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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 22, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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on america this morning, a legal setback for former president trump just hours after he was sued for $250 million accused of quote staggering fraud in new york. the new ruling from an appeals court in the mara lago case and what comes next. protests erupting on the streets of russia after vladimir putin announces he's drafting 300,000 more troops for the war in flee the country closer look at putin's big gamble. can he turn the tide of the war military expert is saying crisis at the southern border, nearly 2000 migrants now streaming into el paso every day with some lawmakers are now calling for
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plus why school uniforms could be toxic for children. owners on alert. police explain the surge s and what is game show controversy. possible rule change coming to jeopardy. from abc news in new york. this is america this morning. good thursday morning, everyone we begin with a new legal setback for former president trump appeals court has just handed the justice department of victory in the battle over documents that were seized at trump's mar a lago resort decision coming just hours after new york's attorney general filed a $250 million lawsuit against trump and his family in a separate case, and now trump is responding. a new legal setback for former president trump. a federal appeals court is now allowing the justice department to continue looking at classified documents found at mara lago as investigators consider whether to bring criminal charges against trump for storing top secret records
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at his florida home, the court, saying trump has presented no evidence that he declassified those records, an argument he tried to make again on fox news last night. if you're the president of the united states, you could declassify just by saying it's declassified even by thinking. in about it. in a separate case, new york's attorney general is now suing trump, three of his children and the trump organization, accusing them of quote, staggering fraud . g. leticia james claims they overstated the value of nearly every major property. trump owns to get more favorable loans and other advantages to enrich themselves. it is a tale of two justice systems one for every day. working people. and one for the elite, according to the lawsuit. trump valued mara lago at $739 million nearly 10 times higher than what it's really worth 75 million and the lawsuit claims trump valued his new york city apartment at $327 million, james says it's worth only one third of that amount. the
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attorney general is seeking $250 million from the trumps and wants to ban them business in nn , it could be devastating for the trump organization and in the trump family members. uh insofar as how they're able to do business and whether they can continue to do business in new york state, but critics have new york's attorney general, say she's overreaching with this lawsuit. it's hard for me not to conclude it's a political hit job. i'm not even sure she has a good case against trump himself . but what ultimately persuades me that this is a political hit job is she grossly overreaches when she tries to drag the children into the this is a civil law suit, not a criminal one. but james says she found evidence of potential bank fraud . so she sent her findings to federal prosecutors and the manhattan d a. the trump organization called the lawsuit unethical political harassment. the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas, has agreed to be interviewed by the january 6th committee. lawmakers are expected to ask ginny thomas
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about her alleged efforts to over try to overturn the 2020 election, including messages she sent to former white house chief of staff mark meadows. hurricane fiona is roaring towards bermuda with winds up to 130 mph. the island is bracing for heavy rain and storm surge as soon as tonight. farther south, most of puerto rico is still in the dark . after the storm, the president biden has approved a major disaster declaration, hurricane hunters flew into the eye of the storm. fiona is 800 miles across and will bring heavy surf to the east coast of the us, we will have the rest of your forecast in just a few minutes three members of the city council in el paso, texas, are now asking for a disaster to be declared because of migrants flowing into the city. they say nearly 2000 migrants are crossing into the el paso sector each day training city resources, many of them sleeping on city streets, and most are from venezuela. officials say the city has spent more than $3 million in taxpayer money to address the issue. so far, a disaster declaration
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could trigger more help from the state and federal government. not of vladimir putin's big gamble drafting another 300,000 russian troops for the war in ukraine, although it could take months for the decision to have any impact on the battlefield. the impact inside russia has been immediate protests breaking out in the streets. many people of military age are now trying to flee the country. flight radar shows planes departing moscow and st petersburg yesterday. international flights have sold out or skyrocketed in price. a b cs and win has more on this, including how president biden is responding and good morning. morning ran in and biden's speech before the u. n he blamed russia for war crimes and pledged to stand unwaveringly behind ukraine. president joe biden, taking to the world stage to forcefully condemned russian president vladimir putin and his war in ukraine this war. it's about extinguishing ukraine's right to exist as a state. plain and simple. and ukraine's right. to
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exist as a people that should make your blood run cold. biden rallying the united nations to continue to support ukraine following a rare address by putin after several setbacks in ukraine. putin, making a veiled threat that russia is willing to use nuclear weapons, despite repeated warnings against that escalation from biden and other western leaders, he wants to scare the world. he wants the world to think he's a madman. don't push me or i'll use nuclear weapons. the russian leader, also ordering a partial mobilization of forces calling up as many as 300,000 reservists to the war, a clear sign that things are not going well. i think it's the first time he's had to publicly admit that he's losing the war, the move, sparking protests and at least 40 cities across russia, including moscow, with more than 1400 arrested, many also scrambling to buy one way plane tickets out of the country. this now becomes an issue directly
