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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 2, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. what we did not know about speaker pelosi's husband, unconscious in a pool of blood for several minutes. president biden now set to speak tonight about the threats about preserving democracy. and news coming in tonight on those officers in newark attacked, shot at close range. first tonight, we have learned there was surveillance at speaker pelosi's home. capitol police weren't actively monitoring it. and sources tell us they didn't know about the break-in until they saw flashing police lights outside the home. tonight, news on paul pelosi. who we learned was unconscious in a pool of his own blood. tonight, president biden set to deliver that speech on democracy in our country, preserving it in the wake of the
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attack on pelosi and other threats to leaders. and the escalating rhetoric. mary bruce is live. just six days now until the midterms. the economy issue number one. in nevada tonight, the first latina senator in the u.s., a democrat, fighting to hold opt her seat. former president obama trying to help. and what the voters there told our martha raddatz. plus tonight, georgia, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and ohio. rachel scott on these very tight races. we'll show you the numbers tonight. the fed hiking interest rates three quarters of a per essential today to try to slow down inflation and try to stave off recession. how americans will feel this. in parkland, school shooter nikolas cruz face-to-face with families, formally sentenced tonight to 34 consecutive sentences of life in prison. victor oquendo is there. the alarming escalation by north korea. more than 20 missile tests launched. what south korea did for the first time and matt gutman in south korea. the war in ukraine tonight. our james longman very close to the front lines with ukrainian
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fighters near the key city of kherson. what the russians are actively doing with civilians and what this could signal. here in new york city tonight, what they're now seeing in the icu. children's hospitals overwhelmed by the surge of respiratory illnesses. concern growing across the u.s. outside new york, in newark tonight, the dramatic end to an urgent manhunt. the man who allegedly shot two officers. how those officers are now doing. winter weather alerts tonight. this system on the move. and powerball. wouldn't it be nice? still no winner. and tonight, the eye-opening new jackpot. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. we're going to begin with these chilling new details on the attack on speaker nancy pelosi's husband, what we did not know. paul pelosi was knocked
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unconscious in a pool of his own blood for several minutes. and tonight, court documents recounting the suspect's own words, allegedly telling investigators he was, quote, on a suicide mission, and that he planned to target other state and federal politicians to set an example. tonight, the u.s. capitol police confirming now that they had cameras outside pelosi's home and that one of the cameras captured the break-in at the back door. but they acknowledge police weren't actively monitoring them. and that they did not notice until they saw flashing police lights in the monitors and then reviewed the video, that's when they saw the break-in. mowla lenghi leading us off in san francisco tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new details about the security surrounding house speaker nancy pelosi's san francisco home at the time of that brazen attack on her husband, paul. the u.s. capitol police revealing they have cameras surveilling the residence, but they were not being actively monitored, because the speaker wasn't there. sources telling abc news that capitol police only saw the break-in after they noticed the flashing lights from san francisco police in the video and rewound the footage.
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the pelosi home was also equipped with a private security system, sources say, but it's not clear if the alarm from that system went off. >> there was no capitol police. there was no private security present at the time. >> reporter: this, as the san francisco d.a.'s office reveals chilling new information about the assault. >> this was a targeted attack. this was not a random residential burglary. >> reporter: writing in a court filing, when david depape allegedly "startled mr. pelosi awake," he allegedly had "a large hammer in his right hand and several white, plastic zip ties in his left hand." pelosi asking depape why he "wanted to see or talk to nancy." depape responding, "well, she's number two in line for the presidency, right?" and when pelosi agreed, depape allegedly responding, "they are all corrupt and 'we've got to take them all out.'" subsequently saying "that it was the end of the road for mr. pelosi." pelosi grabbing his phone in the bathroom and calling 911. moments after officers arrived, depape allegedly "striking mr. pelosi in the head at full force with the hammer, which knocked mr. pelosi unconscious."
