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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> semi trucks going up in flames overnight in san jose, firefighters trying to get the firefighter under control -- the fire under control and figure out how it started. reggie: the mass made it will soon expire. why the board decided it was time to take off the ban. kumasi: canadians are preparing for what will be an historic storm. reggie: good morning. it is friday, september 23. kumasi: we want to start with a check of forecast withdrew. drew: warmer weather moves in and over the weak and warm
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temperatures for the first for -- first full weekend and fall. fog free, temperatures along the coast, a bit of a chill at 40 degrees. most of us waking up to 50's this morning. light layer needed, you don' long today. the view is looking spectacular, lots of sunshine, ready for a great day, similar to yesterday but a warmer day, 70's for most of us by lunch. by forgot m, warm sunshine, 90's returning inland, 80's around the shoreline, mild in the 70's, warmer weather over the weekend and we will show you the details in a few minutes. kumasi: we have breaking news out of san jose, look at this video. firefighters are at the scene of a two alarm fire that started after 1:00 a.m. near archer and state streets. no one person was burned with the cause of the fire is under investigation. cartwright is across the bay area may soon be ditching the
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masks again after the bard board of directors voted to let the current mandate expire. abc7news report olina helen is turning is live with an update on this. hi. >> good morning. come october 2, barge writers will no longer be required to mask up. this comes after a vote that changed the threshold of what a mask made a could return here on bard. the bar board of directors instead approved a resolution on masks that only kicks in of public health officials are requiring indoor mass singing -- indoor masking's in their jurisdictions. because no requirement exists right now, it is set to expire after october 1. is means a mask mandate will only come back every public health officer chooses to reinstate indoor masking in any of the five counties served by bart. a mask mandate could come to barge writers if the state department of public health, the cdc, or the tsa imposes another
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mask mandate. it bart's chief of police says in a little more than two years, officers issued seven citations for this. once the mask mandate is lifted on october 2, masking is still going to be strongly encouraged by bart writers and bart will continue to provide these masks for free at all ruth's and bart police. abc7news. reggie: thank you. new development with the poisoning of several people at a senior living facility in san mateo. gloria rodriguez live in the newsroom. we learn a second person has died. >> that's right. in a second lawsuit filed, we learned about the second death 93-year-old peter schroeder. last month, at least three of the residents were giving dishwashing liquid instead of juice. trudy maxwell died in days. we dug into the latest records
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and they confirm that san mateo has been investigated nine times by state officials since 2017. i have been going through the latest lawsuit and it said schroeder like cranberry juice and thought he was drinking it but it ended up in a highly toxic cleaner and disinfectant he drank. the incident is under investigation but facility officials say it was a mistake. kumasi: thank you. a following eight years in office, only four lots remain for san jose mayor sam liccardo, he spoke with the borders ahead of his final state is city -- state of the city address. he is taking action to help homelessness and affordable housing, safety, are planet, our -- our planet, money, and our safety. >> i would like to think of this
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time as a time where we are able to work together and come together through the tough times of the president and -- present and always keep a tough fight to the future. kumasi: the city could soon move officer investigations of misconduct out of the police department. reggie: there are two candidates vying for the november mayoral election. one is madman who stands on the san jose city council. election day is november 8 and registering is so simple. it takes less than two minutes. had to kumasi: we had quite a bit of rain last weekend but we need more to get to -- get out of this drought. if you see this map, about half of the state including the bay area is in the severe drought category. the orange color there. nearly a quarter is read meaning extreme drought and nearly 16% is in the worst category, exceptional drought.
