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tv   ABC7 News 900PM  ABC  September 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> a vehicle fire tonight spread into own dry brush. crews say they have the fire under control. more than 60 firefighters continue to work on the hillside for hotspots to keep it from flaring up again. the fire started after 6:30 p.m. tonight when the truck went up in flames near the edwards avenue exit. everyone inside that truck was able to get out safely so that's very good news. thank you for joining us. >> the other top story is a major development of the batmobile investigation. the district attorney has decided to drop criminal charges against the indiana man who built a replica of -- from the back mail -- batman movie. >> turning this case around.
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>> the criminal case against the only man licensed to build replica batmobile's has ended. he faced felony charges of obtaining money under false prep -- false pretenses. >> we are going to dismiss the case. >> after speaking with district attorney this morning. >> is simple he does not rise to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. when you have cases like that, who is right and who's wrong isn't clear. we referred those cases to civil court. >> one of his donors called to complain that is $210,000 that mobile had been delayed. a team of four investigators to raid the batmobile garage. >> i've never gone through
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anything like this ever before in my life. >> turns out the sheriff had never done anything like this before either. >> never sent a team of investigators outside the state for nonviolent crime except for the batmobile. the lieutenant. >> has a sheriff ever sent a team out-of-state for nonviolent crime besides the batmobile? >> i will get back to you. >> he says he now needs a week to find the information. the sheriff has refused my request for an interview. i went to a retirement function for the second in command thinking he would attend. the sheriff was on vacation. i also broke the nose to batmobile builder that his criminal case is over -- -- broke the news to batmobile
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builder that his criminal case is over. >> it was a nightmare and it's finally coming to a close. >> he is free to concentrate on his business and his church where he is a minister. >> if you had not followed through on those whistleblowers, this case would have continued and i would have to be in san mateo and i thank you so much. >> he's not sure about filing a lawsuit against the sheriff or the county. this case is already costing taxpayers a lot of money. they hired a retired judge to find out how all of this happened. we have at least one more before we can call this a wrap. >> a san francisco police officer pleaded no contest today to robbing a drugstore for prescription painkillers. david cole -- prosecutors say
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net-net -- last november, he had a gun when he demanded drugs from the pharmacy. he is going to be sentenced on november 14. >> someone stabbed a man to -- this morning. the victim was found around 4:00 a.m. in holliday plaza. the entrance to the station. police have made no arrests. >> new developments in the killing of a father and son. they arrested 22-year-old oscar our follow the chaos. police re-speak -- received 911 call about an altercation in a home. a 49-year-old man and 22-year-old son stabbed to death. their names have not been released. >> 47 have been stripped of
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their badges after an audit that they had gotten unsatisfactory results on a psychological exam. some answers about the repercussions and what is next. >> 30 sheriff's deputies that work at the jail and 17 on assignment elsewhere in the county were notified that they could no longer make arrests or carry a firearm following an audit of psychological exams dating back to thousand 16 which the officers got unsatisfactory scores. what triggered the audit was a double homicide when 24-year-old deputy was arrested for killing a husband and wife in their home. it was later revealed that he had had a relationship with the woman and failed his law enforcement psychological exam. >> you have the sheriff's department giving officers a free pass to carry a gun and a badge and do police work when
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they are completely unqualified. >> the sheriff's office said psychological testing standards have changed and the 47 officers will undergo a new round of screening. at the earlier scores were due by merrily to immaturity. -- primarily to immaturity. >> this is nothing to do with substance abuse issues or mental disorders or diagnosis. >> we believe the scores will go up based on the number of years of service. >> others believe this could call into question these officers -- arrests these officers have made. one officer has already been reinstated with a record of a later exam. what he six others will be retested in the coming weeks. >> we are working to get them to
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the appointments and get the tests done and return everybody back to full duty. >> caltrans continued cleaning the homeless under -- in oakland. about 40 people were impacted. so far, have accepted -- the agency expects to fully close one street by the beginning of november. >> the clock is ticking for governor newsom u.s. assigned about 450 bills in the next five days. one of them, help farm workers unionize. more on the governor's big decisions. >> governor newsom has a busy week ahead. roughly about 550 bills on his desk and he has until friday midnight to sign them or veto.