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pelosi remaining "unresponsive for about three minutes, waking up in a pool of his own blood." afterward, depape allegedly saying, "i didn't really want to hurt him, but you know this was a suicide mission. i'm not going to stand here and do nothing even if it cost me my life." and naming other targets including a "professor" and "several prominent state and federal politicians" and their "relatives." it comes as heated political rhetoric across the country shows no signs of cooling, less than a week before the midterms. homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas commenting on that rhetoric in an exclusive interview with our pierre thomas. >> we're very concerned about the temperature. the frequency and gravity of the calls to silence that we are seeing. >> reporter: well, in a new letter to the capitol hill police chief, some lawmakers demanding answers about security and protocol for capitol hill police, especially those in the line of presidential succession. capitol hill police say they have launched an internal
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security review in their effort to beef you have their protocols to protect members of congress. this, as we see a pretty big security presence at the pelosi home tonight. >> mola, thank you. tonight, president biden set to deliver a speech on democracy in our country, preserving democracy, in the wake of the attack on paul pelosi and other threats. the escalating rhetoric across the country. let's bring in mary bruce, live at the white house tonight. mary's learned some of what the president will say tonight. what have you learned, mary? >> reporter: david, the president is going to make it crystal clear what is at stake in this election. he is pointing out that there are candidates running for every office, every level of office in this country, who will not commit to accepting the results of the very elections they are running in. biden warning, quote, that is the path to chaos in america. it's unprecedented. it's unwlalawful. and it is un-american. saying, you can't only love your country when you win. just days after the attack on paul pelosi, the president is speaking about the importance of this moment, saying, in a
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typical year, we are not often faced with the question of whether the vote we cast will preserve democracy or put it at risk. but we are this year. and the president is also reminding every american that it could take several days to get the final results, saying, that is the system working. because they want to make sure every single vote is counted. david? >> yeah, always good to remind our voters who have become accustomed to this, it will take days. we might not have all the answers on election night. mary bruce at the white house. mary, thank you. and as mary points out, just six days to the midterms. the economy issue number one. and in nevada, the first latina senator in the utz, a democrat, fighting though hold onto her seat. former president obama there trying to help. and what the voters told our martha raddatz. also tonight, the new numbers from our partners at five fivethi fivethirtyeight. where the senate races stand. control of the senate at stake. very close numbers tonight in pennsylvania, new hampshire and ohio. rachel scott standing by at the big board, but first, martha raddatz, what she heard from voters in nevada.
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>> reporter: she's the nation's first latina senator, and she's fighting for political survival. so, overnight, former president obama in nevada rallying with catherine cortez masto. urging supporters not to give up the fight. >> tuning out is not an option. moping and feeling cynical is not an option. >> reporter: cortez masto, the only latina in the senate, battling low name recognition in a state that's seen large numbers of voters move in and move out. inflation here now above the national average. gas prices the fifth highest in the country. tourism, the backbone of the economy, grinding to a halt during the pandemic. cortez masto now counting on a volunteer army. workers from the powerful culinary union, going door-to-door to get out the vote.
