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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 12, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. balance of power. abc news projecting mark kelly will win the arizona senate race as all eyes are now on nevada and georgia's senate race headed to a runoff. the latest on the political battlefronts. high-stakes trip. president biden overseas. his agenda at the summit with southeast asia leaders and address on climate change as he prepares for that crucial meeting with china's president. remnants of hurricane nicole head north. the rare late season storm doing its damage. flash floods and funnel clouds as the destruction sinks in down south. breaking overnight,
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flight diverted. >> there he is. >> a man allegedly flashing a box cutter on a frontier flight taken into custody. what we know at this hour. abc news speaking with the navy vet on board who helped subdue him. feeling the strain. pediatric hospitals across the country filled with rsv cases. some at 100% capacity with flu cases doubling at the same time. how to protect yourself ahead of thanksgiving. alec baldwin's lawsuit. the star trying to clear his name following the fatal shooting on the set of "rust" that killed a cinematographer. who he's now suing. time to buy? wholesale used car prices are dropping. what it means if you're in the market for a new set of wheels. plus, tips to negotiate a better deal. and abc exclusive. one-on-one with former first lady michelle obama as she sits down with our robin roberts. >> you devote an entire chapter
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on something that's become your motto, when they go low, we go high. why did you think it was important? >> the meaning behind her rallying cry. good morning, america. we start with the big news overnight on the midterm elections. abc news is projecting democrat mark kelly will win the arizona senate race after ballot counts were updated. >> it's an important victory for the democrats who were trying to keep their majority in the senate, but the story is far from over with some critical races yet to be decided and one for sure heading to a runoff. >> currently the seat count stands even at 49 for the democrats, 49 for the republicans with 51 needed to gain control. abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks joins us now from capitol hill with the latest. maryalice, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning. yeah, big win overnight for democrats. maricopa county, the phoenix area, reported results from about 75,000 additional ballots
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overnight, and in those totals democratic senator mark kelly was able to secure his lead and his win over republican candidate blake masters who was backed by former president trump. kelly is a former nasa astronaut. he's married to former congressman gabby giffords and pitched himself as a bipartisan problem solver. we know president biden called senator kelly to congratulate him. he will now head back to washington, and with that win, democrats are closer to potentially securing their majority in the senate. now, in the arizona governor's race, which has also gotten so much attention nationwide, democrat katie hobbs maintained her lead over republican kari lake with new results posted overnight, but no final projection yet in that race. but, of course, we are all still waiting to see what will happen in nevada. all eyes there. right now that race just could not be closer. with 94% of the vote reported in the state, republican adam laxalt leads the incumbent
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catherine cortez masto by just about 800 votes. now, we are expecting additional reporting out today. additional votes to be reported out today but ballots that were dropped in the mail on or before election day, they have to arrive by today. now, in the end, if democrats win that seat in nevada, then that's it. then they win. they will have the majority in the senate. of course, they have the tiebreaking vote with the vice president. but if republicans win, then just like two years ago, everything will hang on georgia. that runoff in georgia on december 6th will decide it all. whit? >> yeah, buckle up if it goes in that direction. and let's talk about the house for a minute, maryalice, because republicans are confident they'll take control. but just how soon could some of those races be called? >> reporter: that's the big question, whit. we know we have 19 house races that have yet to be projected. they're still outstanding. right now republicans lead in about ten of those. democrats lead in nine. but republicans only need to
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pick up 7 of those 19 outstanding races to take control of the house. so right now odds are still in their favor. the majority of those outstanding races are in california, so really we're waiting on that state to finalize their vote and report out their vote totals before we know exactly who will control the house. eva? >> all eyes watching to see where those vote totals land. maryalice parks for us there, thank you. this morning, president biden is in cambodia for a series of conferences with southeast asian leaders ahead of monday's critical meeting with the chinese president. abc's britt clennett is there. good morning to you, britt. >> reporter: good morning, eva. yeah, president biden is here in cambodia on a mission to woo southeast asian nations with his message that america is back. this as chinese influence in the region grows, though. president biden here telling the gathering just now the region is at the heart of his indo-pacific strategy. it's the fastest growing region in the world and america's fourth largest goods trading partner. so there's a range of economic reasons to show commitment here, but the bigger dynamic at play