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>> about 110 bills per day which is a pretty high volume. >> among the bills still awaiting approval is the controversy will farm workers unionization bill that would expand organizing rights or agricultural workers. farmworkers have been marching to the capital to raise awareness. biden and pelosi have urged the governor to sign it. >> we know that one of his press persons in august indicated that the governor still had the same concerns that he did when he vetoed last year's measure. >> other outstanding bills would allow jaywalking on empty streets. the governor vetoed a similar bill last year. a bill that would drastically change solitary confinement by
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limiting 15 consecutive days and no more than 45 days out of 180. this decision over the weekend to reject a bill that would have made it kindergarten mandatory. newsom's reason is cost. >> there was more than 1100 bills sent to him this year. if you added up all the costs, it would exceed $20 billion. >> the governor has signed a number bills into law. on friday, he signed a bill that would remove the ethnic slur "squaw". over the weekend, he also signed two bills to crackdown on
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catalytic converters. it would decide how and when people could purchase catalytic converters. >> it's not much more complicated than that. >> coming up, talking climate ge why he says his country and california. >> officials warned it could be something we haven't seen in our lifetime. we are tracking hurricane ian heading for tampa bay. >> a look at our cooling trend and possibly early morning drizzle. forecast coming
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>> new details and the fire. federal investigators took possession of a transmission poll and other equipment as part
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of the criminal investigation. the u.s. forest service says its initial assessment shows the fire started september 6 near a power line. last week, the lawsuit claimed the fire was started by pg&e infrastructure. >> hurricane ian has strengthened to hurricane -- category two. morgan norwood reports local and state leaders are urging people to prepare. >> hurricane ian charging toward florida. business is boarding up and that families fueling up >>. we don't know >> we don't know. we're just going to trust god
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and do what we need to do. >> officials are pleading to get out now while they can. mandatory evacuations for some areas. >> we expect to have to evacuate over 300,000 people and it will take some time which is why we are starting today. >> ron desantis declaring a state of emergency activating the emergency -- activating the national guard. >> the health and human services secretary also declaring public health emergency calling in more than 1000 medical teams. it comes as scrambles to prepare. >> flood protection, this is mobile, modular and necessary. this trauma center sits in the
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evacuation zone. this wall is designed to keep the water out so they can keep the patients in. >> set on cuba before making it to florida. lift off delayed until the end of october at least. >> in addition to the storm surge, just how long florida will be dealing with hurricane ian. it could stall over the coast of florida for nearly 48 hours. >> we saw this so often, always bracing for the worst. >> we spent our careers chasing these things. it could obviously strengthened and that quote -- golf water. >> it's already a category two.
