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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 28, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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wanted for multiple crimes has barricaded himself inside a nordstrom rack store. kumasi: hurricane ian is a major category four storm with nothing but warm water in its way. reggie: if you have seen gas prices you know that they have jumped again, now more than six dollars across california and what can be behind this rise. kumasi: that bottle of wine could cost you more money. a bill raising the price of some of them. jobina:jobina: gas prices all right. reggie: that combo really hurts. good morning on this wednesday. kumasi: let us start with a check of the forecast. drew: today is delightful with dense fog. here is live doppler 7, patchy
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cloud cover. here is santa rosa, we are down to a quarter mile visibility. we are having visibility issues in the north bay and elsewhere you might have overcast skies but visibility is a ok. temperatures are slightly warmer compared to this time yesterday. 50's in the north bay and upper 50's to lower 60's and upper 50's from antioch to concord. here is a live look at the exploratorium camera. the fog is lower compared to yesterday so we are starting out with that marine layer. the sunrise is at 7:02 and the fog thins as the morning goes on with a mostly sunny day with temperatures at or below average for this time of year. we will take a closer look at the afternoon highs as well as a preview of the weekend a forecast. kumasi: a swat standoff is going on inside of a pleasant hill nordstrom rack and it began last
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night and it has gone on for hours. lena howland is joining us. what is going on right now? lena: hello. this is where pleasant hill police say a high-speed car chase ended and the suspect who was wanted for multiple crimes took off on foot before running inside of this nordstrom rack behind us. this happened more than nine hours ago which forced the store to be evacuated and in the past hour we have seen officers coming and going from the entrance with the doors open. several agencies were involved including the contra costa sheriffs office, concord police and pleasant hill police. they took over before calling in the swat team. there is a very large law enforcement presence on scene and we have seen a few confused safeway employees just getting here for the workday wondering
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what is going on as most of their parking lot as well as the gas station parking lot and the full nordstrom rack parking lot are taped off. it was unclear what the suspect was wanted -- was originally wanted for and what caused the chase. we are working on getting more information. as soon as we get that we will bring it to you. reggie: thank you. the other big story, the hurricane. ian intensifying into a category four hurricane with wind up to 150 mas an hour and it is making its way to florida. jobina: right now ian's wrath is being felt across florida as a category four storm but it could intensify before making landfall. strong wind, rain, and flooding have been seen. this is video from fort lauderdale. the concern is high tide in fort myers happening right as the story makes landfall.
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increasing the risk of catastrophic flooding for people who stay behind. the time to evacuate has already passed. >> after a certain time when tropical force winds are here we will not send out first responders. >> two point 5 billion floridians currently under some type of evacuation order. jobina: authorities are warning people to expect at least several feet of storm surge from naples to tampa. some areas could see 20 inches of rain. power outages have already started and utility companies say they put 30,000 workers on standby to get the power back on. fema is getting ready stockpiling millions of meals in alabama and travel is about to get more difficult. the orlando international airport will be shut down later this morning. reggie: we have been updating you with the latest developments with the abc7news app including
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nez perce include -- including this push alert. just search for abc 7 bay area in the app store and you can download that. the oakland police chief says that he has heard loud and clear. they are afraid. he announced a shakeup to assign as many officers as possible to confront gun violence. >> it is my hope that we can identify more individuals responsible for these crimes and bring them to justice and take them out of our community so they stop engaging in that behavior. reggie: eight more investigators were permanently assigned to look into violent crime and reinstating the traffic unit that was disbanded because of short staffing. officers were being told to work overtime to increase police presence. that announcement came hours after the city's 96th homicide of the year, two people were shot just after 10:00 near 98th and eads, both were taken to the
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hospital where one died. the condition of the other person has not been revealed. kumasi: a new lawsuit claims the city of san francisco violated the constitutional rights of the un-housed by citing, finding, and arresting people. the city, city departments and the mayor are named in the suit. melanie: efforts to clean up san francisco's streets went too far according to a lawsuit filed on tuesday. >> instead of focusing on criminalization policies that are terrorizing unhoused people which is unconstitutional, the city needs to focus on the actual problem which is that it is too expensive for people who grew up and has been -- and have been longtime residents to actually live here and survive. melanie: he has an attorney with the lawyers committee for civil rights of the san francisco bay area. that agency along with the aclu
