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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 30, 2022 12:37am-1:06am PDT

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♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, ian. the first look at the catastrophic path of destruction. >> we were hoping it would dodge us, it didn't, it got worse. >> hundreds trappe in their homes. >> we floated all the way up to the ceiling, a foot of air left. >> the dramatic rescues and dire warning. >> this could be the deadliest hurricane in florida's history. >> it's not over. ian regaining strength and taking aim at the carolinas. plus -- >> we're back! >> "hocus pocus 2." nearly 30 years ago, the now-cult classic cast a spell on fans. now the sanderson sisters, played by bette midler, sarah
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jessica parker, and kathy najimy are back for more in a long awaited and highly anticipated sequel. >> have she and her sisters mellowed some? >> yeah. >> there's that. >> inspiring a whole new generation of fans. and lizzo's flute. sparking and hitting a historic note with an unlikely instrument. as someone living with type 2 diabetes, i want to keep it real and talk about some risks. with type 2 diabetes you have up to 4 times greater risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. even at your a1c goal, you're still at risk ...which if ignored could bring you here... ...may put you in one of those... ...or even worse. too much? that's the point. get real about your risks and do something about it. talk to your health care provider about ways to lower your risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. learn more at life is busy. so, come to shell and get three things done at once.
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♪ good evening. thank you for joining us. hurricane ian is one of the most powerful storms to ever strike the u.s., cutting a deadly path across florida. the wiped out neighborhoods and businesses and left millions in the dark, turning streets into rivers and trapping hundreds. abc's chief meteorologist ginger zee is in ft. myers, one of the hardest-hit areas. >> reporter: we spent most of the day here at the siesta bay rv park. there are 900 homes, that boat into the home. almost all of them look like this, debris everywhere. the flooding, the actual surge, came three miles from the open ocean right into here. homes had everything floating inside. people barely surviving. and one thing that i noticed as we walked through, there is no telltale "x" on the front.
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the one that tells you, this home has been checked. we saw a welfare check, now there's crime tape in front of it. so this just tells you the scope of the problem here and how much response has yet to be done. >> our thanks to ginger. tonight we're getting the full scope of the damage. miles and miles of destruction visible from nearly every angle of the state. communities littered with debris, entire buildings washed away. florida's governor described the flooding as a 1 in 500-year event. tonight, as hurricane ian churns up the eastern seaboard, the full extent of the damage now revealed. the storm slamming into the florida coast as a category 4 hurricane with 150-mile-per-hour winds and a record-breaking 12-foot storm surge. >> somebody's rv came in our backyard. that's our pool. that's our deck. that -- that was my house.
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my house is gone. >> reporter: this time-lapse showing how quickly the water inundated ft. myers. the hurricane destroying houses, wiping out roads, trapping people in floodwaters. a least nine people have been killed. but the death toll is expected to rise. hundreds more rescued. lee county was the hardest hit. the sheriff's office releasing this video showing the devastation. ginger zee rode out the storm in ft. myers. >> our ears are popping. we are in the eye wall of hurricane ian. the surge, the winds have come onshore. there was a pool below us, it is covered. >> reporter: today residents share their harrowing stories of survival. >> we floated on a bed all the way up to the ceiling. only a foot of air left. >> reporter: halle b. and her cat all in any that's left after their home was decimated. >> take me right here -- this is your home? >> it was. i am the stupidest woman.
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i'm from florida, i went through andrew. irma. i decided to stay. did not know it was going to be a 4 and a 5. >> are you in shock still? >> i probably am, now that i'm looking at everything, knowing that i don't have a home. i have a beautiful yellow mustang, and i put her way up at the hill back there. but i'm sure she's, unfortunately, destroyed. 2004. so i don't have a home. i don't have a car. i don't have a job because i used to clean these units. >> so you lost -- >> i'm homeless. and scared. >> in this neighborhood alone, there are hundreds of homes. you can see from our drone there, each of these took on at least 12 feet of water. they are all total losses. so many people losing their homes. not just in this neighborhood, but if you look at the telestrator that i have that i can draw on here, the water came from way back there. almost three miles from the gulf of mexico.
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>> reporter: president biden approved a major disaster declaration for the entire state. >> that means the federal government will cover 100% of the cost to clear debris and for all the costs the state has to do, has to engage in, and expend to save lives. >> reporter: tonight, florida governor ron desantis assuring residents that help is on the way. >> we're also bringing more into the region, more ambulances, more food, water, and ice, more generators, bringing in more tarps, bringing in kits for parents of infants and toddlers to give them ten days' worth of support. >> reporter: one area in need of that help, sanibel island, the one road in and out is destroyed. many families have not heard from loved ones who rode out the storm. >> we don't know where she is. so i think the biggest concern is we just don't know. we don't know what happened, at this point. and there's no way to find out. >> reporter: chris daly hasn't heard from his mother, marianne, and her husband, since tuesday.
