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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 22, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a crash in san jose leaves nine people without a place to sleep. a loose tire busted the window added apartment complex. kumasi: the shocking moment a car nearly hits a little girl at a san mateo intersection. reggie: a vote on whether to extend a mask mandate. kumasi: plus, why you may want to lock up your car if you have a kia. good morning, it is thursday, september 22. reggie: drew, tonight is the first night of fall, do i have that right? drew: you do. reggie: it is the last day of summer. drew: a warming trend is underway. we got rid of the showers
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yesterday. we are dry and we have really clear skies out there. temperatures a lot cooler this morning compared to this time yesterday. yesterday we had a lot of cities in the 60's. you might need a heavier jacket this morning. 57 right now in san jose. all the way over to the east bay hills, plenty of storms. we are mainly fog free this morning. eyes on the afternoon with a lot of sunshine. 70's and 80's. fall begins at 6:03. kumasi: breaking news in the south bay. a wild crash in san jose. a car plows into an apartment building left a trail of destruction. lena howland at the scene with the damage. is everybody ok?
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>> good morning. everyone is thankfully ok after this scary incident. i want to show you some of the damage left behind. san jose fire officials say because of this, nine people have been displaced and two apartment units will be read tagged because of damage left behind. this crash happened after 1:40 this morning. a car drove through intersection near senter road, hitting a parked car before slamming into an apartment complex. the accident also caused a loose tire to hit an apartment unit along senter road, causing windows to break. we did talk to one of the neighbors whose apartment was struck by a loose tire. he woke up to find a big mess in his kitchen. >> i was sleeping in my bedroom. i heard a noise.
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something hitting. i thought the car hit my house. when i came out, i saw the cabinets in my kitchen. >> police said when they came across the car, no one was in it and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. we also know the red cross was dispatched to help with those who have been displaced from this scary incident, to help them find another safe place to stay. this investigation is still ongoing and we will keep you updated. lena howland, abc 7 news. reggie: two young children and a father inches away from a horrible end. video shows the moment suv nearly hits a girl at a crosswalk. the video can be hard to watch
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but the family is ok. >> jison hong's dashcam was rolling when she stopped let a family cross. watch closely as the three enter the crosswalk. that dark suv ripping the child's scooter from beneath her, just a few inches, a few moments from what could have been a more profound tragedy. >> if it was a few seconds later, she could have been seriously injured. >> the gatlle the driver returned to the scene and spoke to police. a report was taken. hong, who captured the footage and other residents say this is one example of close calls at this intersection. issues neighbors say they have alerted the city to for years. >> we have spoken at city council meetings.
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i think now this video finally triggered some action. >> police said they have responded by increasing area patrols. >> we are monitoring traffic in the area so we can continue to be proactive to make sure the area continues to be safe for the residents, pedestrians and others. >> city manager drew corbett saying in part this inexperienced driver clearly failed to stop for the young child in the crosswalk. went something like this happens, we have to ask why. officials have temporarily removed a lane of traffic on a section of franklin parkway. they bill be adding an additional pedestrian crossing beacon to approve visibility. we asked about long-term goals. the city is asking if stop signs can be installed. as the community pushes to keep their neighbors safe.
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you cannot help but think how much worse it could have been. >> i had made eye contact with the family about across the street. in slow motion, i saw in the corner of my eye a car zooming past. reggie: that was something. san jose is searching for ways to cut down on the rising number of traffic related deaths on it city streets. 50 people have died on the road so far this year. abc 7 news was at senter road yesterday as police acted as pedestrian decoys and crackdown on drivers who did not stop. the city also held a virtual community meeting focused on two areas in different parts of town. >> they are going down the street way too fast. 40, 50, 55 miles per hour.
