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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 30, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area. this is abc7news. >> they are rebuilding him. >> paul pelosi junior provides a quick update on his father who remains hospitalized. later, nancy pelosi was seen leaving zuckerberg san francisco general hospital after spending the day visiting her husband. thank you for joining us. i'm the on when. you are watching abc seven news. charges are expected to be filed tomorrow against the man accused of breaking into house speaker nancy pelosi's home and attacking her husband with a hammer. san francisco's district attorney provided details about the investigation. here is abc reporter the holland. reporter: the suspect who shouted where is nancy after
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breaking into the house also had zip ties and duct tape according to law enforcement sources. brooke jenkins clarifying the two did not know each other before the attack. as a fresh bouquet of flowers sits outside the pelosi pacific heights home, speaker nancy pelosi spotted leaving her home early sunday morning while her husband paul is still recovering at sf general following friday's attack. >> it was a forced entry into the rear door of the home. he ultimately did make his way upstairs, which is where he ultimately confronted mr. pelosi. >> the suspect was found with zip ties and duct tape in his bags according to two law enforcement officials briefed on the probe. while jenkins could not confirm what depape was found with, she did clarify the only people home at the time were paul poulos and the suspect adding the men did
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not know each other. >> at the time the suspect entered the pelosi home, he was in fact looking for ms. pelosi. the other thing is we want to make it clear there were only two people in the home at the time the police arrived. mr. pelosi and the suspect. reporter: republican leaders such as john dennis, chair of the san francisco republican party, say it is not fair to make any connections between current gop rhetoric and the assault on paul poulos. -- paul pelosi. >> it is a bad idea to bring politics into it. we do not know what the motive of this person was. reporter: dennis who was up against speaker pelosi for congress say certain hashtags are a strategy and not an incitement of violence. >> i am running against nancy pelosi, i want san franciscans to fire her. that is a common phrase, it is
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not tied into any agitation or violence. reporter: the district attorney is expecting to file charges against depape including attempted murder, residential burglary, and other charges. depape is expected to make his first appearance in court tuesday for his arraignment. >> in the wake of another attack , a bay area professor along with a state senator are sounding the alarm on the deepening political divide. here is abc7news reporter tara campbell. >> the vicious attack on speaker pelosi's husband is putting the spotlight on the country's deepening political divide. melinda jackson is a political science professor at san jose state university. >> it really is a warning sign for our democracy that we are seeing perhaps people whose
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political disagreements are crossing the line into real-life violence. reporter: lawmakers like state senator scott wiener of san francisco are facing ongoing threats. >> it is not easy to be in elected office whether you are in congress or the state legislature or city council or school board. elected officials are being targeted. i have been targeted. reporter: the state senator says he is not surprised the pelosi house is a target, too. pointing to reports of the suspect chanting where's nancy, the same chant heard during the january 6 attack. >> the right wing has been demonizing nancy pelosi in outrageous ways for many years. it was just a matter of time. >> we do not know the details, but it looks like speaker pelosi was being targeted. reporter: investigators are still trying to determine the accused attacker's motive but either way jackson says political polarization is taking a toll.
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>> the demonization of the other side being portrayed as enemies, that is the kind of rhetoric that is really dangerous in terms of encouraging people to take violent action. >> are you taking any extra security precautions? >> i do not want to talk about my own security protocols given that i have received thousands of death threats including a bomb threat on my home and threats to shoot me. i am definitely careful. reporter: tara campbell, abc7news. >> we have been on the story since friday morning. you can see all the angles covered in one place, the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. download it for your apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv, roku, and wherever you may stream. moving on in the south bay, a string of violence in less than three hours overnight have led
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to two deaths in san jose. a man died in a shooting early this morning. he witnessed says it happened during a halloween themed birthday party. an hour earlier san jose officers responded to kaufman court. two men were taken to the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds and one of the victims died. police are not releasing any details of the shootings. only on seven, scary case of road rage caught on tesla cam and by neighbors. >> move the car. just move the car. >> video from san francisco's excelsior neighborhood shows a man pulling his tesla out of his driveway at 4:00 on the afternoon of the 21st. a black honda sedan came out of nowhere and was so close he could not complete the turn into the street. when the man got angry and got out of his vehicle, he pulled out his phone to record and call
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911. that is when things took a violent turn. tesla video shows the man -- shows the attack. the man grabbed his home -- phone and proceeded to punch him in the eyes with such force his glasses lens hit the street. he just had i surgery so the blow was particularly frightening. you can see the scratches along his neck as well. >> everybody needs to be peaceful. it is unacceptable. >> no arrests have been made. voting centers opened in several bay area counties today. santa clara is offering in person voting at 25 polling places. voters can drop off their vote by mail ballots and get help with language services.
