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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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your guards down because we are seeing development happening with the instability from the sun heating the landmass. you will notice some showers right around yountville across 29 at this hour. once again, we are seeing a thunderstorm developing as this low spins just off the coastline. it is just spinning up some moisture. it's an exclusive light level one storm on our storm impact scale waves of showers chance of thunder today tomorrow and some slippery roads. so how much rain try close to three inches in venado so far over two inches in ben lomond many areas between that third to three quarters of an inch santa rosa nearing an inch a third in san francisco 1500 oakland, san jose about 5,200 and 1,500 in concord still counting the raindrops. we have more coming. i'll be back with the timeline. this is so good. thank you. firefighters say the moisture has paused are critical fire conditions for the moment for the moment. right? we'll see how long it lasts abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has more on that live in mill
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valley tonight cornell. yeah. hey guys that weekend storm a welcome site for most of us here in the bay area and for firefighters here in the north bay, but you know, no one is celebrating just yet. from a week of intense record heat in the bay area to a rare september storm across the region which brought some much-needed rain. and some minor flooding there were car accidents this reckon napa county sent two people to the hospital many weekend activities were washed out sunday like the mill valley fall arts festival, which turned into a muddy mess. we stuck it out. i think the rain is, you know, we're happy to have rain in california. so we're still in this drought type of conditions southern marine fire battalion chief. matt barnes says the storm brought enough rain to delay critical fire conditions in some areas. so that was good that puts a pause for us for a little bit of
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fire weather concern, but we're definitely not out of the woods by any means just a few days of warm dry air and and we're back to critical fire crews. we're back at workh fire we're definitely glad to see a nice early storm coming in september and sonoma county to reservoirs lake mendocino and lake sonoma receive two inches of rain. though both remain under 50% of storage capacity. this wondering storm was really nice, but we're not out of the woods yet. so we ask everyone please. turn off your irrigation as we get well in winter. and save that water. yeah water officials. say reality check, california is still in a severe drought and conservation is certainly needed, but it was great to see that rain over the weekend the live in mill valley cornell bernard abc 7 news great to see but as you mentioned cornell all worries are not gone. so after the storm what remains the biggest concern for firefighters you will kristen
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you know as as the weather starts to heat back up. the concern for firefighters are dry fuels which are just about everywhere and areas which haven't seen wildfires in decades like parts of mount tam. they want consistent rain over a long period of time. we're talking about firefighters, of course, and we will keep our fingers crossed that happens this season fingers and toes. all right. we're now bernard live in mill valley. thank you. all right moving on now in the east bay homicide detectives are intensifying their search for a killer. that's after a young man was fatally shot at a busy sandal lorenzo intersection in broad. daylight sunday. afternoon, this happened yesterday the motive possibly road rage family and friends of the victim lit candles at the shooting location on hesperian boulevard at the welling boulevard this afternoon. they tell us he is 30 year old reinhardt ascension. he was behind the wheel of a white toyota tacoma pickup truck that was covered in bullet holes
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as you can see the shooter jumped back into a car and hopped on 880 freeway after the shooting investigators say they're trying to find that person. as a result of that investigation we've gotten some videos and some information that's been very promising today. we've been out following up on those leads. lieutenant kelly says the sheriff sergeant was just a few feet away. he heard the gunshots. he was there within 10 seconds to try to help the victim who ultimately died at the scene the reading woman who faked her own kidnapping back in 2016 is headed to prison in a sentence that's longer than expected a federal judge in sacramento sentenced sherry papini to 18 months more than doubled the amount of time recommended by prosecutors. she was also ordered to pay more than $310,000 in restitution papini pleaded guilty in april of planning and participating in a hoax kidnapping that prompted searches across the state and made worldwide headlines show