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is u.s./china rivalry. this region is caught in the middle of the geopolitical tussle as beijing flexes its economic power here and all of this, of course, ahead of that much anticipated meeting between biden and chinese president xi jinping on the sidelines of the g20 summit in bali. their first in-person meeting since biden became president, though they've met several times before when they were both vps. but tensions have reached a boiling point over the years on a number of fronts including trade, the pandemic and human rights. all eyes will be on that meeting. will there be a reset in relations? taiwan is expected to be a major sticking point, also china's tacit support for putin's war in ukraine, and biden tomorrow meeting with leaders of japan and south korea just as north korea has fired a record number of missiles in recent weeks, so plenty on the table as biden visits this region. that high-stakes meeting with xi will be front and center, though. eva? >> britt clennett, thank you so much. the remnants of hurricane
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nicole moving into the northeast after the storm left a trail of destruction in florida. greg dutra from wls, our abc inhica, joins n sarwius i knowoue en storm. good morning, greg. >> reporter: good morning to you and some folks have to find new homes now because of all that damage. look at this coastal damage video we have coming in from around the daytona area. that yard that you see there, that's panning to the left side of your screen, they lost about 30 feet of their yard. some losing more than that including their entire homes. take a look at some of this video. as we head into virginia and as nicole headed up the coast, it was doing this. a lot of tornado warnings, no actual tornados, but this funnel cloud video out of virginia shows how much business nicole meant. there it is as it tracks up the coast bringing rainfall to the appalachian mountains, four to six inches of rain. as we head through the rest of the day, that rain which has moved through new york city early this morning now in the green mountains of vermont into the white mountains of new hampshire and maine and finally out of the u.s. it is no longer our problem by about 3:00 this afternoon. janai?
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>> all right, greg, thank you. turning now to rsv cases pushing hospitals to the brink filling pediatric units. some at or near capacity as the flu season starts to heat up. c.s. mott children's hospital in michigan announcing thursday it is 100% full. >> we have stretchers in the hallway. we have children being treated in chairs in the hallway. >> reporter: mott now forced to deny incoming pediatric transfers from other hospitals and postpone surgeries to try and increase the number of beds. >> two days ago we were giving over 400 breathing treatments in that day. during the rest of the year we're probably around 100, 200 max. >> reporter: rsv cases overwhelming pediatric hospitals nationwide. pediatric occupancy now at 78%. in maine last month shannon goodwin's infant daughter rue was diagnosed with rsv. >> she was gray and limp.
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>> reporter: goodwin brought rue to the doctor, but her case quickly became more severe. >> they called 911, rushed her to the hospital where they tried to intubate her seven times, and then they had to do cpr for 4 1/2 minutes because they lost her heartbeat. >> reporter: after ten days she was taken off the ventilator and is now doing better. this elementary school in kansas city shutting down for three days after more than a fifth of its students came down with respiratory illnesses like covid-19, rsv and the flu. so glad rue is doing so much better. let's bring in abc new medical contributor dr. darien sutton. welcome, dr. sutton. let's take a closer look at flu numbers. the cdc estimates so far this season 2.8 million illnesses, 23,000 hospitalizations and 1,300 deaths from the flu. those numbers have doubled since last week estimates, and they doubled from the week before. as an emergency room physician how could you not be concerned at these numbers? >> extremely concerned. janai, these are some of the
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highest numbers we've not only seen in the past two to three years but in the past ten years. and what's more concerning also is that the majority of cases that i'm diagnosing and that we're seeing across the country are influenza a, which is typically more associated to a more aggressive season. so that combined with the rising rates of rsv and a slowly smoldering, slightly increasing rate of covid-19, we're really trying to prepare ourselves for crowded emergency rooms, long wait times and overcrowded hospitals. >> and during that piece you said rsv is really concerning. i mean, especially as a parent to a young kid. what are some ways we can keep ourselves and family safe especially as we head into thanksgiving and the holidays? >> first and foremost preventing transmission and preventing infection and help protecting people from hospitalization and death. the best way to start doing that is with flu shots. getting your flu shot right now will help provide you protection for the thanksgiving period and so on, christmas and new year's and the reason why i say these holidays is because people typically go indoors, and, unfortunately, that increases
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the risk of transmission. also when you're in a crowded space around others wearing a mask will help protect you against most viral illnesses and cleaning high touch surfaces when you get home making sure that when you're in the home, if anyone is sick, that you follow bake precautions, wearing a mask and try your best to stay at home if you feel like you might have symptoms. >> and i want to ask you real quick with two young kids, what is the one sign of rsv you need to get to the hospital? >> signs of respiratory distress, if your child is grunting, wheezing or if you notice they're belly breathing, all signs we qualify as respiratory distress that needs intervention and at least evaluation by a provider. >> thank you so much, dr. sutton. >> whit, over to you. >> all right, janai. now to the war in ukraine and a major development. ukrainians celebrating in kherson after the retreat of russian forces. abc's tom soufi burridge is on the ground in the region with the latest on this counteroffensive. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. yeah, there is a real palpable mood of celebration across ukraine this morning. kherson is a resource-rich region in the south, which putin said would be part of russia forever.