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her rival, former state attorney general adam laxalt, a trump republican, who spearheaded the former president's efforts to overturn the election results in this state. >> if he loses this election to me, he's going to claim that it is stolen. >> reporter: but in the final stretch, laxalt focusing on the economy, saying voters are hurting. >> they can't believe that joe biden and catherine cortez masto have done this much damage to our great country and to our great state in just two short years. >> reporter: for nevadans we spoke with, the economy is the number one issue. inflation is a big issue with you. why? >> because the prices have gone so high. you know, and i live on social security. i'm 79. it's not keeping up with it. >> and so let's bring in martha raddatz tonight. and martha, senator cortez masto emphasizing her rival's embrace
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of false election claims. she said he helped fuel the mob on january 6th. you were on the ground in nevada. and while i know this is a significant issue for more, still issue number one in that state, you heard from voters, the economy? >> reporter: yeah, david. even if you ask voters about january 6th or election denial, they turn the conversation to the economy. that is what matters to those voters. that is, of course, what republicans are trying to focus on. but democrats are urging nevada voters to stick with them and trying to convince them they can turn it around. david? >> but we hear it all across this country, martha. economy issue number one. martha, thank you. nevada one of several key senate races that could very well determine which party controls congress and controls the senate in particular. let's bring it right back ore to rachel scott tonight back over at the big board. rachel, good to have you in person. so, martha told us the story of nevada, where are the numbers tonight there and how about arizona, as well? >> reporter: well, david, nevada, the closest of them all. a dead heat between catherine
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cortez masto and adam laxalt. republicans making a play out west in nevada. blake masters, the republican, just three points behind democratic senator mark kelly. >> we track georgia and pennsylvania every night. these races couldn't be any closer. >> reporter: closer than democrats want to see here. just about one point separating rafphael warnock from herschel walker. and over in pennsylvania, less than a point separating democratic john fetterman from republican dr. mehmet oz. >> not as much national attention on new hampshire and ohio, but these races have tightened, as well. >> reporter: they really have here. i mean, the democratic senator, maggie hassan, was really enjoying a comfortable lead here, but in the final stretch here, the republican really picking up the pace. less than three points separating these two. and over here in ohio, it's the reverse. the democratic congressman time ryan in a state that does lean more towards republicans, well, he's made this a battleground now. less than three points separating ryan from j.d. vance. >> used to be a battleground, see if it is again this year.
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rachel, we'll see you here on election night. along with martha and the entire powerhouse political team. they'll be right here as the election results come in, begins at 8:00 p.m. election night. we have a lot of new tools here. right down to your community, how a candidate is performing, how they should be performing at a given hour, the benchmarks throughout the key inde new tools we'll have, so, we'll guide you right through the whole thing. next tuesday night, right here, our election night coverage. rachel, thank you. in the meantime, we continue with the rest of the news this evening and we turn to florida now, with the parkland gunman, nikolas cruz, was face-to-face with 23578lys of his victims today. tonight, he's been formally sentenced to 34 consecutive sentences of life in prison. and what those familis told him. victor oquendo again tonight in florida. >> reporter: tonight, face-to-face with the victims and families, the parkland shooter sentenced to life. >> the court imposes a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole. >> reporter: nikolas cruz sentenced to 17 consecutive life
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terms for the students and staff he killed. and 17 additional life terms for the attempted murders of those he wounded. >> i am ordering that all 34 counts of the indictment for each sentence is to run consecutive, that is one after another. >> reporter: for the second day, families of the victims unleashed their anger at the shooter. many frustrated the jury did not agree on the death penalty. >> the fact that i have to share my world with you is disgusting. >> reporter: many wishing him a painful experience and death in prison. >> you, on the other hand, will remain in a cage like the creature you are. i only pray that you get to rot in that cage and that you are punished each day 17 times over for the 17 you murdered. >> reporter: the mother of 14-year-old jaime guttenberg addressing cruz telling him he
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shouldn't be hiding behind a mask. >> you shouldn't be sitting there with a mask on your face. it's disrespectful to be hiding your expressions under your mask when we as the families are sitting here talking to you. >> reporter: cruz then removing his mask. jaime's father also speaking, going through the moments he and so many other families will never experience. >> by a show of hands, anyone else in this room, because of him, going to have to endure not watching people they love get married? >> reporter: and cruz is now in the custody of the department of krexs. he'll be evaluated and placed in a prison to serve those consecutive life sentences. this was likely the last time families of the victims will ever see him. david? >> what these families have been through. victor, thank you. to north korea tonight, and the fallout now after a major new provocation. northwest crete ya launching its large st barrage of missiles ever. and what south korea did for the first time in response. abc's matt gutman in seoul, south korea, and matt, tensions very high across the region tonight. >> reporter: they are, david.
