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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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potential disruptions. restaurant workers are set to strike for a second straight day as another set of protesters is set to begin on the picket lines. kumasi: the major hurricane lashing cuba before it gives florida indirect hit. reggie: gas prices surging and what the president is calling on. kumasi: mission accomplished, nasa says the plan to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid was a success. reggie: i mean they crashed, that is the success. they did not -- we do not know if that kumasi: kumasi: did anything. i am happy. this feels so good. drew: this is nice. kumasi: i missed of this. jobina: i remember the picture we last took what i cannot remember when that was.
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reggie: it was in the spring, wasn't it? jobina: we have had two stents of this. the last one was june 2021. reggie: we are together again. jobina: everything is fine. drew: we will see how long this one lasts. maybe a longer time, and then we will spread out again. this morning widespread cloud cover and live doppler 7, a fair amount of gray. the marine layer is with us and it will mix up fast giving us sunshine. right now waking up to temperatures in the 50's. oakland at 58. 59, san jose. 53, fairfield. here is a live look. marine layer is not too low but you can still see the tops of the buildings. a gray start but we will get sunshine pretty quickly.
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a fine fall day with temperatures going into the 70's and 80's. a bit of a breeze from time to time but all in all lots of sunshine and temperatures close to average. we will take a closer look and also an update on hurricane ian. reggie: we have breaking news oakland, a fire burned several cars and truck under the macarthur maze. crews are trying to figure out what started the fire and if anyone was hurt. we will let you know more when we learn. kumasi: another day of potential big interruptions. restaurant workers continue their strike as some flight attendants are set to picket. lena is joining us live from the airport with what travelers need to know. lena: good morning. for the second day in a row food service workers at sfo are back at strike and as we can see we have a big crowd going at 5:00
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a.m. as they have yet to make a deal with the multi employer group called sfo restaurants and we have gotten word that united flight attendants will be joining workers for a picket line of their own. 1000 restaurant and lounge workers are fighting for raises and guaranteed health care as they have worked without a contract for three years and have not seen a raise. the workers on strike today are coming from more than 30 different employers and 84 locations at sfo. the union president says the majority are making $17 70 -- $17.05 an hour, less than the price of one meal at the airport. >> oftentimes they are preparing a hamburger, burrito, or slice of pizza that somebody is paying more for $17 an hour -- more than $70 just to buy. they enjoy it a lot better shake
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than they are getting. the demand is pretty modest, one job should be enough. lena: as we mentioned, flight attendants from united airlines will be picketing today to demand that the airline fix ongoing operational disruptions and focus on labor relations. the union says united has failed to properly staff schedulers, flight team and catering which has exacerbated their operational issues. they are expected to be out here at 10:00 today. back here live with the food service workers, we know that the san francisco board of supervisors will be holding a special meeting with union representatives with the airport director and that multi employer group representing those employers of the restaurants, the special meeting is happening at 3:00 and we will let you know what happens.
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live at sfo, lena howland. reggie: hurricane ian made landfall in cuba as a category three straw dust storm and it is diligent gaining strength and there is a serious head of a -- threat of a direct hit to florida. jobina: it is under a state of emergency and they are mandatory evacuation orders that -- in areas that could see the worst damage. they believe that tampa will take a direct hit from the storm when it arrives later this week. evacuations began yesterday and shelters have opened along the coast. >> the first thing that will go will be the power in the water so make sure you have extra to take care of yourself and get out of town. >> we expect to evacuate over 300,000 people and it will take some time. jobina: tampa general hospital is in the evacuation zone and is being protected with aqua fencing which will let patients ride out the storm inside. there are 7000 national guard
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members activated to respond by the time that ian reaches florida. they expect it will strengthen to category four with wind up to 140 miles an hour. reggie: if you want to get more updates on hurricane ian as it moves towards the u.s. make sure to download the app and we will send perch josh push alerts with major developments on the storm's track, and major developments. you can get it by searching abc 7 bay area in your sure. kumasi: fire fighters monitored hotspots through the night and traffic was backed up for miles after flames came close to homes. it started as a vehicle fire around 6:00 p.m. before the flame spread to a nearby hillside. two people inside the burned truck where the fire started, but they were able to get out before the flame spread. the battalion chief said that flames between 40 and 50 yards
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and at least 70 firefighters were on scene at one point. reggie: there is new information about controversy in the alameda county sheriff's office. 47 deputies were stripped of their badges and firearms after an internal investigation found that they failed psychological evaluations. as we explained there could be more consequences to come. >> it is a bombshell at the ad -- as the alameda county sheriff's department admits they were wrong. 47 deputies were asked to give back their badge and firearms after audits found that they were not suited for the job. >> a lot of young people out of college do not do as well as the psychological exam as someone who has much more life experience. this has nothing to do with substance abuse issues or any mentally -- disorders. >> the sergeant said thanks contracting factor was their age. deputies qualify for this role at 21 years old.
