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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> now at 6:00, breaking news, a man wanted for malt crimes barricaded right now and we are live at the standoff that has been going on throughout the night. >> hurricane ian bearing down on florida. already causing flooding. >> gas prices are going up. the strain on your wallet got worse at the pump. what's causing the hike gas prices? this morning. >> it is shocking. the premium is getting real close to seven dollars. seven. and didn't you feel like we passed this? >> we talked about
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yesterday. i'm hurt. deeply. >> it's a lot. >> especially. especially if you write on e -- ride on e, like myself? [laughter] >> we are coasting. >> but you are driving with jesus. >> the lord has got me, i have never stopped in the street. [laughter] >> honestly? the barrel of oil is way down from where it was over the summer, so why are we backup to this? >> lots of spit -- suspicious things. let's talk about the weather. >> quarter of a mile of visibility in tampa bay -- in napa. good numbers, the number 10 is what you want to see. temperatures are in the 50's and or lake clearlake.58 in san j. and half.
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taking a live look outside at the top,, a breeze as things wave on top of the ferry building. fog gets thin throughout the morning, mostly sunny with temperatures in the 70's and 80's with highs coming up in the 70's and 80's. kumasi: a swot standoff still going on right now inside of a nordstrom rack. lena howland is there with the latest. >> kumasi, it is still an active scene out here. moments ago we saw police ring a cherry picker into the entrance of this nordstrom rack. stepping beyond this shot, if you can see it here through the entrance of the store, police say that this is where a high-speed car chase originally ended and the suspect wanted for various crimes took off on foot to get away from officers before running inside the store.
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this all happened more than nine hours ago, pursing the store to be evacuated at the time. in the past hour we have seen officers coming and going from the entrance of this nordstrom rack with the doors open. several agencies were involved, including the contra costa sheriff's office, as well as the pleasant hill police. they took over before calling in the swat team. right now there is still a very large law enforcement presence on scene. we have seen quite a few confused safeway employees get here for their work they as half of their parking lot is also taped off, including the nordstrom rack parking lot. we are still working to get more information from police about what is going on here and what the situation is inside of that nordstrom rack and as soon as we get that information we will bring it to you. live in pleasant hill, lena howland. reggie: the other big story this
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morning is hurricane ian, intensifying into a dangerous category four hurricane this morning with wind-up to 155 miles for our, ours from making them fall. and people are already feeling the effect? jobina: it's wrath is being felt across florida, category 4, making landfall in a matter of hours, between 9 a.m. at 11 a.m. our time overnight. strong wind, rain, and flooding already seen. this is video from fort lauderdale the new concern now is high tide fort myers happening as the storm makes landfall, increasing the risk or catastrophic flooding for those who stay behind. authorities say the time to evacuate has already passed. >> after a certain time when tropical force winds are here, we will not be sending out first responders. >> 2.5 million floridians are currently under some type of evacuation order. >> authorities are warning
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people to expect at least several feet of storm surge from naples to tampa. some areas could see up to 20 inches of rain. power outages have already started in utility companies say they have put 30,000 workers on standby to get the power back on as soon as possible and ima is getting ready by stockpiling millions of meals in alabama with travel getting more difficult. the orlando international airport will shutdown later this morning. reggie. reggie: jobina, thank you. we will keep you up-to-date on hurricane ian with our breaking news app. to get that right on your phone, search abc 7 bay area in your app store to download it right now. and oakland police chief saying he heard from city residents loud include -- loud and clear, they are afraid and he announced a big shakeup to assign as many officers as possible to confront gun violence. >> it's my hope we can identify more individuals responsible for
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these crimes so that they can stop engaging in that behavior. reggie: eight more investigators have been permanently assigned to violent crime and the traffic unit that had been disbanded because of short staffing years ago has been reinstated with police presence being increased in high crime areas. the announcement came hours after the 96, side of the year. two people were shot yesterday morning your 98th and eves and both were taken to highland hospital where one of the victims died. the condition of the other person has not been revealed. happening today, governor newsom will be in san francisco to celebrate a deal accelerating the construction of housing projects across the state. yesterday the governor signed several bills into law, one to protect reproductive rights, another to address gender inequality by requiring companies to post salaries and eliminating the tax on women's
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products, and it will costs -- products. it will costs you more to purchase wine and liquor because the governor also increased the deposit program. it's currently a five cent to $.10 deposit for bottles and care. supporters say that this will prove the environment because less than one third of liquor and wine bottles are restricted. kumasi: gas prices continue to surge here in california. $.10 higher in san jose, 20 cents in san francisco. refineries in the state are operating at just 80% capacity, which is a part of the reason the prices are rising. amber alert, turning deadly. the tragic and bizarre turn of events. kumasi: and how much -- reggie: and how much money a woman will
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get from the city after being heard on a city planter blocks. drew: 608 a.m., this is a live look at sutro tower this morning. dense spots in the north bay, sunshine this afternoon. we will take a look at her afternoon highs and we just got the latest on h
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drew: 6:10 a.m. and we are in store for me really nice day. if you like tomorrow, or yesterday, rather, today is very similar. temperatures at or slightly below average for this time of year. 70's on the bayshore line. the latest on ian, strong storm major category four hurricane. here is the i.
