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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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memorial. what we are learning about the man shot and killed and a possible case of road rage, and what his widow is now saying about the moments just before the shooting. kumasi: criminal probe launched. the governor under investigation for sending immigrants to east coast cities. reggie: a conference expected to iterate millions of dollars. kumasi: it is tuesday, september 20. drew: a lot of sunshine on our way today. a nice lady chance of the north bay of a shower this afternoon. live doppler 7 lynn overhead, you will find it is really quiet. off the coast line, we will zoom out. here is the area of low pressure. there's a lot of energy produced. most of this stays offshore. later this afternoon, the north bay may get clipped by an isolated shower around 3:00 or 4
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p.m. most of us remain on the dry side. 50's and low 60's. 53 in palo alto. san francisco waking up to 59. hollande look at sutro tower. -- a live look at sutro tower. a blend of sun and clouds. later this afternoon by about 4 p.m., we will track a chance of a shower popping up in the north bay. otherwise, temperatures in the 60's and 70's. we will have the chance of a shower storm coming up. kumasi: new this morning, oakland police are investigating a van that drove straight into a cvs store. it happened just before 2:00 this morning at the store on broadway near 30th street. if you look at this video, you can see the doors smashed. this is the inside of the store. several police officers responded here. no word yet on why the van ended up inside the store. reggie: also on the east bay,
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three shootings left two people dead. this happen in the span of just about 45 minutes. gunfire erected in front of a grocery store at the corner of telegraph avenue and 81st street at seven: 45 last night. three people were hurt. two of the victims died at the scene. the third person was german to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 45 minutes away, police were called to the intersection of east 20th street and 20 3rd avenue in east oakland. officers found a person on the sidewalk who had been shot. that person died a short time later. police say homicide investigators are looking into both of these shootings and there is no word yet on any suspects. kumasi: new details this morning there wailing more about the man who was shot and killed at the east bay at an intersection. family and friends spent part of the day at a now streetside memorial. that killer has not been caught. abc 7 news reporter jared stone has been on top of this story since it broke. j.r.: his name was rain hard
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actions in. he was 30 years old. you can see he was all smiles with his new wife, princess, who he married in the philippines. he was gunned down and killed sunday. >> i can't sleep. every time i tried to sleep or close my eyes, i can hear a lot of gunshots. j.r.: deputies believe what happened in the san lorenzo intersection was a case of road rage. princess said someone had cut into her husband's lane. >> i tried to stop him. i shouted at him, no, don't go out of the car. i had the phone, the camera was open. i heard several times of gunshots. and that's it. he didn't come back. the only one who came was the
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sheriff. j.r.: witnesses say that as he approached the other car, he was shot. deputies say they were in the area working another case and a sergeant responded within seconds. >> he tried to cater to the victim, but the victim was suffering multiple gunshot wounds and mortally wounded at that point. j.r.: princess, who is in the philippines, said the two were so excited for what was to come. they had just finished paperwork so she come live with her new husband in america. >> the hardest part is i am here in the philippines. i can't do anything. that's it. i just cry all night, i just cry. and i almost collapsed every time i am scrolling through my gallery, my photos. it is light, omo guide -- oh my god, i have no husband anymore. j.r.: witnesses were here, there
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is video, and they are actively searching for the person or persons who fired the shots. at last check, no arrests have been made. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. reggie: florida governor ron desantis is now under her mill investigation after he took credit for flying approximately 50 migrants to martha's vineyard. jobina is at the live desk with more on how the city is responding and preparing for migrants. jobina: while authorities in massachusetts and attorneys are looking into the legality of the move, and investigation is now underway from a texas sheriff. he says he believes there is a high possibility that laws were broken in the process. >> our understanding is that a venezuelan migrant was paid what we would call a bird-dog fee to recruit approximately 48 migrants. they were lured at a certain point. they were shuttled to an
