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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 12, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. they are still counting ballots in santa clara county, but there is a mystery tonight. how did a bunch of them wind up in the santa cruz mountains? good evening, and thank you for joining us md on limb. you're watching abc 7 news at 11. well several santa clara county ballots were allegedly found dumped along a ravine of highway 17 in santa cruz county. us postal service and santa clara county are now investigating abc 7 news reporter answer hasan spoke to a san jose resident whose ballot was found. and that resident says he wants answers. as tens of thousands of ballots continue to be processed in santa clara county on saturday a few maybe missing certainly it showed half a dozen ballots and
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mine was very visible that and it was definitely my signature and lou whitkin who lives in san jose got a tip that his ballot was allegedly found with other male by ravine your sugarloaf road off highway 17 in santa cruz county. the ballots were like christmas cards packages letters that i could see in the pictures. so it does appear that the ballots went missing while in the possession of the postal service sharon boucher has worked for the register our voters office for the past 27 years and says, she has never encountered a situation like this boucher believes up to two dozen ballots may have been found. i'm very concerned about this issue and i'm hoping for a quick resolution and investigation by the postal service so we can determine what happened in an email to abc news the usps says this case is under investigation by the us postal inspection service. they will release more information when appropriate boucher says after the
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investigation county officials will have to decide if the ballots can still be accepted once we can get the ballot in our possession. we also are working with our county council determine and these unique circumstances what we can do with these ballots whitkin and his wife whose ballot was also found say they mailed their ballots last saturday. he doesn't suspect any foul play so far the candidates and propositions they voted for are winning. so he says if his ballot is encounted he won't be upset, but he does want answers something unusual occurred and certainly i expect them to conduct investigation find out what caused this and then take corrective action in san jose on san abc 7 news. well now to the latest election results in san francisco in the supervisors race, gordon. marr is pulling ahead for the first time. matt dorsey's lead is shrinking it now stands at about 10% crop d the measure to fast track affordable housing continues to
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lose votes prop m the new tax on vacant homes is gaining ground and in the school board. race and sue is still ahead of elite fisher by just under 2000 votes some 82,000 votes remain to be counted. well abc news projects democrat katherine cortez. masto is going to win her race for re-election in nevada. this means democrats will remain in control of the senate regardless of what happens in next month's runoff in, georgia. in 2016 cortez masto became the first latina elected to the senate control of the house remains undecided tonight. house speaker nancy pelosi will be one of the guests on abc's this week. she'll be discussing the midterm elections. that is tomorrow starting at 8:00 in the morning. suspicious person trying to visit the man accused of attacking paul pelosi was turned away by san francisco county jail officials. the person requested a visit with david depapp on october
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31st the san francisco sheriff's office tells abc 7 the person claimed to be an immigration employee and provided a business card, but had no government credentials the department of homeland security says to pap is a canadian national and was in the us illegally, and he may face deportation. dabap is accused of breaking into house speaker nancy pelosi's home on october 28th and clubbing her husband with a hammer. now to an interview only on seven armed robbers targeted two photographers at san francisco's palace of the fine arts one victim from dallas told me he was shooting engagement photos on wednesday and you can see he was attacked and pistol whipped right in front of the bride and groom. he wrestled his gear away from the suspects and told me it was such a frightening experience. he will never shoot at the popular tourist destination again. i was just here without i just write protect their client memories. the bride was crying all the time.
