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if you or anyone you know has a drug problem, you can contact the substance abuse and mental health services administration at 800-662-help. or visit and that's "nightline" tonight. you can watch full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news after the
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deadliest week of the year oakland police tonight with an urgent challenge find a different way to fight crime every resource that we can utilize will be utilized. i am worried about officer fatigue, but i'm also worried about safety in our community. the chief of police with a new strategy tonight designed to keep people safe, but the plans chances of success are up for debate. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. it has been a bloody week on the streets of oakland and tonight police. chief laurent armstrong says it is now all hands-on deck these nine deaths in just the past nine days now forcing oakland police to make big changes abc 7 news reporter hunter hassan is digging into exactly what is being done and why some community activists believe it might not be the right solution. nine people were shot and killed in separate incidents over the past nine days in oakland the latest tuesday morning police. chief laurent armstrong says the
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department is making changes. we are going all hands on debt to address gun violence in the city of oakland chief armstrong says, he's adding eight officers to the criminal investigation unit. more officers will be added in the coming months as new recruits. join oakland's rank and file that will increase the number of investigations that we can take on those include shooting investigations burglary investigations. armstrong says more officers will be deployed around the city as a deterrence, especially in east oakland in parts of west oakland two areas chief armstrong says are known for gang activity. he says of the 450 shootings in oakland this year 137 are related to gangs with those enhanced investigators. it's my hope that we can identify more individuals that are responsible for some of these crimes and bringing them to justice take them out of our ultimately what the chief is is is doing here is more of the same james birch is deputy director of the oakland base. anti-police terror project a
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group that monitors police violence. he points out that police don't prevent violence they respond to it and he thinks adding more cops won't change much the oakland police department spends an inordinate amount of time intensive millions of dollars responding to activities that are not not crimes crying in violence is a direct response to poverty and disinvestment in community. not more police to be a lock is directed of ebates which works and economic justice for low income workers. he was directly impacted by a recent fatal shooting near amoski attends where two people were killed last week like others. he doesn't think chief armstrong's new approach will lead to new results. there's no proven that at the increase of police increased public safety in currently with the number of police that's currently in existence. they're not even doing a good good job with their attention rate. that she farms wrong says the department will also rely on federal law enforcement partners to help tackle gun violence in oakland. he see how much this will all cost but he did say that it's
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ready to deal with quote. whatever fallout there may be about what it costs to actually make this city a bit safer in the newsroom on sarasaan abc 7 news. yes is work cut out for months are obviously. thank you very much in the east bay police have surrounded and nordstrom rack store in pleasant hill after a high-speed chase and did not far away the person being chased by several contra costa county agencies ran into the clothing store and will not come out still there right now this standoff started at seven o'clock this evening the swat team. is there both the nordstrom rack and the safeway supermarket next door have been evacuated police. tell us the person being chased was wanted for various crimes. we will be sure to notify you just as soon as we learn anymore about this breaking news situation happening pleasant hill right now. new tonight and abc 7 news i-team report a lawsuit was just filed hours ago. in fact against the city of san francisco city departments and mayor london breed. it alleges the city of san
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francisco violated the constitutional rights of the homeless by citing finding and arresting them as abc 7 news i-team reporter melanie woodrow found out those claims go even further. efforts to clean up san francisco's streets went too far according to a lawsuit filed on tuesday instead of focusing on criminalization policy that don't work that are terrorizing on house people which is unconstitutional the city needs to be focusing on what the actual problem is here, which is that it's too expensive for people who grew up and have been long time residents of san francisco to actually live here and and survive cell shroff is an attorney with the lawyers committee for civil rights if the san francisco bay area that agency along with the aclu of northern california and the coalition on homelessness a legend the lawsuit that city agencies violated unhoused people's constitutional rights by citing finding and arresting them to remove them from sight as well as taking and destroying
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their belongings in targeted law enforcement operations a matter of pro a cell phone a brand new tent someone's sleeping in their clothes a toolbox a work uniform people's life. medications your government id. those are items that are clearly not trash and these are the items that the city is taking in remarkable numbers the stolen belonging project share this video with abc 7 news taking my stuff and they're throwing it away everything i own stealing my stuff which they say you can go get back into the yard which never get back. i've been done so many times and never get a thing back toro castano says he was formerly unhoused for two years depend on who you're dealing with. some people were very fair and very kind and some people are very cruel. he says bagging and tagging items for unhoused people to collect later doesn't work. it's kind of a harassed when you try to retrieve your belongings at the dpw or it can take sever. hours, it's hard to find someone who's willing to help you.
