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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 16, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 6:00, police shoot and kill a man in redwood city. they say he was using children as shields. the investigation happening this morning. reggie: then, an unfortunate accident. the president weighing in on the missile blast that left two people dead in poland as tensions ramp up between russia and ukraine. kumasi: and the new ultimatum from elon musk to twitter employees. we are starting with a check of our forecast with drew tuma. drew: today is the warmest day we will have a week. right now, we are in the 30's and 40's on our temperature map.
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chilean oakland, 39, already three in santa rosa -- already 33 in santa rosa, and we can see san francisco, the east bay the background. once the sun gets up at 6:51, 40's and 50's by 9:00 p.m. closing in on the 70's in our warm spots, but jobina has two sig alert's we are tracking this morning. jobina: major issues in the east bay right now. if you commute from antioch, pittsburgh, and rely on highway four, this is what you will run into. all the lanes are blocked at san marco boulevard due to a deadly crash this morning. we do not have an estimated time as to when lanes will reopen and traffic is being diverted off to bay leaf road. -- bailey road. bailey road to g street is where the backup is. antioch to concord, one hour 30
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minutes because of the crash. here is a look at the impacted area. the purple is where all danes lanes are currently blocked. we have a second sig alert in valeo involving a big rig and another vehicle. one person has been ejected from the vehicle. this is eastbound 80 before tennessee street, as we bring you a live picture from this area. we have one lane that is reopened and an emergency crew is on the scene. major injuries are involved here, kumasi. kumasi: we are learning about new details in a deadly shooting in redwood city. police shot and killed a violent sub -- suspect after he tried to shield himself with children. lena howland has more on this. lena: a woman and three children are safe after this incident, but a man known to redwood city police officers was shot and killed by redwood city police last night. he used three young children
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between the ages of one and 10 as a shield and attempted to shoot them and a woman. this comes after a 911 call around 3:00 a.m. the line remained open. within minutes, the officers found the man with the woman and three kids in the car. >> once they realized he was armed with a handgun, they backed off and a perimeter was set up and they attempted to negotiate. lena: shots were fired by five police officers. the man was taken to a hospital, where he later died. woman was taken to the hospital with minor unrelated injuries and all five police officers have been placed on administrative leave per department protocol. live in redwood city, lena howland, abc7news. kumasi: if you or someone you
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know is going through issues with domestic violence, mental health, or anything, there are resources at reggie: another round of updates into mayoral races later today. about 90% of ballots have been counted here. in oakland, loren taylor clings to a small lead. the gap between the candidates is less than 3000 votes. kumasi: developing news in the war and ukraine. overnight, president biden meeting with nato leaders to discuss a missile explosion that killed two in poland. there were fears that the missile was launched by russia, but this appears to be a terrible accident. jobina? jobina: the president has said he has evidence that the missile was an air defense rocket that accidentally fell in
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poland. that backs up what president biden said after his meeting with nato leaders. he said there was no evidence the missile was targeting poland. investigation suggests ukrainian forces were trying to defend themselves from a russian air strike. >> it would have looked very different and had different sorts of consequences that would have been intended to directly provoke nato and something like this, appears at this point, to be an accident. jobina: the blast in poland came after russia launched 90 missiles at ukraine, the biggest barrage since the start of the war there. president biden has vowed to investigate what happened here completely, because a direct attack on poland could trigger a nato military response. 0 kumasi: and contra costa health created a new mail order program after a spike of
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covid-19 cases in recent weeks, just ahead of the holidays. >> you may think you don't live with anyone at risk, but maybe your friend or colleague at work that you work with lives with someone who is at risk. you don't want to be that link in the chain of transmission, so whatever you can do to prevent that is a kind and responsible thing to do. kumasi: you can order four test kits per household. there are two tests in east one. you must live and contra costa counties. reggie: and his demeanor charges have been reduced after a man was arrested for 14 incidences of stalking, harassment and unwanted touching. the judge dismissed many of the charges on tuesday. da brooke jenkins say she will still pursue one felony
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charge and 12 misdemeanors. kumasi: more details to come about the murder of four college students in idaho. reggie: and a student that a medical clinic stops a gunman from opening fire. his quick actions that may have saved lives. drew: a live look at our east bay hills camera. it is breezy and the cameras bouncing around, but we have clear skies up above and are in for a miles day with lots of sunshine.
