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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 18, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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what witnesses saw when gunshots rang out the at 11 begins in 60 seconds building a better bay
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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. my friend went in the store. i was right behind her. i heard bam bam bam like a massive amount of shots. gunfire rings out right in the middle of a busy bay area intersection detectives think fiery tempers turned into homic. plus what a site for sore eyes check out all of this much-needed rain roll in from our east bay hills camera. we are tracking the areas that got the biggest downpours and when it's coming next good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. you're watching abc 7 news at 11:00. we'll get to your complete storm watch coverage in just a moment. but first we begin with a deadly shooting right in the middle of an east bay intersection. it all happened in san lorenzo just before 4:30 this afternoon
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near the in-n-out and walmart off i-880 abc 7 news reporter jr. stone is following. what may be a deadly case of road rage. bullet holes in this toyota tacoma one just sitting in this stan lorenzo intersection after gunshots rang out sunday afternoon a friend went in the store. i was right behind her. i heard bam bam bam bam like a massive amount of shots. probably at least eight to ten walter says he didn't see what happened at this intersection, but was soon with the number of other witnesses who did those in cars who watched it go down the guy. apparently he had got out of his truck and it confronted some young people that were in a car. i guess he went up to the car and they shot him point blank range right at the car detectives verified that those witness accounts are accurate deputy say road rage maybe to blame here, but are still trying to determine what initially triggered the disagreement at
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this busy intersection insight of in and out burger and walmart. they started cpr on him. very quickly for extended period but he was he had been shot too many times right in the point blank in the chest at this day and age you have to watch out for road rage right now. you have to be very careful. don't confront anyone don't give anyone the finger. don't just mind your own business because you could lose your life just by confronting somebody over a road rage situation that that's my feeling. yeah. it's just really bad. no arrests have been made and those with the alameda county sheriff's office. tell me at this point. they aren't releasing any suspect descriptions in alameda county jr. stone abc 7 news. well moving on now to our storm watch and seemingly no hiding from the rain anywhere in the bay area. you can see here parts of san francisco getting healthy showers and the same definitely true all the way up north down
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to the south bay and we are not done yet. let's bring in spencer christian tracking this level one storm on our abc 7 exclusive storm impact scale. lots of greens still out there. you're right about that down early in the evening the storm seem to be easing up just a bit. but now it's expanding again. here's a look at live doppler seven, you can see we have a scattered showers across the entire bay area basically and some of these showers have some heavy but brief downpours. so from santa rosa down to san rafael over to vallejo now through parts of the east bay danville livermore, you can see areas of showers and downpours. now the wind has calm down significantly. we don't have the gusts that we had earlier today. so that's good news still though this level one storm continues to push through the bay area. this is our abc 7 exclusive storm impact scale through tomorrow. we expect more period showers with brief downpours slight chance of thunder tomorrow and it'll be breezy but not gusty with slippery roadways. here's our overnight forecast animation showing continuation of scattered showers seven o'clock tomorrow morning middle
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of the morning commute. we don't expect widespread rain, but there will probably be somewhat and slippery spots on the roadways and then later in the day late afternoon into the early evening. we'll see showers. redeveloping reintensifying and maybe even a thunderstorm or two. i'll give you a look at the complete accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes deon. all right, still keeping those umbrellas handy spencer. thanks. we'll take a look. some people are without power tonight. this is the pg&e live outage map where you can see there. is that concentration of yellow and green indicating those outages in mostly the south bay. we have seen large outage areas all throughout the day all over
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the bay area, but as you can see, perhaps the largest had power out for about 7,000 customers in the willow glen neighborhood that sometime at about 4:30 service though is slowly being restored tonight. power has been restored on treasure island after a downed power pool left part of the island, including a popular restaurant without power video shows the downed power line and new details chilling new ones tonight in a friday car crash that sent three children to the hospital in antioch those 12 year olds hit while on their walk home from school. now, the family says the most severely injured sun is now in danger of being paralyzed from the neck down if he can survive abc 7 news reporter unser hassan spoke to a witness who was the first to call 911 balloons marked the intersection with three 12 year olds were hit by a speeding car as they walked home from school on friday from our
