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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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solutions. this is abc 7 news. two days after a shooting at oakland's rudsdale high school the campus remains closed and today. we're learning more details about the violence. and how one group is trying to prevent another incident like this from ever happening again. good afternoon. thanks for joining us saturday, and i'm kristen z 870s port elizabeth spoke with a violence interrupter who worked with students at the school and he explained how the group is helping students lose. christina larry this violence interrupted from the non-profit. he alive said they're speaking to students and following other leads and intel from within the school and even though there is no credible threat at this moment of another possible incident. they're actively diffusing incidents. two days after more than 30 rounds were fired inside russell high school in east oakland access to the campus remains closed, but carlos jackson with a non-profit uvalife says her work hasn't stopped. tensions are running high.
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so yeah. i was just following up with another possible situation in the middle of our interview jackson received a call. we're holding space for them as well. so you're getting calls you can go ahead you can go ahead following up on leeds from emails text messages videos and trying to make sure that what's happened here doesn't spill off into other schools or into the community jackson couldn't elaborate on today's lead. youth life has a violence interrupter. campus who works on de-escalating incidents many of these incidents are tackled through mediation behind the scenes during a press conference on thursday the chief of oakland police said there were at least two shooters responsible for injuring two students and four other adults on wednesday. no arrests have been made. we do believe that this incident is grouping gang related. we know that there were at least two shooters and another accomplice. related to this case, but they
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may have been more today the oakland police department confirmed that responded to the king estates school campus in the past couple of months rutsdale high is one of three schools on that campus jackson says, they're helping students cope while trying to prevent violence and retaliation after this shooting. we are always trying to be alert and trying to get ahead of situations before they happen. so whenever we hear certain names or incidents we try to tap in with our our clients we tap in we'll participants members of the community. now there is surveillance video of the shooting where at least two suspects could be seen oakland police have not released this video yet. i followed up on this today and was told they're going to have to confirm with. investigators in this video will be available again nor rest having made yet in the newsroom loose peña abc 7 news blues. thank you a shooting occurred today in oakland involving two
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victims. the incident happened around 215 this afternoon on masterson street in the laurel neighborhood officers were able to locate one victim and learned a second victim arrived at a nearby hospital. anyone with information should contact oakland police. 60 year old man is in the hospital right now because his car plunged off highway 1 in san mateo county the car plummeted 600 feet to the beach below. shortly after 9:30 this morning emergency crews were able to repel down the cliff to reach the driver. they had to use the jaws of life to get him out of the car. the accident happened on highway 1. just south of the devil's slide tunnel all lanes are back open after being shut down for a time during the morning commute. it's quite the plunge house in san francisco's visitation valley sustained major damage after a freak accident this morning an out of control front loader slammed right into the house on san bruno avenue surround 11 o'clock. you see the damage to the stairs and the front porch of the home.
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a book the rig ran over several cars first as you can see flattening the back end of one of them thankfully nobody was hurt in this no word yet on a cause now to the latest developments on ian, which has been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, but not before making landfall again this time as a category one hurricane in south carolina. this is just some of the damage there and we're getting a look at more of the destruction that took place in florida reporter joe torres from our abc sister station has this story from fort myers. from the sky you can really get a feel for the scope of the damage here in fort myers roofs torn off homes debris everywhere. it will take years to rebuild. it. looks like a bomb went off here to be hot. he was beyond what i thought of happening mean while on the ground more dramatic images this mam undneebris. his wifes levee in a harrowinry tohi
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woman evacuedeft falyembers bin my they don't want to leave the animals. so whenever we left on the boat, it was just a scary feeling le u d y'reverheard from this man d to ride out the storm in his home. we saw the water coming up there like we got to the third floor now and as soon as we opened up the door, you can see water coming up on the second floor going to the hallway and we went up to the third floor. and sometimes by myself in there. it was five hours of just here here this drone video shows the seemingly endless line of people looking for gasoline when we were driving around we found this gas station partially collapsed structurally unsound but that did not stop countless people from ducking underneath the debris just to fill their tanks. we talked to one of the owners of the boats here pushed ashore a husband and his wife their boat was also their home.
