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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 26, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, a live look at sfo, where there is breaking news right now. restaurant workers on strike. the demands and what you might want to bring if you are headed to the airport today. reggie: and chaos at san francisco's brand-new music festival. crowds rushing through barricades. kumasi: plus, a powerful storm takes aim. reggie: good morning. it is monday, september 26. kumasi: let's get a check of our forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. lisa: good morning. w ouds ahe shoreline here.
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it is a great start. the sun's coming up at 7:00, setting at 7 things you need to know01 -- setting at 7:01. we have 60 in haywood, clearing out in livermore. temperatures about 70 in our alleys valleys, 11:00, upper 80's our warmest locations today. the cooldown coming our way. kumasi: thank you, lisa appeared we are starting this half-hour with breaking news we are tracking at sfo. most of the restaurant workers at the airport have walked off the job this morning and onto the picket line. abc 7 news lena howland with what the workers are demanding and what it will mean for travelers. lena? lena: kumasi, good morning. we are here in front of one of the picket lines, happening in front of the departures area. these fast food workers are
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urging travelers heading to the airport today that they should bring their own snacks. thise right now. this is anand singh. tell us a little bit about why these fast food workers are on strike right now. >> sure. there are 1000 thousand workers at sfo in all the terminal spirit we have been working without a contract since 2019, have not had a wage increase since 2018. most work 2, 3 jobs to make ends meet. the employers are stalling on negotiations. their proposals are not meaningful enough for us to actually have a ways to live on, health care, security. so we want the kind of respect that workers deserve. lena: yes, and before, you said
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this is an open ended strike. what does that mean to you? >> employers may be trying to run operations without the workers inside, they will find it is not very easy to run the restaurants without the workers. if they want to negotiate with us, they know where to find us. we are outside on the streets. lena: what do things look like outside? are the businesses closed? >> i'm sure employers will try to scare ample -- to scramble and keep business is open, but they will find quickly you cannot run these restaurants without workers. the workers are out here, and if they are not shut down, they will shut down pretty quickly. lena: thank you for your time. we really appreciate it. we will check back in with him and a couple of workers coming up in the next half-hour, but again, if you are heading to the airport today, these workers are urging travelers to be sure to pack your own snack before coming to sfo. reporting live, lena howland,
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abc 7 news. reggie: ok, lena, thank you. a victim was shot near 50 5th avenue and then got on a b.a.r.t. train and was taken off at the fruitville station by paramedics. the victim went to the hospital. conditions have not been released. police have not made any arrests. there was also a deadly shooting in oakland saturday night. it happened on camden street near 60 2nd avenue. police say the victim was a man from san francisco, but they have not revealed his identity. that is the eighth deadly shooting in oakland in just a week. kumasi: in haywood, a father and sun were stabbed to death at a home early yesterday morning. police have not released any details, but they say they got a 91 one call about an altercation inside of a home. officers found both the father and sons stabbed to death inside. that investigation is ongoing. the owner of the beloved double play bar and grill in san francisco is planning to reopen
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after a fire. the restaurant opened in 1909. it is the hangout for san francisco field, minor-league baseball team, as well as the city's first responders. you can see how it looked on saturday, as a fire destroyed most of the restaurant's interior. a gofundme has been set up to cover employee wages while it is constructed and to replace sportsmen really that was lost in the fire. reggie: moments of chaos at a music festival in san francisco out of control crowds rushing through barricades over the weekend. abc 7 news tara campbell spoke to people who are shaken up. tara: a scary scene saturdaysic. out of control crowds rushing the entrance to a popular stage. >> it was crazy. it was like cattle. tara: people tapping into the venue for the first-ever festival.