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house in the back. we could hear the father crying over his babies and it just was really heartbreaking this young woman who didn't want to be identified so she and her husband were one of the first on scene to try and help we saw the son. i believe he was his head had injury to his head and he was lost inside of the bushes and after yeah, so my husband called 911 before emergency crews could get there neighbors tried to help pull the second boy out. that's when the car in the bushes. they were trying to help him from under there and the gentleman was able to help pull him out and by the time that the post had came so they were resuscitating him when the parents arrived on scene minutes later. they were asking about their missing daughter. he saw a shoe in the bush and he acts if anybody had a shoe or who's who it was and that's when they identified that the daughter was lodged in this
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decided to bushes there antioch police say the driver was speeding down sycamore drive when he hit another car that was trying to make a left turn witnesses. say the car that was hit was pushed into the intersection as a speeding car then hit the three kids and ended up in this yard. what's the traffic like here? oh, man. it's like a freeway like a freeway every day the family decline interviews, but one ant told abc 7 news that they're a very close knit family who always spend birthdays and holidays together a gofundme campaign was set up to help the family with medical costs some of the families on the street are already talking about petitioning the city to do more to help control speeding cars. it's really important that they were mining their own business and business and this unfortunately situation happened. i'm really praying for him, indiana abc 7 news. turning now to education. it's an essential aspect in our efforts to build a better bay area tonight the san francisco
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unified school district has reached a tentative agreement with teachers and educators. the deal includes a 6% salary increase it also comes after the teacher's union brought their demands to the district in august. they were calling for higher pay to keep up with the cost of living within. the salary increase will be retroactive to july 1st of 2022 that deal would also give teachers extra prep time for class and dedicated substitute teachers at certain schools. in a statement to abc 7 news earlier tonight the united educators of san francisco says in part quote. thank you to everyone who emailed the board of education commissioners and superintendent pushing them to get this deal done this week. the agreement will be finalized with a board of education vote next month. all right. well the 49ers won their home opener against the seahawks, but the starting quarterback trey lance is now out for the rest of the season abc 7 news sports.
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anchor chris alvarez joins us now with more on the extent of his injury not the way we wanted to start this season. not the way trey wanted to start this year quarterback trey lance was carted off the field. you saw it right there, right? ankle injury late. the first quarter of today's went over seattle. unfortunately, that was his last play of the season trey lance was hurt on this run up the middle in the first quarter and unfortunately his right ankle gets caught up underneath the pile. he originally tried to get back up, but went back to the ground and obvious pain had coached kyle shannon confirming after the game. trey suffered a broken right ankle and will have seasoned entering surgery tomorrow. so jimmy garoppolo played in relief and will take over as a team starting quarterback afterwards coach shanahan frustrated. four lands, but hopeful for his future. it's unfortunate for him. we're really hurting for them and we're really hoping to see a lot of them this year. so to have that bad of an injury
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to back from it we feel for him. but if anyone can do it, it's him. so now trey will be in the recovery process and rehab following surgery tomorrow of extended highlights from this game and more reaction from the 49ers a little bit later in sports deal forward to it chris. thanks, and don't forget. there are two monday night football games coming up tomorrow night the tennessee titans take on the buffalo bills at 4:15. that is on espn followed by the minnesota vikings and philadelphia eagles right here on abc 7 that second game starts at 5:30 and is followed by abc 7 sports with after the game. we'll still ahead on abc 7 news at 11 tonight a farewell to the queen. everyone's grown up with the queen the thing. she's no longer here though here in spirit. and this is like a pilgrimage. hours from an emotional funeral service london and the world watching over queen elizabeth plus disaster down in puerto rico tonight the territory without power as we have new scenes of hurricane fiona wreaking havoc.
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final farewell to queen elizabeth the second now just hours from being laid to rest the globe will be watching as her funeral proceedings will take place from westminster abbey. taking a live look from london right now where it is about 7:15 in the morning local time a million people are expected to fill these streets for a chance to see the funeral procession. tonight we are learning prince george and princess charlotte will walk in the procession
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behind her coffin. they're expected to walk behind their parents william and catherine the prince and princess of wales. now as the united kingdom mourns over the queen hundreds of heads of state and dignitaries from around the world are in london including president, joe biden and first lady jill biden abc news reporter. faitha. bube is in london with the emotional proceedings about to play out. world leaders streaming into westminster hall sunday bid final farewell to britain's longest reigning monarch president biden and first lady jill biden paying their respect to over queen elizabeth's coffin the first couple then signing two condolence books in the queen's memory a hearts go to you and you were fortunate to have had her for 70 years.