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a return to. court judge and former independent police officer for the city of san jose pointed out that the psychological exam measures more than just age. >> the whole purpose is to determine whether or not that person is suitable to do the work of a law enforcement officer. free from emotional and/or mental conditions that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer. >> the former san francisco district attorney believes that these candidates should have been flagged years ago. >> no job requires more discretion, judgment or by -- balance second -- psychological state is someone with a badge or a gun. ever allowed them to go into duty with a d school -- score i hope they are not in authority. >> what triggered this, cashless's audit was a double homicide when a 20 four-year-old deputy was arrested.
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he had failed his law enforcement psychological exam. sergeant kelly said that prior to 2016 the law allowed for people with a low psychological exam score to be hired. that law changed in 2016. >> either people dropped the ball and just did not keep up with the law. >> that is negligence. >>the sheriff's department confirmed that 47 -- 42nd -- 47 deputies are doing desk jobs and will undergo a second exam. we believe more consequences will come out of this? >> there will be serious repercussions, there will be lawsuits and i can see the deputy sailing but some heads will roll. >> we reached out to the union and have not heard back. in san francisco, abc 7 news. kumasi: there has been a major development in the abc 7's batmobile investigation.
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the da decided to drop criminal charges against an indiana man who built replica batmobile's. a san mateo county sheriff sent a team of investigators to raid the garage where the cars are built after a wealthy donor complaint that has $210,000 order was delayed. the garage owner was eventually charged with "obtaining money by false pretenses" and "diversion of construction funds." but that is being dropped because he cannot prove them beyond a reasonable doubt. drew: hurricane and, still a category three storm with wind at 120 miles an hour. you can see the eye over western cuba about to enter into warm water and it will intensify. here is the latest path, it will become a major category four hurricane with wind of 140 miles an hour. the track shifted eastward with
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the latest ron being now. -- run being now. we have mandatory evacuations in parts of fort myers because of the shift in the track. a lot of rainfall is headed to florida. rainfall through friday and more than 10 inches in tampa bay. orlando seeing 10 inches. normally rain and storm surge is a huge concern. we will keep our eyes on it. back here at home and is about morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. the sunshine is breaking out. you will feel cooler weather inland and gonts, 60'e he way. today and tw there isttle c morning fog to afternoon sunshine and a warm pattern emerging. 90's return at our warmest spots inland. jobina: good morning. we have a major crash that has
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been reported in sonoma, a head-on collision where all lanes are blocked on state route 120 one at circle bar ranch. sensors have not picked up the blockage completely but it is on a primary commute corridor. because of the injuries it involves we are following that. a live look at emeryville showing 80 and the headlights traveling westbound. no advisories from the chp or blocking issues aside from the major crash. a live look at the bridge where things are good and drive times here. tracy to dublin the only slow spot. reggie: thank you. it turns out the bay area likes to swear more than people in other cities. kumasi: then what students are state -- are saying after a team forfeited a weekend football game and whether they agree with some parents about safety concerns. reggie:e '
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reggie: if you filled up on gas you might have been hit with sticker shock. prices in san francisco, oakland, and san jose up $.30. 56 up from a month ago. the average has climbed back up to 588 a gallon. president biden urged gas stations to lower their prices amid decades high inflation. pres. biden: the gas stations and the price at the pump, ring down prices that you are charging to reflect the cost you pay for the product. do it now. reggie: gas prices have lowered compared to a month ago but obviously that is not the case in california. kumasi: federal investigators have pole as part of the investigation into the mosquito fire. the initial assessment found fire started near a power line. the fire is in the -- is the
