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tv   ABC7 News 900PM  ABC  September 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. the storm is still with us as you watch this timelapse view of tonight's sunset. there is more weather on the horizon. good evening. i'm amade and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining us for this special edition of abc 7 news taking a live. look now from our golden gate bridge camera pretty nice conditions out there, but we are still seeing showers and thunderstorms in some parts of the bay area. yeah abc 7 news meteorologist. andy patel is tracking it all for us sandia. yeah, dan and alma it is active right now in vacaville. i want to show you the thunderstorms that are rolling through the region. you can see numerous lightning strikes in the area of the north bay, but right now as you will notice across highway 505 heading into dixon and winters, we do have a thunderstorm as we get you into street level radar here. they've seen downpours in the
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area east montevista avenue seeing some rain right at this hour and as we widen out the picture we are seeing a lot of lightning across the region. this is moving through the east bay and the north bay precipitation rates have varied from about 8. to about a half an inch an hour even higher where the thunderstorms have actually hit number of strikes just in the last couple of hours 57 across the northern and central portion of the state. this is a light level one on our exclusive abc 7 news storm impact scale and you will notice that we're still seeing some lightning just pivoting around that low pressure system that is parked off the coast the thunderstorm threat through tomorrow is going to be best possibility north and east bay. it's a light level one as i mentioned tonight through wednesday morning scattered showers breezy conditions chance of thunderstorms and the possibility of hail in terms of rainfall totals so far. we've seen over two inches in ben lomond almost three in venado about 9/10 in santa rosa third of an inch in san francisco, oakland 1500 4900 in livermore and a half an inch in
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san jose don't hang the umbrellas up just yet we have much more rain and thunderstorm threat to talk about in just a few minutes. all right. thank you, sandia and firefighters say the moisture has to our critical fire conditions for the moment abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the details from mill valley. from a week of intense record heat in the bay area the rare september storm across the region which brought some much needed rain. and some minor flooding there were car accidents this reckon napa county sent two people to the hospital many weekend activities were washed out sunday like the mill valley fall arts festival, which turned into a muddy mess. we stuck it out. i think the rain is, you know, we're happy to have rain in california. so we're still in this drought type of conditions southern marin fire battalion chief. matt barnes says the storm brought enough rain to delay critical fire conditions in some areas. so that was good that puts a
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pause for us for a little bit of fire weather concern, but we're definitely not out of the woods by any means just a few days of warm dry air and we're back to critical fire crews. we're back at work with fire prevention measures monday removing dead or dying trees near mount tam. we're definitely glad to see a nice early storm coming in september in sonoma county two reservoirs like mendocino and lake sonoma receive two inches of rain. though both remain under capacity. this one rainstorm was really nice, but we're not out of the woods yet. so we ask everyone please turn off your irrigation as we get into fall and winter and still, you know, save that water. yeah water officials. say reality check, california is still in a severe drought and conservation is needed firefighters are hoping for consistent rain over a long period of time this season fingers crossed that happens in mill valley like cornell bernard abc 7 news. and you can see where all of the fires are in california by using
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our online interactive wildfire tracker. it also shows you air quality so you can see if smoke is affecting the bay area. you'll find this on abc 7 the rating woman who faked her own kidnapping back in 2016 is headed to prison a federal judge in sacramento today sentenced sherry papini to 18 months and she is ordered to pay more than 310,000 in restitution papini pleaded guilty of april to the hoax kidnapping that prompted searches all across the state. trusting her with what we consider to be a fair sentence, even though it's longer than we wish. papini will begin serving her sentence in november. two suspects accused of killing a former police officer turned security guard are expected back in court tomorrow the preliminary hearing began today for 25 year old sheetahia mitchell and 24 year old herschel hale. they're charged with murder in last november's shooting of kevin nashita killed while protecting a news crew in oakland a third suspect 27 year
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old lauren gilbert is still on the run the reward for information leading to his arrest was just raised to $4,000. candles and flowers mark the spot where a young man was shot and killed and what investigators say was a killing that stemmed from a road rage dispute friends and family identify the victim as 30 year old reinhardt asusion. he was killed on busy hesperian boulevard at llewellyn boulevard sunday afternoon, those who knew him lit candles on the media in this afternoon. we're memorial sits in his honor sheriff's investigators. tell us the victim got out of his white toyota pickup and confronted another person who opened fire. we know that our victim got out of his vehicle and confronted the suspects at the intersection and that's about the time that the suspect fired multiple shots striking our victim. sheriff sergeant was just a few hundred feet away and heard the gunshots. he got to a cincy on in 10 seconds to help him, but he ultimately died at the scene.