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kumasi: we are back with a chilling close call. a surveillance video shows a gunman entering a new york clinic within ar-15. the security guard quickly sprung into action, tackling the
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suspect or he could hurt anyone. as he fought to keep the gunman down, other workers jumped into keep the rifle out of the gunman's hands. the security guard says he is not labeling himself a hero, just a man doing his job. drew: the time is 6:10 a.m. and we are looking at live doppler with satellite. it is quiet across the west coast this morning. the rain from seattle down to l.a.. it will stay this way through the weekend. dry conditions up and down the west coast, but expecting a lot of sunshine this morning. i 10:00 a.m. this morning, if you can grab a meal outside, lunch is looking nice. lots of sunshine, feeling mild. warmest cities away from the coast in the area feeling nice in the 60's. 60 five in san mateo, fremont,
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san jose. 70 in santa rosa, 70 in fairfield, so above average for this time of year. thanks to our marine layer coming back, morning fog and partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. early next week, we might see some wet weather. let's check in with jobina. jobina: a lot of problems to get to. we will start in bay point, and a deadly crash has been reported with all lanes still blocked. traffic is backed up to g street, so if you are traveling antioch to concord, it will be busy for you do to all those lanes being blocked. our sensors are picking up that traffic. the purple is where everything is closed. moving over to valeo, eastbound 84 at tennessee street, three lanes are blocked here but one
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is open. this is a live look at the area, but it should be much faster. westbound traffic is slowing as well do to. kumasi? kumasi: coming up, twitter turmoil. the human -- the email elon musk sent employees overnight, delivering an ultimatum. >> ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas there is just one thing i need ♪ kumasi: an mariah carey denying kumasi: an mariah carey denying why a judge ♪♪ this is how it feels to du more with less asthma... ...thanks to dupixent. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. d caherove lun fution for k dupielps prevent asthmaks... and can even reduce or eliminate oral steroids.
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care coalition, where are we on alaska airlines? we found that people are raving about their customer care. i mean, take a look at this! wow! [dog barks] says here they have the most flights from the west coast. they fly to chicago, hawaii, cancun! wow! do they fly to my magical faraway kingdom of care-a-lot, way up in the clouds where anything is possible? they have direct flights to vegas. close enough! ♪ ♪ kumasi: welcome back. it is 6:14. the fda is warning parents to be careful when giving children prescription cough medication.
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the prescription drug benz and a tape -- this prescription drug has been linked to a rise in child poisonings. the poisonings have been considered mostly accidental. experts would say to lock this in cabinets and containers, out of reach of children. overnight at twitter, elon musk telling staff in a message that they have to decide whether to stay with the company or take three months of severance pay. if the workers do not clink a link confirming uplands to say ♪ -- confirming their plans to stay, they will be considered to have quit. others say they were fired for comments about muska on an internal slack channel. they were told their behavior "violated company policy." must confirmed this when he tweeted that he apologized for
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firing those geniuses. reggie: actor kevin spacey faces seven additional sexual assault charges. u.k. prosecutors announced they will charge the oscar for incidents that happened between 2001 and 2000 four. space he engaged in nonconsensual sexual activity with the victims, according to them. he has already pleaded not guilty this year to several sexual assault charges in the u.k. kumasi: all mariah carey wanted for christmas was a trademark, but that has been denied. the singer wanted to trademark the title "queen of christmas" because of her famous holiday song. ♪ kumasi: the u.s. patent and trademark office, and it is a win first songwriter elizabeth chen, who also calls herself
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queen of christmas. she blocked carrie from using the title on everything on mugs to perfumes, everything. reggie: and there was a whole exchange between mariah carey and dolly parton the other day. kumasi: oh, ok. reggie: let's see. dolly said, don't you say -- oh, someone called her the of chsts, dolly. dolly said, don't you say that. i am not going to compete with mariah. you think of christmas, you think of mariah carey. i am happy to be second in line to her. marias -- mariah responded by saying, dolly, you are the queen of everything. queen of the world, queen of christmas, queen of my heart. i love you. drew: you have to acknowledge when something is the real deal, you know? kumasi: i am still here for