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>> the line to get in was pretty tremendously bad. tara: danny was in the middle of the madness. >> we were there, it looks like the guards were trying to stop people from getting intimate with the crowds overpowered them, and they just stepped aside like that, and they just let everyone through. tara: they chaos a chilling reminder of last year's astroworld festival in houston, where crowds rush the stage, and 10 people were killed. >> these are the days of astroworld, and it is pretty bad, and this makes people remember astroworld. thankfully, no one died. tara: no deaths and notara: reported injuries. promoters telling us this was a quote "minimal, isolated issue that was quickly addressed and corrected." >> we are assuming this has to do with the fact that they have not may be this before or the venue is newer. we are expecting those logistical things to be ironed out if they continue next year. tara: some are more on edge than
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others. does it make you change how you navigate through? >> yeah. >> absolutely. tara: does it change the tone of things? >> not today. in the middle of the day is is something we need to be a road -- aware of. >> keep your eyes out, watch out for, and have a good time. tara: tara campbell, abc 7 news. kumasi: residents across florida are gearing up for heavy rains, winds and flash flooding, as a hurricane is ready to make landfall in a few days. jobina, there is already a concern across the state. jobina: yes, heavy rain and wind when ian makes landfall this week. residents across florida are still preparing, homeowners buying plywood to fill up their home, this man filling up
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sandbags just days before fiona hill. >> and now i'm helping myself and everybody else that i can. jobina: in tampa bay, officials are worried and strong winds could push water into the downtown area, letting the core of the city. supplies to last for at least seven days. kumasi: thank you. still ahead, a show of sodaty. thousands forming a human chain along the golden gate bridge, protesting the death of a woman in iran. lisa: and good morning to you. across from san francisco, looking at some gray sky over into oakland as well, right now in the upper 50's.
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lisa: good monday morning to
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you, as we check out live doppler 7. the cloud bank has extended inland, and we are looking at gray skies from oakland, even livermore now reporting cloudy skies. 60 in oakland, 52, a little foggy in santa rosa, but the deck of low clouds this morning, and when it retreats, we will get into those breezy afternoon winds. so mid-60's and clouds and half moon bay. upper 70's, so cooler today in redwood city. san mateo is in 78, as well as palo alto. mid-80's up in the north bay. so a nice afternoon. temperatures in and around average today, as we warm up through the upper 80's to near 90 in our inland valleys. but we will get to a and cooling trend a little bit today, more pronounced on tuesday and wednesday. good morning, jobina. jobina: good morning, lisa. we have a major backup underway in san pablo due to a crash that was reported about half an hour ago. . at least one lane is blocked. you can see westbound 80 before san pablo road, your speeds are
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down to 9 mas an hour, so prepare for delays they are. and also, for your highway 4 commute, if you are traveling in the westbound direction, with a couple of areas westbound 4, speeds down to around 20 miles an hour due to another crash. highway 4 to the maid, 40 two minutes, traveling west on 80. west on highway 4 after hercules, 40 three minutes, kumasi cared kumasi: thank you. pg&e accused of starting another wildfire appeared what the utility is saying this morning. reggie: nasa about to make hi why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin and fast itch relief for adults.
