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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 29, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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better. a team to find out how we can do better for oakland for kids and for the future of the bay area. we're going to begin with abc 7 news reporter loose pena and a story that you're going to see only on seven a story of survival loose. dan walters maintenance worker you're about to hear from said that prior to the shooting. he was working inside the school with power tools. he said he was loud, but they heard the first two gunshots anew it was was time to take cover. from his hospital bed. jason orbuckle is speaking for the first time. he went from working on a trophy case inside this oakland school to hiding from gunfire nice thing, you know about 12:45. i know because i called 911 gunshots start over hanging off her. sorry, sit down on the ground real quick. and then as i'm dipping down, i guess two more shots went off
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and one of those shots. raised me went in my head as i'm turning one in the back of my head and came out front under my scalp and students actually said man. you're probably never were you you're just bleeding everywhere jason remembers hitting the floor as he kept hearing gunshots go off around him. he found refuge inside a bathroom teacher came. i was like, hey is anyone in there? and i yeah. i'm in here. i said a good shot. he goes. oh my god. come on. we got a classroom. we got other other people that have been shot to you know, it's secure it's locked down i said, okay and then they just took me in he recalls walking into a classroom with a teacher and hearing students panicking. he said at least one of those students had been shot. the guy who started like taking me underneath the sink rinsing my head trying to get it, you know cleaned up and then you start like taking something and tearing it and wrapping my head up like a bandage. jason is now thinking that teacher for wrapping a cloth over his head to stop the bleeding. that's happy and lucky.
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i'm here alive to talk about it wasn't my time to go yet my time. i'd be laying there on the floor, but it ain't my time as he recovers. he can't stop thinking about the five co-workers who were next to him. one of them was also shot. i am worried about my coworker and he was shot possibly through the end. i'm worried about him than me me because i know i'm fine. doctors told jason this morning. they were unable to remove all the bullet fragments from his head. there's a chance he might have to undergo surgery in the future. he was released from the hospital this afternoon now as for his co-worker who was shot he reached out to his family, but have not received an update on his current health condition loose peña abc 7 news lucky man. thank you louis very much. that worker was one of six people who were wounded. the shooting happened just afternoon at the king estates campus which houses several schools abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns continues our live team coverage tonight and tim give us
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an idea with the latest on what happened here. yeah, dan, you know police really reinforcing today that this is still an ongoing and active investigation with a lot of unanswered questions, even though we are 24 hours out one thing we did learn today though. was that of those six people who were shot? none of them were the intended targets? over 30 rounds were firedt rudsdale high wednesday in east oakland. that is wholly unacceptable. we thank god that many more students were not injured as a result of this action at a virtual press conference thursday morning oakland police confirming that the original call for the incident coming in around 12:45 in the afternoon after the arrival police determined that shooters did not appear to be on the sprawling campus. that's home to three schools including rudsdale. the campus was then placed on lockdown overall six people with connections to the school were shot two of whom remain in serious condition two of the victims are students one is a counselor one is a security guard and two others work at the
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school law enforcement believes. they were at least two shooters and one accomplice, maybe more the shooting is thought to have been targeted and gang related rodsdale high along with the other schools on king estates campus remains close thursday. they will at least for the time being remain closed because of the fact that we have to repair a lot of damage on that campus that occurred yesterday. no arrests have been made and police say they haven't yet. identified the shooters or their connections with the school, but while the community waits for answers oakland leaders are calling for federal action to help sten the epidemic of gun violence across america, and so once again, like so many other mayors in america. i call on the obstructionists in congress. to take real action. against this unbridled psychosis of violence in our country not police also telling me that the shooting happened at the entrance of the school. it is unclear. however, if the doors were
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locked or not, i'm the newsroom tim johns abc 7 news much appreciated tim. thanks. another disturbing headline about the shooting at oakland is coming from the abc 7 news. i team tonight law enforcement sources. tell us that school officials have sent text messages to shooting victims instructing them not to cooperate with police. hard to imagine. dan noyes is here with an investigation. you'll see only on 710 dan and dion. i am hearing that this is a pattern and some parents at the school are worried the lack of action by school officials after previous incidents may have have led to this escalation in violence. law enforcement sources tell the abc 7 it oakland police investigators have obtained text messages from the shooting victims phones in which rudsdale school officials. tell them not to cooperate with police during an online news conference. i asked oakland police chief laron armstrong about my information. i will say our investigation will be thorough it will be complete and we will exhaust
