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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 30, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it's wonderful. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> this is abc7news. >> students running for their lives after shots were fired on campus. please are still looking. we are learning what happened. >> florida devastated. the damage the storm left behind. >> and the moment of impact. new -- new images showing a rocket hitting and astroid. so we do see something. when this happened, it was like
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a red block. we thought it would be like, do not look at it. julian: people at nasa were cheering. >> now we get to see it. julian: thank you for being here. it is september 30. >> it is fine. our weather is fine. it is great. drew: you can see the fog. it is right along the coast and is not dense at all. we have warned to the 50 degree mark. 50's for most of us this morning. take that extra layer with you. we are warming up fast. we are going and we will see a lot of sunshine today. it is warm and hot again today.
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we will take a closer look at high temperatures in a few minutes. jobina: we are getting a look at wind shots out. ryan curry is in the newsroom more. ryan: they are a bit shaken up by everything. video shows exactly why it was a hectic seem for kids of all ages. moments after kids ran out of the charter school after gunshots rang out at the complex. law enforcement can be seen in the hallways with their guns drawn in an effort to get kids out of the building safely. shots were fired in the vicinity of the high school and campus nearby. the shooting left six people injured. this is connected with other
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episodes of violence in the community. >> has driven violence. we do believe that incident gang-related. ryan: oakland has seen a lot of violence recently and this time it involved a shooting near a school. no arrests have been made yet. there could be more but they are investigating. the people that were shot or not the intended targets. julian: the candidate vying to become the next district attorneys share their thoughts on the shooting. both addressed the rising concern of gun violence across alameda county. >> there is a certain lawlessness that many people feel in today's community,
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especially in oakland. it who can bring balance and a balanced, experienced approach to the office. >> i represent the new leadership that we need. our been in this fight for it must 50 years. julian: they will be filling a vacancy to open election and it is the first time ever they will elect an african-american a -- d.a.. you can find updates on our website and through our bay area app. jobina: hurricane ian has passed florida but it has left a path
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of destruction. homes and businesses are without power in florida. some homes are nothing more than concrete slabs now. people have been forced to take the in and out of the area. one city councilman says everything is gone in some areas. >> homes on the beach are pretty much gone. the main road that runs through our island has caved into creators that has caved into the gulf. some of our sidestreets are completely gone. some homes just have pillars standing there. the block is completely gone. it is just rubble. it is unlike anything i have seen. jobina: at least 19 people have died from the storm.
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julian: ian could prove to have catastrophic impacts on the u.s. economy. damages could cost up to $70 billion. reporter: as cleanup begins, so does the realization of how much it will take to rebuild. >> we started to see the water coming through the windows. reporter: one of the most powerful hurricanes as caused to $60 billion in damage. it is much less than katrina's price tag. hurricane ian discrete -- destroyed her mental home about a mile from the gulf. ginger zee caught up with her.
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>> i am homeless and scared. reporter: 60% of florida rep -- florida residents do not have flood insurance, but help is on the way. president biden. -- reporter: promising money for those who do not have enough home insurance and another $38,000 for lost property. many people are registering for help from fema. depending on the damage to crops, fruit and 2 -- juice prices may rise. they do not expect the price of oil and gas to rise as they are not an energy producer. experts expect the numbers.
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some insurance companies may not be able to pay all of them out. jobina: you can help by donating to the red cross. go to red today -- to donate. julian: meeting with the 46 committee. she still believes that the 2020 election was stolen. what she said about her conversation with her supreme court husband. jobina: kurt at a music festival when crowds got out of control. drew: we are in store for sunshine and warm to hot afternoon on the way. it will
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drew: hurricane ian is a category 1 store. it is just north of charleston will move and become a rainmaker for the. it is a big concern along the southern coast of south carolina. lunch, 70's with a lot of sunshine. it is born and hot. worm in the east bay. 75 in the city. about 9118 ukiah. pous-tio taking a look.
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he had an accident on the bridge. still recovering from track maintenance raise from 10 to 20. lights were on. most of the toll plaza, right near the light, and accident just cleared, but you can see the damage done towards the macarthur. a little bit of a grind right there. taillights are headed southbound. about a 10 minute drive to get to the miller valley. smooth sailing, fog free and another 10 minutes for you. friday morning is looking great so far. julian: i was shocked when i saw the news the other day.