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largest in the state this year. it burned more than 76,000 acres and destroyed 75 homes in placer and el dorado county. reggie: we are learning new details about a football game controversy. galileo high school forfeited a game with richmond high school. it was set for friday at richmond high school at the last minute galileo pulled out because some parents voiced concerns for safety and refuse to let their kids play. richmond students say they disagree. >> they think here is the ghetto area, they probably think that there is a shooting that would happen. >> i do not think they have the facts right and i would like to see their data when they say we have a lot of crime and violence over here. i would like to know exactly what data they are looking at. reggie: the west contra costa supervision -- superintendent says that they have put a lot of effort to making athletic events
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say. he pointed out that richmond has not had any issues with violence. sfusd is trying to downplay safety return saying that galileo forfeited because they did not have enough players for another every bit -- reasons including illness and eligibility. kumasi: vice president kamala harris is set for a visit to the dmz in korea. it is the dividing line between north and south area. she will tour the sites and meet the service members and that visit comes from threats from the north. they testfired ballistic missiles. harris is in japan leading the u.s. delegation at the funeral of sachin zola. 4300 guests attended the funeral and it set off crowed -- set off protests with many people upset about the price and abe's policies. reggie: that funeral came hours after protesters rallied.
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the members of comfort women justice coalition and united moment for labour party stood in solidarity for japanese people who do not believe in honoring the death of the former prime minister. he was assassinated three months ago during a campaign after it was revealed he had ties to a controversial church. >> we stand with the majority of the people of japan who are opposed to abe's state funeral. we call for the state official barria -- burial of ideas such as racism, sexism, and patriarchy. reggie: he was one of the longest-serving leaders of the country. kumasi: canada will lift all covid restrictions on saturday meaning travelers regardless of citizenship no longer have to submit health information through an app. people will no longer have to wear on trains and planes, although masking will be encouraged. reggie: the first of its kind planetary defense demonstration was apparently a success.
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kumasi: nasa sent a space craft to slam into an asteroid. it did not pose a threat to earth, it was a test. >> we got it? maybe? >> and we have impact. we have impact. kumasi: i was waiting for a -- reggie: all i saw was a red square. kumasi: well we have this. nasa's spacecraft launched into space last year and it successfully collided with the asteroid at a speed of four miles a second. >> all we are really attempting to do is move it a little bit. in hollywood movies they try to blow asteroids up, that is not what we are trying to do. we are trying to slow it down enough that it will slap -- that it will pass slowly by. kumasi: he clearly said we are not blowing it up.
5:20 am
reggie: did you think they were blowing it up? kumasi: i wanted some drama. i thought i was going to see a little something. reggie: i thought i would see anything beside kumasi: kumasi: the computer animation. we saw them being happy. this asteroid was a size of a football stadium and it was 6.8 million miles away from earth. congratulations to you all. and thank you. apparently san francisco swears more than any other city. reggie: that is according to a survey that shows are city is tied for fifth in the nation for highest used of curse words. here are the other cities with dirty mouths. oklahoma city, dallas, philadelphia, and indianapolis tied for fourth and then there is jacksonville, las vegas at number two and i am surprised about this. columbus, ohio is number one. drew: what is happening there?
5:21 am
reggie: san jose ranked third least foulmouthed which does not make sense. the average age that american start using swearwords is 11. why columbus? drew: the winters, maybe? how do you also tie? you all said the same amount of curse words, you all just tied? reggie: is this a fake survey? kumasi: i am surprised by that that it was san francisco. drew: have you ever driven? 180, 580. kumasi: that is where they did the survey, on the road. drew: excuse me, sir, you are very mad. reggie: or stuck on a train in the dark. drew: your boss makes you come into work and you get stuck in the trans baytown, that is great. not a great time.
