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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 4, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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joining us today on "getting answers. we will be here every weekday at 3:00 p.m. on air and on tonight, breaking news -- severe storms bearing down across several states as we come on the air, and the 100-car pileup. those tornado warnings and watches across the south and heartland. reports of a possible tornado outside dallas. dallas, austin, and little rock, and oklahoma city all on alert tonight. the 100-car pileup in denver. temperatures plunging from the 70s into the 20s. this system on the move. rob marciano standing by to time this out. house speaker nancy pelosi's first comments since the brutal attack on her husband. what he said and what she revealed about paul pelosi's condition. tonightonight, with elon mu charge of twitter, thousands of
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workers finding they lost their jobs. half the company's employees out of work. four days to go until the crucial midterm election. tonight here in the key senate race in pennsylvania, the major headline. after dr. oz appeared for years on the oprah show, on the oprah endorsing john fetterman instead. you'll hear from her. plus, former presidents obama and trump in that state this weekend, showing the stakes in this race, now a dead heat. eva pilgrim in pennsylvania. the turnout factor tonight. republicans need a net gain of just one senate seat to take control of the senate. tonight several key states where the races are tied up. this is now all about the final ground game. rachel scott with the new numbers, and they are close. north korea tonight flying dozens of fighter jets near the border with south korea. south korea's response amid concerns north korea may be preparing to conduct an
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underground nuclear test. martha raddatz standing by. here at home tonight, what the cdc is now warning about the flu. what they're now seeing the alarming new numbers. and what they're now recommending when it comes to your children. just in tonight, shark attack. authorities responding to the scene. and making history, the powerball jackpot now the largest jackpot ever. 1.6 billion reasons to stay tuned. good evening, and it's great to have you with us as we end another week together. we begin with the severe storms in the hours ahead bears down on the south and the heartland, and the 100-car pileup in denver. millions of americans in the path of potential tornados and damaging winds. one tornado report outside dallas already. parts of texas, oklahoma, and arkansas in the path of these
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storms tonight. major cities including dallas, austin, little rock, oklahoma city, all bracing for the potential of a difficult night ahead. and this was the scene from the same system in colorado, what they called a flash freeze, causing that major pileup in denver. some 100 vehicles, multiple injuries. temperatures dropping from the 70 outside dallas today. dangerous weather heading into the night. senior meteorologist rob marciano leading us off tonight. he's in dallas. >> reporter: tonight, a severe weather outbreak slamming the south central u.s. more than 25 million on alert from texas to missouri. torrential rain causing treacherous travel conditions for the evening commute in plano, texas. dangerous and destructive winds already whipping through dallas, measured to 63 miles per hour, with possible tornadoes through the night as the storm moves east. >> this is my concern for east texas. you're a level 4. we don't see that very often in the fall. >> reporter: this same system wreaking havoc in denver.
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>> i was just like, oh, man, please don't let me get hurt. please don't let me hurt anybody. >> reporter: a flash freeze being blamed for this 100-car pileup on an icy overpass overnight. temperatures plunging from the 70s thursday to the low 20s, catching drivers off guard. >> i tried my best to stop, but it wasn't working out. slid into a dump truck, got hit like four more times. >> reporter: dozens injured. cars left stranded. >> let's bring in rob marciano. he's live in dallas tonight. rob, there's always heightened concern when the potential for tornadoes comes after dark. take us through this. what you do expect tonight? >> well, david, you're right. it's always more dangerous when these things carry over into the nighttime. in the fall nighttime comes quickly. texas getting the brunt. the radar stretches up into wisconsin. severe wither reports there. tornado watches extended to include eastern oklahoma. two lines there. dallas, you're almost done.
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those two lines will come together. eastern oklahoma, arkansas, shreveport, be on the lookout. keep your phones on, keep a weather radio handy. as this rain band stretches into the mississippi, which we need the rain, just don't want the wind coming with it. dynamics for wind tomorrow should be less severe. you're feeling it over the weekend. temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above average. 80 degrees in d.c. monday. certainly starting the month of november off very warm. david? >> a country of extremes tonight. rob marciano live in dallas, thank you, rob. tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi speak on camera for the first time about the attack on her husband paul pelosi, his condition. she thanked people for their well wishes, support. she said, there's no question our democracy is on the ballot. mola lenghi in san francisco tonight. >> reporter: tonight, speaker of the house nancy pelosi addressing that vicious attack on her husband one week ago, on camera for the first time. >> it's going to be a long haul, but he will be well. and it's just so tragic how it
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happened. but nonetheless, we have to be optimistic. >> reporter: paul pelosi now recuperating at home after being released from the hospital. this as lawyers for the this as lawyers for the suspect, david depape, and prosecutors appeared in court today. >> what is clear is that he was targeting the speaker, that he did not find her in her home. instead he found her husband and he enacted violence on her husband. >> reporter: according to the san francisco d.a.'s office, the defendant startled mr. pelosi awake, soon asking, where's nancy? where's nancy? depape allegedly threatened to tie up mr. pelosi about 10 times over the course of their encounter, at one point saying, that it was the end of the road for mr. pelosi. pelosi able to grab his phone in the bathroom and call 911. authorities say when san francisco police arrived, they witnessed depape striking mr. pelosi in the head at full force with the hammer, which knocked mr. pelosi unconscious. pelosi remaining unresponsive for about three minutes, waking up in a pool of his own blood. depape allegedly saying he was
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on a suicide mission and was planning to target others, too, including a professor and several prominent state and federal politicians and their relatives. >> we're not disclosing who those people were. >> reporter: tonight depape remains in a county jail, as u.s. authorities face new questions about how the canadian citizen was reportedly able to stay in the country illegally for years. and tonight, nancy pelosi also thanking her supporters in this heated political environment, adding this -- >> there is no question that our democracy is on the ballot. >> reporter: prosecutors are considering showing police body camera video from that attack here at the pelosi home last week. not only in the trial but also in the preliminary hearing next month. the d.a. stressing today that everything remains on the table. meanwhile, david depape has pleaded not guilty to all charges. >> mola lenghi in san francisco all week for us, thank you. now to the crucial midterm elections, just four days to go.