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so sad, i also spoke to another photographer from the bay area who witnessed another photographer be robbed at gunpoint the same day at the palace of fine arts here. you see the suspect run away with the gear bag both incidents were reported to sfpd. only at 11 now a family in orinda is demanding changes be made to their street after a car plowed into their house. this is the second time it's happened in two years abc 7 news reporter ryan curry spoke with family who is contemplating moving. and this is the exact same path both exact times. just just straight up seth orvis walks us through the damage to yet another crash into the lower level of his house in july 2020 a drunk driver crashed into the downstairs office leaving tons of debris and months of repairs and now this week wife and kids were having dinner up in the kitchen up there and about seven o'clock. they heard what sounded like a
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bomb downstairs another crash. he says this one involved an uber eats driver who didn't possibly see the street well enough and crashed into the same room as the first driver thankfully in both incidents. no one was hurt. she couldn't believe that another car could have possibly come inside the house again, and she came down here and there was a ford mustang in our office now, the family is demanding safety meas. get put in place on his street his home in the orinda hills are full of narrow windy roads with little street lights and traffic signs and right in front of his house is a three-way intersection with just one stop sign that leads right into his driveway. they don't have to stop the speed limit is supposed to be 20 25. i know there's signs right down the street that make them slow down to 15, but there's nothing here. we reached out to the city of orinda. we are waiting a reply orvis says if he doesn't see anything change on his street soon, he and his family will consider moving. got to be something that's that's done here. i mean, my wife doesn't want to
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live it. we want to move because this is crazy. orvis says it took seven months to repair the damage from the first crash and then a year later the second crash happened he fears if no safety improvements are made on his street a third crash will happen. do we put a huge boulder do we put a gigantic tree? we're talking about gates. but i don't know. i don't know if that's going to deter any cars from coming here in orinda ryan curry abc 7 news. us customs and border protection commissioner chris magnus resigned today despite his attempts to stay in the position. magnus was confirmed by the senate less than a year ago. his resignation is linked to disorder in leadership reports of confusion and poor communication. magnus refused homeland security secretary alejandro, mayorca's request to step down yesterday. he had a long police career that spanned nearly 40 years and was richmond's police chief for 10. to historic aircraft collided at an airshow in dallas this afternoon.
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this is the moment right before that mid-air collision. there has been no confirmation of the number of casualties so far and it is not clear. how many people were on board the aircraft? the federation aviation authorities says a boeing b-17 flying fortress and a bell p63 king cobra crashed causing a large fire and plumes of black smoke to billow into the sky. if you have it in your mind expressing prayers and thoughts for the crews that were involved today for the people that saw it for the family members. obviously, this is a very challenging time for those families. both the faa and national transportation safety board are investigating those planes were part of a fleet of more than 180 historic aircraft that perform at air shows across the country. there is no word on what caused the crash. an ocean rescue near muir beach where the coast guard saved seven people coast guard says
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they received a call yesterday for help from the captain of a 28-foot boat. that was having mechanical problems and was taking on water crews responded both by air and by sea the coast guard shared these photos with us. they were able to get everyone safely back to shore. still ahead tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 veterans go head to head in the bay area the friendly competition that helped a good cause and a little later the tenderloin is taking a turn the changes in one of san francisco's roughest neighborhoods. i'm spencer christian clouds are moving out and a string of sunny days may follow. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up when abc 7 news at 11:00 co
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with less than two weeks before thanksgiving a food drive is helping families in need. in the spirit of veterans day local vets competed collecting food for their own military branch with one shared goal to help the community. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is in santa rosa. it wasn't really a competition but it kind of was maybe yeah this food drive in santa rosa was hosted by local veterans from every service branch the goal who could collect the most no pressure here. everyone was playing favorites for good reason. i don't need to the army and honor my grandfather when he's open world war two, you know kind of a meaningful nod to to his service and is his time and contribution to the to the country. i wanted to come out just kind of show my daughter that we're out here in the community trying
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to help out people that serve our country, you know. sharon swanson brought food and a cash donation matched by her employer a 250 dollar check. turned three santa rosa city council member natalie rogers has relatives in all branches of the military we really do have show people that yes the veterans help to serve our country, but they also come back and they continue to serve our country. we want to be a part of indian. they hunger issue in america and why not starting your backyard every branch of the service represented here. yes even space force. they could use a few more donations, but you know, all the food is going to the very same place at a time when it's needed most the redwood empire food bank is benefiting from the donations inflation is making it tough for a record number of
