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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 27, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: we are taking a live look at sfo where striking employees are back on the picket lines for a second day in a row. flight attendants are also
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planning to get. what you should know. reggie: your commute getting more expensive. what president biden is demanding. kumasi: all eyes on ian in cuba. florida bracing for the latest. the preparations underway right now. reggie: good morning on this tuesday, september 27. kumasi: we are all back on the set and we have a nice forecast. drew: tomorrow, no complaint. ukiah is down to a quarter mile visibility. elsewhere, we may have overcast skies but no dense fog outside of that issue. temperatures remain in the 50's. in ukiah, 49 degrees. we expect a lot of sunshine on your tuesday afternoon. morning fog, afternoon sunshine, a fine fall day in the 70's and 80's away from the coast. keeping eyes on hurricane ian in just a few minutes. reggie: in oakland, a fire burned several cars and trucks in oakland.
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we will let you know what happened as we learn more. kumasi: potential disruptions that sfo. restaurant workers continue their strike as flight attendants are also expected to strike today. lena holland is there. lena: food service workers are back on strike as they have yet to reach a deal with the group called sfo restaurants. united flight attendants will join this group of workers for a picket line of their own later on. about 1000 restaurant and lounge workers are fighting for raises and guaranteed health care as they've been working without a contract for three years and haven't seen a raise. the union says the workers are coming from more than 30 different employers in 84 locations at sfo. the union president says the
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majority of workers are making 17. 05 -- 17 -- $17.05. >> oftentimes they are preparing a hamburger or burrito or slice of pizza but somebody is paying more than $17 an hour just to buy. they deserve a lot better shape than they are giving -- given. one job should be enough. lena: flight attendants from united airlines will be picketing out item sfo today to demand the airline fixed ongoing operational issues and focus on labor relations. they say united has failed to schedule -- which has exacerbated their issues. they are expected to be out here starting at 10:00. the food workers on protest, the
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san francisco board of supervisors is holding a special meeting to talk about this issue with union representatives, the airport director and the multi employer group called sfo restaurants. that meeting is expected to start at 3:00. live at sfo, lena howland, abc7news. reggie: hurricane ian made landfall in cuba as a category 3 and is still gaining strength. we are also concerned about a possible direct hit on florida. jobina: there are mandatory evacuation orders in fort myers because the stress -- the track has changed. the storm center believes tampa will take a direct hit from the storm later this week. evacuations began yesterday and shelters have started to open >>. >>the first thing to go will be power and then water so make sure you have a little electricity and get out of town. >> we expect to have to evacuate
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over 300 thousand people and it will take time jobina:. jobina:tampa general hospital is in the evacuation zone and has been protected from aqua fencing which will hopefully let patients ride out the storm. 7000 national guard members are deployed. they expect ian will strengthen to a category 4 with wind up to 140 miles per hour. reggie: for updates on the hurricane, download the abc7news app. we will send push alerts with major developments on the track, damage, and aftermath. download the app now by searching abc 7 bay area and enable push alerts. kumasi: firefighters monitored hot bath into the night in oakland. -- hotspots into the night in oakland. it started as a vehicle
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yesterday before splaying -- before flames spread to seminary drive and edwards avenue. two people were inside the burned truck where it started but were able to get out safely. flames came between 40 and 50 yards of homes on blue rock port and at least 70 firefighters were on scene. reggie: a controversy in the alameda county sheriffs office, 47 deputies were stripped of their firearms and badges after an internal investigation found they failed psychological evaluations dating back to 2016. they show the officers got that is factory scores. what triggered this audit is when a deputy was arrested for killing a husband and wife in their dublin home. it was revealed he had a relationship with a woman and failed because -- failed his law enforcement exam. >> we are working to get them to
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the appointments and the test done and return everybody back to full duty. reggie: one officer has been reinstated with an upcoming exam and the others within several weeks. kumasi: into the batmobile investigation, the da has dropped the charges against an indiana man who held replicas. the sheriff sent a team of investigators to raid the garage after a donor complained his 210,000 dollar order was delayed. the garage owner was obtained -- charged with obtaining money by false pretenses but the da is dropping the charges because he cannot prove them beyond a reasonable doubt reggie:. reggie:a first of its kind planetary demonstration has been declared a success. kumasi: nasa sent a spacecraft
