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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 7, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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news tonight with dave ramirez next and i'll see you back here at 4. s. this system headed for the north ears. house speaker nancy pelosi, her first interview on the attack and on her few sure in congress. the key raceness the battlegrounds down to the wire. the pennsylvania showdown between john fetterman and dr. mehmet oz. president biden and former president obama in pennsylvania making the case for fetterman. dr. oz joining pennsylvania by former president trump, the closing argument they made together. in georgia tonight another dead heat. senator raphael warnock and his republican challenger herschel
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walker neck and neck. senator warnock and what he said today about herschel walker. and tonight walker making his closing argument. republicans needing just one to take back control of the senate. five seats to take control of the house. what we're seeing in the final hours, eva pilgrim and steve osunsami live in the battlegrounds, rick klein and rachel scott at the big boards tonight. the key numbers to watch as we head into election night. also on this monday night the state of emergency at this hour in florida. a hurricane watch now in effect along the eastern shoreline. nicole possibly hitting as a category 1 hurricane and making its way up the coast through several major cities into new york and the northeast. rob marciano standing by with the timing and track. he is in florida. speaker nancy pelosi for the first time describing the police at her door, breaking the news of that brutal attack on her husband. tonight, speaker pelosi asked how the assault could affect her future in congress and how she answered that
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question is making news tonight. the war in ukraine. our team with extraordinary access to the iranian drones being used by the russians to attack ukraine. and the other major headline tonight, one of putin's key allies says he did meddle in u.s. elections and that he will do so again. james longman inside ukraine tonight. back here at home massive explosions and a fire at a chemical plant in georgia. communities evacuated fearing more explosions. tonight the question, who wants to be a billionaire? tonight's powerball jackpot the largest in history. what the jackpot is now at tonight and we're live in line with americans coast to coast. good evening, tonight from abc news, election headquarters in new york city on the eve of this crucial midterm election, we have several developing stories as we come on the air
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tonight. what could soon be a hurricane bearing down on florida tonight and then right up the east coast. also house speaker nancy pelosi, her first interview on the attack on her husband, the police at her door and speaker pelosi tonight on her future in congress. though we are going to begin, of course, with the critical midterm election where the key senate races that will determine control of the senate are in a dead heat going into election day. this will all come down to turnout and take a look at this tonight. these are the two numbers you'll hear from us over and over again this time tomorrow night, the numbers 1 and 5. republicans need a net gain of just one seat to take back control of the senate. a net gain of just five seats to take back control of the house. we're also tracking the 36 races for governor playing out across this country. i'm going to be joined here in the studio, of course, this time tomorrow night by our powerhouse political team. it won't be this quiet 24 hours from now and in a moment rick klein, rachel scott at the big boards with the key numbers tonight, the states to watch. they have a bit of a voter's guide to help you through early tomorrow night.
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what we could be looking for early in the evening. first, the race to the finish in pennsylvania always a key state and again this time. john fetterman against dr. mehmet oz, president biden and former president obama both traveling there, making the case for fetterman. dr. oz joined by former president trump in pennsylvania, there as well. the closing argument they made together. abc's eva pilgrim leading us off tonight in pittsburgh. >> dr. mehmet oz. >> reporter: it's the most closely watched race in the country and tonight it's a virtual tie. so tomorrow turnout, the name of the game. democrat john fetterman pleading with his party's base in philadelphia. >> everyone that's willing to go out and go knock on doors and to get out the votes right now because there is so much at stake right now. >> reporter: in a sign of how pivotal the race could be president biden and former president obama both traveling to pennsylvania to help close the deal. >> this is a guy who has been fighting for regular folks his whole life. he is who he says he is. you can tell what's in his
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heart, what's in his gut. >> reporter: president biden arguing the stroke fetterman suffered in may has only made him a stronger candidate. >> john's gotten knocked down, but he gets back up. he's gotten up quickly. john has character, integrity and he's going to be a hell of a good senator, united states senator for pennsylvania. >> reporter: the republican candidate, dr. mehmet oz laser focused on kitchen table issues, inflation, crime, oz also now positioning himself as a moderate, able to work with members of both parties. >> how many of you think washington is getting it wrong? yeah. i think they're getting it wrong because of radical policies and part of what i want to bring to washington is balance. y'all in? >> reporter: still in the final days of the campaign, oz rallying with former president donald trump. >> we won oz to get some of the juice because he has to win. you know, if he -- i'll tell you what, this could be the vote
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that's goig to make the difference between a country and not a country. >> so let's bring in eva pilgrim live from pittsburgh. eva, as you know, dr. oz rallying and former president trump and also trying to make the case he's going to be a moderate republican, in fact, he followed that rally with the former president with a more moderate senator susan collins of maine. she didn't always see eye to eye with the president. >> reporter: hours after appearing on stage with trump we saw dr. oz with susan collins. collins saying oz will bring balance and listen to both sides and really hoping that message sticks, in particular with suburban women, a group that he thinks is critical to winning this election, david. >> all right, eva pilgrim leading us off here tonight, eva, thank you. in georgia tonight another dead heat. senator raphael warnock and his republican challenger herschel walker, they are neck and neck as well. senator warnock and what he said today about herschel walker and walker right here tonight making his own closing argument. abc's steve osunsami from atlanta now.