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and the coalition of homelessness alleging the lawsuit that city agencies violated constitutional rights i citing, finding, and arresting them as well as taking and destroying their belongings. >> a macbook pro, a cell phone, a brand-new tent, a toolbox, a work uniform, people's medications, government id, those are items that the city is taking in remarkable numbers. melanie: the project shared this video with abc7news. >> they are taking my stuff and throwing it away. they are stealing my stuff which they say you will never get back. it is happened so many times and i will never get a thing back. melanie: he was unhoused for two years. >> some people were fair and some people were cruel. melanie: bagging and tagging
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items to be collected later it does not work. >> it is a morass when you try to retrieve your belongings. it can take several hours and it is hard to find someone willing to help you and it seems like a black hole, really. i do not know very many people who get their things back. melanie: a spokesperson told abc 7 that since june of 2020 it has expanded its permanent supportive housing units by 3000 and that the city shelter system has expanded to 3500 beds. the goal is to stop the city from displacing unhoused people were destroying their property. supporters want the city to invest more in affordable housing. >> i am hoping this is a wake-up call in getting people to adjust their practices. melanie: a spokesperson writes " the city is focused on expanding our temporary shelter and permanent housing options to alleviate the homelessness
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crisis. once we are served with a lawsuit we will review the complaint and respond in court." he says the possibility of losing his housing again is always there. >> i am concerned with my friends who are still out there. reggie: happening today, governor newsom will be in san francisco to sign a bill accelerating the construction of new housing and will announce new funding for affordable housing projects across the state. the governor signed several bills into law one that would protect reproductive rights and another would address gender inequality by requiring companies to post al grays, eliminating the pink attacks and supporting domestic violence victims. it will cost you more to buy wine and liquor. expand the bottle deposit program. currently wine and liquor bottles are not included in a program that charges a five cent or $.10 deposit. the new law goes into effect in
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2024 and supporters say that less than one third of liquor and wine bottles are recycled. kumasi: gas prices continue to search. the average is above six dollars. it is $.10 higher in san jose at $6.14. 20 -- $.20 higher at six dollars a gallon. drew: live doppler 7 looking at the tropical satellite when we got the latest from the national hurricane center nine minutes ago. it is still a major category four storm. they will gusts to 190 miles an hour and here is the eye of ian, about 55 miles away from naples. we estimate that the storm will make landfall between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. this morning
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ringing a catastrophic storm surge, intense rainfall and damaging wind. once that makes landfall later today it -- look how slow it moves to the next 24 hours. it crosses the florida peninsula so a lot of rain in a short amount of time for many cities in florida. here's the rainfall forecast, you see the white color, one to two feet of rain is forecast, a similar story to the north. we are talking six to 12 inches across a huge portion of florida. back at home it is different, a nice fall day with fog first thing giving way to afternoon sunshine and temperatures below average. 71 in the city. 79, san jose. 82, santa rosa. 86 fairfield with sunny skies. we will look at the weekend forecast and seven minutes. jobina: hello. very quickly we got an update
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that you will experience a 10 minute dead -- delay in the daly city direction. we will bring you a live look in emeryville showing you 80 with headlights traveling westbound and a wind advisory for the altamont pass. things are looking nice for your commute. golden gate bridge and then we wrap up with the drive times. tracy to dublin, 47 minutes. any to concord, 14 minutes. san rafael to san francisco, 15 minutes. reggie: vice president harris making a strong statement in support of taiwan. what she told asian allies. kumasi: how much money a woman will get from the city of san francisco after being hurt walking on a side rock -- sidewalk. reggie: the evidence that
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kumasi: 5:14. the san jose man convicted in a
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deadly dui crash in 2018 will be learning his fate. three people including two children died in the crash. he was driving a toyota camry erratically when he crashed into a cadillac escalade. that led to a chain reaction involving a crash with five cars in total. authorities say that tran was under the influence of marijuana and charged with gross vehicular manslaughter as well as a weapons charge. chp says those who died were not wearing seatbelts. reggie: a woman is getting a $750,000 settlement from the city of san francisco after she got hurt walking on a steep sidewalk plantar. abc7news was in the aa ar nwich seeand you can see the is. the planter box has been filled with concrete and is higher than the actual sidewalk. according to the complaint, the woman walked along the upper part at night when she fell off
