dad's community figures. going into classrooms and reading books to the students, dad because i mean, i want to be an example to the future generation and i think we need to be there for them. you know, maybe some of us didn't have a good example as a dadnd'm there to brsre t event with more than a million men participating across 600 cities. hayward is a host city for the march, taking place at all the district schools. it's going to be a madhouse in san
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francisco's mission bay neighborhood tonight and tomorrow. that's because thousands will be attending events at oracle park and chase center. the giants are hosting the dodgers at seven tonight and again at six tomorrow, while the house music super group swedish house mafia is in concert both nights at chase center doors open at seven. so you know, people are being urged to take public transit and plan ahead. a line continues to stretch for miles as people wait to pay their respects to queen elizabeth, among them soccer great david beckham. why he says it was important for him to honor the monarch, plus the women keeping his centuries old tradition alive celebrating mexico's oldest sport. on friday , september 23rd for the first time ever, the tank goes live. live season premiere event friday, september 23rd on abc and stream hulu 100 years,
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roads. well qualified buyers can get 1.9% financing or get $1200 cash allowance on all 2022 equinox models find new roads at your local chevy dealer. for ottawa. elect change your help you give them me because graduation sky for hard yet. now from abc, seven live breaking news more breaking news this afternoon to tell you about a major system wide bark delay taking place right now, obviously rush hour, one of the busiest times. bart says it's investigating a person on the tracks near the 19th street station in oakland. but all directions are being impacted by this, and that includes train's coming into san francisco and person just told you a couple of minutes ago, giants and dodgers tonight. oracle park is also the concert at chase center in a
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couple of hours, so a lot of people trying to get into the city and it may take a while because of this part delay, which we will keep you updated on it is 12 30 am in london now and the way to see queen elizabeth. lying in state is more than 19. hours earlier, king charles and his siblings held vigil for their mother, abc news reporter of faith bubi is in london with the latest. a poignant 15 minutes of silence inside westminster hall, king charles the third, leading his two brothers and sister in a vigil over their mother, queen elizabeth's coffin, the moment steeped in royal tradition, heavy with unspoken grief. prince edward in an emotional statement, acknowledging that the queen's passing has left quote, an unimaginable void in all our lives, but as united the royal family and the public and sorrow the queen's youngest son , thanking mourners for their support, writing quote. we have been overwhelmed by the tide of emotion that has engulfed us and
4:32 pm
the sheer number of people who have gone out of their way to express their own love, admiration and respect to such a very special and unique person who has always there for us outside the sheer magnitude of that support, clearly visible, tens of thousands still queuing up for their chance to pay their final respects to queen elizabeth as she lies in state. the weight at times estimated to be 24 hours. from the start of the queue to the entry into the hall in about four hours now in the queue, but it doesn't feel like that. it's been amazing ahead of the queen's funeral, the prince and princess of wales meeting with troops scheduled to be part of the procession, and as we get into the weekend, officials expect the line to grow even longer. they're trying their best to try to manage the wait time by telling new people not to join when it's too crowded. however, as we heard today, some people have been ignoring that official instruction in london you by abc news soccer great david beckham joined the miles long queue of people waiting to pay their respects to the queen reportedly waiting a total of 10 hours.