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after a long and grinding military campaign the region's capital is back under ukrainian control again. this morning, sheer joy on the streets of kherson. ukraine recapturing its biggest prize yet, locals welcoming ukrainian troops in as heroes. [ crowd chanting ] nine months of russian rule now at an end. the ukrainian national anthem ringing out into the night. ♪ in video posted by ukrainian officials, it is another major setback for vladimir putin's war and an iconic and strategic victory for ukraine. president zelenskyy calling it an historic day. [ speaking non-english ] saying, "the people of kherson never gave up." with russia retreating, ukrainian troops capturing stocks of abandoned ammunition. look at the area above the dnipro river taken back by ukraine in a matter of days, a thousand square miles according to an official.
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abc's james longman is in newly liberated land. >> until very recently this was the front line of the fight for the south, and take a look. the destruction is almost completely total. there is shrapnel everywhere. craters in the ground and just about every village in this area looks like this now. >> reporter: meanwhile, russia still targeting energy infrastructure across ukraine. >> this is the other battleground in ukraine right now. this thermal power plant was struck by a russian cruise missile. the ukrainians in a race to bring it back online as winter approaches. the company here saying it now needs supplies from abroad to carry out the repairs. well, after this latest crushing defeat for russia, the kremlin indicating it wants to negotiate but ukrainian officials believe they can only guarantee their freedom from moscow in the long term by inflicting more defeats on russia. there isn't an easy end to the war in sight. eva?
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>> tom soufi burridge for us there in ukraine. thank you, tom. now to the latest on the twitter turmoil. abc news obtaining exclusive audio from elon musk's meeting demanding employees head back to the office. legal battles now shaping up and then there's the concern about proper policing of twitter impersonators. abc's deidre bolton is here with more. deidre, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eva. elon musk says there's an element of nothing ventured, nothing gained to make great improvements at twitter, but some recent decisions may be proving too drastic. this morning, we're learning more about the internal chaos at twitter after leaked audio of that companywide meeting with ceo elon musk. >> i think we just definitely need to make -- bring in more cash than we spend, or if we don't do that and there's a massive negative cash flow, then bankruptcy is not out of the question. >> reporter: within two weeks of his company takeover, musk moving at breakneck speed firing nearly 50% of the workforce.