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reggie: another death in oakland. a story were first told you about yesterday, investigators say a van they found crashed wednesday night was involved in a freeway shooting. a man who had been hit by gunfire was found dead inside of the van. officers say information gathered indicated that the shooting happened on 580. a motive is under investigation. no arrests have been made. this does mark the fifth homicide of the year on an oakland freeway. kumasi: oakland faith leaders say everyone should feel safe in every neighborhood, so they are hosting a cease fire night walk. it is happening along international boulevard tonight. everyone is asked to be at the -- at thy word ministries by 8:00 p.m. they say just one in a series of gun walks to combat violence. bed, bath & beyond announcing
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several stores closing for good. metro bay area locations will be impacted. reggie: hurricane fiona is a category 3 but still packing a dangerous punch. the preparations done north of the border. drew: a live look outside, a clear start our day. we expected to moderate air quality over the next couple days as warmer weather is said to move in. we will take a look at how warm we will take a look at how warm we get have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping)
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reggie: bed, bath & beyond plans to close to stores in its latest out of downsizing. one store is on the closure list. the store closing signs are already about that location. the other store closing is in the north they in marin county. bed, bath & beyond has not announced a closure date. there are at -- our 11
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others open in the bay area. in the first days of all, walmart is already looking ahead to the holidays. the retailer says in october it will offer major discounts on popular items like toys, electronics, and home decor. it has also stocked up on the usual hot sellers like tv's, phones, and furniture. walmart is hoping to hire 40,000 seasonal workers. drew: do you shop early? reggie: nope. drew: i work under pressure. december to any third sounds great. [laughter] reggie: let's try the 24th. [laughter] kumasi: that is stress, that is not pressure. that is stress. drew: is it the? that is when this -- is it though? that is when decisions are easy to make. reggie: oh, it's a gift card. drew: everyone loves gift cards. east bay hills camera, we are fog free. let's go hour-by-hour to plan your day. warming to the 60's and 70's by identical icam, likely see 80's around lunchtime in the warmest spots. today the sunshine is affected
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80's and 90's for most of us later today. warm sunshine on your friday, 76 san francisco, 87 san jose, warm in the south bay, warm in the north they would good air quality, 89 santa rosa but 90's for antioch, concord, and let's look at the three day forecast. warmer weather moves in today and accelerates for the upcoming weekend. if you are headed to the music festival saturday or sunday, it is warm, lower 80's upper 70's, lots of sunshine. the heat will peak over the weekend. upper 90's to near 100 degrees inland, upper 80's around the bay shoreline. the coast will be beautiful, fog free, lots of sunshine, in the 70's, warm to hot sunday. we take a look at how long this warmer weather sticks around coming up in the seven-day forecast in eight minutes. let say hi to jobina and see traffic. jobina: on the road, pretty much but pass transit, little issue. art is experiencing an equipment
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shortage so this will impact anyone that relies on the richmond line specifically traveling in the millbrae direction. there will be limited service so you will want to board the berryessa bound train, transfer at macarthur to an sfo bound train, and once you get to sfo, transfer to mill graves. a little ride this morning. metering lights came on at 5:55 and no backup so that is good news if you need to make your way into san francisco from the east bay. a live look at the san mateo bridge, nice and clear. we have traffic alerts, this'll be in burlingame because of a downed tree on 82 and right at mills street. the intersection there, everything is shut down and it will not reopen until 7:00 a.m. kumasi: thanks. still to come, the 90-year-old woman proving age is just a number and you are never too old to follow your dreams. reggie: the charges a man faces for punching a flight attendant and it happened on camera. kumasi: as we had to break,
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reggie: this morning, about 70% of bermuda is without power after hurricane fiona battered the island overnight. the storm heading for canada. it left a path of destruction across the caribbean. jobina: fiona is downgraded to a category 3 but it is expected to be the strongest form to ever hit canada when it makes landfall tomorrow. right now it is a category four hurricane. the stormmile-per-hour winds ass by bermuda's west coast. it create 50 foot high waves and is expected to leave four inches of rain behind. to prepare, bermuda residents stocked up their pantries and boarded up their homes. >> i have lots of water, canned