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>> reporter: on one of his final stops of his bus tour across the state u.s. senator raphael warnock was in macon, georgia, today making his closing argument with voters saying his opponent isn't ready to go to washington. >> herschel walker is neither ready for fit to represent the people of georgia in the united states senate. >> reporter: more than 2.5 million georgians have already voted. close to 2 million more are expected to vote tomorrow and polls suggest that the u.s. senate race here is one of the closest in the country, despite or in spite of months of bad press for republican herschel walker who opposes abortion rights and has had two women come forward saying he paid for their abortions. walker is famous for his college football days at the university of georgia and during the big game in weekend where uga won -- >> one more snap and georgia goes to 9-0. >> reporter: -- both candidates spent more than $100,000 each airing ads. >> i'll tell senator warnock,
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don't let that door hit you in the back side. that room don't belong to you. it belongs to the people. >> reporter: walker's ticket mate brian kemp was arguing he's a better choice than stacey abrams. everybody from the top of the ticket except for herschel walker was on the governor's plane. walker has been endorsed by former president trump, governor brian kemp has not. >> steve osunsami joins us from atlanta tonight. officials i know there are preparing and i know people at home don't want to hear this but they are preparing for the strong possibility that georgia, the senate race, if neither candidate gets 50% this could head to a runoff? >> reporter: that's right, david. you know, you need 50% or more to win a race in georgia and because there's a third party candidate in that u.s. senate race and the polls showing the race so tight between the two major campaigns, the two major campaigns are preparing for a runoff four weeks from tomorrow and that divide that we're seeing between what you might
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call the kemp republicans and trump republicans is being downplayed a bit on the right but it is something interesting to watch if this heads into a runoff as many expect, david. >> all eyes on georgia and georgia on my mind, steve osunsami, you'll be here tomorrow night for election night all night long. over to the big boards. our political director rick sclien, rachel scott who covers congress. you're a veteran. normally behind the scenes, we'll put you in front of the camera straight through election night. three states you have been saying to watch very closely on election night, georgia, pennsylvania and nevada. >> these are your big three, you've got georgia which is now controlled by democrat, pennsylvania now by republicans where dr. oz and fetterman are squaring off and out in nevada, that's probably republicans' best pickup opportunity. whoever wins two of three of those will win control >> that's catherine cortez masto in nevada. largely believed to be one of the most endangered democratic senators. let's look at the numbers to show our viewers at home just how close each one of these
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senate races is. >> yeah, starting with georgia, this has gotten tighter somehow after the recent revelations and as we just heard from steve, you're running not just against each other but 50%, someone has to top that number and you've seen herschel walker overtake raphael warnock just slightly in the fivethirtyeight polls. >> pennsylvania tonight? >> pennsylvania, another one. look, you cannot get a race any tighter. we saw that debate performance a couple weeks ago. it seems like it has tightened it and that is neck and neck. >> with a few seconds left for the board, nevada. >> nevada is a place where the democrat, catherine cortez masto has been trailing rather consistently as you said, david, probably the best opportunity for the republicans and it's going to be a late night out there. >> this is going to be the ground game in nevada, rick, thank you. you'll be here all night long. rachel scott here. this is the historical context, a president in the white house, the party in the white house usually faces a difficult midterm. >> we went to look at how former presidents fared and their first midterm election. 2010, former president barack obama his approval rating was at
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44%. he lost 63 democratic seats in the house. >> call it a shellacking. >> he called it a shellacking. in 2018 former president donald trump, his approval sat at 40%, lost 40 seats in the house. it will be up to voters to decide whether democrats gain or lose seats now but president biden's approval rating sitting right around where donald trump's was in 2018. >> the republicans need just five seats, a net gain of five to take control. rachel will be here with us all night long. thanks. by the way, they're part of the team. the end tire team in the studio, jon karl, cecilia vega, linsey davis, martha raddatz, will all be here in our election headquarters and all across the country live in each one of the battlegrounds, our live coverage all night long. we begin at 8:00 p.m. eastern on the network and as the first results come in we'll have them for you. we're going to be here all night to guide you through. expect the unexpected. there are always surprises again tomorrow night, abc news, the team right here with you all night long. in the meantime, we turn to the other major news this monday