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and no annual contract when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data. switch today! california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves. kumasi: welcome back, everyone. the death of an iranian woman is working outrage worldwide, including right here in the bay
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area. last week, mahsa amini was arrested by iranian morality police, accused wearing a loosefitting improper head covering. yesterday, hundreds of people marched in protest in the bay area, thousands really. at the golden gate bridge, protesters formed a human chain to stand strong, sending a message to iran. there were 4000 to 5000 people here, one of the biggest demonstrations on the bridge in several years. we talked to an organizer who was happy to see such a large turnout. >> they are all mahsa, they are all her sister, her brother, her family. and we want to show that to the government, that this time, we are not just one person that you can beat and kill, in the custody, they are altogether, and they stand together. kumasi: a second protest happened at union square. ms triggers say they are adamant that change in iran is necessary
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and coming -- protesters say they are adamant that change in iran is necessary and coming. reggie: vice-president kamala harris is meeting with korean leaders this week. she will also attend the former prime minister funeral for shinzo abe. allies are wondeng ice president will discuss taiwan, after president biden's that would consider sending troops to defend it. and a sign of tensions in the region, north korea testfired a missile toward south korea, a day before the vice president arrives. kumasi: a principal in richmond high school at galileo academy of science and technology is that to speak today. galileo decided to forfeit last weekend's football game over safety concerns. richman was preparing when they got a notification without any discussion that galileo was not going to play. some parents were concerned about previous incidents at
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other schools in the district. the two teams had played before but never at richmond. . we reached out to coaches at galileo for a statement but have not heard back. reggie: pg&e blamed for equipment starting the mosquito fire that is now burning at placer and el dorado counties. the fire has burned 80,000 acres, and this is the largest wildfire in california this year. there was an electrical fall near where the fire started, but pg&e did not find any damage to facilities in the area. here's a statement from pg&e, sent to our sacramento station, "we remain focused on the walls are it risk across our service area and are committed to doing everything we can to keep customers and community safe." today, a nasa spacecraft is expect it to question two an asteroid about 7 million miles -- crash into and asked her about 7 million miles from
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earth. it is designed to show how nasa might be able to redirect a dangerous asteroid that could someday threaten earth. it is funneling toward two asteroids with intertwined orbits. >> it will go at a speed of 14,000 miles an hour, changing its speed by perhaps a present or so and changing the period of that orbit. reggie: i want to stress that this is just an experiment and that these two asteroids are not a threat to earth. scientists say they do have perfect conditions for the first of the contest. do you want to know? kumasi: i get what you're saying about, every time we interfere, it does not go well. reggie: usually, with nature. we are not, as a human race, that great. [laughs] lisa: i agree. i totally agree. but i agree commit interest income of the science -- but i
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agree, it is interesting, the science of it. we can't delve into deep, but we will delve into the weather. you probably noticed the second half of saturday, football came back in earnest along the shoreline. 1000 feet, 1500 feet, now it is 1800 feet, and it ascends all the way into our inland valley. temperatures in the upper 50's, san francisco. we did have some fog in santa rosa road -- in santa rosa, and temperatures will be in the low 70's today. it will be breezy, though, those winds kicking up today, more so than yesterday, and looking at the gray sky, into 60's from pacifica to half moon bay, low 60's. as we look at the afternoon, mild to warm out there, cooler and breezier. 82 can a beautiful day, summer santa clara, 81, 79 sunnyvale,
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sun and 82 in redwood city with 76. as we head toward mountain view, partly cloudy, 70's downtown, afternoon sea breeze keeping it pleasant with upper 7 -- upper 60's from richman, gray skies, 82 in petaluma, and i-70 for the north bay, not too hot, calistoga warming up to 85. when we get into the east bay valley, a little bit moderate, but overall, that sea breeze allowing for comfortable numbers here. ovall, you should notice your numbers not as warm today, really near average. walnut creek and the upper 80's, 88 in livermore, and your accuweather 7-day forecast, we are looking at our cooling trend getting underway today, more so tuesday and wednesday with more fog, a stronger sea breeze. thursday and friday, we are warming up a few degrees, and looking at cooler weather as october arrives this weekend. reggie: thank you, lisa pete
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"good morning america" is coming up right here on abc 7. kumasi: ginger zee has more. ginger: good morning, reggie. ian is now a hurricane as it heads to florida, which is a state of emergency. people are rightfully so preparing, because a good push of water for the rest -- west coast florida. no matter where it ends up hitting him all the way through the big band, we need to be on alert. we will be tracking that monstrous form for you. plus, a u-turn for gas prices per what is behind recent spikes? how long will it last? and new revelations in the "rust" set shooting investigation. srtn the holiday shopping season. you don't want to miss it,
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reggie: removing the word "sq uaw" from names and buildings, including squaw county. residents in squaw valley were mailed questionnaires to contribute to the name change. the word will have to be remade. removed throughout the state by 2025. kumasi: americans are bracing for higher home heating costs this winter. families are expected to pay an average of 17% more for heat compared with last year. natural gas users are facing the biggest increase, with more than 34%. heating is likely to go up by more than 13%, and electric heat is likely to see a 7% rise. if you're taking in the caltrain this morning, you may notice something different. caltrain rolled out a new fleet of electric trains over the weekend, as part of an effort to elect five the rail system to
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reduce noise and greenhouse gas emissions. 19 elected trains that will replace the diesel powered train. the new trains come with new amenities, from's enhanced storage spaces, comfort, and a quiet ride. >> powertrain system is leading the way. the fight against climate change will not be won with minor reforms and symbolic gestures but with bold efforts, like the one that we recognize today. kumasi: the new sustainable fleet will reduce co2 emissions by 97%. it has generated 30,000 jobs across the nation. reggie: costco members, here is some good news. the company has canceled plans to increase membership fees, at least for now. cosco says 92.6% of members in the u.s. and canada ever nude their membership in the fourth quarter. that is an all-time high. historically, cosco has increased membership fees every 5.5 years, and the last increase was in 2017.