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meats, snacks. mostly nonperishable's i purchased from the store. jobina: in puerto rico, cleanup efforts are beginning. a disaster has been declared and president biden says the government will help. fiona is blamed for eight deaths. and now, a new storm has developed in the caribbean. it's good strengthen into a hurricane that could impact the southeastern part of the u.s. next week. reggie. reggie: thank you. a south bay nonprofit is organizing relief efforts. you can support them by going to puerto kumasi: we have to show you this video. >> oh my god. kumasi: yes. this is what happened earlier this week. hard to believe on a flight from mexico to l.a. 33-year-old alexandra lee is accused of grabbing the shoulders of two
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flight attendants and swinging his arm and another one before you saw in the video punching the flight attendant in the back of the head. he is facing up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted. we will have more on the story coming up at 7:00 on "good morning, america." reggie: we have reported on san francisco's efforts to crackdown on illegal street vending by needing permits. >> i don't need a badge. this is my abc 7 badge. >> [indiscernible] reggie: so far, the city issued 49 permits and by all appearance, sidewalk traffic has thinned out. most of the vendors were ok was showing us their permits but there is one problem difficult to stop him a people are still selling things out of their backpacks. >> yeah, i'm selling these
6:18 am
bands. >> did you get them from any store or shoplift them? >> i'm not going to do that even though it is hearsay in court. this is the black market and we are making money off of it. reggie: there are inspectors and police officers keeping an eye on things but the city points out it is impossible to catch every person. kumasi:-old woman in to her nurh e nally earned a ged. heloise lewis dropped out of school in the 10th grade and she says she always wished she had been able to finish high school. the staff at her nursing home help to make that happen, getting her connected to a learning center and she passed a mock test to earn her honorary ged. >> they told me here i could get my ged, happy about it, so happy. [laughter]
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excuse me because this makes me happy to know that i can do this. reggie: oh my gosh. kumasi: ok miss eloise. reggie: that is so sweet. kumasi: that was so tender. she is the first woman to get an honorary ged through this organization and ms. eloise says she hopes this will open doors for other people to do the same. reggie: look, is that a cookie cake? kumasi: this is really a lot the morning. reggie: but we need -- drew: but we need this. reggie: i really like this party they put on for her. drew: congrats. i love that. i love the weather possibly warm to hot temperatures. outside, here is the tam cam, getting the first hints of the sunrise out there. you notice fog free, marine visibility, the north bay in the foreground, bay bridge, and you can see parts of the south bay into the background.
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mainly clear, sunny and warm, a warm to hot weekend, temperatures well above average for fall. right now temperatures 40's along the coast but we are in the 50's everywhere else. may need a layer or two but you can ditch them in the afternoon because it is a warm if not hot day. highs in the microclimate, into the 80's with moderate air quality, lots of sunshine. 70's and 80's along the peninsula, good air quality there. downtown 76, low 70's along the coast with sunny skies there. good air quality. it is warm, if not hot. 90 calistoga, 89 in novato, 87 vallejo. the east bay moderate air quality with sunshine 80 in berkeley, 85 fremont, a warm afternoon. inland, it is hot with moderate air quality, 89 in sandro, 90 in pittsburgh. overnight, mainly clear skies, temperatures into the 50's. let's show you future trak. even warmer if not hotter inland tomorrow. upper 90's and the hottest spots
6:21 am
. the 70's and 80's if not low 90's. autumn warmth today with the temperature rising tomorrow, still warm to hot sunday, but what we will find by tuesday our marine layer returns and here comes the far coming back to help us cool us off closer to average by the middle part of next week. kumasi: thank you. we are checking in with ginger zee on what is coming up on gma. >> hey there. nice to be with you this morning. coming up, we have a lot of hurricane action to talk about. we begin with fiona. we have a team at bermuda there and i will talk about what it does to canada, halifax roy in nova scotia, with a hurricane warning. high wind alerts. then we have a new tropical depression north of aruba headed to the western caribbean this weekend and by next week. we could see impacts to florida. a very wide tone so we are not getting too focused on that line. also this morning, extraordinary untry, lined torrs fleeing their
6:22 am
urs vlin's order to call a more troops to fight the war in ukraine. we are live with the latest. and the urgent warning about the growing fennel epidemic, the powerful drug now disguised as rainbow colored candy. how schools and colleges across the country are battling the problem. and mark even sharing his business secrets with the parents to have start up success. and we're into the jump rope raise. it all happens here on gma. reggie: this is new to me. i did not know there was jump rope right now. >> i was a jump rope raise but i will say my husband is kind of an expert double dr. sign the time he comes back around it is cool, you will see a video, guarantee it. it and he is oddly good, not athletic at anything besides dutch. reggie: my mind is blown, i'm trying to picture him doing the double dutch. >> i will send you a video and
6:23 am
you will be just their own. reggie: well. ok. kumasi: get it. reggie: i'm into it. it is exhausting, i know that. >> it is. i know i'm not good at it. reggie: i look forward to this video. we will see you at 7:00 on gma. have a great w