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slam into an asteroid. it was just a test. >> we got it. [cheers and applause] >> we have impact. in the name of planetary defense. kumasi: all right. nasa's dart mission launched into space last year and successfully collided with the asteroid at a speed of four miles the second. >> what we are attempting to do is move a little bit so like in hollywood movies they try and blow asteroids up. that's not what we are trying to do. we are trying to slow it down so it will pass slowly by. kumasi: the asteroid was the size of a football stadium and 6.8 million miles away from earth. remembering the late japanese prime minister. why his funeral is setting off
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protest including in the bay area. reggie: canada is lifting covid restrictions. drew: 6:08. a live look at san jose, a gray start but we expect a lot of sunshine and fine fall temperatures. our internet isn't ideal... my dad made the brilliant move to get us t-mobile home internet. oh... but everybody's online during the day so we lose speeds. we've become... ...nocturnal. well... i'm up.
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c'mon kids. this. sucks. well if you just switch maybe you don't have to be vampires. whoa... okay, yikes. oh sorry, i wasn't thinking. we don't really use the v word. that's kind of insensitive. we prefer day-adjacent. i'll go man-pire.
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drew: 6:11, a little cooler. 73 oakland, 68 in the city. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. here's the forecast on ian, category 3 storm. the eye is about to move into the open waters of the gulf
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where it will intensify into a category 4. all eyes on tampa. a major hurricane landing on thursday, a category 3 with 120 mile-per-hour wind. the wind and rain will be an issue, more than 10 inches of rain. that's the weather. let's get a check of traffic. jobina: we have a major crash underway in sonoma, a sig alert issued almost an hour ago. the crash is a head-on collision with serious injuries on state route 121 on circle bart rancho road. traffic is being diverted so heads up around sonoma. in dublin -- i guess this is closer to pleasanton but westbound 580 before 680 right on the line, a new crash and speeds are down to 15 miles per hour in the commute direction. the bay toll plaza is packed.
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metering lights came on at 5:40 and we have seen the people -- pre-pandemic trend. a wind advisory through the altamont pass. kumasi: turns out the bay area likes to swear more than people than other cities. reggie: what students are saying after a team forfeited a weekend game. whether they agree with parents who had "safety concerns." kumasi: taking a live look at san francisco. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin and fast itch relief for adults.
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with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment.
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reggie: if you have filled up on gas lately, you know prices in san francisco, oakland, and san jose are up $.30 in the fast --
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past week and up $.50 from a month ago. the average is five dollars 88 thence a gallon. president biden is urging gas companies to lower their prices. president biden: bring down prices. reflect the cost that you pay for the product, do it now. reggie: gas prices are lower nationwide compared to a month ago but that's not the case in california. new do tales about a football game controversy we told you about. galileo high school forfeited a game against richmond high set for friday at richmond high school. at the last minute, galileo pulled out. richmond high officials say they were told it was because some parent voiced concerns for safety and refused to let their parents play. richmond students disagree. >> because they think here is
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the ghetto area, something bad is going to happen. >> i think they don't have their fax right and i would like to -- facts right and i would like to see their data when they say we have violent crime, what data are they looking at? reggie: the superintendent says his district has put effort into making athletic event safe, including working with police, and richmond has not had issues this year. sfusd is not denying safety concerns for one reason -- they were short of players. the district tells abc they forfeited because they did not have a number of players from illness and eligibility. kumasi: vice president kamala harris is set for a high-stakes visit in the dmz in korea, a dividing line between north and south. she will tour the sites and meet
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with service members. the visit comes with new threats from the north testfired ballistic missiles toward the south. harris is in japan leading the u.s. delegation at the funeral of shinzo abe. more than 4300 guests attended. the funeral set off protest with many people upset about the price of the ceremony and his policies. reggie: the funeral came hours after protesters rallied to oppose the memorial. members of comfort women justice coalition stood in solidarity with japanese people who do not believe in honoring the death of the former prime minister who was assassinated nearly three months ago. it was revealed he had ties to a controversial church. >> we stand with the majority of people -- of the people of japan who are opposed to the state funeral. we call for the state official burial of ideas such as sexism,
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racism, and part -- patriarchy. reggie: he was one of the largest serving leaders. kumasi: canada will lift all covid restrictions saturday. travelers will no longer have to submit health information. people will no longer have to wear masks on trains and planes but still be encouraged. san francisco apparently swears more than any others that he in california. reggie: a survey shows we are tied for fifth in the nation for use of curse words. the other cities on the list, all the cities tied for fourth which we have questions about. jacksonville, florida, las vegas at number two and mysteriously, columbus, ohio at number one. also interesting, san jose ranks third least foul mouth in the country.