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>> she's wonderful. well, she's my mom, right? she's -- she's -- she's light, she's happy, she's fun. you know. but she's also a little set in her ways sometimes, i think. you know. and -- you know, my brother, my sister and i are just worried sick about her right now. >> reporter: he saw these coast guard photos of sanibel, showing rescues and some buildings still standing. he hopes his mother is safe. >> i think, you know -- if i -- if i had access to a boat on the west coast, i'd be there. >> reporter: many who didn't evacuate say the storm was far more powerful than they could have imagined. >> weren't prepared for a storm of this magma attitude. we were hoping it would dodge us, it didn't, it got worse. >> reporter: joel and his family hunkering down on the third floor of his home after water levels climbed the two floors below. >> there's the bed.
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i can see -- i mean, it's -- there's doors. >> reporter: bonito springs, a group of good samaritans rescuing an elderly man from a flooded vehicle. in naples, kimberly walker talking about the moments water began seeping into her home. >>o be a lot more, a lot more, a lot more. it didn't matter what you did. the water started coming into my home, mid-thigh. i knew i had to get out. >> reporter: walker and her dog forced to swim across the street to a neighbor's house. >> the center was probably about up to here. and running really fast. i can wash my clothes but i can't replace my dog or my life. >> reporter: as the storm moved east, orlando was next in its path. 106 residents of this nursing home had to be rescued when rising floodwaters entered the facility. the south carolina coast now under hurricane warning as the storm creeps north. back in florida, chris daly got good news.
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he learned his mother marianne and husband jerry are safe. hopefully the first of many loved ones to reconnect. >> time will tell. hopefully it's not going to be as bad as everyone thinks it's going to be. i think there's going to be a lot of rebuilding happening. i hope anyone who's looking for a loved one in the area -- good luck. we turn now to a group of volunteers hoping to connect other families with their loved ones. abc's victor oquendo spent the day with the cajun navy. >> reporter: tonight, sanibel island cut off from the rest of florida after being hit with what the governor calls a biblical storm surge. we're standing on what was the causeway into sanibel. that bridge was the only way no or out. you can see a huge chunk of it collapsed, washed away during the storm. now the only way to get to people who are still on the island, boat or helicopter. those rescues now under way on the island. as they are throughout the state.
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we set out with one group of volunteers. >> this neighborhood in ft. myers is completely flooded. i'm on a boat right now with the cajun navy. they got word three people were trapped inside one of these home records we're going to take a look. >> cajun navy's here! >> reporter: eva and leo stranded over 24 hours. >> give me your hand. nice and easy. >> reporter: following her out, her dog and mother, aurora. they were hunkered down together. >> the three of you rode out the storm together? >> yeah, we did. >> holding onto the dog on top of the car. >> reporter: standing on top of that car for three hours. three hours watching the water rise. what was that like? >> scared to death. scared to death. i thought i was going to die right there. and the car was -- was, like -- wiggling while we're both holding on.
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>> reporter: they were able to make it back inside where they waited for rescue. finally back on dry land. >> oh my god! >> oh my god! >> reporter: son michael waiting for them with a big hug. that was completely unexpected. the family didn't know michael was there, we didn't know michael was waiting. i asked him, what was it like to finally see them after everything they'd been through? his mom jumped in and said, he just told me how much he loved me and he never does that. great to see that family reunited. >> our thanks to victor. ian is moving away from florida but it's still a menacing and powerful storm. here's abc's trevor ault in jacksonville. >> reporter: it looks like the last bands are moving offshore but it's been a battle in eastern florida since well before sunrise. the combination of the heavy rainfall that moved in from central florida along with this storm surge brought in along the atlantic coast, it led to significant flooding in places
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like st. augustine, it led to water rescues in daytona beach. while finally ian is moving offshore, it's now gathering steam in the atlantic ocean. it has georgia and south carolina in its sights. we could be looking at another day of destruction tomorrow. byron? >> our thanks to trevor. up next, "hocus pocus 2." >> lock up your children! yes, salem, we're back! >> the sequel nearly three decades in the making. i prep without pills. with apretude a prescription medicine used to reduce the risk of hiv without daily prep pills. with one shot every other month, just 6 times a year. in studies, apretude was proven superior to a daily prep pill in reducing the risk of hiv. you must be hiv negative to receive apretude and get tested before each injection. if you think you were exposed to hiv or have flu-like symptoms, tell your doctor right away.
