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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 2, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: new scrutiny over the security set up of speaker nancy pelosi's home. the question as that possible motive becomes clear. >> campaign crunch time. the takeover with less than a week left. the races drawing the biggest names in politics. >> it was a soothing noise. starting in november, sizable rain in the bay, and it's not quite over yet. >> welcome to wednesday,
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november 2. i hope you paid your rent yesterday. you have several more days before you get charged more. >> five days. >> don't push it. >> don't make your landlord mad. that's hard enough. >> the rain was nice yesterday. >> i thought about you. >> can i do today? >> not as much as yesterday. we are out there and doppler seven. scattered showers at best. we are focused on the south and east to bay. we will zoom out to hamilton. you will see a pop of purple on the screen. that is a mix of rain and snow. we have cold air overhead. isolated rain showers from dublin to pleasanton. 580 is wet in the region. a live look from the east bay hills show good visibility right now. we will keep a chance of shower in the forecast. we will take it outside with a chilly day. you will see temperatures and the impact coming up.
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reggie: no tsunami warning is being issued after an earthquake hit the ocean. this report came after 10 p.m.. it was 750 miles west of san diego. five minutes later, a two .6 magnitude earthquake hit east of salinas. as we zoom over, a 2.8 registered east of san jose. that is the same area as the 5.1 magnitude crake desk quake we remember from last week. in total, no injuries have been reported. >> new details on the attack on paul pelosi. the suspect has been pleading not guilty and is held without bail. pelosi left her home yesterday. this is after court documents
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reveal chilling new details on what the suspect was planning after the attack. we are live in san francisco with more. good morning. >> good morning. three sources with -- familiar with the matter till -- tell abc news that the u.s. capitol is in charge of providing security for nancy pelosi, and they did have cameras outside of the home, but they were not being monitored at the time of the attack. nancy pelosi was in washington dc when this all happened. those sources say it wasn't until they saw police lights flashing that they rewound the video and saw the break in. it is unclear whether the cameras were monitored. typically, when the speakers out of the area, the cameras are not monitored 24/7. court documents obtained by abc 7 news say that suspect was
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quoted saying he is sick of the level of lies coming out of washington dc. he came here to have a little chat with speaker pelosi. >> i consider him to be dangerous. he sawed out the speaker, and in turn, when he could not locate her, he turned his violence toward her husband. >> we are going to look into his mental state, and i'm not going to talk further on that until i have more information in order to speak accurately. >> that was adam lipson. the defender who just met his client yesterday when he pled not guilty in court. these documents also say that the suspect had several other targets, including a local professor, several politicians, and relatives of that
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politician. it did not name those people, but it did make reference to the threats. abc 7 news. >> we been on the story since friday. you can see this on the bay area streaming at. you can download it for your apple tv, google tv, and roku or wherever you stream. we are on 24/7. reggie: your voice and your vote. key elections across the country are closer than ever. the house and the senate are both on the lines. big names in both parties are hitting the campaign trail hard. >> we have president biden and president trump and obama all on the campaign trail. in the final days leading up to the midterms, mr. biden went after great scott. -- rick scott. he is leading the effort for republicans to retake the senate. president biden laid out what he says is all at stake. pres. biden: they're coming after social security and medicare in a big way and he laid out a clear plan. he said every five years, social
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security and medicare would have to be reauthorized. >> former presidents barack obama and donald trump are also on the campaign trail this week. they will both be in pennsylvania on saturday. obama campaigning for john fetterman and trump for republican candidate and tv personality dr. mehmet oz. a new paul gives republicans an 80% chance of retaking the chamber. reggie: nationwide, more than 22 million people have voted. you can go to to check out our ballot trackers showing how many ballots have been accepted and returned. we also have a proposition voter guide to help you decide. we are hearing from a family member of a man conspiring in a murder for hire plot. kumasi: nelson chia was arrested thursday for the death of oakland dentist lili xu. abc 7 sat down with chia's son, who does not use his father's last name. he describes nelson chia as a man with narcissistic and sociopathic characteristics and
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a strong desire for money. chia died by suicide in jail on friday. >> i didn't have any sadness or emotions towards the news of my father passing. for me, it's been like a huge, ominous monkey off my back. >> investigators say chia hired hasheem bason in a murder for hire scheme. bason is now facing charges. chia arranged xu's accounts and her state worth up to $14 million into his name. the oakland city council is considering new strategies to help with affordable housing infrastructures. they explored a new tax district. it would divert some money to the general fund in order to pay for other projects. fresno, san diego, and west sacramento have utilized this strategy to deal with housing
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infrastructure. a report is expected in december. >> taking aim at tiktok. a ban on how china could be pulling the strings. the reason some outdoor parks could be a thing of the past and one bay area city. drew: we are not dumb was showers quite yet. isolated showers in the south and east bay. dead spots in the north bay on the exclusive abc 7 storm impact scale. it is a level 1 storm with the best chance of finding showers this morning. we will go hour-by-hour with the
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>> look at the camera bouncing around as we have gusty conditions in the hills.
