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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  November 11, 2022 1:06am-1:42am PST

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ama: a storefront that set a fiery got -- goodbye to san francisco is coming back to business. has the damage already been done? dan: thank you for joining us. it was three weeks ago when we first brought you the story of the popular apparel company closing its store because of retail crime. >> we see that our entire front window is smashed in. dozens of instances. it happens multiple times per week. ama: after those words from the ceo back then, he now says they are reopening and working to improve the area. tim johns has been on this story since it broke. reporter: a stark turnaround for the store. three weeks after its owner posted a message on linkedin slamming san francisco as a city
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of chaos following a year of break-ins. they reopened to the public on thursday. >> it's unfortunate that it takes -- that it gets this far before we get attention. hopefully this is a lesson learned for everyone. reporter: the company's owner apologized for the uproar his initial message cause. he says while he didn't intend for it to cause controversy, it caught the attention of local leaders. he tells abc7news he's had productive meetings with supervisors and the san francisco police department. >> they agreed to come in and have a more regular presence which everyone is excited about. reporter: that's getting noticed by other businesses in the area. they tell me it's giving them peace of mind. >> we were worried. so far so good. hopefully fingers crossed it will continue. dan: -- reporter: smith says he wants his team to be a part of the solution to some of the problems plaguing all of san
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francisco. >> we've made a significant financial commitment to a local nonprofit. we've been using them in the past. reporter: he hopes they are staying open for good. >> we obviously hope that this is lasting and we can have a change. we need to do a better job as the city, as neighbors and everyone to get together and figure out solutions. reporter: abc7news. ama: it will be several days before a winner is declared in the oakland mayor's race. we learn from the alameda county registrar of voters, the next update won't come until monday evening. after nine rounds of counting, loren taylor is in the lead with 20 2000 votes. one reason there's going to be a weight is there are still a lot of ballots that need to be counted. many of them came in at the last moment. >> those ones that were dropped
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off very close to election day haven't been counted yet. those are what we are starting to process right now. ama: lauren taylor released a statement saying he was confident but not ready to declare victory. dan: tonight, another deadly crash in san jose. the call came in after 4:00. sky 7 was over the scene to see what was left of a motorcycle on its side. police say an suv hit and killed that motorcyclist but stayed on the scene to cooperate. this is san jose's 57th deadly crash of the year. 59 people have been killed as a result. new developments with twitter. elon musk called an impromptu meeting today with the employees he didn't lay. during a question anson -- question and answer session, he said filing for bankruptcy is a real possibility. we attained audio from the meeting.
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musk was questioned about his demand that all workers returned to the office. >> i can tell you fizzle -- philosophically what works. people being in the office and being hard-core. people can get a tremendous amount done in that situation. dan: one of the employees pressed him on the issue and he made it clear if you don't come back, you won't have a job. >> even if you return to the office, the offices are separate offices. we won't be in person every ways. >> you can maximize the amount of activity. twitter isn't one place either. basically if you can show up at an office and you don't show up at the office, resignation accepted. and of story. dan: the lawsuit is accusing twitter of violating laws by not giving employees proper notice before firing them. ama: we are switching gears now to take a live look outside from our camera.
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those early frosty temperatures are hitting us once again. dan: sandhya patel is with us. what are we looking for out here? sandhya: icy cold tomorrow morning. let me show you those temperatures right now. step outside. you will want to grab a jacket. you will notice it's getting cold outside, especially in the valleys. fairfield at 38 degrees. 41 in santa rosa. 39 in san ramon. 42 in livermore. oakland, 44. san francisco at 50. down south, we are talking about 48 in san jose, 45 in santa cruz. frost advisory for all of the bay area for san francisco. tomorrow, frost will form when temperatures drop. upper 20's to mid 30's. solano county, load upper 30's. by tomorrow morning at 5:00, temperatures in the mid 30's. seven :00 a.m., 35 degrees in
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fairfield. i will be back to let you know exactly how cold it will get and when the system will bring showers. ama: thank you. amid california's historic drought, most lake tahoe ski resorts are opening earlier than expected. surviving fears of a low snowpack for this winter, the lifts are moving and the runs are ready. j.r. stone on bottled the excitement. reporter: here we go. ski season is about to start and the stoke level is high do. >> we are renting skis. reporter: even this eight-year-old and her six-year-old sister are ready for a gnarly time on the slopes. friday, boreal mountain and mount rose will both open the season early followed by the vail resort properties in the sierra this weekend. about time, says the little ones. >> do you want to go soon? >> i don't know.
