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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 17, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. stephanie: a growing memorial this morning in the south bay for an eight-year-old boy he was struck by a car and killed on his way to school. it is saturday, september 17. i am stephanie sierra and we will have more on that story in just a minute, but first let's get to the weather. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking wet weather patterns. lisa: we get to bring in our exclusive storm impact scale for tomorrow. live doppler 7 picking up on the system in the pacific northwest that will sweep through the bay area sunday. we have fog and cooler temperatures, 53 in santa clara,
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55 on the peninsula, and upper 40's from novato to santa rosa. we will be looking at temperatures not only cooler to start but cooler than average. four to seven degrees cooler this morning and the wind is gusty from 20 to 26 miles an hour from san francisco to the inland valleys. we will call it partly cloudy with the second half of the day cloudier and the wind increasing . 60's and 70's by noon, upper 70's for the warmest inland valleys. a shot at 80 degrees and cool and breezy on the peninsula. we will be looking at several days of rain. stephanie: in the south bay, family members have identified a third grade student as the crash victim. jacob dillon wava was -- jacob villanueva was in a crosswalk
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when he was struck by a car. >> a growing memorial marks the spot where jacob and his babysitter were walking toward castellon elementary school saturday -- friday morning. they were a block from campus when they were hit in the crosswalk. both were taken to the hospital. jacob did not's desk did not survive. >> that could have happened to my daughter. >> she did not know the boy but she knew the crosswalk. >> cars are never careful. >> an innocent kid remembered as families gathered for a vigil. in spanish, she says he was very friendly, and the other kids loved him. police say at about 8:03 a.m. a woman driving a black mercedes went to take a left on driftwood drive when she hit the pair. the driver stayed on scene and
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is cooperating, though it is unclear what led up to the crash. stephanie: police are investigating a two-car accident in antioch yesterday that sent a car careening into kids and then a home. it happened on sycamore drive and manzanita way around 3:00 p.m. the mercury was attempting to make a left turn when a red impala sped past it, causing it to strike three kids walking home from school. the car then hit a home. the kids and the impala driver were airlifted. the other driver appeared to be ok. in the east bay, bart service is finally restored. delays started after 4:00 friday afternoon after a motorcyclist involved in a crash ended up landing on the tracks. that is right between the 19th street and macarthur stations. the person was then struck and
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killed by a train. trains were initially stopped in all directions. lines were restored throughout the evening. a brush fire destroyed a home and damaged four others on the side of i-5 80 in oakland. unser hassan spoke to some residents. unser: this is the damage caused by a vegetation fire that spread too quickly street. >> the in yacht -- in law unit, the man cave, literally burned down. the back of it is burned completely. unser: alex went to check the mail and as he walked back he saw smoke. i the time he ran to the backyard the fire was in history's. >> -- in his trees. >> we didn't lose the main house. unser: the fire shut down three lanes of westbound 580 as crews
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battled spot fires. >> because of this light wind, that did contribute to the fire spread. we will be getting rain this weekend but the weather conditions did contribute. unser: the first fire unit arrived within two minutes and that may have kept the fire from spreading to the gas station. >> it was bad. unser: his backyard was burned but his house was saved. two years ago there was a similar fire linked to a homeless encampment. the chief says that is unlikely but nothing is being ruled out. >> we did have a fire here approximately two years ago and there was encampment activity, but the fire today, we won't have any answers until we conduct a thorough investigation. >> went to the back door and seen a fire. unser: margie wilson has lived here for six years. she didn't lose her home but she
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watched her car burned. >> i looked out the window and i seen the car is on fire. i just kept saying i needed to get out. unser: no residents were injured but one firefighter was taken to the hospital for heat related injury. unser hassan, abc7news. stephanie: in the south bay, emergency crews were on the scene of a crash after a suspect took off from a possible crime scene at the intersection of tule road and centre road in san jose. deputies responded to a trespassing call at the fairgrounds. a suspect took off, sideswiped a car and then hit another. three people were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. chp and san jose police are investigating. in oakland woman is speaking out after her mother was shot inside her own home by a stray bullet.