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live doppler 7 along with satellite. here is the cold front with the beneficial rainfall. that is in southern california. we still have isolated showers that will swing through. they are trying to bring us a quick hit of wet weather. the coast and the south bay will likely see an isolated shower at 9:00. we will see that chance through lunchtime, and in the afternoon, any chance will fade away. we turn to partly cloudy skies, but it is a chilly afternoon. keep our eyes on that. in the afternoon, upper 50's to lower 60's. you will feel chilly air later on. that is the weather. let's get a check on traffic. >> unfortunately, we have an update from san jose police on the pedestrian hit at the intersection of cherry avenue. according to san jose police, they said this person was a
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homeless person, a male crossing the street. this is become the 56th deadly crash of the year. this is the 30th pedestrian death in san jose. a live look at the bay bridge told plaza. lights came on earlier than normal at 5:38 a.m.. stack up to the base of amazed. lights are traveling southbound for you. no problems to report in the area. we have a number of wind advisory for bridges, and also the altamont pass. 26 minutes from antioch to concord. reggie: public-school protests. some teachers are fed up and quitting. a new action is coming today. as we go to break, a new camera. here's a look at our new oakland airport camera. here's a look at our new oakland airport camera. when moderate to severe ulcerative colitis persists... put it in check with rinvoq, a once-daily pill. when uc got unpredictable,...
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>> there is a new push to ban tiktok. one fcc commissioner is pushing to ban the chinese company in the u.s.. we are joined live in the newsroom with that. >> good morning. there are questions about what tiktok does with personal information. the company plans to use the app to monitor locations. the fcc commissioner says they ban is the only way to make sure data does not get into the hands of tiktok's parent company, byte dance. there is not sufficient protection on the data that you could have sufficient confidence that it's not finding its way back into the hands of the chinese communist party. a cyber expert says the kind of data that tiktok collects could be anything from an email address to a digital print of your face that's called a faceprint.
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>> when you start having a look at what china could do with the information, they could use it to further target people for hacks. >> tiktok's parent company has been negotiating with a committee on foreign investment on how it could continue operating here under a possible sale to a u.s. firm. lawmakers do listen when fcc commissioner's express an opinion. tiktok has denied claims that china gathers the date of tiktok users and says it supports data privacy legislation that would apply to all companies. reggie: thank you. some outdoor parks in palo alto may be going away. restaurants have to get consent from neighboring businesses to keep them. some business owners said they are covering signage or blocking accessibility. palo alto city staff hope businesses can work things out among themselves without getting the city involved.
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one cafe owner does not think that is a good solution. she is also not happy about a possible fee. >> it will be detrimental to everybody. it will be detrimental to the business, it will be detrimental to the city that intends to collect rent on public property. reggie: san francisco is also changing its rules and just required new applications for parklets. the current pandemic error rules end in march. kumasi: this is a hearse unlike anything you've seen before. reggie: a bicycle hearse in france. they crafted this as an alternative to a traditional hearse. it is meant to be more energy efficient and sustainable. it can travel on both cycle paths and on the road alongside cars. a crafty energy saving alternative during unusually unfortunate times. >> why she so happy?
