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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 3, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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describing what they know about him. >> catalytic converter bust. the california city where some suspects were arrested in a nationwide theft ring. >> a strike in the uc system, thousands of workers could walk off of the job. kumasi: a topic at the center of discussion over what to do after the destructive flooding. >> good morning, welcome to thursday. kumasi: it iskumasi: november 3. let's -- >> it is november 3. kumasi: let's check the forecast. drew: widespread low 40's around the bay shoreline. we expect these numbers to drop a few more degrees before the sun gets up. here is your frost advisory. this is until 9:00 a.m. today.
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we will find temperatures in these areas, basically the valleys of the north bay, dropping well into the 30's. frost is likely forming this morning. you may see it on your car windshield as you wake up and go about your morning. any wet weather we had yesterday is out of here. clear skies and a lot of sunshine on the way. live look from our east bay hills camera, a sharp picture. here is how the day shapes out. i would take the winter jacket and the scar. gloves. we start -- scarf, gloves. we start in the 30's and 40's. it is a cool afternoon. along the coast, we go into the 50's. 60 degrees in lynn. we go into the mid 60's. we have wet weather coming our way and we will talk about that coming up. kumasi: we begin with developing news on the attack on paul pelosi. the suspect is expected to be back in court tomorrow.
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house speaker nancy pelosi was seen leaving her san francisco home to return to where her husband is recovering. the broken window has been replaced at their home. there are no signs of the damage done when the man broke into the house, looking for the speaker and attacked paul pelosi with the hammer. the house has security cameras. they were not monitored. nobody saw the break and when it was happening. other security flaws being looked into this morning. lena howland is live in san francisco with what the neighbors are saying before his next hearing. >> days after the attack on paul pelosi and his pacific heights home, neighbors of the 42-year-old suspect described him as a common -- quiet man who did not seek social interaction. we went to his neighborhood in richmond where according to court documents, he lived in this garage. residents say he lived there for a couple of years.
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some neighbors told us they knew of his interest in online conspiracy theories. nancy freeman has been in this neighborhood for 50 years and says he would do handy for some neighbors. most of the time, she said he would keep to himself. it was not until recently when she says he began acting strange. >> i had no reason to think he was anything different, except one conversation. just began to act a little different. >> he was looking to some ideas that are out there in politics and in the social sphere, to solve some really deep personal problems of his. >> as depape faces multiple charges, neighbors wish they could have done something to stop it. they know with him being so quiet, there was not much they could have done. he is expected to be back in
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court tomorrow for a bail hearing related to his state charges. we are waiting to hear when he may make his first appearance in federal court. kumasi: now to the economy and the effort to bring down inflation while avoiding a reception -- recession. the fed announced its sixth interest rate hike of the year. that is coming as we get new details about the job market. jobina: we know the new data is showing companies are still hiring, even though there are concerns about the economy slowing. there are two jobs for everyone worker, which is forcing companies to increase salaries to attract employees. after that interest rate hike yesterday, the fed says it is too early to speculate when the rake heights will stop. and the fed chairman says we can expect more in the future. >> we think there is some ground to cover. before we meet that test, and that is why we say that ongoing
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rate increases will be appropriate, we may move to higher levels than we thought. jobina: this is a balancing act. economists say with each rate hike, the odds of triggering a recession grow. one bright spot, aldi is giving customers a break for thanksgiving. they have reset prices on inks giving staples to 2019 prices. kumasi: federal agents have taken down a multimillion dollar catalytic converter theft ring they say stretched across the country. the operation includes searches and seizures in california in oklahoma, wyoming -- in california, as well as oklahoma, wyoming, genia and new jersey. according to court document, people still catalytic converters and sent them to a company in new jersey, where precious metal powders were extracted and sold to a refinery. this video shows a home where law enforcement showed up in that state. in california, three family