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if you are familiar with or myers, this is santa bell islands. the eye is about 25 miles away from land. you can see it, well defined. wouldn't be surprised if we see the storm strengthening in its next update at 7 a.m.. moving over florida over the next 24 hours. that is the latest on traffic. jobina, good morning. jobina: unfortunately we have a major crash in brent right now, a deadly situation involving a big rig this morning with all lanes blocked in both directions at hoffman lane. walnut creek, another major crash with injuries involved on southbound 680 at treat all of art with the backup extended well into concord. 11 miles per hour there, this is
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our live camera from walnut creek. you can certainly tell the traffic is very backed up in this area. expect delays there at 5:41. not looking bad in this area. highway four to the day, slow spot with these drive times, 24 minutes. reggie: the latest evidence that later start times for high school students is good for their health. kumasi: we'll be right back. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 months and up that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch.
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with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment.
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kumasi: happening today, the san jose man convicted in a deadly dui in 2018 will be learning his
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fate. three people including two kids died in the crash. he was driving a teo to camry -- toyota camry erratically when he crashed into an escalade involving a chain reaction that involved five cars in total. he was under the influence of marijuana in the time. he was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter and a weapons charge. chp says that those who died were not wearing seatbelts. a southern california amber alert ending in a tragic and bizarre chain of events. deputies found themselves in a shootout with a murder suspect, anthony john buzzing out. this was in -- graziano. the hues of abducting his estranged 15-year-old daughter and during the shootout she emerged from his truck wearing body armor and a helmet. officials say that she ran towards deputies and they opened fire on her.
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>> the deputies went up to render medical aid, realizing that this is savanna in the tactical gear, transporting her to a local area hospital at 11:52 hours she's pronounced deceased. kumasi: graziano also died in the shootout. he is suspected of killing his daughter's mother on monday. new details in the case against elizabeth holmes. a judge has called off the upcoming hearing and will instead hold a status conference to address her motion for a new trial and discuss new hearing dates. she is facing charges related to fraud and 20 years in prison for lying about her blood technology company. reggie:, harris -- kamala harris is in -- on an asian trip while pledging support for taiwan. >> we anticipate continued
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aggressive behavior from beijing as it attempts to unilaterally undermine the status quo. the united states believes that peace and stability in the taiwan strait is an essential feature of a free and open indo pacific. and we will continue to fly, sale, and operate undaunted and unafraid wherever and whenever international law allows. reggie: china considers taiwan a part of its own. harris will also be meeting with the chinese president in november. more evidence this morning that the school day should start later from a naked. kumasi: a growing number of
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scientists agree that starting after 8:00 in the morning is better for teenagers mental health because of hormonal changes happening in their bodies where they need more sleep and need to wake up later. california jumped on this growing body of research with a log going into effect this year mandating little schools not start before 8:00 in the morning and high schools start no earlier than 8:30. reggie: we did the right thing. drew: what i would have done for that extra hour? up late doing things, homework. kumasi: the extracurricular things you are doing. it's not enough time. reggie: and a lot of kids work. drew: i didn't get out of work until 10 p.m., i worked at a grocery store. 4:00 to 9:00 5:00 to 10:00. reggie: were you stocking? drew: sure was, your boy was in
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the yogurt. the gloves are so cumbersome. these teeny tiny yogurts. i get a little triggered when i go to the yogurt i'll. nothing like a saturday morning when folks want their yogurt. they destroy the aisle. destroy. [laughter] kumasi: come with your club. drew: heaven forbid you don't have the flavor. the world is over. no key lime pie? [laughter] drew: ma'am, it is 2 p.m., you missed it. [laughter] i'm the one you're yelling at? [laughter] reggie: seen. drew: and scene that was my high school experience. . sutro tower right now, really picture -- pretty picture of the fog down below. warmer tomorrow and friday, cooling-off through the upcoming weekend when it comes to
