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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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way. video from sky seven shows to crash cars at the scene as you're seeing here, including the one that slammed into a home that's happened before 3 30 this afternoon. officials have not said whether the injured children and adults were in the house, the yard or one of the cars. police are asking people to avoid the area. good evening . i mama dates ashley. thank you for joining us. just hours ago, a fire chart homes on a hillside , stopped traffic and put a firefighter in the hospital. the fire sparked around two pm just off 5 80 by 35th avenue. it went to four alarms and backed up traffic for miles in both directions. let's go live now to abc seven news reporter answer hassan on the scene for us. good evening. the good news is fired now seems to be under control. firefighters are still out here monitoring the situation you can see 35th avenue has been reopened. i spoke to the fire chief, a short while ago. he says five homes were impacted by
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the fire, all of them here on quickly. street. four had exterior damage. those residents will likely be able to go home tonight, but one unit was completely destroyed now earlier , the big concern the fire got dangerously close to the chevron gas station nearby. let's show you video from earlier today. the fire broke out around two pm on oakland's rural district. firefighters seem to gain control the fire around three pm the fire chief says the light winds were a factor causing the fire to spread. it caused several spot fires along 5 80. the cause of the fire, however, is still unknown. cause of the fire is still undetermined. at this point, we do have our fire investigator here on scene. who will be conducted a thorough investigation. but at this moment we do not know how to fire started. other than it was a vegetation fire along the interstate. earlier this afternoon, three lanes of westbound traffic on 5 80 were closed as fire crews worked to stop the spread. those lines are
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all now reopen. the fire chief says about 15 residents were displaced. we spoke to some of the people who live here on quickly street. here's how they described what happened. that was really bad. you're scared of house being fair enough, you know, the in law unit. it's our backhaus kind of a man cave. it literally burned down. it's i mean, the back of it is burned completely. the walls gone, and i saw them spraying water through the whole thing. pg and e says quickly. street will likely be without power until about four o'clock this morning again. no reports of any injuries except to one firefighter who was taken to the hospital with fire related injuries, but he's expected to be okay reporting live. hassan abc. seven news. good to hear that firefighters. okay. thank you. alameda county fire crews made quick work of a grass fire that broke out around one o'clock this afternoon along interstate 6 80, not far from the castle would golf course. near pleasanton, crews were able to contain the fire to about an
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acre. there is no damage to any buildings. the cause is unknown. now under storm watch, because it is going to rain this weekend. a live look outside from our emeryville camera shows clear skies for now. the upcoming storm ranks one on the abc seven exclusive storm impact scale, but before we see how people are preparing for the wet weather, let's touch base with abc seven news meteorologist sandy patel. sandy mama, this is a welcome storm for the bay area. let me show you the storm impact scale. it's exclusive as i just mentioned to the abc seven news as you will notice. it's a one for sunday, monday and tuesday, although the rain chances begin to increase tomorrow night in the north bay sunday through tuesday, expect brief heavy downpours a slight possibility of thunderstorms, gusty winds and slippery roadways. as you check out this storm, it's coming out of the gulf of alaska. it's early in the season. it's not going to be in a hurry to move, so it's going to park itself off the california coast and just spin there so that initial ban comes in saturday night to the north
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bay five a.m. sunday is when all areas will start to see widespread rain. there will be brief heavy downpours coming in at eight o'clock as well and then scattered showers into the early afternoon and even into the evening. so here's what you can expect with the weekend storm. hazardous travel downpours, strong winds, ponding and flooding minor flooding on the roadways. definitely remember wipers on lights on, i'll be back with a look at how much rain we're going to get. and how much longer that storm will stick around. coming up. amma alright, sandia. thank you . there is a concern in the north bay about flooding, abc seven news reporter cornell bernard continues our team coverage live in santa rosa cornell. hi i'm a here we are middle of september and believe it or not, this sandbag station here in santa rosa has just opened for business ahead of the weekend storm. lots of folks we talked to today are getting rain ready, including the fire department in the middle of fire season. sandbags are being