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members were arrested in sacramento. they allegedly sold more than 38 million dollars in catalytic converters to the jersey company. reggie: today marks one year since a driver killed wilma chan . we have learned the driver will not face charges. the das office says charges could not be proven yonder a reasonable doubt. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with police. investigators say she did not see because the sun was shining in her eyes. a street will be named in her honor. kumasi: a tip to please has led to an arrest in a hit-and-run crash in san jose. this video is difficult to watch. surveillance footage captured the moment a driver hit and injured a grandmother and her three-year-old grandson. this happened last week. police say someone reported seeing a car similar to the one involved. officers say they found that car and arrested the 20-year-old woman from san jose, who they say admitted to being the
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driver. she was arrested and then booked into the santa clara county main jail and has since bailed out. kumasi: pickle ball -- reggie: pickle ball is becoming america's fastest-growing score and will be the focus of debate in san francisco. after a flood, the tennis courts need to be rebuilt. some people want them to be converted to pickle ball courts. the city's rec and parks department has called a community meeting to discuss this. it starts at 6:00 tonight. kumasi: final exams at the uniform he of california campuses across the state could be in jeopardy after 50,000 student workers voted to strike. the workers include student researchers, teaching assistants , and they are upset over unfair labor tactics. classes in research would continue during the strike. a uc spokesperson acknowledged a walkout would force class cancellations and said they
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would have to have faculty to step into make sure grades were posted on time. reggie: the state justice department is demanding major plastic bag manufacturers prove their bags are recyclable. they have two weeks to produce the evidence or face potential enforcement action. the vast majority of curbside recycling programs don't have the infrastructure to recycle plastic bags. >> the placement of these bags interferes with the processing of actual recyclable waste, increasing the risk of worker injury. reggie: california passed a law to start phasing out single-use plastics by requiring 65% of all plastic items sold or distribute be recyclable. kumasi: glaciers at yellowstone and yosemite national parks on track to disappear in the next 30 years. this is according to a new report from the united nations. researchers say it will happen
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even if global warming is slowed. the glaciers are a major source of freshwater. they have been melting at an alarming speed for about 20 years. they have contributed to a 20% rise in sea levels. that's hard to hear. drew: that is hard to hear, in 30 years. anything we can do to stop that. those of the effects of climate change. we will take you to an oakland airport. a live look, we have clear skies this morning. the skyline is shining brightly, all the way back into the background. it is chilly in the north bay. we have frost advisories up until 9:00 a.m. 34 in santa rosa. the freezing mark, 36 in american canyon. take the winter jacket. i would take the gloves and maybe a scarf. we are slow to warm as the warming goes on. -- morning goes on.
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39 in concord. 46 in san mateo. his live doppler 7. we are tracking this area of low pressure moving off to the east, which is responsible for the wet weather the past two days. we are seeing a northerly wind this morning. it is dragging in cool air into the bay area. that is why we are so chilly this morning. let's go hour-by-hour. 40's by 9:00 a.m. 50's by lunchtime. later on today, we will be below average. a lot of sunshine. we will touch the low and mid 60's for many cities later on today. take a look at the three forecast, we have sunshine today. a few more clouds tomorrow. saturday, we are tracking rain for the second half of your day. we will talk about that, coming up in eight minutes. let's check on jobina and see how traffic is doing. jobina: starting with a live look in emeryville, showing 80, headlights are traveling westbound. we don't have any blocking issues this morning. just one advisory, a wind advisory through the altamont
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pass. bringing in 880, the cameras show include the coliseum off to the right-hand side and the headlights are traveling southbound. drive times are reflective of our standard commute. tracy to devlin, 40 minutes for that drivetime. the bowler is in place for the earthquake retrofit work. tournament delays. reggie: catching up with candidates. kumasi: the huge jackpot growing bigger this morning. how much ticket sales helped california schools. reggie: sipping on starbucks, reggie: sipping on starbucks, the holidays are have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome...