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we asked them. where do they go from here and they responded by saying we haven't gotten that far yet. what we do know is we're alive gratitude and thankfulness in the midst of loss and devastation in fort myers. i'm joe torres reporting. so much destruction that people. let's get to abc 7 news meteorologist, sandia patel. insania. they're not done with ian yet. no, this storm is just soaking the area larry. let me show you live doppler 7. they are still tracking evenshe. though it has weakened quite a bit of rain in that area. now it made landfall this morning at georgetown, south carolina just after 11 am with 85 mile an hour winds as a category one hurricane now as this interacts with land, of course the threat of tornadoes are there. so we do have tornado watch boxes across the region. here's a look at post-tropical ian. it is now packing 70 mile an hour winds gusts are a little higher moving north to 15.
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it will continue to work its way north westward through saturday additional rainfall totals will be adding up as that moisture moves up along the eastern seaboard now rainfall totals for parts of south carolina 4 to 8 inches maximum of foot of rain. this is definitely going to be problematic because it has picked up tremendous amount of moisture from the ocean and obviously making that third landfall since it developed kristin relentless, sandia. thank you all for walt disney world theme parks reopened today after being for two days disney thanked first responders and community leaders for their courageous efforts during the storm disney is the parent company of abc 7. you can help people affected by hurricane em by donating to the red cross. just go to to donate. eight months ago and 84 year old man was attacked and killed in his san francisco neighborhood tomorrow a street will be renamed and dedicated in honor
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of grandpa visha. abc7 news reporter suzanne fawn takes a closer. look at what that effort means. this shirt says justice for vecha mark young wants to send a strong. message this shirt symbolizes the igniting and the coming together of the community to support a man who lived a beautiful life. and how to tragic ending and could have been any one of our grandfathers 84 year old grandfather vita ratanapakti was brutally attacked and broad daylight in january last year. he was pushed to the ground hit his head and ultimately died from his injuries the accused 21 year old attacker from daly city is behind bars many continue to fight for justice and to acknowledge the horrific crimes that asian pacific islander communities still face. i feel like we have to do something about this mark young is withstand for asians. our community has been the most affected and it's a chance for
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us just all to come together to just toithefni ancanto a terraao actual attack happened about two blocks from here. this is the area where grandpa beachia would do his morning walks. he was just coming home from a morning walk a day like today and heinous, it was a heinous attack. and so this has got to stop the hope that renaming a street after grandpa vecha will shed light on a tragic moment and make it a teachable one. they'll learn about grandpa beach's life. and the story of what happened to him and the learner a little bit about anti-asian hate and that i think that's the teaching moment that we're trying to have here something that can be memorialized for our future generations in san francisco suzanne fawn abc 7 news. at street renaming ceremony is tomorrow at 1 pm and the anza
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vista neighborhood and is open to the public. skyrocketing gas prices more than 50 cents in the last week in the bay area. now governor newsom is stepping in a positive sign of the times the unmasking of a popular figure in the south bay and hardly strictly bluegrass is back the free festival returns to golden gate park.
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formal welcome ceremony for justice. catanji brown jackson today chief justice. john roberts. accompanied justice jackson down the stairs of the supreme court following a brief five-minute ceremony. this marks her formal installation as the 116th member of the supreme court jackson the first black female justice. she was actually sworn in on june. 30th but took the bench for the first time today and was administered the oath once again. a new warning is going out to health care providers nationwide about severe illnesses in people with monkeypox. the alert comes from following a report that a man ohio died from monkeypox. third known death in the us the others were in los angeles and in the houston area according to the cdc some of those infected have had severe manifestations of the illness extended hospitalizations or substantial health problems more than 25,000 cases of monkeypox have been reported in the us trends suggests. the outbreak is slowing now.
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just about three and a half percent of the more than 215 people eligible for $215 million people eligible for the new covid-19 boosters have gotten their shots officials have been trying to encourage a higher. turnout abc7 news. anchor karina. nova joins us live with more on why the small small percentage karina? yeah, kristen. well, it doesn't feel like fall today and the colder months are quickly approaching and if you haven't scheduled your covid booster yet doctors say now is a good time. you want to get ahead of the holidays as well many people will be gathering and spending time indoors state epidemiologist, dr. erica pan says while right now things look good in terms of code infections. there is concern for what will happen when the weather gets cooler. she says the new booster that's available to anyone 12 and older covers two strains. so this new booster you might hear it called the bivalent booster. it's called bivalent because it
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now has two strains. so it adds protection for the current circulating strain of omicron and it still has that original strain that the original vaccine had so it's kind of you might hear about this sometimes with flu vaccines, right? so now we have both the new circulating omicron strain and the old one. dr. pan also says when you schedule your covid vaccine, you should also get your flu shot and here's a positive sign of the times. yeah, you probably have seen this the popular discovery duck mascot at the children's discovery museum in san jose took off its mask today the mask duck help children understand the importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic it is no longer there by the way masks are now optional for visitors to children's discovery museum live in the newsroom karina, nova abc 7 news karina. thank you. one of the bay area's most beloved music festivals is officially back.