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tomorrow crews will repaint a crosswalk where a third grade boy was hit and killed by a car today was the first day back at school for castlemont elementary school students in campbell since the boy's death eight year old jacob villanueva died friday when he and his babysitter were hit while walking to school. they were just blocks away neighbors want stop signs at that intersection and the san jose department of transportation says it will do a study to see if that is feasible. a final farewell today to queen elizabeth and a ceremony that drew an estimated one million mourners to the streets of london to see the pageantry of the royal funeral president biden and first lady jill biden are back in the us after joining hundreds of heads of state and dignitaries at the ceremony abc news reporter faitha, bube recaps this historic day. a grand state funeral like britain has not seen in nearly six decades members from every branch of the military marching with queen elizabeth's coffin through the streets of central
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london. it's had lost they want to make it. the queen state funeral beginning at westminster hall monday morning after 10 days of public morning paul bearers drawing the gun carriage with a flange drooped coffin topped with the imperial crown scepter and orb the wreath holding a handwritten note from the queen's son quote in loving and devoted memory charles r the king leading his siblings in his children in a royal procession to westminster abbey the church where queen elizabeth was crowned and where she was married her great-grandchildren prince george and princess charlotte joining the procession inside the church about 2,000 mourners, including hundreds of dignitaries and heads of state watching every ritual loving service. now gone from us and willington arch the queen's coffin transferred from the carriage to the state hurts for 25 mile trip to windsor castle the coffin arriving to a gun salute then
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carried inside. the grief of the royal family visible throughout the day the king's eyes welling with tears while the choir sang. god save the king. britain's beloved queen now lead to rest it's really sad, but we have had a week as a nation to adjust to this. and as the funeral rites in here in london back in dc the national cathedral and the british embassy or hosting a memorial service for the queen on wednesday. they've invited president biden all the former presidents and members of congress in london fifth. abubay abc news. cathedral in san francisco rebroadcast the queen's funeral today the church's dean told us people who felt a strong connection to the queen came to watch and experience alongside their community. it's been a great chance for people who you know really feel strong feelings about her death and her life to be able to come to celebrate.
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grace cathedral is an episcopal church, which is a branch of the anglican communion. so is the church of england of which the british monarch is a figurehead? and you can stream more queen elizabeth's stories on the abc's evan bay area streaming tv app, including a 15 minute documentary looking back at the queen's one and only visit to the bay area in 1983 where to come here on this special edition of abc 7 news coming up reliving a nightmare five years after a devastating hurricane the people of puerto rico are going through it again and a south bay. nonprofit is ready to help one more time plus when you build a great company here in san francisco, you have to get back. the ceo of salesforce talks schools and building a better bay area hi, my name is cherrie.
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later to those in oakland true to his word today benny off announced another large donation abc 7u senior education reporter land melendez spoke with benny off about what has been achieved so far. the playground at presidio middle school in san francisco was funded by salesforce ceo mark benioff, perhaps not every student is familiar with benioff's philanthropic work, but they know how to enjoy it very expensive by the way, most expensive playground in san francisco. it's inside the classroom where betty offs donations have had a huge. commitment began with a phone call from then mayor ed lee which in 2013 led to this the first ever donation of ipads and money to all 12 middle schools in san francisco and then in 2016 oakland schools entered the mix two and a half million dollars money that went to fund oakland stem programs.