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kumasi: 4.4 million americans have already gotten their updated covid boosters and that is probably a low number because the cdc does not have stats from idaho or texas. the new boosters came out this month that protect against the original strain of the virus as well as to subvariants. moderna released new doses after pharmacies had a shortage compared with the pfizer shot. reggie: conspiracy theorist alec jones took the stand in the second defamation trial to determine what he should pay sandy hook families. the majority will decide what he
6:26 am
should -- the proceedings have been contentious and frequently disruptive. yesterday he clashed with attorneys and the judge. >> i already said i'm sorry 100 times and i'm done saying i'm sorry. i was not the first person to say this. american covers are not being blamed for this as the left did so we reject it mentally and said it must not be true but i legitimate a thought about my -- legitimately thought about my mistakes and i stand by that and don't apologize. >> i've already apologized to the parents. >> objection. reggie: the judge spoke sternly with jones and his lawyer after the outburst and said they have to obey the rules or face a contempt hearing. jones says he was only repeating other people's claims and that the theories were not his own. kumasi: the boston celtics officially suspended their head coach for the entire season. the team says he had an
6:27 am
inappropriate relationship with female staff. he later apologized in a statement. the team investigated the relationship and found the woman accused the head coach of making unwanted comments toward her. he led the celtics to the nba finals where they lost to the warriors. he is in a relationship with actress knee along. reggie: next, the governor touting a new parking plan. why he says they will help small businesses and the environment. kumasi: why one of the biggest highlights of the giants game was the first pitch from someone who was not on either team. reggie: as we had to break, a live look
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. reggie: now at 6:30, thousands trying to leave russia so they don't have to join the russian military. the false vote happening today as putin tries to justify his actions. kumasi: then it might cost you
6:30 am
more to show the holiday gifts this year. how much fedex is raising prices on some of its rates. reggie: and the bison that would not move out of the way to cause a bridge to bounce up and down. why are people getting so close to these animals? kumasi: they were just driving. reggie: back it up. [laughter] good morning on this friday, september 23. kumasi: back it up, drew. drew: i'm trying. it's like when you're at a concert and everyone is like can you feel the ground shaking? everything is fine. kumasi: just about. drew: let's show you the visibility map. we are free from fog. a lot of sunshine today, warm afternoon, even warmer for the weekend. less sock temperatures waking up to numbers generally in the 50's. along the coast, a bit of a chill in a 40 degrees. a beautiful picture from the
6:31 am
tank can -- tan cam. a bright day to take the sunglasses with you outside. it is mild and warm. 90's return in lynn, 80's along the shoreline. we will preview minutes. reggie: thank you. abc7news is committed to building a better bay area. one issue we are focusing on is climate change and the environment. governor newsom signed a bill that eliminates parking requirements for housing near public transit. he says the move will help fix housing and climate issues. lena howland joins us like to explain how this works. lena: governor newsom says by limiting parking requirements near public transit, california is making housing cheaper. therefore, easier to build. the bill just signed into law yesterday will prohibit cities and counties from imposing minimum parking requirements on
6:32 am
certain residential commercial and otherwithinnealile of public transit. advocates have called this a landmark use of legislation because it affordable housing for people while getting rid of costly parking mandates. this is something that would give property owners the flexibility to decide how much on-site parking they would like to provide instead of being forced to comply with a one-size-fits-all mandate from the state. newsom says, with this bill, the state is prioritizing people and the planet over cars. >> basically we are making it cheaper and easier to build new housing near daily destinations like jobs, grocery stores, and schools. this means more housing, at lower prices, closer to walkable neighborhoods, and public transit. lena: by cutting out this requirement, he says this will not only help reduce housing cost spot it will work toward eliminating emissions from cars
6:33 am
too. that is why newsom is calling this bill a win-win situation for the state. a in fremont, lena held land, abc7news. kumasi: thank you. a new pilot program could help thousands more students get a leg up on transferring to the university of california campus. the goal is to help more disadvantaged students gain admittance. officials say thousands of students go up in gpa by each year but don't meet eligibility requirements. beginning the fall of next year, those students can receive a conditional acceptance and would have to agree to finish missing or incomplete uc required classes at a community college. students would then get guaranteed admission to one of six campuses where they could apply to the three most popular campuses, uc berkeley, ucla, uc san diego, but would not be guaranteed a spot. reggie: the deadline is fast approaching on legislation to expand free community college in san mateo county. students from three colleges local -- joined local lawmakers sewers a governor to sign senate