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some say musk is trying to rally the troops, but key execs who were thought to be part of the new twitter are resigning and top advertisers pausing their spending until there's more clarity on twitter's direction. another stumble, the verification function. after a lot of back and forth twitter is pausing the $8 paid check mark after launching it a few days ago. amid all the uncertainty some twitterers users tweeting misinformation even impacting pharmaceutical giant eli lilly's stock on friday. the battle against impostor accounts and misinformation one of many that musk has to win to keep twitter relevant. closer to home, musk also mandating that most employees work from the office or find a new job. >> if you can't show up in an office and you do not show up at the office, resignation accepted, end of story. >> reporter: it's a huge reversal from twitter's previous policy and the cause of a proposed class action lawsuit. >> this is a trumped up way for twitter to try to avoid its obligations to those employees. >> reporter: the stakes are
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high, and many cracks are showing. abc news just learning that twitter is late in sending out severance information to laid off employees, and in communicating that somehow sent a companywide message via the bcc function prompting even more internal chaos. janai? >> lots of people talking about that yesterday. deidre, thank you. we turn now to the controversy brewing withment of as customs and border patrol deals with an influx of migrants at the southern border. the agency's chief saying the biden administration has asked him to step aside. abc's matt rivers is here with us. matt, good morning to you. the cbp chief refusing to resign. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right, janai. tensions this morning within the department of the homeland security as dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas asked the current head of customs and border protection, chris magnus, to resign. but magnus doesn't want to leave, refusing to resign. this according to a "washington post" report on friday. magnus hasn't even been in the job for a year yet. he was confirmed by the senate
7:17 am
last year in what was a very tough vote where republicans did their best to tie him to what they like to call president biden's open border policies but magnus has taken a pretty hard line at the border continuing to summarily expel certain migrants. most recently targeting the vast number of venezuelans that have been arriving at the southern border. this administration like others past have been trying to come up with a way to deal with the record number of migrants arriving at the u.s. southern border. more than 2 million migrants arriving in just the last fiscal year, a record number. immigration, a massive issue for the united states for whichever administration's in charge and whichever person happens to be the director of the cbp. whit? >> something to watch. all right. matt rivers, our thanks to you this morning. we move now to the frightening moments on board an airline diverted to atlanta when a passenger was allegedly spotted with a box cutter. abc's phil lipof is here with more. phil, good morning. >> reporter: right. whit, this is just breaking overnight. some really sense moments in the
7:18 am
skies. this morning a man in custody after a scare on board a frontier airlines flight. frontier telling abc news that flight 1761 took off from cincinnati, ohio, en route to tampa, florida. the airline saying that the plane was diverted to atlanta after the box cutter was found in the passenger's possession. once on the ground, police seen leading that man from the aircraft in handcuffs. abc news spoke overnight to navy veteran larry cumberbatch who was on board that flight. he told us another military veteran and form he law enforcement official were on board thatlight a e ma aft most of the passengers wound up deplaning. no injuries for passengers on board or the crew. box cutters are a focus, as you know of tsa security agents since the 9/11 hijackers were able to smuggle them through security. abc reached out to the tsa overnight but there's no word from law enforcement right now on how this man was able to get
7:19 am
it on board the flight or even if there was an air marshal on the plane, guys. >> phil lipof, thank you so much. as we mentioned earlier in the show, president biden is overseas and showing the world america looks to be a leader in addressing climate change speaking at a global summit in egypt. abc's marcus moore has the details from there. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: president biden came here to egypt with a message that the united states is doing its part to address this crisis and that other nations should do theirs. he announced some major initiatives being implemented domestically through the inflation reduction act and internationally with $150 million pledged to cou here in africa to help them innovate and develop risk-detection systems for extreme weather while back home he has said that any companies wanting to do business with the u.s. government, they will now have to measure their emissions and develop plans to reduce their pollution in line with the paris agreement. experts say if it's not met aggressively with drastic masures in the next decade, it
7:20 am
would introduce a whole new phase with irreversible climate impacts. and experts say this problem is not going anywhere, and it has to be addressed. whit? >> all right. marcus, thanks so much. let's get another check another check of the weather. greg dutra is here. we got the cold blast coming in now. >> we do, yeah, time to bundle up. a lot of folks haven't seen their first freeze. chicago had their first freeze of the season, almost a record late one, and this is snow falling on a baseball field out in oklahoma here. those snowflakes are flying moving into the north and east from ohio into western new york, although that system does warm a little bit as it gets there later on tonight. this is the first real arctic blast of the season. check out temperatures and freeze warnings that are going on across the south from oklahoma into texas. i mean, you get down to 25 degrees this morning in oklahoma city. by tomorrow morning it's still in the upper 20s and lower 30s moving east, warm on the east co >> i am abc7news meteorologist drew tuma with your forecast.