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temperatures. live doppler with the satellite, a trough moving into the pacific northwest, meaning below average temperatures today. good air quality, sunshine this afternoon, 70's and low 80's on the peninsula away from the coast. 73 in menlo park. the coast topping out in the 60's, lower 70's for the city today with afternoon sunshine. north a, looking nice. 70's and 80's with good air quality. 70's with mostly sunny skies. breezy this afternoon and inland , upper 70's to mid 80's with good air quality later today. overnight, patchy fog with dense pockets in the north bay once again, temperatures falling into the 50's. accuweather forecast, mild with a warm up. nothing intense. over the weekend we will have morning fog with afternoon sunshine, a little bit cooler, below average, little changed
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next week. reggie: thank you. we are turning to ginger live in florida right now. what are you seeing? ginger: i have reached my limit as to when i will be standing out there. we have seen the wins -- we have seen the wind gusting up to 70 at this point. it's been offshore wind for the last couple of hours on the northern side of the storm, 60 miles southwest of the center, the eyewall is closing in and we can feel that. here's what will happen, landfall category four hurricane ian come ashore and make landfall this afternoon and that doesn't even really matter timing wise because it will be torturing florida for the next 24 to 48 hours in here is what you probably need to know. the way the path comes ashore now, anyone around the charlotte harbor, englewood to venice, the northern side of this will be very strong away from the land.
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they upped the storm surge from six feet to 12 feet where i'm standing. 12 feet to 16 feet in parts of some of the islands. that moves cars, it moves homes. we are talking about the places that were asked to evacuate being uninhabitable and without power for weeks if not month. there have only been four other 150 five plus landfall wins in the united states in our history and i think we could see our fifth today. reggie: that puts it into perspective. kumasi: it really does it i hope the people in the zone have listened and evacuated. ginger: i hope so, too. and i hope that the southern nudge didn't make people wonder should i move. it's always good to be away from water and unfortunately the wind will be bad all the way to the northeast. i to orlando, so many people live there.
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we could see 15 to 25 inches of rain. it's a long storm. reggie: we are definitely thinking about the people down there. we really appreciate your sub -- your report, ginger, you have a what's it like having xfinity internet with supersonic wifi? it's fast... like beyond-gig-speed fast. yeaaaaaaaaay!!! with three times the bandwidth, and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. get the xfinity supersonic bundle with unlimited gig speed internet, wifi equipment included and a free 4k streaming box. all for $50 a month with a 2 year internet rate guarantee and no annual contract when you add xfinity mobile with unlimited data.
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switch today! kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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kumasi: welcome back, everyone. six: 25, and experimental drug to fight alzheimer's, slowing the progression of the memory robbing disease by 27% according to the company. the results have not been peer-reviewed yet but they have submitted an application to the fda. there is a side effect experienced by some including small brain bleeds and brain swelling. symptoms were detected in brain imaging but rarely caused symptoms. reggie: a woman getting a
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750,000 dollars settlement from the city of san francisco after she was hurt walking on a steep sidewalk planter in 2017. we were there yesterday to show you what it looked like. you can see the issue. the planter boxx has been partially filled with concrete and is quite a bit higher than the actual sidewalk. according to the complaint, she was walking along the upper part at night when she fell off and was seriously injured. neighbors say this section of sidewalk is not safe at night. >> is not well lit and if you are walking along and don't know? maybe. reggie: the injured woman had to undergo surgery and physical therapy after the accident. neighbors say the city should do more to alert people about the danger but so far nothing has been done. reggie: we already know -- kumasi: we already know san francisco has some of the highest rent in the country and has some of the wealthiest renters now, too.