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families this season. we saw 38,000 families come to us just in the month of october, which is i mean before the pandemic we were looking at 17,000 families, so i have been in the army. thank you at the end of the day the marines netted the most donations with the army close behind a friendly rivalry. but this holiday seems everyone was the winner here in santa rosa cornell bernard abc 7 news. tonight government buildings across sonoma county lit up the city in green to honor veterans the veterans memorial building in santa rosa is among those that took part in operation greenlight. it's a public awareness campaign observing national veterans awareness week, all the buildings will stay green through the weekend. well, san jose mayor sam licardo joined us leaders at this year's cup 27 summit in egypt focused on combating climate change. the mayor was part of the local
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governments for sustainability delegation cities are responsible for more than 70% of global co2 emissions a delegation called for a renewed commitment to reduce greenhouse gases dramatically by 2030. mayor ricardo says we can learn a lot from other cities and countries. he spoke to abc 7 news. anchor liz kroitz from egypt. example on oslo where norway is seeing 75 80% of its vehicle fleets being sold every year are now electric that's tremendous and obviously we want to be there and we think we can get there in four or five years based on where we're at today in san jose. san jose even aims to have 90% of new car purchases be electric by 2030 the city currently has 95% greenhouse gas-free power and requires all new construction to be electric by 2030. san francisco zoo and gardens is honoring its new three year old
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male komodo dragon in a two-month celebration tales of the komodo dragon. they partnered with non-profit first five for a komodo carnival today to kick it all off. the event featured games and climbing wall with prizes and a new campaign dragon song that helps young children cope with stress the new zoo dragon exhibit highlights the komodo crossing habitat. where the nine year old female and dragon is housed. so we'll always have a kimono on exhibit right now. we're alternating the mail in the female with the male will be on throughout the weekend. how cool the new komodo is expected to grow about 10 feet long and weigh about 250 pounds the consulate general of the republic of indonesia, by the way will name him on november 18th. wow, fascinating creature. yeah, hopefully your forecast does not drag on. you try to compete that was so good. just trying to keep up with you.
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you're the punch effort for tonight. so let's take a look at weather without dragging off. thank you. got to come wins at the moment, which is nice for going out for a late night walk despite this calm winds though. we have i shouldn't say despite along with those calm winds. we have an increase in temperatures from this time last night by up to 70 degrees in oakland 90 degrees warmer at concord. so it's a pleasant evening out around the bay area. here's a nice clear view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco where it is 52 degrees right now 50 in oakland 46 palo alto 53 at san jose, santa clara 46 and 50 at half moon bay a clear view from emeryville. looking back towards san francisco of the temperature readings right now 42 at santa rosa. that's our cool spot mid 40s at nevada and fairfield 52 at concord 48 and livermore and from our rooftop camera. looking across the embarcadero. i present the forecast headlines clear skies overnight chilly in the interior valleys. a string of dry sunny days coming our way into next week
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with a brief period of warming during the middle of the week overnight what conditions look like this the clouds we had earlier will swing right on through giving us clear skies overnight and a sunny start to the day tomorrow morning overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys in the far north bay. so that'll be our chilliest region, but closer to the bay and the coast. we'll see low temperatures mainly in the low 40s now there's a beach hazard statement. there will be in effect from 10 am tomorrow to 10 am monday wave heights will be elevated and there's a higher risk of rip currents and sneaker waves under these conditions also dangerous swimming and surfing conditions, of course now tomorrow under sunny skies. hi temperatures will range from 56 and half moon bay to 59 here in the city right around the bay shore on about 661 degrees in most locations in ladies bay low 60s up in the north bay. we'll see some mid 60s at santa rosa and san rafael so fairly mild conditions, but that won't last long. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast is going to cool down a bit on monday. a still though under sunny skies as we get into the middle of the week though. look at wednesday and thursday
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inlet highs in the mid-60s. once again, even some mid-60s around the bayshore line on wednesday, but we'll have a cooling trend toward the end of the week, but sunny skies all the way through dry conditions. we would love to have some more rain. we got teased a little bit last week, but it looks like we're in a bit of a dry spell right now, and there's no hint of of any significant rain any measurable rate in the next 7 to 10 days. yeah. i remember we talked about this last week that we should be counting on what we banked up. i know we had beneficial rain for a couple of days, but that's it for a while. all right spencer. thanks. okay, dear. well coming up some spartan magic san jose state's band gets the treat of a lifetime. we'll show it to you next.
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see i made my own music because it wasn't any san jose state university's
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marching band provided a special treat at disneyland's parade yesterday. the trojans band went on a three-day tour in southern california. they kicked off thursday at the camarillo classic field tournament. today was their final tour stop where they performed a halftime show at sjsu's football game against san diego state. what a great experience and are you doing drums that was you doing? i know i know they're good. we know the spartans band is good and want to experience they had and we're gonna have some of that football game that you mentioned come up in sports big saturday college football all three very schools in action night all the road where they road warriors san jose state stanford cow. anyone head home with the wind you got your answer ahead in sports.