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i would say soon. reporter: at the california ski company in berkeley, custom boots are their specialty and demand is high. >> everybody in town once their boots right now. as soon as the weatherman says there's going to be snow, it gets crazy. it's time to get those boots. >> i'm fired up. this is what i live for here. opening day is when the snow is the highest. everybody has been jones and to get out there all summer long. reporter: word in the shop and up on the mountain is that there is snow and lots of it. the fear of wiping out, not in this building. have you ever fallen down? >> yes. reporter: but you still like it? >> doesn't everyone fall down? most of the time. >> we have light, fresh snow. three to four feet of snow has come down over the past storm. we've blown 5 million gallons of
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that boreal. reporter: the snow is reason to celebrate or just bundle up or just dance up. >> hang the garlic up and dance under the full moon. sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. so far, we are getting lucky. reporter: abc7news. ama: good news. we put together this handy list of each tahoe ski resorts opening dates so you can plan ahead. dan: happening tomorrow, president biden will deliver remarks at the united nations conference on climate change, cuff 27 summit happening in egypt. he's flying over there as we speak. in the bay area, middle and high school students are demanding bold climate decisions. >> what we want? >> climate justice. >> when do we want it? >> reporter: now. they are calling for affective clean energy plans and an end to militarism and profiteering.
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they chanted and held signs reading, fund our future and defund violence. students were joined by veterans as well as labor and peace groups. tomorrow is veterans day. in honor of the holiday, the national park service is waiting -- waving entrance fees at recreational parks. that means you can mark the holiday by visiting a national park in the bay area free of charge. >> obviously an urban environment is not a good place for a coyote to live. ama: coyote in crisis. the bay area neighborhood rallying together to find help. dan: a new vision for bart. the changes that need your point of view. >> a spiritual experience. ama: black panther is back. ama: black panther is back. here the refuse from the bay
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switching to swiffer. totally worth it. love it, or your money back. dan: a group of neighbors have noticed a coyote wandering through the community after countless phone calls and up attention. they are demanding agencies help the animal that appears to be in poor health. all of this is happening over months in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose. amanda del castillo you is learning the plans now being made all because of persistence and pressure from the community. >> a real shout out to those in the community that have rallied around her. reporter: residents spent months
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documenting the movements of this coy oddi. there's been increased demand for city and state agencies to act and get it helped. >> my wife pointed out there appear to be a dog and it was mangy looking. we were like, that's a coyote. reporter: the animal care division says they've taken dozens of calls on the coy oddi since september with their officers responding at least five times. the director explains, immediate action is typically only taken if an animal is entered, aggressive, or a threat to public safety. since the coyote didn't fit that criteria, it has run free. >> what are your options at that point. that's the reason why the situation is being evaluated by multiple organizations. reporter: that includes the state department of fish and wildlife. noting now, the animal appears to have a leg injury and most likely mange. in the days ahead, he said a
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crew of biologists and animal control will be responding. >> we are trying to figure out a plan to safely capture this coyote, take it to a permitted facility and treat it. hopefully release it back into the wild. reporter: the upcoming care doesn't come without critique. rebecca with a nonprofit wildlife emergency services says agencies should have acted sooner. >> over a couple of months since this animal has been out there. they've been aware of it. reporter: they credit the community's persistence, reassuring that the agency cares and is doing what it can. >> we are balancing that with our main priority which is keeping wildlife wild, protecting public safety, working within the limited resources that we have. reporter: abc7news. ama: 14 people out of their homes after two cars collided in san francisco. a tesla and toyota prius got into a wreck before 6:00.
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two people had to be rescued from the tesla and one person from the. . all went to the hospital with serious injuries. the tesla struck gas and water lines as it careened into the home. new developments. a federal judge in texas has knocked down president biden's student loan forgiveness plan. the trump appointee called the program unconstitutional in his opinion. the lawsuit was filed by a conservative group on behalf of to borrowers who have substantial college debt but did not qualify. in response, the biden ministration is filing an appeal. the u.s. education secretary says he's confident the program is lawful and necessary. dan: part of our work in building a better bay area means finding ways to make it easy for you to get around. a new vision for bart could be on the way by 2030. the agency is considering adding a and more late-night trains.
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the options would expand east bay service during daylight and early evening hours, plus extend service after 9:00. this could help commuters across the bay area who work overnight. jesse lucas starts his commute in san leandro and ends in san francisco where he catches a bus to downtown. >> i write bart every day. i work all shifts. days, graveyards, swing. dan: before addition is made, bart wants to know what the community thinks. it released a survey called bart metro 2030. people have until november 23 to weigh in. ama: after years of buzz, black panther is finally here. this equal to the smash marble hit is now out in theaters everywhere. last night, julian glover emceed a special screening as part of disney future storytellers initiative. today, the golden state warriors hosted of -- hundreds of oakland students. ryan curry was there. reporter: oakland unified
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students are excited to see another movie designed to break down barriers for the black immunity. wakonda forever debuts tonight. >> we actually are getting put out there. there's not a lot of movies where they support the black culture like that. reporter: a tribute to the franchise oakland roots. the director of black panther is an oakland native and featured many connections to the city throughout the movie. with the debut, open students are excited to see the franchise continue after the first movie set a new milestone for having a mostly black cast. >> seeing a black hero that i can look up to and relate to his amazing and beautiful. reporter: the golden state warriors paid for students to see the movie. ousd says just like black panther, this one has significant cultural impacts on oakland youth. >> having so many people on the silver screen who are black
1:27 am
faces, black people, people who look like our kids and who are reflective of our community here in oakland. reporter: being able to provide this opportunity is something they say will have a lasting impact. students say the more recognition they receive, the better opportunities they will have for a brighter future. >> we have hope that we can make change. wakonda -- wakanda is an afro futurism country. we need more recognition. reporter: abc7news. ama: it's quite chilly out. dan: sandhya patel is keeping track of the weekend weather for us. sandhya: we will lose the chill over the weekend. tomorrow morning, forget it. you will need gloves, scarves, and heavy jackets. let me show you that -- those temperatures. 38 in fairfield. 41 in napa. definitely cold tomorrow morning . even colder. freezing in lakeport.
