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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 29, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> the search for the person who opened fire on a school campus. students traumatize. the cause for the change for community and city leaders. >> tropical storm ian leaving a stream of destruction. the threat is not over yet. devastating wind and rain still coming down as ian is now heading up the east coast. >> the music industry mourning the loss of "gangsta's paradise" rapper coolio. thanks so much for being here. >> we are happy you are here. >> we are all together. thank you, appreciate the warm welcome on this thursday.
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>> it is nice, warmer this afternoon. temperatures going back a bit after a cool down yesterday. really limited cloud cover out there. a limited patch of fog along the coast line but otherwise dealing mainly skies. patchy fog in the east bay hills. waking up to the 50's if not 60's. 60 in hayward. 58 in san francisco, 60 right now in san jose. here's a live look outside the exploratorium camera showing you generally clear skies, patchy fog along the coast and in the east bay. otherwise, starting out on a pretty quiet note. temperatures in the 60's. i think a limited fog really burns off the morning pretty fast. a lot of sunshine this afternoon and a warmer afternoon. temperatures mid to upper 80's inland. 60's along the coast. warmer weather continues
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tomorrow. kumasi: the devastating mass shooting in oakland. students will not be returning to school campus today where half a dozen people were injured yesterday afternoon. >> we are working to get more information about victims. police have not said if they were students, teachers, or other staff members. they got the first calls just after 12:45 p.m. on fontaine street right next to the king estates campus. this is a campus that has a several schools but the shooting happened on the high school part of the campus. of the six people shot, two are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. one victim is non-life-threatening injuries. the campus will be closed today when the suspect or suspects are not arrested as of this morning. lena howland is following the story, joining us live with the latest. lena: parents still trying to comprehend has something like this could have happened,
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explaining that this happens in an area where their students entered the campus every day. they also helped paint a picture of some of the victims. one is this man, jason arbuckle, who didn't feel comfortable talking on camera, but tells us a bullet grazed his head and left some fragments behind. he and a crew were hanging a trophy display with the shooting broke out. other parents described a second victim who rushed to help after some of the shots were fired. his son goes to a charter school and campus and he describes what a security guard told him before going to the half of a gunshot wound. >> not only after getting shot that he not hide, but he ran to provide aid to a student who had four bullet wound to his back. and this student was saying he was going to die.
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still brave and had the courage to protect children today. and provide aid to another one that was shot and aim down. >> that security guard is going to be ok according to school officials. in total, six people who are all 18 or older were shot. at least two were students but police have yet to confirm that information. >> the school shooting cast a somber tone over the oakland unified school board eating. >> we share the grief, fear, hurt, and loss of the people who are injured and their families. and those who cared for them in that time of crisis. we are also grateful for the courage, responsibility and love expressed by all those who had begun to address the needs of our families and our community. kumasi: the meeting last night
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begin with the board president addressing the shortening and shortly after, students had a chance to speak for themselves. >> we need to stop this cycle of violence at our schools. young people and staff members should be a priority always. >> many of our students have felt extremely unsafe at their school. students should never have to express that they feel unsafe. every school site should make the utmost effort to ensure the safety of students and staff. kumasi: several parents also addressed the board about the shooting, many of them calling for the district to put maurice's -- more resources toward increased security and violence prevention on campuses. events are a sobering reminder that thousands of people have fallen victim to gun violence. whether you have lost a loved one, you have been a victim yourself, or are just feeling the emotional toll of the events, we have ways to help. go to
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>> overnight, hurricane ian was downgraded to a tropical storm the danger is still very real. the rain is still coming down this morning as ian is now headed up north. jobina: we don't have exact numbers, but one florida sheriff tells abc news there are confirmed deaths. just a little while ago, president biden flew to florida. about 150 miles per hour wind and record-breaking rainfall in some areas. for people who decide to stay behind, the extreme wind and flooding left them stranded with nowhere to go. >> at this point, everybody should be staying home or in the shelter. it only takes a couple of inches to stop a car so we were already expecting about 12-20 inches of rain.