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it here is a radar image of it now and you can see massive hurricane. as it continues to intensify, across cuba as a category three. category four as it reaches up into the gulf of mexico. see these strings, it could go a bit eastward into the tampa area which would be devastating or it might go due north to the florida panhandle. it still could be devastated by a storm of this intensity. back here, whether --calm we ather. the cooling trend we've been experiencing, right now it's two to six degrees cooler. that's good news if you are looking for some comfortable,
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fall like sleeping weather. it's a 57 degrees san francisco. upper 50's oakland. santa clara 60. a nice view looking along the bay bridge. that you see some thin clouds off in the distance. things are looking kind of good, partly clear you might say. 72 in fairfield. one final view from our rooftop, and these are our forecast features. maybe some coastal drizzle, a little bit of it may move on shore. a breezy year and cooler tomorrow. we expect a brief warm up and that's followed by a sharp cooldown. the clouds move across the bay. green patches offshore
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indicating areas where we expect to see drizzle. some of it may move on shore. if it does, it could be a few isolated wet spots. we don't expect wide spread roadways. -- widespread wet roadways. 68 san francisco. we will see mid-seventies and most bayshore locations and north bay, up to about 80. east bay were -- will be our warmest. not much change wednesday. much like tomorrow, perhaps more sunshine. thursday and friday we get our warm up. inland highs in the mid-90's. temperatures drop knowing into the weekend bringing us a cooler more autumn like period of weather. >> vip visitor was welcomed at
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stanford. portugal's president made a stop at the university to talk climate change and sustainable solutions. california and portugal face similar threats. more on how the county hopes to work with us locally to find solutions. >> it's a land rich with beautiful places, but it also struggles to combat wildfires and drought. it may look and sound like california, but these images are portugal. nearly 350 thousand residents, many of whom live in san jose. that's not all we have in common. >> we are both on the western edge of a continent with similar conditions. we face many of the same threats from climate change. >> stanford university welcomed president of portugal to talk
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solutions. >> we have two issues at stake. one is the future between portugal and this universal. >> e says he wants to see stanford students -- he says he wants to cease that -- stanford students to find sustainable solutions to climate change threats. focusing on at least three ironies. >> oceans, wildfires. >> the first large event hosted by the university. the school focuses on areas like climate change, sustainable cities and more. they are on board with portugal to work toward those solutions. >> innovations that can help all regions as well as others facing
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similar challenges. if there was a time to partner and put our hearts and minds together, this is it. >> hoping the partnership will be both successful and long-standing. >> this is just the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. >> portugal's president will be in san francisco tomorrow. he is throwing out the first pitch at the giants game as the team celebrates portuguese heritage. >> a special celebration for rosh hashanah. attendees put up -- put a modern spin that involves tossing crumbs into the ocean. it organizes made it eco-friendly by using birdseed. the idea is to rid yourself of bad karma to make room for the new year. held rosh hashanah celebration in the park.
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the jcc says it was a way for nonaffiliated jews to come together to mark the new year in nature. symbols of the new year including dipping apples and honey to symbolize hope for a sweet year ahead. >> nice to see. it sounded like a mission out of the movie armageddon. since we don't want you to miss a thing, get it. we will tell you how the world's first planetary defense mission went after nasa crashed a what's it like having xfinity internet with supersonic wifi? it's fast... like beyond-gig-speed fast. yeaaaaaaaaay!!! with three times the bandwidth, and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. get the xfinity supersonic bundle
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and, finally, snack up to save even more at the pump. that's great! make the most of the stop you need to make with shell. wait! there's three of me? awesome! >> a rally was held to oppose, members of justice coalition and o n believe in honoring the death of the formal -- former prime minister. it was revealed he had ties to a
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controversy old church. >> we stand with the majority of the people of japan who are opposed to the funeral. we call for the state official burial for ideas such as racism, sexism and patriarchy. >> he was one of the longest-serving leaders in the country. demanded the cancellation of his funeral. it is said to take place tomorrow in tokyo. >> protests broke out after president putin, many residents were enlisted i mistake and are set to return. thousands of others are fleeing the country to avoid the mobilization order. >> and exodus out of russia, tens of thousands are fleeing after president putin announced a new military draft for the war in ukraine.