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begins serving her sentence in november. a preliminary hearing is underway for two suspects accused of killing kevin nashida a former police officer gunned down for protecting a news crew in oakland last november 25 year old sedia mitchell and 24 year old herschel hale or charged with murder attempt a second degree, robbery and assault with a semi-automatic firearm a third suspect 27 year old. laryn gilbert is still on the run the reward for information leading to his arrest was just raised to 40,000. and we have updates on two item investigations into complaints of excessive force by police. first the beating of a gardener in san rafael's canal district from july. the i-team's dan royce has confirmed that the fbi has launched an investigation into the incident that left the man. we called mateo in our reporting with a broken nose and concussion after he admitted having an open beer in public the fbi joins other investigations underway by
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police internal affairs and by the marin county district attorney's office as well into the use of force and possible lying by officers on police reports and the guy team has also has new information about this incident from may of 2019 a couple celebrating her birthday at the san jose holiday inn tased and beaten by a noise complaint. marissa santa cruz and paya tufu received 400,000 to settle their federal civil rights lawsuit. today is the first day back at school for castlemont elementary students in campbell since their classmate was hit and killed by a car eight year old jacob villanueva died friday when he and his babysitter were hit by a car in san jose while walking to school today. you see a large memorial and various signs at the intersection of where it happened neighbors want stop signs there for now, they've added their own signs in flags employing drivers to drive slowly. dreamforce is getting ready for
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its big return to san francisco. it is back in full force tomorrow for the first time since 2019 salesforce did have a conference last year, but it was limited to a small crowd because of the pandemic this year tens of thousands are expected to gather in person at moscone center speakers include matthew. mahakanahey bono magic johnson, jennifer hudson, jane goodall and al gore now many in san francisco are really confident. certainly hopeful that dream force will bring a much-needed boost to the economy abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry is in the newsroom ryan. i guess crowds are getting ready here. yeah, good afternoon, dan. they're already tens of thousands of people at this convention downtown waiting for it to start and i met a lot of people who are from out of town. so the tourism that this event is bringing is what many here in san francisco have been waiting to see for several years now. all around the moscone center are signs a big convention is in town roads are blocked off
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traffic is backed up and thousands are walking around the venue dream force is back as a full-scale event. i was here last year for dreamforce, you know, and it was, you know, very small but not but this to me is back to where we were back in 2019 dreamforce is bringing in people from all over the world and their enthusiasm is palpable. it's so exciting to be able to travel again the first time i've traveled in a long time and you know, it takes a little bit to get used to having crowds around you again the san francisco chamber of commerce says downtown hasn't been this crowded since before the pandemic they say the tourism the event is generating should make millions for the local economy. we expect tens of thousands of people downtown. we've heard that about 20% bookings rate up in downtown restaurants one of those places. benefiting is oasis grill located right next to the convention site their owner says, this is the busiest he has been in several years. i think this is will be our
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biggest and busiest event. yeah the whole year. he says his location thrives on conventions around him our vacant buildings and for lease signs, he hopes this convention leads to more the moscone. center for years to come that is active conventions, big one will survive. we'll make a good business no conventions. nothing to do. now the san francisco chamber of commerce also hosts this leads to more conventions in downtown san francisco. they say conventions leads to hotel bookings and restaurant business things that we know will benefit the whole city ryan curry abc 7 news, stan kristen. address the need for affordable housing in california. the governor signed a bill by napa state senator bill dodd that requires state agencies to annually review then determine if land under their jurisdiction is suitable for residential development the bill codifies the program newsome created in 2019. the state is now seeking
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qualified developers to build housing on five state-owned properties. you can see the locations right here today some 4,400 new homes are in various stages of development under the program. governor also signed two bills today aimed at increasing battery recycling the first requires consumers to pay a disposal fee when they buy a battery embedded product like calculators and appliances starting in 2026. the second requires battery producers to establish and operate a program for recycling batteries and battery embedded products. it's a busy monday a lot more to come saying goodbye to queen elizabeth the emotional funeral for britain's beloved and longest reigning monarch. also still ahead the latest on niners quarterback. trey lances serious injury from yesterday's game and the big covid question is the pandemic really over stay with us.