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night, the state of emergecy in florida at this hour. a hurricane watch in effect now along the eastern shoreline of florida. at this hour nicole is now gaining strength, possibly hitting as a category 1 hurricane as soon as wednesday now, that storm likely to cross the state and then make its way up the coast through several major cities right into new york and the northeast. senior meteorologist rob marciano in delray beach, florida, with the timing and track and what they're most worried about. >> reporter: tonight, florida residents warily preparing for a rare november hurricane. subtropical storm. sprawling - >> this will act more like a nor'easter if you're familiar with those systems up in the northeast that are sort of big and have wide arms. >> reporter: in daytona beach officials already advising families there to start moving to safety. around orlando, residents filling sandbags and watching this unusual storm's every move. >> i think it might stay a little longer and drop more water and i just don't want water coming in the house. >> reporter: nicole expected to
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move up the entire east coast after slamming florida. large swaths of the state still reeling from category 4 eve that rip add shore september 28th packing winds of 150 miles per hour. this new video shows the mountains of garbage they're removing from bonita springs and sanibel island. >> there's flooring and roofing material, drywall, et cetera, and those things can become projectiles during this new storm. >> so let's bring in rob marciano with us. take us through the timing of this. >> reporter: hard to believe we're dealing with a potential hurricane in the month of november. as rare as it is, it has happened before so state of emergency and hurricane watches are posted for florida. the watches extend from hollywood all the way through cape canaveral and tropical storm watches all the way into georgia. right now it's a hybrid storm but a big one out there. we do expect it to consolidate through drier air and become fully tropical and intensify and become potentially a category 1
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hurricane upon u.s. landfall late wednesday night then traversing into tampa before it makes a right turn in through the carolinas and up the atlantic seaboard. we'll have big impacts away from the center because the wind field is so big that means big surge through georgia potentially the carolinas as well, everybody will get a piece of the storm eventually including the northeast this weekend. david. >> wow, extremely rare for early november, rob marciano live in florida, rob, thank you. we move on now and next tonight house speaker nancy pelosi in her first interview on that brutal attack on her husband and tonight speaker pelosi asked how it could affect her future in congress. matt gutman from california tonight. >> reporter: tonight on the eve of the election that will determine whether democrats keep control of the house, speaker nancy pelosi in her first interview since the brutal hammer attack on her husband paul. acknowledging to cnn's anderson cooper it will impact her decision on her future in congress without saying what the decision will be if she's no
3:45 pm
longer speaker of the house. >> have you made the decision in your mind, whatever that decision might be? >> well, i have to say my decision would be affected. that what happened in the last week or two. >> will your decision be impacted by the attack in any way? >> yes. >> reporter: pelosi emotional recalling the moment police woke her up in d.c. to tell her paul had been violently attacked. >> and the -- i hear the doorbell ring and then bang, bang, bang, bang on the door. so i run to the door and i'm very scared -- i see the capitol miss and they said we have to come in to talk to you and i'm thinking my children, my grandchildren, i never thought it would be paul. we didn't even know where he was or what his condition was. we just knew there was an assault on him in our home. >> reporter: paul pelosi undergoing several surgeries for a fractured skull now recovering at home. authorities say paul's alleged
3:46 pm