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there's only one question. are you guys ready to be the best middle school in the country? all right this year the san francisco unified school district will receive another six and a half million dollars oakland schools will get the same amount benioff has always said that it's never been about handing out money instead. his initiative has always focused on investing in our children when you build a great company here in san francisco. you have to get back into the entire bay area and that's why this is such an exciting program over a hundred million dollars given so far to our local san francisco and oakland public schools. the goal today is the same as it was in 2013 prepare students for
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the work of the future in san francisco leanne melendez abc 7 news. leanne has been reporting on bay area school issues for decades and it is why she is our senior education reporter you can get in touch with her online her twitter facebook and instagram handles are all right there on your screen. puerto rico is under a state of emergency after hurricane fiona knocked out power to the entire island many areas are still recovering from hurricane maria five years ago a sarah bn now the region is coping with hurricane fiona. i never thought that we would be here again, maria acevedo campbell is president of san jose's puerto rican civic club a nonprofit that jumped into action five years ago to help people living through the nightmare that hurricane caused they were able to get boots on the ground faster than most large organizations. we help ricky martin with the distribution of thousands of bags of food. we had a great outpour of love from the santa clara county from
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the bay area everyone helped and people remember that now they're hoping to gather and offer the same support their phones ringing constantly with calls from people suffering now, we are working very closely with an orphanage. they're generator went out and they have children from two days all to eight years old. we've been working with elderly homes and we are also working with animal shelter now during their hurricane maria efforts. the club was able to secure a $100,000 donation from the santa clara county board of supervisors, and they're working to make that happen again, but right now they're looking to you for support they have a list of items on their website that are desperately needed by the people in puerto rico. it's very simple. we have a list of things you can mail them straight to puerto rico. we have an address they can make monetary contributions. that is actually the easiest fastest way to help because we have boots on the ground. we're able to purchase the goods and deliver them to where they whatever they need to go as the nonprofit and others like it continues its work as if you know campbell tells me that as a puerto rican she hopes that the us and local puerto rican governments can work together to bring relief to the island of us citizens who are struggling we
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deserve a chance we are good people. we are american citizens. we make great contributions to find out more ways to help you can head to puerto rican civic and san jose. fuentes abc 7 news a great way to help out much needed. yes. all right. well, we finally got some weather that we needed. we sure did sandia. it's been great to see i hope a little more is coming. yeah, we still have more coming believe it or not, and it has been a welcome sight. i want to show you live doppler 7 because late this afternoon and evening thunderstorm started to flare up and they've been going and they've been moving the northern and eastern part of our viewing area have had the cluster of lightning strikes. so let's get you into where we are seeing active weather right now. there was a flood advisory for lake county that has been dropped, but you can see parts of lake county still dealing with thunderstorms right now elk mountain road. these storms are moving northward as we look around vacaville. they are seeing some light to
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moderate rain around. cantalo road. you are seeing some showers across that region heading out towards elmira and this storm isn't quite done with us as we take a look at a wider perspective here. you will notice just over 100 miles. way offshore. we have more lightning. so those thunderstorms are going to continue to move in. the biggest thing here. is this area of low pressure that is spinning off the coast and as it continues to spin off the coast. it's going to keep feeding us moisture. you get the heating from the sun tomorrow and there's potential for some more thunderstorms. so let's talk about rainfall exceeding monthly averages in just one day yesterday. there was one daily record in oakland at the museum 157 inch the previous record was 1300 set back in 2019. now downtown oakland's average rain is about a tenth of an inch so they got well over the average as you can see here many areas surpassing their average rainfall for the day and we are