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julian: two men were. they were arrested on tuesday. they were charged with one count of arson for starting a string of fires. silver ghost gun in his car. jobina: the wife of a supreme court justice says she still believes that the 2020 election was stolen despite a lack of
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evidence, she repeated her claim that the election must the woman. she sent dozens of text messages to former chief of staff mark meadows to fight the election results. she said she did not talk to her husband about her efforts. she answered a lot of questions. >> do have concerns about what happened january 6? >> i will not get into it. jobina: they were sent to hold a committee meeting but it been postponed. date for the has not been announced. ketanji brown jackson will take her seat at a ceremony.
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president biden will attend with the first lady, vice president and first gentleman. jackson is the first black woman justice. this is the first time that women and people of color have outnumbered men on the supreme court. julian: a second lawsuit has been filed against park. the women of max ash the children of maxwell are suing that. their mother died after -- they responded by saying our residents remain our top priority. the facility is working with social services to review the
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incident and they say it was an accident. jobina: we are now hearing from a woman who says she was trampled on saturday when concertgoers pushed through a barricade. people pushed their way into the venue. she tells us she was caught in the middle. >> we were right in front of the barricade and it fell over. i fell over that and people were stepping on me. people were stepping on my hair and my arm. i was not able to get up. jobina: she was not able to get up and has many bruises. she said she was upset see them reporting no injuries.
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>> i was frustrated to read that they commented that there were no injuries or anything like that. jobina: we reached out to the promoter but have not heard anything back. julian: trevor noah is leaving the anchor desk. he said he has had an amazing journey but it is time to do other things now. he might want to return to stand up work. he took over for jon stewart in 2015. he did not say when his final show will be. >> he was -- drew: he was always really good. the man knows how to do it. jobina: from 2015 to now, there has been so much that has happened. drew: i could see how that would
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be exhausting. jobina: who will be the replacement? drew: that is a good question because we did not really know trevor before. maybe it will be someone new. julian: that is a good pick. jobina: that is a good one. drew: she will get you. i'm not going to get got. and then all of a sudden, you are god. really beautiful on the tower camera. we are seeing the first hints of sunrise. we are in store for a warm to hot day.
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the weekend, we'll find cooler temperatures our way. moderate air quality. good air quality along the peninsula. 70's and 80's. downtown today will get up to 75. it is more, if not feeling hot out there. 91 in ukiah. 83 union city. 80 in oakland. it will feel warm in the east bay. if you are headed to oracle park , the giants are taking on the dime backs. take your jacket or hoodie with you.
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patchy fog with temperatures falling into the 50's. breezy afternoon, ushering in cooler weather on wednesday. warm fall weather today. cooling off for the weekend and looking fine for the week ahead. jobina: let us turn turned to ginger zee. julian: she has a live look at what is coming up on gma. ginger: we are still in florida after being in the eye of the hurricane. now i am checking the rest of it but you are looking at pictures of the rescues. the search process has only just begun.
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s tohr wed tki months and maybe years in some places before things start to return to normal. we have to talk about where it will move next. if you emily and friends in the carolinas, emo -- ian will impact them as well. could be there first man father hurricane since hurricane matthew. you will see that and so much more coming up on good morning america. jobina: you have been a wonderful resource throughout this process. please continue to stay safe. ging
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jobina: girls flag football is one step closer to being a sport in high school. it is already a sanctioned high school sport in several states, including alabama and nevada. interest in the sport is growing. >> it was a huge advancement for women's sports and an opportunity for earls to be oh. it shows that the support that they have. jobina: if it passes, it will be an official sport for the 2023 and 2024 school year. julian: the asteroid was well captured by observatories.
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i feel like i just got an honorary phd for meeting. jobina: that spacecraft crashed into the asteroid to see if it could be knocked off course. scientists are hopeful that it was accessible. they do not know -- they will not know how far it nudged it for a couple of months. peloton -- yes latest step to improve sagging sales again. we will tell you about the equipment. julian:
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hurt. jobina: the hurricane devastating florida. we are live in the sunshine state. julian: and tens of thousands of people who thought that they were going to get there debts forgiven found out they will have to pay after all. jobina: well, it is friday. we are going to bring things back up. drew: a little bit of thought. we are down to a private spot. temperatures are cool.
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beautiful fog free. it is warm to hot. julian: we are learning more about the school shooting. they believe the shooting was gang-related. my encourage running us live with the latest on this story. reporter: we are leaning more about the victims. the moment kids ran out of the charter school after gunshots rang out at the school complex. law-enforcement can be seen in the hallways with guns drawn in an effort to get kids out of
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school safely. more than 30 shots were fired in close proximity to the high school and the campus. one of the victims recalled the moment he was hit. >> i was just hanging the display case. one of those shots grazed me and came out the front, under my scalp. it was bleeding like crazy. blood was everywhere. reporter: he said he is glad nobody is dead and he is happy to live another day. one that was intense near a school. they are looking for two shooters that entered at one point.