4:33 pm
scrum of camera crews greeted beckham as he emerged from westminster hall, beckham told reporters. he comes from a family of royalists. so it was important that he took time to honor the queen. i think her majesty was someone special and will be missed, not just by by by everyone in our country, but everyone around the world reminder you can stream more queen elizabeth stories on the abc seven bay area streaming tv app and that includes a 15 minute documentary looking back at the queen's one and only visit to the bay area that was back in 1983. the queen's funeral is on monday. abc news will have live coverage for you beginning at 2 30 am hispanic and latin american heritage month is now underway. ciara area is mexico's oldest sport. it's like a rodeo. today we're highlighting the women keeping a centuries old tradition alive here in the us. are you really
4:34 pm
here is just the stamping of the hopes and on the floor. amazing feeling being part of it is gonna lose a team. it definitely comes with a lot of passion and determination to moussa is a mexican cowgirl that works and a synchronized team with eight other girls on sidesaddle. doing dangerous crosses. uh best turns . i've been a member of last coronel of illinois for the past two years. there is a few different teams where you could you consider them as they're always very consistently strong , and i feel like that's considered that because we have a very strong leader. being captain. it's also it's a really competitive role. and it's a
4:35 pm
really difficult role, but the judges look in the routine is synchronization and how accurate you are. so if you're looking at 3 60 turn, what they're going to look for is if one girl is off. or if she's too old, then it can be very tragic. it could be there could be a cross where a girl can crash into another girl , and we ride side saddle and the left side so we don't have those two legs to control. our horses. riding sidesaddle is not easy, and after a while, it hurts your back and you got to look pretty and they're doing it too. it's not a cheap sport. the dresses run around from 300 to $500, the saddles. customized saddles are around 800 bucks, sombreros. are around $800 as well. courses are expensive,
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for the four at four, the bay area's preparing for rain that could bring flooding to some areas this weekend in san rafael sandbags were delivered to the ritter center. today some homeowners are buying generators in case they lose power, and the santa rosa fire department says it will be keeping a close eye on the burn scar areas from the glass fire during the storm in san diego. pretty serious one here. yeah i think the rainfall totals for the far northern end of our viewing area will be over an inch. so keep in mind basically, when this is one of our driest months hasn't rained in a while. all the oils will get drawn up, which means hazards on the roadways. there will be the potential for some pounding on the roadways, especially sunday morning when we're expecting the most widespread rain. and the downpours, so that's something to keep in mind. there's going to be a second wave that moves in late sunday night into monday morning's commute, and that could also cause problems, along with the fact that there is a slight possibility of thunderstorms. if that develops, you could see some heavy rainfall as well. so certainly
4:41 pm
something to keep in mind as we prepare for the upcoming storm. wasn't it like 100 and 10 degrees five minutes ago, going to completely different direction. last week, we were in that heat wave, and it's just like completely different, but i will tell you this much. this is beneficial rain, not only that it will help with our fire season. it will help with our drought. will it get rid of the drought? no it will not get rid of our fire season yet because you know we get offshore winds in september and october and that dries out the atmosphere even more so we're not done with the warm weather yet and fall begins next week, and we do have some warmth headed our way. all right. see how it plays out sunday with the 40, niners and seahawks. a lot of major league baseball players, observed roberto clemente day by wearing his number 21. the tampa bay rays found a way to go the extra mile in honoring the pittsburgh pirates legend for the first time in major league history. the rays fielded a lineup comprised entirely of latin american players yesterday. the team says this wasn't really their intent. but i thought it
4:42 pm
was cool once they realized that , i think roberto clemente, uh, should be treated just like jackie robinson, and we should have a day for him. not just randomly. some guys wearing the number and other guys not just like he was an icon who died tragically trying to help others . so you know you understand the pirates honoring but i think all of baseball should recognize roberto clemente for his greatness on and off the playing field. yeah absolutely. i mean, i agree. he he made a huge contribution. in life and also as a baseball player. absolutely i'm sure he brought so many latin american players into the sport right here in the u. s yeah, i mean, even though he died many years ago, it's an example that so many have followed and they can see this is the possibility for so many that otherwise they would not have, you know, even an idea that this could be their life. alright a popular east coast
4:43 pm
grocery chain is shutting down its new app after things really went sideways, wegmans rolled out a self checkout app that lets customers scan bag and pay for groceries while they shopped. they couldn't they could actually skip the checkout line altogether. but the problem is it led to rampant shoplifting. wagons won't say exactly how much money it lost, but it is no more. that's terrible, because that would have been such a great convenience. india yeah, absolutely. kristen you know, i think during the pandemic, many of us were going through the self checkout lines, and obviously that's continue, even though that were coming out of this pandemic, so it's too bad. yeah i find the self check lines . there's always something well , it never. i always find it doesn't quite work, right? there's always you need a little bit of help. something won't scan or you can figure out what button to push. and you know, it's a shame. a few bad apples spoil the barrel as they say, you know. in this case, there probably were some apples involved in true figuratively