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drew: literally stopped in its tracks. let us go outside. it is good to be back together on the desk. you do not get that when you have three separate shots. san jose where you are the third least foulmouthed apparently for some reason. a lot of cloud cover upstairs and we have morning clouds and coastal drizzle. a lot of sunshine breezier and cooler and then a brief warm-up thursday and friday, no intense heat and warmer by the end of the week and we cool off by the weekend. a pretty steady pattern later on this week. highs in the south bay, a lot of sunshine and air quality. 85 morgan hill's. 85 cupertino. 60's for the coastline, 72 mountain view. aly cipartly cloudy skies, 81 sa but 85 in lakeport.
5:23 am
the eastport -- the east bay today, good air quality. 73 oakland. same in richmond. low-end main -- low and mid 80's inland. good air quality. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies and mostly cloudy skies along the coast. a few tracker temperatures that if you like today, you will like tomorrow. we see a bit of a warm up by thursday and friday. cooler inland with little change. a bit warmer towards thursday and friday the weekend getting knocked back down back to average cooler on sunday with all in all temperatures pretty fine the next seven days. kumasi: coming up the seven things to know. reggie: the price of butter serving -- soaring. kumasi: and then a soccer game unlike any that you have ever
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5:26 am
picketing demanding changes after the airline has been forced to cancel or delay tens of thousands of flights this year. reggie: stock futures rebounded putting the major indexes on track to stop a five-day losing streak. yesterday this tumbled into bear market territory. the s&p 500 dipped into its lowest level in two kumasi: kumasi: years. the mass exodus from russia. reggie: the tampa area is bracing for a hit from hurricane ian. it made landfall into -- in cuba as a category three storm expected to grow to kallick -- to category 4. drew: number five, a fine fall day with afternoon sunshine and 60's and 70's along the bay shoreline. kumasi: that major crash we were following has been upgraded to a
5:27 am
sig alert, a head-on collision where serious injuries are involved at circle bar branch road. kumasi: a big announcement about our beloved reporter at abc 7, david, he has deciding to retire after more than 50 years. today is his last day on air, we will be celebrating him all week long. reggie: inflation continues to impact grocery prices. butter is one of the items going up the most and it could impact any baking you are doing for the holidays. it was up 24 point 6% compared to last august almost twice as much as the overall increase to u.s. grocery prices. they are severe shortages across the country. later short -- labor shortages and declines in milk production are to blame. a far out world record just said. kumasi: they played the soccer
5:28 am
match at the highest ever altitude and we have video. the two teams played a game inside zero gravity chambers on a plane more than 20,000 feet in the air. the field that alternated up and down was specifically constructed in the plane. now everybody on this plane played professionally, so the thing with it it is like a whole drama. [laughter] reggie: this is the vomit comet. kumasi: look at this man running right here. reggie: they look really cute. that is interesting, are you allowed to touch people like that? amazing. kumasi: it did look fun. reggie: not for me. this is a plane that goes up and then makes a steep dive and then
5:29 am
back up again. kumasi: that is not for you. reggie: no. and they are like whee. they love it. kumasi: you would be in the corner somewhere. reggie: just staring. the new location had to offer monkeypox vaccines. kumasi: the court case that could make booking your fair less confusing and easier.
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5:32 am
kumasi: near the boat. why am i never on the tour's? reggie: it just keeps happening. kumasi: is it a sign? reggie: that we should be there. yes, the whales are talking to us. drew: they are saying come to us, kumasi. watch us breeched down at monterey. we have a fair amount of cloud cover leading to a cooler start to the day compared to yesterday by a few degrees. a light layer needed. we mainly have readings in the 50's but where you see blue shading is in the valley sheltered from the wind with some readings in the 40's. it is cool out there with a a lot of sunshine later on this afternoon. san jose with overcast skies. here's how the day plays out. it is now happening after 7:00 a.m.. mostly cloudy skies and then clouds break down fast.