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we all were the world's better for her at 8pm local time the united kingdom standing still one minute of silence in honor of the queen followed by applause and cheers in the streets. crowds already building for the funeral procession monday some started camping out friday for a front row seat temperatures on these cold heart sidewalks have been unforgiving the past few nights. however, the early campers tell me they couldn't miss the opportunity to see the royal funeral. this will never happen again in my lifetime. so i don't want to miss it authorities expect a million people to come out and about 500 heads of state and dignitaries from around the world to attend london now preparing for the most challenging policing events in its history the threat ranging from pickpockets to terrorist attacks. there will be military personnel extra cctv sniffer dogs and police for security that incredible line of tens of thousands of mourners streaming into westminster hall winding down sunday night at times the line stretched for five miles
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the wait times upwards of 24 hours, but those who've come out after seeing the coffin say the weight was well worth it. she was she was amazing. and i just felt like i had to show my respect. and guests for the funeral will start arriving around 4 am eastern time, but that big procession won't begin until 5:30 am in london faith. abubay abc news. abc news will have live coverage of queen elizabeth's funeral in just a few hours from now starting at 2:15. am you can watch it right here on abc 7 news abc 7 or wherever you happen to stream abc 7 news. well now to developing news in puerto rico where hurricane fiona made landfall this afternoon, the entire island is now without power you're looking at new video tonight of a bridge collapsing and washing away due to heavy flash flooding. puerto rico's governor says the territory is about as prepared as it can be tonight, and that officials learned lessons from hurricane maria back in 2017. the dominican republic is also expected to see a lot of rain. the stating storm. yeah hard to watch and
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especially knowing what that country has been through in recent years spencer. so true deion and here, of course, we're just getting a little bit of rain much needed rain, and we're celebrating that and so far nothing very dangerous or devastating about here's a look at live doppler 7 you can see we have this north to south line of showers some of them locally heavy and we'll close in a little bit show you up in the north bay, which has been our most active weather spot throughout the day and now into the nighttime so from say to later down to boys hot springs to novato and over to vallejo and fairfield. we've got areas of rainfall showers and some locally heavy downpours east bay. it's a little bit wet near san ramon lafayette over towards antioch bethel island discovery bay, but once again, this is all light rain at the moment here on the east bay and the wind is quite calm at the moment. we have powerful gusts throughout much of the day and into the early evening, but those gusts have diminished. so here's a view from sutro looking over san francisco where we have temperatures and a rather uniform range right now. mainly low to mid 60s at san francisco oakland, palo alto, san jose and santa clara 59 at half moon bay. that's our cool spot from
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emeryville. nice calm and mostly clear view looking back towards san francisco clear for now. there could be more showers later temperatures readings at the moment 60 degrees at petaluma and santa rosa mid 60s at napa fairfield in concord and 62 at livermore and from our rooftop camera. we present this view looking across the embarcadero and these are our forecast features showers overnight wet and breezy morning commute. there will be some wet spots on the highway. so bear that in mind if you're a morning commuter chance slight chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm tomorrow isolated storms. they won't be very widespread and we'll expect partial clearing on wednesday with warmer and dryer weather thursday and friday our current storm a level one storm on the abc 7 exclusive storm impact scale through tomorrow. we can expect more periods of showers, although they could be widespread brief downpours light chance of thunder. and breezy with slippery roadways forecast animation overnight shows a lot of rainfall expected during the overnight in early morning hours. so the morning commute will be mainly mainly rain-free. but again, they'll be lingering wet spots on the roadways and
11:21 pm
later in the day. we may see a few more showers popping up and possibly in isolated thunderstorm or two rainfall totals by tuesday evening will generally be between half an inch and an inch with a much more rain up in the north bay overnight lows around 58 to 62 degrees highs tomorrow 60s on the coast and low to mid 70s elsewhere. and here's the accuweather seven day forecast tuesday. we'll get some partial clearing with some lingering showers even sunny or day on wednesday, but the real clearing and the warm-up begins on thursday, which is the first day of fall and it's going to be a relatively warm white. i mean, practically summer by the end of the week it looks that way. all right spencer. thanks. okay. yeah. we'll still head on abc 7 news at 11/8 giant ballpark goof you could call it. this weekend's bitter giants dodgers rivalry had fans upset over what they all a
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oracle park a sea of blue merchandise sold during saturday night's giants game. take a look this picture shows ellie dodger hats what is going on sweatshirts and much more of for sale giants fans took to twitter thinking it was a joke according to our media partners at the mercury news a giant spokesperson said it was third party vendor mix up and assured rival merchandise will not be sold inside oracle park again chris. how does this happen? is that real yeah our thoughts as well tell me that's not i have no idea but get it out of there coming up in sports tonight' abc 7 sports sponsoredy
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river rock casino the 49ers won their home opening against the seahawks today, but there wasn't much celebrating starting quarterback trey lance broke his ankle early in the game and is out for the rest of the season meaning this. once again is jimmy garoppolo's team lance. so confident coming out of the pregame tunnel his first chance to really show what he can do this regular season in front of the levi's fans, but late first quarter manager running the quarterback power on the option and trey tackled that right ankle gets caught up under the pile. disappointment was real have surgery tomorrow and is out for the rest of the season take a look at his face. you can see he was holding back to your dad the tough sight for trey. he did give a thumbs up for the fans. so that means jimmy garoppolo back at quarterback end first full drive. jimmy g finding a wide open rust.