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>> in fort myers, flooding submerged car and reached roots and treetops. the louisville river flooded downtown. the power is out to at least 2 million people this morning and utility companies are standing by with thousands of workers, but it could be weeks before power is restored. roads will have to be clear of debris before work can begin. kumasi: the storm is now heading north into georgia, the carolinas, virginia, all expected to be hit. >> overnight, daytona beach getting drenched as ian makes its way up to jacksonville. the mayor already closing three major beaches. trevor ault is in jacksonville. trevor: this thing is so big and the path so powerful that it is expected to march all the way across the state of order and dip back into the atlantic ocean and slammed into the coast here. the first coast, the atlantic ocean side of florida. so jacksonville is bracing for
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flooding that they haven't seen in several years. >> we've got like three high tides to make it through here. hunker down, sandbag. if you've got sandbags, put them up. if you are in a flood-prone area, just stay off the roads and hunker because here we go. >> meanwhile, the outer bands already affecting georgia. georgia governor brian kemp issuing a state of emergency. as residents stock up on essentials. >> i'm as ready as i can be. i live with lots of those old, live oak trees so i'm worried about all the branches coming down. >> governors also issuing state of emergency. although it is calm in raleigh, north carolina, resident arete about possible flooding and are ready to move some belongings. >> hopefully some of my recording stuff. i would be worried about that.
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kumasi: we have complete coverage of hurricane ian on the bay area streaming app. for live reports and the latest information, you can download the app for your apple tv, android tv, amazon fire, and roku. >> we are looking at the latest in what is now from the storm ian. it made landfall yesterday in the afternoon near fort myers, and then it weakens significantly. wind, 65 miles per hour but we are still seeing a lot of rain. look at the 24 hour rainfall map. this is why we are seeing catastrophic letting across a big swath of central border. areas close to a foot and a half of rain. orlando as well, more than a foot of rain over the past 24 hours and more is on the way as the storm slowly pulls away from florida to make another landfall lightly around charleston by friday evening.
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it will go back into open water, likely wind of 70 miles per hour moving toward south carolina. more likely into the early part of the weekend. back at home, a trough brought cooler weather. high-pressure will bring about a warmer day later on today. a nice afternoon, temperatures a little bit lower today compared to yesterday. a lot of sunshine today, 74 in the city, 81 in san jose. 88 in fairfield. a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon. that warming trend continues tomorrow. we welcome october with breezy and cooler conditions. first, let's check in with jobina to see about traffic this morning. jobina: a commuter alert right now, a 10 minute delay in the
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daly city direction, and this is due to some schedule track maintenance is morning. we will keep an eye on that for you and see if it slows down or goes away. live look at the san mateo bridge, we do have a wind advisory. at the moment, no major blocking issues. tracy to dublin, pretty average for that drivetime. antioch to concord on time. san francisco, 60 minutes. julian: this crash sparked this fire here that happened last night just before 10:00 p.m. the car started the fire and wiped out power to nearby areas. at least one person was taken to the hospital. the cause of the crash is still under investigation this morning. the suspect in that standoff that lasted hours now in police custody. > and the san jose school
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julian: welcome back. the domestic violence suspect is in jail this morning. joseph ramose ran inside the store early yesterday morning after leading police on a chase in what they say was a stolen vehicle. police were convinced that he changed clothes and sped up with customers but hours later they spotted himself lowering himself down from the ceiling. kumasi: in the south bay, opening arguments are set to begin in the corruption trial of santa clara county lori smith. she is also accused of withholding documents tied to an internal affairs investigation of her management and jails. smith denies these allegations.