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i would prefer a couple speed bumps. i do nothing stop signs will do it. they do not stop for the stop signs. reggie: the next step is to put together a list of recommendations and secure necessary funding. kumasi: another act of violence in oakton. police trying to figure out what led to this shooting near international boulevard. police found a man at the scene with a gunshot wound to the chest. his condition is unknown. we are committed to finding solutions to the bay area's biggest issues in there but not be a bigger one now than the feeling of safety. oakland saw some of its lowest homicide numbers in a decade but this graphic has shown you since the pandemic started. . numbers have gone up dramatically. oakland has seen 91 killings. the question everyone is trying to answer is what is the solution?
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tuesday, two people were shot at a bus stop outside city hall, one man died. she says the pandemic has affected the city's response to stopping violence. she says part of the rebuilding process involves giving funding to groups already present in oakland who are trying to stop the violence. the city's department of violence prevention tries to prevent crimes before they happen. >> those are the things that work, building the slow dance and a relationship with loved ones so their individual network , community or family are caught up in turmoil, we have earned the right for us to come in and say, what is going on? kumasi: she said she is prepared to take legislative action to give community-based actions the funding they need. reggie: city councilmember said
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the community needs to step up to curb the violence. abc 7 spoke with a councilmember. >> a father, mother, brother, sister, we need to be responsible for those of us in the neighborhood where high school age and above that be responsible for the behavior we are committing. it does take -- at the end of the day -- law enforcement is necessary but at the same time the family in the neighborhood also needs to be held accountable and responsible for the behavior we are allowing to happen in our streets. reggie: since monday, at least four people have died and five others injured in shootings across the city. kumasi: the european union is moving forward with sanctions against russia. this action is coming as protests erupt in russia over forcing citizens into service.
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jobina: the announcement from president putin let a protest in 40 cities across russia. video shows a violent crackdown on protesters in st. petersburg. some are leaving the country altogether. during a speech to the u.n., president biden addressed putin's actions. >> he wants to think the world is a madman. do not push me or i will use nuclear weapons. jobina: volodymyr zelenskyy addressed the u.n., demanding punishment and calling for russia to be stripped of its veto power on the security council. the council will hold a meeting to focus on accountability. antony blinken is expected to speak. drew: 5:10 a.m. we are taking a live look outside. some fog outside. a lot of us are waking up to clear skies.
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temperatures cooled off during this time yesterday. we are anywhere from five to nine degrees cooler this morning. temperatures are generally in the 50's. live doppler 7 and satellite, no rain to speak about today. high-pressure building and over the next couple of days. sunshine and warmer weather for the weekend. some patchy fog around the bay shoreline at 10:00 a.m., warming through the 60's and 70's. we are expecting a lot of sunshine today. 70's for most of us around lunchtime. on the coast, we expect a lot of sunshine at temperatures above average. 70's and 80's as we head into the later parts of the afternoon. this evening, it is the first day of autumn. equinox will happen at 6:03, that is when the sun's rays are
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directly over the equator and we say hello to a new season. saturday, get the outdoor plans ready. sunday, a warm to hot day. we will look at the complete forecast in about eight minutes. jobina: good morning, everyone. we have such a different commute today versus yesterday with those wet conditions causing such a big mess. it is nice and clear. no advisories from the chp. oakland, this is our 880 at the coliseum camera. emeryville, showing you 80. headlights are traveling westbound. let's check out the drive times. tracy to dublin, 44 minutes. around this time yesterday, it was over one hour. things are on time for the highway 4 commute. reggie: still ahead, california on alert after migrants are flowing to sacramento. kumasi: the two kinds of cars
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most likely to get stolen. reggie: 5:1
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kumasi: welcome back. we are learning more about eight migrants who mysteriously showed up in sacramento last week from texas. a group from venezuela arrived with no cash or food. the group said they fleet to sacramento after being notified their ice paperwork had reassigned them to the city. the migrants walked more than 20 miles to what they thought was a shelter. it was actually a closed office building. >> the most troubling part is sending them to a shelter that does not actually exist. these men could have ended up sleeping outside if good-natured people had not help them to find help. kumasi: local nonprofits are stepping into help the migrants find permanent housing and jobs. it is not clear if this group was sent by the texas governor who has been sending migrants to cities across the country.