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airplane, or they were flown to florida, then it eventually flown to martha's vineyard. jobina: desantis's office projected that on twitter, saying that migrants were more than willing to leave. immigration lawyers are calling for an investigation into the brochures given out, saying they were misleading. desantis is not the only governor sending migrants elsewhere. texas's governor says he has had more than 11,000 away from his state. now, volunteer workers are trying to find places for these migrants. reggie: sanford -- kumasi: san francisco will be -- a huge crowd is expected. live at the most goni center, where thousands of people are set to converge there in just a few hours. reporter: good morning. we are here at the moscone a center. dream force is set up and ready
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to go behind us here today, calling what they call the most impactful dream force in 20 years. we have already sent people coming and going from the main entrance here behind us all morning long. they are preparing to welcome in tens of thousands of visitors. many in san francisco are confident that reinforce will bring a much-needed boost to the economy, as they are expected to be back as a full-scale event for the first time since 2019. last year, it was held on a much smaller scale, which is 1000 people. this year, they're bringing in people from across the world, projected to generate $40 million for the city. the san francisco chamber of commerce says downtown hasn't been this crowded since before the pandemic. >> we expect tens of thousands of people downtown. we have heard that about 20% bookings rates are up in downtown restaurants. >> it is so excited to be able
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to travel again. it's the first time i have traveled a long time. it takes a little bit to gaze to having crowds around you again. reporter: the impact doesn't end there. dream force says they are employing 2000 local event staff and 85 percent of their vendors are local. dream force kicks off today here in downtown san francisco. it will continue until thursday of this week. live in san francisco, lena anna-lena, abc 7 news. reggie: a much-needed storm brought bay area rain after a heat wave. the weekend storm put a halt to critical fire conditions in parts of the bay area, at least for now. >> that was good. that puts a pause for us for a little bit for the fire weather concern. but we are definitely not out of the woods by any means, just a few days of warm, dry air, and we are back to critical. reggie: crews removed dry
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vegetation and trees. the ridges trying to conserve water as they remained in a severe drought. the abc 7 weather team will be tracking the storm. you can always get these live updates every hour on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. drew: yesterday, we had couple of thunderstorms pop up around antioch with lightning and thunder. that chance today now lies in the north bay. as we go this morning, a live look from the east bay hills camera. you can see all the way to the coastline. our air quality is fresh today, tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. that is thanks to the recent rainfall. here is doppler along with satellite. you can see low pressure spinning off the coast. a lot of lightning being produced offshore. later today, the north bay may get clipped by an isolated
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shower or thunderstorm. temperatures coming in the upper 60's and lower 70's around lunchtime. by about 2 p.m. through 4 p.m., we are talking about a shower popping up. i think the best chance is around ukiah, clearlake, lakeport. for most of us, we remain dry, and makes of sun and clouds throughout the day. showers and storms will die off as the sun goes down. partly cloudy skies, the chance for an isolated shower or storm in the north bay. we are not porting a number to it on the impact scale today. we are drying out tomorrow. just as fall arrives here on thursday in the evening, temperatures will begin warming up. that will lead to a pretty warm first weekend of fall. we will shade at coming up in about eight minutes. jobina: good morning, everyone. we want to start with road closures due to dreamforce being in san francisco. you can see the circle spot circled -- the circled spot here.
