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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 17, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> here comes the rain. is tracking the rain for us. we saw the radar. spencer: in the north bay, it has arrived, especially along the coast. this storm ranks one on the abc 7 exclusive impact scale. sunday through tuesday, we expect periods of downpours, slight chances of thunder. most of the area is going to start to feel the brunt of the
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storm with heavy downpours and strong, gusty wind, maybe even with some lightning, isolated thunderstorms tomorrow and monday as the storm continues into next week. wind gusts by 11:00 tomorrow morning will range from 25 to about 40 miles per hour across the area. wind will be intensified on monday. i will give you a closer look at the seven-day forecast a little later. >> -- jr: thank you so much. the wind and rain is about to hit the bay area late tonight into tomorrow. some areas may be feeling the size of the storm harder than others. we learn who is and is not canceling events and why. >> a little chardonnay at lafayette food and wine festival. >> we typically have around 400
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vendors, and we usually expect to get somewhere around 65,000 people for the weekend, so it is a big event. >> organizers are keeping close tax on the weather with the possibility of drenching rain and gusting wind. >> our motto is when it rains, we pour, and we will be happy to pour wine for anyone who comes down. >> we know it will get pretty gusty in some places tomorrow. that's why some of the tense at the street fair are weighed down by sandbags. others are weighed down by 50 gallons drums. >> these things, you cannot move these things. they are really heavy. we feel that these tents are very secure. >> miles away, these sidewalks here are empty, and they will stay that way sunday. on facebook, you will find this post about the alameda chalk festival. on this sunday night, signs alerting people that sunday
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streets western addition is off because of concerns about the wind. >> it was a really difficult decision to make, but we did decide to cancel when the wind advisory came in and it just was not going to be safe to set up in the wind. >> the last time it was in this neighborhood was before the pandemic. this year? >> we are expecting about 10,000 folks. we had almost a dozen musical acts plan. we had about 90 visitors and -- 90 vendors and exhibitors coming out. >> but organizers said they are not taking any chances given the possibility of high wind. >> it just did not make sense to have hundreds of staff and volunteers roll out in the rain, wind, and potentially thousands of attendees be battling the wind and barricades blowing over and things like that. jr: as the bay area braces for an early-season storm, the city of oakland is encouraging businesses and residents to adopt a storm drain as part of
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the adopt a drain program to prevent streets from letting. the city plans to provide rates, rooms, and other cleaning supplies. the approaching storm is giving many people reason to prepare and be rain-ready. after nearly six months of dry weather and drought conditions, precipitation is cause for excitement and some concern. cornell barnard is in the north bay. >> we are ready. fill the well. cornell: john is ready for september rain. he's looking to outfit employees at trader joe's with rain boots. >> just got a bunch of rain gear. i got some boots. >> just doing a remodel and have some holes for skylights that are open and worried about the storm. >> these are the emergency backs, the flood barriers. you put them out flat and dry.
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>> manager brian isley says rain gear is suddenly back in fashion. >> it is a lot of preparedness as well. i'm not quite sure how much rain is going to come. >> this was rain from last winter. >> we have our fire crew stepped up and then we staffed up some engines as well. >> the marin county battalion fire chief says his battalion is adding extra cruise concern about storm damage between sunday and monday. >> as that rain comes in, all our trees still have all their leaves on and stuff, so we will have a lot of tree down and power lines down, that kind of stuff. quick they will be providing real-time information about rainfall amounts and water levels. no flooding is expected here. >> i welcome it. we need rain in a big way. early and often as i like to say. let's get it in small doses so we don'tavlood issues. >> in santa rosa,ree send back station open friday.