1:28 am
34 in fairfield. 36 in livermore. 35 in santa rosa. it's going to be chilly. 40's around san francisco. the shoreline at 35 degrees. here's the front that we are watching. yes, the energy will be the pacific northwest. the back end of the front is coming in our direction. ahead of it, high clouds. we will bring snow showers to the sierra. nothing like we experienced last week. there will be snow showers on shattered a. morning fog tomorrow. nine degrees followed by 45 in the afternoon. wendy saturday with a chance of snow and morning clouds giving way to clearing on sunday. if you are going up there to enjoy all this fresh powder, you are good to go for skiing and snowboarding. some improvement in our drought over the past week because of the fact that we've had this really good storm. let me show you the categories that saw improvement. the biggest one was this one here. the third category. last week, 91.83 percent of the
1:29 am
state covered in that shade. now it's 88.09. there's definitely been some improvement. don't get me wrong, we are still in a drought. severe too extreme for the bay area. higher clouds up above. we have fog down below. dense right now in santa rosa. watch out. three-quarter mile visibility. a gorgeous view. you are looking at the golden gate bridge. cold again with frost and patching morning fog. mild pattern setting up next week. tomorrow afternoon, below average. mid-50's to low 60's. a mix of sun and high clouds for veterans day. level 1 system coming in saturday with scattered showers. highest totals will be in the north bay. hour-by-hour, 9:00 friday night, sprinkles may show up. 2:00 saturday morning across the central bay. saturday afternoon at 3:00 in the north bay, crossing the
1:30 am
central bay by 7:00. it starts to fall apart late saturday night. carry the umbrellas if you are going to be outdoors. 210 sat yacht veil to 100s of an inch in san jose. higher rainfall totals with nicole, now a depression. florida got battered with three to seven inches. 47 to 70 mile-per-hour winds. tropical depression nicole wilner -- merge with the front and continue to produce heavy rain across the region. morning chill and frost. level 1 system, scattered showers saturday and dry and sunny for the second half of your weekend going into next week
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larry: jason verrett went down with a torn achilles. a cruel twist of fate for the niners cornerback. he was hoping to take the field against the chargers and sunday night football. instead, months more of rehab. he has suffered two achilles tears and to acl tear's. teammates shaken. >> the guy that you've been a brother with for as long as jason, we've seen him go through the process of injury after injury. it's tough when you see a guy go down like that. we put in so much work. the time you put into this game is unforgiving. larry: thursday night football, panthers and falcons. carolina up 3-0. 41 yards. down the sideline.
1:36 am
the early 10-0 lead. the falcons have so many good receivers. marcus mary odo could not get the ball to any of them. panthers victorious. everybody in the nfc south is under .500. in st. louis, the blues on an eight losing streak. winnable contest for team teal. erik karlsson intercepts this past. we are tied at 3-3. sharks could not take the lead. callie rosen, go-ahead goal through every daddy. fifth straight loss for the sharks. college troops. season over -- opener for saint mary's. first half, driving and scoring. luke barrett, three threes off the bench. 12 points as they roll 79-53. cal poly visiting the usf dodson head coach.
1:37 am
first half. the crossover. sticks the triple. the file. they were down by three at the break. second half. terrel roberts with ms. usf victorious. santa clara hosting georgia southern. what a half. the transfer hit his first four threes of the half. 25 points. five triples. 30 in the season opener. 34 tonight. get out on him. broncos romp 78-62. broncos romp 78-62. dishes still coming out dirty? it may be your detergent. only cascade uses dawn... as a built-in pre-rinse system. it rehydrates dried on food... ...lifts it off... ...and breaks it down. doing the pre-rinse for you. cascade platinum. scrape, load, done. for your most brilliant smile, crest has you covered. “nice smile, brad.” “nice!” “thanks?” crest 3d white.
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in their early twenties. right there. okay we should mention they are okay. okay coming up, a sure sign that christmas is headed to new york. incredible discovery underwater. a large section of the space shuttle challenger was found. and we hear from weird al friend of the show about the new movie offering a version of his life story. you're watching world news now have some more. it doesn't matter
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