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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 26, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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kris tonight, breaking news. the verdict in the case of the driver plowing his suv into a holiday parade. that terrifying attack in wisconsin, killing six people and injuring dozens more. the youngest victim just 8 years old. now the verdict, and what one family brought to the courtroom. pierre thomas standing by. tonight, the new allegation against senate candidate herschel walker. another woman coming forward, and what she now claims. walker responding tonight. and linsey davis is here. and the other key senate race making news tonight, the debate in pennsylvania. the democrat john fetterman recovering from a stroke, on that stage, what he said about the stroke at the beginning of the debate. and then, how he performed. what his campaign is now saying tonight. and what the voters are saying. and dr. oz and his answer last night on abortion rights.
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saying women, their doctors, and local political leaders, should decide this issue. rachel scott in pennsylvania. the new turn in the deadly school shooting in st. louis. authorities now say the parents of that 19-year-old who had just graduated had alerted police to his ar-15 style assault rifle and it had been taken away. tonight, authorities say somehow he got the weapon back. so, how did this happen? alex perez tonight. hospitals from connecticut to texas to california running out of beds now to treat children suffering from that triple threat of respiratory viruses. tonight here, you'll hear from the doctor who carefully explains what parents should be looking for. kayna whitworth reporting. tonight, the u.s. responding after vladimir putin oversees a russian military nuclear drill simulating a massive nuclear strike what the u.s. is saying. here at home. the deadly bridge collapse in missouri. the images coming in tonight. our reporting on climate. the race to save the glaciers.
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ginger zee takes us where glaciers are melting at a place not seen in a century. the recall tonight for a popular household cleaner. and the powerball jackpot growing. good luck. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin tonight with the verdict after that horrific scene in wisconsin. the driver who intextally drove into that holiday parade inbe t almost a year ago, just been thanksgiving when that suv appeared you barrelling into the crowd, killing six people and injuring more than 60 others. the driver abilitying as his own attorney. the youngest victim, just 8 years old, the oldest, 81. tonight, darrell brooks convicted on 76 separate charges and what one of the grieving families brought to the courtroom. here's our chief justice
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correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: it was the horror just days before thanksgiving. a driver barrelling through crowds as families celebrated at a christmas parade. killing six, injuring dozens. tonight, guilty on all counts for the man accused. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, darrell e. brooks, guilty of first-degree intentional homicide. >> reporter: among those who were killed in waukesha, wisconsin, 8-year-old jackson sparks, and members of the dancing grannies, who had performed for years. the conviction justice for some, but today there was outright fury from other family members left behind. >> burn in hell! >> reporter: others finding some comfort in the conviction. virginia sorenson was a member of the dancing grannies. today, her son came to court with a necklace bearing her ashes. >> she told me to take my mom with us for the sentencing, so -- she was with us today. >> reporter: the trial at times
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had been bizarre, with brooks who had first pleaded not guilty because of mental disease. just before trial, he withdrew his plea, deciding to represent himself. >> i'm not angry at all. >> reporter: the wounds are far from healed in a town that has celebrated christmas with an annual parade of love and community. so many injured and unable to comprehend what had happened. david, the killer faces a mandatory life sentence on each homicide count. a judge will soon set a hearing where victims and family members have make statements. that will be so emotional, david. >> no question about that. just a difficult case all around. pierre, thank you. tonight, the new allegation against senate candidate herschel walker in georgia, just 13 days until election day. a second woman now alleging that he pressured her to have an abortion. this issue is taking center stage in this race, because as a candidate, walker has been a staunch opponent of abortion rights. again tonight, linsey davis. >> reporter: a second woman is now coming forward, claiming