7:21 am
morning drizzle will lead to bright skies mid-day with the chance of a scattered shower this afternoon. the best chance in the north bay, number one, a light storm on the impact scale. showers out of here by midnight, leading to a clear sky and chilly temperatures, 30's and 40's. here is the seven-day forecast. tomorrow is looking great. going to be a very cold one. temperatures are almost near record lows this morning in new york city. it was 70 when we walked outside, but it's just going to drop all day long. >> okay. >> good thing you have that beard to keep your face warm. >> yes, greg. >> thank you. well, the rain didn't stop thousands of people from gathering at atlanta's state farm arena to pay tribute to the late rapper takeoff. takeoff was a member of the grammy nominated trio migos. justin bieber performed at the ceremony and longtime friend drake gave the eulogy. the 28-year-old rapper was shot to death earlier this month outside a houston bowling alley after an argument. authorities saying he was not involved and was not the intended target. no arrests have been made in the
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bill. a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning , everyone. i'm liz kreutz, the swift downfall of the cryptocurrency company. ft ax has ensnared some big names and companies. even here in the bay area. steph curry was an ambassador cemetery native tom brady also took part. tx
7:28 am
contracted a $17.5 million deal with uc berkeley just last year. fcx is founder sam bachmann. freed is a bay area native interesting. story will have to dig into more in the coming days. meantime let's get a check of the weather withdrew touma and for lisa, arjun this morning. good morning, liz live doppler seven. some pockets of drizzle out there temperatures right now. we're in the thirties and forties. we have some sunshine over the golden gate bridge. we do bring back a chance of a shower later this afternoon. north bay. it is a level one. a light storm on the storm impact scale list. thanks. thanks for joining us. the news continues right now, with good continues right now, with good morning america and we'll see a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the number one cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold!
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i am not a disgrace. i am vengeance. i am the knight. i am batman. >> welcome back to "gma." actor kevin conroy, who was the voice of batman in animated movies, tv series and video games has died. mark hamill who lent his voice to the joker saying kevin was perfection. he was one of my favorite people on the planet. kevin conroy was 66. that iconic voice. let's take a look at some of the other big stories we're following this morning. happening right now, president biden's student loan relief program on hold and no longer accepting applications. a federal judge in texas found the program unconstitutional saying, the president bypassed g ngit wi appl.
7:31 am
the caseoweme urt. also right now, new body camera footage released by ohio police shows officers chasing a man who ran into a day-care center while trying to elude police after allegedly running from a traffic stop. that video you see here shows the police following the man as he enters a back door and into the day care. the man then runs into a classroom and throws himself into a playpen with children in it. the officers rush in and apprehend him. fortunately no one was hurt. and mason taylor will become the next mayor of butler, kentucky, thanks to a lucky coin toss. this is real. listen to this. this week's mayoral race for the small town of 600 ended in a tie with the two top candidates getting 55 votes each. kentucky law dictates that election ties must be broken, so officials turned to a coin toss, and that's how he won the office. isn't that amazing? >> that is amazing. >> i wonder if it was heads or tails.