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just a heads up to you there. also, if you rely on muni, expect delays as well. a look at the san mateo bridge, or things are looking -- are moving at the limit smoothly. that has been the story for our early commute. no major blocking issues to report. even the slowdown coming out of tracy isn't so bad for our super commuters. tracy to dublin will be around 44 minutes. antioch to concord on time at 14 minutes. reggie: thank you. fresh off his latest song with britney spears, elton john now getting ready for an appearance. where he will be performing later this week kumasi: a major redesign and renovation, 20 is being spent to upgrade san francisco. reggie:
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this thing, it's making me get an ice bath again. what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long are you... i'm done. i'm okay. reggie: developing is in the south bay, city of san jose will be repeat -- repainting a crosswalk where a car hit and killed and eight euro boy. neighbors in the area say that what is happening is not nearly
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enough. abc 7 news reporter has more on their pushing for solutions. reporter: please drive slow. a plea from the community surrounding this elementary school on the san jose campbell border. the crow wing memorial for eight-year-old jacob. the third-grader was hit and killed at this crosswalk on his way to school friday morning. jacob was walking with his babysitter, who spoke with our media partners at univision from her hospital bed, as she recovers with a broken leg. in spanish, she describes the shock, saying she feels jacob's death is her fault. adding that she is unable toingy in her head. she explains she knew someday there would be an accident at the crosswalk, but never did she imagine that it would be her and a little one. >> i think everybody feels like this could have been their child. your heart goes out to this family and you want to be able to do something.
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reporter: by monday, residents put out their own safety signs, cones, and flex for crossing. while some drivers slow down out of confusion, neighbors were overall grateful people were at least slowing down. they were calling on the city to install speed bumps, stop signs, anything to keep the many kids in the community safe. >> it's one thing to say this was such a tragedy and we are going to make sure it doesn't happen again. it's another thing to do it. reporter: we found jacob's father at the memorial monday, reading a message left for the family. >> it is very sad and very close to home. reporter: a grieving community taking safety into their own hands. we reached out to san jose's department of transportation. part of the city's plans include collecting traffic data to see whether a stop sign is needed at this location. more immediately, crews will be out here at 8:30 a.m. on tuesday to repave the crosswalk. kumasi: governor newsom is
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taking action to help address the need for affordable housing throughout the state. the governor signed the bill by napa state senator bill dodd that requires state agencies to annually review and then determine if plans under their jurisdiction are suitable for habitation. the state is now seeking qualified developers to build housing on five state owned properties. you can see locations there. to date, some 4400 new homes are in various stages of development under this program. reggie: san francisco leaders will be in japan town to announce a big upgrade. he's plaza will get a $6 million renovation state funding. it is part of an effort to make peace with japanese-americans who were forced into internment camps during world war ii. a tour will be given to look for renovations alongside community members. kumasi: elton john is gearing up
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for his bay area visitation and mud. first, he is visiting the white house or he will perform on the south lawn on friday. guests will be required to be tested for covid-19 before they attend. his appearance is part of an event called "the night went home and his -- hope in history rhyme." he will be performing at levi's stadium in santa clara for two nights, weekend of october 8 and ninth. drew: sounds fun. reggie: i guess the white house is bringing back events. it has been a long time. drew: it has. kumasi: is britney to be a part of the tour, like a surprise person that pops up out of the back? drew: maybe l.a. reggie: she's busy right now dealing with years of trauma. kumasi: she needs a break. reggie: she was sharing all the
5:18 am
covers she did while under conservatorship. the covers of magazines. kumasi: on instagram? reggie: yes. drew: how is that going? reggie: angry. i would be angry, too. kumasi: i am here to support her. hey, drew. drew: if the lord can lead you to it, he can lead you through. that's not my saying. reggie: i didn't think it was. [laughter] kumasi: [laughter] take us to church. drew: [laughter] how dare you. clear skies overhead. weaving on. i am a nice person. what we will find today is there still a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. i think the best chance for that is in the north bay. most of us remain dry today. believe it or not, fall arrives on thursday evening. it will bring her more weather. the weekend, tons of sunshine, warm to hot temperatures for the first weekend of fall.
5:19 am
still the chance for thunderstorm. much of the north bay has that one. even parts of the east bay. unlike yesterday, or a lot of thunderstorms were around brentwood and antioch, i think that brett ships to the north. we are talking about ukiah, clear lake, and lakeport, the best chance of finding any activity today. it is a pretty quiet start to the day. tour the afternoon, i think it is doing a really good job of picking up on those showers and storms. the threat for lighting and thunder is certainly still there later today. rainfall estimates in the north bay, this is where the best chance really lies for any wet weather. highs today into the 70's, under a blend of sun and clouds out there. humidity a little high today. certainly feeling that mugginess in the air. overnight temperatures mainly in the 50's. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. the best chance of a shower in the north bay. drying out tomorrow. there is fall arriving on thursday. temperatures climb. saturday and sunday, it is nice.