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activists tell abc 7 news they are standing by to help any other migrants. reggie: covid booster shots for younger kids are close to authorization. a vote to authorize omicron-specific booster's for kids five to 11 are coming in weeks. boosters for kids under five are months away. health experts say a large amount of the young population has not received their initial vaccines. the estimate is less than 40% of children five to 11 have received any covid shot. less than 10% of children under five have received one. kumasi: bart's board of directors will discuss whether or not to extend the mask mandate. it is currently scheduled to expire on october 1. bart's police chief says in over two years, officers have issued seven citations. today's meeting will be the first in person meeting held at
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bart's headquarters on webster street in oakland. insurance data shows kia and hyundai cars are an easy target for thieves. between 2015 and 2019, they are about to be twice as likely to be stolen as. other vehicles they share much of the same engineering. there is a function that would match the authentic key with the car by computer chips. and social media trend stirred up last year but a method of damaging the ignition systems for joyrides. reggie: the new season of abbott elementary is underway. san mateo's abbott middle school are fans. >> who watches abc 7? [applause] [laughter] reggie: this is their broadcast journalism class so it made sense.
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i love divine. drew: they are great. reggie: abbott middle school's faculty has big hearts like the cast of the fictional school. first lady jill biden tweeted a photo, watching last night's premier. i am checking out this room. drew: where is she at? reggie: it looks like she might be on air force one because i see seatbelts. that is nice. i did not expect air force one to look like that inside. [laughter] you show me a photo and i will immediately zoom in. drew: those kids have a very co-program called college exploration. 16 different modules, broadcast journalism, forensics, nursing. they can try to figure out what they want to do.
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divine is learning to edit on the same software we use here. reggie: premier? drew: premier. give us your card, we will take you when you graduate. reggie: how come we are not talking about the leg? kumasi: i need the back story. i saw him circle it. what is happening in this photo? [laughter] drew: you do not know what is in the shot during an interview. what is that leg? [laughter] reggie: there is an entire leg sticking out from the table behind you. [laughter] drew: this is the nursing program where they learned how to suture, they had an arm to learn. kumasi: i am glad you explain this. reggie: i did not know. kumasi: is this an exercise program? reggie: it looked like something from a christmas story, the leg lamp. drew: turn around and put a
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shade on it. [laughter] reggie: i thought it was part of the musical program. drew: we tried to do a tiktok. reggie: with the leg? drew: we try to figure out how to incorporate it. kids do not have phones in school. reggie: that is right. they do need some gopros over there. drew: i think we will be able to work our magic on that. reggie: really? i love that. drew: gopro has reached out. they were watching. what would you want if you could have anything right now? she wanted gopros. reggie: keep us updated. drew: this is suture tower. it is beautiful. the city is sparkling. or marine layer is nonexistent right now. here is petaluma, we are at zero miles visibility.
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elsewhere, we are doing ok when it comes to fog. we are waking up to temperatures in the 50's. this is a nice-looking forecast. sunshine, temperatures warming into the 70's and 80's. above average for this time of year. later on this evening, autumn does arrive. the sun's rays are directly over the equator at 6:03 this evening as we welcome a new season. thesun's rays move toward the tropic of capricorn. we will have some patchy fog but mainly clear skies for most of us. planned the weekend. friday, warming up. look at saturday. mid to upper 90's in our warmest spots inland. 70's and 80's around the bay shoreline. the seven-day forecast. fall starts today. the weekend is looking great. still warm early next week.
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we will cool off by the middle part of the week. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: open for business complete with a roof deck open to the public. so how many vaccines have you given to people? me? about 1000.