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i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. i'd say give it a try. remarkable farewell today to queen elizabeth family dignitaries and world leaders attended the ceremony at westminster abbey. then many walked alongside her coffin to her final resting place at windsor castle reporter jim dolan from our sister station in new york is in london. at westminster abbey today a nation said goodbye to its queen a majestic grand religious
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service a fair well-disguised in the splendor of ceremony and right that reaches back into the ages in a church designed for just such moments. charles the queen's son and heir was there of course and his son as well. his son too in my father's house are many mansions the new prime minister liz trust delivered a reading but this was less a government event than a family affair the leaders from around the world gathered as well the queen remembered as not only a monarch but a servant of the nation service in life. hope in death. all who follow the queen's example and inspiration of trust and faith in god. can with her say we will. meet again after the funeral service. the queen's casket was placed on
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a gun carriage and led through the city by servicemembers from her majesty's royal navy. his majesty's royal navy now atop the casket draped in the royal standard the queen's scepter and all. and her crown the casket was followed by the king and his sons and behind them a car carrying the queen consort and princess kate. and procession line sometimes 50 people deep many up before dawn to witness. all of it was over too quick. it was like you waited and you waited and you really that's the thing you really wanted to see the most and then suddenly it was just gone and over and yeah, i wish i could have slowed that moment down a lot more my mum passed away 17 years ago, and she was a royalist every christmas day. she would watch the christmas speech and just be so proud of it and you know something that
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we've adopted and i'm doing this on behalf of our family and my mother's memory at the wellington arch. not far from where elizabeth was a child. the casket was transferred to a custom car elizabeth herself help design and driven in a motorcade to windsor for her final service there. the crown was removed from a topper casket and placed on a velvet pillow. charles draped the casket with the queen's colors and the staff of office was snapped releasing the queen's workers from their duties. elizabeth's casket was lowered into the ground at windsor as her reign faded into history. it has been a busy public several days for all members of the royal family. they now begin a seven-day period of private morning in london. i'm jim dolan back to you guys. and here in the bay area many people watched today's funeral
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the britannia arms in san jose open early to give regulars a spot to watch the service as well as sign a condolence book for the queen pub manager. michael north says it was something they had to do. local british department is part of our heritage and show that we entered a sign of respect even if one person came through the door or a hundred came through the door. it's worth being open. grace cathedral in san francisco rebroadcast the queen's funeral today the church is dean told those people who felt a strong connection to the queen came to watch and experienced community. grace cathedral is an episcopal church, which is a branch of the anglican communion. so is the church of england which the british monarch is a figurehead. it was a truly remarkable and historic day. well moving on new developments now 49ers quarterback trey lance underwent season ending surgery today on that broken. ankle. lance was injured in the first quarter of yesterday's home opener against the seattle
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seahawks. the 49ers head position says, he's confident that lance will make a full return to the 2023 season next year lance tweeted a photo from his hospital bed writing quote surgery was a success and i am ready to attack this rehab process. you can catch monday night football tonight right here on abc 7 the minnesota vikings take on the philadelphia eagles coverage begins at 5 pm right after this newscast and is followed by abc 7 sports with after the game. all right, some very active weather out there in spots, right? oh my gosh chris. it was amazing. i'm sandia told us we'd get rain and santa you were right. we've got a fair amount. it seems like thank you. i'll pay you off later again kristen. let me show you live doppler 7 because it is definitely active in the inland east bay some thunderstorms have developed as we speak. we are tracking lightning near antioch. you will notice right around west leland road near pittsburgh bay point. they're getting some pretty good downpours in this area right now as we take a look at some of the
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rainfall here in this region. it's about a third of an inch per hour as we widen out this i'll show you where it's heading into the collinsville area over the next few hours. we also have a few showers in the north bay right around highway 128 bella oaks lane. so we're taking you down to street level here when we show you the storm system. it is just spinning off the coastline and it is spinning up waves of showers along with the instability because getting some sun breaks in the heating from the sun is destabilizing the atmosphere. you can see those clouds developing vertically from our south beach cameras. so here's a look at our temperature is 69 in the city. it's in the low 70s for a palo alto oakland 75 in san jose and 64 in half moon bay a lovely view from our santa cruz camera right now as we check out those temperatures low to mid 70s from santa rosa to petaluma, napa fairfield in the 80s 67 degrees right now in livermore and one other live picture from our exploratorium camera. this is what you need to watch out for we continue to see that