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she says despite being the victim of robbery, burglary, and assault, this is the last straw, forcing her mother to think about leaving the city she loves. we spoke to her. >> i don't want her to be another statistic. >> roxana calls her mom superwoman for so many reasons. an immigrant fleeing the war in vietnam for a better life, she had no idea what living in oakland would be like. >> she has been robbed many times, punched. he grabbed a necklace from her on the street. she's gone through all of that but this is the scariest moment because she almost died. >> august 17, days before her 61st birthday, she was sleeping beside her husband in her little saigon home when gunshots rang out. you can see a neighboring house riddled with bullet holes. >> that gut instinct you have to
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go or else your life will be in danger, she knew. that's why she was like, we got to go now, we got to go now. she was so scared. >> these photos are difficult to process and illustrate the three rounds that went into her back and torso. >> she still has all the fragments inside her, embedded deep inside. there's nothing we can do about it. she's in pain. >> what happened was shortly after an uber driver was murdered. a dentist was also gunned down in little saigon, too close for comfort and the reason she does not want her mom's story to be forgotten. >> this is our lives we are talking about. it is more than hell. it is a living nightmare. >> overwhelmed by nightmares and back pain exacerbated by stress,
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roxana has set up a gofundme. she isn't sure what the answer is but she feels stuck and makes this plea. >> we all grew up there and live there and my mom doesn't want to leave. this is all she not -- all she knows. she loves oakland. >> she still loves it? >> she does, despite being robbed and almost losing her life, she still wants to be here. she wants to be a part of oakland. >> in oakland, dion lim, abc7news. lisa: changes in -- stephanie: changes in the forecast. lisa: good morning as we step outside this morning, still dark but we are getting into some breezy wind and cool temperatures to start. it will be dry and we will increase the clouds and talk about the rain. stephanie: the new covid booster shot is available that targets multiple strains of the virus. a warning from the white house
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stephanie: a pretty view of the sky camera from our exploratorium camera. a mild day ahead. on the peninsula, four people were taken to the hospital after a balcony collapsed off a two-story home in daly city at westmore avenue near skyline boulevard shortly before 1:00 p.m. two adults and two children were injured and were transported to a trauma center. a city inspector is investigating the cause.
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new covid 19 booster shots are now available and the white house said you should consider getting one before halloween. the new vaccine from pfizer and moderna target the original strain and the highly contagious ba.4 and ba.5 omicron variant's. people should receive the boosters before the holidays and colder winter months. abc news correspondent dr. patel has this advice for those considering the vaccine. dr. patel: obviously be mindful of when your last shot or booster was or if you previously recovered from covid-19. this timing of getting a shot before october, the flu shot is another one you should ideally get before halloween. stephanie: if you recently had covid, experts suggest you wait at least three months before getting the updated shot. abc 7 is committed to building a
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better bay area and environment. governor newsom signed a momentous package in solano county combat climate change and boost clean energy, a $54 billion investment that cuts -- aims to cut air pollution, reduce oil consumption and create a clean energy grid. governor gavin newsom's feud with governor ron desantis escalated yet again yesterday. newsom took aim at the leader of the sunshine state, challenging him to a debate. tim johns breaks it down. >> what ron desantis is doing is a disgrace. tim: an escalating war of words. >> it is like the trash talk before a heavy weight bout of boxing. tim: saying to santos craves
6:15 am
attention -- desantis praise attention -- calling on the department of justice to investigate his immigration tactics. >> the governor of california has sent a letter to the justice -- department of justice saying you need to prosecute florida and texas governors. i think his hair gel is interfering with his brain function. tim: they sent migrates to -- migrants to democratic strongholds when desantis sent 50 people to martha's vineyard. >> ron desantis and gavin newsom were made for each other. they are both young, very ambitious, and this is a way to get on the national platform. tim: activists say it is important to remember these migrants are humans. >> that's the unfortunate things
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these republican governors and other states are playing into political theater because they think treating immigrants like this, they may win votes. tim: tim johns, abc7news. stephanie: oriental fruit flies were found at a second location in santa clara county and the county and state will be putting out bait starting today to catch these pests. they've turned up in sunnyvale just -- sunnyvale. just a couhey were found in san jose. they can do extensive damage. among the events affected by the rain is alamitos chalk festival. with rain expected it has been postponed and will be rescheduled. speaking of rain, it is coming. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking everything. lisa: it is exciting, september rain headed our way, certainly
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some of the little league games or football washed out sunday morning. the afternoon some sunny breaks but the rain not overcome, lingering into next week. here's a look at live doppler 7 coming from the right direction, bringing in gusty wind saturday, and increasing clouds. it is a cooler start with north bay numbers dropping into the 40's. san jose to novato, mid to upper 40's. breezy from concord to half moon bay in san francisco. isn't this pretty from mount tam. official sunrise -- the sun setting at about 7:15. the days getting shorter. moderate to heavy rain and unsettled through wednesday. the wind begins to pick up.