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the first in person hardly strictly bluegrass in three years is underway at golden gate park six stages a lineup that includes some big names. you got elvis costello emmylou harris as well as some up-and-coming indie acts hardly strictly bluegrass runs through sunday, and it is free to everybody and kristen looks like it's going to be some pretty nice weather outside nice weather at times maybe a little marine layer. i don't mind that happens. yeah. sure does sand. yes the bay area it is the bay area and it's that time of year when we do see the marine layers. so kristen and larry, let me show you the forecast for hardly strictly bluegrass. it's gonna start out with some drizzle and fog tomorrow and then cooler for the afternoon mid-60s on sunday 64 degrees a mix of fog son breezy. so even though it is going to be pleasant in golden gate park for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival definitely pack a sweatshirt or a jacket because it does get cool later in the day.
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here's a look at a cool. layer from our visible satellite picture this morning. we started seeing some of that fog returning and it's pretty much right along the coastline and just going to hang around and then start to expand. so although we don't have any rain or drizzle right now that's going to be changing come tomorrow morning numbers right now. most of you warmer inland, but we're starting to see what we're going to experience this weekend, which is some cooling already starting in half moon bay and san francisco a live view from our east bay hills camera. we are looking back towards mount diablo 69 in the city. it is in the mid 70s and oakland right now 82 palo alto you can feel the warmth outside santa clara san jose upper 80s. don't tell that to people in half moon bay where it is a chili 59 and a foggy golden gate bridge tonight. here's a look at the temperatures 88 in santa rosa 89. napa currently in the mid-90s fairfield low 90s concord livermore pier 39 how nice this is what the birds are up to soaking up the sun and the visitors are enjoying this fog
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and patchy drizzle overnight breezy and coolers start to october and we are looking at fine fall weather for fleet week. so our bower we go the marine layer expands we start to see more areas waking up to fog tomorrow along with drizzle along the coastline and then in the afternoon, the fog is going to hang around near the beaches your morning temperatures in the 50s 60s if you have early plans accordingly because of visibility will be low, which means it may take you a little longer and watch out for those slips or a spots 80 in the south bay and san jose it's gonna be mild but cooler than today 81 and gilroy on the peninsula 77 redwood city mid-60s coast side and breezy downtown san francisco 69 degrees in the north bay. you're looking at 81 san rafael 78 napa 82 santa rosa mix of sun and high clouds east bay 73 in oakland 77 in newark. eight fremont inland areas, you are definitely coming out of the upper 80s and low 90s tomorrow low to mid 80s, so we'll call it 86 concord 85 in livermore accuweather seven day forecast will feature breezy conditions
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both days morning drizzle cooler afternoon widespread gray sunday morning, and you will notice that those temperatures start to come up just in time for fleet week. it is actually going to get warm. so really nice looking weather and of course, you know for the blue angels we want to make sure that there isn't anything that could possibly interrupt even though we need the rain. it's gonna find flying weather larry. yes, flying fine viewing. yes. absolutely. yes. thank you, sandia. all right coming up beware of text message scams. they irs is yes. there is another spike in people who are pretending to be from the agency and don't forget the 49ers play right here on abc 7 on monday night. they'll face the los angeles rams kickoff is at 5 pm.