11:30 pm
dwelley 38 yards rumbles in 13. nothing san francisco jimmy glenn. she fired up late second quarter now seattle in the red zone running a half back option pass and that has a bad option because mooney ward is there for his first pick as a niner? so the defense holds up niners were in control throughout this one and then late fourth quarter of garoppolo qb snake to cap off his day big smiles and congrats all the way around for jimmy g 154 passing yards, two total touchdowns one passing one rushing niners win 27-7, but after the game trades injury definitely on everyone's mind. feel terrible for trey. i've been on that side of it. this league is tough and you know ever she has their share of injuries, but that sucks for him and feel bad for you know pray for him. you know, he's a great great
11:31 pm
guy. that's what makes him so special. i don't want to downplay how much we feel for trey because we it really is a big deal. but you know the this is the reason that you buy insurance and you don't want to have to use it. but you know, jimmy was kind of our insurance policy if something like this happened and completely confident and jim going forward, it's tough. it was you feel for someone so bad. it's very it's a sad moment, but you don't have time to sit there and think about it you got to get right back to the game and that the guys did a real good job of that. baseball now rain delayed the giants dodgers game at oracle for a bid, but also met him a
11:32 pm
covey cove rainbow. that's nice. good job spencer bottom eight giants down 2212 on i-17 times lot of missed opportunities. and the giants lose it four three in 10 hot dog a's in houston final game of the road trip for the a
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. bone dry bay area finally gets to break out the windshield wipers for a soggy sunday rainstorm. this was a look at the drive along 280 at the peninsula today the showers they are not over yet. some places in the bay area could still get a scattering of rain spencer monitoring the conditions out there. what are you seeing? the honest it's not quite so soggy and at least not so much widespread soggy and it says earlier in the evening, but we have some soggy spots. here's live doppler 7, you can see the most active weather right now the wettest locations over in the fairfield area towards rio vista down towards antioch, but there are some other more isolated downpours in your san rafael and concord and danville. so the wet weather goes on this level one storm on the abc 7 exclusive storm impact scale will continue with showers and brief downpours through tomorrow
11:37 pm
slight chance of thunder late tomorrow breezy with slippery roadways, and here's our forecast animation doing the overnight hours notice the absence of any significant or widespread rain during the morning commute, but there will be wet spots on the pavement. so be careful in the roadways and later in the day tomorrow and into the evening hours. we may see a couple of isolated thunderstorms pop up and i'll have more on that a little bit later. yeah. okay, sounds good spencer. thanks. and you always have access to live doppler senate 7 really any time right on our website. it shows you the same rain and wind conditions that spencer uses along with the abc 7 exclusive storm impact scale. you can find the live radar feature right on our website abc7 across the bay area today that storm toppled trees and caused spin-outs even canceled events abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the wet weather scenes from the north bay. i came out my car is not damaged. so i'm happy about that a sunday morning neighbors on quick drive in santa rosa half of this tall tree splitting
11:38 pm
and toppling overnight hitting a car last night. i mean we had a lot of wind and it looks like it just came down the national park service shared this picture after gusty winds down to tree on ottinger's hill at point reyes. steady rain may driving treacherous the chp says it likely caused the driver of this car to spin out strike a tree and roll over on whitehall lane near yountville two people were sent to the hospital with injuries the storm caused about 4,000 pg&e customers in napa to lose power after a utility pole sparked the dog start barking about one o'clock. i looked out the window. the you know something up on that telephone pole. the fireworks dripping ambers this nap a church held sunday's surfaces in the dark for its parishioners about 15 minutes to the service. the power went off. so we opened up the golf in
11:39 pm
order for air to circulate. and a little darker zone, but we were were able to praise the lord. and mill valley a steady rain fell most of the day leaving this festival all wet. we're gonna probably let people get out before the next squall heavy downpours force the 65th mill valley fall arts festival to be scaled down quickly. this is pretty tragic considering the fiscal impact. obviously. we're a you know, a smaller event and the bottom line was that we're always just kind of making it most of the 130 artists packed up early except for potter tina fasila, you stuck it out. we stuck it out. i think the rain is, you know,
