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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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vote yes on 31. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. it was a wet start to the morning and we are not done with the rain yet tonight. we are tracking the storm including when you will see rain where you are the dangerous conditions of the coast and a warning from pg&e about the possibility of unplanned outages. good evening. i'm amidates and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us tonight. we're on storm watch with abc 7 news team coverage for you abc 7 news reporter cornell. bernard is in mill valley with more on the rain and even possible hail and those power outages ama just mentioned. yeah, but let's begin with abc 7 news meteorologist and tell for the details on what to expect sandia. yeah, alma and dan you can pretty much expect just about anything from showers to thunder to hail even some snow over the higher elevations. let me show you live doppler 7 as we take a look here.
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there are a few pockets of showers first. we start in the north bay around santa rosa occidental road sebastopolis, sonoma avenue street level radar showing you that it is wet there some heavier showers right around 101 between san martin and gilroy. so definitely keep the rain gear handy as we widen out the picture. it's a light level one storm low pressure system is still to our north lightning strike showing up with that level one storm cold unstable air will continue to come in which means heavier rain around midnight with some thunderstorms. you will see those downpours first thing tomorrow morning during that commute so plan accordingly. the thunderstorm threat is not just for tonight, but tomorrow as well. i'll be back with a closer look at the warnings that you need to know about. plus the sierra nevada coming up dan okay. sandy. thanks a lot. we'll see you in a moment as sandy mentioned the next round is bringing rain and possibly even hail and power outages as well as highways along the coast of course abc 7 news reporter cornell. bernard is live in mill valley
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with more on what we can expect cornell. so far i'd say keep out stay out of the water paul and amy julian from connecticut are seeing the pacific ocean for the very first time at rodeo beach and marin county where big waves were crashing on to shore we were able to take photos of the waves breaking and the surf being pulled back into the water. it's just absolutely beautiful a high surf advisory in effect ahead of the next storm system waves could top 20 feet best advice stay out of the water. we asked not a server. are no location. please consider not going into our ocean areas on sunday two swimmers had to be rescued from the water at linda mar beach in pacifica. sadly one did not survive. we just want our customers to be prepared as more rain started to
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fall pg&e warning customers about the possibility of unplanned power outages due to wet and windy conditions overnight one thing customers can do is charge up their cell phones have extra batteries on hand for flashlights in case the power goes out the last round of storms brought some rain to north bay reservoirs like lake sonoma, but not enough. it's still at 42% capacity more rain is needed. nice little atmosphere river. i think that would put us at ease but we're still we're in the long game for this. you know, we've all the way through march to watch some of these winter storms come in. so we're hoping this is just the beginning. yes, so more rain is needed for sure. the drought is far from over behind me. you can see a storm clouds slowly moving in over tam and the chp with some advice worth repeating if it's raining just take it slow on the roads. they are slippery and be very careful if you're heading up with the sierra live in mill valley tonight cornell bernard
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abc 7 news. all right cornell thank you in mendocino county. there was some snowfall in the town of brook trails. not far from willits. this video is taken around 10 o'clock this morning by abc 7 news viewer rod jamieson. the snowflakes are pretty big, but you can hear in video rod points out that it was a very wet snow and didn't really stay on the ground for too long. in the sierra though. it was a much different story the uc berkeley central snow sierra snow lab reports receiving more than five feet of snow over the last 24 hours. and if you're traveling in the area do be careful you can see all that snow on highway 50 out myers and highway 80 at kingvale. there are no chain controls in effect now, but that could all change when more snow is forecast for later tonight, and you can check the forecast and see live doppler 7 anytime with the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. it's all available in the weather on demand section download the app now for roku apple tv, amazon fire tv and google tv moving on now for the first time since her husband was