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expecting more wet weather temperature is right now in the 50s and the 60s the ocean temperature is 59 degrees a live view from our east bay hills camera as we look across the bay some clouds overhead. certainly still have some instability out there so periods of showers and risk of thunderstorms continuing still unsettled through wednesday morning, and we do have a dryer warmer pattern setting up for later in the week on our abc 7 exclusive storm impact scale. it's a one a light storm tonight through wednesday morning scattered showers breezy conditions still the possibility of thunderstorms. and even hail so as we go hour by hour, you will notice that 10 o'clock tonight the northern part of our viewing area has a few showers. it's a little bit of a lull before another band comes through this model is actually the more aggressive model showing some light to moderate rain falling across the region between five and seven o'clock tomorrow night and then one last push wednesday morning during the morning commute that is going to make things dicey at 8 o'clock. you will notice some downpours moving through and then it's
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done so that low will lift out of here and we are expecting a chance to dry out much needed rain though because in the middle of fire season, it does help to dampen the fuels which means the fire danger does go down 40s to 60s first thing tomorrow morning a few showers in the northern part of our viewing area tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be sun clouds breezy and some scattered showers. so not everyone's gonna see what weather just keep that in mind just like we did today the accuweather seven day forecast. it's a light level one storm for tomorrow. carl scattered showers still a chance of thunder on day, we have a few morning showers before we start to see drier pattern setting up and then as we head into thursday the season changes and so does our weather pattern so fall begins, and we're going to start to see temperatures rising. so warmer weather autumn warmth will push temperatures into the mid-90s inland for the weekend low 70s coast side. it's going to be beach weather for you and then as we head into monday, it'll be back to the
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cooler weather but for the time being your biggest time period for some unsettled weather is right here tomorrow scattered showers possibility of thunder and then early wednesday morning, and nama. okay, sandy. thank you, california will begin allowing an alternate alternative burial method known as human composting in just a few years. it's thanks to a bill that governor newsome signed yesterday david gonzalez from our sister station in los angeles explains how it works. making arrangements on what to do after you die can make people uncomfortable, but it's an important conversation to have for me. this is personal. i'm a caretaker. i've had to have this discussions with my family members about end of life and their wishes and their desires assembly woman. christina. garcia says, even though traditional and alive options like burials and cremation exists. californians will soon be able to consider another method human composting and we said it that we're doing something that you know for some individuals about that experience. i want to share with their loved ones wednesday pass away.
9:21 pm
garcia says, the new alternative is a respectful cheaper and environmentally friendly way for humans to be returned back to earth as soil. we have a confident and we put that into the ground. there's a lot of chemicals that get leached into their ground and often times ends up in our water when we do cremation. there's a lot of carbon emissions one cremation takes about 30 gallons of fuel to complete and blows 530 pounds of co2 into the atmosphere like a truman is the founder of return home in washington. he says human remains are placed in a vessel where the body is transformed into soil in 60 days and when it's done, we have soil that we give back to the family the family can put it anywhere they want the rules are identical to that of cremated remains groups like california catholic conference are against human composting because of the lack of dignity toward the human body, but truman says this option is growing in popularity and gives people a chance to restart the cycle of life what we do when we die is the last thing that happens on this planet and it's really important
9:22 pm
that our last act on this planet is one that gives back to it assembly woman. garcia says it will take a couple of years for regulations on human composting to be created but she hopes this and a life option will become available as early as 2025 david gonzalez abc 7 news nothing makes me feel as connected to the fans as i do and i'm in san jose. a wwe superstar proud to be from the bay area we catch up with bailey as she competes at home for tonight's wwe raw.