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options to figure out what happened on this campus, but at this time i will not speak to any evidence that we've recovered at this time. he would not deny it but oakland unified school district spokesman john sasaki did if you're asking me if our school told students not to talk at least that is not correct former oakland city council president agnostio de la fuente tells me his connections inside the police department. tell him rhodesdale school officials have a history of failing to protect students and the oakland unified has not done enough either if you remember the school district used to have their own police then opd was serving someone to school campuses. they actually threw him out because they didn't want uniform police officers and their campuses this things happen because we allowed them to happen and my law enforcement sources tell me this is part of a disturbing pattern by officials at that school a lack of cooperation with police, especially after one troubling incident just a few weeks ago a kid was stabbed. he was bleeding. he was -- away a gun was
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discovered school and yet the school district did nothing about it police confirm in august a student was stabbed and pistol whipped at the school and my police sources. tell me that rudsdale obstructed the investigation the school officials recovered the gun using the attack, but kept it from police for hours until finally turning it over in a ziplock bag sources also say the school would not let police perform follow up interviews with students school officials saying they had it under control. the news is so frustrating, especially for parents whose children live through the shooting yesterday mario juarez. the son is a 15 year old sophomore at baytek a charter school in that same king estates campus. he saw innocent said that i thought it were firecrackers. it makes me cry because i wish they were firecrackers. sources tell me police know who the suspects are from that previous event and our investigating if they're responsible for yesterday's shooting and late today. the school district sent me an
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email that says in part our school staff at rudsdale and other schools do not obstruct police investigations. i'm posting their full statement at abc 7. dan dion, obviously this will continue to develop as we go along exactly. thank you dan. yeah. thank you. well abc 7 news item reporter stephanie. sierra is digging into the police response and recent staffing changes that may have impacted response time. she joins us live in the newsroom now with what she found out today stephanie. hi. yes deion. the i team has actually just learned that a 2020 report from the oakland unified school district identify that the four schools that make up they king estate's campus needed upgrades in their security and alarm systems. now this paired with cuts to police staffing has oakland city council members questioning whether changes need to be made to better respond to investigators searching for at least two shooters and an accomplice who they say breach the front of oakland's redsdale continuation high school and
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opened fire. we're not sure at this point how they entered at the door was unlocked or it was already open. those are the things that will confirm within our investigation oakland police chief. lauren armstrong says, it doesn't appear the suspects used any tools to break into the school. according to ousd's 2020 facilities master plan. the district has identified 88 school sites, including seven high schools where security and alarm systems will be upgraded, but it's unclear from the campus safety plan how the district requires schools to secure building doors. we're reviewing what was in place as we are, you know, kind of regular basis reviewing security measures that are in place at all of our schools, but oakland city councilman, lauren taylor a district's unarmed school resource officers certainly wasn't enough. i also know that one of the schools the charter school bay tech did have their own security guard in place to help support
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their population, but clearly we didn't have the resources. necessary to prevent this and we've got to do better resources have been cut in several ways this year ousd eliminated its police force at the same time opd cuts staffing specifically 41 officer positions suspended who were assigned to surge 911 response to help reduce emergency wait times in addition to another nine officers cut who were assigned to the traffic enforcement unit. we do need to have as many bodies as possible available from what's budgeted oakland needs to do better oakland city. councilman. noelle dio says opd has enough funding to be adequately staffed yet. the department is still 55 officers short the money send the budget reality is i want to make sure i take care of my youngsters in school in 2018 ousd's board of education pastor resolution that required school staff to be trained to respond to active shooter threats the
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district told abc 7 teachers adhere to those rules. immediately went on lockdown the staff especially but also the students acted heroically yesterday the people who were not directly affected not injured were protected and safe and that the people who were directly affected injured were getting care very very quickly. now records show that active shooter training had to be done just a mere week and a half ago and the district did confirm school staff has completed it and as for that report, we found the reward than 747,000 worth of needs for updated security and alarm systems on campus. the i-team stephanie sierra abc 7 news. all right, stephanie. thanks now if you have a story for the abc 7 news i-team, you can always go to abc 7 slash i-team or give them a call 1888-40i team some in oakland are saying that perhaps the push to defund the police went too far and may have contributed to
