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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live breaking nearby style, okay. sojourner truth independent study school we are continuing to follow that breaking news out of oakland where at least six adults were hurt after a shooting at a school building including two people who have life-threatening injuries happened just around one o'clock this afternoon at a building on fontaine street. it's a campus that houses multiple schools including bay area technology school. rudsdale newcomer high and sojourner truth independent study. but oakland police just said the shooting happened on the russdale continuation school portion of the campus. good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm liz croy and i'm dan ashley. we have abc 7 news team coverage for you with our ryan curry and under hassan at bay area hospitals. we're six different patients were taken to be treated all of
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whom again are 18 years of age and older but all are affiliated with the schools and our liam melendez is speaking to parents, but we do begin with abc 7 news reporter tim johns tim on the scene there now for hours. what's the latest? yeah, liz dan as you say we just got done with a double press conference one from the oakland police department the other from the oakland unified school district of those sits adults too as you say have a life-threatening injuries one has been released to our pending release and that remainder has non-life threatening injuries. now opd says they are looking for one shooter. although there are others who may be involved. they're also asking the community to come forward if any information any pictures, even if they've heard anything just to help them with this investigation as we say it is still an ongoing and active investigation. there is no one in custody at this time, but opd says they are confident that if the community helps them and comes forward they will be able to bring those
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who are responsible to justice. we also hurt as i mentioned a little bit earlier from the oakland unified school district. they said that obviously this is a very stressful time not just for the district for the city as a whole just for a bit of context there have been about nine shootings nine homicides. in the city just in the past week or so. so oakland is a little bit on edge that certainly been reflected with some of the parents that we've spoken with over the past couple of hours. and as we say, this is something that also needs a community solution as well. i want you to listen to some of what they said to us. when something like this happens, it's very fluid situation and you know and first and foremost we have to secure the campus. we have to ensure that people who are there who are not directly involved in what happened are safe. of course, we have to get to people who are involved to to the hospital if that's what needs to happen. and so there is a process we have to go through before we can actually get everything out to our school community. so there may have been a bit of a delay and if there are people who are upset with that they can talk to me, you know, i'm the one in charge of getting those
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that information out and we did have a bit of a delay, but it was because we were making sure that this the situation is secure the school was secure and and everybody was being taken care of. now liz and dan i have to reiterate again. this is still an ongoing and active investigation. so even though we are getting more information we are expecting even more stuff to come out in the hours ahead. i'm live in east oakland and john's abc 7 news. that is for sure tim. thanks very much. let's go now to abc 7 news reporter ryan curry live at highland hospital, right and that's worth three of the most seriously injured patients. we're taking ryan. what have you learned? that could even to you both we did get an update moments ago from hospital officials regarding the three people being treated here at the hospital. we do know that two of the three people being treated are in stable but critical condition the third is just in stable condition, which is an improvement from what we were told earlier in the afternoon during this update. they did mention about the
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ongoing issue of violence here in oakland, and unfortunately today is just another day with that amount of violence, especially when they consider it being right near a school. i want to give you sound now moments ago from the ceo of alameda health system talking about how unfortunately they've seen a rise in amount of violent episodes here at highland hospital. they have they've had to treat over couple years. in 2021 and 2022 we've seen. almost a doubling of the violent crimes victims that we're seeing here at our facility. so something has changed. i'm a son of oakland i grew up in oakland. this is not the oakland that i grew up in. i'm calling on community leaders. and i'm prepared to lean in myself. we've got to do differently we've got to do something better.
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this has obviously been an afternoon full of very high emotions for the city of oakland yet again another episode of ongoing violence gun violence in the city of oakland, and this is a level one trauma center. they say they treat so many instances of gun violence in and around oakland and the whole east bay community and with this one being right near a school. they say this one felt even more intense in the sense because there were children nearby and there were instances where others could have been hurt and that's what they did hint at. this press conference the important news though coming from it is that there is an improvement and one of the people who would be treated here they're in stable condition to however do remain with life threatening injuries and are in critical condition, but they are in stable. they said they're going to be providing us information throughout the evening. so anything we do learn here at highland hospital. we will provide that to you. we're live in oakland ryan curry abc 7 news. all right, ryan. thank you. very sad about those two victims mayor libby schaaf tweeted out this statement.
