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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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experiencing delays and some aren't running at all a rider describes. this morning's hectic commute. initially, they told us there's a technical problem, but we expect for more than two hours. we would expect that. we will continue the same level of service that we have right now, which is single tracking with two lines the yellow and blue lines. throughout the evening and afternoon commutes. and we would suggest to people in a spirit of transparency that they may consider alternate means of transportation. according to bart of failsafe system shut down a substation. this comes after barden amtrak unveiled a plan to build a new transbay tube in the future one rider says she is hopeful for the change after experiencing transportation trouble share a lot of us have to go to work and we pay so much money to use bar and there's constantly problems and delays and things like that. so it's just frustrating. fart says ac transit is offering free rides tonight on
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transbelines oakland police are investigating another deadly shooting in an apparent robbery involving an armored truck. it happened just before 2 pm in a parking lot at 44th avenue and international boulevard police. say one person was killed city councilman noel gallo says that person was one of the accused robbers police say a brinks employee was shot and injured and taken to the hospital a third person showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound and police say that was an innocent bystander. police say they're looking for several people who left the scene. new developments now another resident served cleaning liquid instead of juice at a san mateo senior living facility has died. his family is now suing abc 7 news reporter. dustin dorsey has the latest on this continuing investigation. adria park of san mateo is facing at least three lawsuits involving elder abuse and negligence two different 93 year old residents have died after ingesting dishwashing liquid that was served to them instead of juice, san mateo county supervisor. david canopy says his former
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employer atria must be held responsible tragic horrific. i used to work at an atria. not atria in san mateo, but i worked in atria in san mateo county about 15 years ago and to see what is happened. it's disappointing in august san mateo police say three residents were poisoned after ingesting the cleaner trudy maxwell died within days. another resident was hospitalized and peter schroeder died on september 7th. his family's lawsuit filed last week claims a disruption in the dining room led to a pitcher of cleaning liquid being left on the counter. it was eventually mistaken as cranberry juice and served to residents the mateo county district attorney's office is now reviewing the completed investigation by san mateo police, but they are still waiting on the autopsy reports. meanwhile da stephen wagstaff tells me his office will also be looking into atria as a whole following these lawsuits in a separate one. also claiming injuries were
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caused by negligence due to short staffing my consumer fraud unit. as is also monitoring this and that looks more than just the two people who died but what other things have they had reported there what other incidents have they been conducting themselves in appropriate business like fashion the latest records from the california department of social services confirm. atria park has been investigated at least nine times by state officials since 2017. we reached out to atria park who told us they are working with authorities in the safety and well-being of residents remains a top priority in san mateo, dustin dorsey abc 7 news. tech mega conference dreamforce brought 40,000 people to san francisco and forty million dollars to the city's economy. that's according to salesforce ceo mark benioff a lot of businesses rejoice, but some say they still have a very long way to go to fully recover abc 7 news reporter suzanne fawn has the story and more on the impact. thanks to salesforce and this
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year's dreamforce conference san francisco restaurants and hotels were dreaming big on this friday as cruise at moscone center. breakdown elaborate stages and setups from the dreamforce conference. the ceo salesforce proclaimed a victory on twitter saying every hotel and restaurant was sold out the hilton in part 55 together the biggest hotel in san francisco. in fact, they're the biggest hotel. outside of las vegas and they were from the occupied restaurants like the iconic cottage grill are still hoping to ride the dreamforce wave a little longer monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday. the numbers went up like 20% manager jose maximilian says his restaurant definitely saw a big boost to its bottom line, but they need much more to recover from the pandemic. it's good, but we're still need more business, you know to survive kind of this point in a way the you know, we're expecting more, you know, but, you know would take whatever we can you know, it's just we're
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struggling. we're still i don't know how and when is going to end laurie thomas with golden gate restaurant association says the impact from dreamforce exceeded expectations for businesses people that were downtown this week felt like it was like quote, you know, pre-pandemic normal the streets were crowded the restaurants were busy the bars were busy the hotels were busy. so this was a very positive event for the city. is it where we need to be not yet, but it is a huge step in the right direction and more conventions are coming to san francisco including jp morgan in january in the newsroom suzanne fawn abc 7 news. the folsom street fair returns to san francisco this weekend and with the new threat of monkeypox infections organizers are taking extra steps to keep fair growers safe. san francisco has reported 787 monkeypox cases so far. so fair organizers are working with the city's department of public health to administer 2,000 doses of the monkey pox vaccine at the event and this
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year content has been scaled back to give fair goers a more space earlier today on getting answers abc 7 news special correspondent, dr. elope patel shared his advice for staying safe if anyone out there feels like they might be ill. it's okay to stay home. it's okay to stay away. not just related to monkeypox, but for any other disease or can or virus or anything that you may have you don't want to spread it to others. the right thing to do is to be selfless and protect your community. covid vaccines and booster shots will also be offered at the folsom street fair. it happened sunday from 11 am until 6:00 in the evening. now to the latest covid-19 headlines the rollout to the new updated boosters has been slower than health officials expected. nearly four and a half million people have received shots in the last three weeks, california has updated mask rules officials are no longer recommending masking indoors if community levels are low masks are also now optional in correctional facilities and homeless shelters bart's current mask mandate will expire october 1st, but the general manager can reimpose a