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>> all three football programs on the road tonight including san jose state. they keep their chances in the mountain west alive and well. 6-2. spartans with 17 sacks in the last two games. third and short. cordero. look at that play. one had. nice of you to show it twice. later score on the drive. third and goal. cordero runs it in. 14-0 spartans out of the gate. 14-10 game. jaylin davis. 66 yards to the house. san diego state scored 38 unanswered to break the game wide open. final dagger for the spartans. san jose state falls 43-27. stanford cardinals at utah. cold night. the students don't care.
11:29 pm
stanford strikes first. tenor mckee sneaking it in. utah scoring 14 straight. trying to make it 21 just before the half. jonathan mcgill, that's nifty. impressive interception in the end zone. stanford down 14-7 at the break. that's as close as they get. utah are rolling from there. dave young thomas, 36 yards. 42-7 at that point. two scores by himself. stanford had 107 yards of total offense. the cardinals fall 42-7. bears trying to snap a five-game losing streak. second quarter. 14-0. anthony gold returning. got a lane. there he goes. 55 yards to the house. 21-zip. organ state botches the handoff. that's a scoop and score. 21-7 at the half. they go on to lose. they've lost six straight games.
11:30 pm
wild game in eugene. oregon hosting washington. three minutes left. washington down seven. tiptoe down the sideline. 62 yards and in. we are tied at 34-30 far. for send one with 90 seconds to go. the back slips. washington takes over on the 35. 51 seconds to go. peyton henry from 43 yards out is good. 37-4. final chance for oregon. his throw is well short. the ducks lose 37-34. their second loss, eliminating them from playoff contention. tcu taking on texas. third quarter. tcu up 3-0. give it to miller. up the sideline. 75 yards to the house. 10-0. fourth quarter. it's close. max dug it to quinton johnson.
11:31 pm
31 yards. wide open. tcu wins 17-10, improving to 10-0. abc 7 sports is sponsored by river rock casino. >> we saw what i think was the bottom. i remember feeling really terrified for the neighborhood children. >> tonight, how much better san francisco's tenderloin has become. proof of building a better bay area
11:32 pm
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>> this is abc7news.
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>> all this year, we've been committed to focusing on san francisco's tenderloin district as we look to build a better bay area. during the pandemic, it became the epicenter for the region's homeless and for rampant drug use sales. are things getting better as we near the end of the year? abc7news insider phil matier has this update. >> at the height of the pandemic, this was the tenderloin. you couldn't turn a corner without seeing open drug use or open dealing or streets lined with tents. the people living here, businesses, nonprofits, even the university of california demanded action. kate robinson is the executive director of the tenderloin community benefit district. >> it's been a lot of attention paid. has it paid off? >> i would say yes. i've been in this neighborhood for 13 years. really saw it at its worst during the beginning of the pandemic. i've never seen such neglect in
11:36 pm
my life. >> it was pretty amazing. it was jaw-dropping. it had to get better. >> it had to. we saw what i think was the bottom. i remember feeling really terrified for the neighborhood children to go back to school and wondered what was going to happen. and feel like the city and the community came together and marched to city hall. residents, families saying enough is enough here. that's when the mayor declared emergency. >> we are still seeing the tents. >> this is dramatically improved. we are in the area outside of where urban alchemy is operating. that was the game changer.