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georgia senate candidate herschel walker paid for her to have an abortion. the woman, who is remaining anonymous, spoke via speakerphone in a news conference held by her attorney, gloria allred. the woman claims she and walker were in a relationship, and when she became pregnant in 1993, he pressured her to have an abortion. >> he encouraged me to have an abortion and gave me the money to do so. >> reporter: the woman, whose claims have not been verified by abc news, says she went to a dallas clinic, but couldn't go through with it. she says she left and told walker, who allegedly became upset. the next morning, she claims he drove her back to the clinic himself and waited outside until she had had the procedure. the woman provided what she calls evidence of the relationship, but not of the actual abortion itself. and today, walker denied it all. >> i'm done with this foolishness. i've already told people this is a lie, and i'm going to entertain -- continue to carry a
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liar loans. and i also want to let you know i didn't kill jfk, either. >> reporter: walker has also previously denied paying for the abortion of another woman, the mother of one of his children. she has provided multiple news outlets receipts from the abortion clinic and a copy of a $70 check walker she says walker gave her to pay for the abortion. did you ever have a conversation with this woman about an abortion? >> no. >> reporter: is she lying? >> yes, she's lying. yeah, she's lying. yes, she's lying. >> reporter: walker later acknowledged he did give her the check, but claimed it was not for an abortion. as a candidate, walker is a staunch opponent of abortion rights. >> i'm pro-life. i believe -- i believe in life. i'm a christian, i believe in life. >> reporter: david, the woman who came forward today insists that this is not about politics, she claims that she's an independent and voted for donald trump in 2016 and in 2020. as for walker's opponent, democratic senator raphael warnock, his campaign released a statement saying that walker, quote, has a problem with the truth and a problem taking responsibility for his actions. david? >> all right, linsey davis on this again tonight. linsey, thank you. now to the other key senate ration making news tonight.
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the pennsylvania senate race, which also could determine who controls the senate. front and center tonight, after the debate last night. the democrat john fetterman, recovering from a stroke. on that stage, what he said about the stroke at the beginning of the debate. and then how he performed while answering the questions. what his campaign is now saying tonight. what voters in pennsylvania are saying. and dr. oz and his answer on abortion rights, saying that women, their doctors, and local political leaders should decide this issue. rachel scott in pennsylvania again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, john fetterman's campaign saying their candidate did what he needed to do in his only debate with dr. mehmet oz. knowing it was going to be difficult after having a stroke. at the beginning, fetterman addressing what he called the elephant in the room. >> i had a stroke. he's never let me forget that. and i might miss some words during this debate. mushed two words together, but it knocked me down, but i'm going to keep coming back up. >> reporter: the questions and answers were closed captioned on large screens so fetterman could read them to help with lingering
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auditory processing issues. at times, he did stumble over his words. when asked why he changed his position on the issue of fracking -- >> i do support fracking and i don't -- i don't -- i support fracking and i stand -- and i do support fracking. >> reporter: fetterman was asked why he has not released his detailed medical records. >> i believe if my doctor believes that i'm fit to serve and that's what i believe is appropriate. >> reporter: dr. oz facing pointed questions, too. pressed on his position on abortion rights, and whether he would vote for a federal ban on abortion at 15 weeks. it was the answer from oz that made immediate headlines. >> i want women, doctors, local political leaders letting the democracy that's always allowed our nation to thrive to put the best ideas forward so states can decide for themselves. >> reporter: tonight, oz's team standing by that answer, to include local political leaders in that decision. meanwhile, fetterman's campaign today held a press conference of
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doctors speaking out against dr. oz. we asked, where's fetterman's doctor? >> why are we hearing from you instead of fetterman's doctors and why hasn't he released any of his medical records? >> so first, i have to push back against your answer, because he has released a detailed report from his doctor saying that he's fit to serve. >> reporter: today, voters we spoke with were split on the debate. tom lawlor, an attorney and a democrat, still undecided. >> i'm not sure if mr. fetterman's people should have him in this race. i feel bad for him. if my decision had to be made today, i think i would lean for dr. oz. >> reporter: but richard ferro, a retiree from pittsburgh, says he's sticking with fete maern. >> okay, he has a little bit of trouble talking. his mind is okay. i mean, if he, if it affected his mind in some way, i could say okay, but he's still a smart guy. has nothing to do with his speech. >> reporter: you still have full confidence in fetterman? >> right, i do. in fact, already sent my vote in.