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kumasi: it is 5:23. 1, such a scary morning for families living in a san jose apartment. a car slammed into a building after crashing into a parked car near senter road. thankfully everyone is ok and the driver took off. reggie: 2, a girl on a scooter nearly hit at a crosswalk. she is ok. the close call caught on video. city official said it will be adding an additional pedestrian crossing beaking to improve visibility. kumasi: number 3, violent clashes in russia overnight. protesters took to the streets in response to president putin s order mobilizing thousands of people into the military. reggie: 4, covid booster shots will be -- drew:5, the rain from yesterday
5:25 am
is out of here. we are talking a lot of sunshine , 70's and 80's later today. jobina: number 6, no rain means a much better commute as we bring you a live look from the san mateo bridge. kumasi: and number 7, new images give us an incredible view of neptune's rings. you know where this is from. the james webb telescope capture these images. the bright light in the upper middle is one of neptune's moons. a floating piece of history. abc 7 news was at the christening. reggie: oh. kumasi: we got there. they christened it with some champagne. the ferry will serve as
5:26 am
headquarters for the bay area council. it was first launched in 1924. >> the greatest branding company in the world was built on this boat. famous logos like coca-cola or designed on this boat, the rolling stones were on this boat. i hope we can do something. kumasi: i heard "party." reggie: look at that. kumasi: drones view 7. that will be open to the public. nice. reggie: we could definitely have a party up there. kumasi: it is ready. it has little chairs. reggie: and we can walk there from here. a kayaker from marin county is finally resting after making a historic solo trip from california to hawaii. they departed from monterey on
5:27 am
june 21 and reached his destination in hilo on tuesday. that is 91 days at sea, hence the beard. he paddled up to 9.5 hours per day. he relied on a manual water pump. it took hours to produce one gallon of fresh water per day. a kayaker completed the trip himself in 1980 seven -- 1987. we talked to him when he was about to leave and i believe we will talk to him soon now that the trip is complete. i am sure his girlfriend is relieved. can you imagine sending off your loved one and say i hope i see you again? kumasi: how was he contacting people? reggie: he had some kind of satellite situation. i think he was doing a live
5:28 am
blog. they could see his journey. imagine two hours of work to get the water you need every day. that is just to sustain life. that is something. still to come, many large bay companies cutting jobs. how this will impact our local economy esta fed raises interest rates. kumasi: when and where you can see michelle obama in person.
5:29 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30. the bay area economy still trying to cope with covid. what the new fed interest rate hike means. kumasi: a setback for the former president. and appeals court judge ruling
5:31 am
the justice department can use the documents seized from mar-a-lago. reggie: scientists say a food fed to a baby made them smile. kumasi: i was not ready for that. what food? how did you see the smile? [laughter] reggie: science? kumasi: here we are. [laughter] kumasi: good morning, everyone. let's check in with through on this last day of summer. drew: we got rid of the rain from yesterday that cause so many issues. some patchy fog in spots. it is in the north bay where we have an issue. temperatures, a cooler start compared to yesterday. waking up to temperatures in the 50's. a live look outside, the exploratorium camera, a
5:32 am
beautiful shot of the city. limited fog this morning. a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the 60's and 70's by lunchtime. 70's and 80's away from the coast. fall begins at 6:03 this evening. reggie: we are tracking breaking news in the south bay. a wild crash left a san jose apartment building with a big hole. it happened at crabapple weight. -- crabapple way. lena howland is live. lena: everyone is ok after the scary accident but it left a trail of damage behind. fire officials say because of this, nine people have been displaced and two apartment units will be red tagged because of damages left behind. this crash happened just after 1:40 this morning.