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your loved one is just past. >> she is just transporting them. >> if you're going to shoot apr video for a hearse, maybe a little direction. >> be sad. >> give me morning. drew: your parent just died. this is your parent. kumasi: she is happy to be helpful. drew: anything with three wheels is always going to tip. reggie: what happens when someone opens a door? drew: that's a real fear here in the city. it happens all the time. reggie: grandma doesn't want to be in the bike lane. she thought she was going to have a dignified service. now, everyone can see. drew: your file moment, you are
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on a bike. reggie: you are being pushed by a bicycle. drew: i would haunt them. reggie: i would too. drew: you will never find peace. those chains will be rattling every night and you will never know peace. a beautiful new camera. this is the abc 7 open -- oakland airport camera. you can see a lot from this vantage point. we have dry conditions over the airport. the city is in the background. here is how the forecast shapes up. we have an isolated forecast with a chilly afternoon and a cold night on the way. more rain on the weekend. look at the temperature change. much cooler compared to this time yesterday. 30 right now, 30 right now in santa rosa. we are at 53 in san jose, and take a heavy jacket with you. there is a chance of an isolated shower. on the exclusive abc 7 storm
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impact scale, that is a level one for best chance of a shower. the afternoon is a lot drier. we are tracking isolated showers. we still have a chance the forecast until about 11 a.m.. the afternoon will dry out and turn partly cloudy, but it is a breezy day. not nearly as windy as yesterday, but likely 15 to 25 miles per hour. winter storm warning still in effect. still level down to 5500 feet. two to six inches of additional snow. back at home, 50's and 60's. we will feel the chill later on today. it is a cold night on the way. 30 and 40's for clear skies. a chance of a morning shower. frosty mornings tomorrow and friday. rain returns to the forecast on sunday night and early next week we had it does look like a stormy pattern. kumasi: let's check in with ginger with what is coming up on
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gma. reggie: what are we seeing? >> this is a water harbor of the mississippi river. i am standing in a river bed. i am sure you heard me talk about the historic of the mississippi river. we will show you about it today. we have deals in steel and the new avatar trail -- trailer, but can i take this drone around? it is not about the dry river beds back to nebraska and into the ohio river valley, but look a high me. the barges lined up, more than 60 of them, at this port alone, have been here for weeks. what that will mean is that farmers are getting hit hard. they had such a good harvest but they couldn't move their product. we don't realize how much we used their product. it is the water superhighway of america, and it has slowed to a crawl. i will tell you about it on gma.
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>> today, there will be another protest over payroll issues. started in january. many educators say they are fed up with waiting for their money. some are witting. this has deterred new people from applying to work and it's been distracting them from their work with students. teachers plan to gather outside the sf usd headquarters at 2:30 this afternoon. >> there are 11 new inductees into the california hall of fame. the bay area is well represented. this includes steven chu from stanford, ice skater peggy fleming, who was born in san jose, choreographer alonzo king and teacher and
6:25 am
former astronaut barbara morgan, a stanford alum. also on the list is a stock -- soccer star megan rapinoe. the governor said all of the inductees are people who celebrate the state's innovative spirit. >> history is been made on broadway. lena horne is the first black woman to have a theater named in her honor. she got her start in the cotton club at just 16 years old. she starred in movies and tv shows and performed in nightclubs across partly. she was also active in the civil rights movement for more than half a century. lena horne died in 2010 at the. age of. 92. kumasi: next, we dive into the contentious fight first school board seats. >> plus what led to the shooting of the wrapper take off. it is shaking the music world. >> the political dangers of the paul pelosi attack.
6:26 am
the effect it is having on elected officials. >> it is 6:25 a.m..
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> breaking news. a potential major opioid settlement between three of the biggest pharmacies in the country. >> all eyes on the stock market.
6:29 am
you are looking live at the nasdaq. many hold their breath with another check in a few minutes. kumasi: say hello our new camera. the oakland airport camera. drew is tracking showers starting our day. more changes on the way. reggie: i'm having fun watching. the alaska airlines flight is gone. drew: what's next? it's the little things. reggie: is it going to rain? drew: just a little bit. yesterday we had beneficial rain. this morning is more isolated in nature, and most of it is in the east bay and south bay. an exclusive abc 7 storm impact scale shows that the best chance for a spotty showers this morning. in the afternoon, we dry out and turn partly cloudy. the exploratorium camera's drive from this vantage point.