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curbside voting and accessible voting systems. they can cast their ballot at any center in the county rather than being tied to a specific location. >> we are expecting a 55% to 65% voter turnout. >> a total of 103 vote centers will open throughout the county for the november 8 election. more than one million people have already registered to vote. the registrar of voters says a majority of them are expected to vote by mail. those voting centers also just opened in marin and sonoma counties. we are making it easy to get to know every issue on your ballot. this interactive proposition voter guide in it shows the arguments for and against each measure and helps break down videos so we can make your vote count. coming up, if a chance of winning $825 million -- $825,000
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did not entice you, maybe $1 million will. nobody won the powerball jackpot so tomorrow's will be worth $1 billion, the largest jackpot in history. there were tickets sold in california that hit five numbers, not the powerball though. one was in southern california, the other was in alpine county. in case you want to check your numbers, here they are. 19, 31, 40, 46, 57, and powerball of 23. nobody has hit the jackpot since august. still ahead on abc7news at 11:00 , it looks like halloween is back in the bay area. see the attraction that had people lining up tonight to get a good scare. and a little later we are following developing news coming out of south korea after a massive halloween celebration ended with a deadly stampede. >> we are tracking rain returning this week. we will have the time and how much you can expect and when
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>> it has been a weekend full of scary events across the bay area. the candle lighters ghost house has been one of the most popular spots the last two weeks. tonight was their last night. j.r. stone was there. a warning, you might be in for a scare. reporter: you are inside fremont's candle lighters ghost house as halloween celebrations are in full swing. a cast of teenagers, the -- this scary. i heard some screaming. >> that was me. reporter: how was it?
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>> they got me good. >> i was very scared. >> it was scary because they jump at you. they really scream at you. reporter: even as i was walking through the ghost house, complete darkness. then, this. >> you did it? reporter: yeah. >> i don't get scared that much, i go to haunted houses because i want to be scared. reporter: for those who do not want to go into the ghost house, there are other things like caramel apples. yes, apples that have been dipped, sprinkled, and wrapped. or there are spinning wheels with prizes. then there is this guy who some say is haunted. >> my name is mortimer.
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welcome to the haunted house. reporter: yes, it all comes back to the ghost house. there is a ferry line at this ghost house for the little ones or just big ones who don't like being scared. but for tv purposes we have to end with a bang. or scary face, or vortex, or just a good yell. in fremont, j.r. stone, abc7news. >> that was a cackle from jr, looks like fun and lots of scares. the castro family halloween block party and costume contest is back. it wrapped up a short time ago in san francisco. >> well, they pulled -- >> drag queen story hour was a big hit with the kiddos.