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because we've seen the firsts here in the korean peninsula. the largest number of missiles ever launched by north korea. 23. one of them, a ballistic missile landing in waters claimed by south korea. south korea responding for the first time in a way it has never done, scrambling jets, firing three missiles towards north korea. the north saying this was all in response to this huge joint military exercise with the u.s. and south korea. the white house weighing in, calling the north's behavior tonight reckless. and analysts are telling me that this could be north korea laying the groundwork for a nuclear test. it would be their first since 2017. david? >> all of it unsettling. matt gutman, thank you. in the meantime, to the war in ukraine tonight. our james longman very close to the front lines with ukrainian fighters near the key city of kherson. and tonight, what the russians are actively doing with civilians and what this could signal. james longman tonight. >> reporter: the battle for
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kherson is intensifying. ukrainians today claiming hits on this bridge in the southern city. this is the road to kherson, the biggest city that russia has in its control in this whole country, and it's the only regional capital. and the guys here were saying, just a few weeks ago, this was the front line with the russians, but they've managed to push them back. the ukrainians now closing in on kherson, hoping to deal putin a humiliating blow, but it's taken its toll. for the people fighting here, they've spent months, months without seeing their families. "we're far away from hour homes," he said, "but we're close to the homes of those people who we helped to return." >> our people. >> reporter: your people. >> it's our country. >> reporter: they're advancing here with u.s.-provided heavy weapons. we are hearing more and more activity now all around us. it's just constant. going out, going out, going out, and some of it coming back. i think we should move. and technology is making the
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difference. the ukrainians have gone digital. he has this device here, and with help from the united states and others, you can use satellites now to get the coordinates and they can aim and fire much more quickly. with the sound of war all around him, leonid smiles from his front porch, battered just last night by a shell that landed on his neighbor's house. it's extraordinary, isn't it? seven months of this war. and yet basically everywhere you go in ukraine, you meet people like leonid who say, "well, i'm not leaving." "this is my home," he says. "this is my place. i will not give it to anyone." >> let's bring in james longman from ukraine, in the south of that country. and james, i know the russians actively readying their defense in kherson. what are you witnessing? >> reporter: yeah, david. well, russia is forcibly evacuating people from kherson. tens of thousands are being moved from their homes, only for russian troops to move in and occupy them. and i spoke to an activist in that city this week and he's told me he's seen russian troops preparing fortifications. david? >> james longman there in
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southern ukraine. thank you, as always. meantime, back here at home tonight, and to the economy now and the latest big move by the federal reserve today to try to slow down inflation and to tame rising prices. the fed raising its key interest rate three quarters of a point. the sixth increase this year. borrowing now more expensive. in january, the 30-year fixed mortgage was around 3%. now it's above 7%. soaring prices with inflation and yet a red hot labor market in this country also fueling inflation. almost two jobs now for every available worker. that shortage driving up wages, that cost passed onto customers and that, of course, adding to inflation, as well. when we come back on a very busy news night, we have news coming in about those two police officers shot at close range in officers shot at close range in newark. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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being carried out of a building in newark and put in a police cruiser. authorities say he had been wanted for a recent shooting. when officers approached him yesterday, he allegedly shot them at close range. one officer released in the hospital. the other still in the hospital recovering. now to the nation's hospitals facing a relentless flow of young patients amid a surge in respiratory viruses. this was the scene in new york city today. the icu at cohen children's medical center has been over capacity for weeks. 3-year-old ella is on a ventilator. her mom telling parents to pay attention to the warning signs. hospital pediatric beds in 17 states now above 80% capacity and we'll stay on this. when we come back here tonight, we're also tracking a winter weather storm. there are alerts across several states. and this system is moving east.
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well, tonight, those winter weather alerts across nine states we're tracking. kra to colorado. more than a foot of snow in the rockies. severe storms, possible
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tornadoes across the plains tomorrow and friday, then moving east. when we come back tonight, what the powerball jackpot is
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7 news. >> i've had a thousands of death threats against me in the last few years. >> death threats common among elected officials the growing concerns about safety and security as we close in on election day. >> a pricey home is the subject of a major bus across dozens of states including california new jersey. larry: thanks for joining us, we are learning a new details about -- at the house speaker's house, the capitol police say they were not actively monitoring cameras and the time of the attack. capitol police will be providing new protective options to address security concerns. >> the suspect had a list of other victims, meanwhile paul pelosi is recovering. stephanie sierra is digging in the lack of security. dan: she joins us live. >> we