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mandate if local or state officials do as covid cases and hospitalizations remain top of mind. there's worry that the flu could make a brutal return abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes spoke with doctors about the problems. they're predicting and how to stay safe. it's been a very long pandemic and now many covid restrictions are being rolled back. but doctors say they're expecting a strong flu season. so we anticipate a much higher volume of patients that come into our emergency departments. there will be a rise of cases for those vulnerable populations, which also include the elderly population and the very young there will be increased hospitalizations and increased deaths during the flu season between september of 2020 and may 2021 the cdc reported that of the more than 800,000 influence a test done in the us only 1,600 came back positive. that's point two percent one main possibility they credit for the improvements are covid-19 precautions, like masks wearing
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reduced travel and social distancing, but those mitigation measures aren't the same this year. there's less masks social distancing has come a thing of the past for the large majority of the population in the country. and of course in the bay area infectious disease specialist dr. peter chin hong says part of why health experts are especially concerned this season is because of what's happened in other parts of the world. we usually look at places that have winter before we do like australian new zealand brazil argentina south africa, and they've all been seeing a higher numbers of cases than even before the pandemic. so i think we're all worried for the right reasons, but we shouldn't be fearful because again, we have these tools to help protect ourselves. one of the main tools is the flu shot. we know that the flu vaccine like the covid vaccine can really drop your chances of getting seriously ill one other main tip. stay informed make sure that you
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know if the prevalence of flu or covid or any other virus is running rampant in your community so that you can make the safe measures and precautions and decisions to protect yourself and protect your loved ones in the south bay zack fuentes abc 7 news. rising interest rates will affect bay area rents what experts say we can expect in the months ahead. hurricane fiona slammed the caribbean now canada is preparing for a hit. i'm meteorologist sandia patella have the very latest on the hurricane plus a look at the first full weekend of fall. it's going to be beach weather here in the bay area hour by hour forecast is coming up when abc 7 news new astepro allergy.
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tonight after two former alameda county sheriff's deputies accused of beating his suspect a strike plea deals with the san francisco dies office surveillance video capture the incident in a mission district alley. this was back in 2015 abc 7 news 19 reporter melanie. woodrow has covered the story from the beginning and has the latest. this surveillance video captured now former alameda county sheriff's deputies luis santa maria and paul weaver striking
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stanislon petrov more than 40 times the deputies pursued petrov a suspected car thief from the east bay attorney. mike raines represents santa maria commands alternated between get on the ground and show us your hands. i admit the video doesn't but it never does petrov had head wounds and fractures in both hands, which he described to me in 2016 the mechanic by trade. so now i can't use my hands. i can't even text the alameda county sheriff's office fired both deputies for seven years. the case has moved through the criminal justice system at the end of last year. both deputies accepted plead deals according to the san francisco district attorney's office, which says that deputy santa maria's deal includes diversion to a mental health treatment program and a probable misdemeanor conviction that could be expunged if he successfully completes his program deputy weber pleaded guilty last december. one felony count of assault by a public officer according to the sfda's office if we were avoids getting arrested again that felony charge will be reduced to
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a misdemeanor and could also potentially be expunged. i was floored when i found out that they had received one was ultimately going to get a misdemeanor and the other mental health diversion and a dismissal. i just really didn't understand how something like that was appropriate district. attorney brooke. jenkins was appointed by mayor london breed after the recall of former district attorney chase. abudin doesn't just come down to their future employment. it comes down to what's there an appropriate consequence for their actions? and in my view there's been no consequence at all. whatsoever michael, her dad was tetram civil attorney alameda county agreed to pay petroff a 5.5 million dollars civil settlement over the beating. i can't believe it. you know, this was a slam dunk. and any serious district attorney should have gotten a major felony conviction against both officers. these people should never be law enforcement officers again, they should be in prison. frankly abc 7 news was not able to reach former district attorney boudin. we have not yet heard back from
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deputy weaver's attorney for the it melanie woodruff abc 7 news. new york stock exchange welcomed san francisco-based new day impact to ring the closing bell today as the market finished a week-long plunge. the dow took a hard hit on wall street today closing at its lowest level since late 2020 the dow fell 486 points the nasdaq fell 198 points the s&p 500 had lost 64 points and with interest rates rising again the bay area rental market could be severely affected from rising mortgage rates to rising rents abc 7 news reporter stephanie. sierra is digging in what we can expect in the months ahead. she is in the newsroom with the story stephanie. yes, dad as you said rising interest rates and rising mortgage rates, of course our impacting all of us and experts say home buyers turned renters will flood the rental market and with that comes higher prices. the question is how much and how soon could we see it?
