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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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reports another busload of migrants set to arrive today. >> this comes as rights advocates in california remain on standby for the possibility of migrants arriving here by bus or plane. >> tonight we are learning about the eight people that were sent to sacramento last week. suzanne is in the newsroom with details. >> advocates i spoke to says
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what happens i spoke -- what happened in sacramento was upsetting. some immigrants without shoes arrived at the airport. they walked to what they believed was a shelter and it was the wrong place. >> eight migrants from venezuela some of them injured ended up in sacramento last week. they were told their paperwork reassigned them to california's capital city. >> sacramento was not on their radar. some of them were thinking of going to new york, florida, utah. >> they stepped up to help the men offering them a hotel to stay in for a week. >> the most troubling part is sending them to a shelter that doesn't exist. these men could have ended up sleeping outside with good-natured people had not helped them. >> as for what happens next. >> if they are interested in
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staying in sacramento, we will work with them to get apartment and legal help. >> last friday, abc7news asked governor newsom about the governors of florida and texas sending migrants to places like martha's vineyard. >> those migrants were used as pawns to humanly -- humiliate. >> we asked what would happen if migrants suddenly arrived here. >> we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to compassionately take care of people that are coming here seeking asylum in the state. >> this organization his dealt with migrants for decades. as for what happened in sacramento -- >> i think it is disgraceful. >> as for the possibility of more coming this way. >> we will have to stand and watch how many and upcoming our
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way being diverted to us from texas and other border regions. >> local leader say we have a robust group of groups that are equipped to help migrants. it meant of them have helped settle refugees from syria and ukraine. >> california attorney general says the state is adding a gun violence prevention office within the state department of justice. >> from increasing training, public awareness to initiatives to foster increased cooperation between courts and law enforcement, the office of gone viral prevention will serve as the hub for best practices and a valuable resource for law enforcement agencies. >> the attorney general made the announcement at a news conference in san francisco today. he says the new office will examine the factors that lead to gun violence.
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a nationwide search is underway to find someone to run the new office. >> oakland city councilmember appeared with us today and we asked him about the recent wave of violence that has hit oakland. he says a solution is better communication with law enforcement. >> we need greater communication, greater enforcement within the street of oakland. the shootings, robberies, killings are increasing. this is not the first time. it will take cooperation with law enforcement to be able to address them. >> the oakland mayoral candidate has major new endorsements.
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taylor along with fellow city councilmembers are considered to be the front runners to replace the one who is termed out. >> jury selection began in the trial of lori smith. smith is accused of trading weapons for donations to her campaign. smith has denied the allegations. the trial is the first step in a process that could lead to her removal from office. >> santa clara county is taking steps to make pricey medication prescriptions more affordable. medications are being added to the that assist program. middle income earners are sometimes forgotten when it
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comes to financial aid. >> folks who are making what we used to think of as a middle-class income are eligible for this program because it is designed to serve the missing middle of health care. the missing middle is the folks who make a little too much to qualify for government support typically. >> according to county officials, nearly 120,000 people and santa clara county have diabetes. >> news from san francisco schools. student enrollment is up. the district expected fewer students so the budget ended up being lower. our reporter is here to explain what happened and the ramifications. >> it's a pleasant surprise. somewhat. san francisco unified has a $1.1 billion operating budget. part of that was based on the
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number of students they thought they would have this year. they miscalculated and now this could have an impact on the revenue. san francisco saw fewer students in the classroom this year compared to last year. surprisingly, the school thought it would be much worse even the decreasing numbers statewide and in san francisco during the pandemic. >> in san francisco, we saw a 6.4% increase in enrollment. we were looking at those trends to help us predict what the enrollment would be for this current school year. >> san francisco was off. the enrollment projection was 47,996. the actual enrollment this year is 49,000 45. a 1049 students. it helped that the state mandated that all schools in california had to expand their transitional kindergarten programs. san francisco also saw an