11:40 pm
we're happy to have rain in california. yeah artists say it was quite an adventure for sure trying to keep their works dry during the downpour chp says the rain will likely continue and that means slick and very wet road. so take it slow out there and mill valley cornell bernard abc 7 news slippery roads cause two tons of grapes to spill on highway 101 in petaluma causing a major backup it all happened near the east washington boulevard aapi community. today's peach march started when a concerned citizen upset over a cafe and laundromat break-in in the eastlake neighborhood wanted to build community and show allyship with neighbors. so she made a call for people of all demographics to march from woody's cafe and laundromat to little saigon and then clinton park several dozen people showed up despite the rain including some local elected leaders. moving on to a focus on the economy, which is part of abc
11:41 pm
7's commitment to building a better bay area this upcoming week tech giant sales force is having their first in-person dream force convention since the pandemic and it'll bring in economic boost to san francisco's downtown businesses, especially restaurants during the pandemic restaurants were especially hit hard now according to our media partners at sf gate restaurants are seeing a 20% increase in reservations and private room bookings now despite the much-needed boost reservations are still down 34% compared to 2019 if you are heading to dream force you can expect to see a star-studded speaker panel everyone from matthew mcconaughey to even magic johnson. we'll still head tonight on abc 7 news at 11 a star-studded red carpet tonight all in the name of amsterdam deniro christian bale taylor swift to name a few but that's not all we preview the new a-list movie. that is sure to get a whole lot of oscar buds.
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i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
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dampen any of the fun at the last day of the santa cruz county fair. check it out. organizer said the show must go on and that m rainbow unicycle and the balloon animals all still brightened up the day in watsonville in the pacific animal tent paco the sloth was even given his very own personal heater to soak up that warmth. i mean do you blame paco? with the with the wet weather it was fair weather. i wish i had a pun to come back at but you wore the master of puns. no, but let me think about it. i'm just sleepy. that's all. let's take a look at a live depth with seven. see what's going on right now. we still have some wet weather around as you can see sort of a line north to south of showers and even some heavy downpours locally heavy downpours reaching from well right now from sacramento southward down through the easternmost part of the viewing area and then into the south bay the storm is a
11:46 pm
level one storm on the abc 7 exclusive storm impact scale through tomorrow. we expect more periods of showers a couple of brief downpours of possible slight chance of some thunder in the afternoon or evening tomorrow, and it'll be breezy but not gusty with slippery roadways overnight. we won't see a lot of widespread rainfall nonetheless during the morning commute there could be what slippery roadways even in the absence of actual rainfall later in the day. we expect a few more showers to redevelop and possibly isolated thunderstorm or two in the afternoon evening hours overnight lows will be in the upper 50s to low 60s highs tomorrow mid 60s coast to mid and upper 70s elsewhere. here's the accuweather. 7 day forecast we get partial clearing on wednesday thursday a fall brings a sunny and warm weather and the warming continues through next weekend deon. all right looks good spencer. thanks. we'll see you on the other side of the break chris alvarez has a look at sports.
11:47 pm
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sponsored by river rock casino the unfortunate truth in football every player is one play away from a season ending injury. it's something quarterback trey lance learned today. he's not alone though on the 49ers roster both jimmy garoppolo and nick bose have also suffered season ending injuries during their career jimmy g tours ac on 20 18 bosa tore his acl in 2020 trey lance broke his right ankle in the first quarter of today's win against seattle and will have season ending surgery tomorrow. it is a tough road ahead. but as garoppolo and bosa both proven you can bounce back on the other side. yeah, i saw him for a quick second after just pushing him. well, like i said, i've been there i'd come full circle and this thing and just it's tough whenever you see a guy get hurt you feel for him, but tries to tough, dude. he'll be all right figure out yourself and just learn throughout the process of being a young player. you know, i can't do certain things that you used to do in high school or college maybe and i think that's just part of the process injuries, you know, he's talking everything but those happen so that's how you come back from that stuff.