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reggie: threats of violence are a big concern for election officials ahead of next week's midterms, especially after the attack of paul pelosi. san francisco 30's are taking action to make sure we are all safe when we had to the polls. gloria rodriguez joins us live with what is being done. gloria: good morning. san francisco's top election official says a violent attack
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on paul pelosi is a game changer and they are ramping up security for the midterm election. the director of elections in san francisco says they worked with the fbi on federal elections in the past. but it is the first time they are working with them on midterm elections. he says they have additional support from the san francisco police department, the mayor's office and federal agencies, in wake of the attack on paul pelosi. >> we are taking every avenue we can to provide security and make sure that people feel secure during not just election day but this election cycle. >> we allow ourselves to be intimidated and to not participate, then that is a threat to the entire system. gloria: melinda jackson says they don't want voters to feel intimidated or threatened by simply casting their vote. jackson says we should not allow that intimidation to keep us from voting. she says this is about
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preserving democracy. kumasi? kumasi: the bay area's most popular -- populous city is getting to elect a new mayor. san jose. amanda del castillo caught up with both candidates. >> as the countdown to election day windows, eyes are on san jose's mayoral race. looking to replace stan boccardo , cindy chavis and matt may han. top priorities include public safety and combating crime. >> the number one way to make sure you don't have crime is having police officers. aching sure crimes get investigated -- making sure crimes get investigated is how you stop repeat offenders. >> are thinly staffed police department is arresting the same people over and over again for lack of intervention around
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addiction and mental illness. >> the candidates differ in their responses but also in their resumes. chavez has dedicated more than two decades to various public offices including serving as the city's vice mayor pete may hand is new to local leadership. -- san jose needs a different direction. if we elect the same people with the same policies, we will make -- get the same outcomes. >> the economy will be challenging. we have to get the police department back together. we have got to get san jose clean. we really want to see it safer. >> chavis says quick, critical response uncovered potential and pushed her to seek the mayor's seat. motivation for mayhan comes from his involvement in civic engagement and his understanding
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that politics and public service matter. >> san jose can be the city in america that leads the way to a more transparent and accountable government. >> what i say is the 10th largest city in the country is ready to shine again. >> in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo io. kumasi: we are making it easy to get to know every candidate. we show the argument for and against each measure and helpful breakdown video so you can make your vote count. reggie: saturday's powerball jackpot is at 1.5 billion dollars. that makes it the highest powerball prize and lottery history after nobody matched all six numbers last night. california lottery officials say just before last night's drawing, ticket sales totaled $5.7 million in one hour. this jackpot has brought more than $90 million for california schools. street tickets sold matched five numbers, they are worth $5
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million each. one was in mojitas and the other was in ontario. i don't know why i get excited about this. it doesn't make logical sense. but starbucks is ready for christmas. it is the 25th year of the holiday cups. kumasi: today, you can get hot drinks in one of their four new designs. let's see what they look like. ok. reggie: ok. kumasi: they are named gift wrapped magic, which is that one. reggie: on the left. kumasi: frosted sparkle. ornament wonder. reggie: a no for me. that's my least favorite. kumasi: and then cozy evergreen. reggie: that is the winner. kumasi: [laughter] drew: do you think people say i don't want that one, i want the other one? kumasi: you just need to pick.
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look now. they are busy. reggie: they are really busy. kumasi: don't come up there trying to change your mind. even though they have the new drink menu, there are no new drinks this year. but there is a new item on the food menu. it is a chocolate pistachio swirl. [laughter] something was not clicking. it is a pastry with a chocolate filling, cinnamon with mint chocolate chips. and pistachio. drew: did we need the mint? reggie: no. that's what they think makes the holiday. i'm not into peppermint drinks or meant anything. kumasi: me neither. >> it overpowers everything. let me tell you, the sugar cookie drink. reggie: what do we do?
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>> less sugar. i like the two cups on the ends. those are my two favorite. reggie: agreed. drew: i feel bad for the workers if they are going to be inundated today. >> are these the only ones you have, are there any in the back? kumasi: i like to ask about the back. the back is a magical place. >> like an elf is actually back there. >> you can check your phone real quick and not actually look. drew: i have to check my text anyways. -- texts anyways. it is sutro tower. clear skies, crisp air this morning. we have frost advisory's and we will do it again tomorrow morning. we have cold and frosty mornings the next two mornings.