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darlene love. reggie: who doesn't love darlene love? kumasi: she was also in the running and should not be forgotten about. reggie: we did not forget you. drew: but if you were on the street and someone runs up to you -- who is the queen of christmas? reggie: mariah carey. drew: is darlene the first name that pops in your brain? reggie: mc. drew:ie sitting under the tree. drew: not on a branch though. i am not going there. pretty pastels -- reggie: is that real? drew: totally real. a live look outside the chips on the bay waters too. our rooftop camera at kgo this morning, setting the stage for a nice afternoon. fog free, mild, sunshine today, and the possibility of rain early next week. temperatures, warmer numbers close to the coast and in our
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valleys, that's where our coldest temperatures are right now, dipping into the 30's this morning. we will have a cold start to the day but the afternoon will feel right nice. we rebound nicely, and it is gusting to 50 right now, breezy outside. since we had those recent rains last week, we do not have fire concerns thanks to our football and best -- our vegetation being moist right now. there is a red flag warning for these offshore winds, gusting up to 50 five miles per hour later on today. later on at home, future weather will see cloudy skies this evening. enjoy comfortable temperatures -- 65 in the city, 70 in fairfield, 70 in san jose. 64 in half moon bay, antioch going to 64 degrees. fog returns to the coastline, 30's and 40's as we get you into
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thursday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild sunshine today, fog returns to the coastline tomorrow, and we keep the dry conditions through the upcoming weekend. looking nice through saturday and sunday, and then there is a pattern change. we keep our eyes on tuesday right now -- a level 1 on the storm scale. kumasi: here's ginger zee with a look at what's coming up on gma. reggie: good morning, ginger. ginger: good morning, reggie and kumasi. we have to start with the latest on the war and you rain and the latest on the -- the war in ukraine and the latest on the investigation into the missile that killed two people. have some answers now. we are right there in poland, tracking all of it. and we are preparing for the holiday travel crush. the tsa administrator will join us with what to expect, what the agency is doing to handle the busy season, and the details on security. and amazon has a new scam warning. holiday shopping is ramping up, so you have to protect yourself. new tips to do so. and the trouble at ticketmaster.
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taylor swift fans, we are going to get into the unprecedented demand to score seats for her tour. and the popular food blogger behind smitten kitchen sharing some great recipes for thanksgiving. you don't want to miss that on good morning america. reggie: it's hard to get the tickets. you are in line and then you are like, i am going to pay how much to sit where? jobina: wait a minute? and then you feel that pressure. like, do i have time or live today, you know? will i worry about this $800 won down? probably not. kumasi: ok. reggie: we were talking about that yesterday -- $800? that's so much money. ginger: that's how much people will pay. if i recall, when you asked me this question a month and a half ago, we had not mentioned taylor
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as what we are paying that much for. reggie: we are only budgeting right now for beyoncé, because it is going to be so high that it is going to blow us out of the water. ginger: what do you think that's going to be, double? reggie: what'd you think, at least $1000 to be on the floor of a stadium. kumasi: no. i want to hear every song on the album. reggie: ginger, as my mom used to say, kids, it's going to be a small christmas. so -- that's what we are going to need if we are going to go to this beyoncé concert. ginger, we will pinch our pennies and see y
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reggie: new the -- new investigations into the deaths of four students at idaho state
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universities. all four students were stabbed and were likely targeted. despite this, many students have left campus and gone home for an extended break. police have yet to elaborate on what evidence they found at the scene. the parents of one victim released a statement, telling the killer, you have sealed her fate and justice will be served. if you are planning to do some shopping, you will notice more security in san francisco's venus square this weekend. security officials want people to know they can shop safely. >> i'm here to tell you that things have changed. things are looking up. i am optimistic and excited about the future. reggie: besides on-duty police officers, unarmed retired officers will also work as eyes and ears on the street. and in west virginia, the