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development. we're going to see some more thunderstorms through the evening waves of showers off and on through tomorrow possibility of thunderstorms continues it is going to be drier and warmer weather for later on in the week abc 7 exclusive level one storm. we rank our storms from one to five to day through wednesday morning. it's a one waves of showers chance of thunderstorms. certainly breezy with some slippery roads, you know, it's not widespread rain now like we saw yesterday so we go by hour isolated showers on five o'clock tonight six o'clock. you will notice in the east bay a few showers and really this continues going into tomorrow. well, i'm not sure why we're going to a live picture there, but if we bring our weather graphics back, i can show you the rest of the timeline here and you will see that there are a few more showers tomorrow night in the south bay and then as we head into 4 am wednesday still some showers showing up in the southern part of our viewing area this pretty much continues for the morning hours before
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this system is out of here for wednesday now additional rainfall totals look like this anywhere from a few hundreds of an inch to about a quarter of an inch for the wettest spots if you get caught under one of these downpours though with the thunderstorm, you may get a lot more rain than that. so just keep that in mind 40s 50s on your temperatures in the morning isolated showers a few showers for your tuesday. it's certainly going to be breezy mid 60s to upper 70s and the accuweather seven day forecast show. that level one storm was scattered showers for your tuesday wednesday morning lingering showers. it's still a one but certainly warmer and then fall begins on thursday and as the seasons change, you know, what happens in september the warmth is back. we're gonna bump you up into the 90s friday saturday sunday inland upper 60s to low 70s along the coast. it's going to be beach weather for the weekend cooler for monday afternoon, but really hang on to the umbrellas not just tomorrow, but also wednesday best possibility of thunderstorms remains in the forecast tonight going into
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tuesday, kristen. all right, sandia. thank you so much. we should let you know that promenade play days is kicking off a series of fall events for golden gate parks. jfk drive events will be held along the parks goldenil includt installations public pianos a mobile library and lots of other family fun-filled events. all right as dreamforce returns to san francisco this week a new report finds. that is a reason some people enjoy going to conferences and it's has nothing to do with the lineup stay with us.
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fiona also battered the dominican republic keep in mind. all of this is happening just as many of those areas are still recovering from hurricane maria, which hit puerto rico five years ago. now is south bay group that worked to provide relief to porter rico then is hard at work doing it again now abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes has more on how you can help too. it's been five years since hurricane. maria devastated parts of the caribbean now the region is coping with hurricane fiona. i never thought that we would be here again, maria acevedo campbell is president of san jose's puerto rican civic club a nonprofit that jumped into action five years ago to help people living through the nightmare that hurricane caused we were able to get boots on the ground faster than most large organizations. we help ricky martin with the distribution of thousands of bags of food. we had a great outpour of love from the santa clara county from the bay area everyone helped and people remember that now they're
4:27 pm
hoping to gather and offer the same support their phones ringing constantly with calls from people suffering now, we are working very closely when an orphanage they're generator went out and they have children from two days all to eight years old. we've been working with elderly homes and we are also working with animal shelter now during their hurricane maria. for it's the club was able to secure a 100,000 donation from the santa clara county board of supervisors, and they're working to make that happen again, but right now they're looking to you for support they have a list of items on their website that are desperately needed by the people in puerto rico. it's very simple. we have a list of things you can mail them straight to puerto rico. we have an address they can make monetary contributions. that is actually the easiest fastest way to help because we have boots on the ground. we're able to purchase the goods and deliver them to their whatever they need to go as the nonprofit and others like it continues its work. asavito campbell tells me that as a puerto rican she hopes that the us and local puerto rican governments can work together to
4:28 pm
bring relief to the island of us citizens who are struggling we deserve a chance we are good people. we are american citizens. we make great contributions to find out more ways to help you can head to puerto rican civic and san jose zach fuentes abc 7 news. five years to the day of a deadly earthquake in mexico another major quake hits the west coast. we'll have the latest and president biden says the pandemic is over, but is it really abc 7 news contributor, dr. elope patel joins us live to talk about where we are now with covid- [ coughing/sneezing ] [ door knocking ] dude, you coming? because the only thing dripping should be your style! plop plop fizz fizz, winter warriors
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must be magic. hefty® ultra strong™ with fabuloso® scent. must be magic. area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. a 7.6 earthquake struck off the southwestern coast of mexico in the state and michoacan earlier today that has triggered as tsunami warning for parts of the country including the tourist hotspot, puerto vallarta, but not in california. the epicenter is about 200 miles west of mexico city shaking was felt throughout the country and those who felt the tremor ran out of the buildings and onto the streets the mayor of mexico city says so far there have been no major reports of damage or injuries.