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and seriously got hurt. neighbors say this section is unsafe especially at night. >> it is not very well lit, and especially if you do not know the neighborhood. you could reggie: stumble. the injured woman had to undergo surgery and physical therapy. neighbors say people -- the city should do more to alert people to the danger. kumasi: a southern california amber alert ended in a tragic and bizarre turn of events. sheriff's deputies found themselves in a shoot out with the fugitive and murder suspect. this happened yesterday in san bernardino county. he is accused of abducting his estranged 15-year-old daughter, savannah. during the shoot out she emerged from the truck. the suspect's truck wearing body armor and a helmet. officials say that savanna ran towards deputies and they opened
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fire. >> the deputies pulled up and rendered medical aid and realize that this was savanna in the tactical gear and they immediately transport her to another local area hospital and savanna is pronounced deceased. kumasi: he also died in the shootout. he is suspected of killing his daughter's mother on monday. new details in the case against elizabeth holmes. the judge has called off the upcoming october 3 hearing instead. the judge will hold a status conference through zoom to address her motion for a new trial and discuss new hearing dates. she is convicted of four charges related to fraud and faces 20 years in prison for lying to investors. vice president kamala harris is in japan while on her asian trip. she has condemned actions by china while pledging american
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support to taiwan. >> as we anticipate continued aggressive behavior from beijing, as it attempts to unilaterally undermine the status quo. the united states believes that peace and stability in the taiwan strait is an essential feature of a free and open indo pacific. and we will continue to fly, sale, and operate undaunted and unafraid wherever and whenever international law allows. kumasi: china considers taiwan a part of its country while taiwan and many others do not. harris will also visit south korea as part of her trip. president biden is set to meet
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with the chinese president in november. more evidence that the school day should start later. reggie: it could help improve their mental health. scientists agree that starting school after 8:00 a.m. is better for teenagers because of hormonal changes happening in their bodies meaning that they need more sleep and they should wake up later. california already jumped on this research and the law went into effect this school year mandating that middle school start no earlier than 8:00 a.m. in high school start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. drew: i would've loved that. kumasi: what time was yours? drew: 7:20 and we had block scheduling so classes were 90 minutes. reggie: we had that. drew: i remember having english first. and i wanted to fall asleep. reggie: we started at 7:40, i think. one year we started at 7:15 because we had a bunch of snow
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days. and we had to make that up. drew: how is that your fault? reggie: that is what i am saying. we are being punished because of the lord? that does not make any sense. drew: the lord giveth and then he taketh away. reggie: you want to sled? get ready for the schedule to slide. drew: we got out at 3:30. kumasi: i feel that was normal. reggie: i got out at 2:15. you had asked -- afterschool activities and there was a play that i was probably in. drew: starring, front and center. the lead. he did not get his beauty sleep, he was mad. let us go outside. this is the east bay hills camera and we have fog that is dense in the north bay and hear
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forecast headlines. breezy and sunny with temperatures warmer tomorrow and friday. into the weekend we cool off to average or below average temperatures. here is live doppler. you can see a ni troug moving into the position -- the pacific northwest and some rain associated with it. for us, keeping temperatures at or below average. highs in the microclimate, good air quality. sunny skies, 82, morgan hill. along the peninsula sunshine and 78, redwood city. 67, pacifica with sunshine along the coast. 66, daly city. mostly sunny skies and high clouds from time to time. good air quality. 82, cloverdale. 72 sausalito. the east bay sunshine. 72 richmond with good air
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quality. inland this feels nice in the upper 70's and lower 80's. 83, antioch and 82 in livermore. the marine layer is disorganized so we see a mix of stars and clouds, not a uniform layer and temperatures in the 50's. mild and breezy today, nothing intense. the weekend is cooler, expect sunshine in the 70's and 80's and not much change. kumasi: coming up the seven things to know. reggie: the potential treatment for alzheimer's, what doctors discovered. kumasi: what makes this new horse at a california
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what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. kumasi: 5:24 and here are the seven things to know. new video of intense wind and rain slamming florida. overnight hurricane ian strengthened to a category four storm and it is close to becoming category 5. millions of people are in its path. reggie: the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection canceled a hearing because of hurricane ian. they plan to reschedule for a later date.