5:33 am
a car drove through an intersection near senter road, hitting a parked car before slamming into an apartment complex. a tire hit and apartment unit causing windows to break. we did talk to one of the neighbors whose apartment was struck by a loose tire who woke up to the sound of a loud boom. >> i woke up when i heard the noise. the first impression is that a car hit my house. instead, it was just the tire. lena: police said when they came across the car, nobody was in it. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. we know red cross officials were dispatched to the scene to help those displaced find alternative housing. live in san jose, lena howland, abc 7 news. kumasi: there are no concerns
5:34 am
about the state of the bay area's economy. more companies are cutting back esta fed is cutting rates again. >> experts say the bay area is no longer the standalone tech hub, now competing with cities like austin, boston and housing availability in california is having a major impact on our local economy. bay area based gap -- eliminating 500 jobs. american airline saying more than 400 flight attendants from the bay area would be relocated to other states. tax insiders say google and meta are slimming down and restructuring some departments. >> companies are making decisions about the cost of labor, where they have access to labor. the labor market as a whole is
5:35 am
healthy and strong outside of the time periods. >> a ucla study finds the u.s. is not currently in a recession. the chance of a recession in the next 12 months is less than 50%. the california economic forecast is weaker than it looked three months ago. an expert says the overall economy may have slowed but the labor market is from and healthy. reggie: several candidates for oakland mayor are taking aim at the rising violets. . at a forum in chinatown, ideas included expanding antivirus programs, boosting the number of officers on the streets. someone who attended said they liked what they heard. city safety is a top issue. >> i have a lot of friends who have elderly parents and grandparents here who are afraid
5:36 am
of going out to go grocery shopping. that impacts me to know my own community members are not feeling safe enough to live free. reggie: there are 10 candidates to replace the current oakland mayor who is termed out. kumasi: there is a $100,000 reward to solve the murders of two unhoused people. they were shot and killed six years ago. they were inside the box where they lived. a forensic artist produced a sketch of a person of interest. if anyone recognizes the person or has any information about the case, you are asked to call police. reggie: former president trump is facing more legal setbacks this morning. jobina: there are two separate issues the former president is dealing with. an appeals court decided the
5:37 am
justice department can continue so in florida.ssified documentsl trump claims he declassified the top-secret documents but the court said there were no documents the documents were declassified. new york's attorney general has filed a civil lawsuit against trump at three of his children, accusing them of fraud. >> it is a tale of two justice systems, one for everyday working people at one for the elite. jobina: the attorney general claims the trumps overstated the value of their properties to get better loans. former president trump denied the accusations. he said in a social media post yesterday this is part of a political which shot. kumasi: the house's has taken a bigger step to try to keep presidents from overturning results. a bipartisan election reform bill. members of the january 6 select
5:38 am
committee -- the goal is to prevent another riot from happening in the future. the bill would change the electoral count act to make it nearly impossible to change election results. nine republicans joined democrats in passing the bill. reggie: jimmy thomas -- virginia thomas will speak at the january 6 committee. her lawyer confirmed thomas will voluntarily participate. the committee wants to question her about text at emails that she sent a former president trump's lawyer and chief of staff. kumasi: santa clara county is taking steps to make some pricey prescription medications more affordable. insulin and other diabetes medication will be added to the county's med assist program. it provides a monthly grant to pay for medications.
5:39 am
organizer say people are sometimes forgotten about when it comes to financial aid. >> folks who are making what we used to think of as a pretty good middle-class income are eligible for this program because it is designed to serve the missing middle of health care. we are talking about the folks who make a little too much to qualify for government support, typically. kumasi: according to county officials, nearly 120,000 adults in santa clara county have diabetes and 29% of them rely on insulin. reggie: a warning for dog owners. people are reporting people stealing their pups. >> in this morning's gma first look, dognappings are on the rise. a french bulldog was stolen from a california home by masked intruders in broad daylight. ects areeen runnut the doorit frenchie in hand, rushing to get into a
5:40 am
silver chevy malibu and driving off. >> the victim came home, interrupted the burglary, they attacked her, hit her in the face with a gun and kicked her. >> this is not an isolated incident. last week, a litter of french bulldog puppies was stolen from a home by a pair of been in ski amasks. that case is still open and active. coming up, we will tell you what experts say is the key to keeping your pets safe from this disturbing new trend. kumasi: still ahead, the food that scientistss say made in unborn baby smile. reggie: a surprising creature that crept up on one family's home and caused them to say it look like godzilla. oh. that is big, though. drew: godzilla, though? [laughter] kumasi: i am not ready for this.
