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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 16, 2022 1:41am-2:00am PST

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tickets. sales will don't go anywhere. we gotta talk about this. you're watching world news now.
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new goldberg's thanksgiving abc tonight. 21 boosters indignation. and lift off of artemus one. we rise together back to the moon. don't you have
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chills back now, with breaking news? the launch of nasa's new moon rocket. it flew off the launch pad in florida a short time ago, beginning at three week mission around the moon. the capsule is scheduled to splash down in the pacific next month. this is a critical step in getting humans back to the moon by 2025 this time staying there on the moon. today is sentencing day for the man who drove his suv through a christmas parade in wisconsin last year, killing six people. or yesterday, the victim's families painfully described how the accused shattered their lives. i'll never get to hear her voice or hug her again. for the first time, the survivors and families of the victims of last november's attack on a christmas parade in waukesha wisconsin, address the man who was behind the wheel, daryl brooks, you got in a car and instead of hitting the brakes ran over children. elderly and my sister tamara, the mother of eight year old jackson sparks shared her unimaginable heartbreak. i miss jackson. every second of every single day i feel gutted and broken. it hurts to breathe sometimes. it
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hurts to live without him here. my mama saw extra help. i am emotionally and mentally exhausted. the peanut harry with me. every day feels so heavy, and i have to push forward. members of a band that walked in the parade shared their stories of survival. i want you to look at that, mr brooks. that's what you did to me that night and their struggle to heal. some days. i get scared to leave my house. chris owen lost his mother, leanna owen, who was performing with the dancing grannies in the parade. when she was killed. you have the audacity to tell this court that you're conscious is clear. so all i ask is that you brought and you rot slow. looks was found guilty on 76 charges, including six counts of first degree intentional homicide. every speaker has requested. he received the maximum penalty. you murdered my mom. and for that reason, i'm asking the judge to sentence you to life in prison without parole. i can only hope they lock you away some place so deep threats to on your fingers at night. the
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sentencing hearing was briefly delayed after sheriff's received a threat targeting the courthouse. they resumed with increased security. brooks meanwhile, will be sentenced today he could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. the director of the fbi, says he is extremely concerned about tiktok christopher wray told congress that his agency has national security concerns about the chinese own platform race, said those concerns stem from china's potential data collection and possible control of software on devices using the app. tiktok has said it does not store user data in china. but for some people they find tiktok useful for things like this. this hack to unclog a toilet is going viral. as this woman shows she pours dishwashing liquid at the back of the bowl waits a few minutes flushes and voila! clogs cleared. i don't need to talk to tell me this, but guess guess what? you know how else you can clog, unclog a toilet is just having a plunger. this is much
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less messy. i would try this. does it work? don't try it. i will get back to you coming up next. the bad blood between swifties and ticker master watching world ♪ what would you give for a child you loved, to make their wish come true? to help them fight a critical illness, just imagine what you'd do.
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every single one of us can make the stars align. because when we come together, hope and joy will shine. ♪ ♪
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♪ strange world pg. there was no calming down for countless taylor swift fans as they suffered a major, uh at the hands of ticketmaster. massive technical issues caused hours long delays for fans and will you're not happy, are you? i am not a happy camper this morning . ticketmaster selected this with these who received pre sale links and codes me included. but all of that planning wasn't enough to keep the historically unprecedented demand from crashing the website and the hopes and dreams of so many swifty's along with it. wondering why ticketmaster site was down on tuesday. bad blood between swifties and ticketmaster, reaching a boiling
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point fans attempting to buy pre sale tickets to taylor's eras tour stuck in the live event sites. digital queue for hours after the site appeared to freeze. he's taking to social media, calling the pre sale a nightmare. an absolute dumpster fire and one person saying it's called the errors tour because if you try to log into ticketmaster, all you get are era messages. fans throughout the day onay, reporting delays and glitches that rendered them ticketless god can't make it. a spokesperson for ticketmaster, telling abc news. millions of fans registered for taylor swift's eras verified fan pre sale with demand more than twice the number of tickets available. then on top of that millions more showed up to try to buy. but for some tuesday snafu is indicative of a bigger problem.
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congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez tweeting daily reminder that ticketmaster is a monopoly . its merger with live nation should never have been approved and they need to be reined in. break them up. just last year, five members of congress signed a letter urging president biden to launch an investigation into the live nation ticketmaster merger, which they say strangled competition in live entertainment ticketing and continues to harm consumers. but now this morning resale sites like stubhub have tickets listed at much higher prices00. help ar telling us we thank ever thratients as we continue to work through the biggest on sale in history and a small silver learning for swifty's taylor scored four grammy nominations tuesday morning, including one for song of the year. just facetime me when you're there. yeah i actually got tickets to
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.com. that's wild. but andrew's not quite as wild as will and i are. my vest is at the cleaners had a wild time last week. we're starting with signs of the season out of lake tahoe. okay, it involved a couple of bears on the run trail cam video in south lake tahoe captured these images of a large bear and cub running through the snow so cute. the area has seen regular snowfall since early this month with record break. king cold temperatures so they may have been running to find a cave in which to hibernate. maybe it looks like they've been eating. i have been in south lake tahoe and a bear broke into our cabin took what came in through the window over the sink, opened the
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fridge while we were gone and just like cleaned it out. so maybe that's where those bears were wild. that is wild. all right next to a true kodak moment under the sea. oh, yes, a teacher diving with friends in british columbia captured this once in a lifetime moment. when an octopus wrapped itself around her camera and herself, andrea humphrey says she's been diving for 12 years but says she's never encountered an octopus before describing the encounter as mind blowing. the giant pacific octopus scrawled across her body gave her a hug with its tentacles up and around her mouth. even is it a hug? isn't that how they eat things right? paralyze them. it's about them. it's about nine ft wide. tentacle to tentacle with the body the size of a basketball. did you guys ever see my octopus teacher on netflix documentary? it was great goodness. fantastic! you all have to the audio and that video two is a little weird. i can't tell if it's the diver or the octopus. but still a little. yeah my skin crawls next to the news blooper
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. you certainly don't see every day at least here at home. this reporter was doing what we call the biz as a stand up from an elephant orphanage in kenya. he was reporting on the importance of conservation. when that she keeps baby elephant there couldn't resist feeling up the gets worse, always saying be active in your stand ups out in the field credit, he maintained his composure as long as he possibly could. but he lost it when the probing package term got to his face when it gets in the face. that's when it's time when you got to call. it keeps going looking. he's fine with the ear is like i can do. i can even the scalp. yes, let's scalp massage, but then, you know, okay, finally to a rock abide. donkey baby ivy was caught on camera curling up in her owner's lap, his face at a sanctuary. in ohio as he sang her a lullaby dean and dan fagan running donkey sanctuary on a 67 acre farm caring for several mini donkeys. by the way, will what
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has a donkey do when you tell
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