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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 18, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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can't help but think she is smart. have a great night everyone to see you breaking news tonight as we come on the air. hurricane fiona slams into puerto rico knocking out power to the entire island. as the world prepares to say a final farewell to the queen. we begin with that dangerous hurricane making landfall in puerto rico, now completely in the dark. 85-mile-per-hour winds ripping off roofs, knocking down power lines, satellite images show the massive storm. parts of the island now bracing for catastrophic flooding and up to two feet of rain. what the island's governor just told our victor oquendo, and rob marciano standing by with how bad things could get. the final farewell to the queen. elizabeth ii's funeral just hours away. the line to see the queen snaking through london. president biden and dr. jill biden in london paying their respects, joining the unprecedented gathering of world
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leaders there. and a moment of silence as the uk and world prepare to say good-bye to a beloved monarch and how the queen consort camilla remembered her majesty, her mother-in-law. james longman reports from london. new horrors revealed in ukraine. they have found nearly a dozen torture chambers. tom soufi burridge is in the town of izyum as workers recover hundreds of bodies from mass graves. among them, women and children. and a warning from president biden to vladimir putin. the deadly earthquake in taiwan. buildings collapse, the images coming in of people running for their lives inside a sports cmplex. an urgent manhunt in louisiana after a popular college student is gunned down. her grieving family is demanding answers. dramatic new video. the cockpit footage of the moment a bird strike brought down a naval jet. how the pilots managed to get out just in time. the battle over the border is escalating.
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more buses carrying migrants arrive in washington and new york. the mayor of new york is calling it a humanitarian crisis. and the mourners and the milestones leading up to this historic good-bye to the queen. >> announcer: from abc news world headquarters in new york, this is "world news tonight." >> good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joining us on this busy sunday. i'm linsey davis. several major stories as we come on the air. president biden paying his respects to the queen and the royal family today on the eve of queen elizabeth ii's funeral. the chilling details emerging from that mass burial site in ukraine. but we begin tonight with the state of emergency in puerto rico. at this hour, hurricane fiona is slamming the island with 85-mile-per-hour sustained winds. the remnants of an asphalt roof blowing through the streets. the governor of puerto rico is calling the damage catastrophic. this satellite image shows the massive storm as it made landfall just hours ago, nearly five years to the day of hurricane maria.
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the entire island losing all electricity. more than 3 million residents face a dark and dangerous night ahead. the island's governor says it's all hands on deck, telling abc news the island is better prepared now than five years ago for hurricane maria, but it remains to be seen if the preparations were enough. victor is in puerto rico and leads us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, hurricane fiona slamming puerto rico with powerful winds and flooding rain, knocking out the fragile power grid. now, an island-wide blackout. 1.5 million customers without electricity. the category 1 hurricane making landfall with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour, knocking down trees and power lines, expected to dump up to two feet of rain. hgh winds ripping the roof off this structure, tearing it to shreds. julito cirino says he was sleeping when the winds tore the roof off his house.