6:30 am
the afternoon will take a chance out with a partly cloudy sky. it is a chilly day. we will take a closer look at the temperatures in a few minutes. reggie: the man of attacking paul pelosi last week is expected back in court friday. new details are emerging into the investigation into the attack. court documents indicate the suspect, david depape, was on a suicide mission and planning to target other politicians. kumasi: speaker pelosi was seen leaving the couple's pacific heights home. capitol police have equipped of the home with surveillance cameras but they were not being monitored at the time of the break in and that is typical procedure when the speaker is not home. she was in washington dc that morning. we are learning the list of potential other targets include a local professor and state and federal politicians. while court documents do not name the possible targets, a did make reference to the threats. >> not only is this someone who engaged in a preplanned attack on the speaker in her home, but someone who was willing to enact violence that was
6:31 am
politically motivated. kumasi: during a court hearing yesterday, the suspect, david depape, pleaded not guilty to six felony charges. he is being held without bail in the san francisco county jail. reggie: as more details become clear, local elected leaders are responding. lena howland live in san francisco. many are warning we should tone down the political rhetoric fueling threats of violence. >> that's right. after the attack on paul pelosi in the middle of the night here inside of his pacific heights home, calls from other local political leaders and national political leaders as well continue to grow in terms of putting out calls for change. data from the u.s. capitol police threat assessment team shows that threats against lawmakers have more than doubled since 2017. some, like representative eric swalwell, have been very open about ongoing threats to not just themselves but also their families. following pelosi's attack, local
6:32 am
leaders say the divisiveness needs to stop and they are putting out a warning to tone down the political rhetoric fueling threats and violence. ro khanna says immediate steps need to be taken. >> it is probably impractical to have that kind of security for 535 members of congress and the senate. there should be assessments of residences to make sure that they are safe. >> i have had, you know, of course, protesters in front of my home, including someone who walked around with a pitchfork that could have been used as a weapon. >> it is not just a national level politicians who have been the targets of threats or harassment, but local leaders, too, including san francisco mayor london breed.
6:33 am
mayor breed says city officials are working very closely with their federal partners to make sure that the suspect in the pelosi attack is brought to justice. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. breaking news, cvs, walgreens and walmart have reportedly agreed to pay a combined $12 billion to settle an opioid lawsuit. cvs will pay nearly $5 billion. the companies were sued by local governments and tribes from mishandling opioid painkillers and failing to think of monitoring systems to detect fake prescriptions being fulfilled. the deal still has to be approved by the states local governments and tribes. kumasi: the most contentious
6:34 am
races on your ballot our local school boards. a single yard sign has sparked a lot of controversy. it says back to education. one parent who runs a facebook group says it reminded him of the phrase "make america great again." the sign belongs to three candidates who are part of a loosely coordinated group of parents. they say they decided to run after becoming frustrated with how schools handle the pandemic -- handled the pandemic. >> what are we going back to and where are we going that they don't want to go? >> the national republican party and national conservatives have explicitly said we, conservatives, need to take over school boards. >> curran is one of more than 500 parents who signed a petition against these three candidates. one piece of their evidence is small but an attention grabbing donation from prominent conservative ginni thomas, the wife of justice clarence thomas.
6:35 am
stay with abc7news for all things leading up to election day. we have a special section on our website,, where you can find more information about the california general election and a proposition voter guide. >> houston police are urging witnesses to come forward after a popular rapper were shot and killed. takeoff was part of the rap group migos. he was killed and two other people hurt in a shooting yesterday at a bowling alley. there was a private party there. after the party entered, there was an argument when a large group gathered outside the door. there were at least 40 people at the scene and many left without giving statements. >> it does not matter how famous you are, you may not be famous at all, anybody that loses his or her life is a life lost and their family members and friends who are grieving as a result. reggie: migos has collaborated with drake, katy perry, kevin
6:36 am
-- calvin harris, many who have shared condolences online. takeoff was only 28 years old. >> a northern california woman is sharing how she survived a halloween crowd search that killed more than 150 people in south korea. savannah is a kindergarten teacher from harbin. -- auburn. she shared this photo from her hospital bed. >> i could feel people in front of me pushing forward. and because the crowd was pushing and pushing and pushing, my feet, like, kind of started pushing with the people. >> savannah also shared this photo of the crowd just moments before the chaos. she estimates that she was in the human crush for up to 20 minutes. she couldn't breathe, she had people's elbows in her mouth, on her throat. she said she even had to bite people who were on top of her to keep them from suffocating her. >> i just remember being
6:37 am
under all of these layers of people and thinking i am not dying, i am not doing this to my family, i am going home, i will see my family again. >> savannah credits the person who was on top of her with saving her life. she says that he did his best not to push down on her. coming up, we are going to hear more of her exclusive interview with abc news, including how she helped to save a young girl. that is after abc seven mornings. reggie: in rome is open for people interested in applying for covered california. enrollment started yesterday for the state's health insurance program. you can apply on covered california's website from now until january 31. scott weiner and other health leaders are holding an enrollment event at san francisco's to celebrate a decade of the program. >> employers may have to cover pay for military service when they get called to duty. according to the examiner, this
6:38 am
legislation was announced yesterday by a supervisor. the legislation requires companies with more than 100 employees to cover the loss in pay for up to 30 days. anyone working in san francisco would be eligible to be compensated. it's not clear how many reserves would benefit from the legislation given the threshold for employer size. more mishaps. one man calling for months, only getting something he never expected. a lesson to be learned. let's look at the big board of the new york stock exchange. we are down 110 points. another update on the markets, next. plus, a legacy of activism now on display. a new figure to be featured at the oakland museum. don't forget, you can watch us for next hour on abc seven at seven, every day from 7:00 until 8:00. you can watch it now with your phone, tablet, roku or amazon fire or android tv.