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the spike in crime. the city is now experiencing abc 7 news reporter lee. ann melendez is in the newsroom with a more and why redirecting millions to violence prevention programs. leon has been slowly to show results. well, dan, you know, we talked to people in the community. i think that consensus even after this shooting is that oakland will never allow security measures in schools, like for example metal detectors a heavier security presence etc. remember in 2020 oakland started to move towards alternative programs. and today people feel that that transition from policing to more crime prevention methods needs more time. june 2020 a large group in oakland demanded that the school district's police department be eliminated. it was in part in response to the murder of george floyd by police in minneapolis. we are no longer asking for anything. we are demanding it and we are taking it police have to go within days the school board complied with the public's
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request a year later the oakland city council voted to divert 18 million dollars in funding from its police department to violence prevention programs the youth employment program in east oakland would be among some of the recipients of the money. here's councilmember noel gallo back in 2021 for me. it's more where do i appropriate the dollars that i have from the taxpayer to serve the community. this is gallo recently addressing the violence in oakland. we need to provide all the means necessary for public safety including protecting our children at school. we asked the former chief of the oakland unified school district's police department if yesterday's campus shooting could have been avoided have they still been active the answer is no we could not have avoided it. remember we didn't have police officer stationed in every school. we would have responded to the call just like bopd responded to that call oakland. he believes is going through a tough transition.
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iod that involves implementing more violence prevention programs that do not include police. the problem is is there's a long history of distressed with the community and with police. angela gutierrez is with youth alive that organization has 13 so-called violence interrupters. they received some extra money from the city. those are the people that can make real change. they been there they know what it's like to live here in oakland and deal with this reality every single day and those kids are more likely to how could you say they're more likely to connect with them trust them and learn from them youth alive was in the process of hiring a violence interrupter to be placed at rossdale newcomer high where the shooting occurred so we were curious. what are those violence interrupters doing right now after this shooting i was told that they are in the community working with families affected by gun violence. even this most recent one trying
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to diffuse any kind of conflict to make sure there is no retaliation in the newsroom leanne melendez abc 7 news. let's hope there's not leanne. thank you very much. obviously, this is a very important story and we'll keep you informed about how the survivors are doing and whether the suspects have been caught you'll find the updates on our website and through our abc 7 bay area app. i'm meteorologist sandia patel hurricane ian getting ready for another landfall. i'll have the very latest path plus to look at which direction our temperatures are going here locally as we head into the weekend when abc 7 news at 6 weekend when abc 7 news at 6 cont don't mind me. i'm just the flu. i'm quite harmless, really.
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that contours to the body to relieve pain right where it hurts. and did we mention, it really, really sticks? salonpas, it's good medicine. ♪ hisamitsu ♪ salonpas, it's good medicine. after an earlier delay at the dublin pleasanton station about 1:30 this afternoon police responded to reports of a suspicious device inside the station blue line trains were diverted and riders had to use a bus bridge but police gave the all-clear quickly and the station reopened about an hour later no more problems. all right moving on to the weather now. yeah, ian which went below
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hurricane strength is now back up to hurricane strength and sandia patel's tracking it very closely. i guess it's headed toward more lands. and yeah, it is headed towards the carolinas and it is going to make another landfall. so let's look at live doppler 7 right now you will notice that dan and deon outer bands of rain already starting to move on shore near charleston, south carolina. there are numerous hurricane watches warnings tropical storm warnings flood watches wind advisories for much of the mid-atlantic states. it's a category one hurricane. it was a tropical storm, but regain strength as it moved over the warm waters of the atlantic right now win 75 miles an hour moving to the north northeast at 10:00 as you will notice category one strengthening a bit before it makes it second landfall across the region there rainfall totals are going to be upwards of five to seven inches isolated totals up to a foot it caused devastation in florida record setting storm surge and rainfall totals on the order of one to two feet. it's not going to be quite as