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whether it's at the grocery store or the gas pump the cost of everything is up yet. the one thing that hasn't quite returned to pre-pandemic rates the bay area rental market but experts say not for long. the rental prices have come back. i think we can probably see a five a ten percent increase. at least by the end of the year neil candlas of the san francisco-based countless brothers studies the bay area real estate and rental markets sellers cannot get the numbers that they want to sell their home and buyers affordability has significantly changed with the interest rates nearly doubling within the last year once buyers are now going to be renters purchasing power to buy a home has dramatically shifted in the bay area a new report from redfin shows luxury home sales have plummeted 28% across the country, but the decline is twice as severe in the bay area where luxury homes are priced in
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the multimillion dollar range estimated to be in the top five percent of the market oakland reporting the largest decline among the country's 50 most populous metro areas a 63.9% drop, san jose. not far behind with a 55% drop. we know the whole housing market is cooling redfin's deputy chief economist taylor. r says it's possible the cooldown may bring some relief to the rental market, but it won't be any time soon. it's for the knock-on effect is actually that owners of these housing units don't want to list it for sale in a really cooling housing market. and so they're listening out for rent. so that supply also is following that demand and which mitigates some of that impact on the rising rents more says that's not expected to happen for at least six months assuming rising interest rates continue to weaken our economy and push the country even further into a recession by the spring of next year. now canla says rents and the san francisco oakland and berkeley
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metro area are still down around 3% compared to pre-pandemic rates and in the san jose sunnyvale and santa clara metro area of rents are down just over 1% from pre-pandemic. but of course factor in these impacts and they could say that change could all change rather in a mere few months from now, so dan certainly that change is predicted to be a five to ten percent increase by the end of the year pretty substantial. yeah, that is painful too steph with that in mind. when is the best time for renters to get the best deals? it's interesting dan that the seasons do play a big role in the rental market mars says usually the best time to start a lease is between november and march because data shows tenants usually save 100 to $300 per month on the same unit during that period compared to leasing during the summer. okay, stephanie. thank you. all right. let's check our weather because the weekend is here it is the weekend. it is indeed. i think you. counting down right and it is
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going to be definitely beautiful beach weather this weekend in am i want to show you the high temperatures for today got up into the low 90s inland upper 60s in places like half moon bay high temperatures anywhere between seven to nine degrees above average for this time of year 82 in the city 86 in oakland 91 santa rosa 87 in san jose compared to 24 hours ago. everyone pretty much up except for half moon bay 11 degrees warmer, san carlos, nevada and as we check out what's happening high shifting high pressure that is shifting westward that's going to continue to bring us the warmer to hotter air. september is one of our warmest months and it is going to live up to its name. that's for sure right now in live doppler 7, you can see fog is off the coastline. it is not actually reaching the coast just yet blue skies from our golden gate bridge camera. here's a look at the temperature is low to mid 70s, san francisco oakland 85 in san jose 64 in half moon. exploratorium camera seeing clear conditions as we look
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towards a financial district 86 in santa rosa right now upper 80s, fairfield concord napa, so it's still pretty warm out there 87 in livermore. now, the sunset tonight is at 7:04. so not too far away, october 23rd at 6:21 pm and the sun will go down even earlier, november 23rd 4:53 at night. so the first full weekend of fall it is going to be a beautiful one. you'll have plenty of time to get out and enjoy from our suture tower camera. you're looking at san francisco warm to hot weather this weekend temperatures soaring well above average for fall and cooler weather is coming your way the middle of next week speaking of cooler if you're waiting for it to cool off. i know many homes in the bay area don't have air conditioning. so this is kind of tough for some of you tonight at 7 o'clock 60s to 80s on those temperatures those of you who live inland you have the ac most of the time so you don't have to worry about it 8 o'clock in the morning. this will be your coolest point with 50 60s and then by noon time you're already warming up into the 80s three o'clock in