9:26 pm
video posted online that shows hundreds lining up to cross into neighboring georgia. that country closing its borders to men of fighting age. chaos after a gunman opened fire. others are taking to the streets to protest as resentment toward president putin builds. >> what you are seeing is a deep unhappiness with what he is doing because he has been lying to his people all along. >> he ordered 300,000 reservists to fight in ukraine. staged referendum. recently freed from russian forces, this woman was speaking out. saying, i need ukraine to be part of ukraine. many with no electricity heading into the winter. ukraine's first lady with this
9:27 pm
message to the american people. >> please never stop your support. it is crucially important for us. it's vital. >> the u.s. announced half $1 billion, humanitarian needs are greatest in eastern ukraine where child poverty rates. >> controversy over a t-shirt with a political message worn by a san francisco firefighter on duty. fire officials and constitutional lawyer are speaking out about. >> san francisco high school football team forfeits its game among -- amid
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parents of students at san francisco galileo hi kept their kids from playing because of safety concerns. richmond high school officials say all of that worry is unwarranted. >> it is a new week of school for richmond high, but students are going to class disappointed over the actions of parents from another school. galileo academy forfeited its game against richmond on friday because the roster was to lean after their parents refused to let their kids play. citing concerns for safety. something that students do agree with. >> they think it's the ghetto area so they are thinking something is going to happen. >> he says rumors started circulating about his school being unsafe which he says aren't true. >> they said richmond was dangerous with potential bombings or shootings. >> the superintendent says the
9:31 pm
forfeit was not based on any actual data. >> it was uncalled for. i don't think they have their facts right and i would like to see their data when they say we have a lot of crime and violence over here. i would like to know exactly what data they are looking at. >> richman high school will play their next game friday evening. students here feel people will look at their high school in a not so positive light. >> i want people to think this is a good school. i want to see -- i want to say that it's a good school to come learn. >> eligibility and illness. it did not say whether or not safety was a reason. superintendent says they put a lot of effort into keeping f what it admits safe. they said they have had no issues of violence this year. he wants other schools to understand that. >> the look forward to these games so to have a committee
9:32 pm
decide based on faulty information that they are just going to forfeit the game? it's heartbreaking. >> a photograph of a san francisco firefighter wearing a t-shirt with a political slogan turned internet meme, let's go brandon, is a sparking controversy. the phrase has been used to insult president joe biden. more on this story. >> caught on camera, a san francisco firefighter wearing this. >> it's disheartening to see. >> a passerby noticed it and shared this message on twitter tweeting "is this the new uniform of s ffd? >> fire crews were hard at work
9:33 pm
coming and going. >> i don't like it. they shouldn't be wearing that type of shirt, especially degrading our current president. >> what you think when you see this tweet? >> i understand how people are upset about it. >> they immediately took action. spokesman says the department cannot talk about what disciplinary measures were taken because it is a personnel matter. we heard from san francisco firefighters union. >> i'm all for free speech, but it's a job and we have rules and regulations. >> many people argue that what we wear is protected by the first amendment. >> if the employer has a requirement that you simply wear that uniform and nothing else
9:34 pm
and that's uniformly applied, that might be a factor which would weigh against protection for free speech. >> is there a time and a place for freedom of speech? >> yes it is, but not on your job. not when you're doing your job. >> organizers of san francisco music festival are responding after reports of problems. the festival appeared over the weekend near cesar chavez. out-of-control crowds, look at this, rushing through barricades . we are told the festival promoters called the chaos minimal, isolated issue. no one was hurt. there were also noise complaints and even in the east bay saying
9:35 pm
they could hear the loud thumping bass from the music. >> the search for solutions is happening in the recent rise in traffic fatalities in san jose streets. police are using enforcement to change driving behavior. how education and engineering complete the city's three-pronged approach. >> on city streets in san jose, we have suffered one death every five days in the city. 50 total. most people believe distracted driving is to blame. it is actually not the number one issue. >> speeding is a plague on our traffic safety right now. >> several close calls as drivers seem to buy. police hope enforcement can change that. at dot hopes education can be a solution. >> the faster that you are
9:36 pm
driving, the more narrow your field of vision becomes so you are less likely to notice things like someone stepping into the road. the faster you are going, the more likely that crashes to be fatal or severe. >> enforcement, education and another approach comes from a different e. engineering. this is a priority safety cord in order. -- safety corridor. it cost less and can be rolled out faster. these barriers aren't example of road narrowing to get drivers to slow down and create shorter path for pedestrians. >> you feel encouraged to speed when there is a lot of room. when there aren't a lot of objects in your peripheral like trees or buildings, that subliminally tells people it's ok to speed. >>he review showed deaths were
9:37 pm
less likely to occur, but further study is needed. >> it is important that we keep an i on those projects, make sure they are working well and decide if we want to move further. >> the cities approach has one solution. leaders say it comes down to all of us. >> here's a pretty good piece of advice if you are flying out of sfo. packed some snacks. finding something to eat could tell on -- could be difficult now that workers have walked off the job. 1000 workers at 84 locations in sfo are on strike. demanding more money and better health benefits. the majority of workers on strike are making $17 is not ena
9:38 pm
family in the bay area. these employers know that. these workers are working to --two, sometimes three jobs. >> collective-bargaining group, we have not heard back. we will keep trying. the supers -- the san francisco board of supervisors will hold a special meeting tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. >> and efforts to improve medi-cal. for the first time, the state used competitive bidding process for insurance providers and reduced a number of them from 9:00 -- from nine to four. those affected will have to change their plans.