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the average age of americans start using swear words is 11. i know your mom didn't let you. kumasi: absolutely not. reggie: what would happen? kumasi: first of all, you got that look -- i don't remember if i ever tried it. drew: i remember the first time i cursed in front of my parents, soap in the mouth. 25 to 30 minutes. reggie: for that long? drew: i remember it. i hurt myself -- i don't remember how young i was -- but i think i kicked might into the ground playing soccer -- kicked my toe into the ground playing soccer. reggie: and it got that punishment. i've always heard of the threat but it never happened eight that. -- ate that. no crumbs.
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[laughter] drew: i had to look this up it said gen z swears about 24 times per day. boomers swear about 10. kumasi: i see. reggie: 24 is a lot. drew: once an hour if you are up all day. reggie: dilate back, have a little bit more of an expense -- dial it back, have a little bit marvin expansive -- more of an expansive dialogue. drew: i would say fudge. never say it again. reggie: what did you call me? drew: breezy and cooler this afternoon. today, sunshine and cooler inland. we will go into the 80's later this afternoon. mostly cloudy into the coast.
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future trak temperatures showing little change. a minor warm up on thursday. cooler inland. a bit warmer thursday into friday but the weekend, we are back to average with sunshine both days. reggie: ginger zee is live with what's coming up, in tampa. ginger: good morning. good to see you, hillsboro bay. old tampa bay is to my west and this is bayshore drive where so many people live, the city of tampa so vulnerable. there's a lot happening. we had our first tornado watch issued for miami and surrounding areas because this storm is approaching from south to north, making its way off cuba. we have about 24 hours before things get really hairy, and the latest modeling is taking the
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storm south tampa. there will still be huge impacts but that will be very good news as far as the storm surge because we could have an anti-surge where it pushes the water away from this susceptible bay. it would be horrible news for anyone who lives south of here in bradenton, venice, down to fort myers. western lee county which is sanibel, they have ordered evacuations of more than 250,000 people. there will be huge impacts be on the surge, tornadoes, 15 to 25 inches of rain. we are all over it here. reggie: that was really helpful. i feel like i understand more what is happening. what are you saying on the ground? ginger: good. reggie: floridians are used to having tropical storms and hurricanes, but how are they reacting?
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ginger: i would say in tampa, because they have had a century since they've seen anything like this, there is a mix of would say appropriate preparation and evacuation. a lot of folks still saying, let's wait and see, because they have not had it. there are even some pirate old wives tales i've heard so kind of a mixture. down at the shore, anywhere at the beaches i think they take that seriously because they have major erosion problems here. we shot a story in sunset beach a month ago and we are talking about the worst case scenario where the beaches fully erode and do their evolution within 24 hours. i hope that everybody south of here, if you have family and they live from sarasota to fort myers, please make sure they know they are very much at play for a potential landfall tomorrow afternoon with the worst impact into thursday morning.
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kumasi: we appreciate you. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires.