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delivered to the ritter center in san rafael, which provides meals and medical care to hundreds of families in need. rain is on the way we're concerned at the back of the pantry might be flooded, manager jorge garcia says ahead of the weekend storm. a new sump pump has been installed. even this huge generator is standing by in case the power fails. it seems like you guys are doing everything you can ahead of the storm here. correct yes, we are. we're trying to be prepared. more prepared than last time. he was very epic, and it was very damaging to us in our services. during last october's heavy rains, the center had two ft of floodwater inside its food pantry, forcing them to close for several weeks. umbrella nice. ambarella pulled out and then i raincoat jacket. clients like patrick terrasson are getting free rain gear to help them. stay dry. that going to help? oh yeah, i have some pants. i have some like rain pants. but that will be good that will complete the ensemble
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in santa rosa. this sandbag station is now open and ready. lisa warren was here hoping to keep the rain away from her house because i just had a lot of demolition in my backyard and it's kind of sloping towards my house. so i'm putting these up back there. that's all just opened today. based on the preparation, so, uh for the national weather service. they expected 1 to 2 inches of rain for the storm event. the center rosa fire department is ready for the september storm with a close eye on burn scar areas from the glass fire in 2020, localized flooding some nuisance flooding or ponding, um and then our eyes will again be on the burn starts to see how it reacts this amount of rain. fire officials say the rain will not be enough to get them out of fire season, but it will definitely ease fire danger temporarily and in the middle of the drought. brain is certainly a welcome sight. we'd love to
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see it live in santa rosa tonight. i'm cornell bernard, abc. seven news. sure would cornell alright? now when i team update the state attorney general's office has declined to get involved in that amazing batmobile saga. we first told you about some mateo county sheriff carlos bolanos, sending a team of investigators to raid the batmobile garage in indiana after a complaint from a wealthy realtor and donor i team reporter dan noise is back with the latest on this, dan well, dan, this does not come as a surprise to many people involved, but it is a setback for that batmobile garage owner. the central question in this controversy. was it proper for san mateo county sheriff carlos bolanos to send for investigators to raid this batmobile garage in indiana? bolanos admits he did that after a wealthy realtor who donated to his campaign called the sheriff upset that the $210,000 batmobile he ordered had been delayed. you know, it looks to me and i think to most citizens
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like this is really kind of a civil matter, mateo county board president don horsley told me. last month, the county yes, the state attorney general to review the sheriff's handling of the case how this rose to a criminal matter. i think the public has justifiably wants to know. and i think we have a responsibility to get that answer for the public. now we have an answer. the attorney general will not investigate telling the county although your letter identifies notable concerns. it does not allege that the same mateo county sheriff's office committed a crime, adding, while the california department of justice has the authority to oversee the california sheriff's and district attorneys. the department only takes that extraordinary step when there was a compelling need. yes, batmobile garage owner mark recap for his reaction. i'm very disappointed down. i really had high hopes that this would be a turning point up has concerns he can get a fair shake in cemetery county, given the close personal relationships of officials involved. state attorney general
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rob bonta endorse carlos bolanos and his losing campaign for sheriff this year. banta special assistant attorney general who reviewed the batmobile matter, mike reading used to work for san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaffe. wagstaff frequently appeared to campaign events with sheriff bolanos. they both donated to each other's campaigns. is it unfair to raise that question? no it's the question that we need to ask. daniel barton is marked breakup defense attorney and i don't think there is a reliable answer about whether those things that could create improper relationships. motives for corruption actually did in this case after i broke the story in july, district attorney steve wagstaffe ordered a second look at the decision. to charge mark recap with obtaining money by false pretenses and diversion of construction funds. and i said, hey, what about this? this and this? i want some more detail before we make a final decision on whether this case will go forward or not that interview from last month, wagstaff was out of the office
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friday, but his deputy heading this second look, sean gallagher sent an email. our decision will be based solely on the facts of this case and the applicable law . i think it's san mateo county district attorney steve wagstaffe. is capable of being the adult in the room and i don't think he wants to tolerate corruption in his county in using public resources to give local favorites to your friends is corruption, the county has hired a retired judge to review the matter, but they have also hired an attorney for sheriff bolanos, who is arguing the county has no right to review what the sheriff does. the tab for taxpayers on this just keeps climbing down and hit your does. the story keeps evolving and you keep us updated. thank you, dan. tackling climate change and creating jobs and saving taxpayer money. california's new climate related measures can make a big difference, plus she still has all the bullet