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showers are returning over the weekend. saturday and sunday, we have wet weather in the forecast. no showers into next week. in the north bay, we are in the 30's and our coldest cities. 38 in san ramon. the valleys right now, the east bay and the north bay are seeing the coldest air. have the heavy jacket with you. a lot of sunshine. it will be a nice-looking day. temperatures warming into the 50's and 60's. a little warmer today than we were yesterday. a cold night with mainly clear skies. we will dip into the 30's and 40's on siu head into friday. friday is dry. saturday, we bring back the exclusive storm impact. a level 1 like storm, mainly in the evening on saturday. we could see up to a quarter of an inch of rainfall. the main event will hold off until the afternoon and evening. until 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.,
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showers moving through the bay area, sinking south as the evening goes on. probably up to a quarter of an inch. it is not a huge storm by any means. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. we are tracking more showers on sunday. clocks go back as daylight saving comes to an end. wet and windy with temperatures chile, mainly in the 50's. kumasi: seven things to know this morning. reggie: illuminated
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robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit kumasi: if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know. president biden is morning democracy is at stake in next week's midterm elections, especially after the recent attack on house speaker nancy pelosi's husband at her san francisco home. the suspect is due back in court tomorrow. reggie: civil rights groups are demanding a meeting with elon musk to find out what he will do about your rising racist language on twitter since he took over. it comes as bloomberg reports musk is preparing to cut 3700 jobs as soon as tomorrow. kumasi: federal agents say they
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have taken down a multimillion dollar catalytic converter theft ring, stretched across nine states including california. reggie: the federal reserve approved its sixth interest rate hike of the year and they may not be done. officials say more increases are being considered to bring down inflation. drew: number five, get ready for a frosty morning, frost advisories for the north bay until 9:00 a.m. it is chilly in the 30's and 40's right now. take the sunglasses with you out the door. temperatures in the 50's and 60's later on today. jobina: no major blocking issues for your commute this morning. we have a wind advisory through the altamont pass as we look at the san mateo bridge. kumasi: stanford university is reviewing its safety protocols after a man was able to pose with a student and live in the dorms for a year. he's been identified and banned from campus. the enchanted forest is coming back to san francisco's golden gate park. the artist behind the illuminated art installation
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will be crating new pieces spread out in peacock meadow. some pieces will have qr codes that will let you create your own lighting experience and patterns. other performances and live art activities will be part of entwined. it opens december 1 and goes through march 12. reggie: a special garden is going up in front of our offices at abc 7. we will plant these bright flowers ahead of saturday's walk to end alzheimer's. the purple flowers are in memories of someone lost to a disease. yellow flowers honor someone caring for someone who has alzheimer's. blue is for people currently living with it and oranges for supporters and advocates for a world without alzheimer's. i will be emceeing saturday's event. it starts at 10:00 a.m. you can form your own team. it is not too late. or, how about this? you can donate to the abc 7 memory makers team by visiting i'm putting it on my social media today. i'm going to do it.