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said today's gun violence at sojourner truth school shocks, the soul. our schools are sanctuaries for our children our investigators report. all six victims are adults and being treated for injuries. hospitals now the school is now clear and all children are being reunited with families the unbridled access to firearms in our country is inexcusable. well as you can imagine when news broke parents rushed to the schools to find their children abc 7 news reporter lee ann melendez is live at the east oakland campus. she's been talking with parents since this happened leah. well as libby schaff said before the mayor of oakland, this is where parents were reunited with their children about dan about. half a mile or so from the school. it's the parking lot of saint cuthbert. i'm just reading the sign episcopal church here in oakland, very emotional when we
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got here this this whole parking lot was full of students staff teachers just stunned mad really a very frustrated, but it was really very emotional for me as a reporter to see, you know, the parents embracing their kids. just hugging them as you know that they they arrived here and imagine all these kids were escorted here by their teachers by staff by police officers and met here with their parents. we spoke to one member of the community nina carter who said again, she's very frustrated with over all things that have led. at this moment what what are the kids telling you obviously? they scared and they not safe and education is not important. they life is not value. so they telling us all kind of stuff but nobody is listening to the kids.
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so right now the teachers have left this area they were waiting for all the kids to leave and they have left, but they were also waiting to have the opportunity to go back to campus again about half a mile from here to retrieve their belongings. they have left everything understandably so their cars and and belongings at the school. so they have since done that and right now the parking is pretty much empty and and that's a good thing. we're glad that everybody's home and safe, but with regard to the issue safety, you know. i think a lot of people have said this before, you know, this is like a brace in moment where this didn't happen at night. as i understand as the police
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have said someone or more than one person entered a campus. so again the issue of safety, you know, we don't know at the moment. i haven't confirmed whether or not that school or those three schools on the campus will reopen tomorrow. not sure i know that the school board is meeting this evening and definitely, you know, that's something that will be brought up tonight. i'm live in oakland leeann melendez abc 7 news. yeah, and not only did this happen in broad daylight near school. this didn't used to happen as frequently as it does now just as recently as a few years ago as you well know leanne, i'm curious you are on the scene very quickly. what was your sense of the response in terms of it being orderly or efficient in terms of getting parents reunited with their kids what you saw about police how school officials handle it any impressions on how this was hand. you know all these schools now all around the bay area in the country train for these kinds of things.
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that's right. it what i saw when i got here was students still arriving here from the school being escorted by a teachers in an orderly fashion, and they all stayed within groups and one of the things that really touched me was the teachers would approach me and said, you know, we really want to protect our students right now. we want to give them space and of course, of course, we said please you know, you're you're students or your priority right now when you have a moment, please come talk to us, and of course a few members of the community did and two council members were more than willing to talk about. you know, what they're feeling at the moment. say a powerful impression and of course, these teachers hadn't really been able to to interact with their students in a normal way for the last couple of years because of the pandemic. so being in present with them physically was i'm sure very very powerful and meaningful for them leanne. thank you very much stand by we
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may come back to you shortly, but you'll have more force. i know it's six we sent a push alert when the news broke about the shooting get the latest breaking news as it happens with the abc 7 news app, you can download the app now by searching abc 7 bay area in your phone's app store. it's that simple and be sure to enable the push alerts so that we can give you information just as soon as it becomes available. we will be right back with a live report at eden medical center where more shooting center where more shooting victims are b don't mind me. i'm just the flu. i'm quite harmless, really. and when people ask, “but aren't you linked to dangerous flu complications, like pneumonia, heart attack, and hospitalizations?” i just say, “but, i'm just the flu.” it's him! who? i'm just the flu! fight the flu with sanofi flu vaccines, which help prevent flu in older adults. they've even been shown to provide better protection from flu-related complications compared to standard dose flu shots. don't get fluzone high-dose quadrivalent