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tonighld determine who controls the senate. mehmet oz appearing for years on the oprah show, but tonight oprah endorsed his opponent, john fetterman. tonight you'll hear from oprah on her reason why. eva pilgrim in philadelphia. >> reporter: tonight, the heaviest hitters in politics preparing to descend on pennsylvania, a sign of just how crucial this senate race is in the battle for congress. president biden and former president obama making their only joint appearance of the midterms this weekend in support of john fetterman. former president trump coming to rally for dr. mehmet oz. >> and you are going to send my friend oz -- oz. he is a great guy -- to the u.s. senate. >> reporter: but today, a setback for oz from the woman who gave him his big break. >> yeah, the oz man! >> reporter: oprah singlehandedly responsible for making oz a household name. they worked together for years, but in this campaign, she now says she's with fetterman.
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>> i said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania, and o tell y'all this, if i live in the pennsylvania, i would have already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. >> reporter: oprah saying her vote is about the values we hold dear, the values of inclusion, the values of compassion. in his closing pitch to voters, fetterman, who is recovering from a stroke, says that experience has given him new fight. >> i think if somebody was looking for the kind of candidate that is to stand up for anyone that ever got knocked down that has to get back up, or any kind of forgotten community, and that's really what this campaign is absolutely about. >> reporter: today the oz campaign responding to oprah's endorsement, saying, doctor oz loves oprah and respects the fact that they have different politics. the candidate is spending the campaign homestretch reaching out to a key group of voters, suburban women, urging supporters to share his finely tuned message with their neighbors. >> so, your job is to highlight -- what are the three
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things? the economy, crime, and the border. right? three things. don't talk about other stuff than that. you don't need to. talk about what concerns voter, and they'll come over to us. >> let's bring in eva pilgrim in philadelphia tonight. president biden of course teaming up with former president obama. they will be in pennsylvania this weekend. former president trump will be there as well, all three of them. and it shows just how crucial this one senate race is when it comes to control the senate. >> reporter: that's right, david, and both candidates are really trying to drive home their message. fetterman saying the experience with his stroke will make him a stronger, more empathetic senator, and dr. oz drilling down on what he says are the key issues of this election -- the economy and crime. david, things here are just so close. >> eva pilgrim with the beautiful philly backdrop there tonight, eva, thank you. where do the numbers stand tonight? pennsylvania, georgia, nevada -- any one of these senate races
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can determine who holds the senate. let's get to the big board. i guess we'll start with pennsylvania. >> there has been movement in pennsylvania buck it has been slight, and it is not enough to break this dead heat we are seeing between fetterman and dr. oz. both at 46%. too early to tell if that endorsement from oprah will make any difference. this is a state where you'll see two former presidents campaigning. over the georgia, it is dead even here between senator rafael warnock and herschel walker. right to nevada, much of the same. another close race between catherine cortez masto and the republican. this is shaping up to be one of the -- midterms yet. >> no question. political director rick klein all right here on the desk here on election night. here and across the country live in the battlegrounds.
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our live coverage all evening long begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern election night. again, next tuesday night. meantime, we continue with the news this friday night, and to thousands of jobs lost. elon musk owns and runs twitter, and thousands of workers learned they lost their jobs after being told to check their email. reports half the company's 7,500 employees now out of work. here's janai norman. >> reporter: tonight, fired by te world's richest man. elon musk announcing massive layoffs overnight, telling employees they'd get an email today telling them their fate. that email subject - your role at twitter. in the email, today is your last working day at the company, and signed, simply "twitter." >> i found that my work laptop was remotely wiped and access to slack and gmail revoked. >> reporter: musk reportedly laying off about half the 7,500-member global workforce.
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>> 50% is a jaw-dropping number and really goes to the bone and heart of the twitter ecosystem. >> reporter: another jaw dropping number, the $44 billion musk paid for the company -- billions more than most analysts believe its worth -- and the nearly $13 billion he borrowed to close the deal. to try to raise revenue, musk floating the idea of a pay-to-play platform, an $8 monthly charge for verified accounts with the blue check mark. but the platform profits most from ads, and companies are increasingly concerned about musk's plans to change how twitter moderates content. one study shows an unsettling increase in hate speech on twitter since musk took over. at an investor conference in new york city today, musk blamed pressure from activists who fear the platform becoming a playground for hate speech. >> we've done our absolute best to appease them, and nothing is working. so this is a major concern, and i think this is frankly an attack on the first amendment.