6:26 am
community coming together for the beloved birthday of a world war ii veteran. he was born in 1922 and group up -- grew up in the great depression, helping find jobs and relief with the unemployed. >> you guys treat me so good. i am so proud. i plan on being here for my 200th birthday. >> he plans on making it another hundred. [inaudible] reggie: after the attack on pearl harbor, he volunteered for the u.s. navy. the first church of god through him the party. he is one of the last are many world war ii veterans in west virginia and the nation. upina sa group thatouldgresso cy sa-s mriage. break, the live look outside of an absolute
6:27 am
stunner of the sunrise today. we will be right back.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 6:30, former president trump makes it official -- he is running for president again. we will get reaction from voters in call-up you and why one member of his family wasn't even there. kumasi: an amazon layoffs hit close to home. how many workers will be out of a job. reggie: and the artemis rocket finally launches after months of delays. kumasi: good morning everyone. reggie: this is a lie picture outside across the bay -- it's really gorgeous. what is not so gorgeous, some sig alert's. jobina: good morning, everyone. i was working on our graphics because we have some changes here. we will start with valeo,
6:30 am
eastbound 80 at georgia street where we have an update. two lanes have opened in the center, someone was ejected from their vehicle and a sig alert is still underway here, but we have some progress. that is good news, but we have a big problem -- look at this. westbound four at bailey road is where traffic is being diverted. we have a deadly crash reported on san marco boulevard, so the crash itself is causing huge backups. you're looking at people at antioch waiting to get through this area here. i was tracking the speeds as you get out of antioch. you will go about five miles per hour and then come to a complete stop. traffic being diverted at bailey road. the picture i showed you in valeo, this is the impacted area, eastbound 80 before tennessee street, speeds down to 11 miles per hour because we have the center lanes open. those are the updates, we do not
6:31 am
have an update on when lanes will reopen for either crash. hi, drew. drew: a pretty easy morning out there weatherwise. temperatures in our valleys in the 30's, so feeling the chill out the door on when day. it's a beautiful morning with the sun getting up here. our sun will rise here at 6:51, but once it rises, sunshine in full effect once again. temperatures in the 60's by noon, a great idea if you are outside. that will be great. by 4:00 p.m., approaching the 70's inland. we will have your forecast for the week in about eight minutes. kumasi: former president donald trump's 2024 campaign is officially underway. he made the announcement last month that he is ready to run a third time for the white house. this as he is facing several investigations and criticism
6:32 am
from gop challengers. jobina: this follows a disappointing showing for trump backed candidates in the midterm elections, but he has made it clear he is going for it. >> in order to make america great and glorious again, i am announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. americans come back starts right now. jobina: his third run for president is considered a test of republican loyalty, and testing whether trump's grasp on the gop still holds strong a mid multiple criminal and civil investigations. president trump lost the 2020 election, but has still not conceded, and continues to push claims that the election was rigged and stolen. reggie: one person who is not present was trump's
6:33 am
daughter, ivanka. she was the only child to officially go into the white house during his last term, serving as a senior advisor. her husband, jared kushner, was also there. president biden tweeted a campaign style video with the title, donald trump failed america, highlighting the economic slump at the end of donald trump's presidency and his failure to end the affordable care act. it also pointed out that he plans to pardon january 6 rioters. kumasi: in the california gop, they said in part, we do not endorse trump in the republican primaries and will stay neutral. republican senators will gather for leadership elections today. the dust settling from midterm
6:34 am
elections, there's a lot of political maneuvering happening on capitol hill. house republicans nominated kevin mccarthy to be the next speaker of the house. control of the house is not yet called, but the gop is expected to win by a razor thin majority. senator rick scott planning to challenge mitch mcconnell after the republicans in the senate failed to win back the majority. at the first -- it is the first challenge mcconnell has faced in 15 years. reggie: -- it is not unusual for counting ballots to take this long, but what is different is how we are voting by mail. allegheny county registrar says it receive nearly as many votes on election day as leading up to it. >> we have to go through a signature checking process.