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hispanic latin american heritage month. an investigation is underway into what caused a small balcony on a daily city home on westmore avenue to collapse this afternoon. police say two adults and two children were on the balcony when it just broke away. all were taken to the hospital. no word yet on how badly they were hurt, but we of course, hope they're doing okay. sadly an eight year old boy was killed and his babysitter seriously injured after a driver hit them in a crosswalk in san jose. this morning, the boy was a third grader at castleman elementary. san jose. police say this black 2022 mercedes was on castle, mont avenue, just blocks from the school when it hit the pair around eight a.m. the speed limit. there is 25 miles an hour. police say the driver was going 25 to maybe 30 miles an hour. this is san jose's 26th pedestrian fatality of the year. now to a story only on seven and oakland woman is speaking out after her mother was shot while
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inside her own home, she says, despite her mother being the victim of robbery, burglary and even assault in the past, this is the last straw, forcing her mother to think about leaving the city she loves. she shared this story only with abc seven news anchor dion lim. i don't want her to be another statistic . roxana who requested we not use her last name, calls her mom superwoman for so many reasons. an immigrant fleeing the war in vietnam for a better life. she had no idea what living in oakland would be like she's been robbed many times she's been punished. they grabbed a necklace from her. on the street . she's gone through all of that . but this is the scariest moment in her life because she almost died august 17th just days before her 61st birthday, roxanne's mom was sleeping alongside her husband in their little saigon home. when gunshots rang out. you can still see to this day a neighboring house riddled with bullet holes. instinct that you have to go or
6:16 pm
else your life is going to be in danger. that she knew. that's why she was like we gotta go now . we gotta go now. she was so scared. these photos are difficult to process the illustrate the three rounds that went into her back and torso. she still has all the bullet fragments inside her. it's embedded deep inside. we can't do anything about it. she's in constant pain, but we just want her to get better. what happened to roxanne's bomb came shortly after uber driver patrick fung was murdered not far from the neighborhood dentist lilly sue was also gunned down blocks away in little saigon. too close for comfort and the reason roxana does not want her mom's story to be forgotten like they don't know. that this is our lives we're talking about, i would say is more than hell. it's a living nightmare, overwhelmed by medical bills and her own back pain that was exacerbated from the stress of caring for her family. roxana has set up a go
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fund me she isn't sure what the answer is, but feel stuck and makes this plea for change. all grew up there. we all lived there and my mom doesn't want to leave. this is all she knows. she loves oakland. she still loves it. worse she still does, you know, despite being robbed so many times, despite her almost losing her life. she still wants to be here. she still wants to be a part of oakland. we just want her to get better. in oakland. dion lim, abc seven news alright, let's get to our weather now because it is changing big time fall is almost here. sandia and rain is on the way. that's right. it's going to feel more like winter on sunday, this coming weekend. so dan and mama let me show you our abc seven. exclusive storm impact scale. for seven years we have ranked the storms from one light to five severe and this one is the one that's coming out of the gulf of alaska. it's an
6:18 pm
early season storm, and as it arrives, the rainfall intensity will pick up so sunday morning is when we are expecting some pockets of moderate rain could be briefly heavy. it tapers as we head into monday, but don't be surprised if you run into one of these downpours. if you have early plans blue skies right now, from our kgo roof camera, nice breeze blowing. it is 63 in the city. today's high temperatures were in the mid sixties to mid eighties, so it was a warmer day 66 in oakland. 72 palo alto 71 in san jose in 61 in half moon bay. santa cruz camera is showing you a lovely view right now is you take a look at the temperatures. everyone in the seventies from santa rosa to livermore except fairfield, at 80 degrees and one other live view from our east bay hills camera. it's a little bit hazy out there, increasing clouds and winds tomorrow. storm moves in early sunday morning, it is going to remain unsettled through next week. it's a one on our exclusive storm impact scale . sunday through tuesday. brief heavy downpours slight chance of thunder have slippery roadways
