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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 20, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

5:30 pm
tonight, the major hurricane gaining strength. a trail of destruction in puerto rico. where it's hitting now, and the potential affects for the east coast. hurricane fiona now a category 3 storm. winds up to 115 miles per hour. 80% of puerto rico still without power tonight. now heading toward bermuda, possibly growing to a cat 4 storm by tomorrow. and how this could be felt from florida up to maine. and another new system we're tracking tonight. that could impact the gulf. ginger zee tracking it all. the explosion at an apartment building in chicago. several people hurt. some in serious and critical condition. parts of the building collapsing into rubble. police and atf agents on the scene tonight. the battle over immigration in this country. a record high, more than 2 million apprehensions at the
5:31 pm
southern border in the last year. the new number tonight. our rachel scott asking the president, why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch? his answer. and the texas sheriff tonight launching a criminal investigation over the plane of migrants from texas that florida's governor ron desantis planned and sent to martha's vineyard. tonight, former president trump, whose team fought for a special master to review those documents seized at mar-a-lago, well, tonight, that special master now demanding answers from the trump team. a one point, saying, "you can't have your cake and eat it, too." pierre thomas is here. the war in ukraine tonight. and with russia suffering those heavy losses, ukrainians pushing them back in several towns and communities. now vladimir putin's new plan to hold referendum. tonight, the white house calling it a sham. and both vladimir putin and president biden set to speak about this war tomorrow. back here at home tonight, the case that made national headlines. the wife and mother who claimed she'd been kidnapped.
5:32 pm
tonight here, the newly obtained video. sherri papini seen on camera the moment her lies to authorities are exposed. her husband by her side, blindsided. and for the first time, the images of her when she claimed she'd been found by a truck driver, bound in chains. in new york city tonight, a very close call. a crane collapsing on top of a car. also tonight, remembering a world series great, a thief on the bases. and tonight, the moving image of the queen's horse, and what they placed on the saddle. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we're just back from london. the funeral for queen elizabeth. the very moving images getting so much attention tonight, that's a bit later here. but we do begin with hurricane fiona, barrelling up the atlantic, growing stronger after slamming puerto rico and the dominican republic, taking at least four lives so far.
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tonight, fiona is a major hurricane, a category 3, with winds up to 115 miles an hour. it could be a category 4 by tomorrow as it moves north, headed potentially toward bermuda. the eye of the storm north of turks and caicos at this hour. 400 miles across, this hurricane. fiona bearing down on the coastline of turks and caicos with strong winds and heavy rainfall. swollen rivers in the dominican republic, downed trees and power lines blocking streets there. just extraordinary images coming in. in puerto rico, they are assessing the damage from the air. much of the island still without power. and that bridge we saw being washed away, the crossing now gone. tonight, it is downriver, twisted and useless along the river bank. by the way, that was a temporary bridge they put in after hurricane maria. ginger zee is tracking this, and she's tracking two more tropical systems now brewing, one that could affect the gulf coast. but first, victor oquendo in puerto rico with the damage tonight. >> reporter: tonight, fiona pounding turks and caicos with
5:34 pm
115-mile-per-hour winds and up to eight feet of storm surge. fiona already tearing a path of destruction through the dominican republic. in puerto rico, new video of the coast guard assessing the damage monday. we're in toa baja, not far from san juan. and this is what it looks like two days after hurricane fiona made landfall here. as much as 30 inches of rain in some areas already. up to four inches more expected tonight. in utuado, where raging flood waters destroyed that bridge -- this is what it looks like today. that bridge was temporary, built after hurricane maria destroyed the previous one in 2017. >> i just feel trapped, because wha tgo around. broken, too. >> reporter: roads in the area, treacherous. the u.s. territory's already fragile power grid devastated. tonight, about 80% of customers are in the dark.
5:35 pm
this crew from luma energy is working on some damaged power lines here in san juan. take a look up at the bucket truck. they tell me this is happening across all of puerto rico. the power can't come back soon enough for minerva marquez villalongo. everything she owns now, she's moved it up here into these bags. she had to protect it from the floodwaters that came inside of her house. the 81-year-old has several medical conditions. she'll stay with her daughter until power is restored, happy to have family to lean on. and parts of the area still under water tonight. as residents begin that painful cleanup process. luma energy says that between tonight and tomorrow, large parts of puerto rico should have its power restored, but because fiona pounded the island with so much rain so long, that delayed the response time. david? >> let's hope the power is back on by tomorrow. victor, our thanks to you again tonight. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking the hurricane and two new systems we're also watching now tonight. ginger? >> reporter: david, you know how slow the summer was, hurricane-wise in the atlantic, well, no more.