6:35 am
we have to sort them into precinct order. if you can imagine, taking 200,000 ballots and trying to get them sorted into a particular order, they are randomly mixed together. reggie: final turnout for this election in california is projected to be around 50%. the state record for a midterm was in 2018, when turnout was 60%. new details emerging this morning in a disturbing incident in redwood city. police shot and killed in mastic violence suspect -- a domestic violence suspect they say it was using three children as a shield. this happened off of maple street. lena howland is live at the redwood city police department. lena? lena: five redwood city police officers have been placed on administrative leave her department protocol after shooting and killing a man suspected of domestic violence. the 911 call first came in just
6:36 am
after 3:00 yesterday afternoon, although the caller was not directly responding to dispatchers. police say they heard a screaming child in the background. they say they used tech to find the location of the caller, and within minutes, found the responding officer with three kids and a woman in a car. the suspect pulled out a handgun and then tried to use the children, ages one through 10, as shields. >> what i remember hearing from the people around me, they got them free. they got them out. the guy is down. lena: the suspect, a 36-year-old redwood city resident who was known to police, who was taken to the hospital, and later died from his injuries. the woman involved was also taken to the hospital for unrelated injuries. she and all three of the
6:37 am
children involved here are ok. lena howland, abc7news. kumasi: if you or somebody you know is going through issues of domestic violence, mental health, or anything, there are resources to help. go to reggie: and delays e over. artemis one, the nasa rocket, blasted off overnight. >> we rise together, back to the moon and beyond! reggie: yeah, the high-stakes mission will send the rocket to the moon as nasa tries to establish a sustainable human presence there i the end of the decade. ryan, you just spoke to nasa about this mission. ryan: such a cool moment for them, a project to put humans back on the moon after that historic mission in the
6:38 am
late 60's, early 70's. here is the rocket, taking off in the early hours of the morning on the east coast, just before midnight out west. this rocket is not manned by an astronaut team. a capsule will go around the moon and come back before it lands again on earth in a few weeks. i spoke with an astronaut, who works with nasa, saying it is using new technologies and plans to go to more places on the moon for more research. this launch is a beautiful moment to witness. >> seeing that takeoff, that launch, was different than any launch i have ever seen because the thrust was so much higher. you are looking at the rocket plume -- so bright, so loud, so intense, you could feel the bright -- vibrations throughout
6:39 am
your body. i am so excited that i didn't miss it. reggie: such enthusiasm coming from nasa this morning. they also hope to collect enough data to help nasa plan for future missions. artemis one was delayed several times due to weather issues on the launchpad, but is now on the way to the moon. earlier, vice-president kamala harris tweeted, thank you, nasa, for artemis one's lunch today. the next artemis one mission, which is expected to take four astronauts to the moon, is not expected to begin until 2024 at the earliest. they hope to collect enough data from this mission that will hopefully give nasa more information about what it takes to one day send humans to mars. very exciting. in the newsroom, ryan curry, abc7news. reggie: and a croatian electric
6:40 am
car manufacturer has just set a top speed record for the car you are about to see. they claim it reached 258 miles per hour on the german racetrack. the hyper car set the new record for electric production cars. this was reported in one run around the track. regular cars are limited to 219 miles per hour from the factory. the starting price? more than $2 million. for now, we just look at it. it does look pretty. kumasi: do you need to go that fast? reggie: i don't need to go that fast for whatever reason. someone bought a lot of ticket for $2 million in the bay area -- they could buy that car. kumasi: and the big board at the stock exchange -- we are down slightly. a check of the market is next.
6:41 am
reggie: and one -- they say elephants never forget -- one reporter won't forget this elephant, who interrupted his life shot. kumasi: you can watch us on abc 7 news app, download it wherever you stream. drew: a live look over the oakland airport camera this morning, where we are seeing clear skies. if you are traveling this morning, you should have no problems out there. temperatures are on the chilly side this morning, starting out in the 30's and 40's this morning, but we will bounce back nicely. we have a comfortable afternoon on the way. the story we are tracking is quiet along the entire west coast, and we will stay this way for the next five days. through the weekend. we have a hint of pattern changes, but we'll talk about that in a few minutes. close to 60 degrees already in
6:42 am
our warmest spots. cities will hit 70 degrees in our warmest areas away from the coast. 65 in the city, 67 in san jose, 67 in palo alto. we will take a dip in our temperatures and bring back the fog tomorrow morning as well. we will talk about the pattern change coming up in a few minutes, but let's say hi to jobina. jobina: traffic is at a standstill at bay point. the crash itself is on westbound 84 at san marco boulevard. it's a deadly crash, and traffic is backed up to antioch. it's diverted to bailey road. if you want an alternate, north parkside drive, street to willow pass road. if you are going from antioch, pittsburgh, or the westbound direction, you are not in for a good ride this morning.
