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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. is abc 7 news? we are tired. of recognizing that despite the heroic efforts at local levels. that we cannot solve this epidemic of gun violence one of those shots. grazed me went in my head. oakland mayor libby schaaf and shooting victims speaking out following a shooting at a school in east oakland. we first brought you this breaking news yesterday and tonight police. say the six shooting victims were not the intended targets but innocent bystanders going to school or working at the king estate campus on fontaine street when the shots rang out good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm dionne lynn. you're watching abc 7 news at five right here on abc 7 hulu
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live and wherever you stream. well right away abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns joins us now with the very latest on the shooting investigation yeah, tim walk us through what investigators are saying. yeah, dan dion now police really reinforcing today that this is still an ongoing and active investigation 24 hours later. there are still a lot of unanswered questions one key thing that we learned today though was that of those sets people who were shot? none of them were actually the intended targets. we're all learning that over 30 rounds were filed at rudsdale high wednesday in east oakland at a virtual press conference this morning oakland police confirmed that the original call for the incident came in around 12:45 in the afternoon after their arrival police determined that shooters did not appear to be on the sprawling campus. that's home to three schools including rodsdale. the campus was placed on lockdown law enforcement believes. they were at least two shooters and one accomplice. maybe more the shooting is thought to have been targeted and gang related rodsdale high along with the other schools on king estates campus remain close thursday. they will at least for the time
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being remain closed because of the fact that we have to repair a lot of damage on that campus that occurred yesterday. now no arrests have been made and police say they haven't yet identified the shooters or their connections with the school and one other thing that police did tell me today. was that the shooting occurred near the entrance of the high school? however, it is unclear whether the doors were locked. i'm in our newsroom today tim johns abc 7 news. all right tim many. thanks the abc 7 news i team is making a bombshell discovery tonight. yeah, apparently law enforcement sources tell us school officials have sent text messages to shooting victims instructing them not to talk to police. yeah again stunning dan noises here with an investigation. you'll see only on seven dance. well, dan and dion i'm hearing it's a pattern and some parents of the school are worried that a lack of action by school officials after previous incidents may have led to this escalation in violence. law enforcement sources tell the abc 7 it oakland police
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investigators have obtained text messages from the shooting victim's phones in which rudsdale school officials. tell them not to cooperate with police during an online news conference. i asked oakland police chief lauren armstrong about my information. i will say our investigation will be thorough it will be complete and we will exhaust options to figure out what happened on this campus, but at this time i will not speak to any evidence that we've recovered at this time. he would not deny it but oakland unified school district spokesman john sasaki did if you're asking me if our school told students not to talk at least that is not correct former oakland city council president ignacio de la fuente tells me his connections inside the police department. tell him rhodesdale school officials have a history of failing to protect students and the oakland unified has not done enough either if you remember the school district used to have their own police then opd was serving some of the schools campuses. they actually threw him out because they didn't want uniform police officers and their campuses this things happen
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because we allowed them to happen and my law enforcement sources tell me this is part of a disturbing pattern by officials at that school a lack of cooperation with police, especially after one troubling incident just a few weeks ago a kid was stabbed. he was bleeding. he was -- to walk a gun was discovered school and yet the school district did nothing about it police confirm in august a student was stabbed and pistol whipped at the school and my police sources. tell me that rudsdale obstructed the investigation the school officials recovered the gun using the attack, but kept it from police for hours until finally turning it over in a ziplock bag sources also say the school would not let police perform follow up interviews with students school officials saying they had it under control. the news is so frustrating especially for parents whose children live through the shooting yesterday mario juarez. the son is a 15 year old sophomore at baitek a charter school in that same king estates campus.