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severe across the carolinas, but certainly and georgia but certainly is going to cause life-threatening storm surge and flooding in winds dion dan. we will continue to follow very closely sandia. thank you. scientists are predicting california's drought won't be ending anytime soon. abc 7 news was at google's campus in mountain view as the secretary of california's natural resources agency delivered the news. he said the bay area is stepping up by conserving water and enacting restrictions to get people to cut back. however, it may feel like the drought will never end our scientists our climatologists predict that as we move into the winter. we can expect another fourth dry year. and this current drought is only a couple of years after the worst drought in modern history between 2012 and 2016. now some local agencies are even offering incentives to encourage conservation valley water in santa clara county has rebates of up to a hundred thousand
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ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. cheering at the closing bell, but there is not much to cheer about stocks dropped further today reaching levels. not seen since 2020 the dow lost more than 450 points closing at 29,225 the nasdaq down 314 the s&p dropped 78 we have officially recorded a second consecutive quarter of economic contraction one indication of a recession inflation remains near its highest level in decades stocks are down gas prices are up as you know, and now california is no longer the only state with a plan to stop selling gas cars in a few years
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time a new york announced today. it will also require that all new vehicles be zero emission by 2035. they will gradually ramp up to that 100% goal the first benchmark 35% of all new cars sold need to be zero emission by 2026 in new york. that's the same milestone. they are targeting here in california earlier this year abc 7 just took a deep dive into this topic to stream, california dreaming the road to zero on demand right now. just go to the california dreaming section on the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app or when we return public response to fentanyl and the opioid overdoses could dealers face murder charges state and city leaders plans to prevent drug deaths and next what could stop gun violence in oakland like the school shooting we saw yesterday inspiration coming now from another california city stay
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters,
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the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. we're getting more information tonight about the shooting on an oakland school campus that injured six people police.
6:29 pm
say the victims were not the intended targets to have the victims or students one is a counselor one is a security guard and two others work for the school district oakland's police. chief says there were at least two shooters and accomplice and more than 30 rounds fired on campus so far no arrests have been made. that is wholly unacceptable. we thank god that many more students were not injured as a result of this action. police did tell abc 7 news. the shooting happened near the entrance. there are actually three schools on the campus located on fontaine street near keller avenue, including rudsdale high school, which has two programs a continuation high school and school for newcomers to the country the campus remains closed. now the shooting is again raising concerns about the prevalence of gun violence in oakland abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry looks into the bigger issue here. the shooting near a school this week is another violent episode in the city involving guns in
6:30 pm
2022. oakland has seen 96 homicides and only seven of them have not been shooting. there are a lot of ways they can get them. they don't have to walk into the store and buy guns, you know, they're on the streets anybody can get a gun. our main thing is to try to figure out how to stop them from getting them brenda grisham with oakland violence prevention admits guns are right now in the hands of the wrong people in oakland, it's too big of a problem to figure out how to stop it all together. they're too readily accessible oakland police say they have recovered over 1,100 guns this year, but shootings are still happening oakland has programs in place like operation ceasefire and the violence prevention coalition, but could the city do more to stop gun violence, san diego says their implementation of gun restraining orders has kept their city safer. let us look at it and if there's nothing there nothing will happen, but if there is something there we will do that san diego city attorney mar. elliot says they have issued 950 gun restraining orders since they first started the program
6:31 pm
in 2017. it stems from the state's red flag laws, which allow people to seek restraining orders for people who may use a gun to harm themselves or others. she says that is 950 people who could have used a gun for violence the process begins with law enforcement and what we tell people is if you see something say something just don't take a chance. we'll investigate it and if we believe that there is a potential for gun violence, then we will intervene and we will ask the court to review a situation san diego has not seen nearly as many homicides as oakland through june of this year. the homicide rate in oakland is 12.8% per 100,000 people while san diego has seen only 2.1% according to the abc 7 data team city attorney elliott acknowledges. there are differences between the two cities but doing more to get guns off. the streets is something she thinks other cities need to do i think that it is our responsibility to keep our community safe and islands restraining orders have proven that they are an effective tool for doing that in oakland ryan
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curry abc 7 news obviously yesterday shooting is traumatic for students involved whether they saw or heard part of the incident or not. so how can the adults in their lives help them process? what happened? we talked with an expert about that on our 3 pm program called getting answers for a young children specifically. we wanted to decide what we want to share with our young children, you know, we might even ask how much of this information do they need to know so as to protect them from a certain level of anxiety. if you or someone, you know needs help dealing with trauma you can find a local ally by going to abc 7 news com slash take action. winning arguments took place today in the corruption trial of santa clara county sheriff, lori smith. smith's office is accused of trading concealed weapons permits for donations to her reelection campaign. she's also accused of withholding documents tied to an internal affairs investigation of her management of the county