6:43 am
eastbound 80 before tennessee street, this is our second sig alert this morning. beats down to eight miles per hour, and we have a live picture from this area. not all lanes are blocked. we have to two center lanes now reopened, and i want to wrap up with the drive times from our area here. antioch to concord,
6:44 am
6:45 am
kumasi: welcome back at six: 45. the man charged with attacking the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi is due in court again at the end of the month. he pled not guilty to the two charges against him, kidnapping and assault. he broke into the home in the pacific heights neighborhood, intending to attack the house speaker. she there, but her husband paul
6:46 am
was. he suffered a skull fracture, among other injuries. the pap is also fit -- depap is facing estate charges as well. reggie: and the mormon church has released a statement saying that they will support same-sex marriage, as long as it does not interfere with the work of the church. and now for your morning money report, and tech company in the bay area planning to lay off thousands of workers, this time in the south bay. amazon says it will eliminate 250le staingryouy 10,000 t go nide. amazonnced pnso abruptly l afterteand mettahe sr
6:47 am
market. bird scooters say they could go bankrupt. bird global filed documents with regulators monday, due to calculation errors, they overstated their revenue for more than two years. they need to scale back, reduce costs, or seek bankruptcy. bird, along some other electric scooter companies, stored in the san francisco over two years ago. operating permits were wired. bird was initially not among them. we will take a live look at the new york stock exchange. we are up about 30 points. kumasi: gas prices are dipping across the state and the bay area. they are down two cents overnight, which is six cents down from the same time last week. around $5.40 around the
6:48 am
state, and a downward trend across the country as well. and someone is waking up $2 million richer after last nights megamillion drawing. here are the winning numbers -- 6, 19, 28, 46, 61, and the mega number is 18. no one won the jackpot, so the next drawing is friday night, worth $238 million. if your summer vacation plans include a trip to yosemite national park, you might have an easier time getting there in 2023. reservations will not be required to visit yosemite next summer. reservations were required in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic, and last summer, visitors needed reservations because several key attractions were closed for repairs. reggie: in kenya, curious
6:49 am
elephant is making sure he gets his camera time. kumasi: a reporter was talking about human impacts on the environment, and an elephant decided he wanted some camera time. >> to protect species and provide them a home. [laughter] kumasi: that's really cute. this was at the sheldrake wildlife trust in kenya. elephant is like, are you still talking? reggie: let me get your mouth right here. kumasi: this elephant. that's cute. reggie: i love elephants so much. drew: they are so cute. reggie: i had a whole elephant day -- i didn't tell you about this? drew: no. reggie: we took care of elephants all day. i had mama and baby -- we went to thailand and an elephant sanctuary, and the whole day was
6:50 am
designed for you to learn what it was like to take care of the elephant they have there. kumasi: and? reggie: mama was cool, but baby gave me the most problems. baby did not like when i was brushing mama, feeding mama, and kept wanting to knock me over. so the baby would come and knock my legs out. the baby was almost as tall as me, so, and i am 6'4". kumasi: i thought you were going to be like, i had a cute moment. reggie: it was cute, but with the baby i was like, ok, where are you? definitely one of the best days of my life drew: very calling. zen like. reggie: very calling, but also slightly nerve-racking. they are very large creatures. drew: here is a pretty picture.