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legendary actor james earl jones is retiring from voicing darth vader. according to "vanity fair," the 91-year-old signed over the rights of his voice, which means future iterations can be voice with artificial intelligence. that tech will announce new dialogue by using his previous recordings. he first voiced the character in 1977 and most recently worked as vader in the "obi-wan kenobi" series on disney plus. disney is the parent company of abc 7. that's company of abc 7. kumasi: the fair is known for unique leather outfits. some events were scaled back to give people more room to navigate the attractions. they shared with the city's department of public health, gave 2000 monkeypox vaccines as well as covid vaccines and booster shots. you were out there. reggie: i was.
6:27 am
it looks kind of empty in these pictures, but trust me, it wasn't. it was really full. this must have been when it first started yesterday come up with the parties were in full -- kumasi: swing. can we talk about how san francisco was it this weekend? i went to the symphony opening night. they had the african-american shakespeare company. reggie: oh yeah! kumasi: after that was the after party, costumes, stills, dj, food, drinks. reggie: champagne. kumasi: champagne, city hall lit up, streets blocked off. we are going next year, sir. reggie: that looks really fun. it was a fun weekend overall. kumasi: perfect weather. reggie: i hope people had a good time can we sure did. [laughter] the breaking news we are dro tracking at sfo, restaurant food workers on strike. kumasi: and a new bill making it about a mandatory in california.
6:28 am
reggie:reggie: and russian resistance. put in trying to put a stop to russians leaving the country to avoid war. a live look outside at the sun is starting to come up. that is a beautiful shot. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate.
6:29 am
that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 6:30, family and friends demanding justice after a man is gunned down while on the phone with his wife. police say it may have been a road rage incident. kumasi: men being seen dragged onto buses and russia. the attempts to avoid drafts to war. reggie: a live look at sfo. these are restaurant workers on strike. restaurants -- travelers being warned to bring your own food, as workers are demanding better pay. good morning. welcome to monday, september 26. kumasi: let's check the forecast
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with lisa. lisa: waking up to a beautiful view from mount tam, where we are above the marine layer. the beautiful sunrise, 7:00, and the sun sets at 7:01. 60 in oakland, 60 thin akleh, and this is from our east hills camera, 59 in concord, and the temperaturesr 60 through 9:0 the fog retreats to the shoreline. upper 70's by noontime around the delta. by the afternoon, we will be in the mid to upper 70's around haywood, fremont, upper 80's in danville. 70 downtown, and that fog is going to get more pronounced, the sea breeze increasing throughout the afternoon. it is going to continue into tomorrow and wednesday, that cooling trend. reggie: lisa, thank you. we want to get back to the breaking news happening at sfo. most of the workers at the airport have opt off job this morning onto the picket line. abc 7 news reporter lena howland
6:32 am
is live with what workers are demanding and how it will impact you. lena: good morning to hear we are at sfo, where picketers are outside of every terminal entrance, as they protest for better wages. also better health care. i want to pull in one of the workers who is on strike right now this is margaret. she is a lounge attendant, and she has worked at sfo for about eight years now. she is also a single parent. margaret, talk to us about what brings you out here today. margaret: well, we are planning for our wages and our health care. that is the most important. lena: talk to me a little bit about what it is like being out here, what this experience has been like this morning? margaret: honestly, this is my first experience onlieve cowke s ouhelp to make thiswe have to ty is our day that we are going to
6:33 am