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out there and with those gusty winds don't be surprised if you see some tree limbs falling, so definitely be alert and be on the lookout. for things that could be flying because of the winds. initially they're coming out of the west ahead of the storm tomorrow afternoon, up to 35 mile an hour winds and then as you will notice sunday afternoon more of a southerly wind over 40 mile an hour winds along the coastline will certainly be problematic for some areas, especially if you drive higher profile vehicle going into higher territorial hills. i should say as you take a look at the hour by hour forecast 11 30 tomorrow night. some showers develop in the north. but for most of you, it comes in. hopefully while you're sleeping five oclock, you will notice some rain. pretty widespread. moving in. there will be some moderate pockets of rain could be isolated, heavy around the hilltops around eight a.m. sunday morning and then we switch over to scattered showers. so one o'clock when the niners are playing the seahawks , there will be somewhat weather around and it will be windy. so
6:20 pm
take your rain gear. scattered showers continuing into monday and even going on into tuesday morning. now rainfall total is taking you through monday morning. this is the high resolution model. you will notice. highest totals are up in the northern part of our viewing area over an inch at clear lake santa rosa cloverdale could pick up much more than that. down in the south bay. you get the rain shadow effect 1800 since cn jose, but most of you will fall between the two tents to three quarters of an inch of rain in terms of your temperatures. first thing tomorrow morning in the forties fifties, you'll have fog and clouds around. tomorrow's your dry day to get out pretty much for the entire day. low sixties to low eighties windy at the coast, but by tomorrow night, a few showers developing the north bay. and level one storm comes in on sunday. it is going to be windy, staying a one through tuesday. thunder chance below average temperatures and early morning showers will then be followed by a change in the seasons and warm weather headed our way seventies to nineties by friday, dan
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sandia. thank you. tonight. a look at a workplace wellness center in san jose that could serve as a model for other communities. it's proof of triumph over tragedy. stay with us. live life. outdoors adventure van from the van. pr, massive selection of top brands and models in person. or or online. your outdoor adventure begins, man. i want a permanent solution to homelessness. you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out of state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to outer state corporations permanently only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently and with loopholes the homeless get even less permanently. 27 they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. what's it like having xfinity internet
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your dream today wreck band has the perfect adventure ban on hand for you like this new road trek chase discounted over $45,000 your dream camper van is waiting for you at rec band. captioning is sponsored by mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy a mattress. state leaders say transit agency employees deal with a great amount of stress in their jobs leading to mental health issues. a new state law will allow agencies to create wellness centers to help people cope, abc seven news reporter dustin dorsey explains how a san jose based center will be the standard by which other locations are created in the darkness. there is light, you just need to know where to look for vita employees and their families. after the tragic mass shooting last year, the 5 to 6 wellness center has been that source of light. people in desperate places and they have resources now that that weren't available before, and i know
6:25 pm
it's safe. they've saved lives. the wellness center operated by santa clara county is dedicated to providing resources for anyone impacted by the shooting from counseling to stress management training and more all in an effort to break down the stigma of mental health and help people cope now, thanks to a new bill just signed into law in california, the 5 to 6 center will be the subject of a year long study to learn what's working in order to create other centers. i think that it's going to be the creativity and ingenuity of people around the state about how to turn those things into broader solutions for preventing workplace violence and to dealing with the stress and anxieties and everybody's jobs bill authored by south bay state senator dave cortese, give state transit agencies the opportunity to create their own wellness centers to help prevent the next tragedy. part of that will come from peer referrals and red flag reporting two things, senator cortez, he says, could have helped with the vita shooting. he hopes wellness centers can be a statewide reality we need to create at the state level as the
6:26 pm
next step. is a grant program so that every transit agency in every county in the state, you know whether it's stanislaw mhm or, you know, merced or wherever it is, has the resources available to stand up these programs in san jose dustin dorsey, abc seven news and if you or someone you know, could use an ally. when it comes to mental health. you'll find local resources by going to abc seven news .com slash take action and for urgent matters, you can call the national suicide and crisis lifeline by simply dialing 988. coming up next politics and people. governor newsom speaks out about the tactic of some republican governors to send migrants from the southern border to cities led by democrats. will california be next as a destination? stay wh?d when she comes to gma about the new season of the kardashians. my gosh, any winter quinton runs in live good morning america and reba mcentire live all in