6:51 am
a live look from our east bay hills camera this morning. the camera is shaking a bit. we have a breeze in our hills, but it is all about mild sunshine this afternoon and there could possibly be some rain next week. look at the wind rig. dilo your 50 miles per hour. 21 in mount tam. this is an offshore wind, but thankfully because of our recent rainfall last week -- last week we got soaked on that tuesday -- it is mitigating any fire chances we have. red flag warning's in effect, as the morning goes on. when you have an offshore wind, we know temperatures are affected, because the wind warms up temperatures as we reach the surface. 50 degrees in our valleys, where we are sheltered from the wind. 34 in santa rosa, 33 in santa monica. partly cloudy skies, we return later this evening and see fog
6:52 am
later tonight. mild conditions with mid-,60's to low 70's above average for this time of year. partly cloudy skies above 30's and 40's. wel keep the dry pattern through the upcoming week, and early next week, likely some rain on tuesday. right now it is a level 1 on the storm impact scale, guys. kumasi: if you were trying to get tickets to taylor swift's new tour yesterday, you are either really happy or really frustrated yesterday morning. yesterday' cau ltdown of ticketmaster's website. some fans were told to log on through a link they got via text message instead of through the main homepage. ticketmaster said they had an unprecedented demand for these tickets. the eras tour kicks off and will be at levi's stadium in the end of july. some tickets have been seen
6:53 am
selling for upwards of $30,000. reggie: and if your holiday travel is about to kickoff, whether you are flying or driving, make sure you are prepared for traffic and long lines. according to aaa, more than 50 million people are expected to travel this thanksgiving, almost back to pre-pandemic levels. if you are flying, here are aaa's recommendations. reserve airport parking early, plan extra time for long tsa lines, and don't check a bag. kumasi: do not check a bag. reggie: don't come with me if you have checked a bag. kumasi: do not check a bag. it is stressful. reggie: i am team no bag. kumasi: and get in the line early, because if your overhead space fills up, they will make you check a bag. reggie: not that. if you have to go down, you made a mistake. you need to walk straight when you come up, walk out.
6:54 am
down? that's a no. final preparations are happening for macy's thanksgiving day parade, and there are so many floats this year -- this one is cute, i think, the wonder bread one? it's called the wonder ship, and there is a snow globe in it. a baby shark float, a new toys "r" us float -- charming -- and whatever this is -- a giant robot from a movie coming out called slumberland -- i don't know what that is. i guess it's on netflix. is ashanti going to be on one of the floats? kumasi: every year. reggie: there's grover, and there is brian mcknight, who will lip-synch a holiday classic. [laughter] drew: allegedly. kumasi: up next -- there is
6:55 am
that boat. this is the new place to be. reggie: you can watch our newscasts live and on-demand on amazon fire tv, android tv, and roku
6:56 am
ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ♪ wooooooo! ♪ ♪ ho! ho! ho! ♪
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the magic of the train is more than how it takes us away. it's how it brings us together. kumasi: 6:57. here are the seven things to know this morning, starting with jobina. jobina: a live look at bay point right now, one positive update, the sig alert here has been canceled that we have been following all morning long due to a deadly crash in the area on westbound four at san marco boulevard. the back up, the damage has been done here. speeds down to six miles per hour near antioch, and a second sig alert in effect your valeo
6:58 am
to see street. kumasi: and a deadly police shooting in redwood city. the person shot by officers whether the mastic violence suspect to use children to shield himself from police. reggie: president biden says it is unlikely that a missile that hit poland was fired from russia. he is promising a full investigation. the rocket may have been russian-made. kumasi: donald trump says he is running for president in 2024. this marks his third run for the white house after losing in 2020. reggie: and the artemis moon rocket lifted off from cape canaveral in florida overnight. this as nasa plans to establish a scientific presence on the moon for human research. drew: clear skies out there, visibility showing you we have a number 10, as good as it gets. the valleys and 33, the same in
6:59 am
santa rosa. palo alto, quite chilly in oakland at 30, holding at 47 in the city. a live look from our exploratorium camera, the sun is up this morning and we have total sunshine as the day goes on. into the low 60's by lunchtime, and if you want, take the meal outside. we will go into the mid to upper 60's along the coast, upper 60's later on today. kumasi: and beyoncé has been nominated for nine grammys for her album, renaissance. jay-z also earned five knobs this year, so they own 88 apiece. the awards will be handed out february 5 in l.a. -- will she perform, you believe? kumasi: now you are thinking. reggie: i like that, because that will be the teaser for the
7:00 am
concert. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, overnight, president biden meetig with world leaders after explosions in poland. international investigation. two people killed after a missile landed in poland. a nato member. world leaders trying to figure out who fired it as russia launches a massive assault across ukraine, targeting civilians and critical infrastructure, leaving millions in the dark. overnight, donald trump launches his third presidential campaign. >> i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> the twice-impeached former president announced under the shadow of several investigations. who wasn't


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