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and it seems like a black hole really. you know, i don't know very many people that get their things back as spokesperson for the mayor's office told abc 7 news that since june of 2020 the city has expanded its permanent supportive housing units by nearly 3,000 new units also that the city shelter system has expanded to more than 3,500 beds. the goal of the lawsuit is to stop the city from displacing unhoused people or destroying their property trafsa supporters of the lawsuit want the city to invest more in affordable housing is lost into the wake up call it actually causing people to adjust their practices in a statement a spokesperson with the san francisco city attorney's office writes quote. the city is acutely focused on expanding our temporary shelter and permanent housing options to alleviate our homelessness crisis. once we are served with the lawsuit. we will review the complaint and respond in court. gastonia was no longer on housed but says the possibility of losing his housing again is always there. no, i'm just concerned with my friends that are still out there
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in san francisco for the it melanie woodrow c 7 news. will follow that story, of course knew at 11 governor newsom signed several bills into law today, but he still has hundreds literally left to sign or veto by the end of the week today. the governor signed a legislative package to protect reproductive rights several laws also addressed gender inequality by requiring companies to post salaries eliminating the pink tax on female or women products and supporting domestic violence victims the governor plans to sign a housing bill wednesday morning in san francisco. the bay area gas spike is getting worse by the day. you've probably noticed west coast refineries including chevrons in richmond are being blamed for some of it the statewide average of 588 per gallon jumped nine cents just from yesterday, san francisco oakland, san jose are all higher than that abc 7 news reporter jr. stone is hearing how close we could come to record prices once again, i gass seem
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like they're a bit higher of late. i think it's crazy. it's because they are they too -- high. i can't afford like nothing else. really triple a says california is averaging $5.88 a gallon for regular unleaded fuel as of tuesday night. that's a 43 cents from a week ago up 61 cents compared to a month ago and a dollar 49 higher than a year ago. california prices aren't yet at the record state average we saw in june, but they are quickly nearing that number. do you think that we could break those records here in california? yeah, i think there's a legitimate shot right now. i don't think we will hit the record that we set back in june, but i wouldn't rule it out uc berkeley's severin bornstein and chief oil analyst denton cinco grana with oil price information service are closely monitoring the evolving situation. that is hitting california
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drivers harder and harder each day the two say much of this is due to supply at california and washington refineries where capacity would usually be in the high 80s or low 90s. there are operating at only 81% of capacity. that's a combination of the plan maintenance and the unplanned maintenance that's going on right now. well, it appears that a number of refineries went out on planned maintenance at the same time and then we saw at least one chevron in richmond go out in an unplanned manner and so suddenly california's gasoline supply was cut back quite a bit in a statement those ron richmond say we do not discuss specific operational details related to our facility. but bornstein says the situation there has impacted state gas prices the richmond refinery situation seems to be the one that was unplanned. it's disruption probably had a significant effect on gasoline
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prices borenstein says in the short term, we'll have to wait this spike out but by shopping around you can often cut your fuel costs between 20 and 40 cents a gallon jr. stone abc 7 news. a lot more to come here disease slowing drug promising new signs tonight in the fight against alzheimer's the fda now weighing in parking lot party on a tuesday afternoon, the reason the tens of thousands of people were on hand in the south bay and permanently giants a brand new annual honor being handed out by the orange and black tomorrow night. i'm meteorologist sandy patel tracking the very dangerous hurricane ian and when it's expected to hit florida plus a look at the warmer weather that's heading our way here in the bay area coming up. alright, sandy. thanks a lot. all that's ahead. but first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7. at 11 jimmy. thanks dan.