5:36 pm
een though we're more than two weeks behind activity-wise, we are catching up fast. let's start with fiona. track that thing as it goes just west of bermuda. that's good news, because as you mentioned, it will be intensifying. could lash bermuda with some of the outer bands. that would bring a lot of rain. and the closer it gets, the windier it will be. the bigger push of water. for mainland u.s., from maine down to miami, rip currents and high surf. but i really want to focus on that x you see on the map. just north of south america. that is the new tropical wave, the invest, as we call it, that looks like, and most of the computer models go to the western caribbean by next week and then late next week, potentially into the gulf. we'll be watching it for you, david. >> a reminder we are still in this season. ginger zee with us tonight, as well. thank you, ginger. we're going to turn now to chicago and the devastating explosion at an apartment building there. the top floor virtually gone. windows shattered. eight people hospitalized tonight. some in serious and critical condition. police and atf agents are on the scene. and tonight, what the utility company is now saying about the gas. abc's alex perez on the scene
5:37 pm
for us. >> reporter: piles of rubble and blown-out windows. investigators in chicago tonight sifting through the aftermath, trying to determine what caused a massive explosion at this residential apartment building. >> west end and central. looks like i have a building that the top floor has exploded. >> reporter: the first emergency calls for help coming in about 9:00 a.m. residents terrified. >> the building was shaking and when i opened the door, everybody was running. so, i started running, too. >> reporter: bricks scattered everywhere. the blast frightening those who live nearby. >> it was the sound, boom, then it was the shake. i ran out the house, got to the corner, everybody was rushing. >> reporter: emergency teams, including atf and bomb squad, all on-scene. >> they had to shore up the upper floors to search for possible victims. >> reporter: in all, eight people hospitalized. some with severe burns.
5:38 pm
>> right now, we don't know what caused this incident. it's still under investigation. >> reporter: and david, if you take a look behind me here, look carefully, you can see, there are crews up there still assessing the damage. authorities thankful no one was killed. the gas company here says they do not believe this was a gas issue. the owner of the building is cooperating with authorities as they work to figure out what went wrong here. david? >> we're just lucky more people weren't hurt there given that scene behind you. alex, thank you. now to the battle over immigration tonight and a new number. a record high, more than 2 million apprehensions at the southern border in just the last year. tonight, our rachel scott asking president biden, why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch? how the president answers. and the texas sheriff now launching a criminal investigation tonight over the plane of migrants from texas that florida's governor ron desantis sent to martha's vineyard. here's rachel. >> reporter: tonight, the biden administration pressed to eplain the historic surge of migrants arrested at the
5:39 pm
southern border. more than 2 million apprehensions in just one year. the largest number ever. the president telling me the u.s. is seeing an increase in people fleeing political oppression. on the border, why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch, mr. president? >> there are fewer immigrants coming from central america and from mexico. this is a totally different circumstance. what's on my watch now is venezuela, cuba, and nicaragua. >> reporter: the administration says the migrants are escaping failing communist regimes, and sending them back there is not an option. the president insists he's working with other countries to stop the flow. but border cities like el paso, texas, are overwhelmed. shelters at capacity. people sleeping on the streets. el paso now bussing migrants up north. with just under 50 days to go until the midterms, republican governors sensing a political opportunity. florida governor ron desantis flew nearly 50 migrants from san antonio to the liberal enclave of martha's vineyard, making sure cameras were there to capture the scene.
5:40 pm
>> they were provided an ability to be in the most posh sanctuary jurisdiction maybe in the world. >> reporter: but now, a texas sheriff launching a criminal investigation. >> 48 migrants were lured -- i will use the word lured, under false pretenses into staying at a hotel for a couple of days. they were promised work, they were promised a solution to several of their problems. and then they were unceremoniously stranded in martha's vineyard. >> reporter: abc's miles cohen catching up with desantis today. >> how would you respond to the sheriff in texas who's saying that these migrants were lured under false pretenses to boarding those planes? >> that's false. >> reporter: democrats accuse desantis of turning desperate people into political pawns. but the florida governor is defiant, promising more of those flights in the days to come. >> all right, let's get right to rachel scott live at the white house tonight. governor desantis also facing questions about the taxpayer money used to fly those migrants from texas, not even his own
5:41 pm
state of florida, to martha's vineyard. >> reporter: yes, david. florida republicans redirected about $12 million in federal covid relief funds to pay for those migrant flights. and despite legal challenges, governor ron desantis is vowing to use every penny of that, david. >> rachel scott on that part of the story and asking the president today about immigration in this country. rachel, our thanks to you on both fronts. we're going to turn now to the battle over the classified documents retrieved at mar-a-lago. former president trump, whose team fought for that special master to review the documents, well tonight, that special master is now demanding answers from them. at one point saying to the trump team, "you can't have your cake and eat it, too." here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: donald trump was the one who wanted a special master in this case, and tonight the judge appointed to that role pushing the former president's attorneys to provide evidence he declassified the hundreds of documents discovered at his mar-a-lago home. many marked secret and top secret.