6:34 am
bill 893. it would expand existing programs to provide free tuition to san mateo community colleges. from underrepresented and marginalized communities. >> this bill, 893, puts our students first, gives them more opportunities to succeed in education, in life, in their careers, and their future. reggie: senator becker says it will increase the number of students receiving tuition and fee assistance to 2200 to nearly 6000. the deadline for the governor to sign the bill is next kumasi: a friday. warning for parents about school uniforms. a new study found high levels of forever chemicals in some waterproof and stain resistant uniforms. the issue is these chemicals take a long time to break down and they can linger in our bodies. they can lead to developmental delays and cancers in kids. assembly member phil ting says people need to understand the dangers of psa's. >> we need to get it out of our
6:35 am
clothing, out of the various products, all around. and we don't need it and frankly the biggest issue is a contamination of our water system at a time where we are in drought, when drinking water and water in general is at a premium. kumasi: the bill banning the use of pfa's and fabrics are now to the hands of the governor. this is a follow-up to the bill passed last year to ban those chemicals in food packaging. thousands of people are leaving russia in fear of president vladimir putin escalating the war in ukraine. today, putin is said to carry out another major strategic move. jobina: thank you. russia is said to hold votes declaring ukrainian territories part of russia. it is a move that could be used to justify further military action. this morning, there is a scramble to leave russia. traffic is jammed at border crossings and crowds are packed
6:36 am
at airports. one-way tickets are selling out fast after putin announced plans to draft 300,000 men. to help fight in ukraine. for the russians call to action, we see tearful reactions from loved ones as they board buses to head off to war, including a man holding up a little boy you can see in this video giving one last look through the bus window. >> think about what happened during the vietnam war, what the draft did to the u.s. society and the turmoil a cause. that is what putin is doing. kumasi: moscow -- jobina: moscow calls reports of a mass exit is fake news but footage shows cars stretching for miles in finland bands most russia from entering the country at that border. finland's government are -- finland's residents are considering a ban on most russians from entering the country. some people are doing anything to avoid the draft. google says one search that recently spiked in russia is how to break your arm at home.
6:37 am
meanwhile, russian police are cracking down on protesters and independent monitoring group says protesters arrested are drafted directly into the military. reggie: that is wild. thank you. the city of palo alto is climbing down what was originally promised to be a new affordable housing situation in silicon valley. these are so-called pods, from a pot house. it is being cited for multiple building code violations. the home offers 14 small individual sleeping pods and other shared rooms. the palo alto weekly is reporting inspectors went in after several complaints. they found they did not have smoke detectors. the house also had faulty wiring and furniture locking the -- blocking the hallways and exits. they ordered the owners to make safety upgrades. they can still rent out the pods while the upgrades happen. kumasi: habits need to change when it comes to charging electric vehicles according to a
6:38 am
new study. researchers say the practice about charging vehicles at night could cause instability on the power grid as more and more electric vehicles hit the streets. they say there needs to be a shift in daytime charging when the grade can't have into more solar power. there will also need to be financial incentives for business owners. >> not everyone has access to a charter at their workplace. there are folks that have small businesses in low and middle income communities that may not have a charger they can use for their business and that would be a day time charger. kumasi: authors of the study say policy makers will need action to bring on better rates to encourage daytime charging. right now the rates are cheaper at night. they believe that will happen by 2035 when california's ban on the sale of new gas powered vehicles begins. reggie: now an update on the story thy team has been tracking. mmissioner is temporarilockingns from dropping homeowners' coverage by those experiencing
6:39 am
wildfires. the order protects hundreds of thousands of homeowners affected by the mosquito fire in placer and el dorado counties and the fairview fire in riverside county. this ensures those homeowners can keep their current insurance policies for a year whether they suffered a loss or not. kumasi: california is taking another sip to its zero missions goal. a ban would take effect by 2030 and includes homes and businesses. this move comes on the hills of governor newsom signing several bills last week to make the state carbon neutral by 2045. i want to share this special moment with you at the giants game in colorado. this had nothing to do with the teams on the field. tom lewis. we had to show you tom. this is not tom. this is reggie. reggie: hi. [laughter] kumasi: that's not tom either. here is time.