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apply to a university of
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california school for fall of 2023 now have an extra month to do so you can begin submitting your applications tomorrow a month earlier than before. so the deadline is still the same november 30th. so essentially you have two months right before you can only submit it from november 1st to november 30th admissions officials say they recognize the application period can be stressful and confusing and they hope this will allow prospective students to work on their applications earlier as well. right? it's time for consumer news. yeah, seven inner sides michael. finney is here with the headlines and you have warned viewers about this really for years. nobody from the irs is going to call you and go. hey. hey michael, you send the send us the money right now, or has the irs ever called you up and said i've got money to give you no. yeah. okay, that's what this one is. basically. oh, yeah. it's kind of a toy on the old scam. yeah. the irs is warning taxpayers. of a spike and fishingrd
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private information victims receive a t a link that usually offers covid relief funds tax credits or assistance with their irs online account all of it, of course fraudulent, but if you click the link your personal or financial information, maybe transferred over to the the scammer kill these things out. kia is recalling more than 70,000 vehicles due to a fire risk in the tow hitch the recall effects 2016 to 2022 sorrento's 2021 to 23 sorrento hybrids 22 and 23 sorento plug-in hybrids in 2017 through 22 sportage suvs. the company is advising owners to park those vehicles outside and away from structures debris and moisture because it may can maybe contaminating the toe hitch circuit board causing a short and possibly starting a fire even if the automobile is parked and turned off. consumers spending increased
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slightly last month over the month before so while inflation is still taking its toll on american some consumers are maintaower layhe consumer price index reported a price gain of 8.3% in august over the year before one reason consumers spending has increased is because overall get this personal income has increased for the second month in a row. yeah. i haven't noticed that i just going to way and like four thick what i know how amazing isn't it? yeah. i mean, it's notice. it's actually scary it is. yes. i don't know how some people are doing. yeah, it's tough. thank you, michael. bay area families struggling to keep the lights on reeling from the pandemic and now inflation power bills are higher than ever, but why are some people being hit harder than others the i-team investiga
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it's wonderful. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. it's wonderful. bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. you know, we were just talking about this with michael finney in the previous segment of inflation. area residents really struggling to make ends meet right now and that includes dealing with rising utility bills the abc 7 news data team really went deep digging into the numbers and the
4:29 pm
i-team's ■melanie woodrow has this report? simonia clifton says during the pandemic with two kids attending school from home. she saw her energy bill skyrocket between 75 and a hundred dollars for the usual and that just kind of made it difficult to budget. especially having lost my job from covid. and being unemployment at the same time clifton began cutting back elsewhere in order to cover her family's growing energy costs. i'm gonna adjustments in other areas to be able to pay because i know those that need to have it on she's in a loan according to the census bureau's household pulse survey from last july through this august the survey measured the pandemic social and economic impact the abc 7 news data team analyzed the surveys findings for san francisco oakland and berkeley approximately 14% of households were unable to pay their energy bills in full at least once in the last year 20% of households reduced or four went basic necessities such as food or medicine to pay an energy bill
4:30 pm
and approximately 18% of households kept their home at a temperature that they felt was unsafe or unhealthy clifton says she cut back on running heat. i didn't honest often as i would like whether we just there clothes and then i definitely been running very long our data analyst found these struggles didn't fall equally on all residents the percentage is increased for households with children and for those with less than a high school education dennis osmer is the executive director of the central coast and san francisco peninsula energy services. he says the situation could become worse with the moratorium on power shut-offs ending. i think that adds numbers to those numbers. this is a lot worse in it's of that help exists arthur higgins receives assistance for the low-income home energy assistance program, the program made all the difference in world. they kept the power on they made my house more energy efficient, gabriella sandoval is the director of race and equity policy with the utility reform
4:31 pm
