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have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. . schools in los angeles or taking a major step to try to stop a killer. the recent death of a student caused by fentanyl has officials determined to make sure it never happens again. here's abc's lionel moist this morning, the second largest school district in the nation, taking a major step in the fight against fentanyl officials in los angeles announcing they will now
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stock the anti overdose medication narcan in every school in the district. a 3 12 individuals die. through the consumption of fentanyl because they stop breathing. markham has a limited but highly effective way of reversing that condition . the move comes amid an alarming increase in fentanyl overdoses and students seven in los angeles in the past month, including the death of 15 year old melanie ramos. officials say she overdosed after taking what she thought were percocet pills bought from another student medications that don't come from legitimate medical sources may actually contain fentanyl and cause an overdose los angeles station abc held a town hall with advocates last night. ed turn in, spoke about losing his son charlie to an overdose. charlie bought what he thought were percocet pills online for his bad back. he took one pill on a random thursday afternoon, and the doctors tell us that he
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was probably gone within about 15 minutes, and he did not have a substance use disorder. the d , a now warning that younger children are now being targeted by dealers. these colorful pills known as rainbow fentanyl, or made to look like candy. we've made counterfeit pills. seizures fentanyl pills, seizures in every state in the united states . it's impacting every community . more than a dozen attorneys general are asking president biden to classify fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction. they say enough fentanyl has been seized in the last year to kill every person in america several times over. fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin. the d a says most of it is produced by the mexican drug cartels and smuggled into the us, prompting critics have divided administration to call for tighter border security. rhiannon andrea thank you, lionel. now it's a chicago where a guy who drives a jaguar suv says luck was on his side. cory
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simon's vehicle was getting an oil change on monday when two suspects went into the shop bay and drove off with it. simon called police and they tracked it down using gps. then three hours later, simon went into a gas station while filling up the suv was stolen again. gone in 60 seconds or less. the nozzle was in the tank and gas was flying everywhere contacted the two officers that helped me previously and said, you'll never going to believe this, but my car was stolen again. wow well for the second time that day, the vehicle's gps system helped them find it. simon says his friends are telling him to buy some lottery tickets. car yeah, i think that's a very popular well liked car. everybody wants it think thieves would be smart enough to realize all these new cars have gps and they're going to be found very quickly. it is a nice car. it is a very good happens the third time coming up how nasa is trying to protect earth. from an
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asteroid hits later in the mix for good asteroids. how about keeping yourself safe from this is that you'll find out you're watchi
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tonight at 98 central on abc. well nasa is waiting for its own startup, all or at least changing its trajectory. we're counting down to monday's expected impact of a spacecraft into an asteroid in the hopes of one day saving humanity. here's a b cs geo benitez. kidding asteroid is a tough thing to do. humanity has never done that before nasa on the verge of a new frontier in space exploration, and it's something that may one day save us all.
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launching the dark mission aboard spacex's falcon nine rocket lift off the falcon nine and dark. the mission lifting off last year has been hurtling towards two asteroids with intertwined orbits, called didymus and amorphous, nearly seven million miles from earth amorphous is orbiting around didymus. kind of like the moon orbits around the earth. morpheus maybe smaller than didymus, but it's still big over 500 ft. wide about the size of a large football stadium. a rock of that size hitting the earth. would have enormous amount of energy. if it hits here. something uh, like that would would level small, state small country. yeah you heard that right? a small countries. these two asteroids are not a threat to worth. but scientists say the pair have perfect conditions for this first of its kind test. it's really a zero risk high reward test of our ability to defend our planet we're gonna do
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is going to run a small spacecraft into the smaller the two asteroids and it is going to change its velocity, a small amount. these two asteroids are slowly moving around each other, so that tiny little change of velocity that you make to one asteroid, you can see it almost immediately to make the collision happened monday. a smaller probe will be jettisoned from the larger spacecraft ramming into the asteroid. nasa will be relying on smart nav technology that includes a sun sensor star tracker. and roll out solar arrays to keep the spacecraft light, but it comes with a catch. about two minutes out. we have to stop maneuvering and we're moving at six kilometers a second. so if you actually look at that on the map it's as if we were over the indy 500 when we stop maneuvering and then we simply have to coast all the way to baltimore. and we have to land inside camden yards . it's a remarkable amount of precision for a small nudge that could have giant implications
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for planetary defense, if successful, and while the successful mission may ensure humanity's ability to deflect a future threat, it's only half the battle tracking asteroids in our solar system is key. all right now the vast majority of the asteroids that are large enough to destroy cities are untracked, sobering reality that will soon change our ability is just about to take a quantum leap forward, and that's because the world's largest telescope finding tracking asteroids is just about to have first light next year called the vera rubin observatory. it's a joint venture under construction in chile. that will be a game changer. an asteroid detection telescope is gonna track asteroids to rate about 10 times more. than all other telescopes combined, so that's really gonna help us. find a lot more answers the observatory and missions like dark, offering a last line of defense for our planet to help protect the future of humanity on earth. just really fascinating are thanks to geo
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there, nasa says it's dark mission is on track for an impact on monday, 7 14 eastern time 315, or go
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to missouri book .com. it is time now for the mix, starting with a huge scare for one family near orlando, florida, this is what they saw climbing up their windows screen. it is a giant monitor. lizard moving. no, no. monitor lizards are actually considered to be the most intelligent reptiles as pets. they often seek human attention and want to play. i don't want that play, still, the mother of the homeowner said on facebook that she won't be visiting them anytime. no i don't blame her. thank you. ah it's related to the komodo dragon. so that kind of gives you a sense of how big it is dragons. they're very dangerous. yes well next to another bad another dad. i'm sorry. getting schooled by his
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kid on sharing and burberry of harrison, ohio, shot this adorable exchange between her eight month old daughter cooling for dad's attention look because he was eating. he was eating chicken wings without sharing. so look what she did that clearly didn't sit well with that little taught who then proceeded to attack his can. of course, she knows what she wants. yeah look at that. i love babies. they're so cute polka. from cincinnati, ohio. happy web tober fist 2020 with the kleber heads, family band ticks and foreign wars, all the weather all the scores world news. running some good night. sleep your life. world news. this lady night white awaken. you're not wearing pants. have some funny being power.
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world. world. who cares what the bosses think. you know, they're a goofy crew. call the cops here is on. when they yell. it's half past three television to me. if you're up this late, you must be headed for the john. you know that the weekend steer.
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