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>> i love reading to kids. i love educating while entertaining. so it is awesome. >> there were plenty of tricks to entertain the crowd as well along with face painting at a costume contest for kids. it was an evening of celebrating distinguished citizens friday night. i had the honor of posting -- of hosting the fundraiser which honored cecil wilson. gilead sciences, for their commitment to addressing systemic barriers to health, and world central kitchen for serving meals to the masses during times of crisis. the nonprofit club is the oldest and largest public affairs forum in the u.s.. a quick reminder if you are headed to the beach tomorrow, be aware of those dangerous sneaker waves along the northern california coast. a beach hazard alert will go into effect monday from 5:00
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a.m. to 11:00 p.m.. waves are expected to reach heights of 20 feet. the national weather service is advising people to stay out of the water. never turn your back to the ocean. it is so deceiving because it always looks so calm. >> and the ocean water temperature is cold in the 50's. >> it is all ahead of a storm we are tracking. rain will arrive tuesday morning on and off through wednesday. find your umbrella, your rain jacket, you will need it especially tuesday as we tracked the cold front moving through. this is the exploratorium camera showing partly cloudy skies. a calm night, light winds. here's how the forecast shapes up for halloween tomorrow. all treats, no trick. we are dry with partly cloudy skies, rain returning tuesday. on and off showers continuing to wednesday. in the wake of the storm system we are seeing cold air moving to the bay area. possible record lows thursday morning.
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some spots dipping into the 30's. right now not that chilly. we are in the 50's. 56 in oakland, the same since san jose, 53 in the city. 47 in santa rosa. here is the beach hazard statement. this will begin at 5:00 am early tomorrow morning lasting through the day. we will see this northwest swell pickup. there is a higher risk of rip currents and sneaker waves the next 24 hours along our coast line. overnight we will have fog developing along the coast and around the bay shoreline. temperatures in our coldest cities in the 40's. it dropped about -- to about 50 in oakland, 48 overnight in concord. let's plan your monday. monday morning will be a blend of sun and clouds once the sun is up shortly after 7:30 in the morning. 40's and 50's. we are slow to warm thanks to the layer of cloud cover.
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by 11:00 a.m. we are into the low 60's. tomorrow is a cooler afternoon compared to today. today a lot of us got into the 70's. tomorrow mainly 50's and 60's. highs on monday, 60's and the city, 64 in oakland. 67 in san jose. along the coast a lot cooler , the onshore breeze keeping us at 50 74 half moon bay. -- at 57 four half moon bay. temperatures falling through the 50's. we bring in the exclusive abc 7 storm impact scale on tuesday and wednesday. a light -- a level 1 storm. light accumulations. just got the latest info from our computer models and the storm is trending whether tuesday into wednesday. you see we will find beneficial rainfall coming our way over the next three days or so. winter storm watch is in effect starting tuesday afternoon, 5000
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feet, three to eight inches of snow. highest peaks, up to 12 inches of snow, so traffic will be difficult as the snow comes down and the winds are gusting. the next seven days, cooler for halloween. tuesday and wednesday we have showers. it gets breezy. level 1 on the storm impact scale. cold wind on thursday. a mix of sun and clouds on friday. we change our clocks next weekend early sunday. daylight saving time. >> we get that hour of sleep. >> we do. the sun sets earlier, the nights stay longer. that time of year. >> a milestone birthday for an east bay store. see how they decided to celebrate 101 years of
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>> a hardware store in oakland
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celebrated an expansion and its 101st birthday in business. over a century on macarthur boulevard and new retail space. the three-day celebration included giving back to the community with great deals and free cupcakes. >> we believe the secret to being around 101 years great customer service. there is lots of places you can buy a hammer and nails. people will keep coming back if they are able to help you find the exact ones you need for your project. >> i will pay more for good service. the hardware store also held live demonstrations and a fundraiser for women's cancer research. and ucf oakland children's hospital. it was an historic day for the niners. >> if you watch the niners game, you witnessed franchise history. christian mccaffrey broke out the full bag of tricks and treated the niners to
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> nine days. that is how long christian mccaffrey has been on the 49ers. that is how long it took to enter the franchise history books. no love lost between the 49ers and rams. these teams know each other well and do not like each other much. the rams controlled the game early. matthew stafford with the touchdown run. nothing better than the pile on cam. but the 49ers have the ultimate weapon in mccaffrey. he is throwing deep to brandon aiyuk, hits him in stride for a touchdown. this game is tied at seven and there are a lot of 49ers fans in the crowd in l.a..