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jobina: another disturbing headline. school officials have sent messages instructing them not to cooperate with police. reporter: oakland police investigators have obtained text messages from the shooting victims phones in which school officials tell them not to cooperate with police. >> our investigation will be thorough. we will exhaust all options to figure out what happened. reporter: he would not deny it. >> if you are asking me if our school told students not to talk to police, that is incorrect.
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reporter: his connections tell him that officials have a history of failing to protect students and that oakland unified has not done enough either. >> they actually threw him out. they did not want officers on their campuses. these things happen because we allow them to happen. reporter: this is a disturbing pattern at that school. a lack of cooperation with police, especially after a terrible incident a few weeks ago. >> a boy was stabbed at pistol whipped. the school district did nothing about it. reporter: a student must stabbed and pistol whipped at the school. they obstructed the investigation. they recovered the gun used in the attack but they kept it from
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police for hours before turning it over. the school would not allow them to perform follow-up interviews with student. saying they had it under control. the news is so frustrating, especially for parents whose children lived through shooting yesterday. >> he is so innocent. he said dad, i thought they were firecrackers. it makes me cry because i wish they were firecrackers. jobina: sources tell our team that police know who the suspects are in that previous unit and they are trying to determine if they are behind shooting. the school district sent our team and email saying, our school staff did not obstruct police investigation.
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we have posted that full email online. if you have a story for our team, go to abc7news or call. hurricane ian is not done. it is headed towards the carolinas. julian: justin finch is live in st. petersburg for us. justin: here is where a critical part of that recovery is taking place. they are helping families get there lights back on. the recovery is now underway. they are in a race against time. destruction as far as the eye
6:37 am
can see. left in shambles after hurricane ian reached the shore. >> part of the roof went off. the rest of the roof went off. the walls caved in. justin: the search for survivors underway. >> they are dealing with high water and cities that do not look like cities anymore. >> three hours watching the water rise. what was that like? >> it was scary. i thought i was going to die there. justin: president biden morning that the number of deaths is likely to rise significantly. >> the impact of the storm are
6:38 am
historic, and the damage that was done has been historic. trsformed. surveying a week brought heavy d heavy storm surges. there were bought arrestees in daytona beach. justin: the governor ron desantis saying that many rescue missions happened yesterday. they actually cleared airspace over fort myers to provide safer conditions for those working on the ground. back to you. jobina: please continue to be safe throughout your coverage. new developments.
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a local nonprofit finally got the money that it was owed from a ticketing platform. they have been waiting for $14,000 in proceeds. yesterday the executive director let us know that they did receive the money. brown paper tickets based in seattle has been sued by the attorney general and has an f rating from the better business bureau. julian: while you were sleeping, they beat the washington wizards . they will also play tomorrow. both games are sold out. they tried some sumo wrestling. it did not exactly go to plan.
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>> out here checking in from tokyo to japan. might do a picture at the tokyo tower to get our trip off right. julian: golden state wings. the warriors will play their first preseason game october 9 and up in the regular season at home october 18. both games are against the lakers. the warriors are in japan. kickoff is monday at 5:00 p.m. still to come, where you can -- jobina: another update on how the markets are doing, next. julian caught peloton says they will start selling their bikes
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in a brick-and-mortar story for the first time. download our at -- app. let's check in with sue hall for the traffic. sue: scheduled track maintenance for bart. lines in all directions seeing about 10 minute delays. we had an earlier accident. that is the reason -- this is all the way into the city. it just past the totals.
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taillights headed southbound, no delays here. drew: here is the latest on hurricane ian. less than 100 miles away from charleston, it will make landfall somewhere along the coastline later this afternoon. likely to the north with two inches of rainfall before the storm. a worm hot ending to the month today. a lot of 80's along the shoreline.
6:43 am
9218 fairfield. warm today. for the upcoming weekend, it will cool off. here is that other high temperatures around the base concert i hocus-pocus to -- four of -- around. here is a sneak peek of hocus-pocus to be of. >> salem, we are back. lets fly. >> we have to stop them before we are too late.
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jobina: tonight, the case of sherry papini and how she faked her disappearing. you can catch it at 9:00 p.m. on abc seven. julian: new york announced it will also require that vehicles zero emissions by 2025 -- it is the same milestone we face in california.