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the trial of the first step that could lead to her being removed from office. even if smith avoids conviction, she plans to retire in january with her term ending. new developments with the man who was in prison for that 1968 assassination of robert kennedy. he has asked a judge to reverse governor gavin newsom's decision earlier this year to deny his parole. newsom says that he has not taken responsibility and 78-year-old is a threat to the public. his attorney says there is no evidence he is still a threat and is arguing newsom violated state law. julian: a san jose school security guard is under arrest, use of sexually assaulting a student. he worked at kip navigate college prep. police say the parent of a young girl found messages on her daughter's phone. through the investigation, officers determined he committed multiple sexual assaults. now, police are sharing a
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warning for parents. >> it is important for parents to monitor activity that your children are doing on the devices. often times parents now are handing a device to somebody and forgetting about it. there that are going into different apps that young people play. julian: we are showing you this photo here because san jose police believe there could be more victims out there. anyone who may have information is asked to call the san jose police department. kumasi: 5:16 and we want to check in with you, drew, for a look at the forecast. drew: how are you doing this morning? kumasi: i'm trying to reach my parents. drew: in florida. kumasi: so many people don't have power. drew: it is incredible. a lot of rain, and a lot of wind. thankfully, the storm is pulling away from florida and going up north. back at home, it is warmer today. enjoy some of the above average
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temperatures on this thursday afternoon. a live look from the east bay hills camera showing you some patchy fog out there. it is warmer than next two days and then this weekend, temperatures go the other way, below average. if you are headed to the giants game later on tonight, temperatures falling through the 60's. breezy conditions later on. first pitch at 6:45. right now, temperatures in the 50's and 60's. starting today, moderate air quality, 70 these and 80's, a bit warmer. 60's along the coast. 76 mountain view. downtown, mid 70's. mid-60's along the coast in the north bay, looking nice. good air quality. warmer today. 84 in napa, 83 in vallejo. into the east bay, a lot of
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sunshine from berkeley to oakland to union city at 78. inland, air quality, mid to upper 80's later on today. 85 walnut creek and 88 in fairfield. limited fog, barely any fog on the shoreline, mainly clear skies moving away from the coast but temperatures will be falling through the 50's. we could see a little bit of dense fog along the coast, but all in all, the morning is decent thanks to high-pressure. other weekend temperatures drop to below average. a nice-looking weekend breezy both saturday and sunday and next week, mild fall weather but temperatures near average for october. julian: rapper coolio well known for his hit song "gangsta's paradise" has died. he was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of a friend's home in los angeles yesterday. the cause of his staff has not yet been revealed.
5:19 am
mark brown has more on his life and death. >> ♪ as i walked through the valley of the shadow of death i take a look at my life and realize there's nothing left ♪ >> coolio's gangsta's paradise, the number one hit from 1995. the song was featured in the soundtrack of the movie "dangerous minds." michelle pfeiffer issuing a statement. our broken to hear of the passing of the gifted artist. a life cut entirely too short. he won a grammy for his brilliant song on the soundtrack which i think with the reason our films are so much success. i remember him being nothing but gracious. 30 years later, i still get chills when i hear the song. sending love and light to his family." born in 1963, his family moved from pennsylvania to compton. he started rapping at the age of 15 and new that by 18 it would be his career. his 1995 album made him famous.
5:20 am
along with his grammy, he earned six nominations. he had a career as an actor, voiceover artist and producer. despite the occasional brushes with the law, he was well-like in the entertainment industry in his hairstyle became part of his trademark. >> coolio, is that something you alter yourself, that you cut a little nibs out of the sides or what? >> is depends on the date. >> he was at a friend's home. paramedics responded to a medical emergency around 4:00 p.m. and found him unconscious. >> we attempted to provide medical assistance to him but he did not survive. >> no felt like? >> we don't --no foul play? >> we don't see any association with criminal activity. >> social media erupted. ice cube saying i witnessed firsthand this man's rise to the top of the industry. snoop dogg tweeting simply "gangsta's paradise.
5:21 am
rip coolio." just months ago, he celebrated his one billionth stream of "gangsta's paradise" on youtube. >> yo, we just hit one billion. i want to thank everybody for all the years of love. i hope i got you through some good times and got you through some bad times because you got me through some. julian: that was mark brown reporting for our sister station in los angeles. kumasi: i was sad to hear about this. julian: another hip-hop icon gone way too soon. 59 years old. kumasi: all of his songs feel like a part of my childhood. julian: one of the biggest songs of the 90's right there. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. julian: and millions of tax dollars in question. why one of the worlds biggest
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school campus. we know at least six people were hurt and the shooting happened right next to the campus yesterday afternoon. investigators say the shooting broke out on the high school part of campus. julian: a student will not be returning to school this morning. the campus will be closed today during the ongoing investigation. kumasi: parents calling for more resources for security and violence prevention on campuses. separately, several oakland city council members have called for immediate action to address the violence. julian: hurricane ian has been downgraded to a tropical storm overnight. the storm made landfall yesterday as a powerful category four hurricane. there is widespread flooding and millions without power this morning. georgia, south carolina, and north carolina within just days.