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sunshine, 80's, 90's, above kumasi: average this time of year. kumasi:coming up come the seven things to know this morning. reggie: a north bay punk and patch and core opens this weeken
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kumasi: here the some things this morning. the city of san jose is painting a crosswalk where a car hit and killed eight-year-old jacob. reggie: number two, dream force kicks offsan francisco for day one of the tech conference. local businesses say, bring it on. it is expected generate $40 million for the city. kumasi: a sheriff in texas has launched an investigation into 40 governor ron desantis. he took right for flying migrants to martha's vineyard. reggie: vice president kamala harris and president bynum will be --
5:23 am
drew: still a slight chance of a shower in the north bay later on today. for most of us, it is a dry day. a mixture of sun and clouds, temperatures going into the 70's. jobina: dreamforce is going to cause a couple of street closures in san francisco. i want to give you a fair warning of that. new montgomery street to hawthorne street. kumasi: tonight is the j.p. morgan corporate challenge race in san francisco. it starts at 6:45 p.m. at the chase center. we want you to be aware, there are several street closures in that area, as well as north. reggie: in today's first look, a woman faked her own kidnapping and has been sent to prison. >> in this morning's "you may 1 look," this woman in the 2016 hoax. a california mom pleaded guilty
5:24 am
for lying to authorities about the -- about being kidnapped and tortured she was sentenced to 18 months monday. now, we are learning how her hoax slammed to a grunting halt in august 2020. >> we have a statement that says he told you -- >> shasta county sheriff's investigators confront the woman they tenderly treated as a victim for nearly four years. >> there was a quarter inch of heavy chain. >> coming up live at 7 a.m., we will show you more of the never before seen evidence, plus a legal expert ways in with your "gma first look." kumasi: are you registered to vote? if you are not, today is the national reminder to do it. it is national voter registration day. the national association of secretaries of state started this nonpartisan holiday in 2012. it is a core needed effort from local, state, and national
5:25 am
organizations, urging people to register. data finds more than one in five eligible americans are not registered to vote. you can find out how to register by going to reggie: getting lost in a north bay corn maze. this is getting ready to welcome guests for the fall season. opening day is friday. the plan is to remain open through november. you might remember last year, an atmospheric river drenched the region, forcing the pumpkin patch and corn maze to shut down early. this is located off of highway 101. here is the elaborate maze from a few years ago. every year, they do a different design. there is only one way out. the course usually takes at least 45 minutes to complete. this is the one you can see right in front of the road, as you can tell from this shot. we should probably go to this. kumasi: i think it will be fun. reggie: do you like this, stuffy?