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we analyzed the census data finding that more san franciscans pay below 20% of their income on the rent than any other cities in the nation. the median household income of renters is also higher, more than $98,000 last year, double the income of renters in new york city. reggie: the next steps for dozens of deputies who failed
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california, mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now it's 6:30. breaking news we have an watching all morning long in the east bay. a suspect barricaded inside of a nordstrom rack for hours. kumasi: and a warning for parents this morning about a growing danger for kids.
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a drug that looks like candy being targeted at younger americans. reggie: hurricane rick: -- hurricane ian getting closer to florida. we are tracking the path of the storm. kumasi: good morning, everybody. reggie: first we check in with drew. drew: dense fog and then sunshine. santa rosa, quarter of a mile of visibility. elsewhere on the number 10, you want to see that good visibility . here's how the day shapes up with increasing sunshine as the day goes on and temperatures at or above average this time of year. we will take a look at those temperatures coming up in a few minutes. reggie: in the east bay, a person wanted for multiple
6:31 am
crimes, barricaded inside of a norse of degen nordstrom rack. >> we are here in front of a nordstrom rack where things seem to be combing down for now. we are not seeing the same sense of urgency from the officers on the scene walking in at out of the nordstrom rack with the doors open. right behind me here at the doors are still open and within the past 40 to 45 minutes we saw them bring a cherry picker into the store. this started nine hours ago as a high speed car chase with a suspect wanted for various crimes that took off on foot to get away from officers before running inside of this store. like we mentioned, we have seen officers coming and going from inside the nordstrom rack. several agencies were involved in the police chase, the contra
6:32 am
costa sheriff's office and pleasant hill police. they took it over before calling in the swat team. we have seen quite a few confused safeway employees getting here for their workday, wondering what's going on as most of the safeway parking lot and gas station are still taped off. we are still working to get more information from police as to what's going on out here and the latest development and we will of course bring that to you as soon as we get in. reggie: if you were watching a few minutes ago you saw the live report from ginger in fort myers, florida, you could see the wind so powerful, the rain ripping through that part of the state right now, hurricane ian will make landfall in a few hours. kumasi: justin finch is in tampa, where the rain and wind have already started.
6:33 am
>> hurricane he delivering his first low to florida before it's even expected to make a direct hit. when time was still on the sides, families hit the road, making 11th hour escapes. >> two point 5 million flurry the ends are under some type of evacuation order >> >>. heavy traffic, -- floridians are under some type of evacuation order. >> the mayor of st. peter's warning against thing behind. >> once the tropical force winds are here we will not be sending out first responders. >> it set to make landfall in the fort myers area, bringing life-threatening conditions, including several feet of storm surge from naples to tampa with huge amounts of rain, perhaps more than 20 inches in some areas. the late changing track sending
6:34 am
residents scrambling to prepare. >> did you feel that you were in the clear yesterday? >> and today, too late. >> florida now bracing for millions of power outages. 30,000 workers are on standby to restore electricity after the storm. fema says they are stockpiling 3.7 million meals and 3.5 billion liters of water in neighboring alabama. >> this is going to impact everyone in different ways. >> the outer bands are already being felt. heavy wind and rain in key west, possible tornado west of miami. after barreling across cuba like a buzz saw, nothing in the path of ian now except for warm water and florida. as the hurricane closes in and people had up, orlando international is the latest airport to announce they are suspending operations, shutting
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down later this morning. justin finch, abc news, tampa. reggie: it looks relatively calm where he is but that has changed from when we were talking to ginger. the scene was already pretty wild and just a couple of hours away from landfall. kumasi: it doesn't take long for things to change and escalate. my mom was like the power went out this morning and they are in land. so we are just waiting to see and we will keep you updated on that. reggie: urgent preparation trying to keep the people out of the area who are the most vulnerable. kumasi: hospitals and health care facilities being evacuated. workers in fort myers came in early last night to register patients and work through the incoming storm to provide ongoing care to those most impacted and in need. >> once the rainfall has passed, once the roadways are safe, we will have a second team to
6:36 am
relieve team members. >> taking stock of emergency supplies to avoid the devastation that came when hurricane irma hit in 2017. 12 people died in that storm from overheating at a nursing home that lost power in those sweltering florida temperatures. all nursing homes and assisted living facilities have backup generators and fuel to meet state requirements. a new warning this morning about rainbow fentanyl this morning. jobina: days -- these pills can be attractive to children because they are colorful and often look like candy. merrick garland says that 400 investigations have resulted in the seizure of 10 million pills with more than 980 pounds of fentanyl outer being enough drug to kill 36 million americans. the dea says the pills are being sold online with names like skittles, rainbow, or sweet heart.