6:47 am
now to the were in ukraine. jobina: this comes ahead of annexation ceremony hosted by vladimir putin. reporter: government officials say russian president vladimir putin will officially annexed four previously occupied regions of ukraine at a formal signing ceremony behind the walls of the kremlin. warning that an attack on occupied areas with the attack on russia. the true will of ukrainian people is evident on the battlefield. president putin --
6:48 am
reporter: condemning russia's actions saying it must not be accepted. >> it is a dangerous excellent -- escalation. it has no place here. reporter: calling on russian citizens to stop the president. they will significantly limit traffic starting today on the borders. meanwhile, in ukraine, the work continues. ukrainian authorities say rockets hit this ukrainian city. the u.s. and its allies have promised to adopt even more sanctions, including --
6:49 am
sanctions. julian: we now know what coins but king charles iii look like. they will first appear on the 50 pence coin. it should be in circulation by the end of the year. it will take years for the previous currency to be phased out. jobina: scaling back on the debt forgiveness plan after states are threatening to sue. eligibility has changed. those with federal student loans are guaranteed by the government , but if they are held by private lenders, they will be excluded from debt relief. this change will impact 770,000 people. julian: it is time for your
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money report. peloton will begin selling its equipment and -- at dick's sporting goods. it is the first time they will sell their equipment at a brick-and-mortar retailer instead of online stores. they will announce that they will be in stores in time for the shopping season. h&m are planning to charge shoppers for returning items online. right now it is just a test, but could become a full-scale rollout. metta is about to do something it has never done before, cut the budget. ceo mark zuckerberg said the company will we organize.
6:51 am
more than 8300 people work for metta. we are taking a live look at the new york stock exchange now as trading gets underway. another tumultuous morning. about 150 points down on thursday. julian: -- jobina: coolio will be appearing on tv even after his death. he recorded lines for the show futurama. he was set to reprise a character on the show. many were shocked to hear about his death this week. the show will be dedicated to the rapper. disney is the parent company of abc 7. someone is buying the byers
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family home from the show stranger things. able turn it into a halloween walk-through attraction. the home is in hawkins, indiana. the new owner plans to put up temporary attractions in the woods, including because of other houses in the show. did you watch the show? julian: i watched the first couple of seasons. drew: i think i started the first episode of the most recent season and then i just forgot. julian: there must have been a bidding war on it. jobina: people love that show. drew: people are going to flock there. which one of the -- [laughter] jobina: he finally found it.
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can we go in? absolutely not. drew: all these people? any you -- the three of us are 0-3 on this desk. it is a long shot. let's go outside. a lot of sunshine. main offenders are held and pine. outside, this is really pretty. you can see part of the east bay. we will cool off for the upcoming weekend. lots of sunshine. air quality feeling worm in the south bay.
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good air quality. 70's and 80's. 75 at the coast. increased sunshine. north bay, good air quality and feeling worm today. 86 napa. sunny and warm. overnight tonight, patchy fog with temperatures falling into the 50's. fleet week is looking nice. you can watch -- julian: you can watch all the action on hulu.
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thunderbirds celebrating the 75th air -- anniversary of the air force. it will be an event like no other. >> i am just hanging on for dear life. >> you can just reach out and touch them. >> this makes it look so incredible. >> they are really loud and really cool. >> what did we just see there? what was that? julian: do not miss it, live on hulu. jobina: julian and i used to work in kentucky together.
6:56 am
julian: that is one of the places where they would send people up with the blue angel and people would pass out. jobina: i was the backup person in maryland. i was thankful that he did not call me. julian: up next, the seven things you need to know today. jobina: you can watch online or on our app. download the
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jobina: number one, the shooting at the complex in east oakland. showing the moment after shots were fired as students ran from the schools. there were at least two shooters and one other suspect who have not been identified. julian: jason arbuckle was working on a case of the shooting started. he was grazed by a late. jobina: law enforcement sources say oakland believes investigators have obtained text messages from the shooting victims phones in which school officials tell them not to
6:59 am
cooperate with police. the district denied the accusations. julian: the hurricane is taking aim at the carolinas after a devastating florida. in south carolina, there is a state of emergency. drew: it is warm to hot today. sue: you can see traffic backed up. and asked is blocking some traffic. jobina: the men's cross country team -- they are going viral because they grew out their hair, the mustaches. it is giving all the 80's vibes. drew: they got the assignment.
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good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. hurricane ian set to make landfall again as we get a sense of the devastation in florida. bracing for another impact. the entire coast of south carolina under hurricane warning after ian tore through florida. leaving a deadly trail of destruction. communities underwater, homes completely wiped out. boats floating through the streets. hundreds of people rescued as crews race to save more. now, survivors are sharing their harrowing stories with ian hours away from making landfall again bringing life-threatening storm surge, damaging winds and flood watches for five states.


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