9:39 pm
coverage under the new providers is expected to start in january of 2024. >> pfizer says it is asking the fda for emergency use authorization. that happened today. booster for children ages five to 11. >> pfizer ceo tested positive but was symptom-free. it is the second case for him since august. he says he has not yet received the new booster. >> canadian government will drop its mask mandate on planes and drop its vaccine mandate for people entering the country. >> prices at the pump are on the rise again. we will hear from drivers and look at the numbers around the bay area. >> it's sweeping into one east bay committee. we are going to tell you where the sport of
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>> california gas prices are on the rise again. >> what they are paying now. >> it's a classic. it takes supreme. >> if i want to fill it up, over 100 bucks. my other car is a fuel-cell car. >> no choice but to drive around for work. >> you have to make the choice to buy gas or groceries. for my family, as been the most like 200 every week. >> both drivers are confused as to why prices are on the rise, especially in california. >> california always seems to be higher for some reason, don't
9:43 pm
know why because they have big refineries down here. i don't understand why because it's coming up. >> several factors drive the golden state gasoline prices including the global crude market, geopolitical issues, isolated refinery market, cleaner fuel blends and program costs and taxes. 11 refineries produce 90% of california's gasoline and diesel in a way that meets the states environmental standards. when there are significant, unplanned refinery outages, the laws of supply and demand kick in. >> unfortunately, it will not go down immediately. in fact, it lingers on for weeks. >> california's average is nearly five dollars 60 -- $5.60.
9:44 pm
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[applause] >> you got it? >> and we have impact. >> moment in exactly 4:14 p.m. this afternoon after nasa successfully crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid. even though it has been done in the movies, this was a first time it's ever happened in real life. >> it is a revolutionary experiment about 7 million miles away that could one day help save our planet. >> it is the first test of
9:47 pm
planetary defense technique. >> a spacecraft slamming head-on into an asteroid. the impact into a tighter orbit, a method that could be used to divert a killer asteroid headed for earth. >> would give us confidence if we ever had to do this for an actual asteroid threat, we've actually done this before. >> conditions made for an ideal test run. it is over 500 feet wide. >> a rock of that size hitting the earth with level estate, a small country. >> a small asteroid hitting an
9:48 pm
area in siberia and russia. >> we had a smaller asteroid above the city in russia missed the city, but it did come close. put about 1500 people in the hospital. >> a direct hit would have leveled the city. >> nothing recent enough that it really has a large impact on our civilization, but it could happen. >> it will take days or even weeks to find out if the crash was actually successful in changing the orbit. a tiny change is all it would take to protect the earth from most asteroid impacts. >> fascinating. this is amazing. a special sighting in the sky happening right now. jupiter is the closest it has been to the earth and almost six decades. the planet is about 357 million miles away from earth, nearly half the distance from its
9:49 pm
farthest point. stargazers can get the best view of jupiter and its four moons. the planet is very bright and it will not be hard to see. if you can't catch jupiter tonight, you have about two to three more weeks to view it. >> it blows my mind that there are people out there that are so smart, these scientists that can calculate when we are going to see it. >> they are good at math, aren't they? [laughter] >> they really are. if they could only find us a way to send us some rain. that would be pretty smart. >> i'm not complaining about the weather we have. taking a look at what we have on the overnight hours. maybe some coastal drizzle, but get back to a sunny afternoon tomorrow.