5:25 am
drew:drew: back here at home, it is all about sunshine, a warmer afternoon. quite nice around the shoreline. mid to upper 80's along the coast. kumasi: number six, a scheduled maintenance is causing several delays on several lines. the good news is it is just about 10 minutes but it is going to be antioch and consistent that san francisco lines impacted in those same directions as well. kumasi: number seven, vice president harris visited the demilitarized zone overnight that separates north and south korea. harris met the south korean president to talk about the threat from north korea, peace in taiwan and the economy. julian: shakira has been ordered to stand trial in spain for alleged tax fraud. andrew dymburt has the details in today's first look. andrew: this morning, one of the biggest superstars in music. ordered to stand trial on six counts of tax fraud. shakira is accused of failing to
5:26 am
pay 14 point 5 million euros in taxes on income earned between the two years from 2012 to 2014. >> if you have a domicile, you owe taxes. domicile is defined as being there for more than half the year. >> a representative for shakira has stated she primarily lived in the bahamas, not spain, projecting a possible plea deal, saying she has always cooperated and abided by the law. demonstrating impeccable conduct as an individual and a taxpayer. gma will have much more on shakira's upcoming legal battle coming up at 7:00 a.m. kumasi: apparently, dogs can smell when humans are stressed. this is according to a study published in the journal. researchers collected sweat samples from subjects before and after a stress inducing exercise. when dogs were presented with the exercise sample and two
5:27 am
borderless ones, the dogs identified the post-stress exercise sample nearly 94% of the time. julian: dogs really do know. coming up here, a new twist in the war in ukraine. the move by pressure that is now being called a sham by the white house. kumasi: and it is 5:27. we will be right back.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: the investigation into a shooting at a school campus in oakland has sent a half-dozen people to nearby hospital. the search for the suspect this morning and the reaction from the community. kumasi: and live in florida where people are waking up to tropical storm ian. good morning, everyone, it is thursday, september 29. julian: we want to start with a check of the forecast with drew timme. drew: watching santa rosa and nevada very closely. the valleys of the north bay typically this time of the morning to have that fog settling in. right now, temperatures are waking up to numbers in the 50's and low 60's. outside, it is a clear view. and a lot of sunshine today, the big takeaway.
5:31 am
a warmer afternoon. upper 70's on the shoreline. julian: classes are canceled today at the oakland school campus where six people were hurt in a mass shooting. this morning, the gunman has still not been arrested by police as we are learning more about some of the victims. lena howland is joining us. we know at least one of the victims, a school security guard. lena: in total, six people shot. one parent says at least two our students but police have yet to confirm the information. the shooting happened right next to the king estate campus in oakland which houses several schools, but investigators say the shooting happened on the high school part of campus. one person shot was an unarmed security guard who is expected to be ok. they say after he was shot, he chose not to hide, but rather to
5:32 am
provide aid to someone believed to be a student who was lying on the ground, reassuring him that he was not going to die. parents we spoke with upset over the violence and hopeful that an arrest is made. >> it saddens me when he told me because he said dad, i thought they were firecrackers. there should not be bullets flying through the halls of the school. hitting people. >> another victim is this man, jason arbuckle, a carpenter with oakland unified. he didn't feel comfortable talking on camera but tell us a bullet grazed his head. he and a crew were hanging a trophy display case when the shooting broke out. police have not revealed if the victims were students, teachers, or other staff members. because of the situation, officials decided to cancel classes for the day on the campus in oakland. kumasi: in the wake of the
5:33 am
shooting, there are demands for change. many across oakland including several who showed up at the scene. >> six victims shot on a school campus makes 10 straight days of gun violence in oakland. >> this is on our watch. we have to work with our partners to make sure the schools are safe places for children to come to. >> a councilmember is also running for oakland mayor. she was among the crowds of people who rushed to the campus after the shooting. she says for her, the shooting proof that the city has not invested enough in programs and initiatives to help children succeed. >> particularly in this part of our community. children are taking matters into their own hands, doing things in way that are not healthy to resolve conflict, and that is what we are seeing today. >> despite all the rhetoric around school funding, things won't change in oakland if students can't relate to those who are in charge. >> we have to have people in the
5:34 am
schools and on this campus that these kids are relatable to. you can't just have anybody dealing with these type of traumas that these kids face. you have to come from that. >> the shooting comes a day after the police chief announced new measures to tackle gun violence. >> this is a problem. in 2021 and 2022, we've seen almost a doubling of violent crimes victims that we are seeing here at our facility. >> james jackson is the ceo. >> something has changed. i grew up in oakland. this is not the oakland that i grew up in. we have got to do differently, we have got to do better. >> enough is enough. this must stop. >> the head of the open teachers unions as gun violence is not limited to oakland. because a national crisis.