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>> reporter: and david, critics like the naacp say this is not a first amendment issue, calling on companies to pull their ads from the platform until twitter, quote, rids itself of any content or account that spews hate or disinformation. that creates a big challenge as musk tries to make twitter profitable. >> janai, thank you. next tonight, the fbi reporting they have found the individual whose threat prompted that issued rare warning to synagogues in new jersey. police scrambled to add patrols outside synagogues. a young adult was interviewed about concerning social media posts. he reportedly told them he disliked jewish people, but had no plans to do harm. meanwhile, kyrie irving apologized after posting a link to an anti-semitic movie. the nets saying he is, quote, currently unfit to be with the
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team. irving posting overnight after increasing pressure that he is, quote, deeply sorry. the nets say he must meet with jewish leaders and the team before he's allowed to play again. overseas, the dangerous escalation, north korea flying scores of jets. here's martha raddatz again tonight. >> reporter: it was an extraordinary show of force. north korea sending dozens and dozens of war planes towards the border with south korea, prompting the south to urgently scramble its own war planes, some 80 fighter jets taking to the skies. the north's provocative move no doubt to counter the u.s. decision to extend joint u.s/south korean military exercises, which already involve 240 warplanes and thousands of military personnel. this of course follows one one kim jong-un's barrage of missile tests in the past few days, at least 30, including an
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intercontinental ballistic missile aimed toward japan. >> this is an unprecedented level of activity. the intent here is to ramp up tensions as a prelude to a likely underground nuclear test sometime in the days to come. >> reporter: that test is expected any day, the first in five years. but the u.s. warning that if kim ever attacks with a nuclear weapon, that would be the end of his regime. the joint u.s./south korean military exercises end this weekend buck u.s. officials don't think that will have any effect on kim's desire to test a nuclear device. david? >> martha raddatz tonight. martha, we'll see you here on election night as well. thank you. in the meantime tonight, the warning to vladimir putin over nuclear weapons. china's president xi making his most direct criticism of putin's war in ukraine yet, now resorting to nuclear weapons. the u.s. and its allies, including germany, had been urging xi to take a stand. tonight, the pentagon announcing new military aid to
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ukraine. $400 million, including for the first time, help to get a hold of tanks. the money will now help to refurbish 45 soviet air tanks from the czech republic as well as hawk defense missiles and phoenix ghost drones for ukraine. when we come back, news about flu season coming in across the u.s. what they're recommending when it comes to children. also word coming in of a shark attack. we'll have news on the swimmer's condition.
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we turn to our health tonight, the cdc warning of a growing surge in flu. doubling last week in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.
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children facing a triple threat as we have been reporting here. flu, covid, and rsv. the cdc reminding parent of children younger than 9 they should get two flu shots. check with your pediatrician. flu spreading to 15 states. a federal jury in brooklyn acquitted tom barrack, once a close ally of president trump after he was accused of using ties to trump. he was accused of being an unregistered agent and of lying to the fbi hem took the stage for two days. after the verdict he said, quote, god bless america. the system works. when we come back, the shark attack report in the southern california. a swimmer pulled from the water. later tonight, making
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to the "index" tonight, and news coming in after a shark attack near san diego. authorities say a swimmer was bit on a thigh about 200 yards off del mar beach. she was swimming with a friend. she and the friend waving to life guards for help. the victim rushed to the hospital. she's in stable condition. she is expected to recover. the beach now closed a mile in each direction. when we come back on a friday night, this could be a very good weekend for someone -- the powerball jack spot now at - this van just hit me outta .
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finally tonight here, someone is going to be very rich -- the powerball jackpot is now the largest jackpot ever. tomorrow night's drawing worth $1.6 billion. the cash value, more than $782 million. the cash growing so fast, the store manager updating the amount by hand. good luck. coming up tonight on abc, the worldwide hit that broke
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barriers, "black panther," the sweel night a specl,hadwick boseg ccer. movies after director revealing how he wanted to -- him. robin roberts and "black panther," tonight 8:00 eastern and streams on hulu. thank you for being here. we'll see you next week, and ia
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better bay area moving forwardia finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. pretty much everything about this whole acquisition has been unprecedented. 50% is an extreme number. it seems to have moved very quickly. it just speaks to have a dire the situation is mass layoffs at twitter one week after elon musk's take over of the san francisco-based company today without access to their work accounts the tweets came fast and furious from employees now out of a job. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry diehl and i'm kristen z today is your last working day at the company. those are the words that thousands of twitter's workforce received in an email about 50% of employees were impacted. that is about 3,700 people and it comes just one week after billionaire elon musk took over twitter abc 7 news reporter suzanne fawn live in the newsroom with the impact of today's layoffs suzanne. what a tough tough day for twitter employees today. they found out by