6:33 pm
jails smith has denied those allegations. the trial is the first step that could lead to her removal from office. even if smith avoids conviction she plans to retire in january when her term ends the parent company of facebook meta is about to do something it has never done before cut the budget bloomberg reports that ceo mark zuckerberg outlined the plans today to employees saying the company will reorganize teams freeze new hiring and reduce staff. that would be the first time ever for any of that currently more than 83,000 people work from meta, which is based in menlo park. new developments now a nonprofit finally got the money. it was owed from a ticketing platform. you may remember we told you a week ago about san francisco's musical theater works, which put on the music man back in may now they've been waiting ever since then to receive 14,000 in ticket proceeds from brown paper tickets today, the executive artistic director told us they
6:34 pm
have received the money. they're not the only group though to go through this struggle brown paper tickets, which is based in seattle has been sued by the washington state attorney general and has an f rating from the better business bureau. san francisco faces a raging fentanyl and opioid crisis and today city leaders announced some big steps to try to crack down on drug sales. here's abc 7 news reporter suzanne fawn with the city's plan. is a life and death situation fentanyl is killing people fentanyl uses plaguing the streets of san francisco and tearing apart families. jackie. berlin is with mothers against drug addiction and deaths my son. corey is an addict on the streets of san francisco, and i'm always very concerned about his safety out there san francisco district attorney brooke. jenkins is pushing for murder charges for fentanyl dealers linked to fatal drug overdoses. i think that's a great idea and it's only going to help the issue on the streets of having
6:35 pm
two deaths a day from fentanyl with ongoing overdoses from fentanyl with new and deadly variations now on the street, like rainbow fentanyl berlin agrees with the da's aggressive get tough on crime policy. there's no exact science about it dealer can sell some really weak fentanyl one day and the following day sell really strong fentanyl and kill somebody meanwhile assembly member matt haney of san francisco today. announced the creation of an 11-person bipartisan committee on fentanyl overdose prevention and opioids while focus on three issues public health response to opioid addiction the response of law enforcement to the sale of opioids in fentanyl and current medical practices for treating opioids and fentanyl addiction also today public discussion about the department of public health's first ever overdose prevention plan ss supervisor dean preston's district includes the tenderloin he believes the new plan offers some hope i was
6:36 pm
particularly glad to see a commitment to opening multiple wellness centers that will offer drop in low barrier overdose prevention services fentanyl killed 6,000 people in california last year according to the department of public health according to sfda jenkins. there are no pending drug cases so far that could face murder charges and she admits it won't be easy for police to trace and overdose back to a seller but she hopes it will investigated in more cases in san francisco suzanne fawn abc 7 news just ahead holmes destroyed and lives lost. hurricane. ian is wreaking historic levels of destruction on florida tonight a look at where it'll hit next and what is his left behind?
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florida, it's the result of hurricane ian, which is expected to make landfall in south carolina tomorrow. at least nine people have died and more than 700 people have
6:40 pm
been rescued since ian hit florida yesterday as a category 4 storm now california's office of emergency services just dispatched a crew of five people to help at shelters and may send more if needed reporter gloria pazmino shows you what it's like in fort myers, florida. there's really no words that i can say to tell you what i seen the fort myers beach area buildings major major homes and buildings completely washed away with vehicles in the water vehicles in the bay. boats are upside down tied as the fourth most powerful hurricane to hit the sunshine state ian blasted ashore wednesday. shy of category 5 storm the amount of water that's been rising and will likely continue to rise today even as the storm is passing is basically a 500-year flood event residents now getting their first glimpse at the scope of the damage very flooded. it's ruined completely ruined the fridge is on the floor. the couches are turned upside
6:41 pm
down. the toilets are on the floor many residents still trapped in their homes. you kind of find yourself in a position where where you're totally powerless what dozens of houses still underwater search and rescues are now underway. we currently have a hair aircraft in the air with the florida national guard actively pulling people off of roofs in fort myers and as ian continues its destructive march across florida parts of the east coast are getting pummeled. it's not only for my payments for everybody. 's terrified for everybody. it's not only all our trailers. it's half of cape coral. it's half of everywhere in fort myers. i'm gloria pass me. no reporting. well you too can help people affected by hurricane ian your donation enables the red cross to prepare for respond to and help people recover from this disaster. just head to red to donate we're enjoying mild weather here at the bay area.