win. lena: i know you were telling me off-camera that this is a bit of a family affair for you as well, because we notice your sister is also in-line in the picket line that you guys see right behind us. talk to me a little bit about how it feels having your family here, too. margaret: yes, actually, i really support my family, and if we are on strike, and we give attention to what we need, it is really a big impact for our family. lena: yeah. and what message do you want people at home to know about what you are doing out here? margaret: well, our message is to support us, to have employees here listen to what we need, because we need to have this win. lena: thank you, margaret, for your time. i really appreciate you sharing your story with us. we will be hearing from workers just like her throughout the day here on abc 7. again, these protesters are
6:34 am
urging all staff to bring their own today. lena howland, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. a bill was passed to require all children to attend kindergarten. governor newsom says he is in favor of education reform but there is a price tag of the bill that is too much. reggie: this morning, tails and russia. thousands arrested for processing plans to draft civilians into the military. as people raced to leave the country, there's also a devastating school shooting that happened in the country overnight. jobina: yes, this is one of the deadliest school shootings in russian history. at least 13 people were killed. that is russia is trying to slow the people leaving the country. a quarter of a million people have left since president putin announced plans to draft up to
6:35 am
300,000 people into the military last week. demonstrations opposing the draft erected in cities across the country, and those protesters have been met with violent police action. [sirens] human rights activists say that more than 2000 protesters have been arrested. putin is keeping himself at a distance from the protests. reports say he has left moscow to go to his secret palace between there and st. petersburg. kumasi: thank you, jobina. the election is 42 days away, with the abortion adds a major issue among voters. new rolling suggests the majority of americans are against this print's decision to overturn -- the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. here is abc 7 news reporter ike ejiochi. ike: the midterm elections are underway. early voting is underway in several states for one of the biggest issues for voters will be abortion access, a topic
6:36 am
front and center in arizona. a stud judge just upheld a 121-year-old law, enacted 11 years before arizona was a state, which reinstates a near total ban on the procedure and criminalizes abortion providers. at the same time, the republican-controlled arizona legislature enacted a separate 15-week van. white house press secretary slamming the decision as dangerous, saying in a statement "this backwards decision exhibit finds the disturbing trend across the country of republican officials at the local and national level dead set on stripping women of the rights." >> i'm pro-life. i've never backed away from that and never will. >> women and girls will die because of this. ike: the decision grabbing attention of young arizona voters. >> is there a topic or issue on the top of your mind? >> the abortion issue. i would like for it to stay legal, hopefully everywhere. >> i am definitely going to vote to keep abortion access alive
6:37 am
and well in arizona if i can. ike: a new abc news/"washington post" poll found americans broadly suppose -- oppose the supreme court overturning roe v. wade tears some republicans are reacting. in wisconsin, to mackle reversing his stance on abortion -- tim michaels reversing his stance on abortion for he now says he will support exceptions for rape and incest. now, that new poll says 56% of democrats want to replace biden at the top of between 24 ticket, while 46% of republicans say they want trump. ike ejiochi, abc 7 news, washington. kumasi: family and friends are morning and demanding justice for a man shot and killed in a possible road rage incident in the east bay. they came together in san lorenzo to remember 30-year-old reinhardt. during the vigil, his parents led a prayer circle.