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reggie: palo alto's exam has removed all birds from view due to concerns over a bird flu. all interactions including the flamingo feeding have been canceled. it poses a low risk to humans but rings a threat to local birds. -- brings a threat to local birds. in place of bird activities, the zoo is offering interactive zookeeper talks. there is a court case today that could end up making booking airfare less confusing and potentially easier. a live look at died.
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california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more.
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why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news.
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reggie: right now, the opening bell on wall street day after the dow entered bear market tele-tory. the nasdaq up. we are monitoring the situation. kumasi: picketers and protesters, a live look from sfo. the latest happening today. reggie: clearing out local homeless camps. where you can see changes and what it means for those living nearby. kumasi: it is tuesday, september 27. reggie: i don't know where to look anymore. we are over here. we had a time when we were all separated and it was very simple, look at the camera and interview. now there is three cameras. now we are altogether, hooray. progress. drew: we will see what happens in the wintertime. it is a nice day later today.
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the only issue we have, fog is dense in ukiah, quarter mile visibility. the number 10, as good as it at. temperatures -- as good as it gets. 49 in ukiah. 58 -- 57 in san mateo. morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine, 70's and 80's away from the coast. reggie: happening today, expect to see getters -- picketers and protesters at sfo. rest upon -- restaurant workers are walking off the job and some flight attendants are picketing. lena: good morning. those flight attendants will not be out here until about 10:00 this morning, but the people you see already bright and early are
6:32 am
the food service workers out on day two of their strike as they fight for raises and guaranteed health care. i wanted to bring in one of these foods nervous workers, jesus. he is a cook -- who'd workers, jesus. hey is -- he is a cook who works two jobs. >> thank you for being here and supporting us. this is our second strike day and i'm so happy because we have been waiting this while. we cannot survive with the salary that we are just getting now. this fight, because our goal is to get a little better salary. lena: jesus, you were telling me that at home you are supporting a big family, three kids and a wife. that's why you are working two
6:33 am
full-time jobs as a cook at the airport. you have a lot on the line, a lot at stake. why was it important or critical to you to put that on the line and be out here protesting? >> like i said, it has been so difficult to be surviving right now because as you know, after the pandemic everything has been increasing except salaries. that's why we are in this fight we are protesting to get a better salary. lena: what is your message to travelers today who will see you out at every single term in her -- terminal? >> i would tell them to bring their own lunch because here at the airport they are not going to find anything to eat. all of the restaurants are closed. lena: we appreciate your time. thank you very much. you heard it, if you are
6:34 am
traveling to sfo you will want to bring your own snacks, drink your coffee ahead of time before coming because so many restaurants might be closed when you head inside. we will stay out here talking with these workers and letting you know how things develop. reggie: in other news regarding the airline industry, the government's antitrust lawsuit against united airlines and jetblue is heading to trial. six states are looking to break the alliance, claiming it decreases co-op -- decreases competition and hikes fares. lawyers will argue it will allow them to manage routes they could not handle on their own. this could affect how the biden administration views other deals. kumasi: ukraine blowback in russia, thousands are trying to leave as president putin is
6:35 am
drafting civilians, as protests grow. jobina: not only are the protest growing but they are becoming violent and deadly. thousands of men are rushing to the border in an attempt to avoid being drafted. images show the huge lines at russia's border with georgia, some people waiting 40 to 50 hours in line. in occupied ukraine, it is the final day of russia's staged referendum and is expected to announce he is annexing several regions. >> we stand with our partners in rejecting fabricated outcomes russia announces. jobina: a russian strike in a residential area of the donbass region has left at least four people dead and there are fears of more attacks. they believe once putin annexes
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the areas, he will use it as an excuse to escalate attacks. reggie: looking for a monkeypox vaccine and the north bay, there is a new clinic on 2nd street in santa rosa, a health center focusing on people living with hiv and aids. you don't need an appointment and if you can't make it today they will do it again tomorrow. kumasi: caltrans -- hello. caltrans has cleared out another section of the woods street homeless encampment. i will show you the video yesterday. about 40 people were impacted. 12 have accepted alternative housing. it is estimated them 200 people lived at the site before a judge allowed caltrans to wear it. -- clear it. caltrans began its clear up -- cleanup of vallejo encampment, looking to clear six locations.