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kumasi: breaking news the east bay, there is a standoff happening at the nordstrom rack store in pleasant hill starting yesterday evening and there was a large police presence. lena:wsreie novso will binan fna anun awards for affordable housing projects. drew: a cooler afternoon with temperatures in the 70's along the shoreline, low and mid 80's inland with morning fog to afternoon sunshine. jobina: we have a multi car crash starting to cause a major backup in walnut creek. a heads up you'll run into delays at southbound 680. the average speed is eight miles an hour. kumasi: the u.s. embassy in moscow issued a security alert morning all americans to leave the country immediately. there are worries that russia might try to draft people with
5:26 am
dual russia-u.s. citizenship to fight. there is a promising breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's. a drug being developed by bio jen slows progression by 27%. this is according to the companies. the results have not been peer-reviewed but they have been submitted to an application by the fda. a side effect experienced by some people on the medication included small brain lead and swelling -- bleed and swelling. the symptoms reggie: are introducing a rare wild horse. kurt was cloned 42 years ago. wildlife experts her -- hope that kurt will learn the experts and make friends with a lady
5:27 am
horse named holly, also from the same species and they hope the match will bring diversity because it is extinct in the wild. i saw jurassic park one through four and five. spoiler alert it does not end well. kumasi: kurt did not ask for any of this, he is just trying to meet holly and see how it goes. that is a lot of pressure on kurt. reggie: for the survival of the whole species which is just dna and frozen. it ends with pterodactyls flying outside of the plane. that is how this all ends. coming up the latest steps for dozens of alameda county deputies who failed their psychological exams. kumasi: we will take you live to florida where people are waiting out one of the most powerful storms in decades. reggie:
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5:29 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, a standoff situation continues early into this morning and we will take you to the scene as law enforcement works. kumasi: hurricane ian strengthening into a major storm. it is almost category 5. we are live in florida. reggie: a warning from parents. dealers are targeting younger children with dangerous drugs made to look like candy. kumasi: who says happy meals are for kids. mcdonald set to roll out one for the grown-ups. reggie: i am here for that. kumasi: the toy or the fruit? reggie: i do not want the fruit. kumasi: you had options, you want to live right or have a toy? reggie: give me the toy. kumasi: it is wednesday,
5:31 am
september 28. drew: nobody wants the apple slices. reggie: i am not a parent and never will be. drew: i am here for fries and toys. live doppler 7 with patchy fog. we keep watching the numbers fall. santa rosa down to a quarter mile visibility. the valleys up north certainly have the fog settling. elsewhere we do not have visibility issues. temperatures waking up to 50's and 60's and a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. say -- 60 in oakland and hayward. 58, san jose. a live look outside the exploratorium with the marine layer. we have the cloud cover giving way to afternoon sunshine. if you liked yesterday you will like today. equally as nice with the fog thinning. the afternoon temperatures at or slightly below average away from the coast. we'll take a closer look at the numbers and on hurricane ian.
5:32 am
reggie: we will start with breaking news that we have been tracking. a person wanted for multiple crimes is barricaded inside a nordstrom rack store where you find lena howland. lena: hello. pleasant hill police say this is where a hyperspeed -- high-speed car chase ended and a suspect took up on dust took off on foot before running into this nordstrom rack. all morning we have seen officers coming and going from the entrance with the doors open right there. they started nine hours ago which forced the store to be evacuated. several agencies were involved with the police chase including the contra costa sheriff's office, concord police and pleasant hill police. they took it over before calling in the swat team. there is a very large police presence on scene.
5:33 am
we have seen quite a few say -- a few confused safeway employees getting ready for the workday and wondering what is going on is half of -- as half of their parking lot is taped off. and the entire nordstrom rack parking lot. at this point it is not clear what caused the police chase in the first place and what other charges this suspect might be wanted for. we are working to get more information from police of soon as we get that we will bring that to you. live in pleasant hill, lena howland. kumasi: a new warning for parents about rainbow fentanyl. authorities are saying that drug dealers are targeting kids. jobina: so rainbow fentanyl pills can be attractive to children because they are colorful and look like candy. merrick garland says that 400 investigations have resulted in the seizure of more than 10 million fentanyl pills and 980 pounds of powder.