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the afternoon 90s are popping up away from the coast. so that's when you're going to get really warm to hot you might want to go to santa cruz check out the beach forecast. it's gonna be warm fall weather high uv index. make sure you grab the sunscreen 76 at ocean beach 83 santa cruz 76 in monterey. the ocean temperature is 60 degrees right now 50 60s for your morning numbers. it is going to start out with a little bit of fog near the coast clear inland afternoon highs 90 in san jose in the south bay 86 sunnyvale 92 morgan hill on the peninsula 90 redwood city 75 and half moon bay, san francisco 80 degrees daily city 75. well above average in the north bay low to mid 90s for many of you 70 at bodega bay 94 santa rosa in the east bay 86 oakland 89 fremont had inland and it's going to be low to mid-90s 94 livermore 94 walnut creek accuweather 7-day forecast. we have the autumn heat for you this weekend mid-90s inland lotemid 70s coast above average still to start off monday and then middle of next week. we're going to drop you down
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into the 60s to 80s comfortable and close to average almondia, right? thanks sandia the school year is just getting started. yeah, but maybe you're already tired of making lunches tips from a registered dietitian on how to vary what your kids are eati california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. lower. longer. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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coal and climate change drew hundreds of students to a protest in downtown oakland today. organizers are calling for an end to the use of coal in oakland. today's rally in march was put together by the organization youth versus apocalypse and is part of a climate protest movement taking place around the world today. the city of oakland is in the middle of a battle over proposed construction of a cold terminal at oakland's former army base organizers worry, then moving coal would negatively affect those living with asthma and
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other health issues nearby. who's tired of making lunches for school already? feels a little twinge of guilt when they realize their kids lunch looks nothing like like you see on social media. with my hands are up. all right. well, here's the thing school lunches don't need to look pinterest worthy and those words are coming straight from registered dietitian nutritionists megan mcnamee of feeding littles. it's so easy though to fall into the trap of making the same lunch over and over again, but megan says when your kids only see the same things day in and day out they can actually become shinkin aboutr about just one thing you can do differently in their lunch for the day. if you're serving them the same thing maybe you're doing like a sandwich blueberries cucumber and a piece of chocolate. can you change the type of sandwich or the type of bread? can you do strawberries instead of blueberries? can you mix up the dip that you offer with it or the dessert? just seeing a little bit difference in their lunch will help them learn that they can be a little bit more open-minded. they're learning to expect some
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variety every time they open that lunch box. yeah, it can really be that simple and if you're needing a little inspiration for your mealtime rotation, don't forget feeding littles now has a cookbook designed just for families. that's great. well a new exhibit at san francisco's exploratorium highlights the lick observatory's role in testing einstein's general theory of relativity. the theory predicted starlight passing near the sun would be bent by gravity. it was confirmed in 1919 during a total solar eclipse like observatory then repeated the experiment 1922 the exhibit includes original instruments and photographs including one of the glass plate negatives that actually verified the theory a rare look into rails safety enforcement vta takes abc 7 news along to show how officers are keeping riders safe. stay with us. building a better
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bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7. news russia is holding what western governments are calling a sham referendum in occupied parts of ukraine asking residents to join russia. this comes as moscow is calling
6:31 pm
for more troops to join the fight airports train stations and roads are crowded with men trying to leave the country abc news reporter. justin finch has the story. car traffic crawling after russia finland border and putin has his pitch. i just packed my bag and directly go to finland in those long lines many russian men hoping to safely cross and escape the call to war. i definitely don't want to be drafted tensions rising in russia reacting to president putin's mobilization order for as many as 300,000 troops to fill russia's ranks in his war for control of ukraine despite signs of a mass exodus moscow calling such claims fake news in moscow and saint petersburg reports of some 50,000 protesters gathering in support