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increase in the number of children entering kindergarten and sixth grade. the principle of reading elementary. >> we welcoming a number of new scholars this year. as the year increased, the numbers went up. this year, they have come in up from what they were last year. >> because the budget was adopted based on the lower projections, the school district is now hoping to soften the revenue below by relying on the average daily attendance used by the state to fund schools. >> the average daily attendance is how we are ultimately funded. that is the information we will get in october to look at the average daily attendance or ada. that is how we will receive the funding from the state. >> the district thinks their overall numbers of stabilized. they will also do more outreach to try to lure more families into the public school system. >> the enrollment season kicks
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off with a fair on october 22. the district plans to have several of those in person as well as neighborhood workshops to make it easier for parents to understand how to enroll. >> still ahead, a new approach from supporters behind the bill to legalize online sports gaming. why the campaign is chang
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stocks closed sharply lower today after the federal reserve increased the principal interest rate. >> it spent millions of dollars in tv ads, now proposition 27 campaign is rolling back advertising. >> it comes after a recent poll showed that voters might vote no. >> more on why the campaign made this decision and how opponents are responding. >> only one proposition supports tribes like ours. >> you may have seen ads like this but now the proposition 27 campaign says they are pulling most of their advertisements. the yes campaign is not have ads
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running on abc 7 for the next three weeks and has done the same with similar outlets. a spokesperson told us in a statement that clearly the saturated television market is not benefiting either side, so our campaign is putting those dollars toward additional direct communication with voters in order to pass prop 27. this comes after a poll found that the majority of voters would oppose prop 27. the campaign has not connected their decision to that pole. >> generally when someone pulls money out of a campaign, that means they think they're going to lose and they're trying to cut their losses >> >>. he also says there is merit to the campaign stating they will focus on direct communication like social media and mailers. >> folks are moving noise from television more and more to streaming services. maybe the campaign is onto something that their mood -- money will prove more lucrative if they use newer spaces.
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>> this has also caught the attention of its opponents. they tell me their advertising strategy will remain the same. >> yes on 27 may be paring back spending now, but they could easily ramp it up. they haven't spent all the money yet, but it is there if they want to spend it. >> she says at the end of the day, no matter where the ads are playing or seeing, it's the audiences that have the real power.
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in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. prop 27 sends 90% of profits from online sports betting to out-of-state corporations in places like new york and boston. no wonder it's so popular... out there. yeah! i can't believe those idiots are going to fall for this. 90%! hey mark, did you know california is sending us all their money? suckers. -those idiots! [ laughter ]
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imagine that, a whole state made up of suckers. vote no on 27. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose. after 100 years in business, roosevelt tamale parlor has closed. the closure is due to several factors including skyrocketing costs, erratic is this due to covid and uncertainty regarding the lease renewal. the last day of operation was yesterday. >> as we continue to celebrate
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hispanic heritage month, would bring you the story of a man who made history in california. 2014, he became the first undocumented immigrant to be able to practice law in california. we spoke with him and we have history. >> at 17 months old, when his parents crossed the border with him from mexico into the u.s., could never have imagined their son would later change the laws of california. >> someone called david versus goliath part two and david came on top again. >> he was an underdog. an undocumented immigrant who went to law school and passed the bar exam. goliath, the california supreme court. undocumented immigrants were not allowed to practice law in the u.s. much less the state. he turned that into his first unofficial fight as a lawyer. >> obama administration came in against me saying -- sending the department to suspend my
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licensing. >> people calling in the middle the night saying they're going to kill me and my whole family. >> two thousand 14, he made history. >> we ultimately won that case that allowed me to be the first undocumented attorney in the nation. >> would you keep telling yourself and those five years? >> i am completely stubborn and i put all of my eggs in this one basket which is being an attorney. that's my livestream. have to see it all the way through or die trying. >> he knows what being close to death feels like. at 17 years old, going through border crossing with his mom, he lost -- almost lost his life. >> we were placed next to each other just like sardines. for five of us passed out. we were praying to make it out alive. >> he writes in his book when decades later he became the first undocumented immigrant to practice in california, he knew his work was just beginning.