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he saw innocent said that i thought it were firecrackers. it makes me cry because i wish they were firecrackers. sources tell me police know who the suspects are from that previous event on investigating if they're responsible for yesterday's shooting some police personnel are angry and their words people got shot. they didn't have to dan. yeah. all right, dan. thank you very much you well following yesterday's shooting some in oakland are saying that perhaps the push to defund the police went a little bit too far and may have contributed to the spike in crime. the city is now experiencing abc 7 news reporter liam. melendez is in the newsroom with why redirecting millions to violence prevention programs has been so slow to show results the end. well, you know, i think that consensus even after this shooting is that oakland will never allow security measures in schools. like for example metal detectors heavier security presence, you know if you remember in 2020
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oakland started to move towards alternative programs other programs. today people feel that the transition from policing to more crime prevention methods needs more time. june 2020 a large group in oakland demanded that the school district's police department be eliminated. it was in part in response to the murder of george floyd by police in minneapolis. we are no longer asking for anything. we are demanding it and we are taking it police have to go within days the school board complied with the public's request a year later the oakland city council voted to divert 18 million dollars in funding from its police department to violence prevention programs the youth employment program in east oakland would be among some of the recipients of the money.
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here's council member noel gallo back in 2021 for me. it's more where do i appropriate the dollars that i have from the taxpayer to serve the community. this is gallo recently addressing the violence in oakland. we need to provide all the means necessary for public safety including protecting our children at school. we asked the former chief of the oakland unified school district's police department if yesterday's campus shooting could have been avoided have they still been active the answer is no we could not have avoided it. remember we didn't have police officer stationed in every school. we would have responded to the call just like copd responded to that call oakland. he believes is going through a tough transition. period that involves implementing more violence prevention programs that do not include police. the problem is is there's a long history of distressed with the community and with police. angela gutierrez is with youth alive that organization has 13 so-called violence interrupters. they received some extra money from the city. those are the people that can
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make real change. have been there. they know what it's like to live here in oakland and deal with this reality every single day and those kids are more likely to how could you say they're more likely to connect with them trust them and learn from them? with the live was in the process of hiring a violence interrupter to be placed at rossdale newcomer where the shooting occurred so, you know, we were curious. what are those violence interrupters doing right now after this shooting? well, i was told that they are in the community working with families affected by gun violence even even this most recent one now trying to diffuse any kind of conflict to make sure there is no retaliation. in the newsroom leanne melendez abc 7 news leanne. thank you certainly events, like yesterday's shooting are sobering reminder that thousands of people have fallen victim to gun violence whether you have lost a loved one have been a victim of gun violence yourself or feeling the emotional toll of these incidents we have ways
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that we can try to help you a lot of resources for you visit action moving on bart is getting back on schedule after an earlier delay at the dublin pleasanton station at about 1:30 this afternoon, please responded to reports of a suspicious device inside the station blue line trains were diverted and riders head to use a bus bridge but police gave the all clear pretty quickly and the station reopened just about an hour later oakland school shooting victims a recovering and some are back home tonight. you're going to hear about one man's brush with death and florida is feeling ian's fury tonight as it gains hurricane strength again. stay with us. is 7 news at 5 will be right is 7 news at 5 will be right back your heart is the beat of life. if you have heart failure,
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rudsdale high school shooting is an ouusd carpenter who was working on installing a glass display case inside the school when the shooting started abc7 news reporter loose p i spoke to the worker who was grazed when a bullet sped past his head. this is a story you will see only on abc 7 loose. deon and dan his maintenance worker said prior to the shooting his team was working inside the school with power tools. he said he was loud, but they heard the first two gunshots a new it was time to take cover. from his hospital bed. jason orbuckle is speaking for the first time. he went from working on a trophy