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for the for the russian. people in a way that it hadn't been before, and ukrainian president vladimir zelensky also addressing the u. n by video, demanding a just punishment for russia, saying russia should be stripped of its veto power on the u. n. security council. russia should pay for this war. ldg meeting later this morning focused on the accountability in ukraine. us secretary of state antony blinken is expected to speak, rhiannon. thank you. protests have also been erupting in iran , with women taking off their headscarves and burning them. they're demanding the government answer for the death of a woman arrested by the so called morality police she had allegedly violated iran's strict dress code. we turn now to the new push to install alcohol detection devices similar to breathalyzers in all new cars due to the rising number of fatal drunk driving crashes. abc s andrea fuji has more on the
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technology that could soon be coming down the road. this morning a new debate in the world of auto safety. the national transportation safety board is recommending all manufacturers equip new cars with monitoring technology that can stop drunk drivers from getting on the road. i look at this technology as it's part of this progression we see in the car technology going to the electrical vehicles having you know a self driving cars now with we're talking about safety , the latest figures show one in three traffic fatalities is caused by a drunk driver of 14% from 2019. and fresno county, california last year. nine people were killed, including seven children, when a drunk driver crashed head on into their truck. we have the technology to prevent that crash and other crashes that happened day in and day out. so how would the technology work? experts say the car itself could be designed not to hassle or distract a sober driver. instead, automatic
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sensors would stop only an impaired driver from taking off. especially when you're starting the car. the first time it's gonna just, you know, try to get a sense of your breath was already working on these alcohol detection systems, which also includes in car cameras that can monitor the driver for intoxication. the ntsb does not have the authority to require manufacturers to install this technology can only pressure automakers and other government agencies to pave the way for new rules of the road. experts don't expect this technology to be available for at least the next few years. in the meantime, the ntsb is also recommending lowering the blood alcohol limit. andrew rhiannon. alright andrea. thank you time now for a look at your weather on this first day of fall. good morning. we're tracking two tropical systems in the atlantic major
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hurricane fiona will make its way just to the north and west of bermuda later this week with a glancing blow there and then southeast canada will take a hit with a category two hurricane. meantime in the caribbean sea, we're going to see her mean developed into a major hurricane into the middle of next week with major impacts, possibly right here in the gulf coast of the us from new orleans. down to naples impacts will be possible late next week. um accuweather meteorologist kevin costner in. coming up why gas prices are going up yet again, so ahead what pet owners need to know about the spike in dognapping and later, a new
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from down under nearly 230 whales stranded themselves on this beach in australia. frantic effort is now underway to try to save as many of them as possible . experts say. one factor could be warmer water shifting the location of the wales food sources for the first time in nearly 100 days, gas prices are rising. the national average is now 3 68 per gallon, up slightly from yesterday concerned about the war in ukraine and hurricane season are two factors affecting prices. conspiracy theorist alex jones is expected to testify today. in the latest trial stemming from the lies he told about the sandy hook school massacre. a jury is deciding how much jones should pay for calling the 2012 shooting a hoax . relatives of the victims say they were terrorized by people who believed jones claim. that they were paid actors will please all across the country are warning about a steady increase in dogs being stolen, and one breed is being targeted the most this morning. authorities and pet owners are on alert after a spike in
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dognapping across the country. we believe most pets are stolen , either for the thief's own family to be resold watch as this french bulldog named milani is stolen from this california home by masked intruders. the armed suspects run out the door with the frenchie in hand before driving off. the victim didn't do anything wrong. besides leaving for home. for a little bit and then coming back. i mean, the dog was in her home. and last week, investigators say a whole litter of french bulldog puppies was stolen from a los angeles home by two men wearing ski masks across the country. dog thefts are up 40% from last year, french bulldogs have been the most targeted. 95% of all animals are going to be returned through other people's eyes and ears, so witnessed development community awareness. you can't start that soon enough. experts say when a dog is stolen community awareness through missing posters is key. but most
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importantly, get your pets microchipped number one microchip and enrollour pet. it also needs to be a rolled in a 24 7. nationwide service like ours. watch your pet and keep it with you. not just frenchies later on good morning america with some of the other breeds that are being targeted by thieves and coming up why school uniforms could be toxic for children with scientists have found also ahead how fans are trying to cash in on baseball history. announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease. and you may lose weight. adults lost up to 14 pounds.