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lisa warren was here filling some sandbags to protect her house. what do you think of the rain in september? >> i'm glad. i'm glad it is raining. i hope it rains some more. >> the santa rosa fire department tweeting, are you rain ready this fire season? >> it is a welcome sight to put at least a temporary pause on the critical fire season we are facing. although this is not enough rain to get us out of fire season, it will slow it down. >> our weather team will be tracking the storm all weekend long. you can get a live update like the one seen here every hour on our abc 7 bay area streaming app. download now so you have it ready when the rain hits. it is free and easy to download on your roku, apple tv, fire tv, and android tv devices. the reward offered in -- for an
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arrest in the murder of a tv station security guard has risen to $2000. kevin nishida was killed while guarding a news crew on assignment in downtown oakland the day before thanksgiving last year. the reward was increased by donations from victims' family and friends. the men in custody are expected to appear in court to answer to charges this week. a hollister woman says she is in and lot of pain after being attacked in what police say is the city's first french bulldog fest. amanda rose tweeted this video of two men dashing out her front door with her dog. police confirmed amanda came home thursday around 11:30 and walked in on two suspects armed with handguns. amanda told police thieves got away in a silver chevy malibu
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with paper plates. house speaker nancy pelosi along with two other bay area congresswomen arrived in armenia saturday. pelosi is the highest ranking u.s. official to visit armenia since the country gained independence. many armenian americans in the bay area are hopeful the visit will lead to diplomatic breakthroughs. >> huge crowds came out for the 65th annual armenian food festival, the largest in the bay area. >> it is just us getting together, all of our friends and cooking food, serving everybody. it is fun. >> as armenian americans celebrate here, house speaker nancy pelosi led a delegation that arrived in armenia saturday for high-level talks. the delegation includes bay area congresswomen of armenian descent. >> i think the moment is
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important. it was heartening to know that even in her last months as congresswoman, she is going to push as hard as she possibly can for the safety and security of armenia. >> in a statement, pelosi says our commercial delegation's visit to armenia is a powerful symbol of the united states' firm commitment to a democratic, prosperous, and firm armenia. this professor says the u.s. is also flexing its diplomatic muscle by backing up its recognition of the armenian genocide and by upholding human rights against what she calls a growing wave of fascism in a region where russia has played a big role following the breakup of the soviet union. >> we are supporting democratic forces. we are going to make the world
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aware that we are going to do it all the time under this administration. >> pelosi says they are also calling for lasting settlement to the decades-long conflict in a disputed region. both armenia and azerbaijan blame each other for the fighting this week. >> i really appreciated that nancy pelosi and other representatives who are in armenia now are defending those values which will keep our identity. >> thank you so much. the big question tonight -- are you ready for some nfl football? the 49ers' home opener is tomorrow, and there are new treats waiting for you this year. i look at some of the tasty options that will be available for fans. also, the new chapter in the ongoing battle over immigration.
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which state paid for a number of migrants to be dropped off in front of kamala harris' home in d.c.
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jr: welcome back. the 49ers home opener is set for tomorrow against the seattle seahawks. well, it may be a bit went out there. dustin dorsey shows us the 49er faithful are in for some tasty new treats. >> on the field, the 49ers are working on getting back to their winning ways, highlighted by new
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y new tastes. the team chef believes they have already a new favorite. >> what happens on the field we cannot control that, but we can certainly put a lot of energy and time and planning into what we do from a food and beverage standpoint. we always want to one up ourselves every year. we always want to push ourselves, create new partnerships, come up creative new ways to serve food, and this year, we have a great righty. >> partnerships, check. creative serving, check. great variety, check. from crazy good doughnuts to fine dining, walking tacos and big mouth burgers. even season-ticket specials, food for the faithful. >> this is better than just a normal stadium burger, right? >> absolutely. a normal stadium burger is not going to give you the signature barbecue sauce, at all,