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case inside this oakland school to hiding from gunfire nice thing, you know about 12:45. i know because i called 911 gunchester ever hanging off her. sorry down the ground real quick and then as i'm dipping down, i guess two more shots went off and one of those shots. raised me went in my head as i'm turning what in the back of my head and came up front under my scalp and the students actually said man. you're bleeding everywhere. you just bleeding everywhere jason remembers hitting the floor as he kept hearing gunshots go off around him. he found refuge inside a bathroom teacher came. i was like, hey is anyone in there? and i said, yeah. i'm in here. percentage shot he goes. oh my god. come on. we got a classroom. we got other other people that have been shot to you know, it's secure it's locked down i said, okay and then they just took me in here. we call us walking into a classroom with a teacher and hearing students panicking. he said at least one of those
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students had been shot the guy who started like taking me underneath the sink rinsing my head trying to get it, you know cleaned up and then you start like taking something carrying it and wrapping my head up like a bandage. jason is now thinking that teacher for wrapping a cloth over his head to stop the bleeding and lucky. i'm here alive to talk about it. wasn't my time to go yet my time. i'd be laying there on the floor, but it ain't my time as he recovers. he can't stop thinking about the five co-workers who were next to him. one of them was also shot. i am worried about my co-worker and he was shot possibly through the end. i'm more worried about him than me because i know i'm fine. doctors told jason this morning. they were unable to remove all the bullet fragments from his head. there's a chance he might have to undergo surgery in the future. he was released from the hospital this afternoon now as for his co-worker who was shot we reached out to his family,
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but have not received an update on his current health condition loose peña abc 7 news still such a long road ahead. all right loose thank you ian has strengthened into a hurricane again and is headed toward the south carolina coastline expected to make landfall on friday. perhaps in the charleston area. meanwhile in southwest florida. there is a rush to rescue people after many decided to try to ride out the storm instead of evacuating at least seven. people are dead and there are fears that number is going to climb much higher ian crashed ashore with potentially deadly storm surges that swamped naples and the fort myers area. we were prepared for quite a storm of this magnitude.
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we were hoping it would dodge us it didn't it worse the water started coming into my home. fritz it's estimated more than two million homes and businesses are without power right now. devastation is not limited to just the gulf coast torrential rains also caused flooding in the red cross dot we'll be pacific gas and electric fire victim trust announced a 117 million dollar settlement today where settlement payments like this are usually covered by insurance. it will go to victims affected in the 2017 north bay and 2018 camp wildfires the corporations officers and directors were accused of careless oversight on safety measures prior to the fires. both fires caused 129 deaths combined and a total of 398,000 acres destroyed. a much more to come including california's historic drought that may not be ending anytime soon. but experts say they do have a couple of reasons to be optimistic that story next.
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from officially recording its third straight year of drought but experts say we are likely heading into a fourth year and that could be even longer abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes has more on the steps being taken to save water in the bay area. california's new water year starts october 1st and the battle to fight against the drought at this point still seems never-ending our scientists our climatologists predict that as we move into the
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winter. we can expect another fourth dry year. and this current drought is only a couple of years after the worst drought in modern history between 2012 and 2016 secretary of the california natural resources. agency wade crowfoot. spoke at google's bayview campus in mountain view the site's water and energy infrastructure is considered a prime example of sustainability though crowfoot says the future of the drought is daunting. he says there is a slow trickle of hope that has brought officials waves of encouragement bay area residents are stepping up. leading the state in conservation answering this water agency's call and water agencies from throughout the bay area to reduce their use and i my message here today is thank you and keep it up. but crowfoot says we're not going to conserve our way out of the drought and governments and communities have to step up valley water in santa clara county says, it's been working to diversify how it's bringing water to the community. they've also recently announced that they're increasing enforcement measures for those