5:35 am
he joins others calling on city leaders, religious organizations and community groups to come together to put an end to gun violence. >> this doesn't define us, it doesn't define the school district, doesn't define the city. kumasi: local leaders are giving their reactions on twitter to the oakland school shooting. the gun violence shocks the soul. our schools are sanctuaries for our children. governor gavin newsom saying it yet again, our kids are in the crossfire. this cannot continue. gun violence has taken too much from our communities. and barbara lee of east bay adding gun violence is a public health emergency. we must treat it as one and ban assault weapons, require stricter background checks, and much more. thousands of people have fallen victim to gun violence. if you are dealing with the
5:36 am
impacts of gun violence, there are ways to help. julian: now to the devastation left behind after hurricane ian slammed into southwest florida. this morning, downgraded to a tropical storm overnight, but there are still extremely dangerous conditions including flooding and life-threatening storm surge. the wind so intense it blew this camera over. justin finch live in tampa. we saw at some points yesterday it was tough to stand up. >> at least the rain has let up and will likely be with us. it is too soon to give the all clear, that tropical storm ian is still strong enough to ravage some areas of the state. >> astonishing sights out of southwest florida where ian made
5:37 am
landfall as a forceful, category four storm. whipping up walls of water, leaving just the tops of cars visible. just more than one hour later, those same cars completely covered. the water rising to reach street tops and roofs. the colusahatchee river flooding into the downtown area. south, snatching down power lines. naples fire department fighting to rescue this trap driver. this map showing how much of this area has been flooded by storm surge with ian still raging. christopher garcia has lived in naples for nearly 30 years, recording this video at the water creeps up. >> inland flooding, the
5:38 am
deadliest component of hurricane for the past 30 years, as ian loses strength. >> the danger is real. when the storm passes, the federal government is going to be there to help you recover. >> fast tracking disaster relief resources. georgia, south carolina and north carolina also declaring state of emergency with ian forecast to move their way in just days. >> that is right, the path now on the eastern shores of florida, georgia and the carolinas. forecasters say when it hits the area, it has the potential to re-intensify, possibly reaching hurricane watch for georgia and south carolina. back to you. kumasi: thank you, justin. governor newsom has until tomorrow to sign or veto dozens
5:39 am
of bills. he backed legislation that he hinted he might reject. the bill offers more protection for voters in union elections. a group held a 24 day march from the state capital, rallying support for the bill. the governor announced near the end of the march that he would not sign the bill as it was. now, governor newsom has agreed to clarifying language to be passed next year. while in san francisco yesterday, the governor also signed a legislative package design to tackle the california housing crisis. he backed two bills to allow for more affordable housing in underused commercial areas typically reserved for retail and parking. julian: the kremlin's is vladimir putin will move forward to annex four regions of ukraine occupied by russian forces. >> thank you. these areas being annexed for
5:40 am
part of a sham vote that the white house is denouncing. and this morning, the scramble to get out of pressure shows no signs of easing after president putin announced last week plans to draft 300,000 men to help fight in ukraine. we are also hearing from people leaving the country, people like dimitri who says he spent seven days trying to escape his homeland. >> i don't want to kill people and i don't want to be killed. i don't need this war. i don't support putin. >> at the mass exodus continues, the white house is preparing to add new sanctions on the pressure and also renounced another package of weapons" and for ukraine. the european commission president is calling on the 27 member countries to also administer more sanctions, accusing rush of an illegal attempt to grab land and change international borders by force.