5:42 pm
publically, trump has claimed he declassified the documents before leaving office. >> a president has that absolute right. >> reporter: but trump's attorneys have not repeated those claims in court or in any legal filings. judge raymond dearie essentially telling them it's time to prove it. "if the government gives me evidence these are classified documents, and you don't advance declassification claims, then as far as i'm concerned, that's the end of it. you can't have your cake and eat it, too." judge dearie pointed to those labels on some of the documents, secret and top secret, saying, "if they are on their face classified, without any evidence to the contrary, how is it on the court to conclude anything but?" and the judge making it clear he considered the handling of classified information a serious matter, saying, "the government has a strong obligation to all of us to see that the information doesn't get into the rong hands." david, trump's attorneys have said they do not want to give
5:43 pm
details on whether or how trump might have declassified documents just yet, because it might be part of their defense should he be indicted. david? >> all right, pierre thomas live in washington. thank you, pierre. we're going to turn now to the war in ukraine, and with russia suffering those heavy losses we've been reporting on here, ukrainians, that counteroffensive pushing them back in several towns and communities. well now, vladimir putin's new plan to hold referendums in parts of the east. tonight, the white house calling all of this a sham. and both vladimir putin and president biden are set to speak about this war tomorrow. abc's tom soufi burridge in ukraine for us again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a major escalation from vladimir putin, moving to officially declare large areas of eastern and southern ukraine part of russia. planning to stage referendum votes starting this week. president zelenskyy tonight dismissing the moves as noise, and thanking allies for
5:44 pm
condemning russia. it comes as putin suffers heavy battlefield losses. tonight, ukrainian troops marching into this newly-liberated village in the eastern donbas region. the white house today slamming russia's planned referendums as a sham. >> these are not the actions of a confident country. these are not acts of strength. quite the opposite. >> reporter: and tonight, the ukrainian military releasing new video claiming it shows russian incendiary bombs raining down on a recently retaken village in the eastern donbas region. we visited that mass burial site in izium, revealed after the russian retreat. there we met oleksandr, his son missing for weeks since russian soldiers raided his apartment. oleksandr's son, oleksandr, had picked up a ukrainian military jacket that he found, and potentially that was the only crime he committed in the eyes of the russian authorities. "i had a bad dream," he told us. "and then i realized i would never see my son again." putin was scheduled to make an address tonight, but the speech was suddenly canceled.
5:45 pm
putin is now due to speak tomorrow on the same day that president biden is expected to address the u.n.'s general assembly and deliver a powerful rebuke of putin's war. david? >> competing messages come tomorrow. tom, thank you. back here at home tonight, and to las vegas, where a local elected official has been charged in the stabbing death of a local reporter there. that suspect arraigned on a murder charge today. robert telles was arraigned in court, assigned a court-appointed attorney. did not enter a plea. prosecutors are weighing if they will seek the death penalty in this case. he is accused of disguising himself and stabbing reporter jeff german to death. german had reported on problems in telles' office. now to the case that made national headlines. the california mother and wife who faked her disappearance, claiming she had been abducted by two hispanic women. it wasn't true. tonight, sentenced to 18 months behind bars. and the video we are just now seeing for the first time from
5:46 pm
the police interrogation and the moment her husband learned the truth. here's our chief national correspondent matt gutman now. >> reporter: sherri papini, the california mom who pleaded guilty to faking her own kidnapping, sentenced to 18 months in prison. and now, in an interrogation video obtained by abc news, we're seeing the moment police confronted papini with her lies. husband keith by her side. >> the reason why you can describe the room is because you stayed in the room in the dark for hours -- for days on end. >> reporter: in november of 2016, papini vanished. the search for her gaining international attention. three weeks later, thanksgiving morning, she was found on a highway, seen here bound in chains. her breathless cries captured on this 911 call. >> please! >> sherri, i need you to listen to me. >> please. >> reporter: papini had claimed two hispanic women had kidnapped, beaten, even branded her. injuries seen in images obtained by abc news. her husband tearfully describing her condition to me just days after her return. >> her poor face. i got nauseated just looking at
5:47 pm
