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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 20, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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america this morning, hurricane fiona gaining potential going into a major hurricane. public and puerto rico. 30. how the us is. heads next florida. now facing a. investigation. difference from texas to vineyard what we're learning about the case how he's responding. morning. their missile strike near nuclear plant. troop recruitment effort. action star bird. donna now speaking out. the war. 23 years.
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well, in the murder case made the podcast serial adnan side isn't the woods just yet young? president by inauguration. and later, what happened when a retired? went under football. bbc news in new york this is america this morning when we begin with hurricane feet gaining it moves north. going for at least two in the. winds overnight we're up to miles most. no power 2/3 running. this morning, hurricane fiona is strengthened. turn into
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major hurry. fiona. widespread destruction and go dumping up. to 30 inches of rain along. post st. more like canals blocking. the water. now power to nearly. the island many. mean that the power can be reset. within days so. he's one person has died. daughter, she says that the water. just like this of her. ben ramos and his mother called 911 monday. to reach them. here. almost in theater in front of me. pretty. now you were. you were. president biden's puerto
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rico. on his way back from queen elizabeth. house says biden support. 100 federal personnel are all working. response and recovery. number. especially in the coming days. has a presence in puerto rico due to the. recovery from icane maria. marrde exactly 5 ghuo. hard to believe that was. this high surf from we will. just a few minutes, the other big story is. the. now facing a. option. from florida to. abc's alex porsche has been following. good morning. good morning, drew. attorneys for these migrants. pro. of desantis's move. coming
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from a sheriff in texas. this morning, florida governor ron under investigation. texas after desantis for the group. spaniard, we're going to discover. uh. the law can hold these accountable. he believes there's a high possibility that law broke. that a print. aid of what we would call a bird dog fee to. really? 4. lure. uh, where they were flown to rita and then eventually flown. in your. off his firing back. over. after being enticed to cross the border. would have provided an opportunity. date with his attracted. for these migrants
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are for. doubt that they say or missed because. it was meant for refugees, not france. inor. ey'rseing migrants elseer washington new numbers from. pensions have now topped 2. this fiscal year. and other cities across the country. appeared this is a no. patients mayors need to be prepared. spots. state. massachusetts republican governor is both crates and republicans in washington to implement sort of full form saying that.
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it's. two members of the. to build. attack on the capitol republican. democrats are looking to make it harder for. other things the bill from the president for the account. ceremonial and the speal map. documents former, trump' abou hurts ttisreports. hirshma. pretty if he failed to return. is war nuclear? other russian missile strike near a new. comes as vladimir putin set. new more. in ukraine after a missile s
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missed a power plant by hundreds of blowing out windows and power. one in zaporizhia that came on. tax. ukraine has reclaimed land. to the size of delaware last week, the state. size of delaware. fund. very active still. they recently took in that lightning event. to consolidate their russia bugling new. escalating online of vladimir ally, all russian. pardon if they go to fight in ukraine, but to see. in another blow to putin. alla pugacheva with put. posting on instagram to her millions source. is
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making making the lives of russians. go. whichever as beloved sweetheart part. as closely watched as a kardashian. on another mass grave, crumble new. a lie. well, the last note can. they're being released in a prison. lillian contractor. did it. was freed and. biden says he did not. but says he did not think the. americans for the web. good morning. all eyes are still on hurricane fiona as a way. over the next couple of days it
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is connected. in place for the. the. they can. and caicos. kane and passed to the north bermuda. they will see her. there, too, in southeast canada. coming up, how hilton hotels are getting involved in space travel news in the case of a text. he was planting. reversal in the murder case.
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morning america. a texas doctor described by 1 prosecutor as a medical terrorist, being detained until his trial doctor raynaldo ortiz, is accused of contaminating iv bags at a north dallas medical center, prosecutors say organize was planting poison bombs. the tainted iv's are linked to one death and 10 cardiovascular emergencies. as for the motive, he was allegedly angry about being disciplined at work, a major reversal in the murder case that inspired the podcast. after more than two decades, a judge has thrown out adnan site conviction. he's seen in this new raiding the fridge at his family's house, abc's lionel moise reports on the case and what happened next. after 23 years both bars addon, sayyed walked out of prison yesterday, a maryland judge vacated his conviction for the murder of his high school girlfriend, hayden lee. the judge prosecutors 30
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days to proceed with a new trial or drop the case. we're not yet declaring. not yet declaring at non syed is innocent, but we are declaring that in the interest of fairness and justice, he is entitled to syed was 17. and he was convicted and sentenced to life for strangling lee and burying her in a baltimore park in 1999. all along, he maintained his innocence in 2014, the podcast serial became a phenomenon, presenting new evidence and questioning whether syed got a fair trial. but it wasn't until this month that prosecutors recommended saadh conviction be vacated, saying the state no longer has confidence in the integrity of the adding an investigation. found trial prosecutors did not properly turn over radiance and uncover the potential involvement of two alternative suspects lee's family responding, her brother getting emotional saying i always thought that was on my side, but
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out of nowhere i hear that the motion to vacate judgment i betrayed this family is interested in the pursuit of justice. they want to know more than anybody who it was that killed hayden and leave now tension his. location monitor gps until prosecutors decide whether to pursue a new trial. lionel moyes, nbc news well, some news from out of this world hotel in orbit around earth step closer. hilton hotels is not partnered with a private space station firm to develop sleeping quarters for astronauts. it's also designing other living areas the companies hope to put the star lab space station in orbit in five years. coming up, the democrat reportedly planning. for president, on one condition, but first, the california from who staged her own kidnapping spend time with her learns her fate.
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your health care provider about. now with one artist. design in the sand of the. for tributes to the queen in just a few. is powerful funeral. abc's derek dennis reports on the new. gary puppini. small. is after claiming. did new years ago and then refusing to. document 8. quality of lying i'm. and i stand before you willing to. but the? bring it over. in newly released interior. this 2020.
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as. that's when officials in. mini with lying accusing her. series she. headed. you told us. the. reason why you can. because you stayed in the room. why you lost so much weight? a rash. the reason why the brand. the brand. because of a hockey stick. in california for. frantic husband was desperate to find his wife and. today she resurfaced on.
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and calling 9. meeting help. hold authority she'd been abducted by two women abused by. and other evidence. and james reyes. creative rooms or something. this was just like a. after sentencing. focus is on moving on and. provide my two children with. striking a different tone. the media, she feels. told damage. prison
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quarterback as homeschooled player named had powers. only played up all in his mind, coach. it was all part of the show, espn. plus you'd be the judge, think the artists and the distance makes it look even a four year old trying out with 17 and 18 year old. depending on on the field though, probably so some of those. yeah, a little bit. and then there's two. don't know about it. next one democrat reportedly to run for the white. the news website the rap sites. says for nathan or gavin newsom is under the running if it decides not to seek reduction, but it's too early to, so stay tuned. biden, though, has his will on again next poet amanda gorman company. general assembly now you'll remember rose to fame after
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reggie: now 5:00, a growing memorial. what we are learning about the man shot and killed and a possible case of road rage, and what his widow is now saying about the moments just before the shooting. kumasi: criminal probe launched. the governor under investigation for sending immigrants to east coast cities. reggie: a conference expected to iterate millions of dollars. kumasi: it is tuesday, september 20. drew: a lot of sunshine on our way today. a nice lady chance of the north bay of a shower this afternoon. live doppler 7 lynn overhead, you will find it is really quiet. off the coast line, we will zoom out. here is the area of low pressure. there's a lot of energy produced. most of this stays offshore. later this afternoon, the north bay may get clipped by an
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