5:41 am
kumasi: a city council meeting turns heated and now, one councilmember is accusing another of assault. julian: and you only turn 101 years old ones. you might as well go big with the celebration. coming up, the birthday girl who got. first up, check back in with drew timme for a look at the forecast this thursday as we continue to track. drew: ian is a tropical storm with win 65 miles per hour. from fort myers all the way through orlando, we see anywhere from a foot to a foot and a half of rainfall over the last 24 hours. it is about to enter open ocean waters. it will strengthen a bit but lightly remain a tropical storm as it makes it heard landfall over the past two days. next landfall likely somewhere on the coast of south carolina, likely having friday evening and again, a lot of rain and wind coming our way with this storm
5:42 am
if you live in the charleston area. back at home, it is a nice picture, quiet outside. really good visibility, the bay bridge, part of the east bay already out there. starting out in the 50's and 60's, warming hour-by-hour into the 60's and low 70's. a nice day. lunch time looking ok. lots of 70's on the board. and warmer afternoon today compared to yesterday. 70's for a lot of us around the shoreline. mid to upper 80's for concord, antioch. san jose at 81 degrees and the warming trend continues tomorrow. temperatures go down for the start of the weekend. that complete forecast in about eight minutes, but first, let's see how traffic is on this thursday. jobina: the delays have escalated a bit. between 10-20 minute delay this morning due to scheduled track work. looks like the 20 minute delays
5:43 am
are in the daly city direction. antioch and san francisco, all of those lies are impacted this morning in various directions because of the track maintenance. a live look right now, those headlines -- headlights are traveling westbound for you. we do have a wind advisory, a live look in san jose. also, clear conditions in that area as well. giving you an overall view of the map, you can see drive times are going to be slow coming out of tracy. the highway four commute in the westbound direction a little bit
5:44 am
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with bats... and ghouls ... and cars in disguise. (laugh) i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! (laughter) the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! (laughter) kumasi: welcome back. on the peninsula, there is a major tension at daly city city hall after a city councilmember accused another councilperson of assaulting her. this brought on a police investigation.
5:46 am
zach fuentes has the accusations and the response from the councilmember. >> this regularly scheduled council meeting turned out to be anything but routine. >> i am distraught. because councilmember -- assaulted me. >> she accused her fellow councilmember of assaulting her and forcing her to go to the hospital before the meeting. digiovanni spoke out immediately after, denying the allegations, saying she herself has been bullied, though she didn't clarify by whom. >> i vehemently deny that i did anything to assault and that this is politically motivated, because i would never do such a thing to anyone. >> so what is it she is being accused of? we spoke with her and her attorney. she says it started when they both went to a conference room at the same time monday. dark i was walking out and she
5:47 am
slammed the door on me while i was exiting. >> we reach out several times and have not heard back. a spokesperson for daly city police confirmed without that there is an active investigation into the allegations. they said in part that due to it being an active investigation, no greater details are being released. this picture she says is of a bruise she got when the door was slammed on her. >> it is very painful still. the doctor said i can't lift anything heavy. >> she had her attorney are calling for an internal investigation into the assault and say she will likely be filing a workers compensation claim. we reached out to the daly city assistant manager as well as the mayor and other council members and have not heard back. at this point, they say that they are not filing a lawsuit, but she says she wants to hear more from her fellow councilmember. >> have the decency to step up
5:48 am
and tell the truth. julian: it just got a lot easier for passengers and commercial planes to get around the national airport. the airport showed off the recently completed work to repave the taxiways yesterday. the $3 million project will serve nearly all operations at the airport for the next decade and beyond. officials say there was a lot of work done. >> 38,000 tons of asphalt poured for the pavement we have. over 130 thousand square feet of paint was applied for airfield markings. over 78,000 feet of electrical cable was placed for airfield lighting. julian: the project spanned more than 50 acres and was almost entirely from grants from the faa. kumasi: a hard-working hero who recently ended her stork career is marking another milestone.