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the storm dumping torrential rain across much of the island. watch as raging flood waters sweep away this bridge, reportedly newly constructed after hurricane maria. president biden declaring a state of emergency. the governor of puerto rico calling the damage catastrophic but earlier saying they were ready with enough resources to respond. this storm is going to affect the whole island one way or another, specifically the southern part here. what is your biggest concern right now for puerto rico? >> i don't want any loss of life here. once that's taken care of, then restoring the electric service. >> reporter: fiona arriving nearly five years ago to the day as maria, which killed nearly 3,000 people. it's still so fresh in everyone's minds here. it's got to be, you know, another punch. >> but that's why people are very responsive, and they cooperate because they -- they remember. they still remember maria. and nobody wants that happening again, and including the
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aftermath. so this is all hands on deck. >> already catastrophic flooding and torrential rain. victor is braving that rain for us from san juan, puerto rico. clearly the already fragile electric grid was not able to withstand the strength of this storm. any idea when power might be restored. >> the company repairing the grid said it is going to take days to restore power to the entire island. and that right now, conditions are so rough, the rain, it just keeps coming down. the flooding, it's getting even worse in the southwest part of puerto rico right now. they can't even begin to assess the situation. but before fiona hit, i spoke with the vice president of the company, and they tell me they have all the resources in place ready to go once the storm passes. but for people here in puerto rico, they take that with a grain of salt. linsey. >> many hoping the company is right. victor, thank you. let's get to senior meteorologist rob marciano. where is fiona heading next? >> well, right now, just off the
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coast of puerto rico, and even that, we're not looking for conditions to improve on the island for probably another 12 hours. a lot of heavy rain still to come through nearly all of the island under flash flood warnings including parts of san juan. you'll see this continue up to the north and west. we had 100-mile-per-hour gusts on southern parts of the island and river gauges are spiking with another foot of rain potentially coming in the next 12 hours. we do now expect this hurricane to become a major hurricane, a category 3 with winds up to 125 miles per hour. it will not make a run at the u.s. mainland, but here on the east coast, we'll see swells with this and it will make a run at bermuda. in the midwest, tornadoes are possible from iowa in through parts of central illinois. >> we know you'll be watching it all for us. thank you. >> we turn to london, just hours away from the funeral and a final farewell to queen elizabeth. president biden paying his respects in westminster hall earlier today where the queen is lying in state. first lady dr. jill biden right by his side. tens of thousands of people still waiting hours to make
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their way to see the queen. the government there just recently closing the line to additional mourners. the palace releasing this new photo of the queen with those sparkling eyes and vibrant smile. two of the queen's great grandchildren, prince george and princess charlotte, will be in attendance at the service. abc's james longman tonight from london. >> reporter: london is preparing to make history tonight. an unprecedented gathering of world leaders -- from monarchs to presidents and prime ministers -- all to honor queen elizabeth the scond. u.s. president biden and first lady jill biden paying their respects to her majesty, lying in state for one last night in london's westminster hall. the president clearly moved by the experience. the two signing condolence books. >> as i've told the king, she's gonna be with him every step of the way, every minute, every moment, and that's a reassuring notion. so it's all the people of england, and all the people of the united kingdom, our hearts go out to you. >> reporter: then, heading to a
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reception hosted by king charles the third. also among those paying tribute today, ukraine's first lady olena zelenska. in a touching scene on saturday, queen elizabeth's eight grandchildren holding vigil as the crowds passed. >> i wasn't expecting to feel much emotion at all, but as i looked up, i felt myself welling up a bit. so yes, it was quite moving. >> reporter: tens of thousands from all over the world have come here to keep the late queen company. authorities now saying no more should join the line. >> it's such a beautiful way for her to have been sent off, with the people around who have been coming countlessly for days and days, and queuing up for hours and hours and hours. >> after days of these endless queues, the united kingdom standing still in a minute's silence tonight, a moment of peace before tomorrow's pomp and pageantry. authorities bracing for the biggest one-day policing operation in london's history. around 2,000 are expected in the congregation for tomorrow's service.
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outside, an estimated 1 million people. >> i've stayed out here on the pavement all night, with my sleeping bag. >> reporter: tonight, the king's wife and queen consort, camilla, reflecting on her majesty's 70-year reign in an interview with the bbc. >> she has been part of our lives forever. i'm 75 now, and i can't remember anybody except the queen being there. it must have been so difficult for her being a solitary woman. there weren't women prime ministers, women presidents. she was the only one. so i think she carved her own role. >> james joins us from outside westminster tonight. james, as you just reported, the queen's funeral will present a massive challenge for london tomorrow. what's the plan security wise? >> reporter: police forces from across the uk have joined those in the capital. there's extra cctv, sniffer dogs, military personnel on the street.