network went into the pandemic with customers owing in california about 500 million dollars, and we know that right now you tell the big four utility company customers. oh about two billion dollars the big four includes pg&e customers here in the bay area making up approximately. it million dollars of that debt according to sandoval by email a pg&e spokesperson told abc 7 news customers who were having difficulty paying their bills can be put on a payment plan or possibly qualify for the care program which offers a monthly discount of 20% or more on gas and electricity the family electric raid assistance program offers a monthly discount of 18 percent on electricity only stunning to look at how these costs increase and the impact on the people in these deported really heartbreak for the it melanie woodrow abc 7 news now to new details on sherry papini the shasta county mother who faked her own disappearance
4:32 pm
tonight on 2020. we'll get a closer. look at her vanishing act the episode includes never before seeing police video of papini that reveals how she put her hoax kidnapping together and how it fell apart the unraveling of that hoax resulted in an 18 month prison sentence for lying to federal agents abc's matt gutman says, there's so much you to see tonight in a case many of us already feel like we know. it's only really in the last 10 days that we've gotten our hands on all of this trove of data from the shasta county sheriffs and other investigators. and for the first time we can hear sherry papini in her own words for the first time. we see the images of her abound and shackled on the side of i-5 when she reappeared and is found and has taken in by police. 2020 the vanishing act airs tonight at 9 right here on abc 7 and here at abc 7. we're inspired by people who are working to create change and committed to sharing their stories with use so that we can
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all be allies in action and this hispanic heritage month. we want to acknowledge samantha ramirez who's the coordinator of the marin county youth commission ramirez is recognized as san rafael citizen of the year in may. here's abc 7 news reporter liam melendez. what i want people to know about me is that i care deeply about social justice and being the change that we need and i try to embody that every day. my dad was born in honduras and my mom was born in el salvador and my parents instilled in me to be caring about others to help others and to also be very hard-working and to be proud of our roots. so these are the apartments that i grew up in pilgrim park apartments section 8, you know, and there's a lot of stigma with affordable housing here in marin county. and so i think it's important
4:34 pm
that i use my platform to bring awareness to that. so you managed to push away some of that stigma and become more can i say resilient how i don't know. i think just you know growing up in this in this community has helped shaped me my tattoo right here says palantes siempre palante, which means move forward always move forward. i found my place with young people when i was still a young person myself. i started working at an organization called huckleberry youth programs, and i was a peer health educator and at that moment i learned that you can help other people while still being a young person yourself one of the biggest programs that i run is called the murray county youth commission and say the concept of intersectionality. mmm such a good thing. thank you. we have 23 young people from all over marin county and it's a leadership development program where they separate themselves into different subcommittees and then work on campaigns or projects to address different issues in our community. i just want to let you know that i take my role as a man poor and
4:35 pm
as an educator very seriously, and i'm super excited to work with all of your young people and you know, i promise to be a good role model. i promise to give it my all and i know we're gonna have a lot of fun this year. so i'm super excited in 2020 after the murder of george floyd a lot of us took to the streets and it was really important for me as an educator to be able to support my young people. and so sometimes i'd call their parents and ask for permission to be able to take them to protest sometimes me and my team would support some of the young people that were planning rallies or protests. and so i think it was really important as an adult ally to be there with young people and and to fight for justice that same year in 2020 i ran for school board here in san rafael. and before i ran i had never seen anybody like me run for school board, hola i'm samantha ramirez the miranda democratic parties endorse candidate for san rafael school board. yeah, i didn't win the election, but i grew and i learned so much and i really so many doors have opened for me since then, i think all of us have to use our
4:36 pm
voice and and be the change that we want to see the first word that comes to mind. when i think of you as courage. and you know courage comes from the latin core meaning heart and basically it means to speak. one's mind coming from the heart. so how do you tell your students? your kids how to speak from the heart. i think i try to show them how to do that. and i model that i show up with my heart. i love and i care for my community for my students and when you are genuine, you can just you can just tell you know, and so i'm really passionate about the work that i do and i think that that's how i impact my students by them seeing me show up with my heart the theme for this year's hispanic heritage month is inclusivity for a stronger nation and what that means to me is that we really need to recognize all the way that latinos and hispanics have contributed to our society and that we help the economy that we're hard workers and that we really contribute a lot to so
4:37 pm
many areas and that we really need to celebrate and cherish that all right gas prices they are on the rise yet again. sorry to tell you and the bay area they're up more than 60 cents in just one week the action governor newsom is now taking.