11:16 pm
whatsoever. >> i think football fans will enjoy this m it is no fuss, no muss, straight to the point in your face goodness. >> fans can also enjoy a 49ers psycho doughnut from a campbell-based company, a taste of home while fans cheer on the home team. >> being from the bay area, you are proud to be from the bay area. i know i am born and raised, so to work for a company that is essentially born here and raised here is an amazing doing. it is great. jr: cannot wait to chow down. don't forget, there are two monday night football games coming up this monday. titans versus bills at 4:15 at espn followed by vikings eagles here on abc 7. the second game starts at 5:30 and is followed by after the
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game. abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. one of the issues we are focusing on is climate change and the environment. thousands of volunteers combed through the berkeley arena and other waterways today in search of trash. the annual -- annual california coastal cleanup day is designed to raise awareness about litter problems. it is a chance to volunteer alongside families, scout troops, and other organizations to help went up some beloved attractions. >> we found about 2000 pounds of trash just in berkeley. that might not sound like a lot, but that might sound like a lot, but a lot of it is paper and styrofoam, so if you can imagine how much paper and styrofoam we had to collect to get 2000 pounds. jr: if you would like to volunteer, cleanup days are held on the third saturday of each month. the santa cruz county fair is back. you can take a trip back in time
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at yesterday's farm. they held a junior livestock auction this afternoon featuring prize pigs, rabbits, and other farm animals. tomorrow is the final day of the fair. it is being held at the county fairgrounds near watsonville. as we talk about the fair grounds, we are joined right now by spencer christian. i think all eyes are on what will happen going forward. spencer: i can tell you it's going to get wetter and windier going forward. things are looking pretty calm and dry now. i'm about to shift this view i'm showing you. we have low to mid 60's in virtually all these locations right now. palo alto, san jose, santa clara . another nice, calm, drive you so far from emeryville, looking westward across the bay. low 60's at napa, fairfield, concord, and livermore. looking across the embarcadero, these are our forecast features. it will become rainy and windy
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during the overnight hours. heaviest rain tonight will be in the north bay and in our higher elevations, this wet unsettled weather will be with us through tuesday. here's a look at the exclusive storm impacts scale. the approaching storm ranks one on the scale and we have brief downpours, showers, chance of some thunder tomorrow and monday. gusty wind up to 40 miles an hour or higher, slippery roadways, and this patte throug. it will be wet across most of the bay area, so fairly that he and widespread rainfall with pockets of heavy rain. that will break up into showers, but some of the showers could also be locally heavy, going into the afternoon and evening hours. that will continue monday and perhaps even into tuesday. gusts will range from 25 to about 40 miles an hour, so you can see it's going to be quite significant storm, the rainiest and certainly the windiest we have seen in quite some time. on we go to rainfall estimates by monday morning.
11:20 pm
we will see locations in the north bay and even beyond moving eastward and southward with over an inch of rainfall. lows overnight, mainly upper 50's to right around 60 and highs tomorrow, we will range from mid 60's to the coast to low to mid 70's in our inland areas, and here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. as you can see again, this stormy pattern will be with us into tuesday. we will leave that one storm impact ranking up for tuesday, though tomorrow and monday will certainly be storm your days and we will see the wind diminishing a bit going into tuesday, but still some lingering showers, even a slight chance of a lingering shower wednesday. late next week, sunny skies and a warm. that warm up will begin thursday asked fall arrives. the official arrival of all around 6:04 p.m. jr: i think this is the first time i have smiled this much
11:21 pm
about rain. spencer: yeah, we need it so badly. while it will not end fire season, it will certainly decrease the chance of wildfires. jr: there is going for a run and then there is going for a run. an incredible journey that took a man all the way across the golden gate bridge. also, don't forget, disney+ day specials continue throughout the month. new subscribers can get their first month for $1.99 group september 19. there are new releases this month, including "a
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jr: welcome back. we hope the guy you see in the hat is getting plenty of rest tonight. that's greg cook, a runner who jogged 40 miles today from san