6:40 am
tom willis was born without arms and throughout the ceremonial first pitch -- through -- threw out the ceremonial first pitch. he became a motivational speaker for people with disabilities in 2002, 2080 throughout his first ever ceremonial first pitch in san diego. role model. he is the ants did win the game by the way. all of this -- reggie: wow. good for him. kumasi: yes. i love to see this. reggie: we were just talking about this yesterday, about first pitch is and how we never want to do it. but now that i see this man doing a, what excuse do i have? kumasi: right. reggie: amazing the way we adapt. coming up, amazon changing one of its return policies because take talkers taking advantage of it.
6:41 am
kumasi: and how much more you might have to pay for holiday shipping as fedex ops some of its rights. reggie: taking a live look at the big board, we are not starting off so great. we will continue to watch it and give you an update in a few minutes. kumasi: then a bridge full of bison. the drive one group of visitors at yellowstone is not going to forget anytime soon. reggie: at 7:00, we have the event you won't want to miss this weekend including when kumasi -- one that come us he will be attending. drag icon will need a more joins us live. she got the outfit put together. there is a whole new exhibit about her life. you can go and see her in san francisco. all of that live on abc seven bay area apps at 7:00 a.m.. this, hi, jobina. jobina: we have to talk to -- talk about turning another party.
6:42 am
kumasi: i still think about that party. jobina: drew and i were in bed. reggie: we had a long day. jobina: we have the redline with parts because of limited service in the mill brain direction, and that is due to an equipment shortage. we are making calls to bar to try to clarify exactly what this means but in short you will need to board the train, transfer at mcarthur to any sfo bound to train. want to get there, transfer. so yes, be prepared for delays. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup arrived, lights come on at 5:55 and slow for anyone traveling toward the peninsula on the san mateo bridge right now in the westbound direction. just a heads-up there. also we still have this alert, a traffic alert, if you will be moving around burly game, 82 at mill street, shutdown right now due to an downed tree -- a downed tree. it should be open around 7:00 a.m. drew: here is your moment of zen
6:43 am
from the explore taurean camera, a nice start to friday. no fog out there, we find a light chop on the bay waters and a brilliant sunrise on the way shortly before 7:00 a.m. air quality between good and moderate the next couple days. the reason why, high pressure will build in here from texas. live doppler 7 along the said lie, this will supply us the warm weather but when we get high pressure, and acts like a lid on the atmosphere and trapping cool air near the service. that is what you see haze over the next several days. i 10:00 a.m., warming into the 60's and 70's. lunch time, we expect 80's to appear in the warmest cities. later today, 90's make a comeback inland. temperatures above average, 76 in the city, 82 oakland, 87 san jose, 88 napa, concord, antioch, and livermore. looking at the three day forecast into the weekend tomorrow, it is a lot more like summer, late september and early
6:44 am
october, we have these hospitals. upper 90's inland, up 80's on the bayshore and continues on sundays as well. other high temperatures around the bay area sponsored by disney's hocus-pocus to streaming september 30 only on disney plus. ♪ >> yes, salem, we are back. we intend -- if we intend to live past sunrise, we have to steal their souls. >> can we talk about this? >> now. [laughter] -- no. [laughter] we must fly, summa. >> hocus-pocus to, streaming only on disney plus.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. kumasi: welcome back. since the first time since the
6:47 am
pandemic, pacifica spark fast -- fast is back. gloria rodriguez joins us with the details. gloria: good morning. sounds like it will be a lot of fun. the fog fess president says the festival has drawn over 60,000 people to the coastal community in two days in the past. this will mean a boost for local businesses since the fest was on pause for two years since the covid-19 pandemic. >> as far as bringing people into the city and putting heads in beds in the hotels and everything, it is a huge win for the community. gloria: this kicks off saturday morning with a parade, games, bands, food, and over 50 local nonprofits benefit from the proceeds. they typically have fog fest at the end of september hoping there will not be fog but instead sun. we are hoping for a good weekend. there is also special drinks they make just for the fest,
6:48 am
called a fog cutter. they showed me how to make it. it is pretty cool, looks good. you can see more about the drink and the fast coming up during our 7:00 newscast. you've got to try the drink. kumasi: thank you, gloria. a lot going on this weekend and this week too, the convention wrapped up last night, the biggest convention to return to san francisco since the pandemic started. the salesforce founder talked about the state of his hometown. more than 40,000 people came from far and wide to check out the event and even if life is returning in the city, the number of office workers is much lower. >> we will have to have offices, restaurants, parks, schools, and it will need to be integrated. and we need to reconceptualize what our downtown is. kumasi: mark is longchamp into san francisco, donating hundreds of millions of dollars to the city and lives of the people who live here.