6:37 am
>> they are designed to look like candy or prescription drugs. they can look like sidewalk chalk. >> so far rainbow fentanyl has been seized. jobina: he stressed that you should never take pills never prescribed to you. reggie? reggie: the alameda sheriff's says they have started the process of rescreening dozens of deputies who failed psychological screening. >> we have brought one person back. we plan to bring the remaining seven back in the next -- remaining 47 back in the next several weeks as we hope to do more of these every day to get
6:38 am
them done. reggie: those deputies were stripped of their badging and firearms in recent weeks during an internal audit ordered after the arrest of a 24-year-old deputy who was accused of a double murder in dublin, the audit founding that in the hiring process it was to measure who was suitable to do the work of the officer. deputies now on test duty. reggie: san francisco -- kumasi: san francisco will be the first city in america to have a pacific islander cultural district. the designation highlights the contributions and sacrifices of the pacific islander community to san francisco. >> for every rising tide, although tar lifted. with this cultural district resolution when it is passed pacific islander's will have about and will be in the waters. -- a vote and in the waters.
6:39 am
kumasi: there are several other similar districts around town. reggie: local leaders and members of the asian-american community came together to present a check to the family of the hoover driver shot and killed during a robbery in july. the sole breadwinner for his family, the community came together to raise more than $100,000 to support them. the money was presented to the fiancée, son, and father at an event in chinatown and after thanking the community the family also called for better gun-control measures. >> we need to make a law for gun control and i would hope that these kinds of things help to solve the root of these problem's. -- problems. >> it feels like martial law we
6:40 am
are imposing on ourselves, we are afraid to go out at night. i hope that the state can do something to reassure us to go out into able to enjoy what everyone else is doing. >> we all deserve to feel safe. reggie: oakland police and the district attorney also attended the event. they are expected to be in court later this week. kumasi: an expanding program from wells fargo, dozens coming together the united lutheran church to celebrate the faith and housing program to provide training, technical support and capital resources for faith-based organizations. oh >> if the puzzle is land plus financing, there's actually a lot of that already in place and we are looking for more land opportunity. kumasi: the program is expected
6:41 am
to help 900 bay area family secure and affordable place to live. reggie: the man convicted of assassinating robert f kennedy asking a judge to reconsider his sentence. kumasi: and you are taking a live look at the big ordered at the new york stock exchange, up to five points. another update on the markets, next. reggie: then it is ladies day at oracle park and don't forget, you can watch us for an extra hour every weekday morning, 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. on the abc 7 they area streaming app. download it now for your tablet, amazon fire, roku, or other device. jobina: you can see how crowded it is on the bridge for people trying to travel westbound. that is a stall on the upper one lane blocked right now, you are going to be getting high under the limit the cross the bridge
6:42 am
entirely. usually a picks up towards the center. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is crowded. now the backup is in full effect. highway four, so sounds in concord. 50 eight minutes driving from tracy to dublin and the biggest issue this morning that we have been following has been the deadly crash in brentwood on state route four on hoffman lane with both directions blocked. the chp has not given us an estimated time as to when things will reopen. drew: hurricane ian is moving to the north northeast at 10 miles per hour with sustained winds at 155 miles for our end in the last half-hour we spoke five to meteorologist ginger zee who gave us a great statistic to put it all in perspective. wind at 155 miles per hour, we have only ever had four hurricanes landfall with those
6:43 am
wins and the latest was michael in 2018. remember that one on the panhandle of florida? everyone remembers hurricane andrew in 1992. this is back here at home we are finding that morning fog gives way to afternoon sunshine. it's a nice-looking day. a fine fall day. temperatures going into the 70's and 80's later today. checking on the other high temperatures, sponsored by "hocus-pocus two." >> salem, we are back. >> we must fly. >> we have to stop them before it is too late. >> unlock -- amok.