11:37 pm
>> it's a nonprofit that puts regular people on the streets instead of the police. according to robinson, their presence has changed the atmosphere on the blocks they patrol. >> they've cleared the way then to clear things up. is that right? >> they really engage with people to create safe spaces so it's possible for others to do the work that we do inactivating spaces. >> you can now literally see the difference in the tenderloin. i want to show you something. across the street is one of the ambassadors that keeps an eye on things. you notice how clean the street and sidewalk is? they end here. take a look at the rest of the street. so what's the difference between these two blocks? >> urban alchemy is the difference between these two blocks. >> what does that mean to the viewer? >> a means that urban alchemy is
11:38 pm
present on the south side of any street and south of here as well as midmarket. that's where we see really active, clean, safe spaces. >> why aren't they up there? >> funding. >> we only have enough to do a quarter of the tenderloin? >> yes. >> this city has provided $4 million to fund community based improvement projects. >> is this one of them? >> this is the urban alchemy oasis. this used to be a parking lot with a lot of negative activity. >> this used to be a thieves market? and a homeless camp. i remember it. >> absolutely. this is the transformation. we see a lot of residents coming to bring their dogs. this is one of the few dog parks in the neighborhood. a lot of people comment have meetings here or have their lunch here. it's an open space for anybody. >> across the street, city
11:39 pm
funding helps to pay for monitors to watch children play in playgrounds they wouldn't have gone near a year ago. >> this is another one of your successes? >> absolutely. this was renovated right before shelter-in-place began. it's active until 8:00 with children and families. we have hundreds of visitors to the parks nearby residents coming in and accessing the parks. >> this was ground zero for a lot of the drug dealing and a lot of the tents right here. this was it. >> absolutely. >> can we report that this is the way that it is seven days a week now? >> yes. >> it comes from a program safe passage. the program helps both kids and adults cross the streets and it adds eyes to the streets here. the tenderloin has been home to some of the most dangerous streets for pedestrians in the city. >> it's an incredible operation.
11:40 pm
we are focused on training, training ourselves to be safe when we are looking after each other's safety. really connecting with people when we are out here. changing what it feels like for a child to walk home from school. changing what their memories of growing up in the tenderloin would feel like. knowing that they are looked after. >> where there's more presence, there's more change. >> this is also an example of a transformation. >> this used to be a post office. >> it did. >> now it's what? >> a community space. severing different businesses inside. all through a nonprofit. >> when did you open up? >> officially last year. april. all the women in this space are low income women of color who have started their own businesses. all the customers are from all
11:41 pm
walks of life. we get people from the community , residents, folks from federal hall, local nonprofits. it's a nice community hub. >> people feel safe coming here? >> i would say so. that's our goal, to be able to activate this corner. before we moved in, the building was closed down. inevitably that invites folks to take over and have unsavory activation. our charge in the space is not only to create a really welcoming, safe, inviting community space to create economic opportunity and ownership based businesses but to ashok -- activate the corner and make it a place that enhances the neighborhood and makes it a place where folks want to walk down the street. >> it isn't just about getting people off the streets and inside. it's about creating places outside for those people who live here, where they can now go and feel safe. what are we looking at here? >> this is safe passage part. i don't know.
11:42 pm
it's a million things. it's an extension of the sidewalk. it's the ability to activate open spaces. it's reclaiming the streets for the residents and stakeholders in the tenderloin. >> i year ago, they couldn't step outside their house because they didn't feel safe walking on the side blocks. >> there were boxing programs offered by the salvation army center. there were special events being held. it became this thing where it's a space that people can come out and be a part of what's happening in the neighborhood. it's a special opportunity. there's people who come here and literally use the space to sit down. it's a reprieve. >> yes, most of the money to fund these programs is coming from the city. for those on the ground here, it's the people who live here and work here that are making the real change happen. >> people refer to this neighborhood as a containment zone.
11:43 pm
the good things in this neighborhood also get contained. nobody outside of the neighborhood who is here every day gets to see that there is collaboration like i've never experienced before. care and cooperation like i've never experienced before. it exi here. that's what gives us hope and shows us that this is possible. we just need more support to be able to sustain it. >> that was abc7news insider phil matier. the big take away is that things are looking better in the tenderloin. certainly better than the height of the pandemic but it all comes down to money. where the city is willing to pay for people to watch the streets, things are better. where they have not, the streets still looked rim. if you want to make a difference where you live, you can head to coming up, what spencer was up
11:44 pm
to today. the honor for him and several other current and former abc 7 employees. >> that was today. tonight, i'll be up to the forecast. i show you in just ♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
11:45 pm
♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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>> yes. earlier today, professionals from around the bay area gathered to honor journalists who made a significant contribution to the industry. the san francisco northern california chapter inducted our very own spencer christian into the gold circle. recognizing him for more than 50 years in broadcasting. >> after 52 years in the business, i can think of anything else i would rather do and that's true. it is something i've been thinking about for 72 years.