attacker, david depape wanted to take speaker pelosi hostage and that he told investigators he planned to target other prominent political leaders. david, depape faces multiple state and federal charges including for attempted murder. now, he has pleaded not guilty. he is due back in court later this month for a status hearing. david. >> matt gutman live in california tonight, matt. thank you. we turn to the war in ukraine tonight, james longman and our team with extraordinary access tonight to the iranian drones being used by the russians to attack ukraine. and the other major headline at this hour involves one of vladimir putin's key allies, tonight now admitting that he did meddle in u.s. elections and saying he will do so again. here's james longman from kyiv tonight. >> yeah. >> reporter: the war in ukraine is increasingly becoming a full-scale drone war. russia deploying hundreds of small unmanned aircraft both to kill civilians and destroy critical infrastructure. at an undisclosed location abc
3:47 pm
was given special access to some of the drones captured by ukraine. >> these are designed to fly directly into targets that set off often in groups as many as five, on one occasion even 12 of them in swarms causing enormous amounts of damage. the drone can carry over 80 pounds of explosives while the smaller one, around 40. >> yes, this is the engine and we know that iran is the only country that produces those engines. >> reporter: iran admitted to delivering a limited number of drones months before the war began but ukrainian president zelenskyy says tehran is lying about how many it is supplying to moscow. on the larger model designed to drop bops from thousands of feet we find a manufacture date, february 2022, the month russia invaded. >> these drones, they make an impact on your ability to keep fighting over a long term. they force you to waste
3:48 pm
ammunition. well, he replies, that's what will depend on our western partners. >> quite something, james, to get access to those iranian drones and, james, another headline making news at this hour, russian businessman with ties to putin is now admitting to trying to meddle in u.s. elections both in the past and trying to interfere with the current midterms, as well. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, yevgeny progosin has said we interfered, we are interfering and we will carefully, carefully, precisely, surgically as we know how to do. it's a worrying thing to hear. >> james longman reporting again tonight from kyiv. our thanks to you and the team there. when we come back here on a very busy monday night massive explosions and fire at a chemical plant. the surrounding areas forced to evacuate. later, the powerball jackpot now the largest in history and now the largest in history and where that jackpot now s
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tonight emergency crews on the scene of an explosion and fire at a chemical plant in brunswick, georgia. at least three explosions. residents within a one-mile radius evacuated. others sheltering in place and plan to let the fire burn itself out. when we come back here, news on the flu, rsv and covid and what they're now seeing in this last week. m still riding toward what's next. if you run a small business, even with higher stroke risk due to a you need the most from every investment. that's why comcast business gives you more. more innovation... with our new gig-speed wi-fi, plus unlimited data. more speed... from the largest, fastest, reliable network...
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tonight the cdc is issuing a health advisory over the triple threat of respiratory viruses affecting children and overwhelming hospitals across the u.s. pediatric hospital beds are now at 78% capacity. five states at more than 90% capacity and tonight an eye opening number on the flu. overall hospitalizations for the flu are at their highest level in more than a decade and urging americans to get their flu shot. when we come back here, getting in line to vote and getting in line to win t
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. before we go tonight, dream big. tonight's powerball drawing now
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worth $1.9 billion, the lump sum cash value more than 929 million, the largest jackpot ever. long lines across the country today. 40 drawings now without a winner. tickets sold in 45 states, people crossing state lines some waiting for three hours at the nevada/california border. good luck. reminder tomorrow night our team right here for the election, 8:00 p.m. eastern. i'll see you then. good night.
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>> our hearts were shattered even more than what we thought possible. >> we are hearing from the family of alexis gabe after her remains were found following a search. police are releasing new details. kristen: we are also tracking a level 1 storm. there have been scattered showers with more wet weather on the way. >> thanks for joining us. we have live team coverage on storm watch tonight. >> beginning with meteorologist mike nicco who says the real concern comes later. mike: that is when the ingredients come together. thank you for joining us. quiet during most of the afternoon, but things are starting to ramp up in they will get heavy tonight when the most numerous showers and heavy thunder will roll through. that is when we have the best chance of wind damage also as wind could gust