4:44 pm
and literally out the door. unfortunately uh, move over google tiktok. maybe the new go to search engine, not for this group, according to the pew research center, the app is gaining ground with young people, especially jen's ears, a study found nearly 40% of people born between 1997 and 2012 prefer tiktok for online searches. yes whenever i look for i need to find somebody dancing. that's where i go. uh so apparently, you can get information quickly and not have to sort through multiple search results. kristen you have a teenager at home or researching tiktok to find facts about things. yes, indeed. so our generation we think of just the tiktok dancing, right? but yes, they go to it for everything like how to boil pasta. how to put together your dorm furniture had to like they really do so. it's interesting. yeah, we
4:45 pm
google they ticked off. i've never tiktok for that. you know , i and google i'm still using the encyclopedia hanukkah so. little outdated now, but so my son, uh, actually goes to tiktok for everything. and one day i said so. how do you search for this? and he goes. oh, mom, i mean, rolls his eyes, but as soon as we start going to tiktok , the kids will be sick of they won't any. wanna be any part of something we're doing? they'll find something else so uncool using it. i have to say my dad's in his early seventiesnd he go ay.weo you. wow kids say wow, grandpa's pretty cool. should we follow his channel? is he doing something really need? don't think he's doing anything. he just likes to look at this stuff , man. better order a new batch of encyclopedias updated. it's going even sell that still seriously. you post your first
4:46 pm
dance video on tiktok. those kids will be off that platform. i'll tell you not just kids. yeah although dan can moonwalk pretty well does maybe i'll post that one day. there you go. all right. that's it for yeah, really strange for four right friday. maui is such a amazing blend of people and opportunities and experiences full of luxury is full of fun. kaanapali is one of the most beautiful stretches of white sand beach in the state of hawaii, if not worldwide food scene on maui has really elevated great melting pot of all these different ethnic backgrounds, and these chefs are doing all these great things were living, thriving, evolving culture over here. and we want to share that with the rest of the world welcoming you back to appointment day at the martinez house, raul martinez, looking stressed about scheduling a
4:47 pm
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taxpayer funded subsidies. don't be fooled. prop 30 is being advertised as a climate initiative, but in reality it was devised by a single corporation to funnel state income taxes to benefit their company. put simply prop 30 is a trojan horse that puts corporate welfare above the fiscal welfare of our entire state. vote no on prop 30. let's make each season a little sweeter. let's make more of every new opportunity. let's take better care of our families, our community and our environment in california. we don't settle for merely the best. because with toyota's class leading fuel efficiency, reliability and safety features , there is no best only better. year after year. toyota. let's go places. a piece of san francisco history is at risk of fading away. boy scout troop
4:49 pm
three has operated in chinatown for more than 100 years, withstanding all of the ups and downs that have come with it, but they face new challenges. now abc seven news reporter tim john sat in on one of their meetings and has the story. tucked away on the border of san francisco's chinatown. you'll find a piece of the city's history, you know, is even there . this is 1964. and this was our troops. at that time for the past 108 years, boys scout troop three has withstood the test of time becoming what's believed to be the oldest troop west of the mississippi river and the second oldest in the nation as a whole. this is me. stephen chang has been a part of the troop for nearly 60 years. first as a scout and now as one of its scoutmasters. you see them when there are 11 years old and they and you see them when they graduate when they're 18 and just to see them remarkable change. today's troop is open to everyone. but back when it was founded in 1914. all of the members were ethnically chinese , out of necessity because of the chinese exclusion act. um
4:50 pm
history shows us that you know we weren't welcome here. over the years, the troop has gradually dwindled in size and is currently down to about 13 members. chang says he believes cost as well as the neighborhood being home to many hardworking immigrant families plays a role that and we're a lot different than a lot of other, um troops. they have a lot more recently, more resource a lot more parents and able to be involved in the program. but despite their reduction in size, the sense of camaraderie and the lessons the scouts learn remain timeless. lucien lynn has been a member of the troupe for the past several years. he says he's made some of his closest friends in troop three and enjoys passing his knowledge down to the next generation. i try my best to try and like being the leader to them, but also to like, be the front be as like a friend to them. following the pandemic, the troop is stepping up its recruitment efforts, hoping to remain a part of san francisco's
4:51 pm
culture for another 108 years. the things that we operate here is hands on learning experience, building their confidence. teaching having fun responsibility. i don't think any of that gets old san francisco tim johns, abc seven news legacy i hope that troop continues for another 102 100 years. learning about responsibility is key at all. ages actually. oh, yeah, who's responsible for this rain? sandia blame it on me. president credit not blame. that's right. it's much needed and as we take a look, kristen and larry storm concerns hazardous. travel will be high ponding on the roadways . moderate low risk for down trees, power lines, mudslides, so we look at this light level one storm. it's exclusive to abc seven saturday night, the rains knocking at the door in the north bay. it spreads sunday morning. there will be brief downpours. the showers will continue throughout the day going into monday and even lingering chance into tuesday.