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i put it up again -- i'm going to put it up again, now. i have not met my goal. last year, all of you came through. this year, i think you can still come through. kumasi: i will help you. reggie: join kumasi and helping me meet by goal -- michael. i'm trying -- meet my goal. i'm trying to raise $1000. we're going to get there. i'm going to put it on twitter and facebook and all the things. temporary tattoos. maybe not so temporary after all. some people who are getting them are regretting getting the ink. kumasi: the grant just announced for t
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: the assault on paul
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president biden's speech about the violence and threats ahead of election day -- paul pelosi. president biden's speech about violence and threats ahead of election day. kumasi: jane fonda's visit to san francisco. her message to the president on climate crisis. reggie: saving san francisco money. the less expensive solution to a big bathroom issue in one neighborhood. kumasi: good morning. it is thursday, november 3. reggie: we will get to that. we will check in with drew tuma. drew: we have totally clear skies up above. that has allowed us to clear -- cool off rapidly in the wake of our storm system. 34 in santa rosa. 38 in napa. the eight in san ramon. our valleys are seeing the coldest temperatures this morning. 46 in san mateo. 46 in san jose. it is the frost advisory. this is lasting until 9:00 a.m. for the valleys of the north bay, including santa rosa, petaluma, san rafael, with
5:31 am
temperatures in the 30's. don't be surprised if you see a little frost on your plans. even the windshield of your car. we are fog free over the golden gate. have the jacket and perhaps a scarf as well. we have a lot of sunshine later on today. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. we take a closer look at the highs and track the rain over the weekend. reggie: developing news in the effect -- attack on paul pelosi. the event has taken center stage ahead of tuesday's midterm elections. president biden with strong words about the attack. lena howland has more on the president's latest speech addressing lyrical violence. lena: president biden is urging voters to use their ballots next tuesday in order to preserve democracy. he says this comes especially after the attack on paul pelosi and his pacific heights home.
5:32 am
warning the future of american democracy is at stake in next week's midterm elections, now just five days away. by indirectly condemning former president trump or encouraging of the republicans and supporters to reject the 2020 election results, an act that has led to a web of conspiracies and searching political violence, making direct references to what he calls a small group of extreme maga republicans. as threats to elected officials surge, president biden link the attacks to paul pelosi -- the elections to paul pelosi. biden accused of dividing the nation instead of uniting it. last week, the department of homeland security warned in a bulletin obtained by abc news that violent extremists could pose a heightened threat to the midterm elections. capitol police say an internal security review is already
5:33 am
underway. live in san francisco, lena howland, abc 7 news. kumasi: president biden will be in san diego to campaign for democratic congressman mike levine. he is at risk of losing his seat to a republican. san diego is not the only place where there are tight races. some of these could determine which party controls congress. jobina: republicans are favored to win back control of the house. whether or not that happens could come down to turn out and some very competitive california races. in those races, latino voters could be critical in determining the outcome. >> in each of these districts at play, all across the state, is that there is a significant latino electorate. latinos in california could ultimately decide who is the majority come january of 2023. jobina: national models show if the dimmitt -- democrats conflict district 22 and district 27, they can win the
5:34 am
house. in both districts, latino candidates are representing both parties. pollsters say a flip of five districts total will determine which party controls congress. reggie: jane fonda was in san francisco to help raise money for political candidates who have a strong focus on climate change. tim johns was there and brings us that. tim: with the midterm elections less than one week away, candidates are making their last-minute pitches to voters. one issue that has been prominent to many, especially in california, is climate. >> our house is on fire. this is a crisis. we can't behave like business as usual. >> jane fonda stopped by manes in san francisco to help fund raise for election candidates with a focus on the environment. the film icon has a history of activism that spans decades and runs a climate center political action committee. fonda used climate change as the most important issue for
5:35 am
generations to come and one that will impact nearly every aspect of our lives. >> the climate crisis and the extreme weather events that are only going to get worse will only hurt the economy more and more. >> among other things, fonda and many of the politicians see supports -- she supports one joe biden two declare emergency. >> when he does that, many more things become possible including much more money, including money from the pentagon. >> getting political buy-in can be challenging. david ackerley is the dean of the college of natural resources at uc berkeley. >> we need to engage with all of the populations where these things unfold in a thoughtful way. to do it together. tim: due to feeling unwell, fonda ended her night in san francisco early. she vowed to keep fighting for what she believes in. >> i support candidates that are brave and that will stand up to the big corporations and serve
5:36 am
people and not corporate. tim: in san francisco, tim johns. reggie: elon musk winds to make at least 3700 job cuts tomorrow in an effort to cut down costs according to bloomberg. it comes after he spent $44 billion to acquire the san francisco company. now that he is in charge, he plans to have remaining employees return to the office. musk announced torture will not allow banned users back on the platform until proper procedures are put in place. he says it could take up to a few weeks to figure out how to prevent online hate, harassment and reports of election integrity. the naacp, urban league and action network are concerned about a rise in racist language since musk took over. they want to know what he is planning to do to stop that. kumasi: san fernando is reviewing safety procedures after a man lived on campus -- stanford is reviewing safety procedures after a man lived on campus for a year.