6:18 am
the colors indicate the stronger wind through 3:00 and then they get lighter through the overnight hours into sunday morning when the front pushes into the bay area and gusty once again. if you can delay the dog walking, probably a good idea sunday morning. a level 1 system for your sunday and monday featuring a chance of storms, and tuesday lingering showers. as we get into the forecast model, late tonight at 11:00 a few showers cloverdale, santa rosa, but it is not until the overnight when the activity gets going in the north bay. by 6:00, moderate to light rain from the east bay to the south bay and it gets going with heavy downpours in the midmorning through the south bay. thra it over. into the backside of the system,
6:19 am
which is a little bit unstable, will result in the paucity of have -- possibility of heavier downpours. anywhere from one third of an inch for the peninsula to a half an inch to an inch and a half for the santa cruz mountains through the north bay, sunday into monday morning. slick roadways for that monday morning commute. forecast highs today, the next several days, cooler, below-average. as for today, 70 in fremont with breezy wind. gusty winds along the coast. 77 in the north bay. temperatures in the 80's for the most part. the forecast features the exclusive storm impact scale. sunday, monday, tuesday, heaviest tomorrow morning and continuing into monday. we could see some ponding on the
6:20 am
roadways so maybe some clogged mnd ithnorth bay see the posbity of isolated problems. in the middle to latter half wkd highs into the 90's. we are excited about this mainly beneficial rain. stephanie: as far as the three-day period, tomorrow is the most moisture? lisa: yes. stephanie: a nine-year-old boy left el salvador to join his parents in san rafael. how his experience is an inspiring story to help others.
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6:23 am
rain and lightning and threats to its power grid. where fiona is headed next. amy robach and tj holmes joining us from london as tens of thousands are lining up to pay their respects to queen elizabeth ahead of her funeral. more on those tributes as the controversy surrounding her majesty's crown jewels gains attention. a former firefighter waiting in line to bid goodbye to the queen. his connection to her majesty, all ahead on gma. stephanie: here at abc 7, we are commemorating hispanic heritage month. we have the story of javier zamora who at the age of nine left the war-torn el salvador by himself to join his parents in the canal district of san rafael . so little, he didn't know how to tie his own shoes. he talks about it in his immensely moving more. lyanne melendez spoke to zamora
6:24 am
about his treacherous journey to america. >>y pen during thcine: it was 's that it was so dangerous, his father was forced to leave. zamora was only a year old. >> the year ended but economically speaking, things didn't change and there was still a lot of violence. when my mom tried to find a job, she would be sexually harassed. lyanne: his mother ended up also leaving when he was five, left in the care of his grandparents. >> she promised to come back but the situation, as we like to call it, kept getting worse. lyanne: what point did you have that conversation that you were going to leave el salvador? >> i always wanted to leave. i wanted to be with my parents. lyanne: that meant traveling
6:25 am
alone at the age of nine with a coyote and others in el salvador. it took them nine weeks. he writes about it in his new book. the word solo in spanish means alone. what does the word solito mean? >> it means little alone. lyanne: with only his backpack, too embarrassed he seldom shared his traumatic experience until now. >> it wasn't until i began to write that book. lyanne: he wrote about escaping on a boat towards oaxaca, mexico, and encountering flying fish, a symbol of hope. >> they ride the wind like skinny balloons, more and more, we are going to make it. it is a good sign. lyanne: zamora made it to san rafael, graduated from uc berkeley and was a fellow at
6:26 am
stanford and harvard. he calls himself an outlier and wants his readers to know that thanks to the people who crossed the border with him, he was never alone. >> maybe if you see them as human beings you will have more empathy that can lead to change, real political change in this country. lyanne: lyanne melendez, abc7news. stephanie: remarkable journey. if you would like to meet the author, point reyes books is hosting -- at 4:00 p.m. celebrating hispanic heritage month, streaming right now by downloading the abc 7 bay area app. still to come, sandbags and sump pumps. as the north bay ready for the storm? protests at the airport. why fast food workers were out in full force.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. stephanie: good morning, let's get right to the weather.