6:38 am
>> what happens to maysan? 0-- my son? farewell. >> a human being lost a life here. every single person that is killed by gun violence is a tragedy. we need to stop this. kumasi: he had just gotten married four months ago last sunday, he approached a car after a possible road rage incident to allegedly confront the other driver. that is when deputies say he was shot and killed. no arrest has been made. reggie: new development from san francisco city hall. mayor london breed said she is going to stop making appointees sign undated letters of resignation. the issue was revealed when police commissioner max carter rescinded his undated resignation letter last month. a spokesperson for the mayor said the resignation letters were reserved for dire situations of inappropriate
6:39 am
behavior or failure of duties. the supervisors felt the letters were used as a control mechanism. kumasi: the founder of the health dangers -- hells angels was buried this weekend. the funeral for sonny barger happened in stockton. he was t buried. the health dangers -- hells angels got their start in 1957. he died in june in livermore. he was 87 years old. reggie: popular pumpkin patch is reopening for the season one year after a storm forced it to close a week before halloween. heavy rain closed the cornth fad to close business down early during his busiest time. jim: i learned pumpkins do float really well. everything was underwater about two and a half feet underwater.
6:40 am
and that is the way former knick is. some days you have good years, some years you have bad years. reggie: so far, 2022 is looking up there to check out this corn maze. the amazing pumpkin patch is celebrating its 30th year. an ugly loss for the 49ers as we look ahead to a huge game next week. the opening drive as the offense could not muster much in denver. jimmy garoppolo stepping out of the back of the end zone at one point. the broncos won 11-10, only the second time in the league's history with that score jimmy: we still have a lot of football left. you never like to lose like this and that type of fashion, but we've got to bounce back. >> getting us opportunities. basically, if we do not turn the ball over, we should be turning the ball over to safety. and, you know, i think our goal is much higher than that. at the lowest, we cannot do that.
6:41 am
reggie:reggie: next up for the niners, a monday night game against the rams at levi's stadium, and you will be able to watch that right here on abc 7. kumasi: a buffalo bills coach could get penalized for this, destroying a tablet during yesterday's game. ken dorsey was not happy about his team's lost to the dolphins could you can see them during a telecast slamming his tablet on the table. the other guy is just like -- reggie: "this is not me." [laughter] kumasi: this is why this is important. last week, the leak sent a memo to teams not to damage it women after tom brady -- league sent a memo to teams not to damage equipment after tom brady was seen destroying something. wrong. place, wrong time. reggie: the punishment a san francisco firefighter may face for wearing this let's go brandon shirt. kumasi: let's take a look at the
6:42 am
new york stock exchange could another update on the markets next. reggie: the slippery seal who snuck into a police station to turn itself entered don't forget, you can watch us for a whole extra hour now. abc 7 at 7:00 is live on the abc 7 bay area streaming out. you can download it for your phone, tablet, apple tv, amazon fire, or google tv. lisa: hi, everyone. there is so much to discuss with those last few stories. wow. we will get into traffic here. the crashes we have been following have cleared for starting in concord, westbound 4 at willow pass road, still down to 11 miles per hour there. in san pablo, this crash westbound 80 before san pablo dam road is clear. speeds around 14 miles an hour. it is also now packed at the bay bridge toll plaza. lights came on at 5:49, so you will experience delays especially as we make your way through the maze.
6:43 am
it looks great in oakland, at the coliseum camera. you see off to the left-hand side, travel lanes at southbound. let's check in on our drive times. traveling through the altamont pass, the chp has issued a wind advisory, tracy to dublin, one hour five minutes, so he pretty slow ride for you there. antioch to concord, 56 minutes on highway 4 because of those earlier crashes we were following. let's check in with lisa. good morning. lisa: good morning to you. waking up to gray sky for most of us. livermore is cloudy. the fog deck has expanded across the bay. temperatures right here on 60, haywood, union city, 57 in berkeley with a little fog that is beginning to clear from santa rosa, petaluma, upper 50's in san carlos. this is ian. it continues to rapidly's strength and as it moves through the grand cayman islands, cuba, and eventually right around tampa, wednesday, thursday as a category 3, winds over 130 miles per hour.
6:44 am
the next seven days for us, up or for warmest locations, but you should notice a cooldown today with more 80's inland. dropping off a bit tuesday and wednesday, and then we warm up thursday and friday. mid-70's in oakland, and here's a look at temperatures across the bay area, sponsored by disney's "hocus-pocus."