6:32 pm
of the mobilization as russia ready new attacks in ukraine a new effort on the ground moscow forcing a false referendum vote on ukrainians in four russian held regions until next tuesday. just you know the last chance for russia to do something that you pray the referendum results all but certain to favor the kremlin worrying the west that russia will use them as a ploy to defend nuclear retaliation and in the newly reclaimed city of isium a troubling discovery, ukraine officials reporting some 436 bodies were just found in mass graves with as many as 30 bearing signs of torture and at least 21 ukrainian soldiers. concerns in and out of russia about the extent of this mobilization activists say it's appearing to expand beyond those with combat experience to draft men into their 60s ukraine. also warning the mobilization won't be partial and that it's aiming for a far more than
6:33 pm
300,000 troops justin finch abc news, washington people in the caribbean are still picking up the pieces after hurricane fiona blew through the category 3 storm is barreling up the atlantic now taking amid, canada abc 7 news reporter. rena roy is tracking it. the east coast of canada bracing for what could be one of the strongest storms to hit the country. canada is not i would say in a hurricane zone or hurricane alley, but they're going to get the next impacts from fiona they do get them. but wow this one is going to pack quite the punch. hurricane fiona racing up the atlantic after passing bermuda. where at least 70% of the island is without power power crews won't be sent out until the storm is gone, but officials say they're prepared. this is the time where bermuda's depend on us and we will rise and make sure that they are protected and that they get turned on as soon as possible authorities open shelters and closed schools be beforehand as locals stocked up on essentials. i have lots of water next week i
6:34 pm
purchase for the store our rob marciano on the ground there. there's the bottom of a hole of a boat there. there's a mass of a sailboat sticking out of the water and then the bow also sticking out of the water a good 25 30% of the boats in this harbor have not only on moored but they've sunk. fiona blamed for at least eight deaths across the caribbean after first making landfall in puerto rico more than 900,000 customers still without power there. no word on when it will be restored. meteorologists are also keeping an eye on a tropical depression forming in the caribbean. they say it has the potential to become a significant hurricane and could target florida though exact specifics on strength timing and track are still up in the air rena roy abc news, new york. and more on tropical depression 9 that rena just talked about it could affect nasa's third
6:35 pm
attempt to launch artemis 1 nasa is hoping to launch the rocket on tuesday, but there is a chance it could be scrubbed because of that storm. nine has the potential to make one landfall in southern florida as soon as monday the first two launch attempts were scrubbed because of a faulty sensor and then a hydraulic hydraulic leak nasa will be tracking the storm obviously and will make a decision on whether to blast off tomorrow. in the south base santa clara valley transportation agency gave us a rare look into its rail safety enforcement. it's working to make passenger and traffic safety a high priority a disregard of warning signs at vta intersections like this one over the past few years have contributed to three deaths in one serious injury. our preference though whether it's today's operation or continuously throughout the year is more education and awareness right to give folks a chance to understand that crossing against the rail alarms or crossing against the red, especially if it's at or near the vta stations, it's very unsafe.
6:36 pm
canine officers were on duty today sniffing out any explosive devices or bomb materials officers plan to do multiple sweeps on trains each day and will be on the lookout for human trafficking and fairy vaders as part of abc 7's work to build a better bay area. we've been tracking san francisco's effort to crack down on a legal street vendors in a story that many of you saw yesterday. our only ann melendez went to the mission district to see how the new permit requirement is going now her interaction with the street vendors is being seen all around the world. it's the most watched video ever on our abc 7 news bay area tiktok. in fact insider phil meteor weighed in earlier today. is written right into the ordinance about permits that if you confront someone with possibly stolen goods they have the option of just picking them up and moving on and they will be untouched so you have it simple. okay water seeks its own level. they now come in sell and move.