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dozens of san diego area dogs paddled out into the pacific this past weekend for a good cause this doggy surfathon helped raise money for a local animal shelter's program to care for orphaned pets more than 70 dogs strapped on canon life vests and did their very best to stay all that was so cute to stay on the surfboards in the open ocean judges back on shore great at each dog and their
9:25 pm
technique and how enthusiastic they were we're about thing right at all the way into the shore. that's pretty cool. look ma. no hands. all right. well promenade play days is underway. it's a series of fall events and golden gate park events will be held on the parks golden mile along jfk drive. it includes public art installations public pianos a mobile library and lots of other family fun-filled events. that is fun. well, the sap center in san jose is hosting some of professional wrestling's biggest. tonight one of the superstars of the lineup card a san jose native known as bailey abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey spoke with her before the big match. back in san jose like she never left as the sap center brings wwe raw to the bay area tonight superstar bailey comes home. nothing. makes me deal as connected to the fans as i do and i'm in san jose. it's just such a such a bond and
9:26 pm
for wwe like that was my that's my heart. so i love that i could be that for the city of san jose at 10 years old pamela martinez became a professional wrestling super fan. idolizing strong female names like lida and trish and after participating in athletics at independence high school, she grew up and achieved her ultimate dream becoming wwe superstar bailey the only wwe wrestler from san jose is now one third of the women's power group named damage control hoping to inspire the next age of female, san jose wrestlers live in her hometown to see somebody that came from where you came from an eight at the same restaurants and walk the same streets to be right there. that's just makes it a little more realistic bailey now lives in san jose though. she had to move to start her wrestling career competing tonight at the sap center is extra special. this is her first time wrestling in her hometown after suff. a major injury two years ago. rent psp one
9:27 pm
her passion, and she's happy to be home. it also showed me how important my friends and family were just being able to be home during that time and to have them all there after this injury is going to be crazy. bailey says she wants to celebrate appearing at the sap center and a uniquely san jose way. i want like lovicks out there catered to everybody in the audience. i want some nirvana soul coffee at the front. i want balloons now. i'm excited excited for my hometown to see this new version of me wwe raw live from the sap center tonight in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. five years to the day of a deadly earthquake in mexico another major quake hits the west coast will have the latest plus a once convicted murderer released from prison after 23 years behind bars his freedom partly due to the popularity of a podcast called serial, we'll explain
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. puerto rico is and under a state of emergency after hurricane fiona knocked out power to the entire island. it could take several days for the lights to come back on at least one person has died because of the storm abc news reporter rena roy shows you the worst of it. catastrophic damage across puerto rico hurricane fiona making landfall sunday as a category 1 storm bringing torrential rain of more than two feet in some parts of the island along with wind gusts over a hundred miles per hour. power lines knocked down who lead those sereno says he was sleeping when the winds toward the roof off his house. that's what you fiona is the third hurricane of the atlantic hurricane season, sparking a flash flood emergency overnight across puerto rico with one
9:31 pm
river rising 13 feet in just one hour in one mountain town rushing water washing away. this newly constructed bridge built after hurricane. maria watches power poles and a guardrail connected to the bridge are ripped from the ground everything connected to the structure pulled downstream the conditions leading to an island-wide blackout more than 1.5 million without power. what is your biggest concern right now for puerto rico? i don't want any loss of life here. once that's taken care of then restoring the electric service more than a thousand people are in shelters right now across the island. the power company says it will be days before power is fully restored with heavy rain still coming down much of the island is still under flash flood warnings. the hurricane is slowly moving out making landfall early this morning in the dominican republic rena roy abc news, new york. two other natural disasters to talk about at least one person has been killed after a
9:32 pm
significant earthquake. shook mexico today mexico's president says the victim was fatally crushed when a wall collapsed inside a store the epicenter of this powerful magnitude 7.6 quake was off the southwest coast of the country near the state of mi chewakin. shaking was felt 150 miles away in the capital city office workers escaped high-rise buildings in mexico city after they felt the movement. there is no significant damage or injuries to report there. you know if you're in mexico city, you would have had a really long duration shaking i'd be scary, but it wouldn't have been bringing anything down if you're right on top of it when you're receiving the strongest shaking it you could be thrown in the air. today's quake struck on the fifth anniversary of the 2017 earthquake that killed more than 200 people in mexico city a ceremony was held to honor those victims last night and then shaking there today. and in taiwan at least one person died after a major