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it's been a tough day. we're continuing to follow the very latest on this afternoon shooting in oakland, which injured six people now three of those people were sent to eden medical center in castro valley. that's where abc 7 news reporter unser. hassan is live answer. yeah, good evening guys. i just spoke with the hospital officials here just a short while ago. they told me that one victim was treated and released two others are said to still be in stable condition, but the hospitals didn't give any other details about their age or gender or their injuries now oakland police set a short while ago the two other victims, maybe treated and released. it's possible that those are the two who are here now behind me is the emergency service vehicles exit we see in the hospital blocking off entrances and oakland police cars coming and going throughout the afternoon. the hospital is not allowing any media on the premises. we were at the hospital earlier today and then escorted by
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security as we've been reporting three other victims, we're taken to highland hospital in oakland and oakland police. say the majority of the victims are all adults. again, now the hospital isn't giving any other details at this time except to say that one was treated and released two are still in stable condition will keep you posted throughout the rest of the evening reporting live ansar hassan ab 7 news. thank you. yeah. we're also hearing some of the first radio traffic from first responders just after the shooting happened. yeah, this is from the oakland fire department and the chp listen. apa school shooting at the sojourner truth independent study school there were six shots outside an the transference two or three colors so kitty about it and all of the college thing is they heard the shot. and you're yelling in the background and crying? inside of realize i got another
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rp on the line. this thing is three victims one with heavy bleeding the other two are not serious bleeding. here we're taking them out to the front three victims of he was interested. because we might have a total of five patients. i contacted ems supervisor to order me a two additional ambulances. all right, you hear the first responders there events like today are as sobering just a really sobering reminder that thousands of people have fallen victim to gun violence whether you've lost a loved one, or maybe you have a been a victim of gun violence yourself. we have found ways to help you. visit slash take action for resources do that when you have a moment, but stay here with us parts of florida are without power after hurricane ian makes landfall a powerful latest in a moment. powerful latest in a moment. this is john. he never gives up—no matter what life throws his way. high cholesterol. heart disease.
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longer. caio costa and fort myers shortly after noon today the category four hurricane bringing over 150 mile an hour winds heavy rain and power storm surges as well over 1 million floridians are left without power right now alarming footage here where water is receding in from tampa bay to sarasota creating dangerous five to twelve foot. storm surges 155 mile an hour winds are incredibly dangerous. there will be debris in the air and flooding powerful enough to
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move cars around if you're in those the southwest florida counties, you need to be sheltering in place. hurricane ian is the strongest storm to hit the west coast of the peninsula of florida since hurricane charley back in 2004. oh some really scary images there. yeah, and you know, the wind is bad the storm surge is bad meterologist. sandia patel's tracking it very closely. sandy had strengthened to a four before landfold. did it even almost reach a five? it was close to a five, but it made it as a category four, dan and liz right now. i want to show you live doppler 7 tracking hurricane ian the slow movement of this storm is going to mean devastation for days. it is a powerful storm moving on shore you can see the heavy downpours across the western portion of the state. it did make landfall as dan mention kaya costa, florida just after noon as a category 4 we do have tornado watch boxes on the east side of florida. look at the eye on this monster storm. it is now a category 3, but gus
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are about 180 miles an hour. now the thing is it's moving north northeast at 8. so the catastrophic damage wins rain storm surge are going to be the biggest problems and we've already seen that so as you look at the path tomorrow morning it weakens to a category one as it continues inland winds will continue to die down as well. but as it weakens through a tropical storm coming out over the atlantic ocean it will then make a sharp or curved i should say back over the carolinas going into the weekend. so they're gonna get a drenching as well. rainfall totals are going to range anywhere from 12 to 30 inches for florida. that is just inundation. we're already seeing those pictures of homes getting washed away the storm surge causing the problems as well and the rainfall will be intense across the carolinas numerous watches and warnings are in effect for much of florida and the carolinas as they are expecting this storm to hang around for days as we take a look at our