6:49 am
he also was the public face of proxy for years ago, a special tax on the big companies like is to combat homelessness. reggie: for your morning money report, amazon is changing its return policy on e-books. you will soon only be able to get a refund if you have read 10% of the book or less. authors have been raising concerns about an uptick in returns earlier this year, learning amazon would then bill them for royalties they earned. many tiktok users created videos for encouraging people to get free books by reading them and returning them. this change will go into effect next year. that is just called stealing. kumasi: that is so rude. reggie: that is rude. tesla is recalling more than one million vehicles over concerns of fingers getting pinched in windows. documents posted yesterday say the window reversal system may not react correct the after detecting an obstruction. it is a violation of federal safe standards for power windows. tesla says an online software update will fix that.
6:50 am
the company discover the issue during august product testing. owners get notified by letter starting november 15. like everything else, the price of shipping is going up. that explains to raise ground and express shipping rates. on average you can expect to pay 7% more. the increases had to take effect next year and that is not the only hike. fedex plans to charge more for freight shipping by up to 7.9%. we saw earlier there was a bit of a rough start to the day and that has not changed, trading is down 366 points. kumasi: drivers at yellowstone find out the hard way that not everyone or everything will stay in the plane. >> it was shaking, the whole bridge. the whole bridge is just jumping. [laughter] >> don't hit us. kumasi: see, they asked nicely. they said, don't hit us. [laughter] and they didn't. i would love this, though.
6:51 am
reggie: you would? kumasi: look how beautiful they are. reggie: i don't want to be there. kumasi: they have things to do and places to go. reggie: they could decide differently at any moment. kumasi: that's why you have to be quiet. reggie: look how big this poppa is there. he has a nice straight back. drew: hello, baby. [laughter] kumasi: this video shows the herd of bison crossing the bridge at yellowstone earlier in the week. the driver says there were hundreds of animals. they thought it was amazing. they say the video was bouncing because the weight of the bison made the bridge bounce up and down. drew: to be fair we are basically in their house. reggie: we are. drew: we are the guests. reggie: they are in the way, actually. kumasi: i don't understand why y'all are traumatized. you are in a full vehicle, they're not looking at you, you get to see them up those. reggie: talk to jobina.