5:26 am
kumasi: i don't like escape rooms. this is fun. reggie: a critical climate change message paid the big names calling on people to change their habits. kumasi: the san francisco school board backtracking on a plan. the holidays at the center of a discussion at the meeting today. reggie: they live look at the airport this morning. ♪
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reggie: now at 5:30, from ashes to compost. california now legalizing turn native burial practices. but not everyone is on board. kumasi: hurricane fiona now a category 3 storm. devastating floods and how the biden administration is stepping into hell. reggie: a live look outside. are we done with this rare rainfall in september? drew is here with worry macy rainfall today. kumasi: let's start with a check of that forecast. drew: yesterday, we got soaked. some isolated thunder storms popped up mainly in the state. today, i think that chance of shower or storm will be in the north bay. live doppler 7 along the satellite. really quite overhead. here is the area of low pressure. it is sitting and spinning off the coast. you can see several lightning strikes associated with the showers and storms. the bulk of the section will stay offshore later today in the north bay. we may get clicked by an
5:30 am
isolated shower. right now, temperatures waking up51 in santa rosa, 55 in oakla, 54 in gilroy. a live look at the city. fog-free. a lot of stars out there. a nice morning. a blend of sun and clouds throughout the day. into the afternoon, 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., there is the chance for a storm in the north bay. temperatures in the 60's and 70's this afternoon. hour-by-hour and future weather coming up in a few minutes. reggie: developing news this morning, hurricane fiona is gaining strength as it moves north. the national hurricane center confirms fiona is a category 3. it is the first major hurricane of this year's atlantic cane season. jobina at the live desk with that. jobina: it has already caused widespread destruction in puerto rico, dumping up to 30 inches of rain. winds reached up to 130 mph. two thirds of the island has no running water. so far, more than 1000 people
5:31 am
have had to be rescued. at least two people have died. a man and his mother called 911, but it took firefighters seven hours to reach them. >> she says that the water was running just like this, but inside of her house. jobina: the white house as president biden has pdged white house support from fema. they are working to assist with response and recovery. that number is expected to increase substantially in the coming days. fema already has a large presence in's puerto rico, due to the island's ongoing recovery from hurricane maria, which made exactly five years of landfall ago today. kumasi: vice president kamala harris will be there. president biden will not be able to attend the service because he will be at the human general assembly in new york. an estimated one million mourners lined the streets of london to see the pageantry of the royal funeral.
5:32 am
abc news reporter has more and what's next. ♪ >> overnight, the world bidding queen elizabeth ii one final farewell. she was later rest in a private ceremony next to her husband philip. it started with a grand estate funeral, the likes of which britain had not seen in nearly six decades. her draped coffin brought to westminster, along with a wreath and handwritten note from her son. inside, about 2000 mourners, including president biden. pres. biden: she was -- >> she was joyful. >> at sign, millions lining the streets tickets -- to catch a glimpse of the funeral.
5:33 am
royal family members following every step. >> it was incredible, the celebrity of watching all of the pageantry. >> at washington arch, she was transferred to a hurst and brought to westminster council. -- westminster castle. the king's eyes welling with tears while a choir sang "god save the king." >> it is really sad that we have had a week as a nation to adjust to this. >> the next big royal event of this magnitude will be the king's coronation. reporting that will take place in the spring or summer, following a period of mourning for the queen. kumasi: you can stream more queen elizabeth stories on the streaming app, including a 15 minute documentary looking back at the queen's one and only
5:34 am
visit to the bay area in 1983. reggie: today, tech giant salesforce posting dreamforce. that means traffic and street closures, and more money for the city. our reporter joyce us live from where it is all happening. reporter: good morning. many here are confident dreamforce will bring a much-needed boost to the city's economy, as they are expected to be back at a full-scale event for the first time since 2019. last year, it was held on a much smaller scale with just 1000 people. this year, the conference is bringing in tens of thousands of people from across the world, projected to generate $40 million for the economy. one of the restaurants benefiting from this is the oasis grill, right next to the convention site. their owner says this is the busiest they have been in several years. he is hoping this convention will lead to many more at the
5:35 am
moscow center from many years to come. >> i think this will be our bigg event here inear. we will make a good business. no conventions, nothing to do. reporter: the local impact is not done there. dreamforce says they are employing 2000 local event staff and 85% of their vendors are local. of course, traffic around the muscovy center is expected to be jampacked. they say howard street will be closed between 3rd street and 4th street through 8:00 on sunday night for the event. it is encouraging people to walk from their hotels or take public transit. dreamforce kicks off today and will go through thursday of this week. live in san francisco, lynn allen, abc7news. kumasi: californian will now
5:36 am
have a different option for burials. here are the details of how this will work. gloria: california will become the fifth state to legalize human composting. advocates say it is an environmentally from the alternative to end-of-life options. but some oppose this. this is a reenactment video that shows you some of the process that seattle-based company uses to turn human remains into soil. katrina stayed, he used to live in the bay area, says this is growing in popularity. they are thrilled the governor signed the bill into law and plan to open a space in california. >> when he think about composting, it is like the cousin of cremation. there is a process that happens in your body, it changes on a molecular level, and your family is given back something.
