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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 22, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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premiere sunday on abc. the driver of a stolen suv led sheriff's deputies on a wild and dangerous high speed chase through east los angeles last night. the suspect drove on the wrong side of the road ran several red lights narrowly missing pedestrians. a spike strip was deployed, but it was unclear if the tires were punctured. the driver jumped out of the moving vehicle and eventually crashed into a light pole. investigators are trying to determine what caused that chicago building explosion. we showed you this week the frightening scene was captured on surveillance video woman is seen running away desperately trying to avoid the debris spewing into the streets. at least eight people were injured , three seriously. several homes were also destroyed. how far should carmakers go to keep
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impaired drivers off the road the ntsb is now recommending breathalyzers in new cars. abc s andrea fuji has more this morning a new debate in the world of auto safety. the national transportation safety board is recommending all manufacturers equip new cars with monitoring technology that can stop drunk drivers from getting on the road. i look at this technology as it's part of this progression we see in the electrical vehicles having youh- know a self driving cars now with we're talking about safety , the latest figures show one in three traffic fatalities is caused by a drunk driver of 14% from 2019. and fresno county, california last year. nine people were killed, including seven children, when a drunk driver crashed head on into their truck. we have the technology to prevent that crash and other crashes that happened day in and day out. so how would
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the technology work? experts say the car itself could be designed not to hassle or distract a sober driver. instead automatic sensors would stop only an impaired driver from taking off. especially when you're starting the car. the first time it's gonna just, you know, try to get a sense of your breath. volvo was already working on these alcohol detection systems, which also includes in car cameras that can monitor the driver for intoxication. the ntsb does not have the authority to require manufacturers to install this technology can only pressure automakers and other government agencies to pave the way for new rules of the road. experts don't expect this technology to be available for at least the next few years. in the meantime, the ntsb is also recommending lowering the blood alcohol limit. andrew rhiannon, andrea. thank you. speaking of driving it's time for a new edition of please don't do this. this is in australia, where that mercedes
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should not. be driving on the city's special bus track. okay locals say when cars straight under the bus way they usually fall down the middle, but the elderly driver kept it on the track for a few miles before getting back on a real road again. don't do this. that's scary to look at coming up stepping into yes, autumn before you gas up your car, though we're checking out the best parks to visit this fall from sea to shining sea first we're shining a light on a young musician who just discovered his own amazing talent pretty much by accident. that's next. you're watching world news now. maybe .
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b colorado that he would be jamming till the break of dawn. he just sat down one day, and did it become not only a local celebrity but a viral sensation. danny knew of our denver station has his story. it's really not often that a 10 year old can give keyboard lessons to himself. one day i was here watching the news when i heard him play something on there is a small keyboard down in the basement. so i grabbed my phone and went down and i'm like you play that again. this was in february of last year when jude who has autism made his father realized that his youngest son could basically hear anything and then figure out how to play it immediately. even our station jingle. oh changes are just now you can imagine the reaction
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from his parents is good. especially for his father, who was a musician in his home country of ghana. before moving to america. i had that dream of being able to play for a big on a big stage. but i got here. i couldn't do that. so i'm like, okay, then. i want the kids to do. yes. so this is, uh him. but jude's unexpected virtuosity also felt like a blessing because of his health problems. early in life. he looked tiny, with all those machines going off. that must have been horrible. yes jude was born with low oxygen levels and had to have a heart surgery as a baby to repair a whole even needed a feeding tube in his stomach until he was eight. but jude is a fighter and, thankfully mostly recovered. now as you can tell, it's kind of hard to break his spirit. do you know you're doing that? or just all comes out? you just all comes out. now at 11
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years old jude is all over youtube. he plays weddings. he's the lead keyboardist at their church in aurora, and, believe in jam with beginners. but no matter how many accolades he racks up in his young and sudden career as a maestro, their family can only see this one way looking at his situation. also, he's diagnosed how he was born in the jinyan now. the way he split. yeah, it's just god alone. miracle danny, new number seven. truly is a miracle just really unbelievable to see that time. remember he has never had a lesson and just to put this in perspective. learning a musical instrument is like learning a language. so imagine you just heard your kid one day out of nowhere speaking french, despite never taking a class on it. that is exactly what this is. this is truly incredible. remarkable and
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what a talent to he sounds great to just harry's laugh, too. you can tell he really enjoys it. zs
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today or visit ideal agent .com. oh autumn in new york. what does it seem? him. so in right? i think all we're missing is a fireplace. we're not let it open studio, but there's nothing more inviting than autumn in new york and the snuggie. i'm wearing right? yes pull it up a little bit. just gonna there really is nothing better than fall in new york city. it really is special, and today is the official first day of fall later tonight. we've got your official guide to the new season. first the foliage. accuweather has released this map showing the best spots in the lower 48 to catch the most vibrant leaf colors this year seen here in red, some national parks inside those red, vibrant
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areas include places like green mountain nation forest in vermont, where peak colors expected around early to mid october. so just a couple of weeks, oregon's mount hood, one of my favorite places on the planet, is expected to reach peak color at around the same time and in minnesota superior national forest peak color already underway fall yet remember, nine pm tonight, okay , so if you want to stay inside , instead, let's talk about the highly anticipated titles coming to the big and little screen this fall screaming on our parent company. is disney pluses and or an unusually dark take on the world of star wars, which serves as a prequel to rogue one which serves as a prequel. to the original star wars cannot keep up with the star wars. i can so much love star wars to start at the beginning. hitting theaters just in time for spooky season is halloween ends the third and they say the final installment of the halloween slasher series, he's michael myers returned to terrorize a
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former victim. yet again, i was excited for star wars and or you're excited for this one hocus pocus to also from our parent company, disney. sees the magical return of the salem witch is next friday. sisters right? i think i'm driving our producer greg crazy because i talked about this movie all the time. speaking of spooky if you've been struggling to find an easy, unique costume for this halloween we have got you covered. embrace your inner rock star with this harry styles. look all you need is a pink furry jacket, a pair of tight fitting bell bottoms. you can pull that off tattoos. what do you think? maybe, you know, a friend of mine had a hairy styles. 30. okay okay. what about this one? what about these 40 neon colored pieces for an instant barbie and ken effect, and if you're feeling a little cruel, this halloween, it doesn't hurt to reach for a little hair dye and leather and it because she and her familyor- are true halloween experts. what have we got here? we were was
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every visit. every day. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, actor and filmmaker, tyler perry. plus, gabby and rachel, the bachelorette. also, another edition of inbox. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] >> ryan: good morning. once again, i failed at putting the necklace on. so sorry. >> kelly: he can't get my necklace on.


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