7:32 am
which one -- >> 110 people voted. >> exactly. exactly. well, we begin this half hour with alec baldwin suing the armorer and some crew members from the movie "rust" in what attorneys say is an effort to clear his name. abc's morgan norwood has the details. >> reporter: this morning, actor alec baldwin filing a lawsuit over last year's fatal shooting on the set of "rust" suing several key crew members including the film's armorer, hannah gutierrez-reed, for giving him the loaded gun that killed cinematogrpaher halyna hutchins. baldwin's lawsuit claims gutierrez-reed failed to check the bullets or the gun carefully. baldwin speaking with george stephanopoulos in an exclusive interview. >> someone put a live bullet in a gun, a bullet that wasn't even supposed to be on the property. >> reporter: questions still remain as to how that live ammunition made it onto the set and into the prop gun and whether proper safety precautions were followed by the crew. hannah gutierrez-reed's attorney jason bowles telling abc news
7:33 am
his client had no idea where those live rounds came from. responding to baldwin's lawsuit this morning saying, quote, baldwin is solely responsible for the arm that happened. he rejected training and pointed the gun and pulled the trigger without the armorer being present. his arrogance is astounding. it's his fault, period. earlier this year gutierrez-reed filing a lawsuit accusing the prop house pdq of providing the set live rounds instead of dummy rounds. the company also named in baldwin's suit. the owner previously telling abc news, they thoroughly examined their inventory. >> it's not a possibility that they came from pdq or from myself personally. >> reporter: baldwin's lawsuit claims he suffered physically and emotionally from the grief caused by the events, and he's seeking an undisclosed amount of damages. >> i have dreams about this constantly now. i wake up constantly where guns are going off. >> reporter: and alec baldwin's
7:34 am
lawsuit was actually a cross complaint because he had been sued by the film's script supervisor, mamie mitchell. her attorney, gloria allred, writing to abc news this morning calling that cross complaint a shameful attempt at shifting the blame to others. whit, we also know as for the investigative side, the santa fe district attorney is weighing whether to file charges in this case. >> all right, morgan, thank you. we turn now to the one-time billionaire who's found his company in financial ruins. sam bankman-fried stepping down as ceo of ftx as his crypto exchange files for bankruptcy. abc's alex presha has more on the man behind this crypto implosion. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. he's one of the youngest billionaires in the world, but this morning, samuel bankman-fried is facing mounting questions about his company's collapse. this morning, the company founded by a young billionaire once admired by many as a crypto genius now filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. samuel bankman-fried, its
7:35 am
30-year-old chief executive, stepping down. the bankruptcy filing and his departure sending shock waves throughout an industry already struggling to gain credibility. >> this debacle is a huge setback for the crypto industry, which has long had a reputation of being the wild west. >> reporter: he brought in brand ambassadors and mega celebs like quarterback tom brady. >> you just need ftx. >> reporter: abc has reached out and so far none of them has commented. now, roughly 130 companies are part of this chapter 11 filing including alameda research, the trading arm of ftx. but who is samuel bankman-fried? he's known by his initials sbf and has a reported net worth of 16 billion dollars. a political mega donor to the democratic party, he launched ftx in 2019 after dabbling in crypto trading for two years. he's often in flip-flops and tweets about sleeping in the office. once celebrated as a poster child for transparency in crypto. >> we do not have overnight risk or weekend risk.
7:36 am
>> reporter: even testifying before congress last year on regulations of cryptocurrency. >> all of our public market data is openly available and free where risk parameters are transparent. > reporter: sbf's platform where users buy and sell digital currency was valued at $32 billion earlier this year, but now regulators expected to expand their investigation of the embattled crypto exchange and sbf including an accounting of at least $1 billion in missing funds with the firm's collapse. >> this sort of golden boy, this poster child, someone like that who is a big player in washington, both financially and in the halls of congress, it definitely sets the industry back. >> reporter: sources with knowledge of the situation tell abc news that sbf is still at his company's headquarters in the bahamas hunkered down in a sort of war room surrounded by some trusted employees. he sent out updates periodically and he's also issued an apology, but, janai, still a lot of unanswered questions here. >> wow. all right, alex, thank you so
7:37 am
much. we're going to get a check now of the weather and greg dutra from our chicago station, wls, is in the building. >> and in a warm spot. one of the few warm spots in the u.s. right now. take a look here early this morning from new york city as we are setting near-record high temperatures as the sun is just poking up and above the horizon. temps are in the upper 60s to lower 70s, which is exactly where the records are but that won't last long. huge cold snap drops temperatures on the east coast all day today. basically where it starts the warmest you'll be all day. and then by sunday morning, subzero windchills through the dakotas. subzero temperatures dropping into the upper teens in the midwest, and you can see that quick drop, 70s to 50s on sunday and then we shave a few more degrees off into the upper 40s as we roll into the weekend. it is the first real big cold blast of the season. >> i am meteorologist drew tuma with your forecast. >> a scattered shower possible this afternoon.