11:48 pm
thank you to the academy and everyone who gave me this honor. >> that is so great. abc7news reporter leslie brinkley was celebrated along with bill green, both joining the silver circle more than 25 years of service. >> i'm so flattered and blown away by the honor of accepting this and being inducted today. >> i was named to the silver circle today. i was surrounded by so many talented colleagues. they worked on our newscast and to inform our community. >> unbelievable. congratulations to everyone at today's ceremony. you said some nice words as well. >> dan wasn't there in person but he did a beautiful, heartfelt videotape introduction that had me in tears before i started talking. it was so touching. wonderful event.
11:49 pm
very special and talented people being recognized. they all deserved it. >> i'm so proud to be able to work alongside you and so many remarkable people. this is very special. i don't take it likely. >> we love what we do. let's take a look at what's happening with our weather. clouds clearing out of here. clear overnight and an old one is in it. i don't know where that came from. >> that's impressive. >> let me skip right to the overnight conditions. low temperatures mainly in the mid 30's and the north bay. around the bay shoreline and around the coast, low 40's. on the coast, elevated wave heights. dangerous recurrence and sneaky ways. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. bright, sunny days continuing through next weekend. no rain in sight which is not a great thing. we will have a midweek warm-up
11:50 pm
which will be a pleasant and comfortable thing to experience. >> thanks. >> coming up in sports, to local soccer programs going head-to-head. plus, help on the way. the niners getting healthy just in time for a primetime showdown against the chargers.
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
>> all month long, the nfl is honoring the military with their's alerter service initiative. george kittle is a salute to service award finalist for his work. he is hosting service members at every 49ers home game and road game. san francisco getting healthy in time for the chargers just-in-time. he missed one game with a hamstring injury. so many weapons. add in christian mccaffrey as well. >> we got the whole team out
11:54 pm
there. it's fun. we've had two good days of practice here. it's a matchup nightmare for defenses. pick your poison type of thing. it's my job to get those guys the ball and let them run. be the special players that they are. it's been fun so far. >> the shark snapped a five-game losing streak with a win over the dallas stars. stellar start. 10 goals. that matches his entire total from last season. i caught up with him earlier this week to talk nicknames and favorite hockey movies. >> didn't really pick it. i got picked for me. that's a good one. it's one to remember. the number on our jersey is the most important thing. >> i just saw coach. still very early. what do you like with the new regime and era of sharks hoppe. -- hockey. >> obviously the result hasn't been what we would've wanted. i feel like the morale and the
11:55 pm
feel around the entire organization and the room has been good. i think everybody is excited to be here. we are excited, moving somewhere. you can feel a lot of optimism. we all understand that there's a process to it. it's going to take us time to get back to the good old glory days. that's the way it is under the salary-cap era. >> i said, what do you want me to ask him? he says, how does he get in the zone? can you explain it to any other human. >> the zone? no. it's a wonderful thing. as any athlete, when you come of age and you come to your line of work, that is something that we all experience, something that we all strive to get towards. it's hard to maintain that over the course of 82 games. >> appreciate your time. your favorite hockey player?
11:56 pm
>> hockey movie? >> it will have to be a mix of hockey and golf movie. you know, i really enjoy that movie. i love adam sandler a lot. he's a terrific actor and producer. it might not qualify as a hockey movie. i think that's the one that stuck with me since a young age. >> i want to keep on my team. >> i watched all the other ones obviously. i think happy gilmore is the one that's a good one. something i still watch. >> notre dame. the inaugural shamrock classic. great ball movement. triple. 10 off the bends. game-high 24 to keep callan. kylee watson. hoop in transition. 90-79.
11:57 pm
santa clara hosting the first round of the women's ncaa soccer tournament. second overtime. since it in. heads at home for the winter. broncos win 1-0 in double overtime. santa clara will take on notre dame friday in south bend. abc 7's board sponsored by river rock casino. >> thank you very much. that's it for this edition of abc7news at 11:00. the news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for all of us, thanks for joining us.
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it's that, one way or the other, this day or the next, eventually... everything dies. for most people, the only thing worse than losing someone you love


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