6:30 am
a stm too mount tam, a pretty nice shot for your dry saturday, looking at temperatures in the mid-50's in san francisco. it is windy san francisco through concord, 52 in santa clara and on the coast. we had a nice shot of the fog but now you will notice the 40's. anywhere from two to four degrees cooler and there is a look at the surface wind from the east bay, concord gusting to 26, half moon bay at 20. by noontime, increasing clouds, partly cloudy, 60's and 70's. by the afternoon, we've got cloudy skies with mid 70's, a cooler day and gusty wind.
6:31 am
looking at our exclusive storm impact scale coming up, with several days of rain. stephanie: continuing storm watch now, as the bay area prepares for this rain, could bring flooding to some specific areas. in some places sandbags are available. cornell barnard reports. cornell: sandbags are being delivered to the ritter center which provides meals and medical care to families in need. rain is on the way. >> the pantry might be ahead ofa new sump pump has been installed and this generator is standing by. you guys are doing everything you can ahead of the storm. >> we are trying to be more prepared than last time. it was very damaging. cornell: last october, the center had two feet of floodwater inside its fruit pantry, forcing them to close
6:32 am
several weeks. >> we have the umbrella. and a rain coat, jacket. cornell: clients like patrick are getting free reign gear to keep them dry. is that going to help? >> yeah, i have some rain pants but that will be good. that will complete the ensemble. cornell: in santa rosa, this sandbag center is ready and open . lisa warren is here hoping to keep the rain away from her house. >> i had a demolition in my backyard and it is sloping toward my house. >> this just opened today based rnell: the santa rosa fire department is ready with a close eye on burn scar areas from the glass fire. >> some nuisance flooding or ponding, and our eyes will be on
6:33 am
the burn scars to see how it reacts. cornell: cornell barnard, abc7news. stephanie: our weather team will be tracking the storm all week long. you can get an update like this one every hour on our bay area streaming up. download it now so you have it ready. it is free to download. attorney general rob bonta and five district attorneys announced an $8 million settlement with safeway for environmental violations at 71 different gas stations. they are branded as safeway and vons fuel stations. >> california has strong fuel regulations to keep gas from seeping into the ground and contaminating the water for a reason. the reality is accidents happen. today's settlement helps prevent that. stephanie: the state's
6:34 am
investigation found safeway failed to install and operate safety prevention measures dating back to march 2017. injunctive terms to -- to avoid potential contamination. 41 people were arrested and cited after blocking one of the terminals at san francisco international airport. this video was provided by unite here, showing the protest. fast food workers and fs those just make over $17 an hour and the union says they have not received a raise in three years. negotiations have stalled after nine months and the workers voted to strike. the california labor federation was among those arrested and cited. as the world prepares to say goodbye to queen elizabeth ii,
6:35 am
historic security action is gearing up. you pull are waiting as long as 24 hours to pay their respects. one man was taken into custody last night after making a dash toward the coffin. ines: as mourner bang -- as mourner's pay their respects, they must first stand in a queue. the queue growing and growing, wait times close to 22 hours even as temperatures dropped. so many people coming out, it had to be put on pause for eight hours, prompting reports a new queue had been formed. a very british thing. >> we were just brought up with it. it is something you do in england. we just continue basically.
6:36 am
ines: those who braved the long wait times are coming prepared, bringing snacks and water, porta potty set up. does that not scary but all? >> it's not that bad. ines: it moves continuously. mourners are not allowed to set up tents or chairs. people were treated with injuries, 40 hospitalized. cyrus moore has been with the line for hours checking eight hours, seven hours, six hours, they've dedicated their self to be here. if i can inspire them to do the last furlong, i've done my job. ines: king charles and prince william even stopping by to shake hands with people. reparations are underway for the queen's funeral, guards rehearsing under the cover of
6:37 am
darkness as law enforcement gears up for the biggest security operation london has ever faced. tonight it will be the queens grandchildren to honor her standing vigil. abc news, london. stephanie: curtains for the longest running musical on broadway. phantom of the opera is set to close after a decade run. it is expensive to stage. it has struggled to recover since it reopened in 2021 following the pandemic closure. in january it will celebrate its 35th anniversary with a final show february 18. if you are looking to catch a new show or movie, disney plus day specials continue throughout the month. newsom subscribers can get their first month for $1.99 through september 19. there are some new releases including the prequel to the star wars spinoff.
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disney is the parent company of abc 7. still ahead, southbay officials are taking action to support workers struggling with mental health. new research initiative they hope to expand statewide. we want to take you outside for a look at the san mateo bridge, traffic not too bad. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate.