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kumasi: a san francisco firefighter is facing a display rehearing for wearing a let's go brandon t-shirt. it is a violation of the department's uniform policy. the phrase "let's go brandon" has been that has become code for insulting president biden. entering the seventh week of a strike. national union of health care workers, the most recent contract offer over the week and was rejected. they say i did not adequately address understaffing or improved access to care. reggie: now for your morning money report, the british pound came crashing down to a record low today against the u.s. dollar. fear over the government's economic plan aided in the left ear this is the u.k. announced last week it would impose the biggest tax cuts in 50 years to boost spending could critics say the measure could lead to the total collapse of the pound. you are taking a live look at
6:48 am
theare down about 61 points. apple knew by now, pay later future has yet to arrive on iowa 16. according to a report from bloomberg, the delay is due to technical and engineering issues. it will eventually let you may a payment through apple pay and pay it back in four installment without interest. it was supposed to day views of timber 12, but it may be pushed back until the spring. apple announced it intends to make the upcoming iphone 14 in india. it comes at a time when tech companies are looking for alternatives to china, where global supply chains have faced disruption due to rigid covid. -related lockdowns. . . there are growing concerns about the risk of a greater rift between china and the united states over taiwan. after evading capture for a week, a sly seal somehow made it into the ocean -- made from the ocean, i should say come into a freshwater pond, eventually turning itself into a beverly
6:49 am
hills police station around 2:00 a.m. on friday. four-year-old schubert the seal caught on surveillance footage and what would be the most unusual police chased her he hopped, he waddled, tried to get through the gate, but did not get through fast enough you officer surrounded him and loaded him into a kennel. >> i never would've thought he would make it this far, probably a good 300 yards to hear. reggie: he has a small tag on him, meaning he has previously been in rehabilitation feared after a background check, he will now get a full health the e able to stay out of trouble after that adventurous day on the north shore. kumasi: he's already been through rehabilitation. [laughter] they have their eye on him. reggie: he needs help. kumasi: clearly. [laughter] jobina: good morning, everybody. grab a jacket. you can see the clouds behind
6:50 am
me, the low clouds and fog. the stratus has pushed on inland. as we get into the morning hours, temperatures have settled into the 50's and some low 60's. there's mount tam, with 60 in palo alto and our east bay hills camera, looking at mount diablo, where numbers are warm in the upper elevations come in the 70's. but looking at a cool and comfortable start by the afternoon, near average here in the south bay, looking at 82. moderate air quality, san jose, 86. one of the warmer locations on the peninsula, the cooldown continues with that sea breeze and mid-seventies. as you head toward mountain view today, partly cloudy and the morning, 70 in the afternoon, 78 in san mateo. it is gray for most of the morning, than the sun downtown and 70 this afternoon. up in the north bay, though to mid 80's. nice afternoon. you head up toward lakeport, and it is warm, in the upper 80's they are, but not too extreme.
6:51 am
east bay numbers from the mid-seventies in oakland, union city, 78. air quality is good, heading inland, it has been on the warm side today, another warm one, but temperatures topping off in the upper 80's. the accuweather 7-day forecast featuring a mild to warm day today. it is cooler. the fog will expand tuesday and wednesday, and breezier afternoons. it is pretty mild as we get into your thursday. temperatures coming up a bit on friday and looking at a pretty decent weekend. but october, already, kumasi. kumasi: thank you, lisa. it is officially the start of the jewish new year, rosh hashanah. ♪ a large outdoor gathering celebrated the holiday on the east yesterday. camp to wanda hosted at miller park. 2000 people gathered to celebrate the new year. >> the idea is to celebrant the new year's together, the jewish new year, what has been good for the last year, what is hard.