11:51 pm
you know, it's it's gonna happen to everybody but who could come on on the other hand better? the game obviously and it happens. instantly and there's no going back. so. once it happens obviously feel like your life is over for a certain amount of time, but if he gets surgery whenever that is then that kind of starts your road back. it's not going to be easy, but he will be back and he'll be he'll be fine. it's just really tough right now wild raiders home opener vegas led the cardinals 20 to nothing at one point, but last play of regulation arizona down eight kyler murray scrambling and runs into the end zone cardinals still alive raiders fans distraut, but arizona still has to make the two-point conversion. so here's murray directing traffic and then threads the neil aj green.
11:52 pm
we're tied at 23 we go to overtime. how did he see him raiders fans again shocking in the overtime derek carr to hunter renfro fighting to get in a field goal range, but he fumbles the football and byron murphy jr. he's going the other way 59 yards for the game winner and the raiders lose 29 23 friendly reminder. we have after the game following the vikings eagles game on monday night this week. we actually have two monday night football matchups, derek henry the titans battle josh allen on the bills special time for 15 pacific on espn and espn deportes. end justin jefferson and the vikings take on jalen hurts and the eagles at 5:30 right here on abc 7 final round of the fortnite championship silverado in napa pick things up 16th hole danny willett degree birdies from off the fringe should take a one-shot lead over defending champ and cal alum max houma now to 18 homa must hold the chip to tie. what and he does at minus 16 it
11:53 pm
goes he's pumped and they're tied will it and houma so i'll willett has to do is make his par and we have a playoff but it doesn't go and the cal alum max home a wins in napa for the second straight year first repeat winner in seven years and a hug for his wife who was about to give birth to their first child wnba finals game 4 vegas trying to close out connecticut just 90 seconds ago vegas down one. raquana williams hits the triple and vegas takes the lead for good. yes raiders owner mark davis owns the aces and skipped the raiders home opener for this 78-71 vegas. the aces are the first las vegas team to win a pro sports championship to baseball linden zone former fre. sno stormrun mark today and though not only number 5. 8 there that go but 59 and watch the pitchers reaction right here. he just knew it was gone. yankees win 12-8 judge one away from me the first player to hit 60 since barry bonds in 2001 to
11:54 pm
away from time roger maris's american league record of 61 the yankees have a six-game homestand starting on. tuesday abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion chris thank you. well, the stars came out tonight at lincoln center in new york city for the premier of amsterdam. it's a new feature film premiering next month just in time for oscar consideration. it features three past oscar winners and even an oscar host entertainment reporters, sandy kenyon from our sister station in new york has more from a very busy red carpet. other straight ahead writer director david o russell has earned oscar nominations for films like the fighter silver linings playbook and american hustle. his latest opens next month. it's the first time i've done a film where there was no script i held onto my okay. i know the movie that i'm signing up for it was a very, you know, it was a really creative process where david and
11:55 pm
i spoke for years and the script evolved and i dreamed i'd read scenes and i would talk about it with him amsterdam tells the story of what happened to the veterans world war one when the depression hit try to be optimistic christian bale and john david washington play soldiers wounded in action and cared for by a french nurse portrayed by margo robbie after a post-war interlude in amsterdam. the guys find themselves mixed up in a murder back in the us with the likes of taylor swift and chris rock, please i was just honored to be in i'm seeing this and i couldn't believe it still pinching myself. he's great with the depression putting a strain on democracy a general played by robert de niro gets recruited by dark forces looking to harm our country. no history repeats itself. it sure did it sure does it is now we have the same situation going toe to toe with him is rami malek one tool sharpens the
11:56 pm
other and that was the case with this with this cast day in and day out and every day no matter who showed up they brought their a game and delivered. that was sandy kenyon reporting amsterdam is out on october 7th from 20th century studios owned by disney the parent company of abc 7. well, finally tonight happening now another live look from london where it is about eight o'clock in the morning. they are local time united kingdom coming together and paying respects to queen elizabeth this entire week now just hours away from her funeral service. and one last reminder that abc news will have live coverage of queen elizabeth's funeral proceedings that will start in just a few hours from now starting at 2:15. am you of course can watch it right here on abc 7 news abc 7 or wherever you happen to stream abc 7 news. and you can find much more coverage on queen elizabeth and
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her legacy anytime by downloading the abc 7 bay area streaming app. it includes a 15 minute documentary on the queen's one and only visit to the bay area. back in 1983. you can download the app now for your phone tablet roku apple tv, amazon fire or google tv. and that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at 11. i'm dionne lim for spencer and i'm dionne lim for spencer and kristen have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs.
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