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with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities. mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. lisa: here's a look outside atop our roof camera at the bay bridge. call dale's desk days tomorrow. state leaders say transit employees deal with a great amount of stress in their jobs, leading to mental health issues. a new state law will allow agencies to create wellness centers to relieve people struggling. justin dorsey has the story.
6:41 am
justin: in the darkness there is light. you need to know where to look. for families after the tragic mass shooting, the five to six wellness center has been the source of that light. >> i've seen people desperate and they have resources now that weren't available before. i know they've save lives. justin: the wellness center is dedicated to providing resources for anyone impacted by the shooting. from counseling to stress management training and more, in an effort to break down the stigma of mental health and help people cope. now thanks to a new bill signed into a law, the five to six center will be the subject of a study. >> it will be the creativity and ingenuity of people around the state on how to turn those things into broader solutions preventing workplace violence and dealing with stress and
6:42 am
anxiety. justin: the bill gives state transit agencies the opportunity to create wellness centers to prevent the next tragedy. part of that will come from peer referrals and red flag reporting, two things that could have helped with the shooting. wellness centers could be a statewide reality. >> we need to create at the state level a grant program so every transit agency and every county in the state whether it is stanislaus or merced or wherever, has the resources available to stand these programs. justin: dustin dorsey, abc7news. stephanie: if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, there are resources available on our website. go to a -- action. if it is urgent do not be afraid to call the national suicide line at 988.
6:43 am
the rain is coming. lisa: as we look outside at the golden gate bridge, it looks pretty nice. temperatures will be cooler and the wind gusty. we will talk about when the rain begins, how much to expect and how long it will linger, with my accuweather 7 day forecast next. stephanie: george kittle might be the key for trey lance. will the 49ers get their star tight end back on sunday against the seahawks? have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
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call your doctor, start an antidiarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. life-threatening lung inflammation can occur. tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing, cough, or chest pain. serious liver problems can happen. symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, stomach pain, and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or plan to be. i'm making my own way forward. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. stephanie: here's a shot from our bay bridge toll plaza camera, gloomy skies in parts of the bay area, foreshadowing our stormy weekend. oakland is looking to break their two game streak this weekend while the giants are coming off a loss to the l.a. dodgers last night. the a's take on the houston
6:46 am
astros at minute maid park, fruit -- first pitch at 4:10. the dodgers are back at oracle park against the dodgers, 6:05. we could see some more blue in the crowd as the dodgers are on the hunt for their 100th win. larry beil is here with a look. larry: good morning. last year the giants won 107 games, finished one ahead of the dodgers. this year is way different. the dodgers could win there hundredth game against the giants this season, who took the field 29.5 games back. how about the scene in the cove, a kayak, a flyer, a poodle? logan webb on the hill, a lot went wrong. gabe kapler just another frustrated guy. dustin may no-hit but dave roberts did a dave roberts hit. joc pederson strike out.
6:47 am
tyler estrada levitating to max muncy, doing the superman fly through the air. brandon crawford trying to make it three. deep to left. cody bellinger, i got it. giants lose 5-0. that is win 99. for thinning, there goes -- fifth inning. jeremy payne yeah. going over the railroad tracks. next batter was the hitting hero, your don alvarez. -- yordan alvarez, three bombs. they clinch the postseason birth. albertp ujols. he launches this one 427 feet. number 697 of his career.
6:48 am
fourth. george kittle did practice today -- yesterday, limited participation as he comes back from a groin injury. facing seattle. a win might silence the trey lance critics. >> you can't react to the noise and it's hard so that's why you don't look at it that way. when you start 0-1, players, coaches, everyone feels that but nothing changes. larry: let's visit napa. second round of the fortnite championship. max home a was in second place, four foot birdie on the 11, just crawls in. helping change the leaderboard on one, his 10th of the day. 567, tied with danny willett for the lead. that's a wrap on morning sports.