9:50 pm
overnight low temperatures going to be mainly in the mid to upper 50's. a bit cooler than some of our previous night's the last week or so. highs tomorrow under partly cloudy skies ranging from 75 to 78. on the peninsula, mid 70's but up to about -- mid 60's will be our highs in our coastal locations. we will see mainly mid to low 80's, east bay highs mainly in the mid-70's. over the hills, a bit warmer about 10 greens are so maxing out at about 84 degrees. -- 10 degrees. not much change in the temperature range, but a warming trend begins on thursday peeking on friday with inland highs in the low 90's, low 80's around the bay shoreline.
9:51 pm
it looks like a steady pattern starting next saturday comfortably, typically walk -- fall weather. no extremes. >> looks nice. just right. the sport of curling has found an unlikely home in east oakland. known as a canadian sport, it started to pick up popularity on the east coast. >> with the clank of a rock, curling is sweeping into east oakland. >> having the first dedicated facility here. >> long-time members of the san francisco they area curling club. >> my husband to start -- my husband and i started curling.
9:52 pm
seeing this beautiful facility open up is just for all of us. >> it took a lot of donations and people willing to believe in us and lend us money. >> it is about more than the curling. it's about the community. >> how did you stumble across curling? it's not the most common sport. >> very true. i have to give credit to my husband, patrick, who decided it would be something fun we could do together. >> are really liked the strategy part of it. >> this building is just amazing for us. it's close to public transit. our neighbors are fantastic. >> this is one of those sports
9:53 pm
rooted in kindness. it is rooted in being polite. it is rooted in using your voice and rooting for each other. >> in addition to funding this facility, countless hours go into maintaining this ice and it is all done i volunteers. >> it is a bold and it has a texture that allows our rocks to glide and curl. this is the type of environment you need to become very competitive curlers. >> with every curl, the dream continues. >> i'm hoping there are future olympians. >> that is one of my dreams. >> fascinating. after the break, he is the host of the longest running late-night show on the air. as jimmy kimmel live's ready to
9:54 pm
celebrate, he takes us back to his ♪ ♪ well well well, what have we here? a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! with bats... and ghouls ...
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>> jimmy kimmel live right 20 years as host of jimmy kimmel live. it is now the longest running late-night show currently on the air. >> he went back to his roots in brooklyn for a weeks worth of shows. >> jimbo camille -- jimmy kimmel live is coming back to brooklyn because we love you very much. >>'s trip home has become an annual tradition until covid canceled it so this marks the first time that jimmy kimmel live has been here. >> it always feels good to be back in brooklyn, but it feels especially great because we been trapped. it feels like the world is getting back to normal even though almost everyone on my staff still has a mask on. >> the star used the way,
9:57 pm
recruiting to explain who will be on. >> david letterman on the show. >> jimmy's ties to the old neighborhood remain strong which was one reason he first came here a decade ago in the midst of superstorm sandy. >> tonight, i have returned to save my people from the storm. >> just days after jimmy, got renewed. >> they came to me and said we would like you to stay and we would like you to stay as long as you would want to. i looked around my office and thought, i don't want to clean this stuff up. there were many times it felt like the plane was headed toward the earth, [laughter] in some top -- and somehow we pulled it out. >> all this week, we are
9:58 pm
celebrating the retirement of broadcast legend. david louis is returning after more than five decades on television. it david was one of -- he wants to travel and spend more time with photography. we are celebrating his contribution to our station. it david, you are one of the best. >> that's it. >>
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