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the rams answer. stafford over the middle to who else? cooper kupp. he had plenty of separation, made the niners pay, 14-7 rams. 49ers down for bank in the third, jimmy garoppolo steps up into the pocket, lofts one down the sideline, christian mccaffrey makes an unreal leaping catch. the first 49ers running back with a passing and receiving touchdown in the same game ever. the 49ers up three. mccaffrey needs a rushing touchdown now. he breaks a big 24 yard run but he is pushed out of bounds just before getting in. so obviously you have to give it to him again so they do up the middle. mccaffrey the first running back since le damien tomlinson to throw, catch, and run for a touchdown than a single game in just the third running back to do it since the nfc afc merger in 1970. the 49ers when it. -- the 49ers win it. >> the biggest thing is coming
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out with a win and playing the second half like that. the thing i am most happy about is just this whole team welcoming me with open arms. that just means a lot to me so those things are cool, but i'm just proud to be a 49er. it felt good to get a win. >> i have been a fan of his. everyone is a fan of christian watching his tape. being next to him in the locker room, he put so much time in in one week. you can tell how great he wants to be. he pushes us all. >> the warriors took an l last night, time for a back to back in detroit. all gas, no breaks from the jump. siddique bay lays it in and hits the deck. jordan poole came up in the clutch for the third. he's going to hit the three, splash. moments later he steals the ball and hits another three. splash. he scored 15 straight warriors points and finished with 30. stephen curry in the lane driving, lays it in, now it is a
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six-point game. he reached 30 in six of seven games so far but detroit pushed it back to double digits off the turnover. killian hayes makes it a 13 point deficit for the dubs. they fall 128-114, now 3-4 on the season. dion: much more to come. we are learning more about the victims in a deadly stampede at halloween celebration in south korea. at least two are americans. plus welcome to blind scream. the creators of this haunted house will show us the effort it ta
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>> building a better bay area. this is abc7news. dion: south korea's president has declared a period of national mourning after a stampede left at 153 people dead during halloween festivities. two americans are among those who perished. deirdre bolton has details. reporter: after visiting the site of saturday's deadly crowd surge, south korean president yoon suk-yeol declared a period of national mourning saying this is truly tragic, a disaster that should not have happened, took place in the heart of seoul last night. people had gathered for an evening of halloween festivities. while not a traditional holiday in south korea, it has become popular in recent years with young adults. this was the city's largest halloween gathering since the
11:37 pm
pandemic began. as the crowd converged, the scene erupted into chaos. >> i saw in front of me this mass of people running and pushing, moving fast and screaming. panicking. reporter: authorities say 153 people were killed, more than 82 injured, many in serious condition. >> we did not expect anything like this. we were just walking on the street and i was trying to hold my friend who passed away close to me. reporter: more than 800 emergency services rushed to the scene. victims were largely young people, many in their 20's. the government set up a temporary office to receive reports of the missing. anxious relatives waited for word on their loved ones. some overcome with grief. the u.s. state department has confirmed two americans were
11:38 pm
among the 19 foreign nationals killed and says it is working to provide assistance to the victims and their families. deirdre bolton, abc7news, new york. dion: at least 132 people are dead after a cable bridge collapsed in india earlier today. this is video, you see where rescue efforts are underway searching for any survivors in the river. the bridge, known to be a popular tourist attraction, revealed just days ago after undergoing reservation -- renovation. over 100 50 people were on the bridge at the time of the collapse. tomorrow justices are set to take a look at how colleges consider race in admissions. the u.s. supreme court will take up race conscious admissions policies at harvard and the university of north carolina. the conservative majority court is widely predicted to ban race-based affirmative action. voters in california outlawed
11:39 pm
any consideration of race in state college admissions and other government programs in 1996, but it applies only to public schools. brazil has a new leader tonight. lula de silva defeated bolsonaro in a tight election. supporters of the leftist leader took to the streets to celebrate his victory tonight. 20 years after first winning the brazilian presidency, de silva is back in office. he was imprisoned after a corruption scandal in 2017. it sidelined him during the election that brought the conservative bolsonaro to power. health officials sending a warning ahead of halloween festivities. respiratory illnesses are on the rise especially among children. hospitals are noticing a spike in flu and respiratory
11:40 pm
infections resulting in death. the cdc reports nearly 900,000 confirmed flu cases, 700,000 hospitalizations -- 7000 hospitalizations and approaching 400 deaths nationwide. hospital officials expect the rise in covid cases. >> we have covid and other respiratory illnesses. all of this together is a concern for how the next weeks and months are going to play out. dion: growing concerns are surrounding the early flu season. doctors say the country could be facing a triple pandemic this fall. it takes a lot to build the perfect haunted house. we are going to take you to the north bay to see what it takes to put together a home dubs the -- scream. >> rain returns to the forecast starting tuesday. we are
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i see it in my office all the time. kids getting hooked on flavored tobacco, including e-cigarettes. big tobacco lures them in with flavors like lemon drop and bubble gum, candy flavors that get them addicted to tobacco products, and can lead to serious health consequences, even harming their brain development. that's why pediatricians urge you to vote yes on prop 31. it stops the sale of dangerous flavored tobacco and helps protect kids from nicotine addiction. please vote yes on 31. vote yes on prop 31.