5:41 am
reggie: i am trying to figure out the scale of this. drew: we are trying to figure out the scale, kumasi. 1.5 window here we go. i love this picture, fog free skies. the sf skyline, the western span of the bay bridge, good visibility thanks to a mainly fog free start. yesterday, light showers moving through. this morning, a different story. we are expecting dry conditions and a lot of sunshine. a little bit of patchy fog right now around the bay shoreline, climbing into the 60's and low 70's by 10:00. this afternoon, a lot of sunshine, even along the coastline. temperatures above average in the 70's and 80's.
5:42 am
. in the evening, we say hello to fall. the seasons are changing. tonight at 6:03, the sun's rays are over the earth's equator. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine and temperatures on the rise. 80's and 90's and the warm weather does continue for the back half of the weekend. let's see how we are doing with traffic. jobina: good morning, everyone. a commuter alert that just came in from bart. a 10 minute delay in the sfo direction due to an equipment problem they are recovering from. moving to the south bank, a live look at san jose, 101. we are seeing traffic stack up at the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights came on at 5:34. in the last couple of weeks, i was off for some of that, the metering lights keep coming on
5:43 am
around 5:30, which trends to our pre-pandemic commute. this is interesting. the drive times, antioch to hercules, 34 minutes. 85 to the san jose airport, seven minutes.
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and never pay full price for gas again. oh wow! and, finally, snack up to save even more at the pump. that's great! make the most of the stop you need to make with shell. wait! there's three of me? awesome! kumasi: welcome back. the earthquake that jolted santk loose a water source in sonoma county. the water level has already go up six inches. the creek's water flow is more than seven times its previous rate. reggie: world series champion and seven-time all-star buster posey is back with the san
5:46 am
francisco giants. he is not playing. he is joining the team's ownership group and board of directors. >> the organization has meant a great deal to me and my family. i could not be more thrilled to be joining the ownership group. reggie: he made comments alongside the giants chair. the former m.v.p. said he can be a valuable sounding board for team management. the 35-year-old retired after last season and is the first former player to become a principal partner and board member with the giants. after 100 years in business, roosevelt in sanntly closed. according to a post on its website, the clorefactors, inclg skyrocketing costs, erratic business. tuesday was its last day. kumasi: there is stunning new
5:47 am
research about what your baby experiences in the womb. researchers said babies in the womb can taste the food a mom eats. even more interesting, ultrasound images show babies tend to smile when they are eating carrots and they cry about green vegetables. reggie: [laughter] kumasi: the study published in a journal looks at how unborn babies react to taste and smell. it is believed they can experience a flavor by inhaling or swallowing fluid. reggie: a scuba diver was in for a treat when a seal nuzzled its face, getting up close and personal. this happened in england. by day, the diver is a doctor. he has spent 20 years diving with the seals. he mentioned at 23 meters, this was deeper than his usual dives. he said the whiskers of the seal
5:48 am
were tickling his face. drew: can we go back to the baby, though. reggie: for was the seal trying to get his mask off? kumasi: what about the baby? drew: carrots? i was thinking something more fun. reggie: same. maybe sweet potatoes. gerber has a surplus right now of carrots. kumasi: [laughter] drew: push the carrots. they like carrots. do you see the smile? reggie: they will never know. kumasi: stop ruining it. reggie: allegedly. drew: g8 wings and the baby smiled -- she ate rings and the baby smiled. reggie: a ghost pepper. drew: remember the one chip challenge? i think it was a ghost pepper.
5:49 am
it was the hottest thing ever. just me? kumasi: i remember it. reggie: yeah, no. drew: this is yes. kumasi: [laughter] drew: we will say yes to the sunshine outside. a live look through the exploratorium camera. here are your weather headlines. some areas of patchy fog in the north bay this morning. plenty of stars. later today, sunny and warmer this afternoon. we do have a warming trend happening through the weekend. live doppler 7 with visibility. the 101 corridor dealing with dense fog. san jose, that is good. doing just fine in both cities. temperatures cooler than yesterday. temperatures in the 50's.