7:38 am
tomorrow, lots of sunshine. theee so, of course, with it being no shave november, i tried to start growing a beard, and i'm at the point where probably a lot of guys are, like, can i grow a beard? >> well, just to clarify because, you know, we had you on the just for men dime, but you actually just penciled it in. >> yeah, there was a little spot that needs a little -- you know, everybody needs a little bit of extra care. >> bald spots need a little filler. >> yes, they do. >> we're telling all the secrets of greg dutra this morning. >> soon to be warm enough for a combover. >> exactly. we love your honesty. >> yes. coming up on "good morning america," the decline in wholesale used car prices. so the big question, is now the time to buy? and the big college football match-ups. "gameday's" desmond howard joins us live with a preview. from santa claus, indiana to snowflake, arizona.
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welcome back to "gma" and a bright sign for americans in the market for a used car. prices looking to trend downward. so the question, is now a good time to buy?
7:43 am
we sent abc's will carr to check i out. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, janai. buying anything is expensive right now, especially a new car. but when it comes to used, there are deals out there. so we want to let you know exactly what you need to keep in mind before you head to the dealership. after months of used car prices soaring into overdrive, this morning, wholesale prices are dropping. good news for jack ritter and his girlfriend who are in the market for a used set of wheels. >> we're looking for used just to save some money and new cars are super expensive right now. >> reporter: the latest consumer price index report showing new car prices have jumped more than 8% compared to this point last year, while used car prices are down for the fourth straight month and are only about 2% higher than this time last year. experts say the prices peaked in january at around $28,000. so can buyers finally catch a break? >> it's still in the $28,000 range for the consumer prices, but what we're seeing is a softening in the wholesale
7:44 am
prices, and we believe that that will eventually translate into lower consumer prices. >> reporter: experts say it could take a few more months before those savings are passed along to the consumer. although here at toyota santa monica general manager matt unger says it's a good time to buy. >> the rates have come up a little bit in used cars, but the prices of used cars have come down. so the prices and deals on used cars right now is the best that we've seen in the last three years. >> reporter: and there are bargains out there, especially for the savvy consumer. >> go look for a hatchback or a sedan. they're not as popular as other types of vehicles and so you're more likely to get either a low price to start with or to negotiate a lower price because less popular things, there's less competition for that vehicle. >> reporter: look for tax breaks that come with cars that are live environmentally friendly. some even come with major perks. customers get a fuel card when they drive this hydrogen toyota off the lot. >> you get a free $15,000 fuel card. >> that's a big deal. >> reporter: with gas prices on
7:45 am
his mind, a bargain is exactly what ritter is looking for. >> we're looking for a hybrid at the moment. looking for some good gas mileage because obviously gas prices are also extreme. >> reporter: so as used car rates are go, d sathsmartest tn buused, drive it for a long time, and keep it in great shape. janai? >> all right. will, thank you. still comi up here on "good morning america," "college gameday's" desmond howard joins us live with his take on today's college football match-ups. >> a touchdown. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by my healthcare provider, every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva.
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♪ cheerful holiday music ♪ ♪ yeah, that's nice. ♪
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♪upbeat music♪ yeah, th♪♪'s nice. ♪♪ ♪♪ get exclusive offers on select new volvo models. contact your volvo retailer to learn more. and we are back now on "gma" and we are back now on "gma" with a busy day in college football and there's a lot on the line here. espn's "college gameday" co-host
7:49 am
desmond howard joins us from austin with a preview. desmond, good morning to you. we can hear the crowds. give us a sense of the atmosphere in texas right now. >> well, first, it's unseasonably cold in texas right now in austin. that's why i'm bundled up the way that i am and later on today i'll probably have on earmuffs. but outside of that, i have an energetic crowd behind me. they are so excited about tonight's match-up in-state rivalry. we're talking about the texas longhorns against the tcu horned frogs who have come into this place undefeated and the number four team in the nation. >> yes, so that game on abc in primetime. what are you looking for? >> it's a battle of two great quarterbacks. you got quinn ewers, right, the longhorns quarterback. you know, he got hurt earlier in the season against alabama but showedl ga playing in four games, but this is the biggest test for him since the alabama game at home.