5:37 am
in the case of cremation, it is ashes. in the case of composition -- of composting, it is soil. some families choose to bury their ashes, which you could do with composted soil. some people choose to grow a tree with the soil, which you cannot do with ashes. gloria: i spoke to one family member, who has been pushing the bill. she says it is one of the more natural ways to deal with our bodies at the end of life. they want to give californians another option. the law is expected to take effect in 2027, but there is some opposition. groups like the california catholic conference are against human composting because they say there is a lack of dignity toward the human body. reggie: this is fascinating. gloria, thank you. the conversation on where we are in this pandemic has been reignited after some comments by president biden. he spoke over the weekend to "60 minutes." he said, "the pandemic is over."
5:38 am
however, health experts say the cove -- the pandemic is not over, just more manageable. for the 400 americans die from the virus every day. the overall picture of covid community levels across the country is mostly green, meaning there are low levels of transmission right now. in california, cases and deaths have been going down since march. we spoke to the chief of emergency medicine at ucsf to get a clear picture of what she's seeing everyday. >> four or five months ago, we started noticing a change in the severity of the illness. we still had a number of people coming in, but they just weren't that sick. reggie: specialists are treating this decrease in cases and deaths to vaccines, boosters, and pharmaceuticals. kumasi: today, the san francisco school board will approve a plan to put holidays on hold. they wanted to create two district-wide muslim holidays. in a statement last night, they said further analysis is now needed about how best the schools can implement these
5:39 am
holidays, along with those of other true crime pos to one man's release from prison for napa but the story is far from over. reggie: a big honor hollywood. the very first winner of "american idol" getting her star on the hollywood walk of fame. drew: did you see behind her? i think simon and paul were there. good for her. reggie: what a career. kumasi: really. drew: i thought she would have had that are ready. she's a pretty big star. anyway. a look outside. she talks for a living. so much of what we do. san, good morning. mainly clear skies out there, right air quality. sent rains have really brought us fresh air. breathing easy this week. here is live doppler 7. you can see the cyclonic flow
5:40 am
nicely. it is so close to a still today that there is the chance of an isolated shower or storm. that chance is best in the north bay. we will show you on future weather hour-by-hour. sun and clouds climbing into the 60's and 70's. really a nice day to grab that meal outside. 2 p.m. through 4 p.m., is trying to pop up a shower around ukiah, clear port -- clearlake, lakeport. it is a dry day, a blend of sun and clouds. temperatures mainly in the 70's. still kind of muggy outside. a storm of shore -- offshore. as a storm pulls away tomorrow, temperatures will rise. for cash as you we drive tomorrow. we welcome fall thursday evening. temperatures go above-average, which leads to a warm to hot weekend on the way. we will preview that we can forecast in a minute. see how we are doing with traffic. drew: good morning, -- jobina:
5:41 am
good morning, everyone. that was done traffic is really filling in. you could see all the headlights going toward the maze. the bay bridge toll plaza is pretty light, even though metering lights came on about five minutes ago. we will continue to keep and i'll that for you and see if the backup fills in. talking of this earlier, but dreamforce's back. it will cause some traffic problems. if you rely on any service, that may be delayed, so just a heads up to you there. also, the street closures, the biggest one is howard street, detoured yes southbound 2nd street to harrison street or montgomery street to hawthorne street. be aware of that as well. our drive times here, 35 minutes. highway 85 to the san jose airport, right on time at seven
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kumasi: community members held a candlelight vigil outside of city hall of a 2020 -- of a 22-year-old iranian woman. her brother said she was taken into a reeducation facility before needing treatment at a hospital. doctors say she suffered from both a heart attack and a stroke. protests have now ignited throughout iran, globally. community members, human rights organizations, and social media are working to spread the word on iran's conditioned violence against its people. reggie: this morning, ukraine is warning of nuclear terrorism after yet another russian missile near a nuclear plant. it comes as if vladimir putin suffers a setback in his attempt to recruit more socials. reporter: new concerns this morning about a potential nuclear disaster in ukraine after a missile attack in the south missed the power plant by