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picture this is just sh compa heart goes out to those that are in the path of that hurricane fog rolling in. you can see it there breezy evening foggy areas overnight warmer weather the next two days and we are looking at a cooler weekend with temperatures dropping below average once again, so today's highs were below average just like yesterday thanks to this trough that is pushing through the pacific northwest. we have a nice wind coming through the bay area here right now 30 miles an hour at sfo as far as the gusco 29 in san francisco. that's keeping things nice and fresh and clean good air quality out there temperatures right now 60s to 80s so really comfortable if you're stepping out hour by hour we go. we will have some fog pushing over the bay at 7 o'clock tonight. we already have it near the coast and it's gonna hang around tomorrow morning. we'll be dancing patches just like this morning and then it'll pull away and really everyone will pretty much see sunshine for your thursday. so those temperatures will respond by rising a few more degrees morning lows will be in the upper 40s to the upper 50s.
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watch out for that fog. that's the thing you need to look out for tomorrow afternoon. it is a beautiful fall day warm in mid to upper 80s mild near the coast. we'reki at 60s a from coast to d accuweather 7-day forecast. it's a warming trend for thursday with autumn warmth friday pushing those temperatures into the low 90s inland upper 60s coast side now saturday, we may see a little drizzle in the morning. certainly breezy afternoon and the temperatures drop off going into sunday cooler than average for this time of year, but don't worry those of you who like the warmth. it returns for the start of a new work week. we're looking at upper 80s inland upper 60s coast side, and then we're really bringing you mild fall weather. i mean when you're in the mid 60s to mid 80s, dan and liz, it's really quite nice. you almost feel guilty when you think about what those poor people are dealing with with hurricane ian. yeah, no come. we'll be thankful for what we have. that's right. thank you. our abc 7 is following breaking
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can get our live newscast breaking news weather and more with our new abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. it's on apple tv google tv fire tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and download it. well, it just got a lot easier for planes to get around oakland international airport today the port of oakland showed off the recently completed work to repave and upgrade the bravo and victor taxiways the 30 million dollar project will serve nearly all flight operations at the airport for the next decade and beyond actually officials. say the scope of the
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rehabilitation was immense. 48,000 tons of asphalt report for the pavement rehab over 103,000 square feet of paint was applied for airfield markings and over 78,000 feet of electrical cable was placed for airfield lighting. it's a lot bigger job than you would think right the project span more than 50 acres and was funded almost entirely from grants from the faa. all right, before we go. we're going to recap our breaking news in oakland that shooting at the king estate campus on fontaine street. here's what we know six people were hospitalized being treated for gunshot wounds at highland hospital and eden medical center three of them are in critical condition to our unstable condition and one has been released from eden medical this shooting happened this afternoon police say they are still looking for the suspect or suspects involved in the shooting. we will continue to keep you up to date but that's all for the moment. we appreciate your time. i'm dana ashley and i'm liz cory, it's our next newscast is 6pm, but if you are streaming a
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stay right here for more breaking coverage of hurricane, and if you're not d kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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tonight, breaking news. hurricane ian slams into florida as a category 4 hurricane. making landfall along florida's southwest coast. winds at 150 miles per hour. the strongest september hurricane in two decades. the images coming in at this hour of catastrophic damage. a life threatening storm surge along the coast. we're now seeing dangerous winds and massive flooding in fort myers. homes destroyed. elsewhere, cars disappearing under water. reports of families trapped. one on the second floor of their home. fire trucks trying to navigate through the deep waters. some communities suspending emergency operations, saying it's just too dangerous to answer calls. tonight, the power already out for more than a million custom


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