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with their prop 27, saying their measure to legalize online sports gambling will solve homelessness but turning every cell phone into a gambling device would only result in more addiction, more financial ruin and more homelessness. please join homeless advocacy groups across california no on 27. clean, shiny truck pulls up in front of your house. everyone starts clapping because everyone is happy. and that's what they all start dancing. we make junk disappear. all you have to do is point. disney's pinocchio now streaming on disney, plus building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc seven news. governor newsom is calling on the department of justice to launch a criminal investigation into texas governor greg abbott and florida governor ron desantis, saying that they are using undocumented migrants as political pawns. this week,
6:30 pm
dozens of migrants were flown to massachusetts and washington, d . c abc seven news reporter, suzanne fawn has more on the controversy. those migrants are used as ponds. to humiliate and dehumanize governor gavin newsom , today's outraged about the dozens of undocumented immigrants moved from texas and florida to other states. on thursday, florida governor rhonda santis transported 50 migrants, including several children to martha's vineyard in massachusetts. no one knew they were coming. abc news now has learned from public records that governor de santis paid an aviation company $615,000 as part of the relocation program. in a statement. governor desantis says sanctuary states are better equipped to help with illegal migrants. governor newsom today sounding off what rhonda santos is doing is a disgrace. it's almost monstrous . and i say that not lightly. i say that quite thoughtfully. he's got kids. i have kids. you saw those young girls with
6:31 pm
backpacks? no older than his children, my children being used as political pawns. governor newsom has sent a letter to the department of justice, demanding a criminal investigation to see if kidnapping and racketeering laws were broken. governor de santis fired back saying this, the governor of california sent a letter to the department of justice, saying you need to prosecute texas and florida governors and all i can say is, i think his hair gel is interfering with his brain. function on thursday, texas governor greg abbott sent two busses of migrants device president kamala harris residence in washington, d. c abc seven news asked governor newsom of migrants could be coming to california border state. or majority minority, state or state where 27% of our populations foreign born, the governor went on to say that the golden state is equipped to help migrants enter the country legally as they await their court proceedings. they opened up a migrant facility with state money. not just in san diego,
6:32 pm
but imperial and in riverside county. they've invested hundreds of millions of dollars. to compassionately take care of people that are coming here seeking asylum in this state, testing them, vaccinating them inappropriately supporting. their transition. he says california will be ready and willing to help the right way. that's what we do. that's who we are, and that would be the approach we take if they decide to play that stunt here in the state of california in san francisco, suzanne fawn abc seven news also today, the governor was in vallejo to sign some of the nation's most aggressive climate measures. an investment of $54 billion will go towards commitments to cut air pollution by 60% reduced the state oil consumption by 91% reduce fossil fuel use and buildings and transportation by 92% and cut refinery pollution by 94% allows us to leapfrog and low carbon green growth allows
6:33 pm
us to dominate in the next big industry. that's why this climate commitment and package of 40 plus bills six that i was signed today. are backed up with four million jobs. they're backed up with billions and billions of dollars of taxpayer savings. we estimate $23 billion among those bills is senate bill 10 20, which focuses on creating a clean electricity grid and a b 12 79, which sets a goal for california to achieve statewide carbon neutrality. no later than 2045. san francisco superior court judge ruled in favor of the city to stop an immigration consulting business from providing fraudulent services, abc seven news reporter luis pena spoke to the city attorney who said leo lacayo has been falsely representing himself as an attorney to scam the immigrants in the community. for years. san francisco public notary lulac has been the focus
6:34 pm
of investigations by the city attorney's office. in recent years, leela ko has been the biggest and worst offender that we're aware of who has defrauded hundreds of immigrant families of money. this week, a judge granted the city's motion to stop like a yo from providing what they categorized as quote fraudulent immigration services , citing a violation to an order received in 2017. prohibiting him from acting as an attorney extends our previous injunction by another five years, but he's not allowed to even make referrals or provide any advice. roberto molina said he was a victim of 2016 when he paid him thousands of dollars, hoping to get legal aid in the u. s. 6000. so and then. he charming another 500 attorney, pilar's lava with community based legal organization la raza centro legal has been picking up the pieces of cases like roberto's. he was lying to clients. he was