4:32 pm
you know if you're in mexico city, you would have had a really long duration shaking i'd be scary, but it wouldn't have been bringing anything down if you're right on top of it when you're receiving the strongest shaking it you could be thrown in the air. today's quake struck on the fifth anniversary of the 2017 quake that killed more than 200 people in mexico city meantime officials in taiwan are still assessing the damage from a series of major quakes over the weekend. the strongest was a 7.2 magnitude quake on sunday. look at that the quake struck a sparsely populated part of southeastern taiwan, but they were buildings in nearly 150 people were hurt bridges also collapse trains derailed and some buildings were flattened. the tsunami alert was briefly issued but then lifted well now to the covid pandemic in a televised interview president. biden says it is over but is it really joining us today is abc 7 news contributor dr. elop patel alok always great to be with
4:33 pm
you. thanks for your time. and thank you. what is your take? do you think the pandemic is over? that's what the president said. well, dan, my take will be supplemented by the take of multiple public health officials across this country. but no the pandemic is not over in terms of two basic definitions. there is no conserved textbook definition of endemic but most experts agree that endemic means that there's a constant presence of a disease. we don't yet know what covid is really going to do this winter. we suspect they'll be less debts and illness, but we don't really know and then also endemic seems to now have taken this political kind of public perception that covid-19 is no longer arthrit. it's not a big deal when we all know that's not true given the fact that 200,000 people have died from covid-19 this year alone. we're still seeing several hundred deaths a day. so in both terminologies it is not yet over. the pandemic is not over and in your judgment and those of other public health officials. it has not yet transitioned to an endemic problem. is that correct?
4:34 pm
correct, dan, because you know what it comes down to is we have to look to see is a disease state such as influenza. tuberculosis hiv. is it in a place where there is a somewhat a predictable pattern now one thing that's very important to clear up is that endemic does not mean harmless. malaria is endemic and took the lives of 600,000 people at least in 2019. so we have to be realistic of what we actually mean when we call a disease endemic. are we going to wash our hands and say hey covid-19 is endemic. we're not worried about the 300 people dying a day. we're gonna be realistic and say that hey there might be epidemics within an endemic. so we have to make sure that we're still doing everything we can in terms of testing treatment and making sure vaccination is hitting those who are most vulnerable. yeah more than semantics obviously, very practical applications. what are there enough people getting the new covid vaccine at this point to really make a difference? you know not with the data suggests dan the data suggests an uptake for this new omicron booster is less than ideal time
4:35 pm
will tell and how much a difference that really is going to make come this winter when we see how the previous vaccines will hold against these new variants. what about children or parents still having their kids get vaccinated or are you seeing i know you're pediatrician. are are you still seeing some hesitancy? dan i'm seeing both so i am definitely seeing hesitancy from a lot of parents out there only about seven percent of kids under the age of five are fully vaccinated that number jumps up to about 30 to 40 percent and those kids age five to twelve and it's much higher in 12 to 17 year olds. there's a lot of hesitancy. there are parents out there of children who are high risk who have gone out and gotten the back scene. i would urge all parents at the very least to talk to a healthcare professional. talk to your doctor if you have questions about it. don't just rely on google please children can still absolutely get sick wind up in the icu or worse and a lot of children we suspect and fear are going to develop long covid. wait a minute dr. google is not as reliable very quickly. they got about 15 seconds.
4:36 pm
there are two new variants. i know cdc is keeping an eye on what are you hearing about them just a few seconds, please look, what we're hearing right now, there's two variants out there in the big concern is that these variants may mutate to be resistance against some of our treatments. so just more of the reason why we have to keep virus transmission and replication low stay safe. all right, dr. alok patel always better than dr. google a loc. thank you always i might not be as fast as dr. google, but i am better. thank you, sir. i don't know he could be faster a giant mistake at this weekend's game at oracle park and kanye west revelation 4 is next. next. family is just very important. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot. she's the rock of the family. she's the person who holds everything together.
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4:40 pm
that it was a mix-up with a third party vendor and that rival merchandise will not be sold again inside oracle park larry. this is that's kind of in your face a little bit. yeah, i mean for the individual vendor involved. this was the most brilliant terrible idea ever. because obviously with the dodgers more and more their fans enjoying their success up here in the giants home park. there is a market for that. but probably a bad idea that somebody should have said right not the direction we want to go and i just hope for the individual involved because the vendors are individual businesses that he it's just a one-time mistake and it won't happen again and we go with, you know, old panda hats and baby giraffes and all the regular. yes, and the vendor will not want to make that mistake again because sandia they want to stay a vendor at that ballpark. yeah.