5:34 am
it is enough drug to kill 36 million americans. pills are sold online with names like skittles, rainbow pills or sweet tarts. >> cartels are marketing rainbow pills designed to look like candy or prescription drugs. they come in either a tablet form or in a block that looks like sidewalk chalk. jobina: it is a synthetic opioid 50 times stronger than heroin. rainbow fentanyl has been seized in 21 states. attorney general garland said that family should have an open and honest conversation about the dangers and stress that you should never take pills that are not prescribed to you, from friends and never buy them off of social media. reggie: the alameda county sheriffs office says it started the process of rescreening dozens of deputies who failed a psychological evaluation. >> we have already brought one
5:35 am
person back that has done a psychological screening. we plan to bring the remaining 47 back in the next several weeks as we try to do hopefully three to four of these a day if we can get them done. reggie: those deputies were stripped of their badge and firearms during an internal audit ordered after the arrest of a 24-year-old deputy accused of a double murder. the audit found that the deputies failed a psychological exam during the hiring process that measures if they are suitable to do the work of a law enforcement officer. the deputies are on desk duty. kumasi: a program that helps bay area churches find -- make affordable housing is expanding. dozens of people came together at the united lutheran church to celebrate the fate and housing program. it will provide training and capital resources to faith-based organizations. >> if the puzzle is land plus
5:36 am
the will to do the project and the financing there is actually a lot of financing and public -- public will and we are looking for land opportunity. kumasi: the fate and housing program is expected to help 900 family secure a place to live. reggie: we are tracking what is likely to be one of the most powerful storms in decades. kumasi: hurricane ian became a category four storm overnight and it is close to reaching category 5. kumasi: justin -- reggie: just in his live in tampa where the wind and the rain have arrived. justin: good morning and from tampa where things are changing rapidly. the wind is really picking up and the rain as well, sure signs that hurricane ian is close and do hours from now to make landfall. for right now at this hour the window to escape has all but closed.
5:37 am
much of florida at this hour under some kind of hurricane or tropical storm watch. hurricane ian delivering its first blow to florida even before it is expected to make a direct hit. when time was still on their sides, families hit the road making 11th hour escapes. >> we have two point 5 million floridians currently under some type of evacuation order. melanie: heavy -- justin: heavy track it -- traffic and the fluid forecast track forcing residents to flee fast. st. petersburg mayor warning those who stay behind. >> after a certain time when the tropical force wind is here, we will not send out first responders. justin: it is forecast to make landfall in the fort myers area bringing life-threatening conditions including several feet of storm surge from naples to temple -- to tampa and huge
5:38 am
amounts of rain, 20 inches in some areas. the late change sending residents in the bullseye scrambling to prepare. >> did you feel like you're in the clear and now you are right in the path >>? i better going get it. justin: florida bracing for power outages and 30,000 workers are on standby to restore electricity. and fema says it is stockpiling 3.7 million meals and 3.5 million liters of water in alabama. >> this is going to impact everyone in different ways. justin: outer bands are already being felt. heavy wind and rain in key west and a possible tornado west of miami. and after barreling across cuba like a buzz saw nothing in the past now except warm water and florida. here we are right now. the wind is whipping up and we
5:39 am
are hours away from hurricane ian making landfall in southwest florida bringing with it more of these conditions, torrential rain, whipping wind and the storm surge that has so many concerned. kumasi: thank you for the report and my question is that from florida i know that a lot of people will ride out the storm, are using a lot of people doing that or have people evacuated? justin: as someone who has lived in florida i can tell you this storm has felt a little bit different in the response. we have seen a lot of people go both ways. the ones that do want to stay say they will do so with all the proper equipment and gear and are really saying they will do it safely. others say it is not worth the risk as the storm looks and feels different than the ones in the past saying i want to be safe. we will see how it turns out that people are very much paying close attention. kumasi: thank you.