6:35 pm
presenting himself as an attorney explains that in latin america, notary is an attorney with a specialty. clients says he hides behind that distinction in the u. s that it could be anybody you don't have to finish . you don't have to have a bachelor degree to be a notary in the united states, but. these people don't know that, according to court documents, like those fraudulent behavior is vast. his office has submitted over 400 applications to u. s immigration authorities . many of these families losing thousands of dollars. we went to his office and we're told he was out on the phone, he said. these allegations were quote garbage sarcastically laughed about not showing up to court. this immigration attorney hopes the city goes beyond a second motion he really disregarded. the court said, like i could face larger consequences if he's caught
6:36 pm
providing legal immigration services. after the latest motion, there are potential criminal consequences in san francisco loose pena, abc seven news. coming up royalty and celebrity of soccer star david beckham wanted to pay his respects to the queen. he waited in the same q as everyone else back in a moment. something liko be just another one of six ft deep line. here movement that inspires. the choice between prop 26 27. let's get real. 26 means no money to fix
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capability you need to do the job so you can get to the important work. find new moments find new roads, silverado with the 2.7 liter turbo engine travels over 400 miles on a full tank of gas. plus now during truck season get $1000 accessory allowance toward a new chevy truck with accessories find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the line to view queen elizabeth lying in state is nearly at capacity and the estimated wait time was just updated to at least 25 hours today, king charles, the third led his two brothers and sister in a vigil as tens of thousands of people paid their final respects. at westminster hall. soccer star david beckham was among the mourners standing in line. he waited a little over 12 hours before reaching the entry point. how long we were there. we were there for a reason. and you know, everyone was together and it was a special few hours, you know? if i see. the queen's
6:40 pm
funeral will be held on monday, but in honor of hispanic and latin american heritage month with it, which is now underway, we shined a spotlight tonight on a centuries old tradition from mexico, one that mexicans in america are keeping alive today. all you really here is just the stamping of the hubs and on the floor. amazing feeling being part of that team. it definitely comes with a lot of passion and determination to moussa is a mexican cowgirl that works and a synchronized team with eight other girls on site. it'll doing dangerous crosses. uh, best turs . i've been a member of last
6:41 pm
illinois for the past two years . there is a few different teams where you could you consider them as they're always very consistently strong, and i feel like that's considered that because we have a very strong leader. being kept in. it's also it's a really competitive role. and it's a really difficult role with the judges look in the routine is synchronization and how accurate you are. so if you're doing a 3 60 turn, what they're going to look for is if one girl is off. or if she's too old, then it can be very tragic . it could be there could be a cross where a girl can crash into another girl and we right side saddle and the left side so we don't have those two legs to control. our horses. riding sidesaddle is not easy, and after a while it hurts your back and you got to look pretty and
6:42 pm
they're doing it too. it's not a cheap sports. the dresses run around from 300 to $500 the saddles. customized saddles are around 800 bucks, sombreros. are around $800 as well. courses are expensive, too, and all the maintenance sells everything behind it. we do our best to get our sponsors our parents. our number one supporters. a lot of us just see us as a girl's on horses. but there's a whole team behind us and my mom and my dad, you know, they come from mexico. there were immigrants, so they come in come to the american dream. so for us to be able to perform and to uphold. that mexican little tradition that we can have still here. it's very nostalgic. continuing it on and
6:43 pm
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rain. it's good to hear that it's coming early. >>'s talk about the storm concerns, a high likelihood of hazard live -- hazardous travel particularly on sunday morning. debris flow and mudslides. the timing of it all, it is a one, the north bay begins to see the showers develop monday morning and then turns on too often on showers for sunday morning early and the afternoon and going into the evening on monday. it's not going to be ongoing rain all day long sunday or monday. it will just continue. a beautiful view from our san rafael camera and beautiful air quality as we head to the weekend. as we check out live doppler 7, nothing yet, afternoon highs tomorrow. low 70's, low 80's.
6:48 pm
it is going to be a one for sunday, monday, tuesday. cooler than average conditions. and then we dry out midweek, autumn arrives on thursday and we have warmth coming your way. >> autumn is here, i can't believe it. >> fall brings football, just like that. >> it's friday, rain's coming. >> speaking of football, the latest on george kittle who appears
6:49 pm
kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day.