9:33 pm
earthquake struck a rural southeastern part of the country over the weekend the magnitude 6.9 quake toppled buildings like this 7-eleven store and prompted dozens of rescues trains also derailed and bridges collapsed nearly 200 people were hurt according to the country state media agency. the man who died was crushed by a piece of foaling machinery at a factory now to the war in ukraine and new concerns of a possible nuclear disaster after a russian missile struck just about a football field away from a nuclear power plant in southern ukraine. ukraine's president warns. russia is endangering the world abc news reporter m win has the latest from washington. a russian missile attack in the southern region of michele narrowly missing the nuclear power plant there by 80 feet this is a different nuclear facility to the one in zaparesia that has been repeatedly shelled this new attack blowing out over 100 of the plants windows and shutting down some high voltage
9:34 pm
power lines ukrainian president vladimir zielinsky warning quote russia endangers the whole world. we have to stop it before it's too late the us approving 600 million dollars in new military aid mean while a northeastern ukraine government investigators say they've discovered evidence of crimes against humanity in the newly liberated city of isium. they say this building was used as an underground torture chamber just one of 10 a local ukrainian mayor claims russians used against civilians the forensic team here have just removed the body of a man from one of the unmarked graves and it's obvious that he had his hands tied behind his back hundreds of wooden crosses at a mass grave many only marked with numbers is yemen one of several cities taken back from russ. troops during a counteroffensive zelinsky reassuring this military push is only getting started. it was this is not a law this is preparation for the next series
9:35 pm
russian president putin now under pressure from allies both india and china expressing concern about the conflict president biden in an interview with 60 minutes confirming china hasn't sent russia any weapons for war and issuing this warning against russia if they're considering using any chemical or tactical nuclear weapons against ukraine don't who will change the face of war? unlike anything since world war two friends prosecutor general says he's documented. 30 started and is mount to side cases russia with any accusations they've committed war crimes and when abc news, washington a baltimore man convicted for a 1999 murder walked out of court a free man today after the serial podcast brought new attention to his case a judge vacated the conviction of adnan syed. he was a teenager when he was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend, but the serial podcast presented new evidence that there could be two other suspects. we're not yet declaring not yet
9:36 pm
declaring adnan syed is innocent. we are. declare fairness and justice he is entitled to a new trial. prosecutors have a month to decide whether they'll retry the case. i had served 23 years of a life sentence tomorrow a new episode of serial will be released now that syed is out of prison. let's move next to the battle of the us southern border more buses carrying dozens of migrants arriving in democratic-led cities with leaders now struggling to keep up abc news reporter morgan norwood finds out that they're working to get migrants the resources they need while calling for a federal human trafficking investigation. the immigration showdown reaching a tipping point as texas governor, greg abbott and other republican leaders, send migrant buses and flights to democratic-led sanctuary cities continuing to stir a political fight new york mayor eric adams on this week sounding the alarm after several migrant buses
9:37 pm
arrived over the weekend adams asking for coordination with the federal government and governor's greg abbott and rhonda santis all of this as he says an asylum seeker died by suicide in a new york city shelter on sunday. this is an american crisis that we need to face governor greg abbott's office says that he has sent nearly 11,000 migrants from texas to chicago, new york and washington mayor muriel bowser warning cities across the country to get prepared. this is the national issue and the nations mayors need to be prepared. meanwhile, governor baker of massachusetts says reform is the best remedy his outcry comes as florida, governor ron desantis. credit for the surprise migrant drop-offs on martha's vineyard. i've been urging republicans and democrats in washington to get together and to pass meaningful immigration reform. it's not a secret to anyone that our immigration system is broken and it's evident on the ground
9:38 pm
in texas. el paso's mayor claiming the surge at the border resulted in nearly 2,000 new migrants and asylum seekers per day most from venezuela. el paso swelling beyond its limits the mayor saying the city has no choice but to bust migrants elsewhere, but at least they're trying to communicate with leaders in those destinations. the people are not coming carol paso. they're coming to america and we talk to him and we say, where do you want to what's your destination and there? more than 1.8 million migrant apprehensions along the us southern border so far this fiscal year with republican governor saying the administration system is broken. meanwhile, the white house says it's surging resources to the area a morgan norwood abc news, los angeles the dreamforce convention is back in san francisco businesses are hoping for a big boost.