6:37 am
they are making residents aware and possible relocation. reggie: governor newsom has 550 bills on his desk that must he signed in the next five days. bills include a farmworkers utilization bill, changes to solitary confinement, and making lunar new year a state holiday. governor newsom has vetoed 60 of the 1100 bills sent for improvement -- approval mostly due to spending concerns. sorry about that, having some audio problems. newsom signed a bill to put an end to catalytic converter thefts and resale. kumasi: golden gate -- listed
6:38 am
two buildings for sale, its main campus on mission street and another building on jesse street. the university is looking for another appropriate sized campus in the city. golden university president david fike says -- we believe this moment offers a unique opportunity to reimagine our university, how to address the changing preference of students and faculty for hybrid and remote learning, and what our san francisco and local footprint should be in a post-pandemic world. reggie: searching for solutions in the south bay, how san jose is trying to make it streets safer. kumasi: taking a live look at the big board in the new york stock exchange. reggie: what costco said about potentially raising the prices of it beloved hotdog combo. streaming at 7:00 a.m., talking
6:39 am
with a former contra costa county investigator who helped cracked -- crack the killer case. jobina: good morning, everybody, starting with a live look into walnut creek showing six 80 traffic is filling in. speeds pick up right around 24. the bay bridge toll plaza really crowded, metering lights on. traffic backed up to the maze. drive times have been pretty long. tracy to dublin, we had a crash earlier. one hour six minutes for your drive time and antioch to concord, -- i want to update you on the major crash in sonoma. it has cleared on state route 121 at circle bar branch road. dublin, this is what i was referring to, it is in the process of clearing on westbound
6:40 am
580. drew: we will get you the latest on hurricane ian. it's all a major category three storm with wind of 120 miles per hour. the eye about to move into the open waters of the gulf where it will strengthen. the latest track will have it strengthening to a category 4 today into tomorrow morning and then all eyes on tampa bay where it is still a major category three storm. the latest guidance over the last couple of hours has shifted the tracks south of tampa so when the new track comes out at about 8:00 it will be interesting to see whether the track is shifted. back at home, it is quite a different dori. great -- story. gray skies giving way to sunshine. cooler inland compared to
6:41 am
yesterday, lower 80's and 60's and 70's along the shoreline. warmer by thursday afternoon. here are some other high temperatures. by disney's hocus-pocus two streaming friday on disney plus. >> my god. >> yes, salem, we are back. we must lie. -- fly. >> we've got to stop them before it is too late. [screams]
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reggie: police have made no
6:44 am
arrests after a deadly stabbing in union square around 4:00 yesterday at holiday plaza. the incident under investigation. kumasi: developments in the killing of a father and son in hayward. police have arrested a 22-year-old. sunday morning, police got a 91 one call about an altercation inside a home. officers found a 49-year-old man and his 22-year-old son stabbed to death. their names have not been released. in the south bay, a search for solutions in the recent rise in traffic fatalities on san jose city streets. officers are using enforcement to change behavior. reggie: education and engineering compete -- complete the three pronged approach. >> in san jose, we have suffered one death every five days in the city, 50 total.