6:52 am
kumasi: she had a great time. reggie: i think you're missing a part of that. every safari vehicle also comes with a man with a big rifle. kumasi: that is true. [laughter] drew: not my thing. kumasi: you do make points. reggie: thank you. thank you for a knowledge in that. [laughter] drew: i don't want to do it. [laughter] reggie: where is our folsom forecast? you famously have done in the past and i did not see it today. drew: yes, if you're going to folsom -- kumasi: it is this weekend? drew: believe it or not. kumasi: it is too much happening this weekend. reggie: we have the portola festival, the first time we ever had that in san francisco. kumasi: yes. i'm going to the symphony, a night tonight. i can't wait. drew: anything you are doing is ok. it is warm. if you folsom, in the costumes, might be a little hot. reggie: depends on the costume. drew: sometimes less is more,
6:53 am
depends what you are wearing. reggie: and juanita moore. drew: she will the on our show. bay bridge, visibility is so good, you can see to the south bay. here is the accurate weather headlines, mainly clear, sunny and warm afternoon, a warm to hot weekend on the way, temperatures above average this time of year. highs in the microclimate, moderate air quality, temperatures in the 80's, 87% has a, 85 cupertino, 90 here, along the peninsula good air quality, 82 menlo park with 83 mt. view. downtown and the city, 76. 70's for the coast too. a fair amount of sunshine without the fog. good air quality, warm if not hot, 90 calistoga, 74 here, 91 ukiah. the eisai moderate air qualitycd
6:54 am
inland. 80's and 90's, 92 brentwood, 91 concord, 89 pleasanton. we are pretty fog free, maybe patchy fog along the coastline but a lot of stars and temperatures into the 50's. let's head into the weekend. if you are headed to the city for anything, folsom or the portola music festival, upper 70's and lower 80's so dress for warm weather. 80's and 90's away from the coast, upper 90's and the hottest spots. here's the accurate weather forecast, the next seven days, autumn warmth, the pete -- the heat is peaking. warm to hot to finish out the week and sunday. fog returns tuesday and with that we cool off closer to average by the middle part of next week. kumasi: i love there is so much to do now. reggie: this is the best time of the air -- year from the bay area. reggie: just around the corner will be fleet week that is really exciting. kumasi: i will be on a rooftop. reggie: you will be on a
6:55 am
rooftop. i want to be on top of the thing we talked about yesterday, the boat that turns into an office. with that be a good place to watch it? kumasi: you should just come to me with my party. reggie: i mostly follow you because you get us into anything and if it is switched, we get to denied things. [laughter] so. kumasi: we will figure it out. reggie: my favorite move for kumasi happened injuries wedding where she goes -- we were being charged and kumasi goes, for me? just walked right in. [laughter] kumasi: if you believe it, you can achieve it. reggie: seven things next, we have a new way for you to watch abc7news. you can watch the newscast live throughout the day on
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6:57 am
prop 27 sends 90% of profits from online sports betting to out-of-state corporations in places like new york and boston. no wonder it's so popular... out there. yeah! i can't believe those idiots are going to fall for this. 90%! hey mark, did you know california is sending us all their money? suckers. -those idiots! [ laughter ] imagine that, a whole state made up of suckers. vote no on 27. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose.
6:58 am
kumasi: it is 657 time. here are the seven things to know. an investigation is underway in the south bay after this fire in san jose overnight. one person was burned. reggie: no more masks required. bart is getting ready to drop its mandate. the agency says masks will no longer be enforced starting sunday, october 2. kumasi: mass exit is. a scramble to leave russia after president putin calls on 300,000 men to fight in the war in ukraine. google search trends show a spike in searches like how to break an arm at home which is raising speculation that some russians are thinking of resorting to self-harm to avoid the war. reggie: hurricane fiona has been downgraded to a category 3 as it leaves bermuda and heads north. it could be the strongest warm tavern make landfall in canada when it arrives tomorrow morning. drew: number five, get ready for a warm autumn weekend. tons of sunshine, 80's around
6:59 am
the bay shoreline, upper 90's and the warm spots, the coast going into the 70's. jobina: an quit and shortage is causing a problem on bart. there will be limited service on the richmond lined, the redline. you will want to board a train and transfer. kumasi: seven, pepsi will no longer be the sponsor of the super bowl halftime show. the nfl announced apple music is taking over. the first apple music halftime show will happen during super bowl 57 in february and once we figure out who will perform, we will let you know. drew: that is huge. reggie: that is an end of an e re -- era. i can picture britney spears. jobina: when i think pepsi, i think any spheres that britney spears. --britney spears. drew: for those who feel young. that's what she said. jobina: whenever you ask what
7:00 am
did she say, i can't hear you. [laughter] happy good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, hurricane fiona's new wrath right now. fiona batters bermuda. the category 3 hurricane slamming the island with heavy rain, powerful winds and storm surge. now where the monster storm is headed next and the new track for the dangerous new storm brewing in the caribbean. where it could strike the u.s. rushing out of russia. with more major escalations by vladimir putin in the war in ukraine, thousands of men look to escape the country. after putin called up 300,000 reservists, cars lining up for miles at the border. this with russia's referendum votes happening now to declare occupied regions as part of russia.


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