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to start the week on wall street
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stocks closed higher ahead of the federal reserves. two-day policy meeting later this week. everyone is curious about future interest rate hikes. the dow was up nearly 200 points the nasdaq added 86 and the s&p gained 26 grocery delivery service company instacart plans to expand to more than just food delivery. it's planting to open its own connected store using a smart cart. the caper cart will be able to scan items as you put them into your cart calculating by computer and weight shoppers can then pay using the card eliminating the checkout lines instacart plans to open its first store in irvine. it's not clear when it will open the doors to the public. happening tomorrow dreamforce makes its big return to san francisco. it's back in full force for the first time since 2019 salesforce did have a conference last year, but it was limited to a small crowd because of the pandemic this year tens of thousands are expected to gather in person at moscone center speakers include
9:43 pm
matthew mcconaughey bono magic johnson, jennifer hudson, jane goodall and al gore. many in san francisco are confident dreamforce will bring a much-needed boost to the economy as abc 7 news reporter ryan curry found the tourism. this event is bringing is what many have been waiting to see for years. all around the moscone center are signs a big convention is in town roads are blocked off traffic is backed up and thousands are walking around the venue dream force is back as a full scale event. i was here last year for dreamforce, you know, and it was very small it energetic but not but this to me is back to where we were back in 2019 dreamforce is bringing in people from all over the world, and they're enthusiasm is palpable. it's so exciting to be able to travel again the first time i've traveled in a long time and you know, it takes a little bit to get used to having crowds around you again the san francisco chamber of commerce says downtown hasn't been this crowded since before the pandemic they say the tourism
9:44 pm
the event is generating should make millions for the local economy. we expect tens of thousands of people downtown. we've heard that about 20% bookings rate up in downtown restaurant one of those places. benefiting is oasis grill located right next to the convention site their owner says, this is the busiest he has been in several years. i think this is will be our biggest and busiest event. yeah the whole year. he says his location thrives on conventions around him our vacant buildings and for lee signs, he hopes this convention leads to more the moscone. there for years to come that is active conventions, big one will survive. we'll make a good business no conventions. nothing to do. now the san francisco chamber of commerce also hosts this leads to more conventions in downtown san francisco. they take inventions leads to hotel bookings and restaurant business things that we know will benefit the whole city ryan curry abc 7 news.
9:45 pm
tell you what else will benefit the city and the entire bay area more rain. is there any coming sandia updates the forecast next?
9:46 pm
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ seniors who had covid-19 may have a substantially higher risk of being diagnosed was alzheimer's disease the study did not show that covid-19 causes alzheimer's researchers discovered about seven new diagnoses of alzheimer's disease for every 1,000 seniors with a
9:48 pm
documented case of covid-19 experts say it shows a covid infection could cause inflammation that exacerbates changes already occurring in the brain. however, other viruses can cause similar inflammation in a televised interview yesterday president biden said the pandemic is over reaction has been swift with many experts saying they disagree with that abc 7 news special correspondent dr. alok patel a weighed in with me earlier today on abc 7 news at 4. my take will be supplemented by the take of multiple public health officials across this country, but no the pandemic is not over in terms of two basic definitions. there is no conserved textbook
9:49 pm
definition of endemic but most experts agree that endemic means that there's a constant presence of a disease. we don't yet know what cova's really going to do this winter we suspect they'll be less debts and illness, but we don't really know and then also endemic seems to now have taken this political kind of public perception that covid-19 is no longer arthritis. it's not a big deal when we also know that's not true given the fact that 200,000 people have
9:50 pm