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
time now for the 404 is dion in san diego join us. anybody who's ever been almost hit by one of the electric scooters you see out on the roads may like this story the san francisco board of supervisors will consider a resolution next week urging the san francisco municipal transportation agency to give parking control officers the power to issue citations to scooter riders. it's supposed to be on the sidewalk there. the citations could be given for things like a double riding a riding on the sidewalks among other safety hazards. i'm not sure who's well, we've
4:41 pm
had people in the newsroom that use the scooters get taken out by cars and also like at one point. i thought i'm going to be on these scooters all the time and then you just see it's really dangerous out there, you know dion i don't know if you have any experience with any of this, but it's it's dicey. let me tell you walking up and down the embarkadero in san francisco. it happens all the time because not only do you see people riding two at a time, but sometimes the speed is super fast and even if they come close to you, and they don't hit you it still is enough to be jarring and be a hazard so i can't imagine you know, this not passing. i mean it just something needs to be done. but what are they going to do? you're going to have the like the control officers chasing the scooter people not like good have like a slow speed chase down the embarcadero how we're gonna do this like, i don't know. how's this gonna be four on scooter? maybe maybe they need to be on scooter on school. yeah. i don't know. i don't know. i mean it is dangerous for the scooters to be in traffic, but it's motorized so it is dangerous for the pedestrians
4:42 pm
for the scooters to be on the sidewalks. right? so it's a tough situation. yeah. all right, just be safe everybody. okay, stop me if you've heard this before. gas prices are skyrocketing once again in california. the state average is 629 a gallon that's up 11 cents since yesterday. it's even worse in the bay area the price at a shell station in oakland today 679 we spotted at a chevron down the street. it's 10 cents more oakland gas prices have soared 68 cents in a week experts say prices are up because of how much it costs california to import oil today governor newsom. ask the air resources board to start distributing winter blend gas a month early to increase fuel supply and as you know, our summer blend is more expensive as well due to the way they have to make it better for the environment in the summertime, but gosh, i mean, no any other ideas appropriate action sandia. yeah. i mean kristen i think that they you know, this has been going on for quite some time people are struggling just to put food on
4:43 pm
the table and pay for gas and all the soaring prices of food and stuff. i mean, what about the gulf of mexico where they can drill and get some more oil? i mean why? we have to import the oil don't you think that they would have a plan by now. i mean, these are things that they should have thought of i don't i don't think this was very well. orchestrated, especially after the big hike initially and the prices slowly came down and then they went right back up again. yeah, and if i can add something too, i was just on the east coast last week and gas there was about three dollars just over that so it just makes me think can't people in california figure out a way to equalize what the rest of the country it feels like we're being gouged. i'm not i i mean, i would love to see a line by line expense report on why these prices are so much higher. it's one thing if you're talking about 10, 20 cents this case we're talking about like which i mean, it's just a man. yeah, it's bad. yeah gas prices not the only thing soaring right on turkey
4:44 pm
prices expected to reach record highs this thanksgiving. yes naturally because of inflation and new fears now about the bird flu, there's cases in more than 40 states boneless skinless turkey breast now cost nearly seven dollars per pound. that's up. more than 100% from last year. so let's say 350 or whatever and now we're up over seven experts say if you want to save some money buy a frozen bird rather than a fresh turkey at $7 a pound. i might get to go hunt my own turkey get a honey-baked ham instead. yeah. i don't know you guys can do anything differently. he's gonna go find pigeons in the park. squab kristen. i'm just gonna say ahead of time. i don't think i can make thanksgiving this year as much as i would love the pigeon pie or whatever you plan a little pigeon what my special friend cutting it off a little wing
4:45 pm
you're talking to a vegetarian not even coming better. pigeons at christians, i mean like i'm just kidding about that, but that that's really tough. that's that's gonna be more than a hundred dollars for a bird for a lot of family. oh, yeah. yeah out of control. yeah. right guys dish has released which spooky kids movies. each state is binging this halloween season as you can see on this map. scoot tops the list for most search movies in 13 states coraline follows with 11 states including california. that's that symbol there gremlins released 30 years ago is the least search movie et and hocus pocus or hits on the east coast. yeah, no doubt, right massachusetts must be hocus pocus. that's where they yeah, salem, massachusetts free by these maps as to what people are really into the country. what's, texas? is that a chucky doll? what is that? it's hard to tell i don't know
4:46 pm
it's hard to tell. a lot of these are hard to tell i know there's a big vehicle in the middle of one of the staff. i don't know. scary movies, probably sandia yeah, i like action. i mean i like action, but i'm not a big like spooky movie person. yeah, actually flasher. i'm so not a slasher. yeah. no, i think et is about as spooky spooky as i'll get i mean i'll have nightmares forever. come on pretty okay, by the way the texas symbol. that is coco. i don't know if we still have that. but so that that face, it's coco. yeah, which is a lovely movie. i love that scary. yeah, not at all. i'm going to that one. all right, that's curious. anyway, i think that's it. that's it for the ford four right? i'm gonna go to chop a