5:37 am
he was seen last week in a dorm iceman. the man was identified as william curry. the stanford daily broke the story. >> he sometimes climbs through windows. he was able to take a student's id card according to residents who lived with him last year. he was getting let in a lot of the time by people who thought that he was either living there with them or he was a friend of somebody living in the dorm. kumasi: stanford posted a statement online saying the university's department of public safety had obtained multiple stayaway letters to present to mr. curry but was unable to locate him until the incident on october 27. reggie: today, that $1.7 million public toilet proposal goes before the san francisco rack and parks department. -- rec and parks department. last month, the governor rejected the funding. now, volumetric building
5:38 am
companies says they will donate its services. >> part of it is the efficiency in the factory environment. you can see it here. by utilizing automated equipment, we are able to increase the efficiency of the construction. reggie: a second company would provide the restroom for free. the founder of volumetric says the offers would save the city $500,000. he says local union labor would be used for the installation. kumasi: auction in alameda, now that the raiders have moved, their headquarters in the east bay is up for bidding. reggie: dazzling drone display, the two night event to celebrate the upcoming avatar sequel. but first, a check of the weather withdrew. drew: that is cool. taking you to sutro tower where we have clear skies. it is quite cold out there. look at these temperatures, in the city we are down to 47 degrees. this is the coldest morning since early may. it has been quite some time
5:39 am
since we stoop this low in the city. 34 in santa rosa. 39 in concord. 40 in palo alto. 39 in livermore. frost advisories are up until 9:00 a.m. this morning. in the wake of our storm system that brought us rain, in the past two days, we have this cold air dipping down, thanks to our north wind. that is why we are so chilly, combined with clear skies. we will see sunshine. temperatures are slow to warm this morning. 9:00, gradually warming through the 40's by lunchtime. we are basically in the 50's. later on today, most of us will get into the low to mid 60's. a little warmer today than we were yesterday. certainly a chilly morning. a bright afternoon, 60 in the city. 62 in oakland. 61 in san jose. 65 in santa rosa after that freezing start. 64 in concord with 50's along the coast. we have the next two mornings with frost potential. especially in our coldest
5:40 am
cities. saturday will cloud up and add showers to the forecast. it is a level one on the exclusive abc 7 storment impact scale. we will go into detail with the rain. let's check in with jobina. jobina: we will start with an overall look of the map. it is pretty much green. we don't have any slowdowns except for our supercomputers, moving through tracy. a live look outside beginning with the richmond/san rafael bridge. we have a wind advisory through the altamont pass. that is the only issue we are looking at. as we bring in san jose, checking out a live picture of 101, northbound traffic moving with the headlines. our drive times, fremont to san jose, 14.
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5:42 am
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kumasi: some people getting temporary tattoos from a new york-based company with a san francisco location are regretting their decision. the chronicle reports the tattoos from the company are lasting longer than they expected. some people say the tattoos don't even look like t what they wanted and call them unrecognizable. customers are warned the tattoos can last anywhere from nine months to 15 months. the exact duration can vary pending on factors like the tattoo placement and sun exposure. reggie: the old oakland raiders facility is up for auction to the highest bidder. the training facility was voted to be put up for auction i alameda's board of supervisors. proposals are accepted until june 30 of 2023. the 11 acre land is joint owned by alameda county and the city of oakland. kumasi: an effort to make twin
5:44 am
peaks better is getting a boost. the state is getting -- giving the twin peaks improvement project a $1.9 million grant. that will turn the eastern roadway into a promenade. city officials say roughly 800 people hike, jog and bike in the area every weekday. reggie: are you tired of looking for when your package will arrive in the mail? google says simple and helpful package tracking options will be shown in your inbox. delivery information will be wrapped up in a small summary graphic. the future will work with most u.s. carriers. a delay tracking feature is in the works to let you know if your package is arriving a little later than expected. kumasi: happening today in san francisco, e gamers can get the titegueen cmpnsp nals.