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attacked in their san francisco home over a week ago house speaker nancy pelosi is talking with a journalist about what happened abc 7 news. ocarina nova is in the newsroom with what speaker pelosi shared about that. very scary night karina. yeah, dan. well speaker pelosi got pretty choked up talking about the incident and her interview with n and erson cooper she says she was sleeping at her apartment in washington dc while this was all unfolding at her home in san francisco pelosi explains the morning of the attack. she woke up to a doorbell and loud knocking at around 5 am. and then bang bang bang bang on the door. so i run to the door and very scared. let's do this capital police, and they said we have to come in to talk to you and i'm thinking my children my grandchildren. i never thought it would be paul because you know a new he wouldn't be out and about shall we say and so they came in at that time. we didn't even know where he
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was. pelosi says at the time. she also didn't know her husband's condition as we know now paul pelosi was taken to the hospital with a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands he has since been released from the hospital and is recovering at home the man accused of the attack. david depapp has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder burglary assault with the deadly weapon and other felonies and in her interview with anderson cooper nancy pelosi also opened up about retirement on the eve of election day. she says what happened to her husband would impact her decision on whether she decides to retire pelosi has represented california's 12th congressional district in the united states house of representatives since 1987 live in the newsroom, karina, nova abc 7 news right karina. thank you now to your voice your vote, california is among five states with an abortion issue on tomorrow's ballot, san jose state university and menlo
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college lecture, donna crane sp. us at 3 pm today on getting answers. she doesn't expect the abortion proposition to be a big vote motivator in california, but she thinks abortion rights will get people to vote in other states. kansans actually turned out more of them turned out to vote for the measure that was on their ballot than to vote in the primaries for governor. so it has been motivating in other places. totally sure. it's a big factor in california's race. anybody who's seen the length of our ballot knows we got a lot of stuff to vote on. donna crane is a former lobbyist who focused on advancing abortion rights? and tomorrow on election night will be live streaming results as soon as the polls close from 8 to 11 pm. you can watch that with our abc 7 bay area app on your smartphone or smart tv and here on tv. you can watch abc 7 news at 4:00 beginning at five. we'll go live to abc network coverage of national elections with live local cut-ins every 30 minutes then abc 7 news at 11. we'll have a full recap of local results.
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facebook's parent company meta is reportedly preparing for the company's first large-scale layoffs in its 18 year history according to reports it could happen as soon as wednesday and could affect thousands of meta employees abc 7 news reporter. dustin dorsey is on the story. thousands of meta employees could soon be in the market for a new job after sweeping cuts at twitter meta formally known as facebook is expected to lay off thousands of employees starting later this week, you know, i'm not surprised to it to a certain point san jose state university engineering professor and tech expert ahmed benafa says these layoffs highlight a growing economic issue especially in california. he these job cuts come out of time. which inflation is causing issues for tech companies like meta twitter and others many increased hiring this year with the expectation of a big boom in the economy after covid. unfortunately benafa says that did not happen and now layoffs. i mean, it's across the board that the tech industry, you know
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in all the consumers and all the only all the different dimensions of the technics that they're suffering from this because of that hiring however, benafa says meta has some issues specific to them as well specifically stiff competition from tiktok loss of advertising money due to facebook tracking concerns and the large investment put into the metaverse. it's very hard to look at, you know a company and and see that they are really going the wrong direction until we see the symptoms which is what we are seeing now. there's something seriously going on with the company when they're laying off thousands of employees. so what impacts may we feel in the bay area, but alpha says it may not all be bad news. he expects many of the thousands could be hard for in person jobs re-stimulating. the economy and keeping people from moving out of the bay area while working from home also many companies outside the tech sector could hire these employees to share their expertise as everyone grows into a new age of doing business. we should not undermine the ability of silicon valley of generating more ideas more companies.
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we just clear the pipeline and now we're gonna have a new wave of ideas and and inventions and technologies. unfortunately, he says tech layoffs are expected to continue and results on election election day will provide greater insight on the future of the industry dustin dorsey abc 7 news still ahead of community coming together to support two seven year old girls orphaned by a deadly crash on the peninsula as business leaders near the scene of the crash speak out about traffic safety.