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this is the largest and most complex event in london's history. and millions will be watching all around the world, so authorities are really working hard to ensure everything goes as planned. linsey. >> london bracing itself. james, thank you. david muir, robin roberts and the entire team will have full coverage of the funeral tomorrow beginning at 5:15 a.m. eastern. we turn now to the war in ukraine and the war crimes investigations now under way after the gruesome discoveries in the northeast part of the country. president zelenskyy describes these images as torture chambers where he says prisoners were held and interrogated by the russian invaders and investigators are working to identify the bodies of hundreds of people found in mass graves. tom soufi burridge with a first-hand account. >> reporter: tonight, shocking new discoveries in newly-liberated areas of eastern ukraine. this nightmarish scene underground, one of ten torture chambers used by the russians, according to the local mayor, who says civilians were
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interrogated and beaten here. ukrainian officials tonight telling abc news investigators recovering 50 more bodies today at this mass burial site in the city of izyum, adding more than a dozen of the victims killed in violent ways. our team witnessing the exhumations for ourselves. >> well, the forensic team here have just removed the body of a man from one of the unmarked graves and it's obvious that he had his hands tied behind his back. >> reporter: row after row of wooden crosses stretching on through the forest. four hundred and forty graves most of them with a number but no name. >> this was a mass grave that contained the bodies of ukrainian soldiers. it's written on the wood cross which marked it, 17 men from izyum, from the morgue. and prosecutors say that one of the bodies showed signs of torture. >> reporter: among those buried here, 40 of serhiy's neighbors killed when their apartment block was bombed. >> how does that make you feel?
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>> every day we saw bodies, parts of bodies. i feel nothing. >> you're used to it, after six months of war? >> all tears fall down. >> you've cried too much already. >> reporter: after failures on the battlefield, putin this weekend under pressure from his allies india and china both expressing concern about the crisis in ukraine. with putin's position appearing to weaken, president biden in an interview with "60 minutes" warning the u.s. response would be consequential if russia uses chemical or tactical nuclear weapons in ukraine. >> don't, don't, don't. you will change the face of war unlike anything since world war ii. >> the president with a stark warning there. tom soufi burridge joins us tonight from kharkiv. tom, you just visited that mass grave site in izyum. tell us more about what you witnessed first-hand. >> linsey, when you walk up into that forest, it's a sobering
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moment as you see long lines of wooden crosses stretching right into the distance. we found the graves of young children and we watched the forensic teams doing the toughest of job to exhume the bodies. officials here are determined to investigate every death. they are adamant that russia must be held accountable. linsey. >> many of those crosses with only numbers. tom, thank you. we turn now to taiwan. a massive cleanup is under way after two powerful earthquakes at least one person was killed. north of taipei, one person was hurt when a ceiling in a sports center collapsed sending people running for cover. elsewhere, a three-story building with a 7-eleven store on the ground floor were destroyed. several people were rescued including a young child. next tonight, the urgent search in louisiana for a killer of a popular lsu student. 21-year-old allie rice shot to death in her car at a railroad crossing as she was heading home from a night out with friends. authorities are now appealing to the public for help. here's elwyn lopez. >> reporter: tonight, tragedy
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striking baton rouge. police now combing through evidence, trying find out who shot and killed lsu student allie rice. >> we are exhausting all investigative efforts to identify the person or persons responsible for this homicide. > reporter: her father telling abc news the 21-year-old was in her car at a railroad crossing when she was shot multiple times through her windshield. >> this should not have happened. >> should not have happened. >> she's a beautiful child. she had one year left to graduate lsu. she had her whole future ahead of her. >> reporter: her life cut tragically short early friday morning not too far from where she was hanging out with her friends. >> when you hear the words from the policeman saying she is with the coroner now, she didn't make it, it's the most devastating words you can ever hear. just hope that someone speaks up. >> and linsey, tonight, lsu
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issuing a statement saying they're keeping allie's family and friends in their thoughts and encouraging anyone with information to contact police. investigators are still looking through surveillance video hoping to identify any potential suspects. linsey. >> elwyn, thank you. we turn now to the battle at the border. more buses arrived in northern cities. this one carrying dozens of migrants chartered by the city of el paso. arriving in new york's port authority. city officials there on hand to help with the new arrivals finding shelter. new york and other cities are now struggling to keep up. abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks is in washington. >> reporter: tonight, more buses of migrants and asylum seekers arriving in new york city. new york's mayor begging for a heads up, and to work with texas governor greg abbott. >> we've reached out and stated that, "let's coordinate and work together, so we can deal with this crisis together." they refused to do so. this is an american crisis that we need to face, a humanitarian crisis that were made by human hands. >> beyond new york city,
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migrants also being sent to chicago, washington, d.c., and even martha's vineyard. the reality on the ground in texas, a surge at the border. el paso reporting nearly 2,000 new migrants and asylum seekers a day this week, most from venezuela. this family telling abc's mireya villarreal they came because the situation in venezuela was so difficult -- so much misery and injustice. el paso near a breaking point. the mayor saying his city has started busing migrants elsewhere, but they are trying to give leaders in those destinations a heads-up. >> the people are not coming to el paso, they're coming to america. and we look at them and we talk to them, and say, "where do you want to go, and what's your destination?" >> another bus with migrants was dropped off this weekend right here in front of where the vice president lives in washington, d.c. all of this designed to send a message, and it has put pressure on the white house. but also on congress, which has not passed a major immigration bill in decades.