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barreling toward florida this monster storm 400 miles across strengthened today as it turned in the gulf of mexico that warm water.
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fueling it as we take a live look from a block in key west, florida tonight all quiet right now, but that will change the western part of the state is already feeling the impact of torrential rain. cancer say life-threatening. storm surges are likely up to 12 feet in some areas. hurricane. ian is projected to make landfall tomorrow between sarasota and fort myers two and a half million floridians are under mandatory evacuation orders. noah's hurricane hunters flew into the eye of the storm today. he's i encourage all possibly affected personal here. according to the white house president biden spoke with florida governor ron desantis tonight about the federal government's response fema and the red cross are already in place abc 7 news meteorologist. sandy patel is tracking this storm very closely. she'll have a complete update on
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ian's path in just a few minutes. so stay tuned for that today local leaders and members of the asian american community came together to present a check to the family of patrick fung. he was the uber driver shot and killed during a robbery in oakland back in july the community raised more than 100,000 for his family today that money was presented to his fiance son and father after the thanking the community his family also called for better gun control measures. it feels like marshall law that we are imposting on ourself because we're afraid to go out at night. and i hope oakland in the state can do something. oakland police and the assistant district attorney also attended this event two people have been arrested and charged in fung's death there is a promising breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's tonight and experimental drug being developed by acai and biogen slowed progression of the memory
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robbing disease apparently by 27% that's according to the companies the results of not yet been peer-reviewed, but they are encouraging and have been submitted as an application to the fda. however a side effect experience by some people on the medication includes a small brain bleeds and brain swelling the symptoms were detected in brain imaging but rarely caused those symptoms or study of course being done in the south bay levi stadium was alive tonight, but it wasn't from fans of american football. it was tuesday night football though. the mexico men's national soccer team taking on columbia and the fans showed up in force and showed up early you're looking at the view from sky 7, which spotted cars full of tailgaters even there before three o'clock in the afternoon abc 7 news reporter amanda. studio has our sights and sounds from santa clara. niners red and gold replaced by green and yellow at levi's stadium an estimated. 6,000 people showed up for a
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chance to cheer on the men's national teams of mexico and colombia tuesday night in the crowded fans. we found fortune tellers mexico is going to win. like seven-0 mexico 2 columbia 1 easy three zero three zero we have to win. i hope to see goals. hope to see like a 2-1 maybe mexico taking it, hopefully. three zero, hopefully columbia fans clearly outnumbered but the match is considered friendly. this means it doesn't count in the rankings for either team loosening loyalties some might say ask antonio vera from mexico and his wife deanna from colombia. she's gonna support mexico, colombia. more than just a game a good time for those who traveled great distances history heritage and culture on full display music the energy the game and
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everything. we're listening music the music the food. yeah having fun reggaeton everything, but we are open youtube so we don't worry like a special game. my country is normal. normally we play out all the things tuesday's game. also marking a milestone for levi's. it's the first international soccer match since the stadium was named a 2026 fifa world cup host venue. some people say coming out on a tuesday was worth it for a taste of what's to come then and at this year's fifa 2022 world cup, the world cup is coming soon. so that's where we're all looking forward to and we're already in soccer is the basically the national sport and you know, and plus this is like i think the farewell game before qatar in santa clara. i'm amanda del castillo abc 7 news now. does that look like a fun night the game wrapped up just a couple of hours ago with columbia coming back from behind to beat. '03 to 2 total attendance 67,311
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at levi's tonight, and it was a perfect evening for that. sandy's going to talk about our weather in just a moment. but first she of course is tracking this terrible storm. hurricane ian moving toward florida tonight sandy. yeah, dan, it is a major and dangerous category 3 storm. take a look at it right now packing winds of 120 miles an hour moving to the north northeast at 10 as we take a look at the satellite in the radar the large eye of this hurricane is very obvious bands of heavy rain moving through the area. they do have tornado watch box that stretches from key largo all the way to fort pierce and so look at the buoy reports. i mean, we're talking 22 foot waves down just southwest of florida 21, just west of the west coast of florida numerous watches and warnings in effect, including flood warnings. they're already starting to see the storm surge flooding now. this is expected to intensif into a cat for hurricane as it