5:40 am
san francisco will soon become the first city in america to have a pacific islander cultural district. it is being established in part of visitation valley and sunnydale. the designation highlights the contributions and sacrifices of the pacific islander community to san francisco. >> for every rising tide all boats are lifted. with this cultural district resolution when it is passed are pacific islanders will have a boat and it will be in the water. kumasi: the city has several other cultural districts honoring the filipino, african-american, transgender, chinese, and american indian cultures. coming up, what brought more than 67,000 people levi's stadium and it was not a 49ers game. reggie: mcdonald trying to bring in more adult customers by rolling out happy meals for grown-ups. all icr characters from my
5:41 am
childhood and it is making me happy. i do know why grimm has four eyes. drew: a lot of them have them, are they ok? we are looking at ian this morning and you can see the eye clearly defined. for the purposes it is about 55 miles away from naples so they will feel hurricane force wind. do -- you will see a ton of rain this morning as the storm is pushing to the north northeast. it is a major category four storm with wind at 150 miles an hour. you can cdi clearly defined off of the close -- off of the coast line. him in land -- ian landfalling as a major hurricane and once it moves offshore it will spend a lot of time overland bringing a
5:42 am
lot of rain. we will get an update coming up to see if it has strengthened at all by 6:00 a.m. morning cloud cover giving way to afternoon sunshine. it is a nice day similar to yesterday with temperatures feeling like autumn. 71 in the city. 80, san rafael. 79, san jose. 70 six, san mateo. 83 with a high in concord. it does get warmer in california. 80, san diego and central valley is warm. 95 in fresno. let us get a check on traffic. jobina: we have a sig alert underway in walnut creek. this is the crash that i pointed out and it has escalated. multiple vehicles involved on southbound 680. you see that the backup extends into concord with speeds around eight miles an hour. we were able to bring in the
5:43 am
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kumasi: 5:45, the lawyer for the woman in a police cruiser parked on a train track when it was hit by a train is speaking out about her injuries. we have the details in gma first luck. >> in gma's first look, handcuffe andd the train tracks. the woman inside remarkably surviving. now demanding justice.
5:46 am
the 20-year-old was being detained for an alleged road rate incident when the police cruiser parked on the train tracks was hit. the car destroyed upon impact. overnight her lawyer speaking to gma. >> she noticed the train horn and whistle and started to struggle frantically to get the officer's attention. it is incredibly dangerous to park on train tracks, that should have never happened. >> we will tell you how authorities in cad with luck, abc news, new york. reggie: levi' a bivent butootbl socce bwe mexico and colombia. xts 7000 people packed inside to watch. mexico led 2-0 but columbia came back to win.
5:47 am
we spoke to fans who were very excited to see the teams play. >> the music, the food, the energy and the game and everything. >> we were dancing. >> the music and food, we were having fun and everything. we love it. >> for me it is a special game and my country is -- normally we play all of the things. reggie: mexico qualified for the tournament that begins in november. columbia did not. mcdonald's is mixing things up. the children's happy meals are getting an adult twist. kumasi: start -- starting monday at they are offering cactus plant fleamarket boxes. so you all know what to ask for.
5:48 am
reggie: what do words mean. drew: i was right now years old. reggie: is not a bunch of random words put into a sentence? kumasi: it is a collaboration i think with a different -- with a brand. reggie: cactus plant fleamarket? kumasi: yes. we learn things. so it comes with a big mac or a chicken nuggets. a toy, redesigned versions of the mascots in case you did not know. it is a streetwear brand. reggie: so, sadly it was not what drew thought it was that the characters were moving which is why we were getting the four eyes, it looks like the design. is that supposed to be ronald mcdonald? why does it look like a voodoo doll? drew: can we pull it up one more time if we cut. we saw grimace.