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>> i talked to the state legislature and we put forth another piece of legislation that ultimately became law in 2016. that allows all undocumented professionals in california to be licensed. >> his case has inspired other states to do the same. now, he is a u.s. citizen sharing his story with documentary called american dreamer and giving back to the next generation. >> my wife and i we have a foundation. last year, we donated about $1 million and we help students who are tried to make their dreams come true. parks >> its turn to the weather. another mixed bag today. >> our meteorologist is here to sort that out for us. >> i experienced exactly what you are talking about which is you start driving, the sun comes out and then the showers come than the sun and it was a mix of everything this morning.
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as you take a look right now first from our zephyr cam, it is cloudy but you're seeing peaks of blue right now. in the sierra nevada, live doppler 7 tracking snow showers mixing in with the rain along with thunderstorms. thundershowers in the area earlier today. things are quieting down, but considering it's still summer, we aren't even in winter, tomorrow is fall. it's good to see. i hope this winter we see a lot more snow. the action is over northern california where they are saying active weather because of the thunderstorms. we are seeing showers in association with the storms. we want to keep those so the fire threat remains low. the few sprinkles around lake county, nothing major. lingering crowds -- clouds right
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now 67 degrees in the city. 74 degrees in san jose. the pier 39 camera showing what the sea lions are doing. what a life. 70 degrees and petaluma. the upper 70's around fairfield, napa, livermore. another lovely view from our emeryville camera. a few clouds toward 80. foggy in the morning, something in war -- sunny and warmer in the afternoon. a warming trend through the weekend. the equinox takes place tomorrow at 6:03. the sun's rays will be directly over the equator as we turn the page to a new season, we will notice a new pattern setting up. tomorrow we start with fog. locally dance around the bay and the coastline. -- locally dance around the bay and coastline. tomorrow morning, 40's and 50's.
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i should say fall might because fall officially starts tomorrow night. tomorrow afternoon will be warm inland. mid 80's. along the coast, upper 60's. everyone else is in between. friday, temperatures up into the 90's. saturday mid 90's well above average. 70's to 90's on sunday. here's the 7-day forecast. autumn dement -- autumn begins tomorrow. these temperatures continue through the weekend. still above average inland for monday then temperatures start to come down by wednesday it is cooler and cloudier. it has been quite a few days with the storm sending us bands of showers and thunderstorms. there were isolated lighting strikes earlier this morning. >> he did it. the kayaker from marin county successfully completed an
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historic solo kayaking trip from california to hawaii. he left june 21 from monterey and arrived in hilo yesterday. he paddled up to 9.5 hours per day. he relied on a manual water pump for most of his journey. it took him nearly two hours to produce one gallon of fresh water per day. he follows in the steps of a fellow kayaker who completed the trip himself in 1987. what an incredible feat.
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buster posey is back with the
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giants. a member of the ownership and the board of directors. >> this fan base is meant a great deal to me and my family for a long time now. i couldn't be more thrilled to join the ownership group. >> he made his comments today alongside the chairman. he says he could be a valuable sounding board for management because he has been out there on the field. he retired after last season and is the first former player ever to become a principal partner and or member with the giants. >> tonight a new documentary called -- will premiere as part of the oakland international film festival. >> it's designed as a love song to the people who came of age during the movement. it was a term coined in oakland
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tonight, former president trump, three of his children, and the trump organization all sued by new york's attorney general for $250 million. accused of, quote, staggering fraud. new york state attorney general letitia james accusing the former president and three of his adult children of falsely inflating the value of almost all of their major properties by billions. the a.g. demanding the trump's be banned from doing business in new york. tonight, the investigation referred to the manhattan d.a. and the irs for potential criminal charges. how the former president is responding tonight. the war in ukraine. vladimir putin and his nuclear threat tonight. and president biden on the world stage responding today. what biden said about nuclear war. and what he says putin's real goal is when it comes to
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ukraine. tom souf


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