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who violate a state band that prevents commercial sites from watering decorative lawns. they say the band can save the equivalent of water use by more than 700,000 homes, and they're offering rebates of up to 100,000. it's the businesses would just their landscaping to be drought resistant. you don't have to be a large global company to take advantage of these rebates small and medium sized businesses can as well, but the call to keep the conservation efforts up is also unresidents means individuals homes businesses. we all need need to fight the drought together we need to say yes to saving water and mountain view zack fuentes abc 7 news. all right. well no rain in the forecast. no, they're not but meteorologist sandy patel is here to tell us what we can expect for the weekend sandy. yeah, we're gonna have a nice looking weekend ahead. dan and dion i do want to touch upon the drought situation. so as we take a look here the latest monitor coming out today no change from last week exceptional droughts still covers a good part of the central valley and extreme drought but you will notice here in the bay area no change either
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from last week. we're still in a severe drought the inland areas are starting to kind of get into that extreme drought. so no situation. the situation has not changed. obviously. it's a complete opposite situation back east where hurricane ian has regained strength. you can see the outer bands a moving through parts of the caroline is just barely touching the carolinas. i should say. it's a category one now, so it went to a tropical storm and then re-strengthened over the warm waters of the atlantic 75 mile an hour winds barely holding on his historic storm. did some catastrophic damage in florida, i mean we're talking about record-breaking rainfall and storm surge a number of reports multiple reports of flooding high tides warnings are now in effect as that storm is eyeing the carolinas and georgia so they have hurricane warnings tropical storm warnings flood watches wind advisories. it is expected to strengthen a little bit more category one tomorrow afternoon as it starts to move into south carolina quickly weakening over the
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weekend, but they are going to have to deal with flooding rain life threatening storm surge. and of course strong winds when you take a look at the rainfall totals parts of south carolina, we'll be looking at five to seven inches isolated up to a foot here in the bay area really nice looking day. we have gentle breeze sunshine from all of our tower cameras low pressure that kept the temperatures below average moving on high pressure building in and with more of a northerly gradient. we have seen our temperatures responding so anywhere from three to nine degrees warmer compared to 24 hours ago. it's still really nice right now. 60s to 80s not too hot not too cold from our san jose camera bright skies right now fog returns to some areas overnight warming trend continues tomorrow. it's going to be a cooler weekend with below average temperatures. so the fog will be right near parts of the coast and around the bay tomorrow morning. it's a shallow layers. so watch out it may be dense and patches to start the day. your morning numbers will be in the 50s afternoon highs tomorrow. you're looking at low 90s
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inland. so warmer than today 60 east coast side and the accuweather seven day forecast. it's a warm fall afternoon tomorrow cooling begins over the weekend, but you'll notice after the weekend drop off. it's just minor fluctuations in the temperatures from the 60s 70s beaches to the 80s 90s inland next week. so really deon and dan we have nothing to complain about it is absol. smoothly stunning fall weather here in the bay area favorite time of year for the weather. yes. thanks and coming up. san francisco's iconic fleet. week is fast approaching the plan in place to keep the festivities safe next.
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roku apple tv and google tv as well. just search abc 7 bay area and download it when you have a moment, but finally tonight monday marks the start of fleet week here in the bay area always a fun time ahead of all of the events organizers are offering a reminder about safety along san francisco's waterfront. yeah, always a good reminder and today the officials from various law enforcement agencies offered tips on the best ways to enjoy fleet week events celebration draws thousands of visitors into san francisco officials say it is important for groups to have a safety plan in the event of an emergency, but have a plan once you arrive if you do get separated where you're gonna meet up and certainly if you see something if you see anything that you see think is out of place we have we're all familiar with with the saints saints see something say something. well fleet week returns with its traditional disaster preparedness seminars parade of ships and the blue angels air show it runs october 3rd through the 11th. always a great time.
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yeah, looking forward to it. all right world news tonight with david muir's next. we appreciate your time. as always. i'm dan ashley and
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tonight, from florida, a special edition of "world news tonight." the deadly aftermath, hurricane ian and its devastating path across this state. te terrifying images now emerging from inside the storm as ian made landfall. winds up to 150 miles per hour, ripping apart homes. tearing them to pieces in seconds. the catastrophic storm surge setting records here. wiping out homes and entire towns. homes carried away by the rushing waters. and now the scope of the devastation coming into focus. communities under water. house fires spotted from the air. sections of the sanibel causeway washed away. debris filling the streets in every direction in fort myers. tonight, there are water rescues under way across the state as we come on the air. crews pulling people from flood


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