4:47 pm
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sleeping last night the warriors return to action for the first time since winning the nba championship back in june the dubs tipping off the preseason in japan defeating the washington wizards 9687. nice to see james wiseman healthy on the court again the lob from steph throwing it down why it's been a 20 points nine rebounds. he missed all of last season with a knee injury warriors and wizards will take the court again tomorrow morning for game two of are two game series in
4:50 pm
japan very quick trip to tokyo and i think they're flying back here on sunday. alright, so jealous of them. i know i wanted to go on that trip. i know. but the weather that beautiful tonight, right? absolutely larry and kristen, let's take a look at a live picture from santa cruz right now if you like the fog you're in luck because it's already socked in down at the beach good to moderate air quality this weekend better for sunday because the winds will pick up on shore winds and that'll help to drive those temperatures down blue skies from our san jose camera right now. have you noticed the tree pollen? almond pine have been causing some of our allergies to act up. yeah. it's high uv index high obviously, so if you're suffering from allergies, there's a reason fog and low clouds along the coast on live doppler 7. they'll linger tomorrow afternoon temperatures are down mid-60s coast side to the mid 80s inland today. we got up into the low 90s for our warmest spots so far. so it's a breezy and cooler weekend. we're starting off a new month, october and next week for fleet week. it's gonna be fine looking for
4:51 pm
cast with warmer conditions, kristen and larry. oh, thank you sandy. all right the sequel to a beloved hollywood halloween movie is now available on disney. plus, it's also hollywood movie. yeah, sure up next we'll go behind the magic of hocus pocus, too. in every moment there's an opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet those moments. the tough questions real solution for you for all of us. where did you do? what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area join us.
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tonight on abc 7 at 8 shark tank followed at by 2020 on the sherry papini story at nine and then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11. hocus focused too is now
4:55 pm
streaming on disney plus and you have a chance to stay at the sanderson sisters cottage this halloween season. the home is in the remote woods of salem, massachusetts, and it'll be available on air. b&b two lucky guests will stay there on october 20th and can try their hand at enchantments from the spell book and more the listing will be offered starting october 12 some of the original stars of hocus pocus have reunited for the sequel. i swear i didn't dress for the segment the sanderson sisters are looking for revenge and it's up to a trio of high school students to stop them entertainment reporter sandy. canyon has a preview. win three sisters from an iconic halloween movie get together again for more hocus pocus making magic is almost guaranteed the chemistry between the three sisters huge part of it bette midler calls the reunion. emotional and just a little bit odd. it's as if those caught those
4:56 pm
costumes have a spirit of their own and once you put them on you become that and you can't help yourself. they move you they force you to behave in certain ways that you would never be able to real life. i thought it was amusing that 30 years later here. were these grown women? trying to recall vividly how to be these evil intending very silly people. this focus focus 2 was in development for years until a couple of fans of the original disney executives with this project on the fast track fun laps colors costumes and also a little bit of scary, but just enough to make you go but everything's gonna be okay in the end. original captured the imagination of generations of children.
4:57 pm
i should every halloween a couple of them ended up appearing in this movie. it was one of my favorite movies and it still is me too i grew up watching this movie also. another kid grew up to right the sequel was it intimidating in any way? oh my gosh. it was very intimidating. it was the scariest halloween of my life. when i was writing. but now thanks to jen deangelo and all the others involved. today's kids can see what all the fuss was about. stop. i am a good zombie. and that was sandy canyon reporting hocus pocus 2 is streaming now on disney plus disney is the parent company of abc 7 abc 7 news is a streaming 24/7 get the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app and join us whenever you want wherever you are. that's it for abc 7 news at 4 abc 7 news at five with dan. and dion is coming up next. a great day.
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every visit. every day. ikea moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. i think it's really unfair that we don't have the same quality of water that everyone else does have. running water that burns eyes ometimes comes out of the tap in one peninsula city are saying enough. evening and thank you for joining us md on limb and i'm dan ashley hundreds of customers in east palo alto. say the quality of their water is taking a toll not only on their health, but their finances abc7 news reporter zach fuentes spoke with those impacted by the water and with officials on what's being done to change it. it's a visual that's difficult to look at the water east palo alto residents say they're getting when quality is at its worst. that's when the pip


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