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drew: were not quite done with the showers. doppler seven is showing a peppering of wet weather in the south bay and in the east bay. showers around hamilton, even in isolated showers south of livermore. some fog in the north bay. it's a problem spot. down to one mile. chain controls on 80 and 50 still. a winter storm warning is in effect until 8 p.m.. snow levels are down to 5500 feet. we can expect two to six inches of additional snowfall. the cold front moved through yesterday. showers on the backend. isolated showers this morning. 8 a.m.. one is popping up in the south bay. we keep it chance in the forecast, but in the afternoon, partly cloudy skies. rainfall estimates on the low side, but the best chance for weather, including the south bay over the next couple of hours. we will track any showers that
6:40 am
pop up. later on, drying out into chilly days. partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-50's to low 60's. more storms on the way, coming this weekend. we will talk about that in nine minutes. >> good morning. we want to get to a brand-new video in our newsroom. according to san jose police, this is at the intersection of cherry avenue and the expressway. a pedestrian was hit and killed this morning. they have identified the person is a homeless man that was crossing the street. this is the 30th pedestrian death in san jose and the 56th fatal crash in san jose this year. on awful way to start the morning. there is still an investigation underway. moving to our live cameras come i want to start with san rafael. traffic is moving smoothly. we are seeing a backup on the told plaza.
6:41 am
also, we want to let you know that we have a wind advisory in effect. also, through the ultimate pass. if you are driving through the pass, one hour in two for that ride. we just saw that switch to read. 34 minutes for the stretch.
6:42 am
vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes the wealthiest 0.2%
6:43 am
to reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. some say we shouldn't act. tell that to our kids. this is about their future. kevin: calfire firefighters, the american lung association, and the coalition for clean air support prop 30. yes on 30. kumasi: welcome back. vice-president, harris is set to announce new steps to lower energy costs. the government is providing 13kama billion do. g 13 going dollars. it will upgrade homes to make more energy-efficient. an exhibit is exploring one of the most important figures in
6:44 am
social revolution. gloria rodriguez is in the newsroom looking at angela davis. >> morning. the exhibit debuted at rutgers, and it is now in the bay area. it is all about angela davis. it is called sees the time. the new exhibit at the oakland museum of california has more than 130 artifacts and objects. that includes artwork, school -- sketches and manuscripts. she is known for political activism and liberation work in the 60's and 70's. she was put in jail in 1970 after a shootout at a san -- courtroom. she faced charges including murder. she was acquitted but spent more than a year in jail. now, you can learn more about the scholar, activist and author through the exhibit which focuses on her arrests, incarceration and campaigns to free her. the majority of the items were collected by elizabeth. >> is fighting for people who were oppressed and wanting some
6:45 am
manner of freedom, is that controversial? or is that something we should all aspire to. look to role models who can model something. very impactful. i think that is what angela does. >> she was a longtime member of the communist party and a controversial figure. she went on to teach at several local universities, including uc santa cruz, the admission is $19 and you can get more on the website. it goes on until june 11. that is during our streaming newscast. you can hear more and see what folks take away from it. >> california has launched an online portal to help sexual assault survivors. they will be able to track the status and location of evidence gets. -- kits. the state has hired an outreach coordinator to facilitate between law enforcement and
6:46 am
medical facilities and during -- handling these kits. >> victims and survivors never should be left in the dark. these kits should not only be processed timely, survivors deserve to know the status of their kits. >> this comes two months after a rape victim filed a lawsuit against san francisco accusing the police department abusing her dna from her kit to arrest -- of using dna from her kit to arrest her for a crime years later. kumasi: a san francisco man who tried to flag ded d about a scammer using his name for benefits denver -- got some thing the male he never expected. they were using stolen identities to file flake -- fake claims. calling, faxing or writing a letter, but he realized his name was being used. eventually, he got an alert that his account was suspended. several months later, he got a debit card in the mail.