11:25 pm
francisco to petaluma. he was joined by friends. he's trying to raise money for prostate cancer research. so far he says he's raised about $12,000. greg left san francisco this morning about 6:00 a.m. and arrived in petaluma just before 3:00 p.m. the run took him through sausalito, mill valley, several other parts of the north bay. the number 40 also had some significance today because greg turned 40. congratulations. chris alvarez is here now with a preview of sports. chris: coming up in ports, just one bay area school in action on this college football saturday. with notre dame, it came down
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chris: cal making the trip to south end. indiana taking on the fighting irish. kyle getting $1.9 million just to show up, so victory would really be icing on the cake. drew pine fumbles the snap to start the second quarter. watch the second quarter start, quick to the football. pine getting an ear full from head coach marcus freeman. hang onto the ball. plummer findings tournament, 18 yards. his first career touchdown, later in the second, same score. pine now hold onto the ball, finds chris tyree. it is a 21-yard game-tying touchdown. notre dame in the red zone. it is pine and michael mayer, 24-17 fighting irish. plumber stepping up, avoids the rush. it is a hail mary, and look at
11:30 pm
this. where's the football? jeremiah hunter, he almost had it, but it hits the ground and notre dame wins 24-17. that is cal's first loss and notre dame's first win. so close. it has been a season of ceremonies for the giants. hunter pence's time. entered on a scooter, said hi to all his fans. >> thank you so much for embracing me. giants fans, you have passion. you have creativity. you have love, and i appreciate every moment i have. one day was a dream come true to play in front of you. chris: what a great speech. he throughout the first page to his dad. what a cool moment for father and son. two-run shot for trace, and it is to-one dodgers, top of third,
11:31 pm
5-1 l.a. crawford mishandled handles it, cannot convert it. muncie scores. flores, solo shot to left center, 19th of the season, a career-high for him. giants lose 7-2. l.a. takes on when number 100 this season. third game of a for having game set in houston. fun times right there. irving gave up three first inning homers. here's the middle of those three. kyle tucker two-run shot. how about a 3-1 shot seth brown? his 23rd of the year. they add a few more and when 8-5. top of the leaderboard, all bunched up, just in lower. goes to -13, breaks a three-type.
11:32 pm
chance to tie this birdie on 18. thought it was going to break more than it did. one shot back at -12. nine other guys are within three shots of that heading into the final bet. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. jr: thank you so much. people are waiting for hours to pay their respects to queen elizabeth ii. here are some of their stories, and the immigration battle is heating up. which state had migrants dropped off today in fron
11:33 pm
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. jr: huge crowds continue to line up to pay tribute to queen elizabeth ii. this is a live look at westminster hall in london where people continue to file by her coffin. some of the people waited in line for hours. >> along the banks of the river thames today, a vast sea of people still hours away from westminster hall after a long and chilly night. how long have you guys been here at this point? 14 hours? and i have another four hours at least left to go before they get to westminster hall. nearby, another line that was supposed to be much shorter for disabled people who want to pay their respects to the queen and their family, ruth uses a
11:37 pm
wheelchair that depends on a battery. tonya was showing us some artwork she made. she had plenty of time. you drew that yourself? that looks very nice. do you feel like you have been here a long time already? >> yes, a long, long, long time. i'm really hungry. >> 14 hours thus far. it has been a long night and did get a little chilly overnight, but now, though, the sun is out and the weather has been rapturous all day long. because the royal family has been out and about, they have gotten some royal treats. >> we heard that charles was over that side, so we went and saw, just walking along the bridge, and that's where we saw king charles going this way, then we walked under the bridge and walked back over to see prince william himself. >> what was it like to see prince william?
11:38 pm
>> amazing. just really exciting. >> these women got to see the king, and sowas niau i see william, charles, and i'm going to see the mom as well. what else can i ask for? >> see this woman? that's beverly's daughter. >> met prince charles, shook his hand. it was such a special moment. >> a few minutes earlier, charles dipped into the crowd of people waiting to say goodbye to his mother, and right there, king charles iii shaking hands with beverly's daughter. the king and prince william spent several minutes greeting people. prince william stopping to talk with children along the route before getting into the car and motoring off.