5:49 am
middle school announced the 101st birthday celebration for the woman that the school is named after. she had been the nation's oldest national park ranger. she spent more than two decades as a park guide. during yesterday's celebration, she visited classrooms, meeting the students, and got to see some of the exhibits on campus that honor her life. look at this picture. >> it means that the children who come here, we believe they -- kumasi: one year ago, the unified school district renamed the middle school to mark the 100 birthday.
5:50 am
i always love to see her. she was in the pride parade. i lost it. she was just driving through, minding her business. julian: i love it when you can actually give someone their flowers when they are still with us, not when they are gone. 100 and one, that is amazing. drew: i think they honored her for being the oldest dignitary in the parade. julian:julian: i believe it. kumasi: she has done so much. she sang. drew: what you've seen over 100 years. a lot. good for you.
5:51 am
happy birthday. this morning, just a little bit of fog. here is the east bay hills camera. we have really good visibility. some locally dense fog in the north bay. santa rosa, that is about a mile and a half this morning. elsewhere, the marine lair is not much of an issue. warmer weather today, tomorrow, and then the weekend, a little bit of a cooler pattern set up for saturday and sunday. 50's and low 60's, 58 in san ramon. a trough over the west coast, high-pressure building in today bringing out warmer weather this afternoon. highs today, 70's and 80's for the south bay. moderate air quality in the south bay today. 70's and 80's from san mateo to river city. mid-60's close to the coast. mid 70's for downtown later on today.
5:52 am
86 in santa rosa, 85 in sonoma, 83 in vallejo. the east bay, moderate air quality. a lot of sunshine mid to upper 70's. a little bit warmer today compared to yesterday. 85 pleasanton, 86 livermore. saturday and sunday, a bit breezy, and then we find mild fall weather for much of next week. julian: thank you. coming up, a popular food item level likely surge in price again, this time thanks to hurricane ian. >> and one of the most well-known movies. back to the theaters. how you can see "the bodyguard" on the big screen. julian: and we are taking a live look outside right now. the nightly across the golden gate bridge.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
kumasi: this is the best movie news of the day. whitney houston and kevin costner started in this romantic thriller, "the bodyguard" is coming back to theaters for the 30th anniversary. julian: let's boost her mike here. kumasi: please don't go when i go. this was her film debut and what would go on to be the best selling soundtrack album of all time.
5:56 am
it is coming back to cinemas on sunday, november 6, wednesday, november 9. all the songs. and then, a 30th anniversary release. julian: let me get my final. kumasi: the showtimes and the tickets are on the website. i love this movie. julian: i think a lot of people are going to see it in the theaters. kumasi: at least for people who want to sing. the sing-along showing. drew: how many times have you seen this movie? kumasi: five at least. drew: i've seen it a lot. i didn't know it was a dolly parton song. i was corrected by a lot of people. it is a good song. outside, a beautiful morning.
5:57 am
take that layer with you. later today, a lot of sunshine. these temperatures are really nice. 80's in the warmest spot inland. enjoy. julian: we will take a short
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, six people
6:00 am
hurt when gunshots rang out near an open school. police say the shooting may have been targeted. this morning, officers are searching for at least one of the people involved. julian: ian downgraded to a tropical storm, still extremely dangerous and leaving millions in the path of heavy rain and flooding. the president approved disaster relief for florida, as many are starting to pick up the pieces and clean up the damage. kumasi: the moment a man falls onto the tracks, gets run over by a train. this is a lot for this morning, but he is alive and is talking about what happened. goodness. julian: the fact it was caught on camera, too. good morning and thanks for being here. kumasi: a lot to get you caught up on, we want to start with the forecast. drew: a little bit of fog, we warm up this afternoon. the issues in the valleys of the north bay, santa rosa down to 1.5 miles. fog


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