6:52 am
kumasi: this is the 15th year it has been held. it featured traditional prayer, music, and community. oktoberfest is in full swing in germany. this video, shared on tiktok, has more than 20 million views. you can see the woman carrying a huge stack of beer. the person who took the video simply captured it "respect." amazon could be planning another today prime day special, this time in the fall. it has always been an annual event, but the company is giving it a second chance on october 11 and 12. the most recent prime date event exceeded analysts expectations, up 20% from last year. could help to jumpstart shopping ahead of the holiday season. the sales event is only available to subscribers of amazon prime. reggie: president biden expected to announced new laws
6:53 am
today for airlines. the proposals will require airlines to disclose all costs upfront, demanding to let customers know if there are any fees associated with baggage, cancellations, seat changes, checking in, and more. the white house official says in 2021 alone, top airlines made nearly $700 million just on cancellations and change of flight fees. actor and progress are john sina is breaking records outside of the -- actor and pro wrestler john cena is breaking records outside of the ring -- with make-a-wish. with into decades, cena has granted 650 wishes. he is the most requested celebrity through the organization. isn't that interesting? kumasi: that is cool. reggie: i would not get that. i know the most requested thing to do is to go to disney world. kumasi: which makes sense.
6:54 am
reggie: but i wonder if he is ever gone to disney world with a person. kumasi: probably. reggie: you can see him from a million miles away. he is like the rock. he can't hide. [laughs] a hat is not going to do the trick. kumasi: up next, the seven things need to know today. reggie: we are coming right back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
kumasi: it is 6:56. 7 things to know this morning, one thousand restaurant workers at sfo have gone on strike. they are demanding better pay and better benefits. the union representing the workers say travelers should bring their own food today, since workers already reason involved in the strike we will check in with abc 7 news
6:57 am
reporter melina howland in a few minutes at 7:00. -- lena howland if human is at 7:00. reggie: required to keep detailed records and only allow used catalytic converters to be sold by authorized parties. kumasi: tropical storm ian is no hurricane as it takes aim at the united states. there is an emergency in florida. it is excited to make landfall this week. reggie: getting rid of the provo all-star game. instead, the league will have various skills competitions, including a flag football event. lisa: low clouds and fog have extended locally across the bay. 50's to near 60 right now. 70 downtown this afternoon, with mid to upper 80's in our warmest inland valleys. jobina: look at these drive times, number six, it will take you an hour to get from tracy to dublin. antioch to concord, one hour and five and it's because we had three separate crashes along
6:58 am
highway in the westbound direction4. they all have cleared, but you are facing residual delays. kumasi: number 7, rihanna will be headlining the super bowl 57 halftime show in february church she confirmed the news and instagram post yesterday, which also marked her first social media post since she gave birth of february. super bowl lvii happens in arizona. can't wait for the rihanna concert. it is going to be a rihanna concert, period. reggie: do we think that a new album is coming? jobina: well, remember she said that she wanted to do more music like her first album, a little more island, a little more, i mean, if that is what we get. kumasi: do you think that is a priority? i mean, she really just had the baby, which the baby will be 1. i hope we see the baby by then. reggie: [laughs] kumasi: finding, but she can do
6:59 am
it all, so if she decides it is going to happen -- reggie: she can do it, you've got the keys, now shut up and drive. [laughter] jobina: my goodness, the fact that he can recall that this early in the morning. reggie: that had better be in the montage. i mean, "shut up and drive." kumasi: i need "umbrella." jobina: definitely "umbrella." i want a little "opon da replay." this is a deep cut, do you know "your girl"? i was in south africa, and they went wild. kumasi: who will be a guest? reggie: jay-z for sure appeared i would love miss britney spears. i don't think it is going tohap? i mean, the ratings through the roof. do we carry the super bowl this year? [laughter] reggie: no.
7:00 am
good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, overnight ian officially a hurricane. the entire state of florida under a state of emergency. bracing for impact, ian is set to gain more strength expected to become a category 3 major hurricane by tonight. winds topping 115 miles an hour. we're tracking when and where the storm could make landfall. russian resistance. thousands of demonstrators arrested over putin's new military draft for the war in ukraine. with the shooting erupting at a military enlistment office and people race to flee the country. plus, breaking this morning, one of the deadliest school shootings in russia. at least 15 killed including


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