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city has left two seven year old girls without parents and people in the community looking for changes in the area where it all happened abc 7 news reporter. zach fuentes went to the scene of the crash and has more on how the community is the tragedy the community has stepped up to support the two seven year old girls of grace and greg. amen. this go fund me page raised tens of thousands of dollars in less than a day. we connected with a brother of gregg allman on social media who did not want to speak on camera. the tragedy happened friday night at el camino real and finger avenue in redwood city. this surveillance video was shared with us by a business across the street. it shows the moment just after speeding car hit the family's vehicle as they were making a turn the impact forcing them to hit at least two poles and almost the building a witness described to it. he saw friday night. i was in my car like these two cars like speaking in the past like just driving super fast and his other car like came down
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that way just like oh like just clump with the thing redwood city police say one of the cars involved in the crash had a 17 year old driver and two passengers. they were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the other vehicle was the amends. we reached out to the redwood city police department to find out more information into any possible arrest that were made or to see if drugs and alcohol were a factor so far. the police chief has only said in a statement that the investigation is active and more information will be released once it's available. no one should go through that. it's a big. yeah, it's a big tragic especially two kids but not no parents. yeah, it's a sad hung to win owns one of the businesses just across the street. he found out about the accident the next morning. he tells us that el camino real constantly sees people speeding not really surprised because like i said, they need to change put lights here and stop signs because there's accidents all the time and i'm my business right here, and i'm always seeing people honking auditions walking and people don't stop like cities around the bay area
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redwood city's department of transportation has a vision zero strategy. the city says hope to eliminate all traffic fatalities. we ask the city spokesperson to give more information on that strategy and to confirm it the area of the crash was one of concern. we did not receive a response for now a family continues to mourn a tragic and shocking loss in redwood city zach fuentes abc 7 news. there are painful answers tonight for the family of a missing oakley woman alexis gabe authorities have found some of her remains more than nine months after she disappeared a tourist visiting amador county found partial human remains last thursday in the gold rush town of plymouth police over the weekend a positively identified them as the missing 24 year old investigators also say they believe her remains were separated and scattered indifferent areas. they also found found earrings that belong to her. while it was what we were praying. to find alexis and lay her to rest. the reality was still
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devastating here. our hearts were shattered even more than what we thought possible. investigators say gabe killed by her former boyfriend marshall jones. he was later shot and killed by authorities in seattle as they tried to arrest him back in june. after the break-a state of emergency declared by san francisco school officials the announcement from the superintendent today to try to vo: climate change is fueling a wildfire crisis. destroying our forests. threatening our communities. polluting our air. prop 30 taxes the wealthiest 0.2% to reduce the tailpipe emissions that drive climate change. and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe.
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district announced a payroll state of emergency today after thousands of teachers and staff weren't paid correctly for months abc 7 news anchor deon lim has details now on the plan and how educators are responding to this aggressive new plan. my message is simple. today, i'm declaring a payroll state of emergency while the message problems plaguing the san francisco unified school district due to empower sf the dysfunctional new payroll system have left thousands of educators and staff with missing paychecks benefits and more since january ibm owed about like 2,000 or so the problem so severe the teachers union even camped out in front of the former superintendent's office in march and held multiple rallies like this one several days ago calling for fixes fast. school board president jenny lamb and superintendent dr. matt wayne announced monday a new 60
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member command center made up of existing staff to address the empower sf payroll issues both acknowledged the seriousness of what needs to be fixed. the problems are bigger and more complex and initially thought tough decisions will be needed in the days ahead for daniel owens a high school computer science teacher in the district who is missing 10 months of retirement contributions because of empower sf he is encouraged by the new measures announced today. i am hopeful that the new leadership will get this done. i think they stepped into very severe crisis cassandra curiel president of the united educators of san francisco union says while there have been improvements in the fall semester compared to early this year. the state of emergency is what the district's 10,000 employees needed a long time. go it is absolutely the right course of action and therefore we have very high expectations for how quickly and how seriously the district will start to resolve so many of the ongoing problems while the superintendent told me he could