6:37 pm
that's it. it's helps the neighborhood look better. it's easier on the bart station, but the stores that are being robbed are still being robbed. leanne tells us this week that she was told since the permit requirement started a little more than a month ago. san francisco has only issued one violation to a vendor who didn't have the proper paperwork. a popular pumpkin patch and corn maze is getting ready to reopen. yeah, but owner is hoping for a big season after a problem forced them to shut down earlier last year. stay w
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90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves. great story 16 couples tied the knot at the summit of mount diablo today was part of a destination wedding program held by california state parks in the contra costa clerk recorder's office weddings are held four times a year at different locations throughout the county including john muir house and the california theater. a popular north bay pumpkin patch in corn maze is reopening for the season. yeah, this comes one year after heavy rains and flooding forced
6:41 pm
it to close a long before halloween unfortunately abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story from petaluma. this one ball pumpkin season is here and one of the most popular patches in the north bay is back. it's enough to make you say. oh my gourd we were the first people to come in of the year. what do you think of this place? oh, we love it. we come here every year but last year wasn't the best season for the petaluma pumpkin patch and corn maze owner and farmer. jim groverman says the proof is written on the wall of his utility --. this is the high watermark right here. over 24th the day at atmospheric river dumped record amounts of rain across the bay area leaving jim's 15 acre property looking more like a lake the only way to get around was by kayak. well, i learned pumpkins do float pretty well. everything was underwater. we're about to two to two and a half feet underwater right here where we're standing. jim had to close operations down
6:42 pm
early during his busiest time the week before halloween. that's the way farming is, you know some years you have good years some years you have bad years entrance is here. please read the sign so far 2022 is looking up and check out the four acre corn maze. the corn is high as an elephant's eye all the rainfall from last year likely made this court maze even better and by better i mean taller and thicker and yeah little more confusing. finding your way out is no joke. it was really rough, but we ended up just coming back to the entrance because we couldn't find where anything was you're just going in a bunch of the m pumpkin patch celebrating its 30th year. we're just here because we want to support like this. really room love, you know. he's been having some family time as well. for jim groverman. it's a family business making memories for new generations of visitors rain or shine. so i'm at the point right now
6:43 pm
where people are coming back and they're saying my parents brought me as a kid and now here's my kids. so it's pretty rewarding. and petaluma cornell bernard abc 7 news fog fest is back in pacifica what you can expect this weekend as this really fun event returns for the first time since 2019 kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30.
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prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪♪
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avian influenza detected across the state has been found in wild geese in san francisco animal care and control says this strain has caused a greater variety of wild bird species to get sick than previous outbreaks officials advise against handling dead birds avian flu transmission to humans is rare, but it is possible avian flu is found among flocks of birds in butte tuolumne and sacramento counties last month. all right, the pacific coast folk fest is back this weekend in pacifica fog fest celebrates the city attracts visitors and raises funds for local community
6:47 pm
groups more than 50 groups benefit in fact and today about a million dollars has been donated the festival usually draws more than 60,000 people. it is such a hometown wonderful feeling in pacifica. and it's it's just the time where we all can. enjoy seeing each other you see everybody that you know on the street is up and down the street at palmetto. fog fest has been on hold for two years because of the pandemic it kicks off with a parade tomorrow at 10 am and of course, we wonder what the weather will be like on we do sandia has that answer for us. and yeah, that's right, dan and alma it's gonna be absolutely gorgeous tomorrow forget about the fog there. it's that time of year when they don't and have any fog to deal with it's gonna be bright and sunny for that festival good to moderate air quality tomorrow if you're gonna get out and about here in the bay area fogs off the coast on live doppler 7 as you take a look at the high temperatures in the mid 90s inland mid 70s coast side. so a warm to hot one turning your attention to hurricane
6:48 pm
fiona powerful category 3 is racing up the coast hurricane conditions are expected in canada tonight gus right now of 155 miles an hour. it's moving north at 46 miles an hour, even though it weekends they're going to be dealing with not only flooding rain gusty winds, but also hurricane force winds in that area. meanwhile keeping an eye on tropical depression 9 in the caribbean. affected to become a hurricane category one over the weekend. and then right now it is eyeing florida's coast by the middle of next week as a cat 3 accuweather 7 day forecast. we have the autumn heat for the weekend and then next week. we'll cool it off into the 80s inland dan. okay, very good sandy. thank you. all right. larry bill is here with sports in our football for the weekend larry. i'm a dan when the 49ers take the field in denver sunday night, jimmy garoppolo. we'll see a familiar face the return of george kittle. we will hear from the all-pro tight end, you know, he is pumped about making his season debut that is next in sports.