4:52 pm
live view from zephyr cove. look at the air quality is just awful up there right now you're looking at eric wallet e. that's in the very unhealthy. to unhealthy category here locally . it's good to moderate and it will remain good going into the weekend on live doppler seven. it is actually clear right now, that will look different come this weekend highs tomorrow sixties. the eighties and the accuweather seven day forecast level one storm sunday through tuesday, wendy with a slight chance of thunderstorms, larry and kristen thank you. sandy jon hamm, reinventing an eighties movie character made famous by film confessedl authe n movies. harrowing tale of a routine day that turned a family's world upside down. i just saw my baby laying on the bed on life support, but thanks to his heroic effortsethrir's childr's beenre full of promiser
4:53 pm
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ice. when your favorite disney friends visit your hometown. pursue bold dreams and find courage along the way. share the love. singing magical memories in every moment at disney on ice presents into the magic playing oakland arena october 13 through 16 and asap center, october 19th 23rd get your tickets today. precision garage or we have properly helped thousands of our neighbors during the shelter in place orders. precision garage door answered the call got here quickly and fix my door the same day precision doors, service and name you can trust. jon hamm is taking over character made famous by chevy chase in the eighties. ham is investigative journalists. irwin fletch fletcher in the new movie, confessed fledge entertainment reporter george pinocchio talked with him and the film's director
4:56 pm
, a bit of a shady character, mr fletcher, but i am adorable fest. fletch jon hamm gives us his take on the role of irwin m. fletcher better known as fletch . he's a freelance journalist who suddenly becomes a suspect in a series of murders at the same time he's trying to solve a case of a stolen art collection . it's serious subject matter, and it's a comedy. picasso was appraised at $20 million. well i'm hardly seems worth stealing. we're not trying to make an imitation of the of the original film. we really wanted to expand it and get back closer to what the original story was from the books and kind of tell a new story for a new generation of the collection of impressionist . you have reproductions. that's how we introduce my children. we made it a little more comedy of manners, a little, very dialogue driven little old fashioned. i absolutely john had the ability to play this film, and i think surprise audiences and in the most delightful way, so it was a joy, a joy for john to work with
4:57 pm
one of his old castmates from mad men. i also like seeing john slattery and i have a feeling that jon hamm had something to do with that, john. he did. no. i was very pleased when john said yes to being in this film with us because i knew it would be a real fun thing for the audience to see if you did kill that girl. do the right thing. and give me an exclusive. could you tell? those were great nuggets some of the lines that you've got to read? oh yeah, for sure. we knew we had a very good script. we were very excited to make it and we knew as soon as we got it on its feet, and we got real people saying these lines that that it was only gonna get better. people hate more. cops are reporters. cops angeles george pinocchio, abc seven news reporters confessed fleshes out in theaters now and available on digital platforms, abc seven news is streaming 24 7 get the abc seven bay area streaming tv app and join us whenever you want, wherever you are. that's going to do it for
4:58 pm
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supporting shriner's children's and serving more than a million and a half kids over the last 100 years. happy anniversary. shriner's children's. e b c seven live breaking news breaking news is out of oakland , where firefighters now have control of the fast moving fire that broke out along 5 80 near 35th avenue around two o'clock this afternoon. this is in the laurel district. at least four homes were damaged, and one firefighter was injured. let's take a live look at the scene from sky seven. look at that charred mess and the firefighters there because cruz needed to access the fire from the freeway traffic on 5 80 is impacted in both directions. good evening. i mama dates ashley. thank you for joining us for the very latest on this fire . let's go to abc seven news reporter on hassan live on the scene answer.


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