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now to the "hocus pocus" sequel fans have waited decades for. bette midler, sarah jessica parker, kathy najimy say the sanderson sisters are still wicked and wacky. >> lock up your children! yes, salem, we're back! >> when you popped in the teeth, did it feel like -- >> i've popped in those teeth over the years many, emtimes. it's official, the witches are back. the dynamic trio, bette midler, sarah jessica parker, kathy najimy returning for "hocus pocus 2." it's been 30 years since the original. what was that like -- >> don't we look good, 30 years later? >> reporter: in the 29 years since they cast their spell on us all -- >> and now you're mine! >> reporter: "hocus pocus" has
12:56 am
delighted children and their families. >> oh, come on, it's just a bunch of hocus pocus. >> reporter: the halloween staple following the sanderson sisters -- winfred, sarah, mary -- as the magical trio ran amok in salem. >> amok, amok, amok, amok! >> reporter: the now beloved original movie wasn't a box office hit, but thanks to cable reruns and streaming, "hocus pocus" conjured up new generations of fans. this wasn't a runaway hit in the beginning. how shocked were you that it took off? >> when it migrated to television and they played it at halloween week, or played it the night of halloween, then they played it the week of halloween, then they played it two weeks before, three -- suddenly it was a full month, suddenly halloween became a thing. >> it's been 30 years, so generationally what's happened is, this generation has grown up and handed it off to their kids who then handed it off to friendships. the other thing i think is special and meaningful is the audience is incredibly diverse.
12:57 am
>> reporter: so much has changed for the three actresses since shooting the first film. midler was already a bona fide movie star with two oscar nominations and hits like 1988's "beaches." najimy had just costarred with whoopi goldberg in "sister act." sarah jessica parker hadn't yet become carrie bradshaw on "sex and the city." your kids weren't even born -- >> i wasn't married. >> my daughter. >> your daughter was here. when did your kids begin watching the film? did they love it as much as other people? >> i think sam mijas seen it once and really liked it. >> we have to steal their souls. >> whoa, wait, can we talk about this? >> so the first time around, the witches seemed to be a little creepier, maybe a little meaner. have winnie and her sisters mellowed some? >> i have children. >> yeah, there's that. >> my husband said, "boy, you were mean." i was so proud.
12:58 am
>> that's beetles. find something, anything. we must fly! >> winnie! my broom is my-behaving! >> jumping on the broom like riding a bike again? >> that's our favorite part. >> yeah, i love it. kathy had her way, i had my swiffer, that lady got the broom. >> the bond with the sanderson sisters is clear. there also seems to be a clear bond with the three of you. >> we've known each other for 40 years. >> 50 years. >> known her for 60 years. >> we've been friends for 78 years. >> but who's counting? okay, 300. >> the book is alive! >> it woke up? >> what was it like stepping on set again, the three of you, 30 years later? >> it was so easy for me. i don't know about you guys. it was like no time passed. we got into our characters, got
12:59 am
into our drag, and mary came to me, no thought. >> as if no time passed at all. i think the costumes, they're -- not haunted. what is it? they're bewitched. >> yeah. >> as soon as you put it on, you become that. >> yes. it's as if they were sort of standing in the corner waiting. >> reporter: the film nods to the fact that fans are obsessed with the characters and their costumes and what they wear. what is that like, seeing that kids continue to don these costumes every halloween? >> even at the premiere, i could not believe, hundreds of people. >> the effort. >> they looked great. >> yeah, they did. i actually didn't know this was going on. until i needed a costume for some kind of a benefit or something. and so i was calling. i called friends, costumers, can you help me? i have to put this costume back together. they said, just go online and get it. i said, go online and get it? and i went online, and it was there. i thought, what in the heck is going on? >> i don't know if i told you guys this. when by wrapped the last one
1:00 am
they said, do you want your costume? and i said no. i'd done a few films, i planned on doing more, i wasn't going to keep my costumes. my husband found it at someplace where they auctioned it off, he secretly bought and it kept it. "someday you're going to be glad you have it." and i'm so glad that i have the original costume. >> reporter: fans finally getting the sequel they've been clamoring for after lobbying najimy for years. >> keeper of the flame. for years people have been in touch with her, giving her, telling her, you have to do another 1. she really knows the fans. >> there's a lot of them. lovely. slightly scary but lovely people. >> and they're adamant, too. adamant fans. >> yeah, yeah. no, it's so interesting. because we all have been lucky enough to do a lot of projects. you never know which ones are going to stick in that particular way. and that was something we could have never imagined. >> hey, it's the sanderson sisters! i bet you're looking for the stage. >> always.
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♪ finally tonight, lizzo making history with a 200-year-old crystal flute. ♪ the singer borrowed the instrument from the library of congress. after a stop by for a visit.
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it was made in 1813 for president james madison's second inauguration. the classically trained flutist delighted the audience. ♪ thanked the library of congress, telling the crowd -- >> we just made history tonight! >> she is a talented artist. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. see you right back here same


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