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>> rachel scott with us from pennsylvania tonight. in fact, in pittsburgh. and rachel, really both campaigns here saying they accomplished what they needed to do last night, which we know is the one and only debate between fetterman and oz? >> reporter: yes, david. fetterman's campaign says they are thrilled by his performance, that they raised $1 million since the debate. president biden and former president barack obama reportedly expected to visit this state and campaign for fetterman in the coming days. former president donald trump expected to visit pennsylvania, as well. he's backing dr. mehmet oz. david? >> rachel scott, thank you. next tonight here, the new turn in the deadly school shooting in st. louis. authorities now say the parents of that 19-year-old who had just graduated from that high school last year, well, now the parents say they alerted police to his ar-15 style rifle, that it had been taken away. but tonight, authorities say somehow, he got the weapon back. of course, the question now, how did this happen and abc's alex perez in st. louis again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, st. louis authorities revealing that 19-year-old gunman who killed a
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teacher and a student at his alma mater had a long history of mental health struggles, that his family tried to help him with. >> they've done everything the possibly could have done, but sometimes that's not enough. >> reporter: orlando harris' family telling investigators they had him committed to a sigh ya trick facility multiple times. even monitored his mail. and months before the shootings, when his mother learned he had a gun, she notified authorities. >> they worked with our department to transfer that to an adult. >> reporter: investigators believe it's the same ar-15 style rifle seen here that was used in monday morn,'s attack. but officials don't know how harris got it back. police still won't say how exactly he got in, only that it was a, quote, forced entry into the school. killed in the shooting, 15-year-old sophomore alexandria bell and 61-year-old health teacher sean kuczka. her daughter, in disbelief. >> my mom was my best friend.
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i think we're all still in shock and it is i think it brings a peace of mind hearing all of these stories from her students and to know how much she was loved. >> reporter: four other students grazed by gunfire. today, police indicating the gunman may have had specific and david, tonight, the big question authorities are still trying to answer is how exactly that rifle ended up back in the hands of the shooter. the atf is tracing the serial number on that gun and also working to determine how exactly he got all of that ammo. david? >> yeah, the gun itself is really puzzling, though, how he got his hands back on the weapon if it was taken away. i know you will continue to follow this, alex, thank you. in michigan tonight, three men accused of supporting a platt to kidnap michigan's governor have been convicted on all charges tonight. they were charged with providing material is support for a terrorist act and with other crimes. t all three members of the paramilitary group whose leader was angry with whitmer over
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covid rules. we continue to report here on the children in hospitals across this country. tonight, from connecticut to texas to california, hospitals now running out of beds to treatment children suffering from this triple threat of respiratory viruses. well tonight here, the doctor who carefully explain what parents should be looking for. kayna whitworth reporting tonight. >> reporter: from connecticut, to texas, to california, more hospitals tonight are warning they are running out of room to care for that surge in children sick with respiratory viruses. >> we are earlier than usual in having a situation where our beds are full. our respiratory unit is full, >> reporter: in indiana, emilie berkshire says her 7-month-old was rushed to a pediatric icu four hours away because it was the closest open bed. > it was the scariest day, knowing that there was no rooms available, and seeing a baby that sick and having a hard time breathing. >> reporter: pediatric hospital beds in nine states and washington d.c. are already
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above 80% capacity. another five stays are above 90. >> i'm worried that things are going to get worse. we'll see the rise of respiratory illnesses continue, especially as you add influenza and covid into the mix. >> reporter: the rsv virus can be especially dangerous for infants with small airways. >>what you worry about is children that look like they're really beginning to have what we call air hunger. when they can't catch their breath. you actually see the muscles between your ribs indent. >> reporter: a warning sign noticed by nurse practitioner heidi pifer in her own son before he was hospitalized. >> we could see how hard he was breathing. like, we could see every single rib going up his little belly and it was pretty fast. >> reporter: now david, doctors do say that most patients with rsv will recover just fine without being hospitalized, but they encourage parents with sick kids to keep an eye out for those warning signs. dehydration, lethargy, and, of course, respiratory distress.