5:45 am
only hundreds of feet, blowing out windows and shutting down power lines. this is a different nuclear facility and the one in separation that came under repeated attacks. meanwhile, it appears ukraine has reclaimed more land in the northeast and first thought. after comparing it to the size of delaware last week, the state department now says the reclaimed area is the size of delaware and rhode island. you can see that the ukrainian military are very active still in this area, which they recently took in that lightning offensive and are now trying to consolidate their game. in another blow to patent, a russian pop icon is now speaking out against the war. seen here with putin in 2014, posting on instagram to her millions of followers that the invasion is making the lives of russian citizens extremely difficult. one reporter describes her as beloved as america's sweetheart dolly parton, as ubiquitous as madonna, and as closely watched as a kardashian. kumasi: it is known as a podcast
5:46 am
that set off the true crime craze. a new episode of "serial" is out right now after the suspect accused in a case is out of jail as a free man for now. this man was 17 years old when, in baltimore, he was convicted in the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend. however, the podcast presented new evidence that there could be two other suspects. >> we are not yet declaring he is innocent, but we are claiming that in the interest of fairness and justice, he is entitled to a new trial. kumasi: prosecutors have 30 days to decide whether to retry the case. he served 23 years of a life sentence. he is now 41 years old and has always maintained his innocence with the debut of the "serial" podcast in 2014. reggie: the u.n. general
5:47 am
assembly is meeting about climate change. a south korean kapok group made an urgent plea for people to cut energy waste and food waste. >> i challenge you to heed this call. i dare you to shape our fate. above all, i dare you to do good. reggie: the u.n. secretary general says he hears these calls from young people. hollywood honoring the first american idol winner. kelly clarkson received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. she won the very first season of "american idol" in 2002. since then, she has released nine studio albums, two children's books, and now hosts her own daytime talk show. she has won a slew of awards, including a daytime emmy and some grammies.
5:48 am
she has taught several charts. former judge simon cowell paid tribute to her during the event. >> i remember that moment when your name was called and honestly, i was thinking to myself, thanks to you, we may have another season. reggie: then next season -- the next season of "american is set to premiere in the spring. what is her best song? kumasi: our member when she signed that. drew: the fireworks coming down. in high school, i remember our teachers didn't give us homework that night, but all of us were watching. i feel like we were all united around one person. kelly, you got this. kumasi: who would have known? her career has blossomed beautifully. i love how she is still always herself. even with the show, because she
5:49 am
is always singing in that show, just talking to people. reggie: kelly clarkson does the best covers that i have ever heard. she can cover any artist, any song. to me, her best song is "catch my breath." drew: also, if you haven't seen her and oriana go head-to-head in "lip-synch battle," it is so good. they are so good together. let's take you to our east bay hills camera this morning. a live look outside showing really calm conditions first thing on our tuesday. here's the forecast headline. a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. most of us to remain dry today. paul officially relies -- officially arrives here. we are talking warm to hot temperatures. today, the threat of a thunderstorm. you can see the storm prediction center, which monitors the entire country for them storm activity, has outlined each of the north bay and he stay for the action. yesterday, much of the action was around antioch.
5:50 am
today, that action likely around ukiah, clearlake, lakeport. that is where the best chance is for a shower or thunderstorm. pop this morning, a quiet start to the day. then 2 p.m. through 4 p.m., that peak daytime heating. you can see around ukiah, clearlake, lakeport, the best chance of finding wet weather. most of us, it is just a blend of sun and clouds. rainfall estimates finding that best chance in the north bay later today. most areas, you can see a zero on the board, meaning we are totally dry today. highs for our tuesday, climbing to the 70's. it feels muggy outside. once that low-pressure moves from our coast tomorrow, it will drop the emitted tea. overnight temperatures with a blend of sun and clouds. a north bay shower later today. we are drying out tomorrow, warming up as fall arrives here at 6:03 in the evening. the weekend, saturday and sunday, above average.