4:41 pm
oh you better bet dan. i mean, i i think it was a mistake. absolutely. yeah, i mean agreed i think you know, they made a lot of money from that but it's a line you don't cross right? yeah not in my home bradford kanye west who now goes by yay recently opened a private school, but says he's never read a book during an appearance on a podcast he liked and reading to eating brussels sprouts. he also doesn't like to read long text messages. he says he just reads the first and last paragraph. west said, he's a bigger fan of good conversation as his way of learning. so it's a christian prep school in simi valley in case you're wondering where it is. so who's signing their kids up sandia? no, that's a hard pass. i'm sorry reading has been a part of my kids' lives my life. i mean, i read a lot when i was young and i still do and i feel like my kids. i mean we read to them all the time.
4:42 pm
it should be a part of your learning process and let's say it wasn't a part of his now. he's involved in the school, you know, the smart thing to do is say, you know, what one of the things i regret is not reading more as a young person and now and i encourage young people to do that. that would have been a better way to show some leadership here in my treatment totally obviously, but the one thing i would say is as long as the kids in the school that he's helping to fund are actually reading that's more important than him reading. it's actually remarkable that he's been able to have the success that he's had. i'm sure he can read me. he just doesn't like to read i mean, i mean, why don't we call the name of the school? i'm not much for bulk learning. i mean, that's what we're gonna do. but let's i hope the kids and and he's probably spent a of money just to make the school possible. so i don't want to just completely bash him. but no, i agree for 99.9% of us. you're going to have to read. yeah. all right. hopefully he's not designing the curriculum. yes. i'm sure not well a pennsylvania restaurant is taking your customer to court after he took
4:43 pm
back a $3,000 tip the man left the tip on a $13 check reportedly as part of a social media trend recently. the restaurant was notified that the customer is disputing the charge with his bank. they say they tried to contact him, but he stopped returning messages. so since we have this person on the air with us now, i'd like to ask you larry. you know, i had a feeling that this was the direction that the question was going to go. just i know that's i look, you know if you dish it out you got to be able to take it. i don't understand if maybe i'm completely unaware of the trends but is this the new thing about 3,000 tip? is that what the concept i guess so i haven't heard and then it's a big number. that's a big number. it's you know, maybe it's some sort of a joke or prank, but but i kind of think once you you know, if you sign your name on that the bottom line for that credit card, and that's i'm just going to float it out there. i don't know they paid via vemo but for vemo you don't put the
4:44 pm
decimal points. you don't put the don't, you know point zero zero, so i've accidentally entered too much because on paypal you have to enter the dot zero zero. yeah. yeah, but it wasn't that. okay, so he changes mine. with dreamforce back in san francisco this week. it's the perfect time for our next topic the wall street journal reports conferences are in the new vacation. moms and dads have been going to conferences in drove just so they can escape their loving families many say gives them a chance to do adult things like sightseeing or enjoying a fancy meal. that's work from home has gotten tiresome. what do you think who would do that? hi, india, would you do that to get away from your no, i'd rather go out with friends to dinner or something. i mean, it's great to be able to go to a conference, but that doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun get away with my husband to go to a conference. wait a second. sandy used to go to weather conferences all the time.
4:45 pm
anymore and second of all there are other ways to spend your time then go to a conference. wow, seems like a little bit of a combative response, but larry would you do it? okay, come on. i'm gonna put you on the spot now would you do it with your wife? do what go to a conference. she wouldn't go to a contra sports conference you. hot men conference that's another i wouldn't be invited. alright, that's this edition of the ford forest good stuff everybody. i will be right back.