died from covid-19 this year alone. we're still seeing several hundred deaths a day. so in both terminologies it it is not yet over. the pandemic is not over and in your judgment and those of other public health officials. it has not yet transitioned to an endemic problem. is that correct? because a check of monkeypox cases in the bay area. san francisco still has the most nearly 800 at last check. there are more than 200 in alameda county and all right, dan and i want to show you live doppler 7 right now. we are in a lull most of the activity is moving on out, but don't be fooled by what you're seeing on radar which is a quieter picture from just a few hours ago. we do have a few spotty showers showing up right around middletown parker diamond ranch road, but this is really
9:51 pm
isolated the thunderstorms that fired up in the last several hours. starting to push northward but the area of low pressure. this light level one storm is still off the coastline and it's going to continue to feed as bands of showers and occasionally. we will see the possibility of thunderstorms going right on in through tomorrow and a lingering chance into wednesday. we do have flash flood watches for parts of the burn scar area and flood advisories as well. and that's because they have seen some good downpours and the concern is mudslides and debris flows high temperatures here i n the bay area mid-60s to upper 70s tomorrow take the shades take the umbrellas because it's going to be a mix of everything just like today sun clouds a few showers, maybe even the possibility of more thunder. let's take a look at hurricane fiona. it is just battering parts of the puerto rico area and also the dominican republic it has been i should say. it's a category 2 hurricane packing winds of 110 gus to 130
9:52 pm
miles an hour and as you will notice moving north northwestward, it is expected to intensify into a major category for hurricane late tomorrow going into wednesday night and even in thursday, but it's going to remain parallel to the east coast. well out in the atlantic the biggest concern has been the heavy rain and the flash flooding that is still happening in the dominican republic storm totals are expected to be up to 20 inches and locally could see up to 30 inches there. so that is the biggest concern here in the bay area accuweather 7 day forecast scatter showers tomorrow still a chance of thunder with the level one lingering showers wednesday before we
9:53 pm
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is honoring the first american idol where kelly clarkson received a star on the hollywood walk of fame today. she won the very first season of american idol in 2002 since then she's released nine studio albums two children's books and now host her own daytime talk show. she has won a slew of awards including a daytime emmy three grammys and it is the first artist to top billboard's pop adult contemporary country and dance charts for more idle. judge. simon cowell paid tribute to her during today's event and i remember that moment when your name was called and i was honestly i was thinking to myself thanks to you we may have another season. american idol season 6 is start to premiere in the spring right here on abc. well for the first time dancing with the stars will not be seen first not on abc but on disney plus a good morning america, sam champion is one of this year's
9:56 pm
stars. he's partnering with san francisco native cheryl burke and after a dozen rehearsals or so champion tells abc news reporter sandy kenyon that everything hurts. this is my little bit in new york. just so i have some comfort of home with me in this rehearsal whole same champion has been practicing for tonight's first show after the big reveal in times square. i've done everything i want to do in career check check check check. the only thing i have to do is work on me and i want to get outside that zone that says you can't do that. i want to see what that feels like. look at what we're doing. we're counterbalancing each other. got it. cheryl burke has gone dancing with the stars more often than anybody else and she's won the championship twice. what does it take mentally and physically that kind of bring home that trophy. to not think about bring home that trophy because the journey is the most important thing and same as learning all about the tools of his new tray. i have put on my really. blister making dance shoes on
9:57 pm
instagram live same showed fans his portable massager, which is critical important because i get knots because i've never really done this before 30 seasons on abc the show is moving to disney plus. i think what you're seeing is truly the future sam says we're watching history happen and he's right in the middle of it. i think the biggest challenge is getting through your own head because you're capable of doing much more than you give yourself credit for and once you make
9:58 pm
that step kind of the doors open in the world is yours. it's a step towards freedom. tap i'm sandy kenyon abc 7 news. how about sam he's doing pretty well. isn't he dancing with the stars begin streaming tonight on disney? plus disney's abc's 7 news. thank you so much for joining us. i'm amade and i'm dan ashley for teacher time. enjoy the rest of the night and join us again for abc 7 news at 11:00.
9:59 pm
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