5:45 am
fan fest is per meet and greet, trivia and swag giveaways. the league of legends will championship finals wraps up on saturday, november 5 inside the chase center. reggie: a spectacular sight over niagara falls the past couple of nights to celebrate the trailer release of the long-awaited single to james cameron's avatar. kumasi: the film by disney is set to be released next month. george from our sister station in l.a. has more. >> 600 drones descended over the falls to create dazzling light show as never before seen scenes from avatar the way of water were projected onto niagara falls. it is no coincidence this spectacle happened at niagara falls. >> by some of you know, i grew up in niagara falls, out in chippewa. so, i am pretty excited that this footage is being shown for the first time ever, write in my hometown.
5:46 am
not only that, coming to life over the backdrop of one of the world's great natural wonders. >> this is our home. >> it takes fans back to pandora, 12 years after the first film. sam worthington and zoe saldana return as jake sully and nateri as they worked to protect their planet. >> we know jim has an affinity with the ocean. it was in the abyss and titanic and all of his excursions. he is finally able to put all of that into avatar the way of water. i am most excited for that. >> he just keeps building and building. you are going to see the whole universe. >> avatar the way of water premieres in theaters on december 16. george pennacchio for abc news. kumasi: the holiday season is officially underway in san francisco. the ice rink in union square is
5:47 am
back and it is celebrating 15 years. the opening yesterday featured special performances. you want to do that? reggie: no. kumasi: you just got excited. i was like ok, do it. the ice rink will be hosting a number of events. they will be having flashbackcer >> it is rapidly becoming a time-honored tradition. people know that this is here. they come from all over the bay area. kumasi: that's true. there is a lot of time to grab your skates. it will be open every day until january 16. reggie: cute. kumasi: that is really cute. people are getting ready for christmas. reggie: some holiday decorations got the ball rolling. giant ornaments were spotted tumbling through a central london street. [laughter]
5:48 am
apparently the massive silver balls came loose during a windstorm. people saw this happening and grab their phones and took video. including one posted on tiktok. one person writes, for putting them up so early. another person says they see me rolling, they hating. kumasi: [laughter] reggie: someone said it is that big ball from indiana jones. kumasi: that is what it is. reggie: also, jingle bells. drew: indiana jones is a very fun ride at disneyland. kumasi: i was about to say, i didn't write it in disney world. reggie: they have dinosaur. it's the same exact track, but it is dinosaurs instead of indiana jones and it doesn't hit the same. they tried. they tried to do something different. drew:.
5:49 am
they live look at our abc 7 oakland airport camera. there are a couple of airlines in the foreground. that is terminal one. you can see the san francisco skyline shimmering off in the background. it is a cold morning and we will do it again tomorrow. the next two mornings, bundle up. we are tracking wet weather. storms continue next week. let's look at our coldest spots. 32 degrees, 36 -- 38 in napa. airfield gets to 35. cold in the east bay as well. san38 ite of theinix hs. 47 in the city is the coldest since early may. we will take the heavy jackets. the hat, the gloves and the sunglasses. it is a bright afternoon after that brisk start. we will go into the 50's and the mid 60's. warmer today than yesterday.
5:50 am
we will repeat chilly temperatures tonight into the 30's and 40's, as we head into friday. friday's drive, -- friday is dry. saturday, a level 1. mainly in the evening is when we find the showers. the showers first into the north bay in the afternoon and then the evening will find showers sinking south through the rest of the bay area. we are excepting up to a quarter of an inch of rainfall with the system. bright skies the next two days. rain returns saturday evening. set your clocks back one hour. daylight saving time ends over the weekend. rain late at night on sunday. a stormy pattern for much of the next week. reggie: new at 6:00, a pandemic shift in style. how home designs are changing. kumasi: thanksgiving turkey, maybe not. the chain police kickoff its annual event today for kids across the city. kumasi: a live look outside at
5:51 am
kumasi: a live look outside at the golden the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away. it's how it brings us together.