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provide specifics on how many issues have been resolved. so far information would be published in regular progress reports to be rolled out soon for educators a full resolution can't come soon enough. we want to get back to the basics of just focusing on education in san francisco dion limb abc 7 news. i got a few maybe drops on my windshield. we're on the way in and many more coming. it. sounds like meteorologist. sandy patel is here are the forecast and yeah. dananama, we're gonna get soaked to overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. i want to show you live doppler 7 right now. we are seeing some spotty showers. they're not widespread as we get you into street level radar. you will notice right around bodega highway bodega bay headinguerneville road. we are seeing those showers as we go down towards the south bay right around gilroy 101 monterey road slippery roads for the afternoon evening commute and in the sierra they are chaining up
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on 88 snow showers continuing. it is definitely going to be heavier as we head into the next 24 hours windsor gusting out of the south but nothing in comparison to what's to come 28 at spring valley right now as we check out those temperatures are highs were way earlier in the day. have been falling upper 40s to the upper 50s right now golden gate bridge cameras showing you the clouds stacked up stormy late tonight through tomorrow morning showers linger early wednesday, and we are looking at colder thursday and friday mornings on our exclusive abc 7 news storm impact scale. it's a one through wednesday morning showers will be heavy at times. we're expecting thunderstorms hail gusty winds. we've already seen lightning strikes today and rough and dangerous surf we time this out for you six o'clock. the showers are in the south bay 11:30 notices line of some heavier rain coming in tonight tomorrow morning for the commute be prepared give yourself that extra time between five and eight am nine am it's going to be stormy. so you will definitely need that extra time scattered showers
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possibly some snow mixing in with rain over mount hamilton tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening still some showers coming through before the last bit of shower activity early wednesday morning, and then it winds down this is welcome. obviously to see the kind of rain totals. we're seeing through wednesday we're looking at one to two inches plus for many areas. of course, there will be a few locations that may pick up far less than that, but this is going to be a healthy dose of rain wind advisory seven o'clock tonight until 10 am tomorrow that is going to be for the coastal regions wind gusts 35 to 45 miles an hour secure any objects same winds kicking up the surf right now 16 footers at point arena high surf advisory until 10am tomorrow. we are looking at 15 to 20 foot breakers dangerous swimming surf conditions and in the mountains, it's the winter storm warning until wednesday morning heavy snow. we're talking one to four two four feet with up to five feet for the peaks. gusty winds means it's going to be tough to travel hold off. it may be difficult. tim possible storming tomorrow morning 40s for your
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temperatures and 50s tomorrow afternoon grab the jackets and the umbrellas. it's going to be a chilly one mid-40s to the mid 50s. the accuweather is seven day forecast election day including stormy morning showers and then afternoon showers. we are expecting some lingering drops on wednesday level one drying out but cold friday saturday thursday friday, which is veterans day and then we have slight chance of showers on saturday better opportunity monday afternoon, dan. yeah. okay. thanks. and yeah, all right finally tonic
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powerball has people rushing to a lucky retailer in san rafael. yeah after no one hit saturday's jackpot the amount for tonight's drawing is now 1.9 billion dollars to california lottery says the shell gas station on
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erwin street is lucky because someone scored big there before one man from novato tells abc 7 news. he's been buying tickets for 40 years and you know what he's doing for a win. buy tickets wherever i go buy a place that i don't have a drive, you know, i stopped and i buy a ticket and someday i'm gonna win. oh, i've been promising i have a list. of all the distribution whether someone wins tonight, the state's public education system is already victorious. it's raised more than $100 for schools from the recent rolling jackpots the deadline to purchase tickets for tomorrow's drawing is at 7 o'clock. the drawing happens at 7:59. i actually won over the weekend down you did three numbers seven dollars seven seven dollars. it's something right. so close. i'm kind of pulling for patrick after 40 years of buying tickets you first we're on this side with david mirrors next. we appreciate your time. i'm daniel and i'm a dates for san diego patel all of us.
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yes, protects kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air, the critical midterm elections. where the key races stand tonight on the eve of the election. a dead heat and this is all about turnout now. also breaking tonight, what could be a hurricane bearing down on florida. this system then heading right up the east coast to new york city and the east coast. and house speaker nancy pelosi, her first interview on the attack and on her future in congress. first the key races in the battlegrounds down to the wire. the pennsylvania showdown between john fetterman and dr. mehmet oz. president biden and former president obama in pennsylvania making the case for fetterman. dr. oz joined in pennsylvania by former president trump, the closing argument they made together. in georgia tonight, another dead


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