5:49 am
hamburger. reggie: with four eyes. bertie --birdie. is that supposed to be ronald? drew: a new version? reggie: did something bad happen? drew: this is if ronald had a child. this is my hold story. this is ronnie. reggie: hopefully ronnie mcdonald will grow into his looks. because what is going on. kumasi: this is not what i thought it was. reggie: it is not what i wanted to be. drew: i never heard of cactus fleamarket. reggie: i never want to hear about it again. they have done something to my childhood and i do not appreciate it. drew: that is huge that mcdonald's was like let us collaborate i am ford. kumasi: do you know who this is? drew: you are the young one. jobina: i do not eat fast food. kumasi: but do you know cactus
5:50 am
plant fleamarket? reggie: she is too old for that. drew: finally. reggie: we know something she does not know. drew: i feel like we will do a story tomorrow saying that this is a prank. here is the exploratorium camera with some fog over the city skyline. jobina are you looking it up right now? jobina: now, i do know the brand and they had a collaborate them. but this is still a stretch. i will say. drew: that sounded completely foreign. kumasi: you know the brand stussy. drew: the way you are saying it i was like i do not know what it is. all of these new things. here is the cloud cover with sunshine on the way, warmer tomorrow and friday but there is no intense heat. live doppler 7 with a trough in
5:51 am
the pacific northwest. for us no rain and then we find cooler temperatures later on. 70's and 80's in the south. 70's for much of the peninsula. 60's for the coastline. downtown upper 60's to lower 70's in the north bay looking fine. 70's and 80's are comfortable. the east bay is mostly sunny going into the 70's with good air quality. upper 70's to lower 80's with mostly sunny skies. 86, fairfield. overnight tonight we get our marine layer which is pretty unorganized with patchy fog here and there. not a whole layer of cloud cover and temperatures in the 50's. here is the seven-day forecast, it will cool off over the weekend, morning fog and afternoon sunshine and not much change early next week. reggie: hurts h --ertz and bp
5:52 am
teaming up. kumasi: the surprising find
5:53 am
life is expensive. so why is omar snoozing like a baby? because he made the smart choice to shop with ikea, with new benefits for ikea family members, including 5% off all eligible purchases in-store. every visit. every day. ikea
5:54 am
kumasi: an ancient cemetery has been discovered in lima, peru. workers from a local gas company found it last week. they were digging up streets for a pipeline and archaeologists are working to uncover the site. they have discovered 11 bodies and graves and they are expecting to find ceramics and textiles. drew: that is cool. did you ever want to do that as a kid as your career? archaeologist? reggie: no. drew: too much dusting. kumasi: let them rest in peace. all of it. drew: what is that on the right?
5:55 am
reggie: something that should be resting in peace. kumasi: now you are over here and there is something on your arm. drew: you get a little tickle and it is like what is that? it is just people digging me up. live doppler 7, we have thrown into visibility road because the north bay is getting impacted by fog in the valleys where the fog is settling. 101, half mile visibility. napa is at 2.5 miles visibility. what we are finding elsewhere is that we are doing a ok when it comes to visibility. as we look at temperatures right now you will find numbers in the 40's and 50's for the most part and a couple of 60's so a wide range. 46 across the bridge and into hayward at 60.
5:56 am
a wide range of temperatures this morning. here is a live look outside the exploratorium camera showing you the fog first thing and what we will find is sunny skies later today and temperatures generally in the 70's and 80's away from the coast feeling pretty nice. a close look at the highs, 71 in the city. 79, san jose and that feels great. 86, fairfield. 81 is the high. if you are traveling across the golden state, warmer toward central valley. 90's from fresno to break -- to baker's. 104 in palm springs later on today. i just want to get an update, this is the latest on hurricane ian. we will get an update from the hurricane center likely in three or four minutes at the top of the hour. the latest we saw a major category four storm with wind at
5:57 am
150 miles an hour. this is about 40 miles away from naples, florida. we will likely see this anywhere from 9:00 until 11:00 a.m. our time. kumasi: the man who assassinated robert f kennedy fighting for his freedom after decades in prison. reggie: confronting gun violence in the east bay, the significant changes being made inside the police department. kumasi: we are keeping a close eye on ian close to becoming a category five hurricane. reggie:
5:58 am
5:59 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> now at 6:00, breaking news, a man wanted for malt crimes barricaded right now and we are live at the standoff that has been going on throughout the night. >> hurricane ian bearing down on florida. already causing flooding. >> gas prices are going up. the strain on your wallet got worse at the pump. what's causing the hike gas prices? this morning. >> it is shocking. the premium is getting real close to seven dollars. seven. and didn't you feel like we


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