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♪ book ♪ >>
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reggie: a new schedule for the pull up -- parole hearing is march 1.
6:47 am
kumasi: san francisco giants elevating girl power in honor of their annual girls day where they will present the alexis bush award to a woman in the organization helping to advance girls and women in sports. the award was named for bush who became the first batgirl in major league 2000, the first person to greet very bonds after he hit his 500 homerun in 2001. she died in a sailing accident in 2012 and her memory is living on in the dugout where there is a plaque in her honor. reggie: levi's stadium hosted a big event last night, it wasn't american football, it was international soccer between mexico and colombia. mexico led to nothing, but colombia came back to win, three-two edits their first international match since it was announced as a world cup venue in 2026. we spoke to the fans who were very excited to see these teams.
6:48 am
>> the mic food, the energy, the game, everything. >> you will see, we were dancing. >> having fun, by cottone everything. we don't mind it. >> for me it's like a special game, you know? my countries, normally we play all the things. reggie: mexico has some big things ahead. columbia did not all apply for the tournament in november. kumasi: handwritten lyrics of the david bowie star men just got big bucks at an auction. about 213,000 u.s. dollars. the song was featured on the famous ziggy stardust album. it's written in blue ink on graph paper with corrections that but we after several typos. a private collector was the winner of the auction and sellers were surprised by the winning did considering that the lyrics were supposed to go for
6:49 am
only about $40,000. new this morning, katie couric says she has breast cancer. she made the announcement on her website this morning and on an instagram post. she said she was diagnosed in june and started radiation earlier this month and said she decided to reveal the diagnosis now because the breast cancer awareness month in october. reggie: need a good deal on a car ride question mike you might want to avoid kias, selling 6% above sticker price, the biggest premium of any brand on the market they have been trying to change their image as a low rise car manufacturer. most models are hybrids, meaning higher prices. prices might differ, dealerships are able to set their own. taking a live look at the stock exchange as trading gets underway, up about 100 points this morning. mcdonald's, really mixing things
6:50 am
up and we are little mixed up about that. their children's happy meals are getting an adult twist. kumasi: starting monday they are offering cactus plant fleamarket boxes. to explain that's a streetwear brand they are partnering with in the boxes will come with some of the toys that see their, back or chicken nuggets. the toys are like a design version of the mcdonald's mascots. -- redesigned version of the donald's mascots. it's a popular streetwear brand. drew: this is not aimed at us, we found out. reggie: i want to thank one of our viewers who sent me the message on instagram to let me know. i saw that that was supposed to be birdie and grimace. but who was this other person? you named him ronnie. i thought it was ronald mcdonald . apparently that is cactus buddy. kumasi: from the brand? drew: ok.
6:51 am
cactus buddy. reggie: why they have four eyes? i don't know. drew: don't you remember a couple of months ago we did a story where folks younger than us don't like to eat out anymore? reggie: the youngs don't even know these characters. it's no nostalgia. kumasi: who is it for? reggie: it should be for me would i don't wanted to look like it did when i was a kid. i don't want a four eyed hamburger. kumasi: and you said you don't want all that food. reggie: a big mac. give me the little burger. kumasi: and can't we just addressed the characters up? kumasi: that one little patty. drew: single patty. little pepper on there. just enough onions and ketchup.
6:52 am
drew: you may have to get that. [laughter] breezy over the city and in the delta. elsewhere just fine. their quality with 70's and 80's, sunshine on the south bay along the peninsula. in the city you need -- in the city it's sunny, 70's and 80's on the coast. upper 60's in the east bay, air quality low to mid 70's today. at or slightly below average for this time of year. dropping into the 50's, locally dense fog tomorrow morning. saturday and sunday with a cooling trend, little changed into early next week.