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dion: i had the pleasure of hosting the welcome home project's sixth annual home sweet home event this past week. the organization buys and collect brand-new home supplies like kitchen appliances and linens. a number of elected leaders showed their support. a chef even did a cooking demonstration and raffled off the meal to the crowd. since beginning the organization, they were founded in 2015, the welcome home project has helped more than 7500 people including more than 2000 kids. ghosts, goblins, witches, and who knows what people conjure up for halloween costumes this year. when it comes to haunted houses there are more than a few in the bay area. there is one in santa rosa that goes by the name blind scream and we got an inside look at how the owners put their creepiest foot forward every year.
11:45 pm
♪ >> we are not the scariest haunted house out there, but i believe we are the halloweeniest. reporter: for 13 years blind scream haunted house has been providing guests with a good scare for halloween. >> one of our goals is to immerse our guests with all the sights and sounds in the haunted house. >> please help, please. >> it is designed to keep you wondering what is around the next corner. reporter: designing the perfect scream house takes time, energy, and a lot of building. >> right now it just looks like a pile of old wood, and it is. but by the time we get it transformed you will not believe your eyes. one of the scenes we were going to build this year is the barn scene. i wanted it to be very vintage halloween. that meant we were going to need a lot of pumpkins. reporter: for prop maker matteo
11:46 pm
crawford, carving hundreds of pumpkins proved to be a daunting task. >> you have to come up with the face, draw the face on the pumpkin, then make sure this blade goes through all of the outlines. i'm here after work, after hours, all my days off. that is the dedication we like to see. reporter: but no haunt would be complete without actors. >> we can breathe some life into it. by adding a real-life character. reporter: and making those characters come to life is makeup artist dominguez's job. >> i spend a lot of time making everyone freaky. it really helps them to get into that full grizzly character. when they look at themselves in
11:47 pm
the mirror and they do not recognize themselves, we know we have done our job. reporter: blind scream will make sure everyone gets in the spirit of the season. >> hearing people scream, that is how we know people had a great time. dion: i have been to that haunted house, it is freaky. over the east bay, halloween took center stage along with fruits and veggies. it was the last event of the season for the farmers market. activities included a guess my weight pumpkin contest along with pumpkin decorating. there was a costume parade and goodie bags for kids as well. vendors decorated their stalls with spooky signs and there were plenty of tasty treats for market goers. can you reveal what you dressed up as for halloween? >> my husband was fred flintstone so i went as barney rubble. dion: i asked why you did not do another character. >> it is a lot of work. dion: doing awake and all that.