6:47 am
it was loaded with benefits. >> is a fraud. i'm not trying to pay money. i'm telling you not to pay. >> thanks to 7 on your side, ded deke finally contacted him and assured him that his name is social security number will not be linked to this fraudulent claim. that is something you have to watch out for because the payments are taxable and they stay on your records. >> the federal reserve is set to raise interest rates for the sixth time. this is to slow the economy just enough to bring down costs without triggering a recession. we expect it will be the same as the others we seen this year. three point -- .75%. economists say we'll be a while before we see relief. >> it will be a difficult 12 or 18 months. >> it's going to be a difficult 12-18 months under any scenario. what their little bit of luck, maybe we will make our way through without experiencing an
6:48 am
outright recession. a new jobs report is due out on friday. it is expected to show that job growth has slowed. a strong job market is one of the main reasons that the u.s. economy is not considered to be in a recession right now. the new york stock exchange is treating right now. we are down 130 points. holiday travel season is here. pilots from delta and united are threatening to strike. pilots are frustrated. >> we worked incredible he hearthrug the pandemic to get our customers safe. to their destinations. we continue to work hard to this day. we will continue working hard, but we are ready and willing to strike. >> legal strikes are difficult for pilots because of regulations that require federal approval, but united pilots say they are planning to walk off the job soon. they will reach agreements to avoid strikes.
6:49 am
>> you will be able to sign-up for netflix is new ad program. the new option is cheaper. it is 699 a month. however, you can see four minutes of add per hour on programming. >> happening tonight, a tiny -- really tiny -- chance of becoming rich. the powerball drawing is $1.2 billion for tonight. two tickets sold in california midst -- matched five of six numbers. the drawing tonight is at 8:00. reggie: in-n-out are celebrating a 75th anniversary. it will host a giant shindig in southern california october 22 and will be called the in-n-out burger pomona dragstrip. this is too much. the in-n-out
6:50 am
burger pomona dragstrip. the owner says the racetrack is nostalgic for her because she went there as a kid to watch her dad race. the event will include dragracing, live music, food rings and an in-n-out truck. >> it could be a vibe. >> are fries going to be a thing? >> is a shindig. >> it's a drag race. >> people love it. there is no reason to dunk on it. >> it's a burger. >> it's a celebration. >> ok. >> i try it every year. >> every year. >> yes. >> last time i had it, i enjoyed it.
6:51 am
you're not invited to the party. i want you to know. >> every time i read that script, i thought, you know. that's what i thought. peppermint. it's actual dragracing. >> is quite fun. i'm not going to lie. >> get into it. drew: let's show you our lovely camera. this is the abc 7 oakland airport camera. a live look at terminal run. -- terminal one. a beautiful view of san francisco in the background. we are seeing isolated showers this morning. a chilly afternoon. several layers with you this morning. a cold night coming with more rain arriving this week and the storm door is open. chilly air is settling into the north bay.
6:52 am
cold spots with 40's and 50's currently around the bay shoreline. the abc storm impact scale is level 1. best chance of showers is this morning. here is 9:00 a.m.. showers moving through with a downpour as well. that continues into the south bay by 11:00 a.m.. it turns partly cloudy, and it is breezy. not nearly as windy as yesterday, but it will be wi pe. winter storm warning in effect. still levels are down to 5500. we are expecting two to six inches of additional snow. back at home, additional chance of showers. look at these numbers. 50's to low 60's. a couple of layers. widespread 30's and 40's under clear skies. seven-day forecast with an isolated showers chance. frosty mornings on thursday and friday, and wet weather makes a comeback area sunday i must've next week look stormy.