4:46 pm
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because when you invest in yourself, day christian and our weather department. that's right, sandy. you got some details for us. absolutely. let's look at live doppler 7 because kristen and dan right now. we are starting to see more lightning strikes this time in the north bay near yountville you will notice around pope valley pope canyon road, etna springs. you're seeing some heavy downpours as we show you the east bay bay point area. we are seeing some heavier showers right around bailey road as well. so that thunder has started to collapse, but we are still seeing many lightning strikes around the region flash flood watches are posted for parts of the sacramento valley in the burn scar areas as they're seeing some heavy rain mid-60s to upper 70s tomorrow keep the umbrella's handy. it's still a light level one scattered showers thunder chants and then lingering showers wednesday with a light level one before fall begins and we bring
4:49 pm
in some warmer weather heading into the weekend, dan and kristen very nice. okay, sandy. thank you for the first time dancing with the stars will be seen first not on abc, but on disney plus abc news reporter sandy kenyon caught up with good morning america, sam champion and his dancing partner san francisco native cheryl burke. this is my little bit in new york. just so i have some comfort of home with me in this rehearsal whole same champion has been practicing for tonight's first show after the big reveal in times square. i've done everything i want to do in career check check check check. the only thing i have to do is work on me and i want to get outside that zone that says you can't do that. i want to see what that feels like. look at what we're doing. we're counterbalancing each other. got it. cheryl burke has gone dancing with the stars more often than anybody else and she's won the championship twice. what does it take mentally and physically that kind of bring home that trophy. to not think about bring home that trophy because the journey
4:50 pm
is the most important thing and same as learning all about the tools of his new trade. i have to put on my really brutal blister making dance shoes on instagram live. same showed fans his portable massager, which is critical important because i get knots because i've never really done this before 30 seasons on abc the show is moving to disney plus. i think what you're seeing is truly the future sam says we're watching history happen and he's right in the middle of it. i think the biggest challenge is getting through your own head because you're capable of doing much more than you give yourself credit for and once you make that step kind of the doors open in the world is yours. it's a step towards freedom. step. i'm kenyon abc 7 news look at sam he's going to do it dancing with the stars begin streaming
4:51 pm
tonight on disney. plus disney is the parent company of both disney plus and abc 7. country music icon reba mcentire has performed on dancing with the star. but have them yet been a contestant, but now she's appearing on another abc show big sky and abc7 news. anchor regia keys. spoke with the singer about her newest role. we've already filmed six episodes had a blast with it. i get to play a character that i've never played before. she's you know, she'll cook you brownies and she'll help. crochet or she'll cut your carotid artery. okay season 3 of big sky premieres wednesday at 10 o'clock right here on abc 7 while we're talking entertainment a wwe superstar proud to be from the bay area. nothing makes me feel as connected to the fans as i do and i'm in san jose. we catch up with bailey as she competes at home for tonight's
4:52 pm
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yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! next is monday night football followed by after the game at nine catch special edition of abc 7 news at 10. you can watch wheel of fortune and then jeopardy and don't miss ab to 7 news at 11:00. all right, finally here the sap center in san jose will host some of professional wrestling's biggest names tonight. yeah, one of the superstars on the line of card as san jose native known as bailey abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey spoke with her ahead of her match. back in san jose like she never left as the sap center brings wwe raw to the bay area tonight superstar bailey comes homfeel'd for wwe like that was my that's my heart. so i love that i could be that
4:56 pm
for the city of san jose at 10 years old pamela martinez became a professional wrestling super fan. idolizing strong female names like lita and trish and after participating in athletics at independence high school, she grew up and achieved ulmatereamecinwepe ble o wanosen one third of the women's power group named damage control hoping to inspire the next age of female, san jose wrestlers live in her hometown to see somebody that came from where you came from an eight at the same restaurants and walk the same streets to be right there. that's just makes it a little more realistic bailey now lives in san jose though. she had to move to start her wrestling career competing tonight at the sap center is extra special. this is her first time wrestling in her hometown after offering a major injury two years ago. she says the injury helped her gain a different perspective on her passion, and she's happy to be home. it also showed me how important my friends and family were just being able to be home during
4:57 pm
that time and to have them all there after this injury is going to be crazy. bailey says she wants to celebrate appearing at the sap center and a uniquely san jose way. i want like law vics out there catered to everybody in the audience. i want some nirvana soul coffee 'm excited excited for this newn of me wwe raw live from the sap center tonight in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. great to have her back in town to perform tonight. abc 7 news is streaming 24/7 get the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app and join us whenever you want wherever you are. and that's going to do it for abc 7 news at 4. i'm kristen z and i'm dan ashley for all of us here. we appreciate your time. monday night football is next to enjoy the game. we'll see you later tonight at nine o'clock and 11.
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