11:48 pm
>> i was blonde for one night. dion: where are the pictures? >> i will put them on social media, maybe tomorrow. halloween, trick-or-treating tomorrow, no problem. a nice forecast. the rooftop camera here, a calm night. partly to mostly cloudy skies. fog will redevelop after midnight. 40's and 50's as we head into your monday. halloween itself looking great. partly cloudy skies, temperatures cooler tomorrow compared to where we were today. most of us ending up in the 60's by tomorrow afternoon. we will bring in the storm impact scale for tuesday and wednesday. scattered showers and light accumulations for future weather. here is tuesday morning, 8:00 a.m.. beginning to see rain in the north bay. we find rain areawide midday with scattered showers that continue tuesday evening into wednesday. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. rain tuesday and wednesday.
11:49 pm
it does turn cold thursday morning. near record lows are possible. we will warm up into the weekend and we change our clocks back one hour. daylight savings time comes to an end. dion: thanks. now to kc with a preview of sports. >> it is amazing how much difference a win makes. instead of stewing through the bye week, the 49ers get to treat themselves to a halloween break.
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> the trick was finding the draft capital to acquire christian mccaffrey. the treat was watching him show off against the rams. mccaffrey pulled out the full bag of tricks. a perfect ball in the touchdown to brandon aiyuk.
11:53 pm
he said he wanted to be a quarterback when he was a kid, maybe he could have been a wide receiver. but running the ball has always been his main skill. it is one he does very well. the first 49ers running back to run, pass, and catch a touchdown in a single game. the 49ers feel really good heading into the bye week. >> there is so much more for me to learn and i'm excited to continue to get better with the offense and hopefully continue to get some wins. >> if we had lost it would have been three weeks in a row going into the bye. being able to win this one -- also i feel like i have played the rams four times in 11 weeks of football so i'm glad that one is over and we can play different teams now. >> thenghe gits, and extrerstrials? loss for seattle would mean the niners are backseattle lead.
11:54 pm
former niner richie james trying to make some thing happen on a punt return but gets knocked down. the seahawks recover. they turned into points. walker powers his way 16 yards into the end zone. the seahawks are a game ahead of the niners for first in the nfc west. the raiders visiting the saints, it did not go well for the silver and black. 10-0. he blasts his way into the end zone, look at that. that is a world-class one-two. dalton with another short pass and another touchdown for the saints. made the raiders very unhappy in a blowout. >> this is embarrassing. we cannot have that. that right there is embarrassing and should never happen especially with the group of guys not locker room.
11:55 pm
-- guys in that locker room. >> we are better than that and i apologize to raider nation for that performance. that is my responsibility. we have to do much better in every phase of the game. >> this is not halloween related. it is just what they do in buffalo. josh allen rolls out left. everyone on the packers thinks he is about to rush in, he tosses it to dawson makes for a one yard touchdown. allen hits diggs in stride for the touchdown but he is tossed down after the catch. extracurriculars instead of celebration, the bills get the last laugh with a 27-17 win. a crazy finish between the panthers and falcons. 15 seconds to go, pj walker finds dj more for the 62 yard touchdown. but he takes his helmet off in celebration. you cannot do that.
11:56 pm
that is a 15 yard penalty. so it is the extra point for the win and it is widely. this goes to overtime and the panthers miss a field goal. late in overtime, the game-winner. falcons win 37-30 four and somehow lead the nfc south. this is the best thing i have seen all day. grant williams and the celtics arrived dressed as batman and never broke character. even kept it going during the post game press conference much to the surprise of jason tatum. >> the best part about this team is that we take care of each other. defensively, that is all we can accomplish. >> what are you doing? [laughter] >> this is presented by river casino. dion: thanks, casey. you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. it is available for apple tv and
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android tv and roku. download the app now and start streaming for free. that is all the time we have for this edition of abc7news at 11:00. the news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. on behalf of all of us here, thank you for joining us. we leave you with a live look outside. definitely clear, but the fog moving in. this is a live look at sfo. have a good rest of your evening. okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear, you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪
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just nine days to the midterm elections, as races tighten in the final stretch, we're out on the campaign trail. a special edition of "this week" starts right now. the choice couldn't be clearer. the stakes couldn't be higher. >> america is in crisis. revival is comg.


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