5:51 am
expect a lot of sunshine, 80's and 90's. reggie: still had at 6:00, florida's governor now under kimmel investigation. his claim to moving migrants to martha's vineyard and how others are spinning this morning. kumasi: a new music festival premiering in san francisco this
5:52 am
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and, finally, snack up to save even more at the pump. that's great! make the most of the stop you need to make with shell. wait! there's three of me? awesome! reggie: san francisco's bay instacart now expanding. the cart will be able to scan what you put into the car. shoppers can use the park, meaning you don't have to wait in line. instacart plans to open its first store in irvine. no opening dates have been set yet. kumasi: if you are planning to
5:54 am
drive near the tech center tonight, be prepared for street closures and delays. thousands of san francisco employees will be taking part in the j.p. morgan corporate challenge. here is the course route. the runners start at chase center at 6:45 and make their way to oracle park along the embarcadero to folsom street, then turn around and go back to chase center. the 3.5 mile fun run is set to promote health and fitness in the workplace. it funds a nonprofit. several road closures around the arena will be in effect today into tonight. reggie: this weekend, a new major we can festival -- music festival makes its debut. but it may be without its main act. mia is reportedly canceling her appearance. they say it is because of an "serious and unexpected health matter that occurred earlier this summer."
5:55 am
the early -- the artist herself has not yet commented. tickets are still available for $200. kumasi: dozens of dogs in the san diego area powell -- paddled out for a good cause. this dog surface on -- surf contest funds the humane society. the judges back on shore graded each dog on technique and how enthusiastic they were. these dogs. reggie: how do they train their dogs to do this? drew: my dad could never do this. -- my dog could never do this could rooster? reggie: i don't know. he does have a low center of gravity. drew: awwww. kumasi: they really got these dogs out here. [laughter]
5:56 am
rooster would look good. drew: did you see the goggles on some of them? reggie: i kind of like it. drew: me, too. i think rooster would look good in goggles. reggie: they don't seem to stress. he cool and calm. drew: if i just a still, this will soon be over. here is live doppler seven. quiet overhead. we are watching showers and storms off our coast line. this area of low pressure is spinning close to us. a lot of lightning strikes. we do anticipate the bulk of this activity will stay away from us today. in the afternoon, the north bay especially may get clipped by one or two of the showers. for most of us, it is a day filled with sun and clouds. the rooftop camera showing you calm conditions. a blend of sun and clouds. 6:55 this morning. 2 p.m. through 4 p.m., the best chance of a shower or storm in the north bay. temperatures in the 60's or 70's. most of us today will remain
5:57 am
dry. the three day forecast, drying out tomorrow. by thursday, fall officially arrives here in the evening, with warmer weather. 70's and 80's away from the coast. kumasi: coming up at 6 a.m. on abc seven mornings, big upgrades coming to san francisco's japan town. the announcement that will change the iconic piece plaza. reggie: dreamforce kicks off today and the city. a look at street closures that may affect your commute downtown this morning. kumasi: plus, investigations into a suspected road rage death in the east bay. it would've who is now searching for answers. reggie: first, a live
5:58 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, a growing memorial in the east bay. what we are learning about the man shot and killed in a possible case of road rage, and what his widow is saying about the moments before the shooting. reggie: high hopes for dream port. thousands of people filled down found -- downtown san francisco. kumasi: taking a live look outside from the east bay hills camera, a nice start to what is going to be a nice day. drew is here with the forecast in a moment. reggie: good morning, it is tuesday, september 20. kumasi: straight to the forecast. drew:


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