5:52 am
strawb. but this isn't ice cream. this is big tobacco. and their candy flavors are served with a strong dose of nicotine. because big tobacco knows four out of five kids who use tobacco started with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. it's time to put the brakes on big tobacco's candy-flavored trick and protect california kids. vote yes on proposition 31.
5:53 am
kumasi: today is a kickoff event for the san francisco police department's annual holiday toy drive. the department is partnering with walgreens for a seventh year to collect donations of new, unwrapped toys. they want to make sure every kid in the city gets a gift is holiday season. last year, 5000 toys got collected. you can drop off donations at 40 walgreens locations through the city until december 16. reggie: chinatown is getting a major investment. the chinese cultural center is the recipient of the hewlett 50 arts commissions. the initiative supports the creation of works of art in the bay area through grants to nonprofits.
5:54 am
the artist commissioned specializes in 3d modeling, animation and motion capturing. she gave us a preview of what she's creating. >> i've been working with other collaborators and community members closely. i never had the chance to have them visualizing their ancestors history via my medium. reggie: the chinese cultural center is one of 10 recipients. kumasi: thanksgiving is coming up. if you are wondering what to bring, how about a turkey cake? we have to show you this. this is from baskin-robbins and it is bringing back its popularize cream dessert. the turkey cake has sugar cones for legs. reggie: [laughter] that's funny. kumasi: look at the way it's being cut. baskin-robbins shares this video
5:55 am
every year. this one is made out of vanilla ice cream. you can get whatever flavor you want. they have cookie butter, that sounds good. the turkey cake has caramel glaze. it is about $40. reggie: there is a lot of stunt food out there. this one lives up to its potential. kumasi: it's fun. i'd be like give me some. >> it's so authentic. >> it really is. drew: they do this every year? reggie: i've never seen it. drew: i've never seen this. kumasi: look up the coloring. it is on point. reggie: and for $40? not bad. drew: do you think it will look like that when you get it? kumasi: don't let it sit too long. [laughter] drew: can you imagine what a melted turkey looks like?
5:56 am
let's go outside. we have clear skies, chilly temperatures. 30's and 40's right now. look at these numbers. the city is currently at 47 degrees. that is the coldest start to our day in about six months. back in early may. it has been quite sometime since we felt this chill in the city. it is much cooler in other places. frosty to santa rosa. be surprised if you see frost on the windshield. palo alto, you are feeling the chill this morning. down to 39 degrees. here is the frost advisory. it includes santa rosa, san rafael, these are the areas where temperatures are well into the 30's. the sun gets up here by 7:30. we are fog free. the number 10 is everywhere. that is as good as he gets when it comes to visibility. crisp and clear out there. a live look from our camera, showing you fog free conditions.
5:57 am
take the winter attire with you this morning. grab the shades. we have a lot of sunshine. bright days this afternoon. 50's to mid 60's. kumasi: early-morning missile tests in north korea. a second day of lunches. a direct warning to allies of the west. reggie: a massive strike at uc campuses. the issues that bring final exams to a halt -- could bring final exams to a halt. kumasi: we have an update at the tahoe ski resorts for the season. reggie: it
5:58 am
mom, we need to talk to you about yiorgos. don't you think it's a little odd he showed up in your life right when you became a gigillionaire?! he's a gig-digger, mom!
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he's using you for your at&t fiber. now that it has hyper-gig speeds. he spends half day shirtless, playing vr games. kids. why do you think i became a gigillionaire in the first place? yes, i am yiorgos. we know. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. limited availability
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 6:00. missile launches from north korea. another round of tests triggering evacuation warnings. >> he seemed to fit in. and then all of a sudden, he was a little odd. kumasi: who is david? we spoke with neighbors who knew him as he awaits his court date. jobina: following the impact of a fed interest rate hike. reggie: good morning on


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