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uniforms. the so called forever chemicals or fas are used in the technology that makes those fabrics stain resist. they have been linked to cancer, and they can be absorbed. through the skin or inhaled. researchers say they detected pipas and all the popular uniform brands new york and california have introduced bills to phase out the chemicals from uniforms and breaking news overnight in the sports world. espn reports the head coach of the boston celtics could be suspended as soon as today for allegedly having a consensual relationship with a female member of the team staff. espn says email dokka could be forced to sit out the entire upcoming season and from basketball to baseball. yankee star aaron judge is set to make history as soon as tonight if he hits just one more home run. in the meantime, many fans are looking to cash in on his success. close with that blast tuesday night, aaron judge became only the sixth player in history to hit
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60 or more home runs in a single season tying babe ruth single season tally. but as he rounded the bases chaos in the stands fans piling on top of each other, trying to grab that home run ball, and who can blame them? when you consider what the ball could be worth? what would that be on the open market today ? at least, 100,000. so when will the lucky fan who nabbed that ball be cashing in? well he won't be just wanted to give him give him back. it's that says story, so anyway, i could get back to judge that's right. 20 year old college student michael kessler gave the ball back to judge. he says he'd do anything to make sure judge returns to the yankees next season. anything that come back next year help the heart and soul the ball club. kessler didn't leave empty handed. he and his friends got to meet judge who signed balls for them. kessler also got an autographed bat, so he essentially gave $1500 in value for 100,000 easy should judge continued at homers this season.
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one auction owner says he'd be willing to pay more than $100,000 for home run ball number 61, which is the magic number because it would tie roger maris's american league record, and if there's a number 62 that ball could sell for $200,000 those values so high. the league is now marking the balls pitched to judge so they can be verified as authentic. the letter in numbers seen here on the ball are only part of the special markings. the league is refusing to reveal what the other secret markings are. judge did not hit a home run last night. he gets another chance tonight against the boston red sox if they don't intentionally walk him, which we might start seeing we might coming up a possible change coming to jeopardy, plus a political ad like we've never seen before. programs should lead to self programs should lead to self sufficiency. hey, peaceful state. full plate. wait, are you my blind date? dancing crew. trip for two. nail the final interview.
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get me in trouble. people are gonna be like no. this morning on g m. a. time to check the pulse, and we begin with the uproar over a proposed rule change on jeopardy so it would give contestants some extra prize money. jeopardy's executive producer says he is considering a cash bonus for players who run the category. that's when you and correctly answer every clue in a column in order. the bonus would not affect game scores. but some fans and purists worry it could affect players strategy would affect yeah. alright next former first lady melania trump wants the world to know she cares about christmas is setting the record straight two years after she was heard in a recording saying who gives a blank about christmas stuff? trump tweeted yesterday that the conversation with secretly recorded and was quote spitefully, edited by her former friend, miss trump is currently selling christmas ornaments by the way on her website. okay some new details about the senate candidate whose
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campaign ad is going viral. paulson is known as the wrapping candidate. here's why hey, utah district. 12 listen up right here. there's a new name on the ballot for the senate this year. my name is linda paulson, republican and awesome love, god and family and the constitution. paulson is a republican running for the state senate and utah 80 years young. her daughter wrote those lyrics as a birthday gift. listen politics aside 80 year olds doing stuff like that is fun to watch. i love it next. what are the best and the worst airports in the country? the new rankings are when it comes to travelers satisfaction. the minneapolis st paul airport is number one thanks to renovations and smooth operations. the san francisco detroit airports were next at the bottom of the list, newark liberty and finally neptune showing off its rings. pictures are incredible. nasa's new pictures of the planet are really out of this world. look at this. it looks fake. the webb telescope captured neptune revealing the planet's rings and
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opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: breaking news.
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a crash in san jose leaves nine people without a place to sleep. a loose tire busted the window added apartment complex. kumasi: the shocking moment a car nearly hits a little girl at a san mateo intersection. reggie: a vote on whether to extend a mask mandate. kumasi: plus, why you may want to lock up your car if you have a kia. good morning, it is thursday, september 22. reggie: drew, tonight is the first night of fall, do i have that right? drew: you do. reggie: it is the last day of summer. drew: a warming trend is underway.
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