5:33 am
mostly sunny skies with a fine fall day with temperatures cooler inland. mid 80's and mid 70's around the bay. a closer look at how warm we will get and the latest on hurricane ian in a few minutes. reggie: expect to see protesters at sfo. restaurant workers and flight attendants are walking off of the job. lena howland joins us with the latest. lena: hello and good morning. we have gotten word that this group of furred suit -- food service workers will not be the only group of folks protesting today. united flight attendants will also be here holding a protest of their own. this right here behind us is day two of the food service workers on protest walking off of the job in front of every terminal as they have yet to make a deal with the multi employer group
5:34 am
called sfo restaurants. 1000 restaurant and lounge workers are fighting for raises and guaranteed health care as they have worked without a contact -- contract for three years. the workers on strike are coming from more than 30 different employers and 84 locations at sfo and the majority of which are making $17 an hour which is less than the price of one meal at the airport. margaret, a lounge attendant and single mom of two who has worked at the airport for nearly eight years says a cost-of-living in the bay area has not kept up with her paycheck. >> prices are going up right now and the wages are still the same, so we need to provide the expenses that we need for our family. >> how can you live in the bay area or continue to make it possible for us to travel on a wage like that. that is not acceptable. lena: as we mentioned, flight
5:35 am
attendants from unid wi also bed the airline fix ongoing operational disruptions and focus on labor relations. united has failed to properly staff crew schedulers, the flight attendant support team and catering which has exacerbated operational issues. they are expected to be protesting starting at 10:00. back here live with food service workers we also learned that the san francisco board of supervisors will hold a special meeting with union representatives, the airport director and a multi employer group called sfo restaurants to talk about what is going on this afternoon starting at 3:00 and we will let you know what happens. live at sfo, lena howland. reggie: the antitrust lawsuit against american airlines and jetblue is heading to trial.
5:36 am
the justice department in six states is suing to break the developing alliance claiming that it decreases competition and could result in higher f and they have already been partnered for more than a year and their lawyers will argue that it will allow that it offered roots that they could not manage on their own. the biden administration is evaluating other airline deals. kumasi: now to the escalating blowback in russia. thousands are trying to leave as president putin draft civilians as protests and opposition continue to grow. jobina has more. jobina: not only are the protests growing but we are learning that they are becoming more violent and deadly. thousands of men are rushing to the border to attempt to avoid being drafted. new images show the huge lines at the border with georgia. some people waiting 40 to 50 hours to cross over into
5:37 am
occupied ukraine. today is the final day of the staged referendum and putin is expected to announce that he is annexing regions as the biden administration voices support. >> we stand with our partners around the world in rejecting what other -- whatever fabricated outcomes russia announces. jobina: a russian strike in a residential area has left at least four people dead and there are fears of more attacks, many believe that once putin annexes the territories he will use it as an excuse to excavate attacks in other areas in reggie: reggie: the country. if you are looking for a monkeypox vaccine there is a new clinic opening at face-to-face on 2nd street and santa rosa. that is a health center focused on people living with hiv or aids. no appointment is needed and if you cannot make it there will be another event tomorrow. kumasi: caltrans cleared out
5:38 am
another section of the wood street homeless encampment. we were over the worked yesterday. it says about 40 people were impacted. so far 12 have accepted alternative housing. it is estimated that 200 people lived at the site before a judge allowed them to clear it. the agency fully expects to close wood street by the end of november. caltrans claimed up the vallejo encampments and they are working to clear six locations throughout the city. caltrans is working with city officials to make residents aware and offered relocation options. reggie: police have made no rest after a deadly stabbing. the victim was found around 4:00 a.m. that is the entrance of this station. the incident is under investigation. kumasi: new developments in the killing of a hayward father and son. police arrested the suspect on
5:39 am
sunday morning. police release date -- received a 911 call about the altercation. they found a 41 shea 49-year-old man and his 22-year-old son stabbed to death. their names have not been released. still to come, what costco said when asked if it would potentially raise the price of its hot dog and soda. reggie: then the potential spinoffs coming to jeopardy and why future contestants might be familiar faces. drew: i bring you the latest on hurricane ian. it is still a major category three storm with wind 123 miles per hour and there is the eye moving through western cuba and about to move into open warm ocean water where it will strengthen over the next 24 hours. latest track later today will become a major category four storm increasing to 140 miles per hour and then all eyes are on the gulf coast of florida,
5:40 am