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gets closer to fort myers tomorrow night weakening to a category 3 and then a tropical storm thursday morning, but it is picking up tremendous amounts of moisture from the warmer than usual ocean temperatures. it's going to dump all that moisture across the region and weakening to a depression by the time it interacts with landon heads towards the carolinas rainfall amounts will be intense and that's what's going to cause major flooding. i mean we're talking up to 24 inches. so here are the biggest things here hurricane ian expected to cause catastrophic flooding and winds storm surge up to 12 feet rainfall 12 to 18 inches up to 24 inches max. so it's already getting closer to florida and this is going to be a direct hit for that state take a look at a live picture here locally. it's such a different story from our emeryville camera tonight. we do have a few clouds. that's what you're going to start out with tomorrow breezy and mainly sunny in the afternoon other than some higher clouds. a little warmer, thursday and friday and cooler weather is
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expected this weekend. this area of low pressure is going to push into the pacific northwest, but that's what's going to keep us on the breezy to gusty side tomorrow and below average just like today. so today's temperatures were four to eight degrees below average. we're going to do it again tomorrow on live doppler 7. we do have some low clouds and higher clouds will be passing through temperatures right now in the 50s and the 60s as we check out. what's going to happen tomorrow. morning, we start out with some low and high clouds as we go into the latter part of the day. we're going to continue to see more high cloudiness just filtering the sunshine. your morning numbers will range from the upper 40s to the lows 60s. definitely a light jacket will come in handy tomorrow afternoon mid-60s to the mid 80s mix of sun and high clouds and a breezy one the accuweather 7-day forecast mild and breezy afternoon a minor warm-up for your thursday your friday. that's the only day we're going to see some 90s after that cooling over the weekend and then temperatures will be close to average heading into early (dog barking) we love our pets. but we don't always love their hair. which is why we made bounce pet hair and lint guard
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the giants season winding down. they are now watching the tragic number a philly win and a giants loss and they're eliminated from playoff contention. welcome to the president of portugal who throughout the first pitch not bad there, but he appeared to leave the game a little bit early. what a rockies in the first october.
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chuck peterson not waiting for the calendar to flip a deep shot to the veggie garden and center. it's tied a one giants would take the lead 2-1 in the fourth jd davis the jd stands for just dinger. so naturally he hits it out. a giants go up 3-1 logan webb pitched. well ended his night with five straight strikeouts five innings of one-run work for web the giants win at 5-2 the phillies lost. so there's still technically alive in the wild card race a's fans in anaheim as they take on the angels. 10a's in the second with the bases loaded nick allen launches when the center it just barely stays in the yard. there's three a's racing to the plate to cross christian pod. jay is nabbed it home though. e onsarcia t the allen, but joe adele pulls it back from the other side what a catch? deal three all in the eighth adele says hello, it's me singles. just past the reach valen former. giant matt. duffy comes around to score the angels take the 4-3 lead still
1:37 am
in the eighth. you have to see this catch from tony kent levon soto pops it up camp goes full extension while running with this back to the ball. absolutely unreal, but the angels win this one four to three. reigning defending champion golden state warriors have gone global literally. they took off for japan today. let's go to tokyo. i meet you up last time i went to tokyo. i left for the gold medal. this time i'm going i'm gonna have fun. yeah, probably no bling in the preseason but traveling in style the warriors are set to play two games in tokyo against the wizards their first. friday at 3 am our time saturday's game has a much more reasonable 10 pm tip-off. now columbia mexico levi stadium an international friendly mexico led two nilden columbia. came roaring back 50 second minute louis cena sarah finds the back of the net. and they tie it up at two still tied at two in the 68th minute wilmer barrios with the right footed boot from outside the box to give colombie the lead they go on to win this one three two
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