6:45 am
while i city department of transportation survey says most people believe distracted driving is to blame, the dot says it is not the number one issue. >> speeding is a plague. >> we saw the danger speeding can play firsthand when police had several close calls. they open force meant can change the behavior but d.o.t. hopes education will be a solution. >> speeding makes it more likely you will get in a crash. the narrow all -- narrow are your field of vision get. if you get an a crash, the faster you are going, the more likely it is to be fatal or severe. >> enforcement, education, and another approach from engineering. take this intersection along a priority safety corridor highlighted by a lot of lanes and fast speeds. they have come from quick build
6:46 am
projects that are fast and create quick solutions. this is an example of road narrowing for drivers to create a shorter path for pedestrians. >> you feel a lot of speed -- a lot of freedom to speed when there's a lot of lanes and the lanes are wide and there's not enough -- not a lot in your periphery. >> the dot says a six-month review shows deaths or less like the to occur but a further study -- deaths are less likely to occur but further study is needed. >> see whether they are working well and then decide to move forward with a more permanent iteration. >> this is one combined solution but it comes down to all of us. dustin dorsey, abc7news. reggie: target is hiring for the holiday season and they want more than 100,000 people. they are hosting a deal days
6:47 am
event in october with thousands of deals. they will extend their famous holiday price match guarantee. acquaintances appear to be more helpful than close friends when it comes to finding a new job. the study is based on information gathered from 20 million linkedin users over five years. privacy advocate say users may be unhappy their data was used although linkedin said they did not isaac -- violate the agreement. the stock exchange trading underway, up about 300 point. kumasi: a special sighting in the sky, jupiter is the closest to earth its been in more than six decades. nearly half the distance from its furthest point. sky gazers can get the best view of jupiter and its four largest moons in darker and higher locations. the planet is bright and should
6:48 am
be visible for the next few days. reggie: that's cool. drew: that fog. reggie: that's not that cool. kumasi: when is ideal? drew: if you are inland, right after sunset at about 7:00 p.m. coast is pretty foggy. sorry about that a beautiful picture from the east bay. it is cascading over the hillside, starting out with dense fog around ukiah. starting off with gray skies with the fog not an issue in most cities. coastal drizzle, just an indication of the marine layer. breezy and cooler, we will have a bit of a warm up thursday and friday, nothing intense. cooling off over the upcoming weekend. in the south bay, good air quality, 70's and 80's.
6:49 am
76 in santa clara. 75 in cupertino. along the peninsula, 60's in half moon bay and pacifica. 74 in san mateo. 75 in los altos with that air quality. 68 downtown. the north bay, partly cloudy skies, not too hot, 85 in cloverdale. 73 in sausalito. 79 in napa. good air quality and mostly sunny skies after we burn off the fog. 72 in berkeley, 73 in fremont. inland, mostly sunny and 80's. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy skies close to the coast, partly cloudy away from the coast, temperatures in the 50's into wednesday. a carbon copy forecast. if you like today, you will like
6:50 am
tomorrow when it comes to the temperatures. thursday, we get a warm up with the warmest spots close to 90 degrees. we are not tracking anything that will impose a heat wave. just above average temperatures. for the next seven days, cooler with little change tomorrow. warmer thursday into friday but the weekend we are back to average. 70's and 80's. kumasi: a new jeopardy spinoff could be coming and it might contain familiar faces. the executive producer is thinking about making a sister show full of master level players. that would be a rotating cast of former champions and memorable players like amy schneider. they could plan morse -- spinouts -- more spinoffs. reggie: september is latin and can american -- kumasi: she is
6:51 am
14 years old from riverside county and loves to crochet. with her keen sin yarra coming, she decided -- quincinera -- >> if i went to add it together, i took around four months to crochet this dress. kumasi: four months well spent to crochet this blue and magenta dress. along with flowers and butterflies attached to the skirt. here is the full look. i like the off the shoulder look. reggie: is that what it is? ok, i see it. kumasi: on saturday she celebrated, unveiling the dress to her family friends -- and friends. she's going to do this for her prom dress. reggie: costco's hotdog and drink combo set to stay at two
6:52 am
box -- dollars possibly forever. costco's cfo says since other areas like gas and travel are doing well food prices don't need to jump. market watch says the hotdog combo would be over four dollars if adjusted. kumasi: meta will put your facebook and instagram accounts in the same place. it is meant to help people with multiple accounts, giving them a chance to separate their online brand, personal life, and business. it will throw it into the mix across both apps. reggie: a look at what could be the cutest rescue ever for fire crews. they responded to to a stock pop yesterday -- stuck pup yet
6:53 am
saturday -- yesterday. the dog seemed not too concerned -- that is a cute dog. kumasi: that dog is cute. reggie: that's a cute picture. the owner accidentally locked their keys in the car and it didn't take long before they got there and freed the dog. kumasi: one family in alaska got the show of a lifetime from a group of humpback whales off the coast of juneau. it seemed to be feeding time. after an amazing breach, humpbacks surfaced right next to the boat. the boat was floating quietly since there are rules to turn off the engine if whales are within 100 yards. family members say they must have been floating over a big school. reggie: we are celebrating the retirement of a bay area broadcasting legend. abc 7 reporter david louis is retiring after more than five decades on tv.