6:50 pm
this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
6:51 pm
person would never say there is a must win situation, but sports fans are not rational.
6:52 pm
pressure is about to build exponentially. kindle -- kittle had -- did practice today, we have no idea whether trey lance will be a good quarterback or not long-term. how long will that take given that this is a roster built to win right now. defeating seattle sunday would take some of the pressure off. >> we don't hear the outside noise so anytime you lose there's a lot of outside noise, anytime you win there's a lot of outside noise telling you how good you are. you can't react to the noise, it's hard to do. players, coaches everybody feels that, but nothing changes so try not to make it something it isn't. >> it sounds like a sense of urgency there. to monday night games coming up.
6:53 pm
titans bills at 4:15. and then -- abc 7 after the game. the fear was the possibility of broken wit -- broken ribs. but turns out it is fractured rib cartilage, which isn't good but better than bone. his performance could come down to pain tolerance. suckow is the only college football team in action. notre dame is favored by 11 at home. if the bears can give jack plummer some time to throw. there are talented receivers at the back that could create problems for notre dame. running at south end would be a big win for the program. >> it would help us. championship is always our goal.
6:54 pm
i think it will help us boost her confidence and show that we can play with anyone. >> the sharks have come to an agreement that settles cain's agreement -- grievances that has been -- kane was owed $19 million, but because he send -- because he signed with san jose for 17 million, there is speculation that they may only need to come up with the difference. 41 for bertie on 11, helping to change his positionerunder 67. 1200 thai, with will it with the lead heading for the weekend --
6:55 pm
12 hundred thai -- tie. you have to wonder if you will always be looking over your shoulder at a guy who went to one super bowl and two nfc east champion games. >> it's a bit messy. it's good to have two first string quarterbacks but it's also a challenge. >> yes it's always good to be the subject of scrutiny, it's hard in week two to be facing must win scenarios. >> not white time yet to hit the panic button. >> thank you, very much. >> coming up it abc 7:00 at eight money, it is shark tank, and then do not miss abc7news at 11:00. for member abc7news is streaming 24/7 and join us anytime you want wherever you are. >> finally, this friday a few
6:56 pm
thoughts about what really matters. political gimmicks and stunts are one thing but the cynical use of human beings to make a political point is something else entirely. you've heard what the governors in texas and florida did transporting hundreds of people to washington dc. republican governors spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to relocate people who were told that they were expected in their new communities and jobs in support was waiting. the governors claimed it was the humane thing to do that these sanctuary communities are best suited to help them is disingenuous. rhetoric posturing and grandstanding are all part of the game in politics on both sides. robust debate in immigration policy is healthy, there are issues to solve. but people are not pawns be moved around on the chessboard.
6:57 pm
what really matters is decency not demagoguery. i always love to hear from you, let me know what you think, follow me on twitter and facebook. >> that's going to do it for this edition of the abc7news. thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate your time, i hope you have a great time -- i hope you have a great evening and thank you for joining us for abc news seven.
6:58 pm
i believe prop 27 is the right thing to do. i had experienced being in shelters at a young age. having nothing. prostituting. we don't choose this life. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors are trying to break the cycle. prop 27 will help provide more funding for places like this and help people get off the streets. it feels good to have a place to call home. support prop 27.
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it feels good to have a place to call home. ♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" [cheers and applause] ♪♪♪ introducing today's contestants-- a freelance writer from baltimore, maryland... a homemaker from fort smith, arkansas... and our returning champion-- an attorney from arlington, virginia... whose 5-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to the alex trebek stage. as we prepare to wrap up our first week of season 39,
7:00 pm
our 5-day returning champion, luigi de guzman, is hoping to finish the week the same way he ended last season-- as a "jeopardy!" champion. we already know, of course, that we'll be seeing him in 2023's tournament of champions, but will he be back on monday? my friends, we will only answer that question in 29 minutes. melissa, emmett, welcome to the show. let's find out what categories you'll be dealing with in the first round-- the jeopardy! round. we begin with some... then wo... then... and finally, will you... -luigi, where do we start? -freds up for $200, please. -luigi. -who is mr. rogers? -fred rogers, right. -freds up for $400. emmett.


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