6:42 pm
sandia has your seven-day forecast that's coming up next and the pacific air show. is this saturday and huntington beach and you can watch all the high flying action live on hulu the show features stunt performances parachute drops vintage military aircraft even an experimental flying car. that should be pretty cool plus a show stopping finale from the world famous us air force thunderbirds celebrating the 75th anniversary of the air force a million people will crowd the sand of surf city usa for an event like no other i'm just hanging on for dear life. here we go back on and rock and roll the airspace is yours. you could like reach out and touch them it felt like and unbelievable. well, they have the smoke. i mean this makes it look so incredible. wow, beautiful area out there standing job, please pass that along to the boss.
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actually got a little spicy there. wow, that's quite a view there. pretty cool. don't miss pacific air show live saturday at 11am only on hulu check that out and stay here with with us. we'll be right back. new salonpas lidocaine flex. a super thin, flexible patch with maximum otc strength lidocaine that contours to the body to relieve pain right where it hurts. and did we mention, it really, really sticks? salonpas, it's good medicine. ♪ hisamitsu ♪
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which sanofi flu vaccine in the forecast not a seem to be yeah, that's true. meteorologist sandy patel that rain. we had a couple weeks ago was nice sandia it was and you know the good thing that it did was add more moisture to the fuels. so dan and dion that does help with our fire danger around this time of year with the offshore winds. the offshore winds are not that strong, but certainly look at the drought situation. that's not good. so no change from last week our drought monitors showing you much of california in the central part of the state under extreme to exceptional drought we of course have not seen any change here in the bay area. we're in a severe drought the eastern edges are starting to get into that extreme category
6:47 pm
now, so that is concerning hopefully next month or the month after we'll start to see some rain and things will change good air quality though right now with just absolutely beautiful weather santa cruz camera showing you some people are out running walking on the beach blue skies out there and we do have good to moderate air quality right on through the next three days. so if you have outdoor plans you're good to go today high pressure building in behind that departing trough that brought us the warmth the down sloping northerly wind. we're going to continue that warming trend tomorrow. so up to 11 degrees warmer. in fairfield today up to eight degrees warmer right now in hayward compared to 24 hours ago sun shining in the financial district of san francisco. it is 68 here in the city low 70s, palo alto oakland 77 in san jose and a live view from our mount tam cam a little bit of haze as we look back towards the city 82 in santa rosa mid to upper 80s from concord to fairfield a gorgeous shot from our emeryville camera. you're looking at the sun getting ready to set fog returns to some areas overnight warming trend continues tomorrow, and we
6:48 pm
do have cooler weather with below average temperatures for the weekend if you're stepping out tonight, maybe you're running some errands still pretty mild at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning starting out with 50 60s as we head into the afternoon. you will start to notice those temperatures inland popping up into the 80s and 90s even around parts of the bay. it's going to be a warm one morning numbers will be in the 50s 60s watch out for some areas of dance fog first thing in the morning near the coast and around the bay tomorrow afternoon temperatures higher than today 87 morgan hill, san jose on the peninsul. 84 redwood city 68 in pacifica downtown san francisco. how about 75 a nice breeze right along the coast north bay 87 in san rafael 88 in santa rosa 86 vallejo. the sun will be shining in the east bay. it's going to be a mild to warm 180 degrees in oakland san leandro inland areas. you're going to be above average for this time of year a warm 191 in concord 90 in livermore, san ramon 88 degrees accuweather seven day forecast will call it warm fall weather for your friday cooling begins for the
6:49 pm
first weekend of october mid 60s to mid 80s and next week for fleet week festivities. i mean, really you can't ask for better weather. it's just going to be a minor warm-up terrific sky conditions for the blue angels to get up there and for us to all enjoy the views, i mean we have, you know, perfect you. the rooftop here. that's true. yeah and dan. thank you, sandia. all right moving on to sports and apparently you don't need a body language expert per se not exactly. no. i've been studying the video like, it's me, but if you're a good lip reader stick around we may need your services. what did jimmy g really say? was he talking about his coach plus the warriors getting ready to play in japan. hopefully not against sumo wrestlers because you can't move him an s