specifically tampa where it makes landfall early thursday morning as a category three storm. not only wind but rain is a huge issue with the slow-moving system. rainfall through friday with areas in tampa bay to exceed 10 inches. even places like orlando could see seven to 10 inches of rain from the storm through the end of the week. back at home it is quiet. cloud cover giving way to sunshine and a comfortable day later on today. sunny skies and temperatures close if not below average. 68 in the city. 70, oakland. 82, santa rosa. same story for antioch. the three day forecast, little changed today and tomorrow. thursday we warm up a bit but no excessive heat through the end of the week. kumasi: good -- jobina: good morning, we have a major crash under and look at this purple stretch. everything is blocked in both
5:41 am
directions. the crashes a head-on collision reported on state route 121 at circle per our -- at circle bar branch road. traffic is being diverted and if you want to travel southbound on 121 you cannot get off on 1:16 -- on 116. we also have another crash reported in dublin and on westbound 580 before six 80 with speeds around 21 miles an hour. a live look at san mateo bridge where everything is looking smoothly in oakland as you look at 880 as a coliseum
5:42 am
5:43 am
kumasi: welcome back. in the south bay the search for solutions in the rise for traffic deaths. last week we showed you how police are using enforcement to
5:44 am
change driving behavior. reggie: dustin explains how education in engineering complete the three-pronged approach. dustin: on city streets we have suffered lots of debt -- one death every five days. 50 total and while i city department of transportation survey says most people believe distracted driving is to blame the dot says it is not the number one issue. >> speeding is a plague. dustin: we saw the danger speeding could pause as we posed as decoys and had several close cards -- calls. please help enforcement can change the behavior of the dot hopes that education should be a solution. >> speeding makes it more likely we will get it -- that you will get into the crash. you are less likely to notice things in the periphery like someone stepping into the road and then if you get into a crash the faster you are going more likely the crashes to be fatal. lena:
5:45 am
enforcement -- dustin: enforcement, education and engineering. take this intersection, along a priority safety corridor highlighted by a lot of planes and fast speeds. part of the engineering have come from quick build projects that can be rolled out fast to create solutions. these barriers are an example of road narrowing to get drivers to slow down and create a shorter path for pedestrians. >> you feel encouraged to speed when the lanes are wide and when there are a lot of lanes. when there is not a lot of objects near periphery like trees or buildings, that just subliminally tells people it is ok to speed. dustin: a six-month review show that debts were less likely to appear at these quick build locations but further study is needed. >> it is important that we keep an eye on the projects and make sure that they are working well and then decide whether or not that we want to move forward with a permanent iteration. dustin: this is one combined
5:46 am
solution but leaders say it down for all of us -- comes down to all of us. reggie: cosco's hot dog and soda combo is on track to stay on to -- under two dollars forever. we told you about costco membership fees staying the same and now the same could be said for this classic food court combo. the cfo says that since other areas of the business since gas -- like gazan travelers doing so well food prices do not need to job. if the price were adjusted market watch says a hotdog, will be over four bucks. kumasi: a new " jeopardy" spinoffs could be coming. the exacting producer says that they are thinking about making a sister show for of master level players and full of a rotating cast of former champions and players like amy. the show could also be planting
5:47 am
more spinoffs including a sports only or a pop-culture only version. reggie: ok. september is spanish and latin american heritage month. kumasi: this 14-year-old has a knack for crocheting and she decided to crochet her continued up -- her dress. she documented it on social media. >> a beautiful piece and tradition in our culture so i was excited when she decided to have this. reggie: we are going to see the dress, right? kumasi: there we go. this took months to make along with the flowers and butterflies that she attached to the skirt. and this past saturday she celebrated, unveiling her creation to all of her family and it looks good. she says she will do the same thing for her prom dress. this is really cute. reggie: that is so much work in
5:48 am
the flowers. i cannot get over the flowers. kumasi: that is cool. a special sighting in the sky. jupiter is the closest it has been to earth in almost six decades. the planet is 367 million miles away from earth, nearly half the distance from its furthest point. stargazers can get the best view of jupiter and its four largest moons. according to scientists the planet is very bright and should not be too hard to see and you can see it for the next few days. here too? drew: for sure. the o's -- those are very high rez zoomed in images. that is even better. you will see what looks like a brighter than normal star in the sky. kumasi: i want to see the detail. drew: also going back to prom for some reason during my prom
5:49 am
everyone duct taped. reggie: i remember that trend. drew: the early 2000's was a weird time to be in high school. it was mostly duct tape. that was a whole thing. who -- reggie: everything was duct tape. there were duct tape wallets and that was really big. the thing was you were supposed be amazed and sometimes it is that looks exactly like a duck tape dress, nothing more, kumasi: kumasi: hard to get less. you guys did not do it? reggie: drew: no. i was like let me get to the men's warehouse. my date night were wearing miniature colors. kumasi: that is not the picture i do not want to show in the future. reggie: we said let us get the same exact suit jacket. we will wear a tie and it will just be a little different.