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david? >> yeah, really alarming time for parents in this country. thank you, kayna. we're going to turn now to the war in ukraine and the u.s. putin and this militar rsi simulang massive nuc what now st, and fbi burr ridge in kyiv. >> reporter: tonight, vladimir putin personally overseeing moscow's first major nuclear drills since he invaded ukraine. simulating a massive nuclear strike. and for the first time, putin issuing an ominous and unfounded w warning. that ukraine plans to blow up a dirty bomb laced with radioactive material in its own territory. western allies warning russia could use such an event as a false flag, to blame ukraine for an attack that moscow carries out itself. today, ukrainian officials rasing the possibility that the russian military may have tampered with radioactive waste
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at ukrainian nuclear plants that have been under their control. >> it means that they can use this waste if they have decided to blow up so-called dirty bomb. >> reporter: the white house pressed today, if russia's possible ual nucarn. >> i'm not going to classify it say that iwould be yet anothero ofussia's brutality on the ukrainian people. another level of atrocity. >> reporter: today, the white house saying it has not seen any ngindi preparations to use a dirty bomb in ukraine. officials have warned moscow there would be consequences if they do. david? >> tom soufi burridge and our team in kyiv tonight. thank you. back here at home now, a judge has ordered former president's trump chief of staff mark meadows to testify in the georgia election investigation. meld does had been fighting the subpoena to testify before a
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special grand jury in atlanta. meld does traveled to georgia after the election. he was on that phone call with state officials when the former president asked them to find 11,780 votes. meadows' lawyer says he is likely to appeal. when we come back on the broadcast tonight, the deadly bridge collapse. construction workers on it at the time. the images coming in at this hour. and later here, the recall tonigh
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tonight, authorities are on the scene of a deadly bridge collapse in clay county, missouri. construction workers were pouring concrete at the time, reach some of the victims. a shocking investigation unfolding in free month county, iowa, tonight. authorities say a woman claims her late father was a serial killer who murdered up to 70 women over the span of decades. she says she and her siblings were forced to help bury theed
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to the index of other news and tonight clorox recalling 37 million bottles of pine sol. the products may contain harmful bacteria. the recall involves eight pine sol scented multisurface cleaners, original pine sol not included. the entire list on our website. tonight's powerball jackpot now up to $700 million. it's the game's largest prize so far this year. the fifth-largest in history. so, 35 drawings in a row now with no big winner. good luck to you. when we come back here tonight, ginger zee and the stunning view. th
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reporting on climate. and ginger zee in switzerland on the race to save the glaciers. >> reporter: more than 200 million people around the world rely on glaciers for assess to fresh water. and tonight, they are endangered. disappearing faster than we have ever seen in the century they've been closely studied. bear rock that had not been exposed for at least 2,000 years now ice free. this area of the alps is warming two times faster than the rest of the world, so the nice i'm standing on here, 50 meters deep, it will be gone by 2031. disappearing fast. we journeyed to switzerland's morteratsch glacier with dr. felix keller, who is trying to save it. the tloosz we are seeing now has not happened in thousands of year. >> this degree and this fast, it never happened. >> reporter: scientists throughout switzerland have been covering some of the glaciers with reflective blankets to slow the melt.
3:58 pm
last winter, dr. keller trapped the play and reused it to make snow. dr. keller is hoping that his technology can preserve gla shell melt, because they hold 75% of the planet's fresh water. >> if we are successful, we can slow down the glacier melting. >> putting blankets on the glaciers to save them. our thanks to ginger. i'll >> this is abc.
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>> many of you felt the earthquake. this increases the probability. thank kristen: you for joining us. kristen:it's impossible to protect when the next earthquake will have found, but the probability is higher. we spoke to u.c. berkeley expert. >> thate ywulis e ntinuing t examine the earthquake that occurred on the falls.