11:39 pm
later at westminster hall, the queen's grandchildren in a solemn but public vigil in westminster hall, a show of family solidarity in a family that has known some discord before this. each step there in westminster hall practiced, rehearsed, steeped in 1000 years of royal history. it is the kind of pageantry we will see plenty of at the queen's funeral, probably the most watched television spectacle in history. jr: incredible images. president biden and the first lady arrived in london earlier this evening. they will be among the hundreds of dignitaries who were invited to attend the queen's funeral on monday. you can watch right here on abc 7. another load of migrants has
11:40 pm
found its way north. this time, i bus from texas dropped off about 50 people home in washgton, d.c. texas governor greg abbott has been sending migrants to democratic-led cities as a way to protest the white house's immigration policies. florida governor ron desantis made headlines earlier this week when he had a group of migrants flown to martha's vineyard. the group of migrants dropped off in washington, d.c., was primarily from venezuela. officials say they will likely wind up in new york city. today, the international association of firefighters held a ceremony in honor of members that have died in the line of duty. it was held at the fallen firefighters memorial in colorado springs. the sacred memorial has names of firefighters who died on duty or succumbed to job-related illnesses since 1918. thousands of family members gathered to honor 469 fire
11:41 pm
fighters who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our families. >> our prayers and our hearts go out to each and every family member who has added a loved one's name to this wall in the past and to those families presently that now have added their names. jr: so many communities protected by those folks. it is the first people gathered for this ceremony since the beginning of the pandemic. each family was given a special flag in memory of their fallen firefighter. we are celebrating hispanic heritage month and the incredible people who make up the community here in the bay area. next, we hear from a local author who writes about his journey at nine years old from war-torn el salvador to marin county. >> stormy weather will begin pushing into the bay area overnight and will linge
11:42 pm
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jr: tonight, hundreds of supporters gathered to celebrate the history and future of chinese heritage. dion lim emceed the gala in santa clara. in for race for the nonprofit to help preserve chinese culture and history through community outreach. the gala held a live auction, award ceremony, and fashion show. spectacular. hispanic heritage month started this week, making the independence of several latin american nations, including mexico on september 16. tonight, we kick off the month with a story of a man who at the age of nine left the war-torn nation of el salvador by himself to join his parents in the canal district of san rafael. >> my parents grew up during the
11:46 pm
civil war. lyanne: it was the 1980's and early 1990's and things were so dangerous in el salvador, that fearing for his life, javier's father was forced to leave el salvador. >> the war ended, but economically speaking, things did not change and there was still a lot of violence. my mom tried to find a job and ended up being sexually harassed. >> has mother also ended up leaving. he was left in the care of his grandparents. >> she promised to come back, but the situation, as we like to call it, just kept getting worse. >> at what point did you begin having the conversation that you were going to leave el salvador? >> i always wanted to leave and i wanted to be with my parents. >> that meant traveling alone at the age of nine with a coyote and others from el salvador to
11:47 pm
the u.s.-mexico border. it took them nine weeks. he writes about it in his new book "solito." >> it literally means little alone. >> alone with only his backpack. too embarrassed, he seldom shared his traumatic experience with others until now. >> it was not until i began to write this book that i began to take that backpack off. >> he read from his book about escaping on a boat toward oaxaca, mexico, and encountering a flying dish, a symbol of hope. >> they ride the wind like bullets, like skinny balloons. more and more. "we're going to make it," i whisper. >> he graduated from uc berkeley and was a fellow at stanford and harvard. he calls himself an outlier. he wants his readers to know that thanks to the people who crossed the border with him, he
11:48 pm