7:50 am
he has a backfield mate named bijan robinson who is just a complete weapon. averages 5.8 yards per carry, 12 touchdowns on the ground, 4 touchdowns through the air. bijan robinson is a first round draft pick, so make sure you check out number 5, the running back, bijan. and he also has his own mustard too, the bijan mustard. you may want to try it. >> yeah. love that. all right, okay. quickly we don't have much time but nebraska having a go at number three michigan. who do you like? >> i tell you what, you look at nebraska, nebraska's having a rough season obviously. their former coach, scott frost, was fired earlier in the season so they're trying to find their way right now, and michigan's number three in the country, as you mentioned, and blake corum is having a magical season. he's a heisman favorite right now in a lot of ballots. just a guy who is able to do everything that the team needs him to do for the running back
7:51 am
position, so i think this game is going to be a very good game. a competitive game because nebraska, they still got a lot to prove on the gridiron. >> all right. we'll catch you with those ear muffs later on today. we appreciate it. and you can watch nebraska/michigan. that game at 3:00, then tcu takes on texas at 7:30 eastern right here on abc. and we'll be rightback after this. i'm amber, i've lost 128 pounds with golo, taking release. i have literally tried everything. i was on the verge of getting gastric bypass surgery,
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sorry, i'm distracted by whit over here shimmying. back now on "gma" we have a really sweet story this morning. >> we do. >> as we mark veterans day, jade hendry deployed with the u.s. army showing up at his daughter lillian's fort wayne, indiana, school. >> he's coming back on monday? are you sure? [ applause ] >> i cannot get enough of these reunions. they like never get old. such a sweet reunion. lillian wouldn't let go of her
7:56 am
dad from the moment that she saw him. can you blame her? >> i just love that. special girl dad moment too and, of course, we are grateful for all the veterans serving this country. we truly appreciate your service and sacrifice. coming up here on "gma" in our second hour, abc news projecting mark kelly as the winner in the arizona senate race. what it could mean for the balance of power. >> stay with us. >> stay with us. abc. seven mornings. all news all morning. good morning, everyone. i'm liz kreutz. a new vision for bar could soon be on the way for 2030. but it all depends if the public shows enough interest. bart has two ideas. the first is to add more direct, easy bake connections running every day of the week until nine pm the other is to expand evening services, creating more transbay trips that you can give and on the on
7:57 am
the service and you can give bart your input by filling out their new survey called bart, metro 2030 and beyond coffee lovers. your favorite weekend is here. the sixth annual san francisco coffee festival is back. it's happening today and tomorrow at the fort mason center for arts and culture, guests can try unique coffee beans, specialty rose and coffee shops. there will be live music , special exhibitions and panel coffee experts panels of coffee experts. there's also a lot art competition. tickets start at $25 and there are available. for sunday. so get on that. alright, drew touma. and for lisa, good to see you drew. what's it like out there? hey, good morning. grab that extra cup of coffee. it's chilly out there this morning. we do have some pockets of drizzle as well. live doppler seven, a little bit of green on the screen, some peppering of those returns showing you some isolated drizzle, but the clouds are clearing out as we speak momentarily on the storm impact scale to level one today we had that morning drizzle right now, but the thing we're tracking later today scattered showers in the evening with the best chance in the north bay right now.
7:58 am
temperatures chilean part to the north bay 37 right now in santa rosa around the bay shore line, or starting to warm into the mid and upper forties this morning. look at this gorgeous picture a live view from sutro tower showing you the golden gate bridge soaked in some sun. here's how the day shapes up will have a lot of sunshine here midday. a brief break in any drizzle. but by four pm there you can see that best chance of a shower in the north. they not everybody will see a shower, but we'll put one on the storm impact scale. those showers fade this evening leaned to a clear and chilly night on the way, liz alright,
7:59 am
with my hectic life you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. voya helps me feel like i've got it all under control. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
8:00 am
>> in the bay area and across the country the votes are still being counted days after the midterm election. when we might know the outcome of some critical races that could shift the balance of congress. good morning >> we had morning drizzle. right now warming through the 40s for the most part. some peaks of drizzle pockets here and there mainly in the east bay and south bay but cloud cover clearing out. we'll keep the one on the board today because this evening


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