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linsey. >> bringing the border to biden, as many republicans say. maryalice, thank you. coastal flood warnings remain in effect for parts of alaska. the remnants of a powerful typhoon slamming the region, flooding homes and businesses, ripping off roofs. entire communities flooded. the storm now moving out. a new system will bring up to a half foot of rain to anchorage in the next few days. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. newly released cockpit video shows the moment a bird flew into a navy jet causing it to crash into a texas neighborhood. i missed a lot of things when i was away. you know, cancer, chemo, covid, that kind of away. certainly missed my family, being with them, and i missed my friends, making movies. ♪♪ i love being alive, man.
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nation grieves and the world says a final good-bye to queen elizabeth. > buckingham palace has just announced that her majesty queen elizabeth ii has died. >> it's rare that such anticipated news would come as such a shock. prompting mourning and a multiple-day journey throughout her kingdom. a mixture of grief and reverence marked by tributes all along the way. a prince becomes king. >> prince charles philip arthur george, king, head of the commonwealth. >> with all of the pageantry that follows. a 12-day farewell to their sovereign. honoring a lifetime of service. prompting a bridging of familial ties, no matter how fleeting.
5:58 pm
all of the queen's children and grandchildren together. reflecting on the life of their mother and granny. and for the countless mourners across the nation and globe who never met her. >> it was just amazing. it was worth the 14 hours. >> compelled to bid her one final good-bye. >> thank you for your love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations you have served so diligently all these years. >> that rainbow powerful and symbolic imagery for so many. david muir and robin roberts will have full coverage of queen elizabeth's funeral tomorrow. beginning at 5:15 a.m. eastern. thank you for watching. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening and from all of us here, a good night.
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>> next on abc seven news at 6:00, a wet and windy sunday. we have lime -- live team coverage tracking the storms. hurricane fiona is pounding the gulf coast. the island losing power before the storm made landfall. quarterback trey lance suffered season ending injuries. abc seven news at six :00 starts now. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc. thank you for joining us. i am dion lim appeared it is a windy sunday. within the last hour there are more reports of power outages in the south bay. spencer joining us with an update on the conditions and the radar still looking green as ever. spencer: we have a north to
6:00 pm
south line of showers, downpours and thunderstorms. let's go up to the north bay where we have had the greatest number of thunderstorms. downpours reaching parts of marin, sonoma and napa counties. farther south around the bay shoreline communities and through the south bay and into the santa cruz mountains it got heavy downpours and strong gusting wind. current wind gusts ranging from 25 to 35 miles per hour. despite the localized intensity, this is a level 1 storm on the abc seven storm. expect showers and downpours, gusting wind, roadways and i will have more later. dion: sounds good. thanks. across the bay area the storm toppled trees and canceled events. abc7news reporter cornell barnard continues live team coverage in mill valley. you do not have your hood up anymore? core


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