6:50 pm
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larry beale good evening. we're only three games into the season the 49ers already have so many issues injuries and anemic
6:53 pm
offense now, we've got a lip reading controversy really just imagine coach kyle shanahan. he's prepping for a big monday night showdown with the rams and he's asked if he's watched the video of his quarterback muttering something maybe about him jimmy garoppolo had a handful of costly blenders in the denver game the fourth quarter pick into triple coverage among them, but the video that people are talking about right there. jimmy seems to be saying your plays suck man. is that it worked something completely different? i have no idea. maybe it's a reference to shanahan. the ball never should have been thrown that we're talking about. anyway regardless today the coach addresses the lip reading it was frustration with our whole team. first of all, i've clipped to me is a joke and so on kimberly were talking about it. we are extremely frustrated from the whole game and any time you are doing well in the first half move in the ball and you get in a second half and you have three turnovers on three of your drives. you have a safety on one and you convert a third down.
6:54 pm
is real frustrating to get anything going. dan and dion confirm exactly. what was said? yes scientific now, it's been proven. we got niners rams monday night football rematch of the nfc championship game kickoff monday night 5 pm here on abc 7 about the warriors in japan to play two exhibition games with the wizards. that is a friday 3 am tip off on nba tv if you want to watch or maybe dvr as part of the trip, the dubs tested their strength against a sumo wrestler part of the fun and festivities the splash brothers taking on a former grand champion, yokozuna. hakuosho steph curry could not move him an inch. imagine if show was setting screens in the pick and roll. i mean that's going to be a deadly set play thompson. yeah. good luck. the dubs excited about a quick trip to tokyo. so the nation we are here check it in tokyo, japan. to do a team picture at the tokyo tower get our trip started
6:55 pm
off, right and we headed to practice so it's good. on a baseball the central valley's aaron judge hit home run number 61 of the season last night tying. another yankee roger maris for the most in american league. history maris's son has been watching the chase with judge's mother patty. there's been some chatter that when judge hit 62 that that should be the real record and not barry bonds 73 because of the steroid scandal. well last night maris jr. said judge deserves the record because he is clean, you know should be revered for hitting 62 home runs and not just as a guy who did it in the american league. he should be revered for, you know, being the actual single season home run champ. i mean, that's really who he is if he is 62, and and i think that's what needs to happen. i think baseball needs to look at the records and i think baseball should do something. 68 years ago today one of the greatest catches of all time game one 54 world series the polar grounds willie mays 460 feet over the shoulder catching
6:56 pm
a vic wertz drive. oh, by the way, there's a new hbo documentary on maize premiering in november funniest part of this story. is that the pitcher don little was brought in specifically to face vic wertz and when he came out of the game your reportedly said, well, i got my man. yeah, thanks to willie mays, but he said that without lip reading right. i'm so glad you guys here confirmed what we thought was on the video is really on the video pretty clear. it's yes, i can't imagine what else it was. oh there may have been more. maybe maybe not caught by the camp good stuff. all right. we'll see. yeah, i've got something else to talk about exactly. thanks larry. yeah. coming up tonight on abc 78 clock. it's celebrity wheel of fortune that's followed by the movie hocus pocus at 9 o'clock. and of course stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00 and reminder abc 7 news is always streaming 24/7 you can get the abc 7 bay area app and join us wherever you want wherever you happen to be.
6:57 pm
all right. well, that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm dion limb and i'm dan ashley for sandia patel. larry beale all of us here. we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and we'll see you again 11. maybe we'll do some more lip reading for you. have a nice night. it
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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