6:49 am
i'm larry beil. stephanie: turning to weather -- or should i say the wet weather rolling in. lisa: very exciting with most of the rain coming in tomorrow as a cold front. to the north of us, pushes through the bay area, unstable air behind it. the low allowing for a potential of thunderstorms and a quarter inch of rain in the bay. could be soggy for the home opener for the niners but most of the activity probably before the game. we have a little bit of fog but more wind to speak of. mount tam, you can see patches of fog. 56 downtown, 59 in oakland. from our exploratorium camera, you can see the low cloud deck. 48 in santa rosa, 47 petaluma. overall we are cooler this
6:50 am
morning compared to yesterday. there is a lot of gray with that picture. increasing clouds in the afternoon, the wind continuing to pick up. the storm moves in tomorrow. we get another push of rain by sunday night but in between there will be showers. monday we are still unsettled. sunshine for sure tomorrow afternoon into monday. the wind not letting up. at 3:00, everybody is breezy to windy. the yellow and orange indicating gusty wind. as we get into the cold front this time tomorrow, the wind is even stronger, 30 to 40 miles an hour from san jose on the peninsula. half moon bay wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. sunday, monday, and tuesday, brief downpours, slight chance of a thunderstorm and gusty wind . slippery roads through the
6:51 am
period as we look at the heaviest rain tomorrow. 3:30 in the morning sunday, you will notice most of the activity to the north but light to moderate rain pushing into the east bay by 6:00 sunday morning. look at the peninsula through davenport, santa cruz mountains. 9:30 and it is soggy in the livermore valley, the south bay to gilroy, san martin. more through the milled -- through the north bay. midday, we get a break somewhat but there are heavier downpours into the afternoon. watch out, santa clara. sunday night into monday, we will see another round of showers. putting this altogether for everywhere from one third to a half inch in the city. east bay, three quarters inch. the north bay and mountains, over an inch of rain.
6:52 am
70 today with breezy to windy conditions in fremont, san mateo, and oakland. dry today, increasing wind and cloudy. our exclusive storm impact scale, the heaviest rain coming in tomorrow morning and then scattered downpours sunday through monday. maybe a thunderstorm. as we get behind the system we will get into offshore wind which is typical of our september fall regime. that could bring in not only gusty wind but high fire danger and temperatures back into the 90's. stephanie: as you pointed out, it is not unusual to have september storms but the rainfall totals are a bit unusual. lisa: 6% to 7% chance this year we get over an inch of rain so that will be on the heavy side and we could see if you localized flooding problems. stephanie: get the umbrella handy.
6:53 am
it is more than just umbrellas for some areas. one area in pittsburgh may be on the edge for mudslides because of a fire in june that left a burn scar. reporter ryan curry has the details. >> there was 100 firefighters just like that. ryan: he woke up in the middle of the night to a fire burning. >> that was at 2:00 in the morning. the neighbor came by, knocked on the door. you could see right away what was going on. the whole back window was lit up. ryan: video shows bright flames getting close to homes. residents were forced to evacuate. what remains is a burn till site that poses a new threat -- burn site that poses a new threat, mudslides. although the burn scar is feet from his house, he thinks he should be fine. >> when we first moved here it
6:54 am
was all set up. we've had landslides in the backyard that were never substantial. ryan: the contra costa county fire prevention district is well aware. >> we have had fires already this season and some smaller ones that have the potential to have left these scars that could result in mudslides. ryan: they don't expect mudslides like southern california earlier this week, however they suggest residents should be ready. >> if you feel unsafe, don't wait, evacuate. if life or property is a danger, call 911 but do it from a safe location. ryan: ryan curry, abc7news. stephanie: coming up, get your bark on. a popular pet parade returns after a two-year hiatus. where you can catch all the action.
6:55 am
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stephanie: you can watch dogs and cats today strut their stuff at the burlingame pet parade. the event is back after a two-year hiatus. you will see pets in costumes like this, animals on small floats, plus music and prizes. organizers are ready to get back to it and they are expecting thousands of people and their pets. it starts at 10:00 this morning. disciplines will march up broadway from chula vista. let's get one like check -- one last check with lisa. lisa: a little cooler and the wind is pretty gusty. get set for several rainy days. tomorrow, moderate to heavy rain, windy conditions, thunderstorms possibly later in the day and on monday.
6:58 am
lingering showers on tuesday. stephanie: thank you all for joining us on abc seven mornings . i am stephanie sierra along with lisa argen. abc news continues at 8:00. have a great day.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. fiona's fury. the tropical storm taking aim at the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. the fears of blackouts with the memories of hurricane maria, the storm that killed nearly 3,000 people on the island still haunting residents. plus, the typhoon putting alaska on alert with waves up to 50 feet high. battle at the border. the thorny issue over how to handle so many crossing into the u.s. >> is this city at a breaking point? >> abc news getting a firsthand look in el paso as republican governors send migrants north. the white house response this morning as the crisis worsens. holding vigil. the striking images showing the queen's four children
7:01 am
surrounding her coffin.


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