her. the bruises were just intense. >> reporter: but three years later, police would trace dna on papini to an ex-boyfriend, james reyes. police say papini planned it all. tricking reyes into taking her to his home, where she self-inflicted those injuries, some with his help. >> i didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: but when confronted with the evidence, papini finally seems to break. >> talking to other guys has got me here. >> how does talking to other people got you here? we've gone over -- >> i love my husband and i made mistakes talking to other men. >> reporter: but for keith papini, that police interrogation changed everything. >> you're telling me, okay, you guys can go home now. well, do you think i want her anywhere around my kids or around me at all at this point? >> reporter: david, keith papini has since filed for divorce. and the judge tried to explain why he more than doubled the sentence the prosecution had initially asked for, noting the sheer number of papini's victims, including the hispanic
5:48 pm
community, maligned and targeted because of her years of lies about being abducted at gunpoint by two spanish-speaking women. david? >> matt gutman tonight. matt, thank you. when we come back here on the news tonight, here in new york city, the construction crane slamming into a car below, the driver inside. and we remember a major league great tonight. i'm still riding toward what's next. even with higher stroke risk due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... that's a trail i want to take. eliquis. eliquis reduces stroke risk better than warfarin. and has less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis has both. don't stop taking eliquis without talking to your doctor as this may increase your risk of stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking, you may bruise more easily... or take longer for bleeding to stop. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, or unusual bruising. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures.
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country should be regularly screened for anxiety now. for the first time, the u.s. preventive task force is recommending primary care doctors test for anxiety in adult patients under 65. the condition can go undiagnosed for years. the guidelines follow the rise in mental health problems tied, of course, to the pandemic. former dodgers great maury wills has died. a three-time world series champ. the former mvp shortstop was known for his speed, stealing 586 bases during his 14-year career. the first player to steal more than 100 bases in one season. the team calling him one of the most exciting dodgers of all time. maury wills was 89. when we come back, we're back from london, and after the queen's funeral, tonight, the image of the queen's horse and what they placed on the saddle. what they placed on the saddle. no matter who you are, being yourself can be tough when you have severe asthma. triggers can pop up out of nowhere, causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks. but no matter what type of severe asthma you have,
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finally tonight, we flew back from london today. there are still so many quiet, powerful moments that sit with us after reporting on the queen's funeral. so many people on social media writing about the pallbearers, all from the british army. soldiers from the first battalion grenadier guards. carrying the queen's coffin. king charles iii right there. the battalion saying afterward they took part, it brought a huge sense of privilege and also great sadness. we saw this image of the queen's corgis awaiting her arrival outside windsor castle. the queen also known for her love of horses. photographed over the years riding them, wearing a head scarf. as the procession went by, emma, the horse there, a favorite, on her saddle, one of the queen's head scarves she'd often wear while riding emma. a moving image, and one more tribute to the queen. i'm david muir. good night
5:59 pm
>> a deadly shooting your city hall tonight. the latest from oakland. >> juries in 2020 two want video evidence. >> public safety versus privacy. the debate at the heart of expanding police powers in san francisco. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel tracking showers and thunderstorms with live doppler 7. i will let you know how long the threat remains in the forecast. >> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> talking about that breaking news happening right in front of city hall, downtown oakland was filled with police cars because shots were fired and a person died. >> that shooting interrupted today's city council meeting. councilmembers could hear the gunshots and then the sirens as a police responded to 14th and broadway. >> j.r. stone is on the scene for us tonight should >> one man has died.
6:00 pm
another is in surgery after a shooting that happened near this bus stop outside of oakland city hall. this shooting happened around 2:15 this afternoon. witnesses heard between five and seven gunshots. one witness said he saw another man running from the area after those shots were fired. police did speak a little while ago but said nothing about what led to the shooting or who they might be looking for. i spoke with witnesses walking through the area and who were at work in the area. this is what they had to say. i heard gunshots as i was walking back this way. i just heard gunshots. >> five, maybe six. i ducked. and i just ducked. >> it is what it is. crime in the whole bay area is climbing so bad, it is unreal. we shall see what is going to happen next and maybe they can clean up the plaza.