5:50 am
you do not need a light layer this afternoon. along the coast, mostly sunny skies. 70's and 80's later. temperatures above average. overnight tonight, patchy fog. are marine layer is compressed, temperatures in the 50's. future tracker temperature trend. warm on friday, warmer on saturday and we do it again on sunday. the seven-day forecast. fall arrives today. saturday and sunday, tons of sunshine. 80's and 90's. we will gradually cool off next week. kumasi: we are becoming florida. one florida family was surprised and quite terrified to find this big monitor lizard outside of their window, trying to climb in the window. reggie: [laughter] kumasi: [laughter] that laughs. the mother of the house nicknamed it godzilla.
5:51 am
this is a monitor lizard. it is scaling this security screen. it was more than two feet long. they just put out snake powder that is usually an insect repellent and they believe that is what liberated over. drew: uh oh. kumasi: no. reggie: i did not expect that. kumasi: nooo. not this. [laughter] drew: they can get up to 10 feet long. reggie: 10 feet? drew: as an adult. kumasi: that is where my auntie lives. drew: i am not going there. reggie: i have never heard of snake powder. snake powder wards off insects what attracts monitor lizards? is it made out of snake? [laughter]
5:52 am
what? i thought that might have been a florida thing. you did not have lizards where you live, alligators? . kumasi: [laughter] reggie: you lived in that part of florida were nothing weird happened? [laughter] kumasi: that one part. [laughter] reggie: changes are coming. they go into effect on earth day in south lake tahoe. kumasi: when you can see
5:53 am
5:54 am
kumasi: it is 5:54. former first lady michelle obama is going on a book tour and stopping in san francisco.
5:55 am
it begins in late november in washington, d.c. her san francisco appearance is december 10. she is sharing more about her new book. presale tickets for the tour are available now on ticketmaster. next friday, they will go on sale to the general public. reggie: cockroaches famously can survive just about anything so why not put a tiny backpack on a cockroach for a search and rescue operation? what? researchers have mounted backpacks onto the roaches. the tech can control the movement of the roaches. researchers hope attack can help find survivors during natural survivors because the roaches can get into tight spaces and being controlled by rescue crews. take all of this in. drew: i do not like this. reggie: i do not like it,
5:56 am
either. i am trying to figure out what i do not like it. kumasi: it is a roach. reggie: i do not like the idea of it being remotely controlled against its will. you are forcing it to turn left, turn right, go forward. it is weird to me. i do not know if those fly. drew: some do. kumasi: that is one thing i did have in florida. reggie: flying cockroaches? drew: imagine you are in trouble. [laughter] reggie: put florida on blast. drew: imagine you are trying to get saved, you see a cockroach and you smash it and that was your chance. kumasi: that would be me. drew: that would be me, too. reggie: that seems like the plot of a movie. drew: remember in richie rich, they had bees. reggie: take me through that
5:57 am
journey. drew: the movie richie rich, back in the 1990's. reggie: they controlled bees using robotic technology like that? it is happening. kumasi: we went through it. next at 6:00, trying to cut down on traffic deaths in the south bay. what city leaders are working on. reggie: look at this close call in san mateo after an suv barrel stern intersection. the family is ok but city leaders want to stop anything like this happening again. kumasi: rising crime is making for a deadly year and one east bay city. reggie: a live look outside.
5:58 am
5:59 am
kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
6:00 am
building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. safe developing news in the south bay nine people without a place to sleep after a wild crash overnight. we're looking at the damage left behind this morning. then the shocking moment a car nearly hit a little girl in a san mateo intersection the city now trying to make that crosswalk safer for drivers and pedestrians live look from our east bay hills camera. the rain is gone. was about to start and drew of course tracking the return of the sunshine to our forecast. good morning. welcome to thursday september 22nd. yeah, i'm gonna start with the check of our forecast with drew. good morning. yeah. we're in the final hours of the summer season. we will see a lot


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