6:53 am
jobina: there is a saying, if you can't beat them, joining. bp is joining up with another company to purchase -- make electric vehicles -- electric vehicle chargers across the country. hertz says they hope 25% of their electric -- of their fleet will be electric by 2025. a plane departing from moses lake, washington, yesterday morning with eight minutes of flight time. the goal is to show how viable electric lanes can be as an aircraft. the plane is designed to transport nine passengers and pilots. this will be the first all electric commercial airplane if the faa certifies it to carry passengers. that's cool. palo alto is about to get two new high-end restaurants according to hood line. sushi roku and a new steakhouse
6:54 am
coming next year. they said sushi roku combines the finest fish with the artistry and technique of a seductive interior and bella has dry aged prime steaks. opening at stanford shopping center, boa not announcing yet where it's going to be but cool. reggie: maybe that will be a plus -- a place for us to cheer damon louis who after 50 years with abc7news, legendary reporter retiring. kumasi: david shared memories of his career during an interview tuesday afternoon, including the story of how he got his start on a public affairs show in ohio when he was just five years old. the producer prioritize representation. >> japanese-americans, chinese-americans. we were on the program and i think that was a game changer in terms of getting people to think outside the boxster realize that hey we are a part of the community as well.
6:55 am
kumasi: over five decades of great reporting, he is going to be missed so much by everyone here. when i heard his voice i was like i'm going to miss just hearing his voice, his stories around the newsroom. reggie: the thing about his voice is that it reminds me of a gentle curiosity. the way that we should approach everything in life, really. kumasi: everything. [laughter] it is a gentle curiosity. it's like a sharing and he's like this is what i've learned, i'm going to share. reggie: but i'm not judging and am open to what you have to tell me. kumasi: yes, i love it. we are going to miss him. and we are going to celebrate him. the turnip, not the vegetable. reggie: in case you didn't hear it. [laughter] reggie: a live look outside,
6:56 am
what a lovely look at the view in santa cruz that we don't usually get to
6:57 am
kumasi: 6:57 with new details we have been following all morning out of east bay, a man barricaded inside of the nordstrom rack in pleasant hill
6:58 am
and the man is wanted for rape. they say officers were chasing the man, he went into the store last night and someone saw him get into the ceiling and we will of course have much more on this coming up at 7:00. reggie: you video of the intense wind and rain slamming florida this morning or overnight hurricane ian strengthened to a category four and is close to becoming a category 5 with millions in its path. kumasi: the january 6 commission hearing is canceling a meeting because of the hurricane into scheduling for another date. reggie: all americans have been warned to leave the country of moscow immediately. there are worries that russia may try to draft people with dual citizenship to fight in the war. drew: get ready for a cooler afternoon on the way. giving way to sunshine later today, 70's for the bay shoreline. low to mid 80's in land.
6:59 am
jobina: there's a deadly crash brentwood involving a big rig and one other vehicle. kumasi: an eight-year-old boy in california is the youngest in t. he jumped 75 feet, let me tell y'all, he's a third-grader, jumping 75 feet over the weekend and had to go all the way -- 7500 feet over the weekend. he had to go to california -- to colorado because in california you cannot skydive under age. drew: have you ever? kumasi: i will never. reggie: a couple of times. -- drew: a couple of times. reggie: a couple of times? drew: i used to work at the drop zone. 1 reggie: you are 60 years old, how many places have you work? [laughter] drew: it is wild.
7:00 am
te♪ good morning, america. breaking news for our vus viewers in the west. ian now a category 4 hurricane. bracing for impact, hurricane ian now a massive category 4 storm strengthening as it sweeps towards the florida coast. >> this thing is the real deal. it is a major, major storm. >> reporter: landfall just hours away. 2.5 million ordered to evacuate. thousands already without power. life-threatening storm surge, ferocious winds and torrential downpours with up to two feet of rain possible in some areas. tornado warnings in effect and airports shut down. the state's theme parks, including disney world, closed after the storm lash


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