6:54 am
david was one of the first asian-american journalists on television. after more than 50 years at abc 7, he wants to travel and spend more time on photography. we are celebrating his contributions. we hope you will join us for his last day on the air. kumasi: i'm going to miss david and seeing his worries and him. reggie: he -- seeing his stories and him. reggie: he is so nice. kumasi: it is so encouraging, david is here. reggie: he was honored at our alma mater. he was honored at our shared alma mater northwestern university. i expect nothing like that in my future but i'm so happy for him. kumasi: that's coming. reggie: they are very proud of him. kumasi: all you need is 50 years. reggie: 50 years at the same
6:55 am
station is absolutely unheard of in this business. the fact that he has survived and thrived -- thrived is incredible. kumasi: i'm grateful it is our station and he is a gift for our community. reggie: particularly in the asian-american community, he's been an active part. kumasi: the seven things you need to know. reggie: you can watch online and on-demand on the abc 7 tv connected app. download the app now and you can start streaming. kumasi: it is 6:55. looking live at the bay bridge.
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kumasi: it is 6:57. a heads up on the way to sfo. you see what's going on for the second day in a row. restaurant workers are striking, demanding better pay. united airlines flight attendant will be picketing, demanding changes after they have canceled and delayed tens of thousands of flight. reggie: fire crews put out a fire that burned underneath the car overnight. several cars and trucks went up in flames. kumasi: the mass exodus from
6:58 am
russia, some people waiting in lines for up to 50 hours. russian president putin is expected to announce the annexation of occupied regions in ukraine. reggie: tampa bracing for a possible direct hit from hurricane ian which made landfall in cuba overnight as a category 3 and is expected to be a category 4 when it hits florida. drew: a nice fine fall day. we have cloud cover on top giving way to afternoon sunshine. low to mid 80's. on the shoreline, 60's and 70's. jobina: we have some crowded bridges. a live look from the richmond-san rafael bridge, slowdowns for commuters on 580 and also the bay bridge toll plaza. kumasi: this is a soccer match like weather. these teens played -- teams played in a zero gravity chamber
6:59 am
more than 1000 feet in the air and set a world record for the highest soccer game ever played. reggie: there is something off about this video, is it just me? they are so excited. jobina: it is the promo. kumasi: and then he has to have an attitude. reggie: no one is this happy for any reason. kumasi: this trips me out. jobina: it's pretty cool. reggie: see what they are doing when he grabs him? what's happening? kumasi: who grabbed who? jobina: on the thigh. drew: he was afraid to hit him. jobina: i'm not sure if that's allowed. kumasi: zero gravity, no rules. jobina: i don't know the rules to soccer anyway. reggie: offsides, i was always offside. jobina: in soccer? reggie: what is that? we've explained this five times. please don't play this dame.
7:00 am
drew: please leave. jobina: i'm not mad at it. play a soccer star. ♪ good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, ian now a massive category 3 hurricane and closing in on the u.s. hurricane ian strengthening. the monster storm now a category 3. florida bracing for a direct hit. the state of emergency, evacuation orders in place as cities prepare for a once in a 100-year hurricane. overnight, ian battering cuba with torrential rain and winds topping 125 miles an hour. satellite footage showing the storm growing and gaining power. expected to become a category 4 hurricane wi40


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