6:53 am
>> the wet start to november is dampening fire season fears, but we are not out of the woods. there is a potential for high winds. the deadly campfire happened in november. that was in 2018. the thomas fire tore through thousands of structures in ventura and other counties in 2017. >> saturating rain will keep fuels wet for at least 10 days. that will be before as a chance to drive. it gives us a window of lower potential fire danger. >> more people are using candles and space heaters, which increases house fire risk. oakland is sounding the alarm. counting down to black panther wakonda forever. >> angela bassett is chatting about how chadwick boseman is at the heart of the movie. >> he has a magnificent presence
6:54 am
in the movie. we could not do it without him. he is with us in spirit. filmmakers honored him. they honored him in such a glorious way. >> you all honored him. >> yes, absolutely. >> the acclaimed director of the movie, ryan kugler, is from oakland. black panther wakonda forever is out next thursday night, and disney is a parent company of marvel and abc 7. tonight is the kickoff to holiday season union square. >> the ice rink is celebrating its 15th year. it includes special performances, including an appearance by stars from "frozen the musical." the rink will be open until my birthday, january 16. tickets start at $15 for kids eight and under, $20 for adults and the skate rental is included in that. a portion of ticket proceeds go to san francisco rec and parks. >> we should skate with outfits.
6:55 am
>> where? >> holiday customs. >> i like it. >> i want to wear mariah's outfit from yesterday. i'm trying to find a reason. >> on a saturday, out shopping. >> after this week's halloween situation, i am -- maybe i should be doing drag more. >> may be. is that your calling? >> people left a lot of comments. i wasn't expecting that. >> i thought i looked like trash. >> when you walk through the studio, we said yes. when you walk through and hit that corner? i said ok. >> i put a plum lip on in the world changed. i don't know. >> coming up, seven things you need to know. >> as we had to break, a live need to know. >> as we had to break, a live look okay care coalition, alaska airlines is still frontrunner for most caring airline. funshine bear,
6:56 am
you did some of your own research, right? i sure did. ♪ according to the web, their program's number one, ♪ ♪ earning alaska miles is quicker and more fun! ♪ cute! ooh, that was wonderful, sweetie! oh, oh, oh, i have a song about their cheese plates. ♪ cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! cheese please! ♪ uh- it's time for lunch. aw... ♪ ♪ chocolate. vanilla. strawberry. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31.
6:57 am
the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away. it's how it brings us together. >> if you're just joining us,
6:58 am
seven things you need to know. house speaker nancy pelosi's husband -- more information of that. the capitol police had cameras outside of the san francisco home but they were not being monitored at the time of the break in. the speaker was not home. typically, the cameras are not monitored 24 hours a day. >> the suspect in the attack is expected back in court on friday. he pled not guilty to all six felony charges. >> a new move to fight inflation. today, the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates for the sixth time this year. is hoped to slow the economy enough tongown sts. >> cbs reportedly reached a $12 billion deal to end thousands of lawsuits over opioids. the chains are accused of failing to create monitoring systems to detect fake monitoring best prescriptions. >> a chance of an isolated shower. with the exclusive abc 7 storm impact scale, we are at level 1.
6:59 am
the best chance for showers is this morning. in the afternoon, partly cloudy and we will dry out to chilly numbers. only in the 50's and low 60's today. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up to the over crossing. this is the busiest spot. lights came on at 5:38 a.m.. >> the backstreet boys have released their first holiday using video for last christmas. they are hosting their own special next month. a very backstreet holiday. you can watch that on abc 7. it is december 14 at eight p.m.. they have a whole album. >> they look good. >> this is not the direction i was going in. >> why? >> you need a signature song. it doesn't already exist. >> they have a single. >> that's what i'm saying. >> maybe they want to get people excited. >> you get one chance for some of these things. >> this is true.
7:00 am
>> merry christmas. happy holidays. >> still singing it. ♪ good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, overnight the largest single barrage of missiles ever fired by north korea. breaking news. tensions flaring overnight. more than 20 missiles launched by north korea, one flying near south korean waters, the closest a ballistic missile has ever come to the border. triggering air raid sirens. the south responding with missiles of their own from fighter jets. stunning new details on the break-in at speaker pelosi's home. capitol police cameras capture the home invasion in san francisco, but no one was watching, as the attacker appears in court for the first time with prosecutors saying pelosi wasn't his only target. health emergency.


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