was really never alone. >> now if you see them as full human beings, maybe you have more empathy, and maybe that empathy can lead to change -- real political change in this country. jr: what a special story right there. spencer christian is tracking the weather situation. what does the rain situation look like right now? spencer: this storm is a level 1 on the abc 7 scale. sunday through tuesday we can expect brief downpours, showers, gusting wind, slippery roadways. during the overnight hours, the heaviest and steadiest rain will arrive, pushing from the north bay south and eastern. by midday tomorrow, all parts of the area will receive somewhat other. even as the storm breaks up into more isolated pockets of stormy weather, we still expect isolated downpours and slippery
11:49 pm
roadways to deal with. highs tomorrow, mid 60's at the coast, low 70's just about everywhere else. by the way, it's going to be a windy day along with the rainfall. stormy weather continues monday. starts to break up into lighter showers on tuesday. annalee partial clearing on wednesday. later in the week beginning on the first day of fall, thursday getting sunnier, dryer, and warmer weather. jr: spencer, two words, slow down. spencer: i would like for the rain to slow down. jr: or slow down on the roadways. spencer: that for sure. absolutely. chris: coming up in sports, are the 49ers feeling the pressure ahead of tomorrow's game against seattle? and we show
11:50 pm
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chris: it is hard to say it is a must win game for the 49ers, but after that loss in chicago last week and the division-leading seahawks coming to town, the pressure is on. kittle has that groin injury, was limited in fright's practice, but it will be a gametime decision. the jury is still out on how good lance can be, but this is a roster we know is built to win now and a win over seattle would definitely take some pressure off. >> honestly, we don't hear the outside noise. any time you do lose, there's a lot of outside noise, and any time you win, there's a lot of outside noise telling you how good you are. you cannot react to the noise, and that's hard to do, but that's why you have to look at it that way. players, coaches, everybody feels that, but nothing really changes. you don't try to make it something it isn't. chris: there are two monday night football games coming up. titans versus dills at 4:15 on
11:54 pm
espn, followed by vikings and eagles at 4:30 right here on abc 7 followed by after the game immediately following vikings and eagles. two seconds ago, chase bryce heaved a hail mary, and look at this -- christian horn catches it. he is headed to the end zone. game-winner. 32-28. craziness, time to storm the field. what a win. number one georgia at south carolina. that is a boss of a catch, not just one foot. looks like he got a second and recapped the first. five catches for 121 yards and three total touchdowns. bulldog's role 40-7. a lot of syracuse fans in our newsroom. boilermaker -- weather makers take the lead, but durham
11:55 pm
flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. giving syracuse much better field position. seven seconds to go, garrett schrader winding his teammate in the second, and that is a game-winner. my sports producer is showing this, forcing me, kind of. jayhawks trial for teen-zero. jaylen daniels had five total touchdowns, including this 60-yarder. how about this -- 3-0 for the first time since 2009, a 40-30 when, halfway to bowl eligibility. good stuff. smoke and a scooter entrance, that is so hunter pence. the longtime giants outfielder bringing the energy with a playing style that was a major catalyst in the championship runs of 2012 and 2014. the forever giant was honored with a plaque on the hall of fame and gave a speech that was inspiring and motivational.
11:56 pm
>> i want to say that i was not the best player, but i was all heart. when i took the field, i was all heart. i don't care if you are a plumber, an artist, a lawyer, a doctor, an agent, a trainer. if you put your heart into it, people will feel you. the stadiums will be full. keep putting your heart into it every single day from this day to the end of your career. you will look once the mirror and you will probably be a champion. put your heart into it. i love you all. thank you so much. chris: championship speech right there. cotton candy time, 24th minute, down 1-0. casually taps it in, 16th of the year, 1-1. great chance right here, but it clanks off the post. so close. 1-1 at recess. final 30 seconds. going to get a good look, too
11:57 pm
high. this one ends on a 1-1 type. california classico next week at stanford stadium. should be a lot of fun. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock encino. jr: thank you so much, chris. that is it for us tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow at 5:00. if you are going up for the home opener tomorrow, bring that umbrella.
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