5:50 am
we get confused a lot, so. that just propagates it. drew: what did you wear to prom, just a nice dress. was this like in avril road -- avril lavigne thing? who made this? reggie: that air was just not great. -- era was just not great. drew: mostly cloudy skies and sunshine with coastal drizzle and be aware of that. breezy and cooler and a brief warm-up thursday through friday and we are cooler over the weekend. highs starting in the south and thank good -- and some good air quality. 85 morgan hill's. 60's along the coast but 74, san mateo. 73 palo alto with good air quality. similar story in the city today with upper 60's downtown and 66 for the sunset and richmond.
5:51 am
70's and 80's under mostly sunny skies and going into the 70's in the east bay mostly sunny skies. 75 hercules. inland, mid 80's. 83 santa rosa. overnight tonight mostly cloudy skies coast of the closed -- close to the coast and temperatures into the 50's. here the next seven days cooler inland with little change tomorrow. warmer thursday into friday but it is not intense in terms of the heat. back to average saturday and sunday with a lot of afternoon sunshine both days. reggie: we are celebrating a bay area podcasting legend. david louie is retiring after five decades on tv. he was one of the first asian-american journalists on television period. after more than 50 years right at abc 7 he wants to travel and spend more time on photography. we are celebrating his contribution and we hope that
5:52 am
you will join us for his last day on the air and we wish him well. it is unheard of that someone would be in his -- in this career that long, but at one station that long. that simply does not happen anymore. kumasi: we are blessed. reggie: he went to northwestern. kumasi: you get to brag. it is called longevity. reggie: a popular attraction at the palo alto zoo and museum forced to close and the concern for the bird population. kumasi: the dramatic moment when a group
5:53 am
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5:55 am
boating -- while boating off of the short you know. -- the short of juno. they were on a fishing trip and it seemed to be feeding time for the whole pod of whales in the area, and then they surfaced next to the boat. this family was floating quietly because there is a rule where you have to turn off the engine if whales swim within 100 yards. a family member thinks they might have been floating over a big school of krill. reggie: i think i went to that exact same spot. kumasi: what did you see? reggie: a lot of whales but we did not see a show like that is. we saw them pretty close. i would have really lived my entire life had i seen that moment. i will say if you ever go to juno it is as close to a guaranty as you can get you will
5:56 am
see humpback whales and sometimes you see orca, we did not that day. regardless it is absolutely a gorgeous scene to be on a boat, surrounded by mountains. i highly recommend it. kumasi: i am leaving. i will see you all later. drew: goodbye. this i do not love, i do not know why. this stresses me out. all of that. it is a lot. reggie: don't they remind you of oysters for some reason? i am glad it is not just me. [laughter] drew: oysters. that is cool, seeing them preach like that, but when they all -- reggie: that creep you out. drew: so we have visibility issues and you cry. elsewhere we are doing fine. locally dense fog and temperatures in the 50's but 48
5:57 am
with the fog. we have clouds first thing and it is a fine fall day with a lot of sunshine later on and temperatures comfortable in the 70's and 80's. kumasi: next a concern that led to dozens of deputies being forced to turn in guns and badges. reggie: we are live where striking restaurant workers will be joined by another group of picketers. what you need to know. kumasi: we are tracking hurricane in the category three storm making landfall and setting its sights on florida. the areas that could face a direct hit. reggie: a live look outside at when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at starlight.g
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: we are taking a live look at sfo where striking employees are back on the picket lines for a second day in a row. flight attendants are also planning to get.
6:01 am
what you should know.


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