6:49 pm
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salonpas, it's good medicine. sports with larry veal good evening. jimmy garoppolo will start his first game this season for the 49ers sunday night football in denver with a game plan designed for him as opposed to the injured trey lance. got to figure george kittle will be featured prominently the all-pro tight end set out the first two games with the groin injury. he will be back against the broncos. gbg indicated this week. he liked the more wide open offense throwing the ball deep. kyle shanahan adjust and junk the conservative approach. we will see meanwhile kittle pump to get back on the field. just had a brother fresher. honestly feels great to be back on the football field with the boys. i love our performance staff. they do a fantastic job getting us back together, but i'd be okay with not really seeing them for the rest of the season. so yeah, don't just really have bi back out there catching the football actually can put pads on hit people. it's fun. that's what he does kittle is back and so is andre the warriors opening training camp
6:53 pm
tomorrow andre iguodala promised he would reveal whether he was coming back or not on his own podcast. that's how everybody does it now so he did and made sure to note. he was retired for most of the summer. i myself will be returning for my 19th season steph curry is one person and i'm gonna blame but i know as a group i'm blaming draymond stuff and clay steve kerr a little bit bob myers. i think they just really showed me a lot of love like all right, i'm letting you know now instead of last one. all right. this no more this is the last year maybe. anyway, andre's back. he did say he's telling all the young guys like jonathan kamingo that if he andré plays a lot. it's because they screwed up a tough love approach as for the warriors opponent in the finals this past season. the boston celtics have suspended head coach email udoka for the entire year for violating team policy espn, and others have reported. he had a consensual relationship
6:54 pm
with the female staffer with the celtics, but they're a lot more questions than answers at this point, but i personally feel that this is well warranted. and appropriate um backed by substantial and evidence and facts and so i'm i'm standing by the decision and he may has accepted it. tennis news roger federer wrapped up his 24-year pro tennis career in london at the laver cup. he played doubles alongside longtime rival rafael nadal there. they are together. they end up losing the match, but no big deal there. this was more a celebration of fed's career when 20 grand slam titles. so dominant as it turned out rafa was maybe more emotional than federer in tears as his good friend said, goodbye. all right, this is one of my favorite videos. i think we've ever shown from the minor leagues delvin perez of the memphis redbirds crushes this pitch. it's high it is deep and it is cost. perez thought the ball went out
6:55 pm
so he went into his home run trot. he's flipped the bat. he's celebrated. he's almost all the way home before realizing what what didn't go out. what are you serious? how did that happen? back to the dugout a little embarrassing alma. i know you have seen that expression on my face. usually it comes when i hear dan's put in another vacation request. how many shows do i have to do for him? how can you accurate that's accurate? yeah, that's true. although payback is tough. larry gets me a lot. yeah, i'm gonna answer these charges larry on my podcast. that's actually you and andre perfectly waiting here all about it. thanks, larry. all right. all right coming up tonight on abc 78. it's shark tank followed by 2020 at 9. then don't miss abc 7 news at 11. well, finally this friday a few thoughts about what really matters.
6:56 pm
a new sign of a new day in san francisco happened this week 40,000 people gathered for the dreamforce convention put on by salesforce. the city's largest employer the first time that's happened since before the pandemic. if you were with us last night, you saw my exclusive sit-down interview with salesforce ceo mark benioff. we talked about what he believes is hometown san francisco needs to do to make a full recovery. work from home since covid has devastated so many restaurants and businesses downtown that depend on office workers to spend money mark offered a reality check anyone who believes san francisco will go back to the pretend pandemic way of doing things. he says, is living in a fantasy world. he believes downtown must evolve become more integrated not so dependent on office workers what really matters is that as mark told me the past is gone and only a plan and strong leadership will navigate the challenges ahead to recover from covid and move to a more
6:57 pm
rebalanced san francisco economy. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc 7. right that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us. i'm on a dates and i'm dan ashley for sandia patel. larry beale all of us here. we appreciate your time. hope you have a great evening. we'll see you again for abc 7 news at 11.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" [cheering] introducing today's contestants-- an attorney from elmhurst, new york... a curatorial assistant from san francisco, california... and our returning champion-- a data analyst from kansas city, missouri... whose 1-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings. [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome to "jeopardy!" perhaps it was the years
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of practicing the "jeopardy!" "think" music on his saxophone that helped michael menkhus hit all the right notes in final jeopardy! yesterday, coming up with the correct response that secured his win. will he blow off in the weekend as a two-day "jeopardy!" champion, or will it be jenny or navid who are celebrating at the end of the show? good luck to all three of you. here are the categories we have for you in the first round. at first we're... then... big news... and finally... michael, where do we begin? take me to the pilot for $600. - navid. - what is the hudson? - yes. - going home, $400.


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